Katara writes in her diary about the events after the Fall of Ba Sing Se inside a Water Tribe ship cabin. The Water Tribe ships sail the seas with Appa following from the air behind. Hakoda and Sokka seem to be having a conversation while Toph is facing the waves.
Katara [Written narration.] Ba Sing Se has fallen. We've taken shelter with dad in Chameleon Bay, but time is running out. The Fire Nation will find us eventually, and our ships can barely sail, let alone fight. Without the Avatar, our future is bleak. [Katara bends the water to heal the injured Avatar.] After Azula's attack, Aang fell back into an unconscious state. If I'm such a great healer, why won't he wake up? How can I even hope things will change when I have no faith in my myself? [On the deck, Kuei was seen riding on Bosco, both chasing Momo.] But life goes on. For a guy who lost his kingdom, The Earth King was a happy guy ... for the short time he was with us.
Kuei Get him Bosco! Hee hee!
Katara The Duke and Pipsqueak joined us after we caught trying to steal from our ship. They've been surprisingly helpful ... At least when they are not getting into trouble. [Sokka argues with his father on the another side.] We know we can't hide forever.
Sokka But, Dad, the whole point of going to Ba Sing Se was to gather an army to invade the Fire Nation Capital!
Hakoda Yes, Sokka, I know that. But the city has fallen. Without the Earth Kingdom behind us, I'm afraid that--
Sokka [Upset.] What? We give up? That's not gonna happen!
Hakoda [Smiling at his son.] Spoken like a true warrior ... [Both is looking over the sea.]
Katara A Fire Nation scout ship was approaching. It wouldn't be long before they outnumbered us four to one. If we were going to survive, we needed a plan--Fast.
The Water Tribe warriors gather inside the cabin with Katara and Toph, discussing for the invasion plan. Hakoda and Sokka thinks for a while.
Bato Listen to me, Hakoda. If we fight them, we'll be wiped out. Our ships can't handle another confrontation with the Fire Nation!
Katara We've also got Aang to think about. If he's captured--or worse--the whole world will suffer. No matter what, we have to protect him!
Sokka [Smiles.] Then that's what we'll do! All we need is a little ingenuity--
Toph You're not gonna tell that pentapox story again, are you?
Sokka And and excellent story it is, too, but no. I was just going to suggest that if we can't beat the Fire Nation ... Let's join 'em!
Bato You can't possibly mean that we should switch sides?
Sokka [Grinning.] We don't have to switch sides--just boats.
The waterbenders sink the Water Tribe vessel, Toph destroys the vessel using her earthbending. After finished with their vessels, using the remaining boats the warriors sail to the nearest land.
Katara It wasn't Sokka's craziest plan, but it was a risky one. First, we flooded our own ships ... Then we abandoned them, letting the Fire Nation think we'd already been defeated. And now, we wait. Just one big, happy family.
Sokka By this time tomorrow, we'll be back at sea!
Hakoda Katara, it's cold. Come sit by the fire ...
Katara [Upset.] I'm fine.
The Fire Nation scout ship find the ruins.
Soldier #1 This is some mess, huh? I wonder what happened.
Soldier #2 Who cares? Saves us the trouble!
Soldier #1 [Put a paper on a hawk-eagle's claw.] I'll send word to the fleet that the Water Tribe has been dealt with. Then, we can wait for further orders.
Soldier #2 Yeah ... Ah, you go ahead and do that ...
That night, the soldiers having a day out, feasting and resting after a long standby.
Soldier #1 So, remember, when the rest if the rest of the fleets get here, we let 'em know how we wiped out the whole Water Tribe on our own. [Munching.] Took us, what, ten minutes? Five?
Soldier #2 Um, yeah. At the most.
Soldier #3 Thank to guys like us, the war will be over soon.
Soldier #1 Yep! We're heroes! [Throwing the loin next to him.]
The Water Tribe warriors already settled aboard, ready to invade the ship.
Katara Next came the "easy" part--sneaking aboard a Fire Nation ship in the dead of night. I shouldn't be here. I should've stayed with Aang.
Toph [Sets a mask on her face.] Right now, we need you here. Aang will be fine, and if we pull this off, he'll have a safe place to recover.
Hakoda and the other warriors spread out.
Katara We expected a fight. But instead ...
Sokka [Shouting.] This is what we were worried about? These guys are easy pickings! Where's Momo? He can take 'em!
Soldier #4 What's a "Momo"?
Toph You were saying ...?
Sokka What I'm saying is ... Duck!
Katara bends a wave of water forward the soldiers, and followed by the others warriors to fight. Two warriors seem throwing stink bombs to the troop, letting them being choked.
Soldier #5 That cough smell! Awful cough!!
Sokka [Sets his boomerang.] It's just a little stink bomb. You don't have to cry about it!
Soldier #5 [The soldier dodges the boomerang, but Toph already bent the metal to capture them.] Whoa!
Katara I still can't believe we actually pulled it off.
Soldier #2 Huh? Who? What's goin' on?!?
Sokka [Pointing the soldier.] Good morning, big guy. You've just been boatnapped!
The troop succeed to steal one Fire Nation ship, and they head to the Serpent Pass. But, there's one more challenge to be faced.
Katara Once we left the fleet behind us, it was time for a change of clothes. Looks like Fire Nation red is in fashion this season. Sokka suggested that we head for the Serpent's Pass. From there, we can cut across the Earth Kingdom and head west for the Fire Nation. But I don't think evil barricades were on his map.
Bato You've got to hand it to the Fire Nation. They might be tyrants, but they certainly are fine engineers. So what do you plan to do now?
Hakoda I think there's only one thing we can do ... [Looking at Sokka.]
Sokka It's time to put our disguise to the test!
Katara Now everything was in my father's hands.
Guard Where are you headed, soldier?
Hakoda [Disguising as Fire Nation soldier.] The Water Tribe navy has been destroyed. Our orders are to head west to rendezvous with the fleet out there. So if you wouldn't mind letting us pas ... [The troop are looking above.]
Guard Good sailing, soldier! [Opening the gate. Katara and Toph overjoy, and Sokka sighs.] By the time you join the rest of the fleet, they'll probably send you straight home!
Sokka What makes you say that?
Guard [Shouting.] Didn't you hear? The war's almost over. The Avatar was killed at Ba Sing Se!
Sokka [Katara shows her mad emotion.] So the Avatar is dead ...
Katara [Angrily.] What are you so happy about, Sokka? They think they've won!
Sokka [Grinning.] I know. And that's just the break we needed.
Katara Sokka was right--again. Aang's "death" works to our advantage, and nobody suspects we're living as soldiers of the Fire Nation.
Sokka And that's the best course for us to take?
Hakoda Unless you've got another suggestion. You know, son, with any luck, we just may survive this experience.
Sokka Hey, can we stop at Kirachu Island? Fire Nation food's starting to grow on me, and I hear their superspicy soufflé is to die for!
Hakoda [Facepalms.] Please don't say things like that.
A Water Tribe warrior feeds Appa with hay on the deck, with Toph and Momo sitting on boxes.
Katara It'll take some getting used to--for all of us.
Toph [Sniffs.] Ugh. These clothes smell like ash.
Momo Squee?
Toph Not fun.
Back to Katara writing her diary.
Katara But if we got through the last few days, we can get through anything. [Healing Aang using the water.] We just have to keep on fighting ... And be confident that soon ... The Avatar will return.
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