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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] After Korra failed to return to Republic City, everyone has been worried about her fate. So Tenzin tasked Jinora, Ikki and Meelo with finding the Avatar. Unbeknownst to the kids, Korra found refuge in the swamp with Toph, who discovered there was still metal poison in her body, but when Toph tried removing it, Korra resisted. Will the airbender kids find the Avatar and help her return to action?
The scene opens with Meelo loading bags onto Pepper with airbending. Ikki is standing on top, catching them.
Pema Tenzin, are you sure you can't go with them?
Tenzin Raiko asked me to stay here and help figure out a diplomatic solution to this Kuvira problem.
Ikki Mom, we'll be fine. Grandpa Aang and his friends were around our age when they traveled the world.
Pema [Pats a bag of food.] Well, at least I don't have to worry about you starving out there.
Meelo Mom, we're going to be out in the wild, living off the land! We don't need your food! [Turns his back on Pema.]
Pema But I made your favorite treat ...
Meelo [Surprised.] Sweet buns with happy faces on them? [Pema nods.] Well, I guess we're not officially on the road yet. [Grabs on of them and opens it, to discover that it has a smudge over the face.] Aww, this one is smudged. [Turns to show it too his mother.] I can't eat this.
Pema You know, sometimes things get smudged in the wild.
Jinora pulls the bag of food closed and jumps off of Pepper to hug Tenzin.
Tenzin Were you able to get a read on Korra yet?
Jinora No, but once we're further out, I'll be able to hone in on her spiritual energy. We should be able to find her within a few days.
Tenzin [To Ikki and Meelo, who already mounted Pepper.] Good luck! And be careful! Remember, Jinora's in charge!
Meelo I answer to no man. Or girl, even if she does have tattoos.
Tenzin [Lightly scolding.] Meelo ...
Meelo Now let's move out, soldiers!
Jinora [Sighs.] Ugh ... Pepper, yip-yip! [Pepper takes off, while Tenzin and Pema stare after their children.]
Cut to a mountainous region in which the bison is flying across, followed by the top of a tower which Pepper lands on. The airbenders get off the bison.
Meelo Finally! I've been holding my pee for an hour!
Jinora gets behind a small tower and sits, closes her eyes, and starts meditating.
Ikki [Pokes head.] If you get through to Korra, tell her I said hi. [Returns head. Jinora opens her eyes slightly annoyed. Pokes head again.] You feel anything yet? [Returns head. Jinora makes a frustrated noise. Comes completely from behind the tower, grabbing her hips.] What's taking so long?
Jinora [Annoyed.] Ikki, I can't concentrate if you keep talking.
Cut to a frontal view of Jinora.
Jinora Why don't you go play with some of those spirits?
Ikki [Sighs and goes back to where she was.] Jinora's spirity powers are broken, and she doesn't know where Korra is.
Jinora My powers are not broken. I just need more than two seconds and some quiet.
Cut to a frontal view of Ikki and Meelo.
Meelo While you try to pull yourself together, Poki and I are gonna go into town and find out if anyone has seen Korra.
Ikki [Bounces in front of Meelo.] Sounds like a good plan to me!
Meelo [Points finger to quiet Ikki.] Enough chit-chat, you can hold the picture of Korra I drew. [Takes an extremely life-like picture of Korra out.]
Ikki [Grabs picture, surprised.] Wow, I didn't know you could draw!
Meelo [Crosses his arms.] You don't know a lot of things about me, sister. [Turns around and signals Ikki to follow him.] Let's roll!
Meelo and Ikki jump off the ledge, opening their wingsuits and flying to a nearby village. They walk around and are shown asking a person in the distance, who shakes his head, before approaching an old lady.
Meelo Have you seen this woman? [Points to the picture of Korra.]
Old lady Well, aren't you an adorable little thing.
Meelo [Annoyed.] I'm not adorable! I'm dangerous.
Old lady [Pinches Meelo in the cheek.] Dangerously cute with those cheeks. [Walks off.]
Ikki [Teasing her brother.] Aww.
Meelo [Frustrated at Ikki.] This. Never. Happened. Let's split.
Fade to Pepper flying through the air at sunset. Fade to a man in a tavern with earrings.
Man #1 The Avatar? We still have one of those? Haven't seen her, kid. Sorry. [Meelo and Ikki walk off disappointed.]
Ikki Man ...
Fade to the children around a campfire, while Jinora is handing out food. Fade to the next day, with Meelo on a rooftop, looking around for Korra. He spots a girl in the alley below him and lets himself fall down gently, with his wingsuit open.
Meelo Can I trust you?
Tuyen I guess so.
Meelo I'm on a top secret mission to find the Avatar. [Holds his picture of Korra up.] Have you seen her?
Tuyen I haven't, sorry. Top secret mission, huh?
Meelo [Bragging.] Yeah, it's been pretty dangerous. I've seen some things.
Tuyen Really? What kind of things?
Meelo Craaazy things.
Tuyen Cool.
Meelo I'm Meelo. What should I call you, other than "beautiful"?
Tuyen I'm Tuyen. Nice to meet you.
Ikki [Teasing.] Ooh! [Meelo and Tuyen both turn around to see Ikki sitting on a roof.] Meelo's got a girlfriend!
Meelo [Angrily.] Go away, Ikki!
Ikki [Jumps down and catches herself with airbending.] Jinora's been looking for you. We're moving on.
Tuyen Looks like you got to get back to your mission. [Hands Meelo a flower.] Good luck. [Walks away and tossles him in the hair.]
Meelo [Stares after her with a blush and a big smile on his face, before turning around to Ikki, annoyed.] Thanks a lot, Ikki. You drove away the love of my life. [Throws away flower.]
Fade to the dock where Korra stopped in "Korra Alone". Meelo walks past the fish monger and spots the photograph he took of Korra.
Meelo Jinora! Ikki! It's Korra!
Ikki [Sprints over, stopping herself by clinging onto her brother's shoulders.] Where?! Where?! Where?!
Meelo points to the picture on the wall, next to Aang's.
Jinora [Disappointed.] It's just a photo of Korra.
Meelo At least it's something.
Fishmonger Pretty neat, huh? She came by here, about uh, six months ago.
Meelo [Satisfied with himself.] Looks like someone just strummed up a good-old-fashioned lead. [Turns to the fish monger.] Then where did she go?
Fish monger Oh, I don't know. But she wasn't looking too good.
Meelo [At his youngest sister.] Ikki, this is all your fault.
Ikki What? I didn't do anything.
Meelo Exactly! [Points at her, very close to her face.] You need to start pulling your weight! [Turns to Jinora.] That goes for you too, so-called leader! [Walks off.]
Ikki Remember when he used to be so nice and sweet?
Jinora No.
Fade to the Foggy Swamp, where Toph is relaxing on a tree root, whistling a tune. Korra walks up to her.
Korra So ... what's the plan for today?
Toph You're looking at it.
Korra We didn't do anything yesterday, or the day before that. [Sits down on another root. Upbeat again.] I know! Tell me the story of how you taught Aang how to earthbend.
Toph What's there to tell? I threw some rocks at the Avatar, he got all whiny and Sokka fell in a hole.
Korra [Dejected.] I thought there'd be more to it than that. [Excited again.] What about the time you took down the Fire Lord? That must have been epic!
Toph Oh yeah. It was hot. I was on a blimp. And I think a giant turtle showed up. Wow. What a day.
Korra [Annoyed.] Okay, you're terrible at telling stories.
Toph You're terrible at listening to them!
Korra sighs and starts tapping her foot on the ground. Toph bends a rock up underneath her feet.
Toph Quit making all that racket! If you're so anxious to do something, why don't you collect some mushrooms for dinner?
Korra [Stands up.] You got it.
Toph Take the path until you see the boulder with the hole in it. Then go to your left. Oh, and make sure you get the big, slimy ones! [Chuckles.] They're the tastiest!
Fade to Jinora meditating.
Ikki [Rummaging through their bags while Meelo runs around playing with Poki.] Hey, where's all the food Mom gave us?
Meelo I threw it in the river.
Ikki You did what?! That food was supposed to last us two weeks!
Jinora [Turns around, aggravated.] Hey, keep it down! I'm trying to meditate.
Meelo Yeah, keep it down, Ikki.
Ikki [To Jinora.] Meelo threw away all our food!
Meelo From now on, we hunt for our meals.
Ikki Meelo, we're vegetarians. We don't hunt!
Meelo Enough whining. Poki and I will go find some grub.
Zooms out while Ikki lets out an angry yell. Fade to somewhere else in the forest.
Ikki [Annoyed, imitating Meelo.] My name is Meelo. I like to throw away food and fart at inappropriate moments. [Imitating Jinora.] I'm Jinora. I'm above it all because I'm meditating all the time. [Blasts air at some bushes in front of her, revealing a scared sugar glider.] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.
The sugar glider drops the berry it was holding, sprints up a tree, and glides away. Ikki picks up the berry and flies after it.
Ikki Wait! You dropped your breakfast!
She catches up to the animal and tries to hand the berry back, but he breaks off and Ikki slams into a tree branch, crashing to the ground. When she comes to a stop, she discovers the berry is squished on her cheek. The sugar glider lands on her head, climbs down to her shoulder and licks the remains of the berry off her cheek.
Ikki Hey! [Chuckles.] Does this mean we're friends?
Ikki stands up and looks around, seeing a big part of the forest has been cut down.
Outpost soldier #1 You're trespassing! Hold it right there.
Ikki runs. The other soldier tries to restrain her with earthbending, but misses twice over. Ikki attempts to fly away, but is caught just before she manages to take flight. She is turned around and sports a fearful look on her face, while the sugar glider buries itself in her wingsuit. Fade to the outpost soldiers.
Outpost soldier #1 All right, little airbender. Tell us what you're doing in the Earth Empire. Are you spying?
Ikki No! I swear I'm not a spy. I've been traveling with my brother and sister. It's our first big mission and my dad, Tenzin, is counting on us. But if we don't find the Avatar, he's gonna be really disappointed.
Outpost soldier #1 [To soldier #2.] Can I talk to you for a second? [They walk a short distance away from Ikki.] This girl is Tenzin's kid and she's looking for the Avatar. [In the background, Ikki frees her arm from the ropes tying her to the chair to scratch her nose.] Do you know what that means?
Outpost soldier #2 No, but try this macaroon! [Ikki puts her arm back into the ropes.]
Outpost soldier #1 [Angry, slaps the macaroon out of the hand of soldier #2.] Get that out of my face! Look, if we capture these three airbender kids and bring them to Kuvira, [Soldier #2 picks up the macaroon and eats it.] I bet we get a big-time promotion.
Outpost soldier #2 You mean we get out of this dump? [Soldier #1 nods.]
Outpost soldier #1 [Turns around and walks to Ikki again.] Sorry, little lady, it looks like we got off on the wrong foot. So, you're out here with your brother and sister, where's your campsite?
Ikki Why do you want to know?
Outpost soldier #2 We just want to get the family back together again. Maybe we can sit everybody down and have a nice plate of macaroons. [Grabs plate of macaroons, puts it in front of Ikki.]
Ikki [Suspicious.] Where did you get those?
Outpost soldier #2 I found a whole sack of food down by the river! And with each delicious snack, comes a lovely hand-written note. [Takes one of the notes from the bag.] This one says: "You're my handsome little man." That is so touching!
Ikki My mom wrote those notes! That's our sack of food!
Outpost soldier #1 [Getting aggravated.] Enough with the cute notes! Where are your brother and sister?
Ikki Who cares ... I don't want to see them. I'd rather hang out here with you guys. Hit me with one of those macaroons.
Ikki opens her mouth. Soldier #2 throws a macaroon in it, much to the displeasure of soldier #1. Cut to the swamp, where Korra has reached the boulder with the hole in it. She walks through some vines, brushing them aside to see a vision of Amon taking her bending away. Startled, she turns around, but sees Unalaq ripping Raava out of her. She trips back, only to get a third vision where she sees herself strung up in the cave of the Red Lotus, at the moment she was being poisoned and was resisting the Avatar State. She lets out a scared yell and Zaheer and the two Red Lotus sentries turn around, when she snaps back into reality to discover that she has knelt down into a stream. Cut back to Jinora meditating. Meelo walks out of the bushes, looking very miserable, dragging a purple stained sack behind him.
Jinora Are you okay?
Meelo [Lying, sounding awful.] Yep, totally fine! [Gives Jinora his thumbs up.] I hope you're hungry, because we found some ... [Covers his mouth, nearly throwing up.] We found some berries! [Hand the sack over to Jinora.]
Cut to Poki, who gags and vomits. Meelo runs off to the bushes and throws up as well.
Jinora [Disgusted.] Looks like you got some bad berries. [Throws sack away.] So much for living off the land.
Meelo They're fine, I just ate too many of them because they're so ... so delicious.
Jinora Did you run into Ikki while you were picking your poisonous berries?
Meelo No, what? Did she run off or something?
Jinora I think so.
Meelo Great. Now I've got to go find the Avatar and her. This mission is getting worse by the day.
Jinora [Angry.] This isn't only your mission, Meelo. I thought we were doing this as a family.
Cut back to the soldiers and Ikki in the outpost.
Ikki It seems pretty lonely out here. Where's everybody else?
Outpost soldier #1 I ... don't want to talk about it.
Outpost soldier #2 He's just upset because Kuvira's taking all the troops to Zaofu and we had to stay here.
Outpost soldier #1 [Stands up in frustration.] Well it's the last city left and then the whole empire will be united! And you know there's gonna be a huge party afterwards.
Ikki It's tough to be left out, huh? I know exactly what you're going through.
Outpost soldier #1 [Surprised.] You do?
Ikki Yeah. My brother and sister are always leaving me out of fun stuff. I mean, we're supposed to be looking for the Avatar together, but they won't even let me help.
Outpost soldier #2 Well, that's not fair. Maybe we can help you out! [Stands up and grabs a map.] So, where have you looked for her?
Ikki [Pulls her arms from the ropes; the soldiers do not seem to care.] We've been traveling down the west coast, and the only lead we have is some guy who said he saw her six months ago.
Outpost soldier #1 Well, we have troops ... pretty much everywhere. If anyone saw her, they would have reported it.
Ikki [Points to a large, green area on the map.] What about this place?
Outpost soldier #1 Well, that's the swamp. No one goes there.
Outpost soldier #2 Don't get discouraged, Ikki. You're a valuable member of the team, and you have a big heart! I know you're going to find her. Now let's get you out of those ropes.
Soldier #2 stands up, but Meelo blasts down the door and he and Jinora effortlessly blow the soldiers against the far wall, knocking them out cold. Ikki gives them an angry look.
Meelo You're welcome, Ikki.
Ikki [Stands on the chair, freeing herself from the ropes; angry.] Why did you do that?
Jinora [Annoyed at her sister's ungratefulness.] We're saving you. Let's go.
Ikki I had everything under control. I just found our food, and I have an idea where Korra is.
Jinora You do? Then lets get going!
Ikki Hold on. [She places a snack on either one of the soldiers' knees, who are still sitting against the wall.] Sorry my brother and sister knocked you out. Nice chatting with you!
Outpost soldier #2 [Grunts unconsciously.] Ugh ... Macaroon ...
The airbenders walk off and the sugar glider flies after them, landing on Ikki's head. Cut to Korra in the swamp, sitting on a tree root, high above the water. She has a dejected expression on her face.
Toph [Startles Korra.] There you are. You got my dinner yet?
Korra No ... this swamp ... it did crazy things to my mind. I had visions, of all the times my enemies hurt me.
Toph [Nonchalantly.] Yeah, I figured something like that might happen.
Korra [Surprised.] What? You wanted me to see those visions? You are one twisted old lady, you know that?
Toph Look, I know you want to get better. And so does the swamp! It can sense you're out of balance. It will teach you what you need to learn, if you're open to listening.
Korra [Sighs.] Okay, swamp. I'm all ears.
Toph You said you saw your past enemies. Now, why do you think that is?
Korra I don't know. Because they made me and a lot of other people suffer.
Toph Sounds like you're carrying around your former enemies, the same way you're still carrying around that metal poison. You maybe consider you could learn something from them?
Korra [Sarcastically.] Sounds like the swamp is messing with your mind too.
Toph My mind is just fine, thank you. Listen, [Visions of Amon, Unalaq, and the Red Lotus appear as the camera pans from Toph to Korra.] what did Amon want? Equality for all. Unalaq? He brought back the spirits. And Zaheer believed in freedom.
Korra I guess ...
Toph The problem was, those guys were totally out of balance and they took their ideologies too far.
Korra Okay, fine. But that doesn't explain why they keep haunting me.
Toph Because you need to face your fears. You can't expect to deal with future enemies if you're still fighting the old ones.
Korra Maybe you're right, but how am I supposed to move on?
Toph Boy, you Avatars sure need a lot of hand-holding. Get up! We're going to the banyan-grove tree.
Toph gets up and walks away. Korra follows her. Cut to Pepper flying somewhere above the swamp.
Ikki Those soldiers said there weren't any troops here and, I figure, if Korra's not feeling good, she might come to a spiritual place like this to get better.
Jinora lets go of the reins to meditate for a moment.
Jinora There is an enormous amount of spiritual activity here, but I don't feel Korra.
Meelo Well, that's what we get for listening to Ikki.
Ikki Guys! We just got here. Let's at least look around.
Jinora I'm sorry, Ikki, but I'm with Meelo on this. I don't think we're going to find her here. Let's go Pepper!
They make a u-turn, but suddenly a bunch of vines shoot up out of the swamp and pull the bison down into the murky water. Meelo frees Pepper by cutting some of the vines and the rest of them retract spontaneously.
Meelo Why did those stupid vines pull us in here anyway?
Ikki Because they want us here. I'm telling you, Korra has got to be close.
Jinora I don't know, Ikki, I still don't sense Korra.
Ikki [Frustrated.] Well, you haven't sensed her the entire time we've been looking for her!
Meelo Next time I go on a mission, it's going to be boys only. Just Poki and me.
Ikki lets out a tiresome grunt. Cut to Toph and Korra climbing up to the base of the banyan-grove tree.
Korra It's beautiful.
Toph The roots of the banyan-grove tree spread out for miles in every direction, connecting this whole swamp. Your problem is, you've been disconnected for too long. Disconnected from the people who love you and disconnected from yourself.
Korra kneels down and puts her hand on the root, sending a stream of energy through the swamp. It flows through the vines to Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo.
Meelo [To Ikki, muted.] I'm tired of listening to you!
Jinora [Turns around in surprise; excitedly.] Korra! I know where Korra is!
Meelo and Ikki [Synchronized.] Yeah!
Cut back to Korra and Toph.
Korra I can't believe it! I saw Jinora, Ikki and Meelo, they're here!
Toph [Grumpy.] Good. Hopefully they're here to take you home.
Cut to Pepper flying through the swamp and emerging from the trees in front of the banyan-grove tree.
Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo Korra!
The airbenders jump off Pepper and unfold their wingsuits, flying to Korra and Toph. Korra turns around and starts to cry from happiness. They land and give Korra a hug.
Ikki We missed you so much, Korra.
Korra I missed you so much, too. How did you find me all the way out here?
Ikki Jinora sensed your energy.
Jinora But we never would have been here if it weren't for Ikki.
Ikki I never would have stormed off and run into those soldiers if it weren't for Meelo.
Meelo I was trying to toughen up these ladies, but I guess it was a team effort.
Ikki I love your hair.
Meelo It's so you.
Toph coughs, reminding Korra of her presence.
Korra I'm so sorry. This is Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki. Aang and Katara's grandchildren.
Toph Your grandpa was a real pain in my butt.
Meelo Wait a minute. Cranky? Old? Blind? You must be Toph!
Toph [Chuckles.] Oh, I like this one.
Jinora [Turns around to face Korra.] You need to come home, Korra. Kuvira is taking over the Earth Kingdom.
Ikki You have to stop her.
Korra I don't know ... I'm not the Avatar I used to be. I can't even go into the Avatar State.
Ikki Please, Korra.
Jinora The world needs you back.
Fade to Toph's hollow tree, where Korra is standing in front of a fire. Korra's expression changes from uncertain to determined.
Korra All right. I'm ready.
Toph I'm not bending it out of you. You've got to do this on your own.
Korra nods, takes a firmer stance and slowly exhales.
Toph Close your eyes. Clear your mind. And don't freak out, like last time! Now, focus your energy. Find the metal. Let it move through you body.
Korra starts to bend the metal inside her, but as she gets the visions of Zaheer suffocating her again, she loses her concentration and breaks her stance.
Toph That fight is over. Release the fear.
Korra gets back in her stance, exhales, and starts bending the poison again. Tiny droplets of mercury come out of her arms and she moves them down the length of her arms to forms a larger drop in front of her. She repeats the process one more time, removing the last of the poison from her body. Toph bends two hemispheres around it, locking the poison inside.
Toph Well done, Korra.
Korra's eyes shoot open, revealing the brilliant white glow of the Avatar State.
Meelo [Excited.] The Avatar is back in business!
Korra [Calm.] I feel so much lighter. Thank you so much for helping me. I'd like to give you a hug now, if that's okay with you.
Toph [Reluctant.] All right, you earned it. [Korra gives her a hug.]
Cut to outside again, where Meelo is the last to board Pepper. They all wave goodbye to Toph, and Pepper flies off.
Toph Finally, some peace and quiet.
Roll credits.





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