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The episode opens to a body of water, a small ferry cruising through the ocean. The head of a large sea lion emerges from the water and the creature is shown to be pulling the boat. As the camera pans out, we see Azula, who is leaning her back against a railing with her arms crossed, and Ty Lee, who is looking out in front of them.
Ty Lee I'm so excited to spend the weekend on Ember Island. [Cuts to close-up of her, Azula, and Zuko and Mai, who are revealed to have been sitting on a bench behind the two girls.] It's going to be great to hang out on the beach and do nothing. [Places her hands behind her head, imitating a relaxed position.]
Zuko [Cut to closer view of Zuko and Mai. Angrily.] Doing nothing is a waste of time. [Rises from his seat next to Mai.] We're being sent away on a forced vacation. [Walks over and grips the railing of the boat.] I feel like a child.
Azula [Frontal view.] Lighten up. So Dad wants to meet with his advisors alone, without anyone else around. Don't take it personally.
Ty Lee [Wide-view of the group from behind Azula and Ty Lee. To Azula.] Doesn't your family have a house on Ember Island?
Azula [Turns head toward Ty Lee; nostalgically.] We used to come every summer when we were kids.
Ty Lee That must have been fun!
Zuko [Frontal view. Distantly.] That was a long time ago.
Cut to a wide shot of the ocean as the camera pans right across various charming houses on Ember Island's shore, many elegant-looking, before stopping at a dock. The boat enters the frame and moves toward the dock. Cut to frontal view of the group. Cut to frontal view of Lo and Li on the docks as the boat moves to block the view slightly. Cut to a wide shot from behind Lo and Li as the boat docks. Cut to frontal view of Lo and Li.
Lo and Li Welcome to Ember Island, kids.
The camera pans upward to the smallest of the beach houses overlooking the water. Cut to frontal view of the gang looking on, disappointed. Cut to the house's interior. Cut close-up as one of the sisters enters, followed by Azula. The camera cuts to an overhead view just as Ty Lee enters, showing the group from behind. Cut to side-view of Zuko and Mai who turn to face the camera.
Zuko [Whispering.] It smells like old lady in here.
Mai [Sarcastically.] Gee, I wonder why.
Ty Lee [Side-view of Ty Lee as she inspects a painting of two young women in yellow bikinis posing back-to-back. Lo and Li approach. Raises arm and points at it.] Who are these two beautiful women? [Cut to close-up of the painting as she speaks.]
Lo [Camera pans out to Lo and Li, now standing in front of the painting.] Can't you tell?
Li [They both imitate the painting.] It's Lo and me.
Lo [At the same time.] It's Li and me.
Cut to frontal view of the gang with the two sisters in the foreground. Everyone looks at them, disturbed. Zuko covers his mouth with his hand, about to vomit. Cut to close-up aerial view of a bed with pink sheets as Ty Lee lies down on it.
Ty Lee Ooh, I love the seashell bedspread. [Rubs the pillow admiringly.]
Mai [Frontal view.] Are you serious? It looks like the beach threw up all over it.
Li [Cut to panning shot of the room. Ty Lee sits lays on the bed in the foreground as the camera pans right to show Lo and Li standing to the left of Zuko, Mai, and Azula.] We know you're upset that you were forced to come here this weekend.
Lo But Ember Island is a magical place. [Side-view. Pans around to reveal both sisters.] Keep an open mind.
Li Give it a chance.
Lo and Li [In unison.] And it can help you understand yourselves and each other.
Lo [Cut to close-up of three rocks on a table. Grabs a smooth rock. Cut to frontal view of the sisters from behind Azula, Ty Lee, and Zuko.] The beach has a special way ...
Li [Takes the rock from Lo. Cut close-up as she speaks.] ... of smoothing even the most ragged edges.
Frontal view of the trio as Ty Lee joins them and Azula yawns. Cut to frontal view of the sisters.
Lo and Li [They clap twice.] Time to hit the beach!
They tear off their robes to reveal that they are wearing loosely-fitting bathing suits. Cut to frontal view of Mai and Zuko. Mai covers Zuko's eyes from the sight. Cut to a panning shot of the ground up to reveal a secluded hot spring.
Toph Aang, I know swimming is fun and all, [Cut to frontal view of Katara wringing water out of her hair, Aang swimming in the background, and Sokka fishing. Toph sits with her back to the camera in the foreground.] but do you really think you should be exposing yourself like that? [Frontal view.] Cover up.
Aang [Frontal view as he swims along in the water. Defensively, but innocently.] What? I'm wearing trunks.
Toph I know. [Frontal view of Katara looking on as Toph sits in the background.] It's your tattoos I'm worried about. What if someone sees you?
Katara [Turns to Toph.] There are walls all around us. It's completely safe.
Cut to Aang and Momo from behind as Aang continues to float back. Momo chitters and he and Aang both notice something. Cut to frontal view of a slide-like tunnel of water. Aang smiles and jumps over a rock to ride down the tunnel. Cut inside the tunnel as Aang slides down the water, cheering in the process. The camera pans right as he goes around a bend. Cut to close-up of Aang cheering as Momo holds on. Cut to frontal view of Fire Nation soldier sitting down fanning himself with another soldier flossing his toes with the back edge of his sword in the foreground.
Fire Nation watchman #1 [Completely unamused.] This has got to be the most boring job in the Fire Nation. [Close-up of the other watchman who sniffs the back edge of his sword.] Nothing ever happens.
Aang [While sliding down the tunnel.] Whoa! [The guard turns his head and hides. Cut to a wide-view of the area as the two guards hide and one of them looks throw his telescope. Cut to a view through the telescope as Aang emerges from the water, with Momo.] Let's go again! [Momo chitters in response as Aang jumps out of the water. The camera pans as the telescope follows Aang's movements up the cliff. Cut to frontal view of the guards watching and shaking in horror. Cut to side-view from the other side of the rock.]
Fire Nation watchman #1 The Avatar's alive! We'd better send a messenger hawk to the Fire Lord. [He gets up and moves off camera. Cut to a frontal view of a messenger hawk as the watchman opens the cage. The messenger hawk steps on to the watchman's arm. Cut to behind the messenger hawk as the watchman attaches a message with a black ribbon around it. Cut to frontal view as the hawk takes off and the camera pans out slightly to reveal both watchmen.]
Fire Nation watchman #2 A black ribbon message. [Wide shot from behind the two guards as the hawk flies away. Enthusiastically.] This is so exciting! [The watchmen turn to each other, the other not amused as the second one chuckles.]
Cut to shot of the ocean as the camera pans right to reveal a beach on Ember Island. Cut closer to a frontal view of a teen jumping into the water to surf. Cut to side-view of Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula are walking on the beach. Azula is carrying a blanket, Ty Lee, a bag, and Zuko and Mai, an umbrella. Cut to close-up of Mai and Zuko. Cut to a sandcastle being built by two kids as Azula steps on it. Cut to frontal view of Azula and Ty Lee as Azula looks down at them intimidatingly. Cut to side-view as the boys run away screaming. Azula kicks a bucket out of the way. Cut to frontal view of Ty Lee, who is approached by a boy.
Ember Island teenager #1 Hey, you need some help unpacking?
Ty Lee Sure. Thanks. [Hands him her bag, the sheer weight of which causes him to fall over.]
Cut to close-up aerial view of the teen as he "helps" Ty Lee unpack by throwing out random contents of the bag until he finally finds a blanket. The camera pans out to show Azula watching as the teen begins laying it out for Ty Lee. Azula looks away in annoyance and jealousy as Ty Lee sits on the blanket.
Ty Lee [Close-up. Squinting from the sun. She gestures with her hand.] Could you scooch just a little bit more to the- [Cut to side-view looking up at the boy, who moves to the side to block the sun and give her shade. Cut back to close-up of Ty Lee.] Perfect. [Winks.]
Cut to frontal view of Mai and Zuko under an umbrella, sitting on their own blanket. A boy runs past, laughing. Cut to a close view of Zuko from above as he turns to see a shell.
Zuko [Picks up shell and turns to Mai.] Here. [Closer frontal view of both.] This is for you. [Offers it to her.]
Mai Why would I want that?
Zuko I saw it, and I thought it was pretty. Don't girls like stuff like this?
Mai [Scoffs.] Maybe stupid girls.
Zuko [Angrily.] Forget it! [Throws the shell away.]
Cut to a view of the ocean with another teenager with his back to the camera. The shell lands next to him. He turns and looks toward Ty Lee. Cut to over the shoulder view of Ty Lee from a distance. The camera zooms in on Ty Lee who moves her hair away, in slow motion, as sparkles appear around her. Cut to close-up of the teenager smiling broadly. Cut to frontal view of the first teenager still standing over Ty Lee as the second teen quickly moves in front of Ty Lee, offering the shell.
Ty Lee [Frontal view. Takes the shell.] Wow! Thanks. This is so pretty.
Ember Island teenager #2 [Frontal view of the two teens from the side of Ty Lee. The first teen showing his anger.] Not as pretty as you are.
Ember Island teenager #1 [Moves to the side of the other teen; annoyed.] That shell's not so great!
Ty Lee [Close-up. Blocks her eyes.] Ahem! Shade. Shade!
Cut to frontal view of Mai sitting under the umbrella. Zuko appears and sits back down next to Mai with two ice cream cones.
Zuko [Closer frontal view of the two.] I thought, since it's so hot ... here. [Offers an ice cream cone, which falls out and onto Mai's lap.]
Mai [Sarcastically.] Thanks. This is really refreshing.
Cut to a view of the sky as a teenager appears and leaps to hit a ball. Cut to side-view of some kids playing kuai ball. The camera zooms out as the ball is sent flying. The camera zooms out to show Azula watching. Cut to an extreme close-up as she gives a sly smile. Cut to frontal view with Mai and Zuko sitting behind Azula.
Azula [To the people playing.] Hey, beach bums, we're playing next. [Turns to Ty Lee, who is being fanned by two teenagers while a third boy holds up a blanket to give her shade. The camera zooms in on her.] Ty Lee, get over here, now!
Ty Lee does a handstand and walks on her hands to Azula. Cut to side-view of Zuko standing. Zuko takes off his shirt and throws it down as doves fly in the background. Cut to frontal view of a group of girls looking at him dreamily while blushing and giggling. Cut to a view of the beach as the camera pans left to show the group now on the kuai ball field. Cut to a view of the sky as the foursome enters the frame and gets together in a team huddle.
Azula See that girl with the silly pigtails? When she runs toward the ball, [Cuts to a girl with pigtails juggling the ball with her legs.] there's just the slightest hesitation of her left foot. I'm willing to bet a childhood injury has weakened her. [Cut to a view through the foursome as they look on.] Keep serving the ball to her left, and we'll destroy her and the rest of her team. [Cut to frontal view as they turn to face the other team.] Dismissed.
The camera cuts and zooms out to show the two teams at the ready. Cut to frontal view of Azula as she throws the ball into the air, the camera pans up to follow it. Azula leaps up and kicks the ball. Cut to frontal view of the other team as the ball goes flying past them. Cut to frontal view of Zuko as he sprints forward. Cut to a shot further away as he approaches the camera and slides down to kick the ball up. Azula runs forward and hits the ball away as it falls. Cut to a teenage girl who attempts to dive for the ball, but misses. Cut to three other teens as the ball flies over one of them. Cut to side-view of two teenage boys sitting down as the ball rolls to a stop next to them. Cut to Ty Lee as she leaps up and kicks the ball down, and lands on the net. Cut back to the two boys, Chan and Ruon-Jian, with a close-up on Chan. Cut to frontal shot of Mai as she runs forward. Cut to another frontal shot as she kicks the ball. Cut back to Chan and Ruon-Jian again, Chan thoughtfully rubs his chin. Cut to aerial shot of the kuai ball field as Azula jumps on Zuko for a boost and kicks the ball. Cut to a close-up side-view of the ball as it rockets forward. The ball expands slightly before cutting to a wide side-view of the entire field and the ball explodes, setting the net on fire. Cut to a view of the opposing team as the net burns in the foreground.
Azula [Frontal view, camera zooms in, through the squares of the net; evilly.] Yes! We defeated you for all time! You will never rise from the ashes of your shame and humiliation! [Frontal view of Ty Lee, Mai, Zuko, and Azula. To Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee; calmly.] Well. That was fun.
Chan [Camera zooms out slightly as Chan and Ruon-Jian approach.] I'm having a party tonight. [Frontal view.] You should come by.
Ty Lee Sure. [Close-up.] I love parties.
Ruon-Jian [Frontal view of Ruon-Jian and Chan. About Mai.] Your friend can come, too.
Azula [Cut to Ty Lee smiling as the camera zooms out to show Azula approaching. Slightly angered.] Uh ... What about me and my brother? Aren't you going to invite us? [Frontal view of Chan and Ruon-Jian, who look at each other.] You don't know who we are, do you?
Chan Don't you know who we are? We're Chan and Ruon-Jian.
Ruon-Jian Yeah.
Frontal view of Ty Lee and Azula as Zuko starts walking toward them aggressively, but is stopped by Azula.
Chan [Frontal view.] But, fine, you're invited. Just so you know, though, some of the most important teenagers in the Fire Nation are gonna be at this party, so try and act normal.
Azula [Close-up. Smiles sinisterly.] We'll do our best.
Cut to wide-view of the beach house. Cut inside, aerial view of the group eating with Lo and Li.
Zuko Why didn't you tell those guys who we were?
Azula I guess I was intrigued. [Frontal view of Azula and Ty Lee from between Zuko and Mai.] I'm so used to people worshiping us.
Ty Lee They should.
Azula Yes, I know, and I love it. But, for once, I just wanted to see how people would treat us if they didn't know who we were.
Li [Side-view.] Like waves washing away the footprints on the sand, [Frontal view of Mai and Zuko.] Ember Island gives everyone a clean slate.
Lo [Aerial view from behind Zuko and Mai showing the entire group.] Ember Island reveals the true you.
Lo and Li [They stand up, clap, snap their fingers twice each, and point upward.] To the party!
Cut to a aerial view of a river as the messenger hawk sent by the guards flies past. Cut to a frontal view of the hawk as a raven hawk appears from behind it. Cut to aerial view looking down at the messenger hawk with the raven hawk in the foreground. Cut to a close-up side-view of the raven hawk before it dives down. Cut to frontal view as the raven hawk continues to dive, spreading its talons. Cut to wide frontal view of the messenger hawk as it is attacked by the raven hawk. The raven hawk ties the messenger hawk up with the black ribbon and it falls to the ground. Cut further away as the messenger hawk continues to fall and the raven hawk dives after it. Cut to a frontal view of the messenger hawk struggling on the ground. The raven hawk approaches and lands nearby, as the camera zooms out slightly. The raven hawk steals the message and takes off. Cut to a view of the sky as the raven hawk appears and flies down to land on the metal arm of the assassin with a third eye tattoo on his forehead; the camera pans down with the raven hawk. The assassin moves his arm toward him and the camera pans right. Cut to a close-up of the raven hawk presenting him with the message. He takes the message and the camera cuts to a frontal view as he reads it. The camera cuts to a closer view of his face as he moves the letter in front of the camera and burns right through the middle of it. The camera zooms in through the hole slightly to show his face.

Cut to a frontal view of a beach house. Cut to a close-up of a door knocker being used by Azula. The door opens to reveal Chan.

Chan [Confused.] Um ... You're a little early. No one's here yet.
Azula [Frontal view.] I heard you telling someone you'd be partying from dusk 'till dawn. It's dusk, so we're here.
Chan [Frontal view.] But that's just an expression.
Azula [Frontal view.] We are the perfect party guests. We arrive right on time, because we are very punctual.
Cut to a frontal view of Chan, who shrugs, and gestures them to follow as he turns away. Azula and Ty Lee enter first as the camera cuts inside to a wide-view of the room.
Chan All right, listen. My dad's an admiral. He has no idea I'm having this party, [View from behind. He turns to Azula.] so don't mess anything up.
Azula [Close-up as she smiles. Side-view.] That's a sharp outfit, Chan. Careful. [Close-up.] You could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea, [Side-view. Points at Chan's outfit.] because it's so sharp.
Chan [Awkwardly.] Um ... thanks.
Chan walks away. Cut to a close-up of Azula, whose smile changes to a look of disappointment. Cut to a view of Ruon-Jian through a mirror he is using to fix his hair. The camera zooms out as he notices the group. The camera cuts further away as he turns away. Azula turns to look at him but carries on. Ty Lee and Zuko follow her.
Ruon-Jian [Casually.] Hey! First ones here, huh?
Zuko [Side-view of Zuko and Mai walking.] He thinks he's so great. [To Mai.] Well, what do you think of him?
Mai I don't have any opinion about him. I hardly know him.
Zuko You like him, don't you? [Mai sighs and walks away.]
Zuko glares at Ruon-Jian. Cut to frontal view of Zuko staring at Ruon-Jian, before he walks away. Cut to a side-view of food on a table. The camera pans up to show the party has begun as folk music plays and people are talking in the background. Cut to a frontal view of two teens.
Ember Island teenager #2 So how do you know Ty Lee?
Ember Island teenager #3 I met her at the beach today. She was pretty impressed by a sand pagoda that I made for her.
Ember Island teenager #1 [Camera zooms out slightly.] Well, I met her first.
More teens appear the sides to form a circle. Cut to a frontal view of Ty Lee showing her surrounded by five teens.
Ty Lee [Nervously.] Look, i-it doesn't matter who I met first, 'cause I like you all.
Ember Island teenager #2 [Frontal view.] But which one of us do you like?
Ember Island teenager #1 Yeah.
Ember Island teenager #3 Tell us.
Ty Lee [Frontal view.] I don't know! I don't know! [She kicks and punches out. Cut to behind the teens as they fall over after being chi-blocked. Ty Lee cartwheels over the teens. Side-view of Azula as Ty Lee approaches.] Oh, I'm glad you're here. Those boys won't leave me alone. I guess they all just like me too much.
Azula Come on, Ty Lee. You can't be this ignorant.
Ty Lee [Close-up.] What are you talking about?
Azula [Frontal view over Ty Lee's shoulder.] Those boys only like you because you make it so easy for them. You're not a challenge. You're a tease. It's not like they actually care who you are. [Close-up of Ty Lee, who starts sobbing. Side-view of the two. Azula changes to a softer and gentler tone.] Okay, okay, calm down. I didn't mean what I said. [Frontal view over Ty Lee's shoulder.] Look, maybe I just said it because I was a little ... [Whispers.] jealous.
Ty Lee [Frontal view over Azula's shoulder.] What? You're jealous of me? But you're the most beautiful, smartest, perfect girl in the world.
Azula [Turns away.] Well, you're right about all those things. [Cut to panning shot of the room.] But, for some reason, when I meet boys, they act as if I'm going to do something horrible to them.
Ty Lee [Frontal view of Azula's shoulder. Giggling.] But you probably would do something horrible to them. I'm sure they're just intimidated by you. Okay, look, if you want a boy to like you, [Close-up.] just look at him and smile a lot and laugh at everything he says even if it's not funny.
Azula [Close-up.] Well, that sounds really shallow and stupid ... [Turns to Ty Lee.] Let's try it.
Ty Lee [Side-view.] Okay. [Deep voice, imitating a boy.] Hey there, sweet sugar cakes. How you liking this party?
Close-up of Azula, who laughs loudly. Cut to side-view that zooms out and shows the entire party stopping to stare at her. Cut to a frontal view of some teens looking on. Cut to frontal view of Mai and Zuko sitting on a bench. A teen walks past.
Mai I'm bored.
Zuko I know.
Mai I'm hungry.
Zuko So what?
Mai So, find me some food.
Zuko Sure. [Stands up and walks away.]
Cut to frontal view of Chan, who is talking to a girl. Azula approaches.
Azula Chan, I'm ready for a tour of the house.
Chan rubs the back of his head and hands the girl he is talking to his cup, leaving her upset. Azula places her cup on the girl's head before they walk away, angering the girl. Cut to a side-view of them walking out on to a balcony overlooking the ocean.
Chan Is this your first time on Ember Island?
Azula No. I used to come here years ago.
Chan [Side-view.] It's a great place, if you like sand. [Close-up of Azula, who laughs. Side-view.] Yeah, it's like, welcome to Sandy Land!
They both laugh. Cut to close-up of Chan laughing before he stops to smile and move toward Azula. Cut to frontal view as Chan stops to stand next to her.
Azula Your arms look so strong.
Chan Yeah, I know. [He flexes his muscles and they kiss. Close-up of Chan after they kiss.] You're pretty.
Azula [Close-up; softly.] Together, [Camera zooms out as she steps back; her voice grows progressively louder.] you and I will be the strongest couple in the entire world! [Creates blue fireballs in her hands.] We will dominate the Earth!
Close-up of Chan, who is so utterly freaked out by Azula's words and fire that he gets a straight face. His eyes become small and a drop of sweat drips down his forehead. Behind him, coming from the right of the screen, a fake white bird flies past leaving yellow dots, showing the extent of his emotions.
Chan [Shakes his head back to normal. Freaked out.] Uh ... I got to go.
Chan slides away, attempting to hide his fear. Cut to frontal view of the balcony as he slides back inside. Cut to frontal view of Azula, upset. Cut to frontal view of Zuko getting food. Cut to aerial view of him walking away. As he walks away, someone bumps into him and he drops the food. Cut to close-up view of the food hitting the ground. Cut to a frontal view of the teen who knocked the dish out of Zuko's hand. Zuko enters the frame.
Zuko [Angered.] Hey, watch it! That food was for my cranky girlfriend!
Zuko points to Mai. The teen notices something and Zuko turns to look. The camera shifts to a frontal view of Mai, who is talking to Ruon-Jian. Cut back to Zuko and the teen, who is attempting to suppress his laughter and points at Zuko. Zuko moves toward Mai. Cut to side-view of Mai as Zuko runs up to Ruon-Jian and pushes him away. Cut to Ruon-Jian stopping himself from spinning to talk to Zuko.
Ruon-Jian What are you doing?
Zuko [Close-up. Angrily.] Stop talking to my girlfriend!
Ruon-Jian [Side-view. Walks up to Zuko.] Relax. It's just a party.
Frontal view of Ruon-Jian. Zuko knocks him across the room into a vase, which breaks from the force. Side-view of Zuko as Mai stands up and turns him around.
Mai [Angrily.] Zuko, what is wrong with you?
Zuko What's wrong with me?
Mai [Scolding.] Your temper is out of control. You blow up over every little thing. You're so impatient and hotheaded and angry!
Zuko [Snapping back.] Well, at least I feel something, as opposed to you. [Frontal view from behind Mai.] You have no passion for anything! You're just a big blah!
Mai [Turns away from Zuko.] It's over, Zuko. We're done.
Chan [Frontal view. Runs up to Ruon-Jian.] Who broke my nana's vase? [Ruon-Jian points at Zuko. Cut to frontal view of Zuko and Mai. Chan runs up to him; to Zuko now.] That's it! You're out of here!
Zuko [Close-up.] I was just leaving.
Ruon-Jian [Frontal view as Zuko walks away.] Have fun by yourself, loser boy.
Chan Nice.
Cut to behind Zuko, slamming the door behind him. Cut to a side-view of a beach as Zuko walks along it. Cut to side-view of Zuko. Cut to aerial view as he walks around a rock. He stops and turns. Cut to a wide-view of his family's abandoned vacation house. Cut to a close-up of Zuko, who heads off. Cut to a side-view as he turns to the ocean. The camera zooms in and flashes back to when he was a child. A still frame of children playing in grass accompanied by Ozai is shown. Flash back to present day as Zuko moves on. Cut to a close-up of Zuko walking up a path to the house. Flash back to a close-up still frame of Zuko as a child. Flash back to present day with a view from behind Zuko as he approaches the house. Flash back to Iroh holding up a baby Zuko as a young Lu Ten makes a sandcastle.

Flash back to present day showing an aerial view of the entrance to the house as Zuko approaches. The camera pans up, following Zuko, as he reaches the door. Cut to a close-up side-view of Zuko's hand grabbing the door handle and attempts to open the door, but it is locked. His hand retracts and his foot kicks the door open. Cut to frontal view of Zuko as the door is busted open. Cut to a wide shot of a room as Zuko walks up the stairs. Cut to a close-up view of a family portrait. Cut to close-up of Zuko who stares at the portrait. Cut to a close-up view of Ozai in the portrait as the camera pans down to a young Zuko. Flash back to Zuko as a child, from behind, looking out to the ocean. Ozai's hand is on his back. Flash back to a close-up of present day Zuko as he turns his head slightly. Cut to a close-up of Zuko in the portrait as the camera pans up to Ursa. Flash back to side-view of Zuko, as a child, with Ursa.

Flash back to a frontal view of present day Zuko moving forward and reaching out for something. Cut to his perspective showing him holding a stone imprinted with his own baby hand print. He lifts it up and places his hand on it. Cut to side-view of the room.

Cut to the secluded hot springs at night. Cut to a side-view of Team Avatar sleeping. Cut to a close-up of the assassin's foot hitting the ground as he walks forward. Cut to Toph as she opens her eyes, sensing his approach. Cut to a frontal view of her as she sits up.

Toph Guys, you're all gonna think I'm crazy, but it feels like a metal man is coming.
Cut to a side-view of Aang, who groans as a light shines in his eyes. He looks up and the camera cuts to a wide-view of the area as the light comes down from the assassin. Cut to a close-up of the assassin's metal hand, reflecting the moon light. Cut to a frontal view of Sokka and Katara as the former grabs his sword. Cut to an aerial view of the assassin looking down at the group. Cut to an extreme close-up of the assassin's tattoo. Cut to a close-up of his face as he inhales. Cut to an extreme close-up of Aang's right eye, before the camera zooms out, showing him in shock, and he moves away. Cut to a frontal view of the assassin's stomach tensing. Cut to a close-up of the assassin's face as he fires, before cutting to a side-view of the combustion wave being shot out. The camera zooms out slightly as the wave shoots forward. Cut to a wide-view of Team Avatar as Aang attempts to block the attack with earthbending. The earth he moved in the way of the wave explodes and sends Team Avatar flying back. Cut to a frontal view of Toph who manages to steady herself and begins to earthbend. Cut to a side-view of the scene as she earthbends rocks up to the assassin. Cut to a close view of the rocks approaching the assassin as another wave fires through them.

Cut to a side-view of the scene as the wave nears the group. Cut to an aerial view of the group as Toph manages to dodge out the way before Aang uses airbending as a shield. Cut to frontal view of Aang as he is knocked back by the force. Katara stands up and runs forward. Cut to a panning side-view of Katara as she waterbends a wave at the assassin. Cut to a close-up of the assassin shooting another wave. Cut to a side-view of the scene as the water makes contact with the wave, causing another explosion. Side-view of Aang, who covers his face, and Appa roars in the background. Dust covers the screen. Cut to an aerial view of the entire hot springs as smoke begins to rise from it. Cut behind the assassin before cutting away to a wide shot of the Fire Nation Royal Family vacation house.

Cut to a wide-view of the ocean, on Ember Island, from the vacation house entrance as Azula approaches. The camera pans down as she reaches Zuko, who is sitting at the entrance.

Azula I thought I'd find you here.
Zuko [Side-view.] Those summers we spent here seem so long ago. So much has changed.
Azula Come down to the beach with me. Come on. This place is depressing.
Zuko gets up, the camera pans down to reveal the stone hand print left behind. Cut to a panning shot of the beach showing Azula and Zuko approaching Mai and Ty Lee. Cut to a frontal view of Zuko as he walks past Mai and glances at her.
Mai [Side-view. Hesitating at first.] Hey.
Zuko [View of both from behind. Turning to Mai.] Where's your new boyfriend? [Side-view. Mai turns away. View from behind Mai as Zuko sits down next to her.] Are you cold? [Mai slaps his hand when he tries to place it on her shoulder.]
Ty Lee I'm freezing.
Zuko [Side-view; smiling.] I'll make a fire. [View from behind Zuko as the camera pans up to show the vacation house.] There's plenty of stuff to burn in there.
Cut to an extreme close-up of the assassin's eye before zooming out to show him inhaling. Cut to a side-view as he fires again. Cut to inside the hot spring as wave hits a hill, causing an explosion. Cut to side-view of Team Avatar.
Sokka This is crazy! How can we beat a guy who blows things up with his mind?
Aang [Gets up.] We can't! Jump on Appa! I'll try to distract him!
Aang runs off. Cut to behind Aang as he runs through the smoke. The camera pans up as he jumps out of the smoke cloud and airbends himself out of the canyon, while dodging another blast from the assassin. He slides down to an area with many rock pillars and hides behind one. Cut to a frontal view from below as Aang slides down the cliff side. Cut behind Aang as he runs off in to a field of rock pillars and the camera pans up to follow him. Cut to side-view of the assassin following him.

Cut to a frontal view of a pillar as Aang runs around it to hide. Cut to a frontal view of the assassin sliding down the cliff to the field of rock pillars. Cut to a close-up of Aang, panting. He turns his head to watch where the assassin goes. Cut to a side-view of the assassin who spots Aang and fires another blast at him. Cut to a frontal view of Aang who turns and run. Cut to an aerial view as the attack hits the pillar and it explodes. Aang jumps to another, but another attack hits that one too. Cut to a side-view of the scene as Aang jumps from one pillar to another, just as the previous one is destroy, before stopping behind one in the foreground. Aang uses earthbending to send the pillar at the assassin. Cut to behind the pillar as it explodes, revealing the assassin, who fires another shot.

Cut to Aang, who leaps into the air and, in slow motion, uses airbending to propel himself away and protect himself. Cut to behind Aang falling in the air, before he turns and punches his way through a pillar. Cut to a side-view as the pillar disintegrates and Aang hits the ground. Cut to an aerial view of the area as the assassin moves forward to find Aang. Cut to a frontal view as the assassin approaches. Cut to an aerial view of the assassin examining the rubble. Cut to a close-up of his forehead as he searches. Cut to a frontal view of Aang, hidden behind rocks, his closed eyes barely visible, as the assassin walks past. The camera zooms in as Aang opens his eyes and turns to look at the assassin. Cut to a view from behind the assassin as he stops. Cut to a close-up view as he turns to inspect the rocks. Cut to a frontal view of Aang, who opens his eyes and leaps forward. Cut to a side-view of the two as Aang, complete with rock armor, jumps on to the assassins head and jumps away while the assassin fires off another attack. Cut to an aerial view as Aang flies up, with the attack exploding behind him. The rock armor falls off and the camera pans down to show Appa below Aang as he begins to fall. Cut to a frontal view of Appa as he flies forward under Aang, who is caught by Katara.

Cut to a frontal view of Momo, Aang, Katara, and Toph in the saddle. Aang and Katara hold on to each other as he speaks.

Aang I'm okay. [Momo jumps on his shoulder.]
Toph Well, that was random.
Katara [Sitting up and looking back.] I don't think so. I get the feeling he knows who we are.
Cut to a close-up of a campfire. The picture of the Royal Family is thrown into the fire. Cut to a close-up of Zuko in the picture as it begins to burn.
Ty Lee What are you doing?
Zuko [Frontal view.] What does it look like I'm doing?
Ty Lee [Close-up aerial view of Zuko standing next to the fire.] But, it's a painting of your family.
Zuko [The camera pans up to Zuko's face; angrily.] You think I care?
Ty Lee [Off-camera.] I think you do.
Zuko You don't know me, so why don't you just mind your own business? [Walks away.]
Ty Lee [Close-up. Scoffs.] I know you.
Zuko [Frontal view.] No, you don't. [Close-up.] You're stuck in your little "Ty Lee world" where everything's great all the time.
Mai Zuko, [Frontal view.] leave her alone.
Zuko [Walks away. Frontal view of campsite. Imitating Ty Lee.] "I'm so pretty. Look at me. I can walk on my hands. Whoo!" [Does a handstand. Frontal view of Ty Lee, upset. Close-up of Zuko, as he falls to the ground. Frontal view of Ty Lee, Zuko's face in the foreground.] Circus freak.
Ty Lee [Side-view. Azula giggles. Ty Lee cries.] Yes, I'm a circus freak. Go ahead and laugh all you want. You want to know why I joined the circus?
Azula Here we go.
Ty Lee [Aerial view of camp site.] Do you have any idea what my home life was like? [Frontal view.] Growing up with six sisters who look exactly like me? [She stands.] It was like I didn't even have my own name. [Side-view. Kneels down, crying.] I joined the circus [Close-up side-view.] because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I'm different now. [Frontal view, she lifts her head; angrily.] "Circus freak" is a compliment.
Mai [Frontal view.] Guess that explains why you need ten boyfriends, too.
Ty Lee [Frontal view over Mai's shoulder; balls her hands into fists and points them on her hips.] I'm sorry, what?
Mai [Frontal view.] Attention issues. You couldn't get enough attention when you were a kid, so you're trying to make up for it now.
Ty Lee [Close-up.] Well, what's your excuse, Mai? You were an only child for fifteen years, but even with all that attention, your aura is this dingy, pasty, gray ...
Mai [Frontal view.] I don't believe in auras.
Zuko [Camera pans right. Getting up.] Yeah, you do not believe in anything.
Mai [Close-up; sarcastically.] Oh, well, I'm sorry I can't be as high-strung and crazy as the rest of you.
Zuko [Aerial view of campsite. Walking up to the campfire.] I'm sorry, too. I wish you would be high-strung and crazy for once instead of keeping all your feeling bottled up inside. [Frontal view.] She just called your aura dingy. Are you gonna take that?
Mai [Aerial view of campsite. Leaning back.] What do you want from me? You want a teary confession about how hard my childhood was? Well, it wasn't. [Close-up.] I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted ... as long as I behaved [Cut to shot of the sky.] and sat still, and didn't speak unless spoken to. [Close-up of Zuko.] My mother said I had to keep out of trouble. We had my dad's political career to think about.
Azula [Side-view of campsite.] Well, that's it, then. [Close-up.] You have a controlling mother who had certain expectations, and if you strayed from them, you were shut down. That's why you're afraid to care about anything, and why you can't express yourself.
Mai [Frontal view.] You want me to express myself? [Stands up and yells.] Leave me alone!
Zuko [Side-view of campsite. Frontal view of Zuko.] I like it when you express yourself. [Approaching, attempting to put a hand on her shoulder.]
Mai [Frontal view.] Don't touch me! I'm still mad at you. [She sits.]
Zuko [Side-view of Mai.] My life hasn't been that easy either, Mai.
Mai Whatever. That doesn't excuse the way you've been acting.
Ty Lee Calm down, you guys. [Frontal view of her and Azula.] This much negative energy is bad for your skin. You'll totally break out.
Zuko Bad skin? [Frontal view.] Normal teenagers worry about bad skin. I don't have that luxury. [Leaning forward.] My father decided to teach me a permanent lesson on my face! [Points to his scar.]
Ty Lee [Frontal view of Azula and Ty Lee from behind Zuko. Apologetically.] Sorry, Zuko, I ...
Zuko [Turning around.] For so long I thought that if my dad accepted me, I'd be happy. I'm back home now, my dad talks to me. Ha! He even thinks I'm a hero. [Close-up of Azula, who smiles.] Everything should be perfect, right? [Aerial view of campsite.] I should be happy now, but I'm not. [Turning back to the others.] I'm angrier than ever and I don't know why!
Azula [Frontal view.] There's a simple question you need to answer, then. Who are you angry at?
Zuko [Close-up.] No one. I'm just angry.
Mai [Side-view of the three girls.] Yeah, who are you angry at, Zuko?
Zuko [Close-up.] Everyone. I don't know. [Becoming frustrated.]
Azula [Frontal view.] Is it Dad?
Zuko [Close-up.] No, no.
Ty Lee [Frontal view.] Your uncle?
Azula Me?
Zuko [Close-up.] No, no, n-no, no!
Mai [Close-up.] Then who? Who are you angry at?
Azula [Camera pans left, past Ty Lee, to Azula.] Answer the question, Zuko.
Ty Lee [Close-up.] Talk to us.
Mai [Extreme close-up.] Come on, answer the question.
Azula Come on, answer it.
Zuko [Frontal view from behind the girls. Losing it now; furiously.] I'm angry at myself!
Slamming down with his clenched fists he causes the camp fire to turn into a pillar of fire, the girls recoil from the flames. Cut to close-up view from above of Zuko. Cut to a wide-view of the entire campsite as the flame dies down. Zuko turns away.
Azula Why?
Zuko [Close-up.] Because I'm confused. Because I'm not sure I know the difference between right and wrong anymore.
Azula You're pathetic.
Mai [View from behind Zuko.] I know one thing I care about. [Walks up to Zuko. Frontal view.] I care about you. [They kiss.]
Azula [Claps. Camera zooms out to show her as Mai and Zuko turn.] Well, those were wonderful performances, everyone.
Zuko [Frontal view.] I guess you wouldn't understand, would you, Azula? [He puts an arm around Mai.] Because you're just so perfect.
Azula [Frontal view.] Well, yes, I guess you're right. I don't have sob stories like all of you. I could sit here and complain how our mom liked Zuko more than me, but I don't really care. [Gazes into the fire. Close-up view of the fire pit.] My own mother [Close-up.] thought I was a monster. [Close-up of Zuko and Mai. Close-up of Ty Lee. Side-view of campsite. After a momentary pause.] She was right, of course, but it still hurt.
Ty Lee What Lo and Li said came true. The beach did help us learn about ourselves. [She picks up a rock and rubs it, smiling. Close-up.] I feel all smoothed. I'll always remember this.
Azula [Side-view of campsite. Standing up.] You know what would make this trip really memorable?
Cut to a close-up of Azula. Cut to Chan's front door opening to reveal Chan.
Azula [Frontal view.] We've got some bad news, Chan.
Zuko [Camera zooms in quickly to Zuko. Turns to look at Chan.] Party's over.
Cut to a vase falling down. Cut to frontal view of Zuko kicking a table in half. Cut to close-up of Chan looking on in fear. Cut to frontal view of Mai throwing a knife out. Cut to the knife slicing through some paintings hanging from the wall. Cut to close-up of Chan, his eyebrow twitching. He looks up and the camera pans up to show Ty Lee on a support beam. She flip off the beam and flies forward. Cut to a wide side-view of the room as she grab on to a chandelier, jumping on to another before it falls. She jumps off screen and the second one falls too. Cut to a close-up of Chan, in tears and with mucus draining from his nose, as Azula smiles behind him. Fade to a painted picture of the foursome smiling, arms around each other, with a roaring fire in the background.

Fade to credits.






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