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Katara [Narrating.] Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days: a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar mastered all four elements; only he could stop the ruthless firebenders. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years have passed, and the Fire Nation is nearing victory in the war. Two years ago, my father and the men of my tribe journeyed to the Earth Kingdom to help fight against the Fire Nation, leaving me and my brother to look after our tribe. Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle is broken, but I haven't lost hope. I still believe that, somehow, the Avatar will return to save the world.
As the title card fades, the scene opens onto a shot of an icy sea before panning slowly to the left, revealing more towering icebergs drifting in the water as the shot rotates, moving over a large snow-covered area where the untouched blanket of snow is broken by two tracks of footsteps. The shot fades to another shot of the sea and of icebergs in blue water contrasted by the paleness of the sky beyond. As the shot once again pans to the left and rotates likewise, a small canoe comes into view, its motion through the water indicated by the wake left behind it. The shot zooms slightly on the canoe before cutting down to it, providing a side angle of the canoe and of the walls of ice rising on either side of the vessel. Sokka, a teenage boy, and his younger sister, Katara, a teenage girl, are sitting in the boat; Sokka holds a spear at the ready, while Katara simply stares into the water on the other side of the boat. The shot cuts to an overhead view, revealing that a fish is swimming close to the surface right in front of Sokka, who is focused on it, following its every movement. Cut to a frontal view of him.
Sokka It's not getting away from me this time. [Close-up of Sokka as he grins confidently over his shoulder in the direction of Katara.] Watch and learn, Katara. This is how you catch a fish.
The shot pans quickly from Sokka to Katara, who seems indifferent to his claim and turns back to her side of the boat again. Her expression changes to surprise; as the shot jumps behind her, looking down into the water over her shoulder, another fish quickly swims by her, close to where she sits. She shoots a quick glance toward her brother, removing the glove from her left hand. She stretches her arm out in the direction of the fish, taking a deep breath. Her look is a mixture of concentration and apprehension as she starts making a wavy motion with her wrist, moving her hand up and down.

The shot widens out; Sokka, still focused wholly on the fish in front of him, is completely unaware of what is happening behind his back. As Katara continues to move her hand, the water in front of Katara, just in front of the shot, starts to ripple. Suddenly, a bubble of water rises up from the ocean containing the newly trapped fish.

Katara [Happily surprised.] Sokka, look!
Sokka [Close-up of Sokka; whispering.] Sshh! Katara, you're going to scare it away. [A look of bliss adorns his face. He licks his lips and wiggles his fingers, not taking his eyes off the fish.] Mmmm ... I can already smell it cookin'.
Behind Sokka, Katara is still making circular movements with both her arms, suspending the bubble of water that holds the fish in the air and moving back and forth. The camera cuts to her face, contorted slightly by the focus it takes to control the water.
Katara [Struggling with the water that passes right in front of her.] But, Sokka! I caught one!
The bubble containing her fish slowly drifts around her to hang over Sokka, who is still oblivious. As the bubble hovers over his head, Sokka raises his spear to strike the fish he was following. He bursts the bubble of water with the blunt end of his weapon, causing Katara to lose control of the water; it rains down on Sokka, soaking him.
Katara [Exclaims indignantly.] Hey!
As Sokka lets out a gasp of discomfort, the fish tumbles through the air and Katara follows its arc with her eyes as it flies over her head and splashes back into the sea. Sokka rounds on his sister, placing his spear perpendicular to the rim of the boat as he yells irately. The shot cuts to a close-up of him.
Sokka Why is it that every time you play with magic water, I get soaked?
Sokka clenches his fists and a few drops of water fall from his soaked gloves.
Katara [Cut to her face; she sighs lightly before answering in slight annoyance.] It's not "magic", it's waterbending! And it's ...
Sokka [Cutting her off.] Yeah, yeah, "an ancient art unique to our culture", blah, blah, blah. Look, I'm just saying [Grabbing his warrior's wolf knot with his left hand as he turns away from her, wringing the water out of it. Meanwhile, Katara has crossed her arms.] that if I had weird powers, I'd keep my weirdness to myself.
Katara [Cut to her face as she raises an eyebrow skeptically, arms still crossed.] You're calling me weird? I'm not the one who makes muscles at myself every time I see my reflection in the water!
Near the end of her response, Katara smiles smugly at her brother; as the shot cuts to him, he is flexing at his reflection in the water and grinning confidently. His happy look vanishes upon hearing his sister's remark and he turns around slowly, meaning to face her. Before he can say anything, however, the canoe suddenly shudders. As they both try to keep from falling over, Sokka whirls around toward his end of the canoe, a frantic look on his face.

The camera cuts to a far view of the canoe, which pans up as the boat moves away from it. The boat is caught in a rapid current, which is pulling it swiftly toward a jumble of large icebergs which block the end of the narrow passage formed by the towering walls of ice. Sokka paddles the boat in an attempt to stay clear of any floating chunks of ice. He manages to gain just enough speed to keep the boat from being crushed by two icebergs which slam together behind the boat. A series of shots follows: the canoe moving through the water as Sokka rows furiously; a close-up of Sokka's head; and a frontal shot of the canoe as it is nearly pinned by a number of smaller chunks of ice. Cut to Katara's face, both her face and voice full of panic as she yells commands to Sokka.

Katara Watch out! Go left! Go left!
The shot shows an overview of the ice floes moving closer together in front of the boat, narrowing their path. The boat manages to stay clear of some of the icebergs, but it veers to the right with the current and becomes pinned by three large chunks of ice. As the canoe is completely crushed by the ice, Katara and Sokka throw themselves from the canoe and onto one of the floes; Katara nearly slides off the other side into the water, but comes to a halt at the floe's very edge. As she raises her head, looking around, the shot zooms out to reveal the siblings are floating on one floe among dozens.

Katara, shuffling on her hands and knees, moves away from the rim toward the middle of the floe, sitting next to her brother. His spear is embedded point-first in the ice just behind him.

Katara [A touch of bitterness in her voice.] You call that left?
Sokka You don't like my steering? Well, maybe you should've [He waves his hands, mockingly imitating waterbending.] waterbended us out of the ice.
The shot cuts to a wide shot of the two on their floe; among the large icebergs and tiny floes surrounding them stands a massive, towering shard of ice, its craggy peak rising high above the siblings. Katara gets on her feet again, facing Sokka so that the pointed iceberg is behind her.
Katara [Indignantly.] So it's my fault?
Sokka [Annoyed.] I knew I should've left you home! [Cut to a close-up of the siblings; Katara is staring down at her brother in anger while he rants calmly.] Leave it to a girl to screw things up!
Cut to a close-up of Katara's face as it contorts with fury. The shot cuts to a side view as Katara points accusingly at her brother, who makes no movement as she screams her disgust at him, the floe bobbing lightly up and down.
Katara You are the most sexist, [She brings her hands up to her head and swings them back down and behind her in her rage; the movement creates a small wave of water behind her.] immature, [Hands raised back to her head.] nut brained ... [Swings her arms back down again, creating a slightly larger wave; she raises her hands back to her head during a brief loss for words.] I'm embarrassed [Throwing a hand upward, a short jet of water shoots upward as well.] to be related to you!
She swings both her hands back forcefully once again and her unconscious waterbending hurls a wave directly into the towering iceberg behind her; with a loud, splitting crack, a hooklike fissure arcs up its surface and out its side, leaving a spray of ice where it ends. Sokka, who wears a somewhat disinterested expression, glances briefly in his sister's direction and sees the iceberg; after a short moment, he does a double-take, his expression morphing into one of terror. The shot cuts to show Katara's outburst from behind Sokka; as she continues with her verbal outburst and arm movements, little chunks of ice from the iceberg splash into the water, unheard and unnoticed by Katara.
Katara Ever since mom died, [Points to herself.] I've been doing all the work around camp while you've been off playing soldier!
She emphasizes the last words with a strong swing of her hand, waterbending and deepening the crack in the iceberg. Sokka's terror deepens.
Sokka [Pointing to the iceberg behind her, his voice subdued by fright.] Uh ... Katara ...
Katara [Close-up of a rage-fueled Katara as she continues her outburst, a finger pointed in Sokka's face.] I even wash all the clothes! Have you ever smelled your dirty socks? Let me tell you, not pleasant!
As she yells out that last word, she unconsciously waterbends once again, causing two new splits in the chunk of ice.
Sokka [In a screeching voice, his eyes open wide in fear.] Katara, settle down!
Katara (Angrily) NO! THAT’S IT!! I’m done helping you. From now on, (shrieks) you’re ON YOUR OWN!
Her last movement is her most agitated and it creates a huge wave which, when it impacts the iceberg, sends a number of fissures to snake their way up the iceberg; one of them reaches the top of the iceberg, splitting it completely in half. Petrified, Sokka gasps for air, and it is only now that Katara turns to look behind her. She gasps and the shot cuts to the iceberg; the two halves begin to fall away from each other and the siblings can be seen through the widening space between them. The shot jumps to the siblings' backs as the two halves collapse into the water; a wave larger than any Katara cast at it radiates outward toward them and they are thrown to the ice as it pushes their floe backward.

As the waves subside, the shot cuts to a head-on close-up of the siblings, their heads slightly over the edge of the ice. Sokka, holding a protective arm over Katara, turns his head toward her.

Sokka Okay, you've gone from "weird" to "freakish", [He releases her.] Katara.
Katara [Astonished.] You mean I did that?
Sokka [Sarcastically, glancing at her and smirking.] Yep. [Nudging her with his elbow.] Congratulations.
Several small bubbles appear on the surface of the water directly in front of them and a small spot of water begins to glow with a bright bluish hue. An overhead shot shows the spread of the brilliant glow and the bubbles within. Cut to the head-on close-up as the two siblings scramble back in renewed terror from the edge, just as a large, roughly spherical iceberg breaks the surface of the water.

The shot jumps behind Katara and Sokka as an iceberg rises above the surface, revealing its massive form to be the source of the glow. The crashing waves generated by the iceberg's rising push the floe backward as the berg itself rocks to one side, before coming to rest with its rounded dome exposed above the water. Mesmerized by the iceberg, Katara strays closer and stares at the iceberg; behind her, Sokka halfheartedly stretches out his hand, as if to hold her back. A few cuts ensue: the iceberg from behind Sokka and Katara; Katara's face as she stares at the object; and a shot of the iceberg itself, revealing a human shape within below a larger, indistinguishable mass. The human figure, perched in lotus, has glowing arrows on its head and hands. Close-up of Katara as she raises an eyebrow in confusion. The shot cuts to a closer view of the figure in the ice, its features accentuated by reflected light, revealing it to be a boy. Suddenly, the boy opens his eyes, the same brilliant light emanating from them, eliciting shocked gasps from both of the siblings.

Katara He's alive! We have to help!
Before Sokka can grab it, Katara grabs Sokka's club out of its sheath on his back and pulls her hood over her head, heading in the direction of the strange boy sealed in the iceberg. Sokka again reaches out his hand in an attempt to hold Katara back, though she is already running across the ice.
Sokka Katara, get back here! [He grabs his spear from the ice and runs after Katara, who is already at the ice's edge.] We don't know what that thing is!
Katara hops across the short distance between her floe and the iceberg on five tiny chinks of ice; Sokka, close behind her, does the same. Reaching the iceberg first, Katara repeatedly strikes the iceberg with Sokka's club. On her fifth strike, the club breaks through the surface and a great gust of wind, which escapes from within the iceberg, throws her and her brother back from the side of the dome. Fissures quickly snake their way over the whole iceberg and, in a massive outward explosion, the entire orb of ice destroys itself. A beam of light bursts from the core of the iceberg and rockets into the sky. The camera shows the iceberg from the shallow sea bottom as it emits ripples of light. The scene switches to a group of tiger seals, who erect themselves to growl at the distant beam of light.

Cut to a Fire Nation ship, where a boy in a Fire Nation military uniform stands on the deck, gazing at the light. His ponytail flutters in the wind.

Zuko Finally! [He turns around to face another person in uniform, who sits at a small table.] Uncle, do you realize what this means?!
Iroh [He is playing some sort of card game. He answers calmly while looking over the tile he's holding toward his nephew.] I won't get to finish my game?
Zuko [Turning around again to face the light.] It means my search is about to come to an end.
Iroh sighs uninterestedly and places his tile on the table.
Zuko [Gestures at the light while facing his uncle again.] That light came from an incredibly powerful source! [The light dwindles and disappears.] It has to be him!
Iroh [With continuing disinterest and an air of skepticism.] Or it's just the celestial lights. We've been down this road before, Prince Zuko. [He looks at the tile in his hand, depicting the symbol of airbending.] I don't want you to get too excited over nothing. [He places it on a tile carrying the symbol of firebending and gestures toward the open place at the other side of the table while continuing in a relaxed voice.] Please, sit. Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming Jasmine tea?
Zuko [Furiously, still facing Iroh.] I don't need any calming tea! I need to capture the Avatar! Helmsman, head a course for the light!
Zuko points in the direction of where the light once was. Iroh calmly continues with his game, placing another tile bearing the airbending symbol on the previous one. As he does, a gust of wind washes over him, shaking his tiles.

Cut to the iceberg, where the gale has begun to settle. Sokka had protectively clutched Katara, but he now releases her as he looks around. Light still encircles the remains of the former mountain of ice, now reduced to a hollowed-out crater. Sokka looks at his sister and they both get to their feet, Katara holding onto her brother. He points his spear at the crater, ready to defend them, though lowers it in shock as a figure emerges slowly from the depression in the iceberg.

Sokka [Brandishing his spear in defense once again.] Stop!
Now standing atop the crater, the figure slowly erects himself and looks down at them, and the two siblings stare back in wonder and fear.

The circles of light finally dissipate as the boy stops glowing. The figure is revealed to be nothing more than a young boy, who gives a moan of exhaustion and suddenly faints. Katara gasps and runs forward to catch him before he hits the ground. Sokka follows behind and begins to poke at the boy's head with the blunt end of his spear.

Katara [Waves the spear away. Annoyed.] Stop it!
Katara places the boy gently against the base of the crater. Close-up of the boy as he slowly opens his gray eyes. He gasps in awe as he beholds the Southern Water Tribe girl, who stares at him, in wonder, with deep blue eyes. Her hair loopies sway in the wind.
Aang [In a weak voice.] I need to ask you something ...
Katara What?
Aang Please ... come closer.
Katara [Curiously.] What is it?
Aang [In a clear, happy, hopeful tone.] Will you go penguin sledding with me?
Katara [Awkwardly.] Uh, sure ... I-I guess.
The camera moves back again to show the threesome at the base of the iceberg. The boy elegantly rises to his feet in one swift motion, surprising the other two. Katara looks at him in awe while Sokka backs away in shock, aiming his spear at him again. Katara glances at him in disbelief.
Aang [Looking around and rubbing his head, while Katara scrambles on her feet.] What's going on here?
Sokka [Aggressively.] You tell us! [Points at the top of the crater.] How did you get in the ice? And why aren't you frozen? [He pokes the boy in his side with his spear.]
Aang [Lazily pushes the spear away.] I'm not sure.
A low, gruff noise suddenly fills the air, coming from within the crater of the iceberg. Quickly, the boy scrambles up the ridge of ice and happily jumps on the head of a large, furry creature that has the same arrow-shaped marking on his forehead as the boy.
Aang [Exclaims happily.] Appa! Are you all right? [He hangs down the side of the beast to look at its eyes, which are still closed.] Wake up, buddy.
He opens an eyelid that immediately closes again once it is released. He jumps down to the front of the bison and tries to lift its enormous head. Sokka and Katara appear around the corner as Appa finally starts to react to Aang, opening his mouth and licking Aang with his giant tongue. Sokka's jaw drops upon seeing the beast.
Aang [Laughing cheerfully.] Ha, ha! You're okay!
Aang hugs the bison's nose. The camera moves back to reveal that the creature stands up on his six legs and stretches itself. When the picture moves closer again, Aang is petting the bison's nose.
Sokka What is that thing?
Aang This is Appa, my flying bison.
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Right, and this is Katara, my flying sister. [Katara shoots him an odd look.]
Aang looks questioningly at Sokka for a moment, but his attention is diverted back toward his bison when Appa starts to inhale deeply. Realizing what is about to happen, Aang ducks before Appa sneezes, sending a large blast of green snot flying directly onto Sokka, who becomes completely covered in it. He squeals in disgust and begins to frantically try clean it off, rubbing his face in the snow under the amused gaze of his sister.
Aang [Cheerfully.] Don't worry, it'll wash out. [Green snot is hanging from Sokka's face to his glove, dripping down as he retracts his hand. Katara covers her mouth in disgust.] So do you guys live around here?
Sokka [Pointing his spear accusingly again at Aang who is surprised to see the thing.] Don't answer that! Did you see that crazy bolt of light?! He was probably trying to signal the Fire Navy!
Katara [Pushes Sokka's spear away again and addresses him sarcastically.] Oh yeah, I'm sure he's a spy for the Fire Navy. You can tell by that evil look in his eye. [Aang shoots the two an earnest grin.] The paranoid one is my brother, Sokka. You never told us your name.
Aang I'm A ... a-a-a-Achoo! [The boy sneezes, creating an air blast that sends him soaring into the air. He lands on the ground, unharmed.] I'm Aang. [He sniffles a bit.]
Sokka [Total disbelief.] You just sneezed ... [Points to the sky.] and flew ten feet in the air!
Aang [He looks questioningly toward the sky.] Really? It felt higher than that.
Katara [Gasps for air in comprehension.] You're an airbender!
Aang Sure am!
Sokka Giant light beams, flying bison, airbenders ... [Walks away.] I think I got midnight sun madness. I'm going home to where stuff makes sense. [He realizes, however, that he is stranded in the middle of the ocean with no way home.]
Aang Well, if you guys are stuck, Appa and I can give you a lift. [Aang airbends himself onto Appa.]
Katara We'd love a ride! Thanks! [Katara runs to the side of the bison.]
Sokka Oh no! I'm not getting on that fluffy snot monster!
Katara [While climbing on top of Appa with the help of Aang.] Are you hoping some other kind of monster will come along and give you a ride home? You know, before you freeze to death?
Sokka opens his mouth in defiance and point at Katara, ready to retaliate, but he cannot think of anything. He sighs and bows his head in consent and defeat.

The camera switches to a shot where both siblings are sitting on Appa's saddle. Sokka has his arms crossed in front of him with a sulking expression on his face while Katara is full of excitement and anticipation.

Aang Okay, first time flyers, hold on tight! Appa, yip-yip!
Aang whips the reins and Appa growls in response. He moves his tail up and down and takes a huge jump into the air. He soars through the air for merely a few seconds, making it appear as though he would fly, before belly-flopping into the water with a splash. The bison begins trudging through the water slowly. Katara crawls to the front of the saddle while Aang tries to get Appa flying, whipping the reins again.
Aang Come on, Appa. Yip-yip!
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Wow, that was truly amazing ...
Aang [Katara shoots her brother an angry glance.] Appa's just a little tired. A little rest and he'll be soaring through the sky. You'll see. [Katara smiles at Aang, who returns this gesture. When she wants to move back, she realizes that he is still smiling at her.]
Katara [Uncomfortably.] Why are you smiling at me like that?
Aang Oh, I was smiling? [Flattered, Katara smiles back.]
Sokka throws his head back and sticks his tongue out in disgust while groaning loudly. Katara glares at him while Appa continues to make his way through the icy sea, flapping his tail in the water.

The picture tilts up and fades away to reveal Zuko standing on the helm of his ship, staring into the distance. The young man is approached by his uncle.

Iroh I'm going to bed now. [Yawns and stretches.] Yep, a man needs his rest. [After a short pause, he abandons his try at a veiled suggestion and delivers his request more clearly, his tone tired.] Prince Zuko, you need some sleep. Even if you're right, and the Avatar is alive, you won't find him. Your father, grandfather and great-grandfather all tried and failed.
Zuko Because their honor didn't hinge on the Avatar's capture. Mine does. This coward's hundred years in hiding are over.
The scene fades to Appa who is still swimming in the water. Aang now lies lazily on his back, his arms tucked under his head. Katara crawls to the front of the saddle again to have a better look at the boy. She leans on the front of the saddle and rests her head on her arm.
Katara Hey.
Aang Hey. What'cha thinkin' about?
Katara I guess I was wondering, your being an airbender and all, if you had any idea what happened to the Avatar?
Aang Oh, no. I didn't know him. I mean, I knew people that knew him, but I didn't. Sorry. [He smiles weakly at Katara.]
Katara Okay. Just curious. [She slants her eyes in disappointment for a second before smiling again at Aang.] Good night.
Aang Sleep tight.
Aang uncomfortably turns around and a look of guilt crosses his face. The camera switches to another wide shot of Appa swimming through the vast sea, reflecting the brilliant sunlight.

The scene switches to a dream of Aang's, colored in various shades of gray. Aang is sleeping on Appa's saddle while clouds build around and ahead of him. Lightning splits the sky and the rumble of the following thunder awakens him. He shoots up and looks around. In the next shot it is raining and Aang is sitting on Appa's head again, holding the reigns and screaming at the top of his lungs in terror while they go down. Appa and Aang splash into the waters of the ocean. Appa resurfaces again, growls, but is quickly subdued anew by another wave. Both Aang and Appa sink unconscious into the water. As Aang releases the reigns and drifts off, his eyes and tattoos suddenly start to glow brightly. He slams his fists together, creating a bluish-white sphere that encases Appa and himself. As the air sphere slowly solidifies into an icy globe, a voice permeates the dream.

Katara Aang? Aang! Wake up. [Aang shoots up, throwing the covers of his body and gasping for air. Katara perches beside him and stands up as she sees that Aang is awake.] It's okay, we're in the village now! Come on, get ready. [She points to the door of the tent.] Everyone's waiting to meet you.
Aang happily gets out of bed and starts to dress himself while Katara takes a step toward the door. Before she exits, however, she glances back at Aang and gasps, staring in wonder at the blue, arrow-shaped tattoos that trace his arms and legs and reach up his back and to his head. Before Aang is able to get up, Katara pulls him along by his arm to meet the rest of the village.

Aang is dragged out the tent toward a small congregation of villagers. He passes Sokka, who is sitting at the side of the tent, sharpening his boomerang.

Katara Aang, this is the entire village. [Points to the line of villagers in front of them.] Entire village, Aang.
Aang bows respectfully toward the villagers, but they cower away in fear, bringing a surprised look to Katara and Aang's faces. Sokka just watches from a distance.
Aang [Uncomfortably.] Uh, why are they all looking at me like that? Did Appa sneeze on me?
Aang checks his clothing while an elderly woman steps forward out of the line of villagers.
Kanna Well, no one has seen an airbender in a hundred years. We thought they were extinct, until my granddaughter and grandson found you.
Aang [Shocked disbelief.] Extinct?
Katara [Gesturing.] Aang, this is my grandmother.
Kanna [Flatly, with a dull look on her face.] Call me Gran-Gran.
Sokka walks toward Aang and abruptly snatches his staff out of his hands and starts to examine it.
Sokka [Annoyed.] What is this, a weapon? You can't stab anything with this!
Aang [Aang uses a small air current to get his staff back.] It's not for stabbing! It's for airbending. [He opens his staff into a glider, making Sokka gasp in fright and cover his head with his hands.]
Village girl [Excited.] Magic trick! Do it again!
Aang Not magic, airbending. [He moves his glider around him, visually demonstrating what he is talking about.] It lets me control the air currents around my glider and fly.
Sokka [Mockingly states his disbelief.] Ya know, last time I checked, humans can't fly!
Aang [Accepting Sokka's challenge, smiling.] Check again!
Aang grabs hold of his glider and pushes himself off the ground, leaving Katara and Sokka to cover their faces against the sudden wind. The village stares in awe as Aang makes some loops and turns in the sky.
Village girl [In admiration.] He's flying!
Aang makes another loops and speeds up to soar past the gazing villagers.
Village girl It's amazing!
Aang's shadow passes over Katara, who is smiling broadly at him. Aang, intending to further impress the villagers, flies sideways and closes his eyes while grinning broadly. He promptly flies head-on into the village's watchtower, causing his head to be stuck in its side. Katara covers her mouth as she watches Aang struggle to extricate his head from the icy watchtower. Succeeding, he tumbles downward onto a pile of snow at the base of the tower that crumbled from the building. Katara immediately rushes to his side while Sokka stares in shock at the damage inflicted on his watchtower.
Sokka [Shocked.] My watchtower!
Aang lies covered in snow at the base of the partially collapsed tower. Katara and some other girls of the tribe run toward Aang, smiling.
Katara [Offering her hand to pull him out of the snow.] That was amazing!
Sokka runs toward his watchtower and starts to pat it in the hope that he can save it from collapsing any further. While Aang spins his staff around to retract its wings, Sokka is being knocked down by a large pack of snow that falls down.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Great. You're an airbender, Katara's a waterbender. Together you can just waste time all day long. [He wedges himself free from underneath the weight of the snow and stalks off.]
Aang [Surprised and with admiration.] You're a waterbender?
Katara [Nervously.] Well, sort of. Not yet.
Kanna All right, no more playing. Come on, Katara, you have chores.
Kanna leads Katara away from Aang. The surrounding villagers part to let the duo pass.
Katara [Excitedly.] I told you, he's the real thing Gran-Gran! I finally found a bender to teach me!
Kanna [Calmly.] Katara, try not to put all your hopes in this boy.
Katara But he's special! I can tell! [Clenches her fist and closes her eyes in hope.] I sense he's filled with much wisdom.
Katara opens her eyes again and glances back toward Aang, who is surrounded by a bunch of kids. He smiles while his tongue is stuck to his staff.
Aang [Muffled.] See? Now my tongue is stuck to my staff!
Much to Aang's discomfort, one of the smaller village boys starts to yank his staff, pulling Aang along with every movement. The village kids laugh and applaud Aang as his tongue remains stuck to his staff.

The scene shifts to Zuko's ship where Zuko is facing two soldiers dressed in the uniforms of a firebending Fire Nation soldier. Iroh is sitting on a small chair next to them.

Iroh [Sternly.] Again.
Zuko opens the fight by spreading his arms in the direction of the two firebenders, showering them with flames. His adversaries block Zuko's attack with ease. Zuko shifts his weight to duck under a retaliation blast of the firebender to his left. The firebender to his right jumps forward to aim a blast at Zuko's feet. The prince propels himself out of the way. He twists around in mid-air and directs another fire blast with his hand to the firebender that retaliated first, and another with his foot to the firebender that aimed for his feet. Both soldiers jump out of the way of Zuko's flames. Zuko lands and stretches his fists out toward his adversaries, ready to face another attack.
Iroh [Sighs while he gets up.] No! [Zuko lowers his arms and looks at his uncle.] Power in firebending comes from the breath [Iroh moves his both hand up in front of him to emphasize the breathing motion.], not the muscles. [He stretches his left arm out as if he was sending a fire blast.] The breath becomes energy in the body. The energy extends past your limbs and becomes: fire! [Iroh directs a fire blast at his nephew that evaporates just before it would scorch him.] Get it right this time.
Zuko [With suppressed anger, he walks toward his uncle and addresses him.] Enough! I've been drilling this sequence all day. Teach me the next set! I'm more than ready!
Iroh No, you are impatient. [He sits down again on his chair.] You have yet to master your basics. [He yells his order.] Drill it again!
Zuko clenches his teeth in anger. He turns around and suddenly directs a power fire kick toward one of the soldiers. The firebender attempts to stop the fire blast, but he is unable to and is thrown on his back by its power.
Zuko [The suppressed anger is very apparent in his voice.] The sages tell us that the Avatar is the last airbender. [Close-up of Iroh, who does not look pleased with the attitude of his nephew.] He must be over a hundred years old by now. He's had a century to master the four elements! I'll need more than basic firebending to defeat him. [Starts to yell at his uncle.] You will teach me the advanced set!
Iroh [Concedes reluctantly. On a dire tone.] Very well, [His expression changes completely to one of delight as he picks something up from the ground.] but first, I must finish my roast duck. [He quickly munches down the roast duck, much to the dismay of Zuko.]
The scene shifts back to the Southern Water Tribe, where it pans down to reveal Sokka pacing to and fro, his arms behind his back.
Sokka [With a stern expression.] Now men, it's important that you show no fear when you face a firebender. [He brings out his club and holds it proudly.] In the Water Tribe, we fight to the last man standing! For without courage, how can we call ourselves men? [He clutches his fist to emphasize the word "men" as he stares down the people in front of him.]
The camera shifts positions to reveal that Sokka is talking to six uninterested little boys.
Southern Water Tribe boy [Waving his hand in the air.] I gotta pee!
Sokka [Angrily.] Listen! Until your fathers return from the War, they're counting on you to be the men of this tribe, and that means no potty breaks! [He makes some wide arm gestures to emphasize his words again.]
Southern Water Tribe boy But I really gotta go!
Sokka [Sighs.] Okay, who else has to go?
Every child immediately raises his hand. Sokka is surprised for a second, before facepalming in frustration.
Katara [Runs up to Sokka as the children leave. In a worried tone.] Have you seen Aang? Gran-Gran said he disappeared over an hour ago.
Aang appears from an outhouse igloo, pulling his pants up a bit higher.
Aang [Amused.] Wow! Everything freezes in there!
He points toward the bathroom with a smile on his face. Sokka's "soldiers" halt beside Aang and laugh with him.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Uh! [Angrily points at Aang.] Katara, get him out of here! This lesson is for warriors only!
Sokka is about to walk away when he hears the sound of playing children.
Village boy Whee!
He turns around, and the picture follows his gaze to reveal the village children sliding down Appa's tail like a slide. The end of the tail is propped upward, so the children are propelled into the air. They fly over Sokka's spear, now serving as a mark that they need to cross before landing in a soft pile of snow. Katara laughs as a boy lands head-first in the snow, but Sokka rushes forward.
Sokka [Yelling angrily.] Stop! Stop it right now! [The laughter of the children is stifled immediately and Appa turns his head to look at Sokka, who accusingly directs his anger to Aang.] What's wrong with you?! We don't have time for fun and games with the War going on!
Sokka takes back his spear and casts an annoyed glance at the laughing children who run past him.
Aang [Slides down from Appa's head.] What war? What are you talking about?
Sokka [Raises one eyebrow in disbelief.] You're kidding, right?
Aang looks questioningly at Sokka, but the expression on his face changes to enthusiasm when he catches sight of an otter-penguin.
Aang [Exclaims enthusiastically.] Penguin!
The animal is startled by Aang's outburst and quickly waddles off. Aang gives chase, racing past Katara and Sokka, enhancing his speed with his airbending. He leaves a deep trail in the snow as he dashes after the penguin.
Sokka He's kidding, right?
The siblings glance at each other, not sure what they need to think of Aang's reaction.

The scene fades away to show the otter-penguin habitat, where hundreds of otter-penguins are walking or sliding down icebergs. Katara approaches the penguins in search for Aang.

Katara Aang?
Aang [Chasing the penguins while laughing.] Hey, come on little guy. Wanna go sledding? [He jumps at a penguin, but the animal evades his attempt and Aang belly flops into the snow. He turns on his back and quickly erects himself with his airbending as Katara comes up beside him.] Heh heh. I have a way with animals.
Aang stretches his arms wide and imitates the sound and movements of the animals around them, making Katara laugh.
Katara [Amused.] Hehehe, Aang, I'll help you catch a penguin if you teach me waterbending.
Aang [Having grabbed the tail of a penguin, he holds on as it pulls him through the snow for a short way before letting go and looking up at Katara.] You got a deal! Just one little problem ... [He airbends himself into a sitting position.] I'm an airbender, not a waterbender. Isn't there someone in your tribe who can teach you?
Katara [Sadly.] No. You're looking at the only waterbender in the whole South Pole.
Aang This isn't right. A waterbender needs to master water. [He thinks for a moment.] What about the North Pole? There's another Water Tribe up there, right? Maybe they have waterbenders who could teach you.
Katara Maybe, but we haven't had contact with our sister tribe in a long time. It's not exactly "turn right at the second glacier". It's on the other side of the world.
Aang But you forget, I have a flying bison. [He happily points at himself.] Appa and I can personally fly you to the North Pole. Katara, we're going to find you a master!
Katara [Unsure.] That's ... I mean, I don't know. I've never left home before.
Aang Well, you think about it, but in the meantime, can you teach me to catch one of these penguins?
Katara [Mockingly imitating a teacher.] Okay, listen closely my young pupil. [Inclines her head toward Aang.] Catching penguins is an ancient and sacred art. [She conjures a fish out of her sleeve.] Observe!
She tosses Aang the fish. As he catches it with an uncomprehending look on his face, the penguins immediately begin crowding him. He laughs as the penguins swarm over him, pulling him down amidst their ranks.
Aang Hi hi hi! Ha, ha, ha!
The scene switches to a protruding iceberg that Aang and Katara use as a slide, each sitting atop a penguin. They soar through the air for a moment before landing on the slope and continuing their journey downward. They race down and Aang uses another iceberg as a ramp to propel him into the air and to soar over and past Katara. She in turn uses the next jump to land next to Aang again. The two laugh and shout out as they gleefully ride over snowy bumps.
Katara [Happily.] I haven't done this since I was a kid!
Aang You still are a kid!
The two ride through a tunnel of ice. Katara is in the lead and tries to hold Aang back by constantly changing her direction when he wants to pass her. Aang solves this problem by increasing his speed with airbending, enabling him to race over the ceiling past Katara. The tunnel levels out on an open plain of ice where the two get off their rides. The plain itself is dominated by a large metal ship, elevated and held in place by a large protrusion of ice with the bow pointing toward the sky. Curious, Aang gazes at it.
Aang [In awe.] Whoa! What is that?
Katara [On a slightly dark tone.] A Fire Navy ship. And a very bad memory for my people. [Aang begins to approach the wreckage.] Aang, stop! We're not allowed to go near it! The ship could be booby-trapped!
Aang If you want to be a bender, you have to let go of fear.
Katara ponders over that remark for a moment and walks toward Aang with a scared look upon her face. The two venture closer toward the ship. Aang helps Katara to climb some of the blocks of ice that lay beside the ship and they crawl through a hole in the hull of the ship. The two walk through the silent rooms of the shipwreck. Some white hamsters roam the otherwise deserted ship. Aang enters a room stocked with weapons in various places.
Katara [Her voice echoes through the room.] This ship has haunted my tribe since Gran-Gran was a little girl. [The camera shifts through the room, revealing all the weapons more closely.] It was part of the Fire Nation's first attacks.
Aang Okay, back up. I have friends all over the world, even in the Fire Nation. [Aang picks up a Guan Dao to inspect it.] I've never seen any war.
Katara Aang, how long were you in that iceberg?
Aang [Uncertain.] I don't know. A few days, maybe?
Katara I think it was more like a hundred years!
Aang [In full disbelief and slightly accusing.] What?! That's impossible! Do I look like a hundred-twelve-year-old man to you?
Katara Think about it. The War is a century old. You don't know about it because, somehow, you were in there the whole time! [Aang's expression changes to one of comprehension.] It's the only explanation.
Aang backs away and slumps to floor in shock.
Aang A hundred years! [Saddened by his new discovery.] I can't believe it.
Katara [Squats beside him.] I'm sorry, Aang. Maybe somehow there's a bright side to all this ...
Aang [Cheerfully.] I did get to meet you.
Katara [Smiling warmly at him while offering her hand.] Come on, let's get out of here.
Katara smiles and pulls him to his feet and the two exit the room.
Katara Aang, let's head back, this place is creepy.
Aang ventures down yet another room with Katara on his trail. There, he trips over a thin rope; as he stumbles, metal bars slide downward over the entrance, barring it and trapping them inside.
Aang Huh?
They both run toward the bars and peek through them.
Aang What's that you said about booby traps?
The gears and engines of the shipwreck suddenly power up, beginning to function. In shock, Katara and Aang follow the movements of the machines until suddenly, a flare is fired and explodes high in the sky.
Aang Uh oh ... [Aang notices a hole in the roof of the ship and takes a surprised Katara into his arms.] Hold on tight!
Katara Aaah!
Aang enhances the power of his jump with his airbending to jump several feet into the air through the hole.

The scene switches to Prince Zuko, who is peering through a telescope. He follows every movement the duo makes as Aang, still holding Katara, jumps down the side of the ship.

Zuko The last airbender! [Aang and Katara reach the ground again and Aang sets Katara down. They start to walk away.] Quite agile for his old age. [He turns and angrily yells to a soldier behind him.] Wake my uncle! Tell him I found the Avatar. [Zuko peeks through his telescope again to see that Katara and Aang are running now. Zuko follows the direction they are running in with his telescope and discovers that they must be headed for the village he spots.] As well as his hiding place ...
Close-up of Zuko's right eye as he squints it to look in the direction of the Southern Water Tribe.
Fade to credits.






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