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Shiro Shinobi [Narrrating a newsreel.] Kuvira threatens to take Zaofu by force! After tensions flared between Su Beifong and her former protégé, Korra brokered a truce, but it was too late. Su and her sons were already on their way to put an end to Kuvira. Meanwhile, Bolin and Varrick learned of Kuvira's true tyrannical intent and deserted her army, but they were captured and betrayed by Zhu Li. Now they're being held against their will!
Night has fallen over Kuvira's encampment outside Zaofu as the scene opens. A light breeze ruffles the flag over Kuvira's quarters and the small building is surrounded by mecha tanks. As the scene cuts to the side of the valley, the siege force and Zaofu itself can both be seen in the background. A lone guard patrols a path in the darkness. As he sweeps the flashlight beam left and right, a piece of metal suddenly flies from the brush on his left and covers his mouth. He staggers, unable to yell, the flashlight tumbling away from his hand through the air. A metal whip cracks out at him, fastening around his ankles and dragging him into the brush. The frame pans up to show three cables fastening themselves to a tree branch above; three figures, dressed in black, rise into the tree, the cables in their hands. Suyin, Wei, and Wing come to rest on the same branch, staring down at the encampment below. Wing, on Suyin's right, turns to speak in a hushed tone to his mother.
Wing Are you sure this will work? Even without Kuvira, they could still crush us.
Suyin Most of this army has been forced into service by Kuvira. If we take her out, they'll have no reason to fight. Tonight [She raises a black hood over her head, covering everything except her eyes.] we end her reign of terror.
Cut to within the encampment; a mecha tank on patrol marches past a tank as the view pans down, revealing that Suyin and her sons are hiding underneath it. They quickly scramble out from their hiding place and take off through the maze of tanks. As a beam of light from a watchtower sweeps past, they take cover behind another tank. When the beam has passed, they advance, finally coming to a stop behind a few stacks of boxes very near Kuvira's hut. As another mecha tank passes, Suyin peers through a crack between boxes at the hut, still guarded by mecha tanks. Stepping back, she stomps forcefully on the ground, using seismic waves to see past the obstacles in front of them. The waves radiate outward, traveling past the mecha tanks and throughout the hut, where Kuvira is asleep in bed. Cut back to Suyin and the twins.
Suyin [Whispering.] She's alone in there. Now's our chance!
The three simultaneously bend the earth beneath themselves, twisting on the spot and disappearing into holes below them. As the scene cuts to the interior of the hut, three holes open in the thin metal of the floor and the cloaked figures rise through them. Bending cables from her hands, Suyin, in the middle, wraps the sleeping figure tightly with them, before rolling her over to look at her face. The terrified face, however, does not belong to Kuvira.
Zhu Li Don't hurt me!
Suyin [Taking off her mask in surprise.] Zhu Li?
Suddenly, a siren blares outside; the central support pole withdraws into the ground as the metal sides of the tent fall away and spotlights shine down on the three figures as soldiers and mecha tanks surround them. Kuvira steps from between two mecha tanks.
Kuvira I knew you'd try a sneak attack. [Wide shot of the soldiers and the four on the pad of the former tent.] You were afraid to step up and lead the Earth Kingdom when you had the chance. [Cut to a close-up of Kuvira's face.] You were afraid to join me when I became the leader, and now, you're afraid of a fair fight. [Cut to Suyin, ready to fight, before cutting back to Kuvira as she walks away.] You've always been a coward. Take them!
As the two mecha tanks between which Kuvira walks shoot lightning at the intruders, the scene cuts to the exterior of Zaofu's many domes, followed by the square inside, where Jinora, Opal, and Korra are talking to each other.
Jinora Korra, you have to go stop Su before she does something terrible.
Opal Stop her, we should be helping her.
Korra We have no idea where your mom is, or what her plan is. If we go charging into Kuvira's camp, we could get them all captured, or worse. All we can do now is wait.
Opal looks down in dismay. The speakers around Zaofu go on.
Kuvira Attention citizens of Zaofu. Your leader, Su Beifong, attempted to attack me tonight while I slept, ignoring the terms of our truce. Luckily, I now have her and her assault team in custody.
Opal No.
Kuvira Rest assured that I will not take revenge on the peaceful citizens of Zaofu, unless your remaining representatives meet me outside the city at dawn to offer the full and unconditional surrender of your city. That is all.
As Kuvira's voice fades, Opal turns toward Korra, furious.
Opal Korra, you can't let Kuvira get away with this! We have to go break out Mom and my brothers!
Jinora [Irked by Opal's aggressive stance.] You swore an oath of non-aggression when you became an airbender. [Narrows her eyes; sternly.] You can't just attack Kuvira!
Opal I don't care about the oath! I have to save my family!
Korra [Putting a hand on Opal's shoulder.] No, Jinora is right. Your mom attacked the camp. Kuvira was just defending herself.
Opal [Angrily shrugging Korra's hand off her.] "Defending herself"? She was going to attack our city! I can't believe you're refusing to fight!
The doors of a house behind the group open and Meelo and Ikki emerge wearing nightclothes, having been woken by Kuvira's announcement.
Meelo [Rubbing his eyes tiredly.] Why is that loudspeaker lady talking when I'm trying to sleep?
Baatar Korra, what are we going to do?
Korra [As Huan walks up behind Opal.] Jinora and I will go talk to Kuvira at dawn, and, maybe, we can work something out. I promise, I'll do everything I can to keep the peace.
Opal [After a moment's hesitation.] I'll go with you.
Ikki We'll go, too.
Jinora No! Dad told us to find Korra, and we did. Now you need to stay safe.
Ikki Come on! Let us help!
Korra I can't risk anyone else being captured. You can stay with Baatar and Huan while I work things out with Kuvira. [To Baatar, behind the two children.] Make sure they get back to Tenzin if anything goes wrong. [Baatar nods.]
Meelo [Upset.] Aw, man! When am I gonna see some action?
Cut to an Earth Empire train speeding along its elevated railway in the mountains, followed by Varrick's face, as he lies on the floor, apparently having a nightmare.
Varrick [Mumbling.] Cookie ... jar ... empty. No ... hot ... towels! Waxy ... buildup! [Suddenly bolting upright, yelling.] Zhu Li!
The scene shifts as Varrick fully wakes up, showing the interior of a prison car; Varrick is occupying one of the several cells. To Varrick's right, Bolin stirs briefly as Varrick looks around, downcast.
Varrick Oh ... she really is gone.
As he pulls himself into a sitting position, the doors at the end of the car slide open. Baatar Jr. and two other guards walk up to his cell.
Baatar Jr. Up and at 'em, Varrick! Time to go to work. [One of the guards unlocks the cell door.] We have another lab set up for you. [The guards slide the door open.] Kuvira wants the spirit vine weapon operational as soon as possible.
Varrick Zhu Li always greeted me in the morning with a [A smile crosses his face as he stares vacantly at the wall.] a hot cup of tea.
Baatar Jr. [As a guard seizes Varrick by the shoulders, pulling him upright.] You'll get your tea when you start working.
Varrick Well, I'm really only productive for about fifteen minutes a day, usually in the afternoon around three-forty-five.
The guard glances at Baatar Jr., who nods. The guard slams Varrick roughly into the wall behind him as Baatar Jr. continues.
Baatar Jr. You'll work now. I want you to show me how the device works.
A yawn from Baatar Jr.'s left interrupts the conversation; Bolin is in a sitting position, rubbing his eyes.
Bolin What's goin' on?
Baatar Jr. Go back to sleep. We only need Varrick. You'll need your energy when you get to the re-education camp.
Varrick [Suddenly emphatic.] I can't be expected to work without an assistant! Without Zhu Li, I'm helpless!
Baatar Jr. [As the frame zooms on his face.] One of the guards will be your assistant. I'll be supervising.
Varrick [Glancing at the guard next to him.] Well, I guess he'll be fine. As long as he doesn't need his hands afterwards! [Chuckling as he finishes.]
Guard #1 [Turning to Baatar Jr.; nervously.] What's he talking about, sir?
Varrick [Sliding slowly across the floor toward the guard.] The last time we worked with the spirit vines, it created an uncontrollable blast [The guard's eyes widen as Varrick continues.] that burned through a wall and could still be blowing up comets in space, as far as I know! I wouldn't want to assist me if I were you!
The guard turns his head toward Baatar Jr., pausing for a moment before speaking.
Guard #1 Maybe we should just let the kid help him out.
Baatar Jr. [Sighing.] Fine. Bolin can assist.
Bolin [Panicking as the guards advance on him.] Wait, what? I need my hands! [Stalling, tucking his hands under his armpits.] Uh, hold on! Can we have breakfast first? [Feebly.] While we still have hands?
The guards pull a dejected Bolin out of the cell by his collar.

Cut to the valley floor in Zaofu, where Kuvira's army stands ready for battle, their banners flapping in a brisk wind. The figures of Korra, Opal, and Jinora walk toward the front line, where a single figure, detached from the rest, stands waiting for them. A shot of Kuvira shifts its focus from her to Suyin, Wei, and Wing imprisoned in massive steel cases behind her. The three moving figures stop and Opal calls out angrily.

Opal Release them now!
Kuvira If Su agrees to bow to me and turn over Zaofu, she and the rest of your family will not be harmed.
Suyin [Vehemently.] Never! I'll never bow to you!
Korra [As Jinora and Opal look worried.] There must be some way for us to resolve this!
Kuvira I've already laid out my terms, and I think they're very reasonable. After all, Su did try to take me out during our peaceful negotiations.
Wei You call bringing an army to threaten our city "peaceful"?
Opal [Cut to a long side shot.] Where's Bolin? I know he would never go along with this!
Kuvira Bolin is with my fiancé, working on something very important. [Cut to a close-up of an angered Opal.] But, I assure you, he's on board with my plans. You two have been apart for some time. I guess you don't realize how much Bolin has grown up. [Cut to a close-up of Kuvira.] Now turn over Zaofu.
Korra I can't just let you take the city!
Kuvira [Sternly.] Avatar Korra, you are interfering with internal Earth Empire business, and letting your personal feelings get in the way of reason. Zaofu cannot continue to rule itself. They have been hoarding their riches and technology too long. I'm here to distribute those resources fairly throughout the nation. This is about equality.
Opal You don't care about equality! This is about control! [To Korra.] Just take her down! You know it's the right thing to do! You have to stop this!
Kuvira The only way you're going to keep me from marching into Zaofu is if you physically stop me. Now what are you going to do?
Korra It looks like you're not giving me a choice.
Kuvira [Smiling.] Fine. [Aerial shot; addressing her troops.] I want you all to know that I would never ask any of you to do something that I'm not willing to do myself. [Frontal shot, panning to the left, of the lines of infantry.] So, rather than risk your lives, I will fight the Avatar one-on-one. [Frontal shot of Korra.] Korra, if you win, then you can do whatever you want with Zaofu. [Side-shot of Kuvira.] But after I beat you, I want you out of my business for good. I'm the one who brought peace to the Earth Empire, not you. You're not relevant here anymore.
Korra [Smiling smugly.] Fine. [Serious expression.] You wanna fight the Avatar? Then let's finish this, right here, right now.
The shot slowly closes in on Kuvira's serious face. Cut to an aerial overview from behind Korra, Opal, and Jinora. The two parties stand facing each other silently for a moment. Cut to a close-up of Suyin, Wei, and Wing and on of Kuvira standing stoically with her hands behind her back, watching Korra. Frontal shot of Korra, who looks determined, and the two airbenders. Opal glares at the army. As Jinora speaks, Korra glances down at her.
Jinora Are you really ready to fight her?
Korra Just stay back and let me handle this. [Smiling smugly.] It's been a while, [Smile fades into fury.] but I got a lot of pent-up rage.
Opal Don't mess around! [Quick cut to Kuvira's stony face; voice-over.] Kuvira is too good! Just go into the Avatar State and get it over with!
Korra No, I'm only going to use that as a last resort.
Jinora [Putting a hand on Korra's arm.] Be careful.
As Opal and Jinora leave Korra, retreating to a safe distance, Korra cracks her neck and takes up a fighting stance. Kuvira steps forward to challenge Korra.
Kuvira Use whatever you want: all the elements; the Avatar State; anything you need. [Smirking as she takes up her own battle stance.] I know you're a little rusty.
Korra Enough talk!
The Avatar fires two jets of flame at Kuvira, who sidesteps the first and ducks under the second, slightly off guard. She spins back around to face Korra, who, jumping toward her opponent, flings an arc of fire at her. Kuvira dodges again as another blast of flame misses her. Korra bends a stone up at Kuvira's face, but she swings her head out of the way barely in time. Dodging another fiery punch, she very rapidly bends a slab of earth between her and Korra, breaking the Avatar's attack and pushing her arm up, leaving her side unprotected. Utilizing the opening she created in Korra's defenses, she bends a chunk of rock right in Korra's stomach. As the Avatar stumbles back, she flings two metal clasps at Korra's extended wrist and ankle and uses them to fling her tumbling through the air. Korra crashed to the ground, tumbling to a stop and momentarily unmoving. The soldiers in Kuvira's army cheer loudly, though as the frame rolls right, it shows Zhu Li, who is standing on the front line, is clapping unenthusiastically with a disinterested look on her face. Kuvira straightens up, laughing as she resumes her fighting pose.
Kuvira Looks like the Avatar's a little off her game!
Korra struggles to get to her feet; as she finally rises, Opal calls out to her.
Opal Don't let her get you frustrated! She wants you to make a mistake!
Korra launches a fissure at Kuvira, but she rolls out of its way and also dodges Korra's airbending attack. The Avatar launches herself into the air and shoots an air blast at Kuvira, which she dodges once again. Korra shoots fire, but the metalbender moves the earth under Korra, causing her to lose balance, and knocks her down with a rock to the chest. Korra shoots a couple more fire and air blasts, but Kuvira dodges them all and traps Korra's foot in a fissure before blinding her with a metal band and hitting her again with a rock. Tearing the metal from her face, Korra rises to her feet once more, firing another fire blast at a waiting Kuvira.

Cut to an outside shot of Kuvira's train, racing through a valley, then another cut to the train's interior, where Varrick is working on the spirit vine project under supervision of Baatar Jr.. Varrick is holding out a hand to Bolin, who stands behind him.

Varrick Bolin, do the thing.
Bolin What thing?
Varrick [Agitated, whirling around to yell at Bolin.] The thing! I never had to tell Zhu Li what thing!
Bolin I'm not Zhu Li, okay? Pretend I don't know anything about anything that's happening here, also pretend I don't want to build a super weapon or get my hands blown off!
Varrick walks over to the table and grabs a pair of pliers, demonstratively showing them to Bolin, before continuing his work on the stasis capsule. Baatar Jr. walks in a little closer, eyeing his work.
Baatar Jr. Walk me through what you're doing. I want to know every detail of your work.
Varrick [Puts a hand on Baatar Jr.'s chest and slightly shoves him away.] You know, when I started working with the vines, [Uses the pliers to tinker with the machine.] the point was to find a clean, unlimited source of energy, not develop some spirity death ray.
Bolin [Enters the frame and poking his head into the conversation as Baatar Jr. turns his head to face Bolin. Enthusiastically.] Clean energy! Sounds great! Who doesn't like that stuff? Let's do that instead!
Baatar Jr. [Annoyed.] Quiet! You're here to help, not talk. [Bolin walks back and Baatar Jr. turns to Varrick again.] And you of all people, should realize that once a discovery is made, it is our responsibility as scientists [Cut to a close-up of Baatar Jr.] to pursue it as far as we can. [Raises an eyebrow.] Wherever it leads.
Varrick [Sarcastically.] How would you know? You couldn't discover a wolfbat if it was building a nest in your butt.
Bolin chuckles in the background.
Baatar Jr. [Angry.] You're pathetic. [Turns around and crosses his arms.] Wolfbats don't build nests.
Varrick [Sarcastically.] Ooh. You got me there, Dr. Science. You'll never know how it feels to give birth to genius, only to have it kidnapped, and raised by fools!
Baatar Jr. Are you done with your rambling, or do the guards need to encourage you to continue your work? [Guard starts to approach Varrick.]
Varrick [Raises hands in surrender.] Okay, okay, [Walks back to the vine.] The last time we ran the current through the vine [Winking at Bolin out of Baatar Jr.'s view as he walks past Bolin.] we couldn't control the power, so I'm trying something new to see if I can direct it.
Quick cut to Bolin, who looks confused by the wink.

Cut back to Kuvira and Korra fighting. The Great Uniter dodges a couple of blasts from Korra, before shooting a few metal plates at her, all of which miss Korra. The Avatar launches herself high into the air and tries to land a hit on Kuvira from there, but is knocked down again. She gets back up, but continues to fail landing a hit on Kuvira. The metalbender traps her hand in a plate, launching her far away again. Kuvira shoots a few rocks, but Korra throws up a wall of cover for herself; the two opponents push the wall back and forth in an attempt to knock the other down, to no avail. While Korra is holding the boulder at bay, close to herself, Kuvira disintegrates the rock, causing Korra to fall to her knees.

Kuvira [Smugly.] Come on, Avatar, get up! Show me what you've got!
Quick cut to Opal and Jinora, watching Korra uncertainly. Opal suddenly rushes forward.
Opal We have to help her!
Korra [On the ground, she raises her head, yelling across the field of battle to Opal.] No! Stay back! I can handle this.
Kuvira gets back in a fighting stance, smiling as she does.

Cut back to the train, where Bolin is playing with a screwdriver and Baatar is closely studying the spirit vine weapon.

Baatar Jr. So I see how the current interacts with the vine, and here is a kind of directional tube, but that is baffling here at the base. It looks like that would only redirect the energy back where it came from. And what's that piece of equipment you're fiddling with now on the power source?
Varrick [To Bolin, without looking.] Hand me the ... screw-turn-thingy, would ya?
Bolin Ugh, I can't believe you're helping them, you know this isn't right. [Hands Varrick the screwdriver.]
Varrick Funny story, Bolin. I first got the idea for harnessing spirit power when I watched that giant Unalaq-monster attack the city from my jail cell. That giant monster set me free! [Turns to Bolin with a meaningful look on his face.] Trust me, kid, I know what I'm doing. [Bolin gets a baffled look on his face, Varrick gets up.] That ought to do it. [Nothing happens.] Huh. [Taps the machine.] Okay, stand back. [Walks back a few steps. Bolin moves out of the way. Baatar Jr. raises his eyebrow and nervously steps back. Gives the machine a good, hard kick and it comes to life, glowing purple all around, and a ticking sound is heard. Raises his arms in triumph.] There we go!
Baatar Jr. What's that ticking?
Varrick That's the timer.
Baatar Jr. [Cut to a close-up of a suspicious Baatar Jr. as he looks unamused.] The timer for what?
Varrick For the bomb, of course!
Bolin [Worried.] What?! What bomb?
Varrick [Matter-of-factly.] The bomb that's gonna explode in five minutes and destroy this entire train,  all of the spirit vines, and everything else within a few hundred yards.
As Bolin looks around the train in a panic, Varrick addresses Baatar Jr. with a smug smile; Baatar Jr.'s expression grow progressively more angry as Varrick continues.
Varrick You know what, I'd get out of here if I were you. This is the first time I've built a timer and it might run a little fast. Bolin and I are ready to go down with the ship, or train, in this case, but you seem like you have a lot to live for.
By now, Baatar Jr.'s face bears a look of barely suppressed rage. Bolin, meanwhile, is completely panicked.
Bolin Nononono! I'm not ready to go down with the ship, or the train!
Baatar Jr. You're bluffing.
Varrick [Speaking calmly.] Stick around five minutes and you'll find out who's bluffing. [Shouting.] You'll be sorry you left me, Zhu Li! When they write the history books, your name will be synonymous with betrayal! People will say, "Hey, what happened to that guy? Oh, didn't you hear? He 'Varricked' himself because some girl 'Zhu Li'd' him!"
Baatar Jr. Enough! What makes you think we would let you blow yourself up? You're working for Kuvira! You don't get to quit. [Gestures to the guards.] Grab him.
Varrick [As the guards advance on him, he pulls a detonator from his pocket.] You try to pull me away from this thing and I'll hit this remote, and blow it immediately!
Baatar Jr. Why do you have a timer and a remote?
Varrick Well, first, I built the timer, but then I thought, you could drag me off the train, so then I built a remote, but then I thought, do I really need the timer, because now I got a remote in my-- [Interrupts himself.] Whatever! I'm covering all my bases! The point is, you're leaving, we're staying!
Cut back to Zaofu, where Korra is still losing the fight against Kuvira. She shoots fire, but Kuvira turns the ground under Korra's feet, so that she faces the other way. Korra recovers and bends a boulder at her opponent, but she bends a metal plate around Korra's ankle, somersaulting her through the air, falling down a few yards away.
Suyin You have to go into the Avatar State! Do it!
Korra watches Kuvira lunge for her and suddenly goes into the Avatar State, stopping Kuvira and blasting her away with airbending. Kuvira gets up again, but Korra launches herself after the metalbender, blasting her even farther away. Kuvira's hair untangles in the process; Korra rises up from the ground on an air spout, taking an enormous boulder with her, preparing to crush Kuvira. Kuvira pulls herself to her hands and knees, slowly raising her head to face Korra; Korra sees herself in the Avatar State as opposed to Kuvira's face, the same way she hallucinated herself before. Shocked, Korra panics and falls out of the Avatar state, dropping the boulder as she falls helplessly to the ground. Quick cut to Opal and Jinora, looking on.
Jinora I don't understand. We got the poison out; what's wrong with her?
Kuvira I knew you were weak.
Kuvira shoots two plates at Korra and suspends her in mid-air by her wrists. The metalbender smiles, before slamming Korra into the ground and encasing all but her head in a mound of earth, trapping her. She walks closer and, taking six metal plates and bending them to give them a razor's edge, prepares to kill Korra. Jinora and Opal, seeing what is about to transpire, send simultaneous blasts of air at Kuvira; caught off guard, she flies through the air, landing hard on her back in front of her troops. Rising to her feet with the help of two of her soldiers, she angrily cries out at the airbenders.
Kuvira You broke our agreement! [To her army.] Attack!
The army charges forward and Jinora and Opal create a tornado to hold them back. Several soldiers are blown away and the rest are rendered unable to do anything but brace against the raging wind.
Jinora [Yelling over the wind to Opal.] Keep them back, I'm calling for help!
Cut to inside Zaofu, where Huan is watching how Ikki draws a colorful, childish portrait of herself. Meelo, to her left, is also painting.
Huan Stunning work, Ikki. It hurts my eyes with its ... raw, emotional power! [He walks over to where Meelo is painting and takes in his work. Cut to Meelo's painting, which is a lifelike depiction of himself in a nobleman's cloak.] Ugh, pedestrian. I already know what you look like on the outside, I want you to show me, the inner Meelo!
Jinora's astral projection appears before them.
Jinora Help! You have to get Korra and the rest of us out of here now! Hurry!
Meelo [Kicks down his easel.] Finally! Let's get it on!
Cut back to the train, where Baatar Jr. and his men are evacuating Varrick's lab.
Bolin That's everyone, our half of the train is clear.
Varrick That's good, we're almost out of time.
Baatar Jr. [Glaring at Varrick.] You're insane.
Varrick [Triumphantly.] You knew that when you hired me! Bolin, do the thing! [Bolin hesitates, not knowing what Varrick means; angrily.] Unhook the cars, oh, come on, that was an easy one!
The cars are unhooked with a single pull of a lever, shutting the door of Varrick's lab, while the rest of the train pulls away from them.
Bolin Man, that was great! I gotta admit, you had me going there for a while, I really thought you were gonna blow us up! Now, how do we turn this thing off?
Varrick Ooh, we can't turn it off. We're gonna blow up-- [Bolin becomes horrified.] --but, we had a pretty good run, right?
Bolin [Grabs Varrick by the collar.] What are you talking about, "a good run"? I'm still running! I like running!
He runs over to the machine, looking at it from various angles, but does not know what anything does. He looks around the car and sees a hatch in the floor. He runs over and opens it, sticks his head through, and sees that it leads down to the tracks.
Varrick [Poetic.] I'll see you on the other side, [Bolin stands up, glaring at Varrick.] Zhu Li.
Bolin [Slaps Varrick in the face and grabs him by the collar again.] I want you to know, [Points at him.] I hate you.
They jump down the hatch and Bolin catches them with his earthbending. Baatar Jr. is looking through a spyglass at the train as it suddenly blows up in a bright purple flash.
Baatar Jr. I can't believe he actually blew himself up. That man was crazier than a sewer pipe elephant-rat. [Turns to his men again.] Let's get back to Zaofu.
Cut to the crater, where Bolin breaks through the wall, letting him and Varrick come out of a tunnel, coughing. Varrick starts laughing and lets out a victory roar.
Varrick Yes! [Bolin just looks at him angrily.] You did it, Bolin, you did the thing! [Kisses Bolin on the forehead.]
Bolin I can't believe Zhu Li worked for you as long as she did.
Back at Zaofu, the tornado created by the airbenders is still going strong and even Kuvira's mecha tanks are struggling to move through the headwinds. Korra wakes up and breaks through the wall surrounding her, but she immediately falls to the ground.
Meelo [Far above them.] Dive, Pepper, dive! [Pepper dives into the midst of the tornado.] Here comes a hurricane! [The tornado dies down, Opal and Jinora grab Korra and launch themselves onto Pepper's back, while Meelo airbends at Kuvira's tanks.] You can't handle all this Meelo!
Jinora We've got her, go! [Pepper takes off.]
Opal We have to save them!
Opal prepares to jumps off to get her mother and brothers, but she is stopped by Jinora and Ikki.
Suyin Opal, [Cut to a close-up of Suyin.] get out of here, we'll be fine! [Cut back to Opal.] Just go!
Opal [Tearing up.] I'll be back for you! I love you!
Kuvira [Watches Pepper fly away and turns around to her troops, thrusting one arm into the air in victory with a smile.] Zaofu is ours! [Army cheers.]
Cut to inside Zaofu, where banners of the Earth Empire have been dropped down from high buildings.
Kuvira [Addressing the crowd.] Bring the citizens of Zaofu to kneel before the Great Uniter! All who pledge their loyalty to me will keep their freedom and will be dealt with fairly as full citizens of the Earth Empire. The rest will be imprisoned as traitors, like Su Beifong and her sons. Now bow!
The crowd kneels down before her, save for Baatar and Huan. Baatar Jr., furious, walks up to his father.
Baatar Jr. Bow to her! Do it! She is your rightful leader!
Baatar [Turns his head in shame.] I am so disappointed in you, Junior.
Baatar Jr. [To the guards.] Take them away! [Two guards take away Baatar and Huan.]
Huan Get your hands off me! You're crushing my individuality!
Baatar Jr. All hail the Great Uniter!
The crowd cheers, as Suyin lets her head hang in disappointment. Cut to Suyin's garden, where Kuvira is playing with a piece of meteorite, contorting it into various shapes with one hand while talking to Baatar Jr..
Kuvira Are you sure, there's no way they survived?
Baatar Jr. Positive. But I think I can replicate his work with the spirit vines and get us back on track. I'll just need an assistant.
Kuvira looks over to Zhu Li and smiles.
Kuvira How would you like to help Baatar build the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen?
Zhu Li It would be my honor, Great Uniter. [Walks away.]
Kuvira [To Baatar Jr., not looking at him.] Begin dismantling the domes.
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