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The episode starts in the Black Cliffs, with the scene cutting to a shot of three maps lying splayed out on the ground. Cut to Sokka who ponders over the maps intensely. He closes his eyes and rubs his forehead, seemingly confused. Two gloved hands suddenly appear, one holding a cup and the other moving Sokka's hand aside from his forehead to hand him the cup. The hand comes to rest on his shoulders comfortingly. Cut to zoomed out shot of Sokka sitting by a cliff-edge, the maps laid out before him. Katara is kneeling right beside him, having been the one to hand him the cup. Toph can be seen in the background, sitting idly on a rock. Aang suddenly appears on-screen, leaping into the air and landing beside Toph.
Aang [Momo jumps onto his shoulder; cheerfully.] Top of the morning, Momo!
Katara [Rises and places hands on hips.] Sounds like you slept well.
Aang [Moves his hand aside in a sweeping motion.] Like a baby moose lion. [Assumes a fighting stance and raises fists; exuberantly.] I'm ready to face the Fire Lord.
Toph So, what's your strategy for taking him down? [Smiling and raises her hands to her eyes, her fingers wiggling outward in a mimicry of the Avatar State.] Gonna get your glow on and [Punches the air with a determined expression on her face.] hit him with a little Avatar State action?
Aang [Looks down sorrowfully.] I can't. [Cut to side-view of him, the camera panning slightly to the left.] When Azula shot me with lightning, [Close his eyes briefly.] my seventh chakra was locked, cutting off my connection to all the cosmic energy in the universe. [Cut back to shot of him and Toph.]
Toph You know what I just heard? [Holds up one hand and opens and closes it in a "gibber-gabber" expression.] Blah, blah, spiritual mumbo jumbo blah, blah, something about space. [Bored.]
Katara [Cut to a wide shot of the ocean; thick fog is visible on the horizon.] Oh, no. [Cut to a shot of Katara, appearing concerned.] Sokka, do you think the fog will delay the invasion?
Sokka [Stands up.] No. [Cut to close-up of the fog, five Water Tribe ships suddenly appearing from amid the mist.] That is the invasion!
Cut to shot of Hakoda standing on the deck of one ship, peering through a telescope; Bato stands in the background. Hakoda lowers the telescope and smiles confidently. Scene fades to shot of the shoreline where Aang and Toph stand in the background by the water. They utilize earthbending to raise rock from beneath the water and form a dock. Cut to overhead shot of the Black Cliffs to show four Water Tribe ships already docked. The last Water Tribe ship is seen coming into port. Cut to closer shot of one ship by the dock, Hakoda standing nearby. Katara and Sokka run over to him.
Katara You made it, Dad! [Cut to shot of Katara embracing her father happily.]
Sokka [Spirited.] Were you able to locate everyone I told you to find?
Hakoda I did. [Two members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe disembark. Doubtfully.] But I'm a little worried, Sokka. Some of these men aren't exactly the "warrior type". [Turns head slightly toward the two swamp dwellers.]
Cut to frontal shot of Tho and Due as they descend the wooden ramp from the ship.
Due [Enthusiastically, swinging his arm.] Oooh-whee! [Cut to shot of the two men standing on the dock.] This place ain't nothing like a swamp. [Points accusingly to a rock in the water.] What you reckon that is, Tho? Some sort of Fire Nation exploding trap what eat ya?
Tho [Impartial.] It's just a rock, Due.
Due [Grins.] Well, I'll be. [Scratching his head.]
Hakoda Is it just me, or are those fellas a little loose in the leaf-hat?
Bato [Walks past, behind the chief and his family, stopping beside Sokka.] I just wish they would wear pants.
Huu [Cut to shot of Huu standing alone on the dock. Scratches his stomach.] Pants are an illusion, and so is death.
Cut to shot of the Hakoda, Katara, and Bato appearing less than reassured; Sokka, on the other hand, grins widely. Scene fades to far shot of Katara, Aang, Toph, and several Foggy Swamp members clustered by the shore, talking among themselves. A pair of legs appears on screen, boasting Earth Kingdom clothing. A voice speaks.
Haru [Off-screen.] Hi, Katara. [Cut to close-up of the figure who reveals himself to be Haru; he smiles, now sporting a small mustache and goatee.]
Katara [Cut to zoomed out shot of Haru.] Haru! [Runs over and embraces him.] It's so good to see you!
Aang [Appears on screen with Toph.] Toph, this is Haru. When we met him, his town was controlled by the Fire Nation. So he had to hide his earthbending.
Haru [With Katara resting a hand on his shoulder.] Katara inspired me and my father to take back our village. [Turns to Katara who blushes and looks away.]
Tyro [Tyro appears and lays his hands on Haru's and Katara's shoulders.] You helped us find our courage, Katara. [Katara turns to him.] Now we're here to help you.
Toph suddenly senses someone on her left. She angrily turns and takes a fighting stance.
Toph No way! Is that-
She is lifted off the ground by two big arms. The camera shows that the arms actually belong to the Big Bad Hippo, a former competitor at Earth Rumble VI. He is joined by the Boulder, another former competitor. The Hippo hugs Toph.
Big Bad Hippo Hippo happy to see Blind Bandit!
Toph [Angrily.] You guys here for a rematch?
The Boulder Negatory. The Boulder and The Hippo no longer fight for others' entertainment. Now, we fight for our kingdom!
Toph [Smiling.] Sweet.
The camera cuts to Sokka, while The Hippo puts Toph down. He turns to his dad. Suddenly, a bomb explodes on a boat, making Sokka, Hakoda, and Aang run toward it. The mechanist appears from below deck, coughing. Teo leaves the boat, followed immediately by his father, and Pipsqueak carrying The Duke on his shoulder.
Sokka Was that a new invention?
Mechanist [Teo licking his fingers clean.] Yes, but unfortunately the incendiary capabilities of peanut sauce prove to be a failure.
Sokka [The others seems disgusted.] You're making peanut sauce bombs?
Pipsqueak They're destructive.
The Duke And delicious. [They both lick the sauce that splashed all over their faces. Momo flies over to Pipsqueak and starts licking his face, much to his and The Duke's amusement.]
Sokka Where you able to complete work on the plans I send you?
Mechanist Yes, I was, and I think the Fire Nation will be quite surprised.
Teo Aang, my dad and I made this for you.
Hands a staff to Aang. Aang taps it on the ground and it opens, revealing a brand new glider.
Aang A new glider! This is amazing!
Mechanist And as a special feature, I added the snack compartment. [Rotates the handle, making the snacks come out.]
Aang Oh ... well, I'm sure that will come in handy.
The scene cuts to the Fire Nation prison where Iroh was sent to.
Warden Poon I bet you're tired of being in this cell old man. Well too bad. [Camera shows Iroh's face.] You're never stepping outside these walls again.
Ming [Enters.] Breakfast.
Warden Poon [Stands.] Careful, Ming, don't get too close. His stench will knock you right out. [Leaves, laughing.]
Ming [Looks at Poon contemptuously and approaches Iroh.] I snuck in some white jade tea. I know you like rare teas.
Iroh [Ming places the tray of tea inside Iroh's cell.] Thank you, Ming. Ever since I was put in here, you have been very kind to me.
The scene cuts to show a very nervous Sokka standing on a podium with his father and Team Avatar
Hakoda Don't worry, you'll do great.
Sokka Good morning everyone. Ahh! [Trips on stage.] Umm ... so, as you know, today, we're invading the Fire Nation! I mean I know you know that because otherwise why else would you be here? [Laughs nervously.] Uh anyway, [Dropping scrolls. Unraveling one on a board.] the Fire Lord's palace is here [Points at map, realizing it isn't the map, flips the chart several times until it is the map.]. Uh nope, uh wait, uh wait, uh wait, it's here, [Brief shot of Due scratching his head.] and uh, there's an eclipse today and Aang's gonna fight the Fire Lord and the firebenders won't have any fire to use so that's good for us! [Brief shot of Teo and the mechanist looking on.] And ... um ... I'm sorry let me start at the beginning [Stands up straight, and begins talking very fast.]. Katara and I discovered Aang frozen in an iceberg, now I didn't like Aang at first but grew to love him over time, then we went to the Southern Air Temple where Aang used to live and then we met Suki, [Water Tribe warrior yawns.] who's a Kyoshi warrior. She dressed me like a woman and then she kissed me, and then Aang's friend was a crazy old king and ...
Katara [Cut to Katara speaking over Sokka as he continues talking.] Wow, when he says the beginning he means the beginning beginning. [Hakoda gets up and approaches Sokka.]
Sokka ... And then Katara got Haru arrested and then now he's grown a mustache which if you look at him in the front row you can see it ...
Hakoda [Interrupting.] Thank you, Sokka. It's okay why don't you take a break? [Sokka leaves the stage to sit down, disappointed in himself. Hakoda addresses the crowd.] Let me just clarify a few points for everyone. [Shot of Haru stroking his chin. Everyone pays attention to Hakoda.] Today, is the day of black sun, and I want to thank you all for your self-sacrifice, and your courage. There are two steps to the invasion, a naval stage, and then a land stage. [Shot of Sokka looking down, sad, Katara, Momo and Aang looking at Hakoda and Toph.] To gain sea access to the Fire Nation capital, we need to get past our first major obstacle here, [Points at map.] The Great Gates of Azulon. Next, we hit the land, and we hit hard. We must fight past their battlements and secure the plaza tower. Once we do that, it's up to the Royal Palace. At that point, the eclipse will begin.
The Boulder Excuse me. The Boulder is confused. Isn't the point to invade during the eclipse, when the firebenders are powerless?
Hakoda The eclipse only lasts eight minutes, not enough time for the whole invasion. And the Royal Palace is heavily guarded by firebenders. So that's where we'll need the eclipse's advantage the most. When this is finished, the Avatar will have defeated the Fire Lord. We will have control of the Fire Nation capital, and this war will be over!
The entire crowd cheers, and Sokka looks dismayed.
The scene cuts to show the team preparing for the upcoming battle. Katara is bending four streams of water into water skins, Toph is putting on her Blind Bandit battle armor, Hakoda is putting on a black Water Tribe helmet, Appa is shown fully dressed in his armor which Sokka made, and Aang is shaving his head to show his Air Nomad tattoos. He is joined by a koala sheep. The scene cuts again to the Fire Nation Palace. Zuko takes off his head piece and armor, revealing the clothes underneath it and letting his hair hang down. He sits and starts to write a letter. The camera cuts once again to show Sokka, still dismayed, standing on the cliff side and Aang flying up to him.
Aang We've been looking everywhere for you. The boats are ready to leave.
Sokka I messed up, Aang.
Aang What?
Sokka The invasion plan was my moment of truth and I completely flubbed it. I just fell apart.
Aang [Approaches, putting a hand on his shoulder.] Sokka, that speech wasn't your moment of truth. That was just public speaking, and nobody's really good at that.
Sokka My dad is! He explained the plan perfectly and inspired everyone, like a real leader should.
Aang Look, your moment of truth isn't gonna be in front of some map; it's gonna be out there on the battlefield.
Sokka You seem so confident about everything, how do you know we're gonna win?
Aang Because I already failed the world once at Ba Sing Se. I won't let myself fail again.
Camera cuts to show the fleet of ships traveling across the sea. Cut to a view through a Bato's telescope.
Hakoda There they are, the Great Gates of Azulon.
Katara I don't see any gates.
Cut to Katara and Hakoda's boat.
Hakoda Katara, you and the swamp benders whip up a fog cover.
Tho We'll sneak by them statues just like we sneak by that Fire Navy blockade!
Cut to show Katara, Due, and other swamp benders waterbending a thick fog cover.
Hakoda Keep it up, we're almost through!
Suddenly a bell rings as a huge net rises out of the water and is set on fire. Sokka and the others are shocked to see patrol boats racing toward them
Hakoda Everyone below deck! [Everyone goes into the boats; to Sokka.] Let's hope your invention works.
Camera shows several Fire Nation soldiers climbing onto the boats. They are shown to search the boats thoroughly, but find no one.
Male Fire Nation soldier No one's on board, sir.
Female Fire Nation soldier Where'd they go?
Several submarines are shown traveling beneath the gates. Inside, waterbenders are moving the subs. Cut inside a sub as the mechanist is sitting at the front. Hakoda, Sokka, Pipsqueak, and Bato are standing behind him.
Hakoda [Placing a hand on Sokka's shoulder.] You've really outdone yourself this time, son.
Cut to Toph, who is sitting on the floor behind them with the Duke. She is getting seasick.
Toph [Sarcastically.] Yeah, congratulations, Sokka. You managed to invent a worse way of travel than flying. [She holds her mouth, about to throw up.]
The Duke [Takes off his helmet and offers it to Toph.] Helmet?
Toph accepts his offer and vomits into the helmet. The Duke just places his hand on Toph's back, trying to comfort her.
Sokka Well, I just came up with the idea. The mechanist did all the work.
Mechanist Now don't sell yourself short, my boy. [Cut briefly to Katara and Huu waterbending.] It was your idea to use waterbending to make the subs sink and float, brilliant! [Cuts back to the mechanist opening a scroll, revealing a very crude drawing of a submarine.] Though your original designs were a bit difficult to decipher. Unfortunately there is one problem I couldn't fix. [Cut to outside of submarine as the submarines swim past, along with Aang on Appa.] The subs have a limited air supply. Before we land on the beaches, we'll need to resurface.
The scene cuts to show Ming coming back into Iroh's cell.
Ming Lunchtime, General Iroh. [Whispers and looks back.] And this time, I brought you an extra bowl of rice.
Iroh Thank you, Ming. Your little gestures of kindness have made my days in prison bearable. [Thinks for a moment and smiles.] I think you should take the rest of the day off.
Ming [Confused.] What?
Iroh You don't look well. Maybe you should go home and rest.
Ming No, I feel fine.
Iroh [Brief close-up of his face.] Trust me. It is better that you are not here this afternoon.
Ming nods, indicating that she understands. She gets up and walks out. The scene cuts to show the fleet of submarines surfaced on the water. The Duke is dipping his helmet into the water, trying to wash out Toph's vomit. Everyone is stretching as Aang lands on the submarine from Appa.
Aang [To Toph, Sokka, and Katara, who approach him.] So, this is it huh?
Sokka Are you ready for the Fire Nation to know the Avatar is alive?
Aang I'm ready. [Sokka and Aang shake hands and the group hugs.]
Toph I hope you kick some serious Fire Lord butt, Twinkle Toes.
Hakoda Everyone listen up. [Team Avatar comes out of the hug.] The next time we resurface, it'll be on the beaches. So stay alert, and fight smart. Now break time's over, back in the subs. [Sokka, Toph, and Momo leave Katara and Aang standing alone together.]
Aang [Turning to see Katara.] Katara, I ...
Katara [Speaking at the same time.] Aang, I ...
Aang You go first.
Katara We've been through so many things together, and I've seen you grow up so much. You're not that little goofy kid I found in the iceberg anymore. [Aang blushes.] I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm really proud of you.
Aang Everything's gonna be different after today, isn't it.
Katara Yes, it is.
Aang What if ... what if I don't come back?
Katara Aang, don't say that, of course you'll- [Katara is cut off as Aang kisses her. After the kiss, Katara blushes and stares sadly after Aang as he confidently snaps his glider and flies away.]
Sokka Katara, what are you doing? It's time to submerge.
Katara What? Right, I'm on it. [Jumps onto Appa and waterbends a sphere of water around his head before submerging.]
The scene cuts to show Zuko walking into Mai's room. He looks at a painting of them and becomes downcast.
Zuko I'm sorry Mai.
He leaves a note on her bed and leaves. The scene cuts to show Aang flying over land. His stomach growls, and he rotates the handle of his glider to release food.
Aang What do you know? It did come in handy.
The scene cuts to show the submarine fleet approaching land. The other end of a periscope emerges above water, looking around. Cut to inside the sub, Hakoda manning the periscope. Realizing where they are he turns around to address the earthbenders.
Hakoda Everyone in position. Earthbenders, into your tanks. This is gonna be a rough ride.
Toph and other earthbenders climb down a ladder in the sub and get ready. Cut to an overview of the Fire Nation port. An alarm goes off as the subs approach the gate. Several harpoons are launched at the subs, but most miss. One hits, causing a leak which is quickly sealed by a foggy swamp waterbender turning the water to ice, and pulls the attached sub out of the water. Katara quickly responds by piloting Appa out of the water and using waterbending to slice through the chain, dropping the sub back down.
Hakoda Ready the torpedo. [An ice-covered torpedo is loaded.] Launch!
Huu launches the torpedo with waterbending. Cut outside as six torpedoes make holes in the underwater barrier, making it possible for the subs to pass through.
The scene cuts to show Toph, the Boulder, and other earthbenders standing in a metal tank. Cut to Water Tribe warriors and foggy swamp waterbenders with Sokka among them, he lets out a sigh. Cut to the subs rising from the water, being instantly attacked by missiles. The subs open and several tanks exit while the other soldiers yell and charge out. The battle commences as they make their way inland, destroying battlements as they go. Earthbenders use rocks provided by a truck containing many rocks. Appa arrives and Katara jumps off as Fire Nation tanks appear. Teo is seen inside an earthbender tank before it destroys a battlement by crushing it. Another tank lifts its front up to slam down and crush a Fire Nation tank. More Fire Nation tanks arrive as the army pushes on. The swamp benders use water provided to destroy enemy tanks.
Tho We're a man down. Where in tarnation is Huu? [He and Due continue waterbending, launching a tank into the water.]
Suddenly a large seaweed monster is shown coming out of the water and destroys several enemy tanks, throwing one into a battlement on the ledge above.
Due [Waves.] Hey Huu! Where you been? [The seaweed opens to reveal Huu standing inside.]
Huu Communin' with nature. Takes a while to collect this much seaweed. [Closes the seaweed again as he sees a large fireball coming straight toward him.]
Several Fire Nation soldiers on rhinos appear shooting fireballs at a group of Water Tribe warriors. They charge, and Sokka quickly disarms one of the riders and steals his rhino.
Sokka Dad, look out!
Hakoda grunts as he turns and deflects a fireball with his shield. He turns back to disarm a soldier and quickly defeats others before jumping on the rhino to join Sokka. The vehicle full of rocks for earthbenders is destroyed. Huu, inside the seaweed, is shown destroying more tanks. An earthbender tank is destroyed by a battlement above. Cut to Hakoda and Sokka who saw this happen.
Hakoda Sokka, we've gotta take out those battlements! It's our only chance.
Sokka I've got an idea.
Sokka, Hakoda, and Katara are shown riding a fully armored Appa. Sokka draws his sword and slices the end of a missile launcher off. As they fly past another, Hakoda throws two bombs inside the battlement. Cut to two soldiers running out as it explodes. Cut back to Appa as Katara breaks two barrels of water attached to either side of Appa as it forms around her arms. They fly past another battlement she freezes the soldier and launcher inside. Appa lands between two still operational battlements. The three jump off Appa.
Hakoda You two take out that battlement. [Pointing to a battlement in the distance before leaving to another.] I got this one. Watch each other's backs. [Cut to Sokka and Katara, shown breaking into their battlement, Katara freezing the soldiers inside. Sokka uses his sword to cut through the launcher, causing part of it to fall out and explode outside as Katara and Sokka exit the battlement. They see Hakoda on the roof of his as he climbs inside. They hear noises from the ensuing fight until the launcher shoots and explodes, hearing Hakoda yelling out in pain. Cut to Sokka and Katara's worried faces as Hakoda exits, wounded, and falls to the ground.]
Katara Dad?
Sokka Dad! [The two run to his side.]
The camera cuts again to show Zuko kneeling at a painting of his mother.
Zuko I know I've made some bad choices, but today, I'm gonna set things right. [He rises, picks up his sword, covers his head with the hood of his robe, turns his back to the camera and leaves.]
The scene cuts to show Appa landing on the edge of the battlefield. Sokka and Katara help Hakoda onto the ground, and Katara starts trying to heal him.
Katara How does that feel, dad?
Hakoda Ah, a little, better. I need, to get back to the troops. [Attempts to stand but is too weak to.] Ahh!
Katara You're hurt, badly. You can't fight anymore.
Hakoda Everyone's counting on me to lead this mission Katara, I won't let them down. [Attempts to stand again but can't.] Ahh!
Sokka Can't you heal him any faster?
Katara I'm doing everything I can.
Sokka [Looks around before looking confidant.] I'll do it.
Katara No offense Sokka, but you're not exactly Mr. Healing Hands.
Sokka No. [Stands confidently.] I'll lead the invasion force.
Katara Don't be crazy Sokka.
Sokka Maybe I am a little crazy, but the eclipse is about to start and we need to be up that volcano by the time it does.
Hakoda You can do this. [Cuts to a close-up of him.] I'm proud of you son.
Katara I still think you're crazy, but I'm proud of you too.
Sokka [Nods, puts his helmet on and boards Appa.] Yip yip.
Appa flies away as the scene cuts to show the battlefield, a mess of Fire Nation tanks destroyed everywhere. Several raised battlements fire on the army below. Appa lands and takes out an enemy tank as Sokka makes his way to the back of the saddle to rally the soldiers.
Sokka Listen up, everyone. I want the tanks in wedge formation. Warriors and benders in the middle. We're taking that tower, and heading for the royal palace. [All the tanks come together in wedge formation behind Appa, soldiers protected in the middle. Cut to Sokka, on Appa, who draws his sword and thrusts it forward.] Charge!
The scene cuts to show Aang standing on the edge of the volcano. He glides down to a building attempting to hide. He rises, confused, as there is nobody there.
Aang [Looking around.] That's strange. [He continues onto the Royal Palace, breaks open the door, and takes a fighting stance.] The Avatar is back! [Realizing no one is around he relaxes, looking confused.] Hello? Anyone home?
The scene cuts to the tanks, which are making their way up the volcano, unaffected by fire blasts from firebenders in front. Cut to Sokka steering a vehicle full of explosives into a wall before jumping off. Cut to an aerial view showing two explosions at the inner walls. Cut to Sokka, soldiers behind him, as they charge forward. Firebenders attempt to stop them but are pushed back. Cut to Tyro running in with the other troops as Bato appears behind him.
Tyro The Fire Nation is falling back!
Bato Sokka, we're on our way to victory!
Sokka looks ahead as the camera cuts to show Aang airbending his way into an empty, darkened throne room.
Aang No. [Kneels down on the ground; frustrated.] No, no, no! Fire Lord Ozai, where are you?!
Scene fades to credits.






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