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The episode opens to morning at the Boiling Rock, where an overhead shot of the volcano is seen. Cut to view from some point in the boiling water, where the stronghold lies ahead. Cut to view of the warden walking forward, toward the camera.
Bodyguard Line 'em up for the warden!
Cut to an overhead shot of the perimeter on which they are standing, the warden's back facing the camera. Eight prisoners are seen filing in line, one next to the other, including Hakoda. Cut to the end of the line of prisoners where the last of them line up, the camera zooming out to show Hakoda, who stands at the very end of the line on the right side. Cut to Sokka, who walks forward and lifts his guard mask.
Sokka Dad ... [Exiting a stairway and passing through a lineup of guards, surprising them a bit.] Excuse me, coming through. The warden wants me over there. [Points in the warden's direction.] Sorry!
Cut to overhead shot of the perimeter, the prisoners lined up toward the right and the guards to the left of the screen. Sokka is seen inching his way behind several guards, taller than him. The warden approaches the new prisoners.
Warden [Walking past the line of prisoners starting from the left.] Welcome to the Boiling Rock. I'm sure you've all heard the horrible rumors about our little island. Well, I just want to tell you that they don't have to be true, as long as you do everything I say. [He stops in front of Hakoda who looks downward; looks closer at Hakoda.] Look me in the eye when I'm talking to you.
Hakoda [Averting his gaze slightly off to the side; firmly.] No.
Warden Oh? You'd rather look at my shoes? [Angrily.] Then take a look!
He raises his left leg and drags Hakoda by his handcuffs down onto the floor. Cut to a side-view of Hakoda kneeling over, his face expressing anger. Cut to Sokka standing behind two guards as he gasps in horror. Cut to shot from below Hakoda, where the warden stands over him, keeping his foot firmly pressed on the warrior's handcuffs.
Warden I know exactly who you are, Hakoda of the Water Tribe. So strong-willed. [Cut to the warden's face.] But don't worry, we'll get rid of that in time. Now look me in the eye!
Hakoda reluctantly lifts his head to look the warden in the eye and glares hatefully at him.
Warden [Calmer.] See, isn't that better? [To the other prisoners.] You will all do as I say or pay the price. You will all-
He begins to walk forward only for Hakoda to lift his left handcuff slightly, tripping the warden and causing him to fall flat on the ground. Sokka stifles a chuckle, as the two guards he was standing behind rush to aid the warden.
Bogyguard #2 [Standing over him.] Are you okay, sir?
Warden [Rises and snaps angrily.] I'm fine! Get these prisoners out of my sight!
He storms away impatiently. The two guards look at each other. Cut to wide-view of the perimeter where the prisoners file one behind the other and are led down a stairwell into what is presumed to be the prison hold. Sokka runs away off-screen. Cut to inside the prison, followed by an overhead shot of inside Hakoda's cell, where he sits on his mattress, his face buried in his arms. A sliver of light appears as the doorway to the cell is opened. Hakoda raises his head to see who has entered. Cut to side-view of the entire cell, revealing that Sokka has walked in, still dressed as a guard.
Sokka [Approaches his father.] Thank goodness you're okay.
Hakoda [Rises to his feet and extends his right arm out, clenched in a fist, not realizing the guard is his son in disguise; Sokka backs up a bit.] If you take one step closer, you'll see just how "okay" I am.
Sokka [Lifting up his helmet mask.] Dad, it's me.
Hakoda [Softens up and grows teary-eyed.] Sokka, [The two embrace; Sokka drops his helmet to the floor.] my son. [Amused.] You know Sokka, you should be more careful with that guard outfit on. I almost punched you in the gut.
Sokka [Rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.] Yeah, I ran into that problem earlier.
Cut to a dimly-lit corridor. Cut to view of a door as it slides open, revealing Chit Sang sitting inside an interrogation room, cuffed to a wooden chair. The warden walks on-screen into the room. Cut to an overhead shot of the interrogation room as he approaches the prisoner.
Warden [Calmly.] Are you comfortable, Chit Sang?
Chit Sang [Snaps.] If you're trying to get me to talk, forget it! [The warden appears behind him.] I'm not a squealer!
Warden [Cuts to close-up of his face; casually.] Chit Sang, I only asked if you were comfortable.
Chit Sang [Brightly.] Well, yeah, actually I am pretty comfortable.
The warden, in a fit of anger, kicks the chair to the ground. Chit Sang falls forward off screen. Cuts to shot of him lying on the floor, still bound to the chair, his face pressed against the ground. The warden walks up to Chit Sang.
Warden Are you still comfortable?
Chit Sang No.
Warden I know you and your cronies are not smart enough to come up with that little escape plan. So you're gonna tell me ... [Leans in closer to Chit Sang.] who is?
The warden exits the room. Cut to view of the room, as the two guards hoist the chair upward and set it on the ground. The guard on Chit Sang's left walks over to the doorway and slides the door to the cell closed. Cut to shot of the prison courtyard. Cut to shot of outside Hakoda's cell where Sokka can be seen looking through the open slit in the cell door, averting his eyes in different directions.
Sokka [To Hakoda.] So where's Bato? [Cut to inside the prison cell; Sokka turns away from the door.] Where's everyone else from the invasion?
Hakoda The others are being held at a prison near the Fire Nation palace. They singled me out as their leader and sent me here. [Sokka comes by his father and sits down.] But before I left, I met some young women who said they knew you. The ... Oshinama Fighters?
Sokka [Smiles.] You mean the Kyoshi Warriors?
Hakoda That's right.
Sokka Their leader Suki is here and she's gonna escape with us.
Hakoda [Lays a hand on Sokka's shoulder.] Good. We'll need all the help we can get.
Sokka And you know Prince Zuko?
Hakoda The son of the Fire Lord? I don't know him, but I know of him.
Sokka Well, he's here too.
Hakoda [Crosses his arms angrily.] Sounds like a major problem.
Sokka Actually, he's on our side now. [Cut to Hakoda, who gives his son a suspicious look.] I know. I had the same reaction. After all he's done, it was hard to trust him. But he's really proven himself, and I never would've found you without his help. [Hakoda nods his head at Sokka, indicating that he understands.]
Hakoda So, do you have a plan?
Sokka [Downcast.] We had one, but some of the other prisoners got involved and ruined it. [Leans forward and rests his face in his arms.] I dunno if there's another way off this island.
Hakoda [Smiles and pats a hand on Sokka's back.] Sokka, there's no prison in the world that can hold two Water Tribe geniuses.
Sokka Then we'd better find two.
Hakoda laughs. Sokka chuckles nervously. Cut to a ground level shot of inside the prison hold. Sokka approaches a cell door and averts his gaze alertly. He lifts his helmet mask and peers into the slit of a cell doorway.
Sokka [In a hushed voice.] Zuko, are you there?
Zuko [A view of Zuko's eyes appears in the slit from inside the cell.] I'm here.
Sokka I just got done talking to my dad. We came up with an escape plan together.
Male guard [Off-camera; startles Sokka.] What are you doing here?
Sokka turns around, pulling down his helmet mask. The camera shifts to reveal two guards standing on the stairwell behind him. Cut to shot from in between the two guards.
Sokka [Pointing to the cell and trying to act gruff.] I was just telling this dirty lowlife what I think of him!
Male guard Well, you'll have to do that later. He's coming with us.
Sokka [Puzzled.] Why?
Female guard [Irritated.] Because we have orders straight from the warden, that's why!
Sokka Could I just get ten more seconds to rough him up a bit? [Punches his palm with his fist.]
Female guard Fine, ten seconds.
The two guards fold their arms. Sokka enters the cell and begins to "rough up" Zuko. The female guard leans against the wall, crosses her arms and shakes her head in mock disapproval.
Sokka [Off-camera from inside the cell.] Take that ... and this! [Punching noises come from the cell.]
Male guard [Amused.] Newbie.
Cut to shot of a bundled-up mattress being held up, several blows being landed to it. Cut to shot of the cell where Sokka is seen punching the mattress which Zuko holds up, the two faking the entire scenario. Zuko shouts a few times in mock pain.
Sokka [In a hushed voice while still punching the mattress.] We have a new plan, but it's gonna need a big distraction. [Cuts to shot of Zuko who peers from behind the blanket; off camera.] Be in the yard in one hour.
A sliver of light appears as the cell door is opened. Sokka suddenly grabs Zuko and begins to wrestle him to look convincing as the two guards enter.
Male guard [Separates the two.] All right, that's enough.
Zuko is escorted out of the cell by the guards while Sokka remains behind. Cut to an overhead shot of a hallway, the camera shifting downward to show Zuko being dragged.
Zuko [Voice-over.] What are you doing? Where are you taking me? [He is thrown into a chair in an interrogation room.] I didn't do anything wrong!
Mai Come on, [Zuko looks to the source of the voice.] Zuko. [Emerges from the corner of the room; annoyed.] We all know that's a lie.
Zuko [Shocked.] Mai!
Cut to shot of the entire cell, Zuko still sitting on the floor with Mai standing over him. The cell door is open, with at least one guard patrolling it from outside. Cut to view of prison hold before switching to an upside-down shot of the warden sliding open another cell door and entering the room.
Warden How is he?
Cut to right-side up shot of the two guards holding Chit Sang upside-down in the chair. Chit Sang's face is red and strained.
Bodyguard #2 I think he's ready to talk.
They toss chair the chair forward toward the warden back to a normal position. Chit Sang inhales deeply a few times, his face slowly returning to normal color, sweat dripping down his face.
Warden [Approaches him from behind.] Have you had enough time to think about what I asked?
Chit Sang Yes.
Warden [Eager.] And?
Chit Sang You're right. There was another person involved in the escape plan.
Warden [Places his hand on Chit Sang's shoulder.] Who?
Chit Sang It's a guy who's disguised like a prison guard. Only he's not a prison guard. He's the mastermind. He came up with the plan.
The warden smiles slyly, pats Chit Sang on the head, and exits. The camera focuses on Chit Sang, who maintains a cold-hard expression. The scene changes to the prison cell where Zuko sits in the chair slumped over and Mai stands over him.
Zuko How did you know I was here?
Mai Because I know you so well.
Zuko But, how-
Mai The warden's my uncle, you idiot. [Zuko facepalms and sighs; Mai shows him a letter.] The truth is, I guess I don't know you. All I get is a letter? You could have at least looked me in the eye when you ripped out my heart.
Zuko I didn't mean to -
Mai You didn't mean to? [Reading the letter.] "Dear Mai, I'm sorry that you have to find out this way, but I'm leaving."
Zuko Stop! This isn't about you. This is about the Fire Nation!
Mai [Sarcastically.] Thanks Zuko, that makes me feel all better. [Throws the letter at him.]
Zuko [Stands up.] Mai, I never wanted to hurt you. But I have to do this to save my country.
Mai Save it? You're betraying your country!
Zuko That's not how I see it.
Cut back to Mai who looks away from him sulkily and folds her arms. Cut to Suki's cell, where she is practicing her fighting moves. Sokka enters.
Suki Sokka, what's going on?
Sokka [Places his hand on her shoulder.] I don't have much time. If I'm seen with you the guards might think something's up. [Walks over to the door and peers outside.] I just talked to my dad.
Suki That's great.
Sokka Yeah, and we're escaping today, on the gondola.
Suki What?
Sokka My dad and I came up with the plan together. We're gonna commandeer the gondola [Puts both hands on her shoulders.] and we're gonna take a hostage with us so they won't cut the lines.
Suki [Takes his hands off her shoulders.] We'll never make it onto the gondola. There's too many guards.
Sokka My dad already thought of that. He said we'll need a distraction. That's why we're gonna start a prison riot.
Suki Okay, let's say by some miracle this all works and we make it on the gondola. The warden will still just cut the lines, even if we have a captive.
Sokka Not if the warden is the captive. [Nearby noise occurs. Moves to look outside.] I have to go. [Suki hugs him.] I'll find you before we start the riot. [Cut to outside the cell, where he slides out of the cell.]
Male guard Hey, you, the warden wants to see you!
Sokka Why?
Male guard I don't know, I didn't ask.
Sokka Maybe I could schedule another time with him? How's tomorrow? [Walks off-screen.]
Male guard He wants to see you ... now. [Sokka is escorted by two guards.]
Scene moves to the yard with a line-up of guards, the warden, and Chit Sang present.
Warden Put him in the line-up.
They throw Sokka in the line-up with a bunch of other guards, now with no helmet like the rest of them. He tries hiding behind a lowly guard, but the guard pushes him away.
Warden One of you is an impostor who thought he could fool me. [Chit Sang steps forward.] But now, that person is going to be in a lot of trouble. Who is it?
Sokka's teeth start chattering, clearly nervous among the other calm guards. The camera stays on Sokka, who closes his eyes.
Chit Sang [Off-screen.] That's him, warden. He's the impostor! [The camera shifts to Chit Sang, who is pointing at the bully guard.]
Bully guard What?
Cut to the warden, who smiles evilly and walks away.
Bully guard [Grabs Chit Sang by the shirt.] I am not! [Chit Sang just raises his hands nonchalantly in defense.] He's lying! [Another guard grabs him.] He's a liar!
The guard is taken away. Chit Sang turns and smiles slyly at Sokka, who looks on and breathes a sigh of relief.

Cut to a window. The camera pans down to the bully guard in an interrogation room surrounded by two guards. The warden stands in front of and away Chit Sang, holding his hands behind his back.

Bully guard I'm telling you ... it wasn't me!
Warden Save your breath! I know you were working together. [Turns around and moves in closer to the guard.] You threw Chit Sang in the very cooler they used to escape. It was all part of your plan.
Bully guard That was just a coincidence!
The door opens, someone enters.
Bodyguard #2 Sir, there's someone to see you.
Warden [Angrily.] Who told you to interrupt me?
The warden turns angrily toward the door, but looks shocked and bows upon seeing who it is. Cut to show Azula standing at the door with Ty Lee behind her. All of the guards bow to her as well.
Azula I did.
Warden [Cut closer to Azula.] Princess Azula. [Azula and Ty Lee walk in.] Ah ... It is an honor to welcome you to the Fire Nation's most exemplary prison. [Stands up.] I didn't realize you were coming.
Azula [Walks in and notices the guard sitting in the chair.] Who is this?
Warden [Cut to the bully guard, who looks away.] He's a guard who was involved in a recent and feeble escape attempt.
Bully guard [Desperately.] It wasn't me!
Warden [Angrily.] Quiet, you!
Azula [Crossing her arms.] You're wasting your time. That's not one of them. [Turns and starts to leave.]
The warden turns and looking surprised, and confused, looks from Azula to the guard before looking back to Azula again.
Warden How do you know?
Azula [Smiles sinisterly; quietly.] Because I'm a people person. [Exits.]
In the hall, Sokka approaches a guard in charge of the cell doors.
Sokka Hey, I just got orders. Let the prisoners out into the yard.
Door guard But we're in the middle of a lockdown.
Sokka Oh, okay, I'll just go tell the warden you said that. [Walks off-screen; the guard raises his mask and looks at him speechless.] I'm sure he'll be glad to hear about you undermining his authority. [Guard grows more nervous. Walks back on-screen, lifting his helmet mask.] What's your name again?
Door guard [Starts to sweat; horrified.] Wait! Don't tell the warden. I'm just a little confused.
Sokka Hey, I'm confused too, but the warden's in a bad mood, and ... irrational, so if you ask me, it's best not to question it, and just do what he says. [Places his arm around the guard's shoulder.]
Door guard Yeah ... you're right. We're letting them out!
The guard opens all the doors by pulling the levers. The prisoners head for the yard. The prisoners mingle in the yard, where Sokka, Suki, and Hakoda meet.
Sokka This is it! We have to start a riot.
Suki Okay. But how do we do that?
Hakoda [Smiles smugly.] I'll show you. [Shoves a prisoner.]
Tough prisoner Hey! What'd you do that for? That hurt my feelings.
Hakoda Aren't you mad at me?
Tough prisoner Uh, well, normally I would be, but I've been learning to control my anger.
Sokka This isn't working.
Suddenly, Chit Sang appears behind Sokka and puts his hand on Sokka's shoulder.
Chit Sang Hey you! You're lucky I didn't rat you out, [Smiles.] but my generosity comes with a price. I know you're planning another escape attempt, and I want in.
Sokka [Gets an idea.] Actually, we're trying to escape right now, but we need a riot. [Points to him.] You wouldn't happen to know how to start one, would you?
Chit Sang A prison riot? Please. [Grabs a prisoner and lifts him in the air, bouncing him up and down.] Hey! [All the prisoners look at him.] Riot!
The riot begins. Several blasts of fire go off.
Hakoda [Looks shocked for a moment.] Impressive.
Tough prisoner Forget about controlling my anger ... [Raises his arms.] let's riot! [He is taken down by another prisoner. The riot is in full swing. Cut to the floor of the yard as chaos and dust ensues everywhere. Cut to a prisoner sitting on another prisoner's shoulders, attempting to choke him. Cut to the bottom of a tower as various guards look down at the scene.]
Warden Who let these prisoners into the yard? [Cut to the warden on a balcony.] This is supposed to be a lockdown!
The door guard, who was in charge of the control room, raises his visor and looks at the warden, horrified. He puts his back against the wall and sneaks away by quickly tip-toeing and ducks to a corner. The camera cuts back to Zuko and Mai.
Male guard #2 Ma'am, there's a riot going on! I'm here to protect you!
Mai I don't need any protection.
Zuko [Gives a slight chuckle; proudly.] Believe me, she doesn't.
Male guard #2 I'm sorry, but I'm under direct orders from your uncle to make sure nothing happens. [Zuko gives a serious look.]
Zuko blasts fire at the guard and starts to run toward the door. The guard jumps in front of Mai to shield her.
Mai Get off of me! [She throws the guard away from her and chases Zuko.]
Exiting, Zuko closes and locks the door, trapping Mai and the guard in the room. He looks at Mai through the slit in the door with regret, while she stares back in anger, before running off to join his friends. Back in the yard, he reaches everyone else and slams down another guard as the riot continues.
Sokka Zuko! Good, we're all here. Now all we need to do is grab the warden, and get to the gondolas!
Zuko And how do we do that?
Sokka I'm not sure.
Zuko [Groans.] I thought you thought this through!
Sokka I thought you told me it's okay not to think everything through!
Zuko Maybe not everything, but this is kind of important! [Rubs his forehead.]
Chit Sang Hey, uh, fellas. I think your girlfriend's taking care of it.
Sokka peeks out and looks amazed as he sees Suki hop up on the heads of the rioters before jumping and flipping onto the tower. She easily defeats the first guard with a few quick jabs. Two more guards arrive. She ducks a fire blast and sweeps the first one, promptly dodges the second one's fire blast, and continues to climb the tower. She makes it up to the top and defeats the final guard with a sliding kick. She soon grabs the warden, threatening him with her fist in front of his face.
Warden You wouldn't dare.
Suki [Ties his hands together and uses his headband as a gag.] Sorry, warden. You're my prisoner now. [Slams the warden against the wall; the rest of the escapees arrive.] We've got the warden! Now let's get out of here!
Everyone else is out of breath.
Hakoda That's some girl.
Sokka [Proudly.] Tell me about it.
Cut to the roof as they all make the run to the gondola.
Suki We're almost there!
They are stopped by guards who launch two fire blasts at them. Zuko shoves Sokka out of the way and blocks the two fire blasts. More guards appear to help.
Zuko Back off! We've got the warden! [The guards see the warden on Chit Sang's shoulder, bound and gagged, and clear the way.] Let's go!
They continue along their path, cautiously watching the guards so they do not try any sudden moves. They arrive at the gondola. Suki opens the door.
Suki Everyone in!
Zuko starts the gondola and kicks the handle a few times attempting to break it. He sees the guards rushing toward him and kicks the handle again and breaks it. He jumps toward the gondola while dodging guards fire blasts. Sokka grabs Zuko's hand and helps him into the gondola.
Sokka What are you doing?
Zuko I'm making it so they can't stop us.
Sokka Way to think ahead.
Suki We're on our way!
Hakoda Wait! Who's that?
Azula and Ty Lee stand at the bottom of the gondola station. All the guards bow down.
Zuko That's a problem. It's my sister and her friend.
Looking up at the retreating gondola, Azula suddenly snatches a pair of handcuffs from a guard's belt and runs forward. Behind her, Ty Lee jumps up and onto the cable, running along it toward the gondola. After elevating herself to the line with a fire blast, Azula uses the cuffs to attach herself to the cable and propel herself forwaard. The occupants of the gondola watch as they approach, Suki looking very grim.
Suki [Determined.] This is a rematch I've been waiting for.
Zuko Me too.
Sokka, Suki, and Zuko climb to the top of the gondola to meet Azula and Ty Lee. Ty Lee flips into the air and lands in front of Suki, who growls and assumes a battle-ready position. Azula pulls herself up onto the roof and faces Zuko and Sokka. An overhead shot shows them all standing atop the gondola before closing in on Azula again. The Fire Nation princess assumes a battle stance and performs a slicing kick, sending blue fire at her opponents, but Zuko blocks it. Ty Lee and Suki trade blows, the latter blocking the former's attempts to use chi-blocking each time. Ty Lee is forced to the edge but jumps into the gondola and comes out the other side, continuing her attacks. Zuko continues to wipe out Azula's fire blasts. Sokka draws her back to the edge with his sword. Zuko goes in for a finish, but Azula dodges Zuko's blast and stays on the gondola. She counters with a blast that goes wide, almost striking Suki and Ty Lee, who barely manage to dodge it. Meanwhile, the warden attempts to free himself while the other prisoners are distracted. A male guard watches from a telescope.
Gondola guard There's the warden! I see him!
Warden [Frees himself and runs to look out of the gondola.] Cut the line! [Chit Sang notices and grabs the warden.]
Gondola guard He wants us to cut the line.
Gondola guard #2 But if we cut the line, there's no way he'll survive!
Gondola guard [Puts down his telescope.] He knows that.
The guards stop the gondola by jamming the mechanism with metal bars; the wheel screeches angrily as it grinds to a halt. The gondola rocks back and forth from the sudden stop, disrupting the combatants from their respective duels. Losing his balance, Sokka slides to the edge of the gondola, but Zuko pulls him in at the last moment. Ty Lee jumps up to the top of the wire to see what is happening.
Ty Lee They're about to cut the line!
The guards work to cut the line. Azula notices another gondola approaching on the other wire, heading inbound.
Azula [Smirks.] Then it's time to leave. [Blasts herself up.] Goodbye, Zuko. [Reaches the other gondola.]
Ty Lee backflips to the other gondola. When she reaches it, she looks back at Sokka, Suki, and Zuko with concern, in contrast to Azula's sadistic smile. The other three jump back into the gondola.
Zuko They're cutting the line! The gondola's about to go!
Hakoda I hope this thing floats.
Pan down to the Boiling Lake. The line is almost entirely severed by now, but before the guards can finish the job, they are suddenly yanked away from it and pinned to the wall by stilettos.
Gondola guard #3 What are you doing?
The camera cuts to show Mai standing near the line.
Mai Saving the jerk who dumped me.
Other guards try to attack Mai, but she dodges all their fire blasts and retaliates with her knives, pinning them all down by their wristguards. Mai rears up in front of a female guard, who stops in fear, and deploys four knives that send the two guards behind her flying, dislodging one of the bars jamming the wheel mechanism. She pulls out her three-pronged sai and pins down the last guard. Releasing the block on the line, she allows the gondola to continue in motion. Everyone looks back to see what happened.
Sokka Who's that?
Mai continues to fight off guards and turns her head to see the others.
Zuko [Shocked.] It's Mai!
Azula [Angrily.] What is she doing?
Ty Lee shrugs and makes a small sound as they watch her continue to fight off guards, all of whom are helpless against her. The gondola makes it to the top of the hill. Everyone leaves. Chit Sang holds the warden and throws him back in when Hakoda points at it.
Hakoda Sorry, warden. Your record is officially broken. [The warden struggles against his bindings.]
Cut to the others escaping over the rim of the volcano.
Suki Well, we made it out. Now what?
Sokka turns and notices Zuko standing still.
Sokka Zuko, what are you doing?
Zuko My sister was on that island.
Sokka Yeah, and she's probably right behind us, so let's not stop!
Zuko What I mean is she must have come here somehow. [Walks up to a large hill by the sea.] There! [Pan down to a large airship.] That's our way out of here!
Back at the prison. Mai is detained by two guards, while Azula glares at her. Ty Lee stands in the middle, looking terrified and concerned at the two.
Azula Leave us alone. [The guards give the Fire Nation salute and exit. Mai raises her head a little, looking defiant.] I never expected this from you. [Cut to a side view of Mai, followed by a frontal shot of Ty Lee, who looks from one to the other, tears in her eyes, and back to Azula.] The thing I don't understand is "Why?". Why would you do it? You know the consequences.
Mai I guess you just don't know people as well as you think you do. You miscalculated. I love Zuko more than I fear you.
Azula [Her intrigued expression contorts into one of absolute rage.] No, you miscalculated! You should have feared me more!
Azula angles her fingers to create lightning, and Mai readies one of her stilettos, her eyes narrowed. Before Azula can complete her attack, however, she is struck twice by Ty Lee, who chi-blocks her. Cuts to Mai, blade still in hand and looking very surprised, and to Azula, who dumbfoundedly falls to the ground, paralyzed. Ty Lee seems surprised at her own actions.
Ty Lee [Runs to a shocked Mai, shaking her from her stupor.] Come on! Let's get out of here!
Mai and Ty Lee are quickly surrounded by guards and captured before they can escape.
Azula [Still on the ground; angrily.] You're both fools!
Azula is helped up by two guards. Mai and Ty Lee are both restrained, looking defiantly at the princess.
Gondola guard #4 What shall we do with them, princess?
Azula Put them somewhere I'll never have to see their faces again, and let them rot!
Nightfall, Western Air Temple. The ship is returned. Zuko and Sokka exit, standing in front of Toph, Aang, and Katara.
Katara What are you doing in this thing? What happened to the war balloon?
Zuko It kind of got destroyed.
Aang Sounds like a crazy fishing trip.
Toph Did you at least get some good meat?
Sokka I did. The best meat of all. The meat of friendship and fatherhood.
Suki, Hakoda, and Chit Sang exit.
Chit Sang [Waving.] I'm new. What's up, everybody?
Katara [Tearing up; overjoyed.] Dad? [Runs to him.]
Hakoda Hi, Katara. [They embrace.]
Katara How are you here? [Turns to Sokka.] What is going on? Where did you go?
Sokka We kind of went to a Fire Nation prison.
Hakoda pulls Sokka into the embrace. The camera pans away from the scene.
Toph Seriously? You guys didn't find any meat?
Fade to credits.






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