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The camera pans across a wide-view over Gaoling. Town citizens move through the streets. The team stands inside a shop. The camera zooms in on them, gathered around a green bag. Sokka is looking at the bag while pondering. Katara and Momo on her shoulder look at him. Aang sits down, looking the other way and wearing his conical hat.
Sokka [Pensively.] It's pricey ... but I really do like it.
Katara Then you should get it, you deserve something nice.
Sokka I do, don't I? [Katara looks at him with a bored expression.] But no, it's too expensive. I shouldn't.
In the background, a town citizen tries to talk to a passer-by, showing him a flyer.
Katara All right, then don't.
Katara walks away in boredom. Aang gets up and follows her. Sokka pauses for a moment and goes along, too, his eyes still on the bag as he moves out of view. The town citizen with the flyers walks away into the same direction. Sokka quickly comes back into view.
Sokka [Enthusiastically.] You know what? I'm gonna get it. [Smiles in a pleased way.]
Aang, Katara, and Momo wait down the street. The town citizen turns toward them, showing them the flyer.
Flyer distribution man Psst, psst! Hey, you kids love earthbending? You like ... throwing rocks? Then check out Master Yu's Earthbending Academy.
The flyer distribution man hands over a flyer with a broad smile. The shot switches to a close-up of the flyer as Aang, Katara, and Momo look at it. Aang turns it around.
Aang Look! There's a coupon on the back! The first lesson is free.
The camera zooms out, showing Aang, Katara, and Momo looking at the flyer.
Katara Who knows? This Master Yu could be the earthbending teacher you've been looking for.
Sokka joins them, holding the green bag. He looks wondering at the flyer. Scene cuts to Yu's academy. The camera shows a short view of the entrance. Aang looks perplexed, wearing an Earth Kingdom outfit and a green hat. He puts his finger into his ear, wiggles it and sniffs his finger. Turning to his right, he sees that all the younger children with whom he is standing in line with sport a serious expression and he promptly straightens his back. Their teacher, Master Yu, moves toward his two opposing rows of pupils. The row opposite of Aang has rocks placed in front of them.
Yu Take your stances! [His students take their fighting stances, except for Aang.] Now, strike as if you're punching through your opponent's head!
Yu demonstrates the movement he means. The pupils lift their rocks. A close-up shows Aang's startled expression. The camera shifts to a close-up of the student that stands across Aang as he fires his rock at him. Aang gets hit by the rock in the gut and smashes into a vase in the shape of a tea pot by the impact of the blow.
Yu [Approaches Aang.] So, are you ready to commit to more lessons? If you pay for the whole year in advance, I'll bump you up to the next belt!
Aang stares at him, covered in sand and shards. Only his eyes, nose and right hand are visible. The sand shifts and covers his face completely. Moments later, Aang walks out of the academy with the other students and returns to Katara and Sokka.
Aang Ehhh, he's not the one. [Beats his right ear, causing sand to fall out of his left ear.]
Male student [Leaves the Earthbending Academy, accompanied by another student.] I think The Boulder's going to win back the belt at Earth Rumble VI.
Male student #2 He's going to have to fight his way through the best earthbenders in the world to get a shot at the champ.
Aang overhears their conversation and runs after them.
Aang Excuse me, but where is this earthbending tournament, exactly?
Male student [Sarcastically.] It's on the island of Noneya ... "Noneya" business!
The students laugh and walk away as he looks on disappointed. Sokka walks up to Aang laughing while Katara glares at them while walking up.
Sokka [Laughs and wipes tears of laughter away.] Oh, I got to remember that one!
Katara [Consolingly to Aang.] I'll take care of this. [To the students.] Hey, strong guys! Wait up! [Runs after the students around a corner.]
Sokka [Looking at his bag, holding it out.] What was I thinking? [Angrily to Aang.] I don't need a new bag! Why did you let me buy this?
He puts the bag down and crosses his arms in front of his chest. Momo hops off his shoulder, into the bag. He turns around inside of it and settles down, closing his eyes. Katara comes running back.
Katara You ready to find an earthbending teacher? Because we're going to Earth Rumble VI!
Aang [Looks surprised.] How'd you get them to tell you?
Katara Oh ... a girl has her ways. [Smiles.]
A scene shows the two students frozen together at the head, encased in ice in an alley. Nightfall. The camera shows the entrance to location of Earth Rumble VI: a lighted tunnel in a rock face. People enter the tunnel. The camera shows the hall where the competition will be held. A large rectangular arena is located in the middle. The arena has stairs running down to a lower, oval shaped area. Seats for the spectators start at the same level as the arena. Team Avatar walks into an empty row of seats.
Aang Hey, front row seats! I wonder why no one else is sitting here.
They sit down but quickly jump back up as a huge rock smashes into the seats next to them.
Sokka I guess that's why.
In the center of the ring, the event's host raises an earthen platform. He brings it back to the level of the rest of the arena.
Xin Fu [Raises his left arm.] Welcome to Earth Rumble VI! I am your host, Xin Fu!
Katara [Sighs and looks the other way.] This is just going to be a bunch of guys chucking rocks at each other, isn't it?
Sokka [Happily.] That's what I paid for.
Xin Fu The rules are simple. Just knock the other guy out of the ring, and you win! [Leaps up to a podium above the ring. A bell rings.] Round one: The Boulder vs. The Big Bad Hippo! [While Xin Fu speaks, The Boulder raises his arms and turns around to the cheering of the audience. The Hippo roars.]
The Boulder [Pointing at The Hippo.] Listen up, Hippo. You may be big, but you ain't bad! [Grinning insanely.] The Boulder's gonna win this in a landslide!
The Hippo Hippo ... mad!
The Hippo raises his arms in anger and stomps one foot. Momo lowers himself more inside Sokka's bag out of fear. The Boulder fires three rocks. They crash into The Hippo, but he does not move. He catches one piece of rock with his mouth, chews on it and spits it out. The Hippo jumps up and down, causing the surface of the arena to tilt. The Boulder hereby loses his balance.
Xin Fu Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen! The Hippo is rocking the boat!
The Boulder reaches the edge, but saves himself by bending out part of the ring into a small platform. He grabs it and throws it at his opponent, hitting him on the back. As The Hippo turns around to look at him, The Boulder bends up The Hippo's part of the ring, and throws him out on it. The Hippo crashes in the lower area of around the arena. The fight ends thus in his favor.
Xin Fu The Boulder wins!
Katara [Looking at The Boulder.] How about The Boulder? He's got some good moves.
Aang [Shrugs.] I don't know. Bumi said I need a teacher who listens to the earth. He's just listening to his big muscles. What do you think, Sokka?
Sokka cheers loudly.
Xin Fu Next match ... The Boulder versus [Cut to to a close-up of Fire Nation Man happily waving a Fire Nation flag; voice-over.] Fire Nation Man!
Far off side-shot as the crowd boos at the Fire Nation Man who is making his way over to the arena, still waving his flag, on a makeshift earthen bridge, which crumbles away behind him. Cut to a close-up of Sokka, who loudly boos the fighter as well, while giving him a thumbs down.
Fire Nation Man [With a pseudo-Russian accent.] Please, to rise for Fire Nation national anthem! [Put his left hand over his heart; begins to sing.] Fire Lord, my flame burns [Drops to his right knee and stretches out his left arm.] for thee!
The crowd boos at him again while bombarding him with pieces of rock, much to his surprise. Cut to Sokka with a stone cocked back in his hand, ready to throw.
Sokka [Yelling.] Go back to the Fire Nation!
Sokka throws his rock. Cut to a close-up of the Fire Nation Man, who is hit against the head by a rock. He starts to become angry, though the emotion quickly changes to wonder and he is sunk chest-deep into the ground; he drops his flag in the process. Cut to a shot from over his shoulder to reveal The Boulder as the culprit, who subsequently raises himself high into the air on an earth pillar. Cut to a close-up of the Fire Nation Man, who looks petrified.
Fire Nation Man No, no, please!
Cut to a close-up of The Boulder grinning broadly. He leaps in the air, his face serious. Cut to a side-shot; The Boulder is plummeting straight down, his feet held back behind his back as to direct his knees to the ground. Switch to a further off shot as he slams the surface of the ring, by which he creates a pillar under Fire Nation Man that catapults him out of the ground. Frog-view shot of the Fire Nation Man as he sails screaming through the air. Cut to a frontal shot of the place where Team Avatar is sitting. The Fire Nation Man smacks upside down and face first against the large boulder that was embedded into the stand next to team Avatar. Sokka gets up and waves both hands in the air in celebration of the Fire Nation Man's defeat, while shouting in the fighter's direction.
Sokka Yeah! Wooo! [Points at Fire Nation Man.] The Boulder knows how to put the hurt in the dirt! [Close-up of Sokka as he continues to cheer and make taunting faces.] Yeah! Woohoo!
Cut to the arena where a man riding a badgermole is going over the surface to make it smooth again, letting the animal bend all the rubble away. A turning, frog-view shot reveals the ceiling and a female assistant holding up a sign to announce the next round as a bell is struck. A montage shows The Boulder defeating several more fighters: The Gopher gets slammed between two rocks, The Gecko jumps up, but gets hit in the stomach by a broad earthen pillar, Headhunter gets hit with an earthen coin. Between his victories, The Boulder entertains the cheering crowd by wobbling his chest. As The Boulder relishes from his fans' praise, there is a faded scene with the crowd cheering with Sokka soon appearing in front. Far off shot of Xin Fu standing on his platform.
Xin Fu Now, the moment [The light slowly dims to put him in the spotlight.] you've all been waiting for. The Boulder versus [Cut to a shot of a person with black hair mostly obscured by a green prize belt; voice-over.] your champion ... the Blind Bandit!
As Xin Fu was speaking, the girl raises her championship belt above her head, under loud cheering of the crowd. Cut to a further off frontal shot, showing the girl to actually be a short child, barely reaching to the waists of the female assistants standing next to her. As the spotlight dies down, the girl offers her championship belt to the assistant on her right, while the other one removes her cape, and they both walk off. The camera shifts to Aang and Katara.
Katara She can't really be blind. [Turn her head and squints her eyes skeptically.] It's just part of her [Cut to a close-up of the Bandit's milky-green eyes; pans right.] character, right?
Aang [Frontal shot.] I think she is.
Sokka [Camera moves back to include Sokka in the shot; deadpanned.] I think she is ... [Shouting, gesturing downward with both hands.] going down!
Sokka's movement causing Aang to flinch back and Momo to coo and hide in the bag Sokka bought earlier on the market. Cut to a shot of the Blind Bandit that nearly instantly moves back to a view from on the arena's floor level. The Boulder confidently puts his foot in the middle of the screen, cracking the floor in the process and throwing up some dust. Cut to a frog-point frontal view of the fighter.
The Boulder The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young blind girl.
Toph [Points at The Boulder. Mockingly.] Sounds to me like you're [Goes into a mockingly scared position.] scared, Boulder!
The Boulder [After a pause where he looks stunned.] The Boulder's over his conflicted feelings, [Narrows his eyes.] and now he's ready to bury you screen [Expands instantly and the Boulder makes a dramatic, crushing gesture.] in a rock-alanche!
Toph Whenever you're ready, The Pebble! [Throws her head back and laughs.]
Cut back to a close-up of Aang, before switching to a flashback from "The Swamp" where he saw the girl in white and the flying boar. He remembers her laugh, which is the same as that of the Bandit. The flashback shows a closer shot of the girl in the fancy dress. The camera closes in and turns around the girl to reveal her face as the Bandit's. The flashback ends in a flash of white to reveal Aang's stunned face.
The Boulder It's on!
Cut back to a shot from behind The Boulder who faces the Bandit, before shifting to a tilting down shot of The Boulder's head. Despite his bravado, he is sweating profusely. Switch to a frontal shot of the Bandit. The camera whirls around her head and ends with a close up shot of her ear. Cut to The Boulder, who yells and takes a step forward. As his heel hits the ground, the frame freezes and goes to black and white. Shock waves in white move out from his heel where it has struck the floor of the arena. Cut to an overhead shot of The Boulder showing the shock wave emanating away from his heel in concentric circles. Cut again to the Bandit standing perfectly still. The shock waves reach her and travel up her body.

Return to a frontal shot of the Bandit in full color. She moves forward, opening her arms as soon as she registers the shock wave indicating the movement of her opponent. Cut to a shot of her feet as she moves forward to finish the set up for her attack. The Boulder moves forward at a slow frame rate. He is bellowing a slurred battle cry. Cut to a wider shot of The Boulder as his foot strikes the ground again, the screen flashes black and white again as another shock wave is shown moving out from him. Cut back to a frontal shot of the Bandit who has begun to swing her right foot in an arc toward the ground in font of her. As she strikes the ground, the view cuts to a wide shot from behind and above on her right. The frame rate speeds up to normal. Her strike creates a shock wave in the arena floor that churns up the ground in the direction of the Boulder in a straight line.

A quick shot of Aang staring incredulously at the camera, his face turning to follow the Bandit's shock wave. Cut back to a frontal shot of The Boulder whose foot meets the shock wave just as he puts it back on the ground. The shock wave makes him drop down onto the ground in a perfect split. Cut briefly to Momo and Sokka. Momo squeaks and Sokka's look of adulation and excitement turns to a look of pain. Cut to a close shot from above The Boulder. He looks up into the camera with a look of excruciating pain on his face.

The Boulder [Painfully.] Ooooooh!
Cut back to the Bandit who makes a chopping motion with her right hand. Three stalagmites erupt from the ground near The Boulder and eject him from the ring. He slams into the wall beneath the stands and slides down into the crevice between the arena and the stands.

Shift to a close-up of the Bandit's face, which softens into a crafty and satisfied smile as Xin Fu speaks.

Xin Fu Your winner, and still the champion, [Cut to a wider shot of the Bandit, who raises her right fist in victory.] the Blind Bandit!
Katara How did she do that?
Aang She waited ... and listened.
Cut to a wide shot of the announcer's tower as Xin Fu jumps down and lands next to Toph on the arena floor. He holds a green bag in his left hand.
Xin Fu To make things a little more interesting, I'm offering up this sack of gold pieces to anyone who can defeat [He motions toward the champion.] the Blind Bandit! [He motions toward Toph once again. Silence.] What? No one dares to face her?
Aang I will!
Xin Fu looks disappointed for a moment before the camera cuts to Aang entering the ring. The crowd murmurs its approval. Shift to a long, wide shot of Aang as he closes the distance between himself and the Bandit. Xin Fu jumps out of the screen. Cut to Sokka and Katara.
Sokka Go Aang! Avenge The Boulder!
Toph Do people really want to see two little girls fighting out here?
Audience Oooh.
Aang [Aang puts his hands up in a conciliatory gesture.] I don't really want to fight you. I want to talk to you.
Cut to Sokka and Katara.
Sokka Boo! No [Katara turns to her brother with a look of disapproval.] talking!
Katara [Slaps Sokka.] Don't boo at him!
Cut to Aang's feet; he takes a step. Cut back to the Bandit, who smiles as soon as his foot hits the ground. She stomps the ground with the side of her left foot. A shock wave travels across the ground and causes a large rock to grow out of the ground underneath Aang, who is launched into the air. He lands softly on the ground behind her. She turns around with an upset expression on her face.
Toph Somebody's a little light on his feet! What's your fighting name: [Cut to Aang.] the Fancy Dancer? [Aang grins sheepishly before Toph launches another pillar, which lifts him up.] Where'd you go?
Aang Please, wait!
Toph There you are!
She launches a rock at him. He stops it with airbending and the blast knocks Toph out of the ring. Quick shots of Xin Fu, The Boulder who is recovering from his match with the Blind Bandit, and the Water Tribe siblings as they confirm their collective shock. Cut back to Aang, who looks around in surprise as the crowd cheers. Cut to a shot of the Bandit walking away from the base of the arena. In the background is a set of stairs. Aang is at the top of the stairs and he calls after the former champion.
Aang [Going after her.] Please, listen! I need an earthbending teacher, and I think it's supposed to be you!
Toph [Angrily.] Whoever you are, just leave me alone.
Toph earthbends a doorway and exits through it. She turns and closes the door with a motion of her hands.
Aang Wait!
Aang reaches the wall too late. He turns and looks sad. Cut to Xin Fu holding the belt and the bag of gold, the crowd cheering behind them. Katara and Sokka enter the frame from the right. Sokka hugs Xin Fu and takes the money and the belt. He puts his arm around Aang's shoulder, but the Avatar is still morose.
Sokka [Gets the belt and gold.] Way to go, champ!
Aang looks down sorrowfully. Cut to the next morning, featuring a wide shot of Gaoling before zooming in on Team Avatar walking within the town.
Sokka I've got to admit, now I'm really glad I bought this bag. It matches the belt, perfectly.
Katara [Sarcastically.] That is a big relief.
Aang If we want to find the Blind Bandit, the Earthbending Academy is a great place to start.
The same two male students from yesterday are seen practicing.
Male student Oh great, you again.
Katara [Glares at them, causing them to back off.] Yeah, I didn't think so.
Sokka [Smugly.] Nicely done.
Male student Hey! You're that kid who beat the Blind Bandit!
Aang We need to talk to her. Do you guys know where she lives?
Male student The Blind Bandit's a mystery. [Raises fist dramatically.] She shows up to fight, then disappears.
Katara [Lays hands on Aang's shoulder.] Let me handle this. [Approaches the second student with a stern look; says accusingly.] You're not telling us everything!
Male student #2 [Holds hand up defensively.] No, no, I-I swear it's true. No one knows where she goes, or who she really is.
Aang That's because we're asking about the wrong person. In my vision, I saw a girl, in a white dress, with a pet flying boar. Know anybody like that?
Male student Well, a flying boar is the symbol of the Beifong family. They're the richest people in town. Probably the whole world.
Male student #2 Yeah, but they don't have a daughter.
Aang A flying boar is good enough for me. Let's check it out.
Male student [Quietly.] Yeah, you better leave.
Katara Hey, I got my eye on you.
Sokka [States coolly.] Water Tribe.
Back at the Earth Rumble VI venue.
The Boulder I'm telling you, The Boulder was standing right there. I saw the kid strike, but there was no earthbending. Nothing made contact. The Blind Bandit just fell out of the ring. She must've took a dive and split the money with the kid.
Xin Fu [Slams the wall, causing rocks to land on his feet; cries out in anger and pain.] Nobody cheats Xin Fu.
Shift to a wide, overhead shot of a walled country estate with a lovely garden and many ponds. It is daylight. A shot of the gate tilts up to reveal a crest with a flying boar emblazoned upon it. Cut to the three kids spying on the gate.
Aang That's the flying boar from my vision. Come on!
They enter the courtyard. Suddenly, part of the ground lifts up, launching them into the air. They yell as they fall and land unceremoniously; Aang and Katara land in some rose bushes, but Sokka slams painfully onto the solid ground. Aang looks up; cut to an upside down shot of the Bandit, now in her fancy gown.
Toph What are you doing here, Twinkle Toes?!
Aang How did you know it was me?
Sokka Don't answer to Twinkle Toes, it's not manly!
Katara You're the one whose bag matches his belt.
Toph How did you find me?
Aang Well, a crazy king told me I had to find an earthbender who listens to the earth. And then I had a vision in a magic swamp, [Toph raises her eye in disbelief.] and -
Katara [Cutting off Aang.] What Aang is trying to say is, he's the Avatar. And if he doesn't master earthbending soon, he won't be able to defeat the Fire Lord.
Toph Not my problem. Now, [Begins walking away.] get out of here, or I'll call the guards.
Sokka Look, we all have to do our part to win this war, and yours is to teach Aang earthbending.
Toph Guards! Guards, help!
The gang scatters as two guards arrive.
Guard Toph, what happened?
Toph I ... thought I heard someone. I got scared.
Guard You know your father doesn't want you wandering the grounds without supervision, Toph.
They escort her and Aang peers at them from over a rooftop. He smiles and climbs down. Fade quickly to a shot of a teapot being picked up by a pair of arms that belong to someone in a brown or gold robe. The fingers have two gold rings on them. The camera follows the teapot as it is lifted up and opened. Lao and Poppy sit on a sofa drinking tea.
Lao [Takes a sip of tea.] I'm pleased to hear that Toph's private lessons are going well. But I want to be sure she's not trying anything too dangerous.
Yu Absolutely not. I am keeping her at a beginner's level. Basic forms and breathing exercises only.
Lao Very good. [A servant comes in.]
Servant Excuse me, sir, but you have a visitor.
Lao Who thinks they are so important they can just come to my home unannounced?
Servant Uh ... the Avatar, sir. [Toph's eyes widen in shock and surprise.]
Lao and Poppy look at each other. The servant goes away. Toph blows her hair in annoyance. The scene fades to inside the dining room, where the Beifongs, Yu, and Team Avatar gather for a dinner of soup, tea, roast duck, and tea. Aang sits across from Toph. Sokka devours his food. Servant brings a cup of soup to Toph. Lao notices.
Lao Blow on it. It's too hot for her.
Aang Allow me. [Sends a small tornado at the cup. Everyone claps.]
Poppy Avatar Aang, it's an honor to have you visit us.
Lao In your opinion, how much longer do think the war will last?
Aang I'd like to defeat the Fire Lord by the end of summer, but I can't do that without finding an earthbending teacher first. [Close-up of Toph with a annoyed look.]
Lao [Chuckles.] Well, Master Yu is the finest teacher in the land. [The camera pans to Yu.] He's been teaching Toph since she was little.
Aang Then she must be a great earthbender! Probably good enough to teach someone else! [Toph sends a fissure under the table at him.] Ow!
Aang sits up a little. Lao casts an odd glance at his daughter who merely eats her soup.
Yu Toph is still learning the basics.
Lao Yes, and sadly, because of her blindness, I don't think she will ever become a true master.
Aang Oh, I'm sure she's better than you think she is.
Toph sends another fissure at him, causing his face to fall into the soup. Everybody stops eating. Aang rubs some soup out of his eyes and sneezes on purpose, sending the food flying at the Beifong family.
Toph [Angrily.] What's your problem?!
Aang [Just as angrily.] What's your problem?
Lao and Poppy wipe their faces with napkins.
Poppy Well, shall we move to the living room for dessert, then?
Later that night, the three are in a guest room. Appa is outside the window and Aang is patting Appa.
Aang Good night, buddy.
Toph enters, causing Aang to move into a defensive position.
Toph Relax. Look, I'm sorry about dinner. Let's call a truce, okay? [Aang lets down his defensive position and the two head out to the yard. Toph walks along the side of a bridge.] Even though I was born blind, I've never had a problem seeing. [Jumps down.] I see with earthbending. It's kind of like seeing with my feet. I feel the vibrations in the Earth, and I can see where everything is. [The camera shows an aerial view.] You, that tree ... [Cut back to the ground.] even those ants.
Aang [Looks around.] That's amazing.
Toph My parents don't understand. They've always treated me like I was helpless.
Aang Is that why you became the Blind Bandit?
Toph Yeah.
Aang Then why stay here where you're not happy?
Toph They're my parents. Where else am I supposed to go?
Aang You could come with us.
Toph Yeah. You guys get to go wherever you want. No one telling you what to do, that's the life. It's just not my life. [She detects something and touches the ground.] We're being ambushed!
They try to run, but get cut off by underground digging from The Gopher. They are imprisoned in metal cages. The Hippo jumps onto the two cages and starts stomping. The rest of the Earth Rumble wrestlers jump down onto the ground.
Xin Fu I think you kids owe me some money.
Later, the Beifongs, Yu, Katara, and Sokka discover what has happened. They spot a note attached to a dagger, which Sokka takes.
Sokka Whoever took Aang and Toph left this. [Hands the note to Katara.]
Katara "If you want to see your daughter again, bring five hundred gold pieces to the arena." It's signed Xin Fu and The Boulder.
Sokka [Serious.] I can't believe it ... [Grabs the note much to Katara's surprise and runs off a few feet. Cut to a further off shot; enthusiastically.] I have The Boulder's autograph!
Sokka dramatically sinks to his knees and holds the scroll above his head. Cut to a close-up of Katara, who stares at him in annoyance. Behind her, Poppy wipes the tears out of her eyes and leave her husband's embrace, exciting the screen.
Lao Master Yu, I need you to help me get my daughter back.
Katara We're going with you.
Poppy Poor Toph, she must be so scared ...
At the Earth Rumble VI venue, Toph and Aang are suspended high above the air in their cages. The Boulder and Xin Fu guard the two hostages.
Toph You think you're so tough? [The camera zooms back to show her case and Aang's suspended from chains. She points somewhere below her.] Why don't you come up here so I can snap that grin off your face? [Cut to Xin Fu and The Boulder looking from below them on the floor of the arena.]
Xin Fu [Narrows his eyes. Dryly.] I'm not smiling.
Lao Toph!
Sokka Here's your money. [Sets the bag of gold on the ground.] Now let them go.
Yu earthbends the money across the ring to Xin Fu. He grabs the money, signals for Toph to be sent down, and releases her. Toph goes to Lao. They exit the arena.
Katara What about Aang?
Xin Fu [Showing the Fire Nation wanted poster.] I think the Fire Nation will pay a hefty price for the Avatar. Now, get out of my ring.
Fire Nation Man appears in an earth tornado. The Gecko jumps down from the ceiling. The Hippo stomps on the ground and crushes a boulder. Headhunter jumps onto the ring from the bleachers. The Gopher pops up from underground.
Aang Go, I'll be okay.
Katara Toph, there's too many of them. We need an earthbender. We need you!
Lao My daughter is blind. She is blind and tiny and helpless and fragile. She cannot help you!
Toph Yes, I can.
She lets go of her father's hand and walks back to the ring. Xin Fu's wrestlers prepare to leave with The Boulder holding Aang's cage on his shoulder. Toph bends up a small part of the ring to stop them from leaving.
Toph Let him go! I beat you all before and I'll do it again!
The Boulder The Boulder takes issue with that comment.
The Hippo throws the cage to the side. Katara and Sokka prepare to strike but Toph stops them.
Toph Wait! [Listens to their vibrations as they run toward her; turns head to Sokka.] They're mine.
The Water Tribe siblings watch in surprise. She shakes the ring up, shooting back the oncoming wrestlers. She enters the resulting dust crowd, unnerving Lao.

Toph creates a large cloud of dust, walks in, and encounters the Fire Nation Man, who takes some time to notice her. As he moves his foot to attack, she smirks. He fires an wave of earth at her, which she dodges. She bends up part of the ring and sends her own wave, ejecting him from the ring as he slams against the sidelines and lands on the ground. Lao and Yu watch from the sidelines in shock.

Katara and Sokka try to release Aang. Sokka repeatedly bangs a rock against the cage.

Aang Hit it harder!
Sokka I'm trying!
The Gecko crawls along the floor and becomes aware of Toph's presence. He fires two rocks which she easily dodges. She bends up a series of pillars, sending him flying out of the ring. Cut to a disoriented Fire Nation Man who slowly gets up before he realizes the Gecko heading to him and he crashes into him. The Gopher tunnels and behind Toph and sends a rock at Toph's head. She grabs the rock and returns it. Cut to The Gopher turning to a distressed look before he gets knocked out of the ring and right into Fire Nation Man and the Gecko. Sokka finally breaks the cage open, releasing Aang, who prepares to fight. Sokka shakes his head and calls his attention to the battle already going on. The Boulder and The Hippo prepare to attack Toph. Lao looks on the fight biting his nails. Headhunter flies in from behind to complete the ambush. However, Toph hears him and turns the center of the ring around to put Headhunter on a collision course with the other two wrestlers. With the three men down, Toph ejects them all onto the other defeated wrestlers.
Yu I never knew. Your daughter's amazing!
Toph clears the dust cloud; only her and Xin Fu remain in the ring. Cut to Toph who spits. A quick shot of her father, who looks shocked at her lack of manners, and Yu. and gets into a fighting stance and they circle the central ring. Xin Fu fires several rocks at her. She brings up an earth shield, deflecting them all. She turns part of the shield on him. He dodges one piece, but when he hits the ring again, Toph picks up his vibrations in it and senses an attack. She dodges a rock and creates a fissure, sending him flying out of the ring between Yu and Lao. Sokka collapses in shock at the sight. Aang and Katara are left amazed and run toward her. Cut back to Yu and Lao.
Yu She's the greatest earthbender I've ever seen.
The scene fades to that night at the Beifong estate. Toph confronts her parents.
Toph Dad, I know it's probably hard for you to see me this way. But the obedient little helpless blind girl that you think I am just isn't me. I love fighting. I love being an earthbender, and I'm really, really good at it. I know I've kept my life secret from you, but you were keeping me secret from the whole world. You were doing it to protect me, but I'm twelve years old and I've never had a real friend. So, now that you see who I really am, I hope it doesn't change the way you feel about me.
Lao Of course it doesn't change the way I feel about you, Toph. It's made me realize something.
Toph It has?
Lao Yes. I've let you had far too much freedom. From now on you'll be cared for and guarded twenty-four hours a day.
Toph But, Dad!
Poppy We're doing this for your own good, Toph.
Lao Please escort the Avatar and his friends out. They are no longer welcome here.
Aang I'm sorry, Toph.
Toph I'm sorry too. Goodbye, Aang. [She sheds a tear.]
Outside, back at Appa.
Katara Don't worry, we'll find you a teacher. There are plenty of amazing earthbenders out there.
Aang [Cut to a wider shot from behind them. The full moon shines in the distance.] Not like her.
Sokka polishes the championship belt on Appa's saddle Katara jump up onto the saddle and Aang takes the reins. Suddenly, they notice Toph running toward them and panting.
Aang Toph! What are you doing here?
Toph My dad changed his mind. He said I was free to travel the world. [Katara and Sokka look at each other with unsure looks, but smile at Toph.]
Sokka Well, we'd better get out of here, before your dad changes his mind again.
Toph Good idea.
Aang You're going to be a great teacher, Toph.
Toph Speaking of which, I want to show you something.
Aang Okay.
Aang jumps down from Appa and she bends up a rock, sending him into the air and landing in a tree.
Toph Now we're even. Um, I'll take the belt back.
Sokka tosses the belt down, hitting Toph on the head with a sound effect and knocking her down.
Toph Ow! [Cut to a wide shot Appa and Toph still laid out flat.]
Sokka Sorry.
Aang falls down from the tree in the background. Back at the Beifong estate, Lao meets with Yu and Xin Fu.
Lao I know you two are very different. But I believe you have a common interest. [A servant brings out a chest of gold. Xin Fu and Yu exchange glances at one another.] The Avatar has kidnapped my daughter. I want you to do whatever it takes to bring her home.
Yu and Xin Fu bow in agreement. A final scene shows Toph, now content, as they all fly off on Appa.
Fade to credits.






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