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The episode opens to show a cliff with a small body of water, where Team Avatar is residing. The camera pans downward and cuts to where Sokka is relaxing peacefully, floating on a large leaf in the water with Momo sleeping on his stomach, while Katara and Aang are facing each other while practicing waterbending.
Sokka [With his hair covering his eyes.] You guys are going to be done soon, right? We have a lot of ground to cover if we're going to make it to Omashu today.
Katara [Rises from her hunched-over position; turns to face Sokka smugly.] What? Like you're ready to go right now, naked guy? [Smiles at him smugly.]
Sokka I could be ready in two minutes. Seriously, [Pulls back the hair covering his eyes.] whenever.
Aang So you were showing me the octopus form?
Katara [Turns her attention back to Aang.] Right, let me see your stance.
Aang assumes a defensive stance. After careful consideration, Katara walks over to him.
Katara [Walks under his right arm.] Your arms are too far apart. [Positions his arms closer together.] See, if you move them closer together, you protect your center. You got it?
Aang [Blushing.] Oh, yea ... thanks.
Katara [Walks away and assumes a fighting stance.] Okay, let's see what you got.
Aang bends the water, creating a globule which eventually transforms into eight whip-like water tentacles. He carefully maneuvers them, fending off shards of ice that Katara repeatedly sends at him by throwing them away or dodging them. At length, he manipulates one of the tentacles, curling it around her leg, gripping it firmly and pulling on it.
Katara [Proudly.] You make a fine octopus, Pupil Aang.
The camera cuts to where Aang dances playfully, suspended in a globule of water shaped like an actual octopus. Suddenly, music can be heard in the distance. The group witnesses a strange group of nomads playing music on instruments and singing, approaching them.
Chong [Singing.] Da, da, da. Don't fall in love with the traveling girl. She'll leave you broke and brokenhearted. [Cuts to shot of the team standing in the lake. Sokka unexpectedly falls off his leaf into the water. Cuts to nomads. Chong stops singing and points at the group.] Hey, river people!
Katara We're not river people.
Chong [Puzzled.] You're not? Well then what kind of people are you?
Aang Just ... people.
Chong Aren't we all, brother?
Sokka [Walks over and says accusingly.] Who are you?
Chong I'm Chong and this is my wife, Lily. We're nomads, happy to go wherever the wind takes us! [He suddenly strums his lute-like instrument in a crazy fashion much like a rock star strums crazily on their guitar.]
Aang [Starts out with a somewhat puzzled tone, but changes it to an excited one.] You guys are nomads? That's great! I'm a nomad!
Chong [Just as excitedly.] Hey, me too!
Aang [Blankly.] I know ... you just said that.
Chong Oh. [Noticing Sokka.] Nice underwear ...
Cut to close shot of Sokka, who is only wearing his swimsuit; Aang and Katara are standing behind him. Sokka's eyes bulge at the sudden realization that he is wearing very little in front of complete strangers. He grabs Momo and places him strategically over his underwear and slides rapidly off the screen. The scene switches to a forest landscape, where Zuko and Iroh are now living as fugitives. The camera shows a close-up of Iroh's face, as he gasps and stares in awe at a red and white flower. Cuts to full view of him and an area behind him.
Zuko [Emerging from the bushes, now sporting short, black hair.] I didn't find anything to eat! I can't live like this! I wasn't meant to be a fugitive. [Raises fists in the air and yells at the sky.] This is impossible! [Looking over at Iroh.] Uncle, what are you doing?
Iroh [Cuts to Iroh who dotes over the flower. Zuko appears behind him.] You're looking at the rare white dragon bush. Its leaves make a tea so delicious, it's heartbreaking. That, or it's the white jade, which is poisonous.
Zuko We need food, not tea. I'm going fishing. [Walks away.]
Iroh [Dreamily.] Hmm ... delectable tea? [More suspiciously.] Or deadly poison?
The scene switches to where Team Avatar and the band of nomads are lounging nearby Appa, whose fur is braided. Chong is casually strumming his lute. Sokka approaches.
Aang [Wearing a wreath of pink flowers on his head.] Hey, Sokka, you should hear some of these stories. These guys have been everywhere!
Chong [Stops playing.] Well not everywhere, Little Arrowhead. But where we haven't been, we've heard about through stories and songs.
Aang They said they'll take us to see a giant night crawler!
Moku [Lying on the ground; in a dreamy voice.] On the way, there's a waterfall that creates a never-ending rainbow!
Sokka Look, I hate to be the wet blanket here, but since Katara is busy, I guess it's up to me.
Katara shoots him a glare as Lily braids her hair.
Sokka We need to get to Omashu. No sidetracks, no worms and definitely no rainbows.
Chong Wow, sounds like someone has a case of destination fever. You're worried too much about where you're going.
Lily You got to focus less on the "where" and more on the "going". [She makes gestures with her hand, accidentally tugging on Katara's braid.]
Sokka [Impatiently.] O. Ma. Shu!
Katara Sokka's right. We need to find King Bumi, so Aang can learn earthbending somewhere safe.
Chong Sounds like you're headed to Omashu.
Sokka smacks his forehead in frustration.
Chong There's an old story about a secret pass right through the mountains.
Katara Is this real or a legend?
Chong Oh, it's a real legend. And it's as old as earthbending itself. [Begins strumming his lute and singing.] Two lovers, forbidden from one another, the war divides their people and the mountain divides them apart! Built a path to be together! [Stops playing.] Yeah, I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes ... [Resumes singing.] Secret tunnel! Secret tunnel! Through the mountains, secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!
A shot showing everyone around Appa, including the nomads. who had been dancing and clapping.
Sokka [Unamused while folding his arms.] I think we'll just stick with flying. We've dealt with the Fire Nation before. We'll be fine.
Aang Yeah, thanks for the help, but Appa hates going underground. [Flashing a smile.] And we need to do whatever makes Appa most comfortable ...
The scene changes to a mountainous cliffside where Fire Nation soldiers are attacking the team by launching fireballs at them as they desperately try to escape on Appa.
Commander [Pointing at the trio on Appa.] Launch!
Several catapults are activated, launching an assault of fireballs at the team, who manages to narrowly avoid them.
Team Avatar Ahhhh!
The scene cuts to the trio, covered in ash and scorch marks, casually strolling past the nomads.
Sokka [Pointing forward.] Secret love cave, let's go.
The scene switches to the forest, where Zuko has arrived from his fishing expedition. When the camera pans upward, it is revealed that he has only managed to spear a single, tiny fish which flaps about helplessly on the large branch he used for a fishing pole. Cuts to Iroh hunched over, his back to the camera.
Iroh Zuko, [Cut to a wide, overhead shot of Zuko standing behind Iroh.] remember that plant I thought might be tea?
Zuko [Shocked.] You didn't ...
Iroh I did ... [Turns around.] and it wasn't. [Reveals himself to be swollen and covered in red marks.]
Zuko [Cut back to Zuko who drops the branch out of shock.] Ahh!
Iroh [Surprisingly calmly.] When the rash spreads to my throat, I will stop breathing. [Excitedly.] But look what I found. [Iroh holds out his arm to reveal berries.] These are bacui berries, known to cure the poison of the white jade. [Unenthusiastically.] That, or maka'ole berries that cause blindness.
Zuko [Grabbing branch of berries and hurling it into the bushes.] We're not taking any more chances with these plants! We need to get help.
Iroh But where are we going to go? [Kneeling down and scratching his rash vigorously.] We're enemies of the Earth Kingdom and fugitives from the Fire Nation. [Camera zooms in on his reddened leg.]
Zuko If the Earth Kingdom discovers us, they'll have us killed.
Iroh [Rises.] But if the Fire Nation discovers us, we'll be turned over to Azula.
They look at each other and pause briefly.
Zuko [Nodding and walking away with Iroh.] Earth Kingdom it is.
The scene changes to where Team Avatar and the band of nomads are journeying to the tunnels along a wide street surrounded by the ruins of a temple.
Sokka How far are we from the tunnel?
Chong Actually, it's not just one tunnel. The lovers didn't want anyone to find out about their love, so they built a whole labyrinth!
Sokka [Halts in his tracks; in shock.] Labyrinth?
Chong [Casually.] Oh, I'm sure we'll figure it out.
Lily All you need to do is trust in love ... according to the curse.
Sokka, who had resumed walking, halts once more. The others pass by him. After several moments, he flinches in terror.
Sokka [In a somewhat whining voice.] Curse!
Camera pans to the dark entrance of the cave.
Chong Hey-hey! We're here!
Sokka [Cuts to shot of inscription on the side of the cave entrance.] What exactly is this curse?
Chong The curse says that only those who trust in love can make it through the caves. Otherwise, you'll be trapped in them forever.
Lily And die.
Chong Oh yeah, and die. [Brightening.] Hey, I just remembered the rest of that song! [Stands before the entrance and strums lute, while singing an ominous line in a low voice.] And die!
Sokka That's it! There's no way we're going through some cursed hole!
Moku [Turns head to observe gray smoke rising from the horizon, which he proceeds to point at.] Hey, someone's making a big campfire!
Katara [In a serious tone.] That's no campfire, Moku.
Sokka [Grimly.] It's Fire Nation. They're tracking us.
Aang [Making sure he understands.] So all you need to do is trust in love to get through these caves?
Chong That is correct, Master Arrowhead.
Aang turns to stare at Katara, who has her back to him. Her clothes and hair sway slightly as a breeze passes by. The camera closes up to his face, his eyes shining in adoration.
Aang [Smiling.] We can make it.
Sokka [Gesturing to the cave; somewhat commanding.] Everyone into the hole!
They all begin to enter the cave. Cuts to a close-up of Appa as he groans. Several Fire Nation tanks rumble across the terrain toward the entrance of the tunnel and pause once they reach the mouth of the cave.
Commander Hold on! It's too dangerous. Haven't you heard the song? Just close them in. The mountain will take care of the rest.
The tanks fire rotating grappling hooks from canisters into the tunnel and release them after a few moments, unleashing a myriad of boulders. The scene switches to where the group has begun navigating their way through the tunnels only to turn and witness the entrance being closed off. Appa begins to frantically paw the walls of the tunnel.
Katara It's okay, Appa. We'll be fine. I hope.
Sokka We will be fine. All we need is a plan. Chong, how long do those torches last?
Chong [Casually.] Uh, about two hours each.
Lily [Lighting the rest of the torches in her hand.] And we have five torches, so that's ten hours!
Sokka [Grabbing torches and stomping out the fire.] It doesn't work like that if they're all lit at the same time!
Lily Oh, right.
Sokka I'm going to make a map to keep track of exactly where we've been. Then we should be able to solve it like a maze and get through.
Katara and Aang look at each other with unsure expressions. The scene changes to a village. Camera cuts to a hospital before switching to the inside of the building. One doctor is treating a man with what appears to be a cupping treatment. The man grits his teeth in pain. The camera pans over to where a girl is treating Iroh's allergic reaction. Zuko is seated on a bench.
Song [Wringing cloth.] You two must not be from around here. We know better than to touch the White Jade, much less make it into tea and drink it. [Flicks Iroh's hand away when he scratches his rash.]
Iroh [The girl moves away from the camera's eye, revealing Iroh to be in an even worse condition than before with the rash having spread to his face and his cheeks swollen.] Whoops!
Song So where are you traveling from?
Zuko [Nervously; rises from his seat as she moves his hand down so she could wash it.] Yes, we're travelers.
Song Do you have names?
Zuko Names? Of course we have names. [Song turns to see Iroh scratching and glares at him, before slapping his hand away.] I'm, uh ... Lee and this is my Uncle, uh ... Mushi?
Iroh [Shoots him angry look. Cuts to shot of Song taking a lotion from a jar. She begins slathering it over the inflamed areas.] Yes, my nephew was named after his father, so we just call him Junior. [Leans over to the side to give Zuko a pleased smile.]
Zuko glares angrily at Iroh and moves his finger across his neck signaling that he's dead meat, but abruptly halts and puts his hands behind his back when Song turns to look at him.
Song Mushi and Junior, huh. My name is Song. You two look like you could use a good meal. [Slaps Iroh's hand away when he goes to scratch his rash.] Why don't you stay for dinner?
Zuko [Looking away.] Sorry, but we need to be moving on.
Song [Screwing the cap back on the lid.] That's too bad. [Gives an innocent smile.] My mom always makes too much roast duck.
Iroh [Excitedly.] Where do you live exactly?
The scene changes to the dark tunnel where Sokka is standing with a map in his hands, the map taking up most of the screen. He tilts it to the side a few times before drawing it closer to him.
Katara Sokka, this is the tenth dead end you've led us to.
Sokka This doesn't make sense. We already came through this way.
Chong We don't need a map. [Sokka passes by him.] We just need love. The little guy knows it.
Aang Yeah, but I wouldn't mind a map also.
Sokka [Cuts to an overhead shot of the group standing in the dark cave before switching to Sokka who looks up from the map.] There's something strange here. There's only one explanation. [Cuts to shot of the rest of the group before switching to Sokka who turns to face the camera.] The tunnels are changing.
A wave of surprise passes over everyone as the tunnels shake. The scene cuts to nighttime to a house. Cuts to a shot of an open-wall dining room where Zuko and Iroh are sitting around Song's kitchen table.
Song's mother [Setting down a platter of roast duck and taking a seat.] My daughter tells me you're refugees. We were once refugees ourselves.
Song [Sadly.] When I was a little girl, the Fire Nation raided our farming village. All the men were taken away. That was the last time I saw my father.
Zuko [Close-up of the prince.] I haven't seen my father in many years.
Song [Sorrowfully.] Oh, is he fighting in the War?
Zuko hesitates. Iroh is seen slurping up a bowl of noodles.
Zuko [Sets down dish.] Yeah. [Looks away in dismay.]
The scene changes to the cave.
Chong [Frantically.] The tunnels, they're a-changin'. It must be the curse! I knew we shouldn't have come down here!
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Right, if only we listened to you.
Katara [Hold up a hand in warning.] Everyone be quiet. Listen.
Cuts to shot of Sokka looking into the dark tunnel, his back to the camera. A low snarl can be heard from within the darkness of the tunnel. Momo flees from his shoulder. Sokka suspiciously holds the torch up to the tunnel to inspect the strange sound. Suddenly, a wolfbat flies from the darkness of the cave toward the camera, causing everyone to panic.
Chong It's a giant flying thing with teeth!
Moku [The creature lands. Off-camera.] No! It's a wolfbat!
The wolfbat takes off again. In a frenzy, Sokka swats at the creature with the lit torch. Several hot cinders are thrown about and land on Appa's skin. Yelping in pain, the bison begins running around the tunnel, releasing a discharge of rocks and debris. Aang quickly airbends Sokka and the band of nomads out of the way of the falling rocks. He races toward Katara and pushes her out of the way. The camera cuts to where he and Katara rise from the impact and witness the division of the tunnel. Meanwhile, Sokka attempts to dig his way through the barrier that divides the two groups.
Chong Yeah, it's no use. We're separated. But at least you have us!
Sokka [Horrified.] Nooooo!
He resumes digging through the rocks only to have a pile of debris fall on him. The scene changes to where Zuko is sitting on Song's front porch. Song comes outside and sits beside him.
Song Can I join you? I know what you've been through. We've all been through it. [Witnessing Zuko's scar.] The Fire Nation has hurt you.
She reaches out to touch his scar only to have Zuko push her hand away.
Song [Compassionately.] It's okay. They've hurt me, too. [Pulls up pants leg to reveal burn scars on her leg.]
Zuko casts her a surprised look upon seeing this. The scene cuts to where Chong and his group are singing much to Sokka's annoyance.
Chong [Singing as he and the nomads pass the angry warrior.] Oh, don't let the cave-in get you down! [Cuts to shot of him.] Don't let the falling rocks turn your smile into a frown! [He goes off-screen and Moku passes by, nudging Sokka.] When the tunnels are darkest, that's when you need a clown, hey! [Re-enters.] Don't let the cave-in get you down, Sokka!
Sokka scowls at this. The scene changes to Aang and Katara who are making their way through the tunnels.
Katara [Cheerfully.] Aang, look!
Aang [Running up to a solid rock door.] We found the exit!
The two struggle to open it. Appa is seen in the background, snorting and preparing to charge. The two look at each other in alarm before running away as Appa charges at the door forcefully. Cuts to the opposite side of the entrance as the door creaks open and to a wider shot of the room as the stone doorway loosens and rolls off to the side. Katara jumps into the room only to have her look of hope change into one of disappointment.
Katara This isn't the exit.
Aang [Walking to her side.] No. It's a tomb.
The camera zooms out on the ominous looking tomb, Appa grunting behind the duo.
Aang It must be the two lovers from the legend; that's who's buried here.
Katara These pictures tell their story.
Katara gestures with the torch toward at the panels along the tomb, speaking about each one in turn. Aang and Katara exchanged glances and Katara narrates the story. The first image is that of a mountain.
Katara [Voice-over.] They met on top of the mountain that divided their two villages ...
Two figures, a man dressed in red and a woman in blue, meet atop the mountain. They take each other's hands, though they swiftly let go, and a Chinese character appears.
Katara [Voice-over.] The villages were enemies, so they could not be together ... [Character flashes red as the background turns grim and dark.] but their love was strong and they found a way.
Two hills appear; on the closer one is the man, while the woman kneels on the one farther away. Though their faces cannot be seen in detail, it is obvious that they long for the other.
Katara [Voice-over.] The two lovers learned earthbending from the badgermoles; they became the first earthbenders.
The painting of a badgermole is shown, as well as that of the young couple beginning to create the labyrinth.
Katara [Voice-over.] They built elaborate tunnels, so they could meet secretly. [The pattern of a labyrinth appears.] Anyone who tried to follow them would be forever in the labyrinth. [The couple kisses.] But, one day, the man didn't come [Cuts to a shot of the woman alone, looking startled.] - he'd died in the war between the two villages. [Arrows fly by the screen. The woman is seen weeping by a grave.] Devastated, the woman unleashed a terrible display of her earthbending power - she could have destroyed them all ... [The woman is seen displaying her immense earthbending power.] but, instead, she declared the war over. [Cuts to shot of the woman standing on a hill surrounded by the two villages.] Both villages helped her build a new city where they would live together in peace. [Shows picture of the current-day Omashu.] The woman's name was Oma and the man's name was Shu. [The characters for "Oma" appear followed by the character for "Shu". Flashback ends.] The great city was named Omashu as a monument to their love.
The two look at each other momentarily before turning around.
Katara [Reading the inscription on the relief in the wall.] Love is brightest [Cuts to shot of a carving of the couple kissing.] in the dark.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the cave, Sokka glares at the map while Momo comically perches on the top of his head. The map takes up most of the shot until Sokka lowers it.
Moku Oh, great! Your plans have led us to another dead end!
Cuts to overhead shot of the entire group standing before a wall of rubble, before switching to Sokka and Moku, with Sokka glaring accusingly at the nomad.
Sokka [Defensively.] At least I'm thinking of ideas and trying to get us out of here, Moku.
Chong Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. We're thinking of ideas‌? Because I've had an idea for, like, an hour now.
Sokka [Angrily; spreads arms out dramatically.] Yes! We're all thinking of ideas!
Chong Well, then listen to this: If love is the key out of here, then all we need to do is play a love song! [Begins playing song much to Sokka's dismay.]
Meanwhile, in the tomb of the two lovers, Katara studies the portrait of the two lovers and the inscription while Aang stands off to side.
Aang How are we going to find our way out of these tunnels?
Katara I have a crazy idea.
Aang [Curiously.] What?
Katara [Hesitant. Walks away, slightly embarrassed.] Never mind. It's too crazy.
Aang Katara, what is it?
Katara I was thinking ... the curse says we'll be trapped in here forever unless we trust in love ...
Aang Right ...
Katara [Turns to face him and gestures to the portrait.] And here, it says, "Love is brightest in the dark," and has a picture of them kissing.
Aang [Utterly confused and lost.] Where are you going with this?
Katara [Shyly, blushing.] Well, what if we ... kissed?
Aang [Very surprised.] Us ... kissing‌?
Katara See? It was a crazy idea.
Aang [Dreamily.] Us ... kissing ...
Katara [Fake-jokingly.] Us kissing. What was I thinking? Can you imagine that‌?
Aang [Fake-jokingly.] Yeah. [Awkwardly laughs.] I definitely wouldn't want to kiss you! [Beat.]
Katara [Insulted.] Oh, well! I didn't realize it was such a horrible option. [Angrily.] Sorry I suggested it!
Aang [Realizing his mistake.] No, no, I mean ... if there was a choice between kissing you and dying ...
Katara [Disgusted.] Ugh!
Aang [Desperately.] What? I'm saying is I would rather kiss you than die - that's a compliment.
Katara [Angered.] Well, I'm not sure which I'd rather do! [Slams the torch into his hand and storms away.]
Aang [Miserably.] What is wrong with me ...
He walks away, the screen darkening in his wake. The scene changes to where Chong and his nomads are playing love songs, the camera panning down to show the group walking past.
Chong [Singing.] Even if you're lost, you can't lose the love because it's in your heart ...
Sokka slaps his forehead once more. The scene changes where we now see Zuko and Iroh preparing to depart from Song's house. They stand outside, dozens of fireflies in the air.
Iroh Thank you for the duck. It was excellent.
Song's mother You're welcome. It brings me pleasure to see someone eat my cooking with such ... gusto.
Iroh [Pats his stomach in a contented manner.] Much practice.
Zuko turns to leave.
Iroh Junior, where are your manners? You need to thank these nice people.
Zuko [Turns and bows.] Thank you.
Song I know you don't think there's any hope left in the world, but there is hope. The Avatar has returned.
Zuko [Bitterly.] I know.
He leaves, but stops as he comes across an ostrich horse. Quietly, he walks over to the animal, unfastens it from its post and leads it away. The camera cuts to a shot from Song's front yard. Zuko appears on screen, riding the animal.
Iroh What are you doing? These people just showed you great kindness.
Zuko They're about to show us a little more kindness. Well?
Disappointed and reluctant, Iroh mounts the ostrich horse and the two ride away, leaving Song upset. She quietly closes the screen door to the house. The scene switches to the cave where Aang and Katara are still wandering about hopelessly, their torch ready to burn out at any moment.
Aang We're going to run out of light any second now, aren't we?
Katara I think so ...
Aang Then, what are we going to do?
Katara What can we do?
She silently walks over and grabs hold of his hand. Aang smiles up at her. The camera cuts to a close-up of Katara's face. The two are seen leaning into one another as the last of the torch light fades. Suddenly, the ceiling of the cave lights up revealing thousands of glowing crystals gleaming overhead. Meanwhile, Sokka and the band of nomads are journeying through the cave when they hear low growls. The camera zooms in on a dark tunnel where several wolfbats come into the light, racing toward them. Sokka waves his hands frantically in an attempt to scare them off. The creatures fly straight past him.
Chong Hey! You saved us, Sokka!
Sokka No, they were trying to get away from something!
Chong From what?
The caves rumble. Cuts to an overhead shot of the group as a wall of rock crumbles. Without warning, two giant badgermoles burst through the caves, causing the group to panic. One badgermole closes its hands together in a prayerful manner, closing off a tunnel behind it with earthbending. The camera shifts right across the group and cuts to the other badgermole which pounds the ground with its paws and raises a wall of earth, blocking off the exits. Cuts to an overhead shot of the cave where one badgermole is seen using earthbending to create a split in the earth between the nomads and Sokka.

Cuts to Sokka who tries to avoid the badgermole's swipes. He is blown back several feet and starts hastily backing away, his fingers hitting a string on the lute in the process, producing a musical note. Cuts to a close-up of a badgermole who cocks its head curiously. The creatures quiet down as he picks up the lute and begins playing a tune.

Chong Hey, those things are music lovers!
Sokka [Singing nervously.] Badgermoles coming toward me. Come on guys, help me out!
Chong [Singing.] The big, bad badgermoles who earthbend the tunnels, hate the wolfbats, but love the sounds!
The scene switches to Aang and Katara who are standing underneath the ceiling of glowing crystals, their hands linked.
Aang They're made of some kind of crystal. They must only light up in the dark.
Katara That's how the two lovers found each other. [Gestures with her hand along the ceiling.] They just put out their lights and followed the crystals. [Sees the exit.] That must be the way out! [The two hug.]
Aang So, uh ...
Katara Let's go!
She runs toward the exit. Aang stares after her before shaking his head and smiling. He and Appa follow close behind. They make their way out of the cave and into the outdoors. Appa bounds out of the tunnel and flops onto his back, tongue lolling out in content.
Aang What about Sokka?
The two seem a bit concerned at first, but a rumbling is heard. Cuts to an overhead shot of the exit where at that moment, Sokka and the band of nomads emerge from the cave, riding atop badgermoles. Debris flies everywhere and Aang and Katara shield themselves from the rubble. The camera pans upward to Sokka riding atop one of the creatures, waving, Momo flying about.
Katara Sokka!
Cuts to overhead shot of the cave, the camera panning to the left. Sokka dismounts the badgermole and approaches Katara.
Sokka How did you guys get out?
Aang Just like the legend said, we let love lead the way. [Smiles sheepishly.]
Sokka Really? We let huge, ferocious beasts lead our way.
He turns to the badgermoles and waves to them as they slowly plod their way into the cave again. Two walls of rock rise up where the badgermoles re-entered the cave. The camera pans to where Momo is seemingly communicating with Appa, telling him of his journey through the caves. Appa seemingly roars in response to the lemur. Katara is seen hugging her brother.
Katara Why is your forehead all red?
Chong [Talking about Aang.] Nobody react to what I'm about to tell you: I think that kid might be the Avatar!
Sokka smacks his forehead, enlarging the red spot while Chong looks at him in curiosity. Meanwhile, Aang confronts the other nomads.
Aang So are you guys going to come to Omashu with us?
Moku Nope.
Aang Okay. Thanks for everything, Moku.
The band of nomads begins walking away. The camera pans to where Chong is seen placing a necklace of flowers around Sokka's neck.
Chong Sokka, I hope you learned a little something about not letting the plans get in the way of the journey. [Hugs him.]
Sokka [Irritated yet blushing.] Just play your songs.
Chong Hey! Good plan! [Begins playing his lute and singing. Cuts to shot of Team Avatar.] Even if you're lost, you can't lose the love because it's in your heart. Da, da, da ...
While Chong is singing, Aang shoots a look at Katara, Sokka crosses his arms and Katara blushes. The camera pans upward and fades to a scene later in the day where the trio is heading up the mountainside to Omashu.
Sokka [From afar.] The journey was long and annoying, but now you get to see what it's really about: the destination. [Close-up of him.] I present to you the Earth Kingdom city of O- [Pauses abruptly.] Oh no ...
The camera shifts to behind him where they soon discover that Omashu has been captured and placed under Fire Nation rule. Ominous music is heard as a close-up of the entrance draped with a Fire Nation flag is shown.
Fades to credits.






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