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The episode opens with Avatar Roku emerging from behind a small wall of fire, and is speaking to Aang in a dream.
Roku Aang, it's time you learn of my history with Fire Lord Sozin. [Cut to a close-up of Aang's face in his dream, before cutting back to Roku.] You need to understand how the war began, if you want to know how to end it. [Cut to an overhead shot of Roku's island.] Meet me on my home island on the day of the summer solstice.
Scene changes to Aang, asleep, as he rolls over onto his side.
Aang [Talking in his sleep.] Okay, Roku.
Scene changes to Zuko, who is asleep as well, as sounds of footsteps wake him up, and he rushes to the hall to investigate. He opens the door, and sees a cloaked individual walk down the hall and disappear. Zuko begins to go after the individual, but notices a scroll lying on the floor. A surprised Zuko picks up the scroll and reads it.
Zuko [Reading the scroll.] You need to know the story of your great-grandfather's demise. It will reveal your own destiny. [He closes the scroll, and stares down the hallway.]
Shot cuts to a view from the opposite end of the hallway. Zuko is still standing outside his bedroom. Scene changes to a blue, cloud filled sky. A very large cloud moves quickly forward. Cut to the inside of the cloud, as Aang, standing on Appa's, bends the elements around the bison to create a cloud, to camouflage. Katara and Sokka look over Appa's saddle for a better look.
Aang There it is. That's Roku's home.
Cut to an overhead shot of the island, as Appa lands. Cut to a shot of Team Avatar descending from Appa.
Katara [Confused.] But, there's nothing here.
Toph jumps from Appa's saddle, as her feet touch the ground.
Toph Yes, there is. An entire village, hundreds of houses ... [A strong breeze moves a layer of ash along the ground, brushing past their feet.] all completely buried in ash.
The scene changes to an overhead of Hari Bulkan. Cut to a hall, full of paintings of previous Fire Lords. Zuko stands before one of the portraits, as Azula passes by Zuko.
Azula It's never too early for a sitting with the court painter, Zuko. Make sure he gets your good side.
Zuko Wait, I need to ask you something. [Azula stops walking.] What do you remember about our great-grandfather's history?
Azula [She sighs.] Oh, Zuko, it's so strange how your mind works. [Cut to an overhead shot of the hall, as Azula tells Zuko about Sozin's history.] Fire Lord Sozin began the war, of course. [Cut to Fire Lord Sozin's portrait, as it pans from the bottom to the top.] He spent his early years secretly preparing for it. He was as patient as he was clever. He famously waited for the comet, later renamed Sozin's Comet, and used its power to launch his full-scale invasion of the world. [Cut back to Zuko and Azula.] In the end, he died a very old and successful man.
Zuko But how did he die?
Azula [Turning toward Zuko.] Didn't you pay any attention in school, Zuko? He died peacefully, in his sleep. [Cut to a shot of the full room, as Azula walks away.] He was ancient.
Zuko stares, frustrated. Scene changes back to Roku's island. Team Avatar is sitting on the tip of a hardened wave of lava. Cut to Aang from the back, who is facing the ocean, and is meditating. Cut to him from the front, as his arrows glow, and he is shown sitting on a mountain top, surrounded by clouds, in the Spirit World. Fang, who is carrying Roku, flies near him, as he stands up, and Roku smiles at Aang. The scene cuts to Zuko in his room, lying on his back on his bed. He rolls over on his side and stares at the scroll. He picks it up and reads it to himself again.
Zuko What does it mean?
Annoyed, he tosses the scroll aside, as it lands on a lantern. The light from the lantern shines through the parchment, and it reveals a secret message on the scroll. Zuko gasps and grabs the scroll from atop the lantern, and reads the secret message aloud.
Zuko [Reading.] The Fire Sages keep the secret history in the Dragonbone Catacombs.
Cut to a close-up of Zuko's eyes, as he finishes reading the secret message. Zuko quickly turns to leave. Cut to a dark temple. A Fire Sage walks through a courtyard, and stops over a large medallion fashioned in the shape of a flower in the middle of the courtyard. He crouches low, and delivers a blast of fire into the center of the medallion. It begins to open a hidden passage, under the courtyard of the temple. The Sage goes into the passage through the steps. Zuko hides and waits behind a pillar. When no one is around, Zuko goes to the secret passage, and bends a blast of fire into the medallion. The passage opens, and a spiral staircase is revealed along with a very large secret chamber. Zuko travels through the chamber and down a hall lined with bones of dragons, all lined up along the walls of the hall. He comes to an ornate door with a metal sculpture of Fire Lord Sozin on it. The chest of the sculpture has a Fire Nation emblem. Zuko places his left hand over the emblem, and bends a fire blast. The fire fills the door, and comes out from the statue's eyes, nose and mouth. Zuko enters the room, pulls his cloak from his head, and raises his lantern to look around the dark chamber, and sees that the room is filled with artifacts and various vessels. A large statue of a dragon sits in the middle of the room. Under the dragon's head, Zuko finds Fire Lord Sozin's history.
Zuko [Reading aloud.] The final testimony of Fire Lord Sozin.
As Zuko picks the scroll, the scene changes to Roku lending Aang a hand to climb on Fang.
Roku Come, Aang.
Aang [He climbs on Fang, who flies off.] Where're we going?
Roku To visit my past. [He smiles at Aang, as Aang grins widely.] Our shared past.
Scene changes to the room, where Zuko is reading from the scroll.
Sozin [Narrating his history.] As I feel my own life dimming, I can't help but think of a time when everything was so much brighter.
Scene changes to a lush Fire Nation courtyard in a flashback. Two young firebenders are dueling. The young men, Prince Sozin and Roku, exchange fire blasts.
Sozin I remember my friend.
While they duel, Sozin notices that Roku's feet are close to a tree root. Sozin smiles, and using this to his advantage, he steps up his attack to drive Roku back, causing Roku to trip over the root and fall back. As Roku falls, Sozin grabs Roku by the shirt to keep him from falling. While he holds him, he raises his hand as if to fire blast, but instead he lets Roku fall to the ground.
Sozin Looks like I win again, Roku. [Extends a hand to help Roku to his feet.]
Roku Are you kidding? [Takes Sozin's hands and gets up.] The tree root did all the work. [After getting up, he pats Sozin on his shoulders.] Nice one, Sozin.
Aang [Surprised.] You were friends with Fire Lord Sozin‌?
Roku Back then, he was just Prince Sozin. [Cut to a close-up of Roku's face.] And he was my best friend.
As Roku and Sozin leave the courtyard, a young Fire Nation lady goes by. As she walks past the friends, Roku stares at her and blushes, which Sozin notices.
Sozin [Nudging Roku.] Say something to her.
Roku walks after the young lady. He raises his hand and attempts to greet the lady, who also slightly blushes, but is overcome by embarrassment. He sighs, puts his hands on his head, and falls down. Sozin sits down next to him and sprinkles blades of grass on Roku's face. Shot cuts to the older Roku and Aang, watching Roku's history.
Roku Love is hard when you are young.
Aang You don't have to tell me.
Roku [Putting his hand over Aang's shoulder.] Don't worry, it gets better. [He turns back and walks, along with Aang.] Now, come with me. [Cut to a celebration on a courtyard.] We have a party to attend.
Aang Wait, whose party is it?
Roku [Cut to the young Roku and Prince Sozin.] Sozin and I shared many things, including a birthday.
Roku and Prince Sozin walk down from the stairs. As they walk down the stairs, the camera focuses on two young women in the crowd, one of whom is the lady whom Roku has a crush on, Ta Min. She looks at Roku, before looking down and blushes. Her friend leans over her shoulder and giggles. Roku notices the lady and blushes, while he continues down the stairs. Distracted, Roku falls down the stairs, but Sozin quickly grabs Roku by the wrist. Roku composes himself and blushes again from embarrassment, as Sozin laughs at his friend. The crowd suddenly grows quiet, as a group of Fire Sages enter the courtyard. They walk toward Prince Sozin and Roku, as Sozin hurries down the stairs to meet them.
Sozin Did something happen to my father?
Fire Sage No, Prince Sozin. We are not here for you. [Shot cuts to the Fire Sage talking.] We're here to announce the identity of the next Avatar. [The crowd whispers, as the shot cut to Roku and Sozin, both in shock. Cut again to a close-up of the Sages. The Sages bow to the new Avatar.] It is our honor to serve you, Avatar Roku.
Cut to a close-up of Roku, standing with his jaw dropped, bewildered. The camera shows the crowd on the ground, all bowing. Sozin, who is still in shock himself, looks around at the crowd, and quickly turns to kneel before Roku. Scene changes to Zuko sitting in the chamber, reading Sozin's history.
Sozin Soon the day came when my friend Roku had to leave the Fire Nation and face his destiny as the Avatar. [Cut to a close-up of Zuko's face, as he reads.] He needed to travel the world so he could master the other elements.
Scene changes to a close-up of a young Roku from the side, sitting in his room, with a dejected look on his face, as Prince Sozin stands near the doorway.
Sozin Hey, why aren't you packed yet, all-powerful Avatar?
Roku does not respond to his friend's question, and continues to stare down. Sozin looks down sympathetically. Suddenly, he smiles.
Sozin [Sozin leaps in the room, attempting to demonstrate examples of all the bending disciplines.] Come on, show me how it's done using all four kinds of bending.
Roku I started packing, but then the Fire Sages told me I won't need any worldly possessions anymore.
Sozin Oh. [He sits down near Roku.]
Roku It happened so fast. Everything's gonna be different now.
Cut to a shot of the two friends from the side, as Sozin removes his Crown Prince headpiece and gives it to Roku.
Sozin Here, hope you're at least allowed to have this. [Shot cuts to a close-up of the headpiece.]
Roku But this is a royal artifact. [Cut to a shot of the friends from behind.] It's supposed to be worn by the Crown Prince.
Sozin I want you to have it.

As Roku takes the headpiece, cut to a close-up of his top knot, as he slides the pin. Camera pans below to show Roku smiling, as he and Sozin get up, and bow to each other. Scene changes to Zuko reading from the scroll.

Cut to a close-up of Sokka, and Katara, both looking disturbed. Shot cuts to Aang standing up on the rock he has been meditating on, his eyes still closed. Aang moves to a squat and begins to groan, before smiling with relief. Cut back to the siblings, with Katara looking more disturbed than before.

Katara Do they have bathrooms in the Spirit World?
Sokka [Raises his forefinger.] As a matter of fact, they do not.
Shot cuts to Aang smiling, still peculiarly perched, before cutting again to Aang riding on Fang in the Spirit World. Shot cuts to an overhead shot of the two flying on the dragon, as Aang notices they are going to a familiar place.
Aang [Excited.] Hey, we're almost at the Southern Air Temple!
Roku This was the first stop on my Avatar journey.
Shot cuts to show the Patola Mountains with the Southern Air Temple in the distance. Fang flies through the mountain range.
Roku It was the place where I was trained to master airbending.
Cut to a line of young Air Nomad monks. The camera pans right to show Avatar Roku at the end of the line. Roku is airbending his long black hair at another young monk's face, who, irritated, bends it back at Roku. Roku responds by nudging the monk with his shoulder.
Roku And also where I met an old friend of yours: Monk Gyatso.
Aang No way!
Cut to an aerial shot of the airbenders on a grassy ledge. An older Air Nomad leads the students, and launches off the side of the ledge. The students line up by twos to follow their teacher. Cut to Gyatso and Roku soaring through the air on their gliders.
Roku Hey, Gyatso, you wanna see a new glider trick? [He flies up and loops twice.]
Gyatso [Laughing.] Check this out! [He flips himself over and stands on top of his glider. Cut to Aang and Roku.]
Aang He's air surfing! I can't believe I never thought of that.
Cut back to Gyatso, as he loses his balance on the glider, but as he falls, Roku catches him on the back of his glider. Roku is unable to control the glider, and the both go down toward the other young monks, who are now back on the grassy ledge. Cut to the other students looking up at the falling airbenders, as they panic and try to run. Cut to Roku and Gyatso, flying low, about to crash. They crash, leaving a large cloud of dust. Cut to the young monks knocked over, and scattered about. Roku's hair is in his face. Gyatso airbends it back while Roku lifts his head. They both grin widely, and Roku pats Gyatso on his shoulder. Cut to a close-up of Aang.
Aang [Smiling and surprised.] That's amazing! I can't believe you were friends with Monk Gyatso just like I was!
Roku [Camera pans back to show Roku.] Some friendships are so strong, [He closes his eyes.] they can even transcend lifetimes.
As Fang flies off, the scene changes to the Northern Water Tribe, where, in the distance, two individuals are standing on a plateau of ice. Cut to a close-up of an older Roku.
Roku After my years mastering airbending, I traveled to the Northern Water Tribe.
Cut to Taqukaq, who bends a large water drill from the ocean waters behind him. It thrusts forward, knocking Roku, and a part of the plateau, into the water.
Roku Waterbending was especially challenging for me. But in time, I mastered it as well.
Cut to a shot of the water, as Roku emerges from it, and bends an enormous wave of water directly at his master standing on the glacier. The blast completely destroys the glacier, and carries his master all the way back to a Northern Water Tribe building. His master sits up, and shakes his head. Cut to Roku, standing on an ice float, as he smiles. Scene changes to Roku, standing shirtless, and wearing Earth Kingdom clothing from the waist. He moves his arms in quick motions across his body to bend a large piece of earth, riding up the side of a mountain.
Roku I moved on to the Earth Kingdom.
Cut to Roku racing up the slope, as another earthbender catches up to him. Cut to a brief shot of the earthbender, before cutting back to Roku, as they compete for speed.
Roku My earthbending master, Sud, was uncompromising, stubborn, and blunt ...
The two benders race into thick brush and trees, as they disappear from view. Cut to the top of the mountain overlooking a valley.
Roku ... And a lifelong friend.
As Sud comes to the finishing point, quickly brings his landmass to a halt. He thrusts his fists into the air, cheering for himself. The look on his face changes quickly to shock when he realizes that Roku not only beat him to the top, but he also had enough time to seat himself and pour them both tea. Cut back to Sud as he smiles at his pupil. Cut to a side shot of Roku and Sud. They both drink from their teacups. Scene changes to a close-up of Roku's head dress and slowly pans down to show his face in an extreme close-up.
Roku It was bitter work ... [The camera pans back to Roku, as he moves his arms to bend the different elements.] but the results were worth it. [He starts by waterbending, before moving on to earthbending, firebending, and finally, airbending. The camera zooms out to an aerial view of Roku at the center of the four elements.]
Scene changes to Zuko, still reading Sozin's history in the chamber. An extreme close-up shows his eyes quivering with each word he reads.
Sozin Twelve long years passed before I saw my friend again. When Roku returned, he was a fully realized Avatar, and I had changed as well.
A wall of flames appears, as the scene changes to Sozin sitting in his throne room. Roku walks down a long red carpet toward Sozin.
Roku Sozin! Or should I say, Fire Lord!
Sozin [Scene changes to Sozin from below him. Serious.] Customarily, my subjects bow before greeting me. [He walks down from his throne.] But you're the exception. [He smiles and hugs Roku.]
Cut to the older Roku and Aang watching from behind.
Roku After all these years, he was still my best friend. [Scene changes to a wedding ceremony and celebration in a Fire Nation courtyard, with many guests attending. Cut to Roku, on whose right is Sozin, holding a scroll.] And a few months later, he was my best man.
Aang [As Roku lifts the veil.] Roku, it's that girl who didn't even know you're alive!
Roku Ta Min. I was persistent. [She stands up near Roku.] When love is real, it finds a way. [The attendees clap, as the newly-wed couple bow their heads. Cut to a shot of the couple from the side, as Aang and Roku watch.] And being the Avatar doesn't hurt your chances with the ladies, either.
Scene changes to Zuko.
Sozin On wedding days, we look to the future with optimism and joy. [Fade to Sozin in deep thought.] I had my own vision for a brighter future.
Cut to Roku and Ta Min receiving and thanking guests. Sozin walks up behind the couple.
Sozin [Leaning toward Ta Min.] Excuse me. May I borrow him for a moment‌?
Ta Min It's not very traditional, but, okay.
Cut to Roku and Sozin on a balcony.
Roku What's on your mind?
Sozin [Raises his fist slightly.] I've been thinking hard about the state of the world lately.
Roku [Putting his arm over Sozin's shoulder.] Sozin, it is my wedding! Have a cookie, dance with someone, lighten up!
Sozin [Smiling slightly.] I know, I know, but just hear me out. [Roku bows in agreement. Cut to a shadowed side-shot of the balcony as they walk.] Right from the start, I was destined to be Fire Lord. And although we didn't always know it, you were destined to be the Avatar. [Cut to a close-up side-shot of the two. Roku stops as Sozin continues on.] It's an amazing stroke of fate we know each other so well, isn't it? Together, we could do ... anything.
Roku [The camera pans toward Roku. Now serious.] Yeah, we could.
Sozin [Cut to a shot of the Fire Nation from the balcony.] Our nation is enjoying an unprecedented time of peace and wealth. Our people are happy, and we're so fortunate in so many ways.
Roku [Concerned.] Where are you going with this?
Sozin I've been thinking, we should share this prosperity with the rest of the world. [Cut to a shocked Roku with the camera closing in on him.] In our hands is the most successful empire in history. [Back to a close-up of Sozin.] It's time we expanded it.
Roku No! The four nations are meant to be just that: four.
Sozin [Cut to Sozin.] Roku, you haven't even stopped to consider the possibilities.
Roku [Cut to a close-up side-shot of Roku.] There are no possibilities. This is the last I want to hear [Closes his eyes.] about this. [He walks away from the balcony, with an angry expression on his face.]
Roku [His spirit speaks to Aang.] That was my first real test as the Avatar. Unfortunately, it was many years before I learned [Cut to a extreme close-up of Sozin.] that Sozin [Sozin narrows his eyes. Fade to a back-shot of Fang flying with Roku.] had gone ahead with his plan, despite my warning.
Scene changes to Roku flying over a body of water on Fang, as he approaches land. As Roku flies over, he sees an Earth Kingdom dock, but as the camera pans up, he sees an Earth Kingdom fortress with plumes of smoke rising from inside, with the Fire Nation insignia strewn over the original Earth Kingdom symbol, covering it. The camera zooms in to an extreme close-up of the Fire Nation banner. Cut to Roku who widens his eyes in shock by his discovery. Scene changes to Roku, bursting through the doors of Fire Lord Sozin's throne room with steam coming out. Cut to an overhead shot of Roku's shadow in the doorway cast on the long red carpet.
Roku [Angry.] I've seen the colonies, Sozin. [Points at Sozin.] How dare you occupy Earth Kingdom territory!
Sozin [Cut to Sozin, as Roku walks up to him.] How dare you, a citizen of the Fire Nation, address your Fire Lord this way. [Cut to a close-up of Sozin's face from the side.] Your loyalty is to our nation first. Anything less makes you a traitor.
Roku Don't do this, Sozin. Don't challenge me. It will only end badly. It's over.
As Roku turns back and starts to leave, Sozin, full of rage, jumps from his throne and delivers an immensely powerful fire stream. As the flames go out, Roku is nowhere to be seen. Sozin widens his eyes in suprise, expression becoming blank as he looks around. Suddenly, Roku bursts from the ground behind Sozin, revealing that he has burrowed into the ground with earthbending to defend from Sozin's attack. Before Sozin can turn back, Roku delivers a powerful air blast at the Fire Lord, which causes him to slam on the gates of the room. As Sozin falls down, Roku immediately earthbends a pillar of earth that lifts Sozin into the air and pins him by the back of his robes to the ceiling. Cut to a close-up of Avatar Roku, as he brings his hands together in front of his face, and enters the Avatar State. Cut to a shot of the entire throne room, as Roku breaks the pillars of the throne room. Cut to an aerial shot of the palace, as it is destroyed. Cut to Sozin, uncovering his face. Roku airbends an air spout, and raises himself to Sozin.
Roku I'm sparing you, Sozin. [Cut to a frontal shot of Roku.] I'm letting you go in the name of our past friendship. But I warn you. [Cut to a extreme close up of Roku.] Even a single step out of line will result in your permanent end.
Sozin stares at Roku, his face still full of anger. Suddenly, his expression drops, and he hangs his head in defeat. Roku turns, and rides the cyclone quickly away from Sozin. Scene changes to an aerial shot of Roku's island at night.
Roku Sozin and I didn't speak or see each other for twenty-five years after our battle. [Cut to Roku's house.] I spent most of my spare time here, at my home.
Cut to an overhead shot of an elderly Roku and Ta Min sleeping, as a loud noise awakes Roku and he leaps out from the bed, and looks through the window. Cut to a shot of the window, as large fireballs falling from the sky, and crashing into the island. Roku and his wife flee the room, but as they do so, Roku's headpiece falls to the floor, and is left behind. Roku emerges from the house to find the air filled with smoke and ash. Coughing, Roku and his wife shield their faces. A worried Roku looks at the erupting volcano in the island.
Roku Let's go! [He catches his wife's hand, and airbends smoke and ash in their way, creating a path, as both run through the path he created.]
Scene changes to the town, as the townspeople run through the streets to escape the waves of smoke and ash that now pour through the streets. Cut to Roku's home, as Fang flies up from behind the house. He narrowly escapes as an ash flow completely buries the house. Cut to a wide shot of Roku, with his face covered, leading his wife and many townspeople to safety. Ash continues to fall as we see a swell of lava ooze from the mouth of the volcano. Cut to a close-up of Roku still running. He looks to his wife, as shot cuts to her running. He lets go of her hand, and motions her to go on without him. With her arm still outstretched, she looks at him, and runs to safety. She continues to look back, desperately hoping Roku will grab her hand. Ta Min runs off with many of the townspeople. Roku turns to face the advancing smoke, and airbends a huge dome of protection around himself. Cut to the townspeople in boats, as they see the air dome. Cut to the worried faces of the people, including Ta Min. Scene changes to the volcano erupting in the island from the Fire Nation palace, as camera zooms back to show an elderly Fire Lord Sozin watching from his balcony.
Sozin Roku's island was a hundred miles away. But I could still feel it rumbling and see the black plume of smoke. I had never seen anything like this catastrophe.
Cut to Sozin's face, before cutting to an aerial shot of the volcano. Large columns of black smoke billow from the summit, as lightning strikes above the volcano and the earth rumbles from the disaster. Cut to a close-up of a landslide quickly approaching the town, destroying it completely. Roku earthbends a gigantic wall, and rides the wall to meet the falling earth, and stop it. As he succeeds in stopping it, the volcano ejects a massive wave of lava. The flow breeches the wall of earth, causing Roku to flee to the bottom of the summit. He cuts into the earth using his earthbending, creating a channel to divert the lava into the surrounding ocean, away from the town. Cut to an aerial shot of the island, as the channel fills with lava, and empties into the ocean. Cut to Roku and Aang watching the destruction from a distance.
Aang This is amazing, Roku! You're battling a volcano, and you're winning.
Roku Unfortunately, my success didn't last long, Aang. There was no way I could do it all.
Shot cuts to Roku looking up the top of the volcano. As the camera pans up and focuses on the mouth of the volcano, it violently expels another giant wave of lava. Roku runs toward the volcano, and leaps. Roku blows a powerful blast of air from his mouth at the lava, which cools and hardens, as Roku lands on it. Suddenly, a blast of poisonous gas spouts to his right, he turns and covers his face. He turns to the jet, airbending it away. Suddenly lava appears on his right, which he airbends, and quickly another jet of gases blasts to his left, and he quickly airbends it as well.
Roku [To Aang.] Battling the elements was hard enough. I had to do it while I could barely breathe. The poisonous, volcanic gases were overwhelming.
Cut to an overhead shot of the sky directly over the eruption. Lightning crashes around the crater as Fang comes, flying. The summit emits another lava fountain. Fang pulls back, narrowly escaping the blast, and roars.
Roku [Airbends a jet of gases.] It's all right Fang! [Coughs.] Get out of here! I'm fine!
Roku turns his body from side to side, and enters the Avatar State. With a powerful blow from his fist, Roku earthbends a tremor through the volcano, breaking out the back side of the crater, which lessens the lava flow. As the lava flows down, the second volcano erupts, as Roku, no longer in the Avatar State, hopelessly drops his head. Cut to a view of Roku from behind, as Sozin, on a blue dragon, appears.
Sozin Need a hand, old friend?
Roku [A surprised Roku turns back.] Sozin?
Sozin There's not a moment to waste.
Cut to an aerial view of the two volcanoes. Sozin and Roku ride on the Fire Lord's dragon's back to the second volcano. Cut to Roku bending the fire fountain down into the crater. Cut to Sozin balanced on the mouth of the vent, as he cools the lava by absorbing the heat, passing it through himself, and redirects out through his other hand. The scene pans out to show the silhouettes of the two friends, controlling the disaster. Cut to the townspeople in the boats, as they see the volcanoes erupting. Cut to a shot of Ta Min, with an anxious expression on her face. The scene cuts back to Roku and Sozin on the edge of the crater. Lightning blasts above Sozin, as the earth beneath him becomes unstable. He begins to fall back off the side of the volcano, but Roku quickly earthbends an earth shelf to catch Sozin. Stable again, Sozin looks to Roku for a moment. Suddenly, the earth violently shakes and another surge of ash and rock shoot from the crater, and the two turn to run.
Roku Don't breathe the toxic gas.
As the two run, a jet of toxic gas shoots up directly next to Sozin. Roku quickly airbends it away to protect Sozin. Suddenly gas erupts directly into Roku's face, causing him to be disoriented.
Roku [Shaking, Cut to Roku's point of view. He lifts his hands to look at them, as they blur out of focus.] It's too much.
Overwhelmed by the poisons, Roku falls to his knees. He looks up toward Sozin, and holds out his hand for help.
Roku Please.
Cut to Roku's point of view again.
Sozin Without you, all my plans are suddenly possible. [Cut to Roku.] I have a vision for the future, Roku.
Sozin's dragon appears. As Roku kneels, Sozin mounts the dragon and flies away. Cut to Roku, on the side of the volcano. He is surrounded by toxic gas, and behind him a surge of rock and ash flows swiftly toward him. Cut to a shot of the black clouds billowing from the island, as Sozin's dragon emerges from the plumes. The camera zooms to an extreme close-up of Sozin's eye. Shot cuts to Roku, from the back, still on his knees. He is coughing, and is unable to get to his feet. Fang appears from the right, and flies above him. Cut to a close-up of Roku from the side, as he looks up toward his dragon. Cut to an aerial view of the debris, rapidly approaching Avatar Roku. With the rock avalanche just moments away from swallowing Roku, Fang flies down, and wraps himself around Roku. The wave of ash and rubble cover the two completely, killing both of them. Fade to a bright light, as the camera pans to show an arched window frame. A baby's cries can be heard. The camera pans down to show a smiling born infant.
Aang Who's ... wait, that's me, isn't it? [Cut to a long shot of three Air Nomads. A nun holds up the baby to the light while two people, presumably the infant's parents, stand in the shadows.]
Roku Make sense of our past, Aang. [Cut to Roku and Aang.] And you will bring peace, and restore balance in the world. [He slowly disappears.]
Aang Roku? Roku!
Aang walks out of the flashback into whiteness as the scene changes to Zuko reading in the Dragonbone Catacombs.
Sozin With Roku gone, and the great comet returning, the timing was perfect to change the world. [Cut to Sozin, standing on a balcony, from the behind, looking at his soldiers and the Fire Navy ships.] I knew the next Avatar would be born an Air Nomad. So I wiped out the Air Temples. [Scene changes to a burning temple. The camera slowly fades into an extreme close-up of Sozin's face.] But somehow, the new Avatar eluded me. [Scene changes to Fire Navy ships searching in the polar regions.] I wasted the remainder of my life searching in vain. [Cut to underside of the ship.] I know he's hiding out there somewhere. [Camera pans below to show the iceberg Aang was trapped in.] The Fire Nation's greatest threat ... the last airbender.
Fade to a close-up of the scroll Zuko is reading.
Zuko That can't be it! Where's the rest of it? [He searches the scroll to find more information.]
Zuko puts the scroll down and stands up, as the camera pans out. Scene changes to the Fire Nation prison, where Iroh is imprisoned. Cut to Zuko from the behind, slamming the door to the cell behind him as he enters. Cut to Iroh sitting with his head down.
Zuko [Angrily.] You sent this, didn't you? I found the secret history, which by the way should be renamed history most people already know! The note said that I needed to know about my great-grandfather's death, but he was still alive in the end.
Iroh [Looking up at Zuko.] No. He wasn't.
Zuko [Confused.] What are you talking about?
Iroh You have more than one great-grandfather, Prince Zuko. Sozin was your father's grandfather. [Cut to a bewildered Zuko.] Your mother's grandfather was Avatar Roku.
Zuko [Shocked.] Why are you telling me this?
Iroh Because understanding the struggle between your two great-grandfathers can help you better understand the battle within yourself. [Zuko sits down, with his head facing down.] Evil and good are always at war inside you, Zuko. It is your nature, your legacy. But, there is a bright side. [Zuko looks up.] What happened generations ago can be resolved now, by you. Because of your legacy, you alone can cleanse the sins of our family and the Fire Nation. Born in you, along with all the strife, is the power to restore balance to the world.
Cut to a bundle inside of a brick wall. Iroh removes a brick and reaches for the bundle. Cut to Iroh slowly unwrapping the bundle, revealing the once-lost headdress, while he walks toward Zuko.
Iroh This is a royal artifact. It's supposed to be worn [Zuko stands.] by the Crown Prince.
Zuko takes the headdress from Iroh's hand, and holds the artifact, as the shot cuts to Zuko from the behind, standing outside of Iroh's cell. Iroh stands quietly, looking at his nephew. Cut to a shot of the hardened lava wave the gang had been sitting on. Cut to a shot of Sokka, Katara, and Toph all facing Aang as the camera pans down.
Katara You mean, after all Roku and Sozin went through together, even after Roku showed him mercy, Sozin betrayed him like that‌?
Toph [Cut to Toph.] It's like these people are born bad.
Aang [Cut to Aang from the side, with Sokka standing near him.] No, that's wrong. I don't think that was the point of what Roku showed me at all.
Sokka [Shrugging.] Then what was the point?
Aang [Cut to Katara, Toph and Sokka from the behind, as Aang speaks.] Roku was just as much Fire Nation as Sozin was, right? If anything, their story proves anyone's capable of great good and great evil. [Cut to an aerial shot of the hardened lava wave.] Everyone, even the Fire Lord and the Fire Nation have to be treated like they're worth giving a chance. [Shot cuts to a close-up of Aang's face.] And I also think it was about friendships.
Toph [Camera pans to Toph, and cuts to a close-up of her face.] Do you really think friendships can last more than one lifetime?
Aang [Catching Toph's hand.] I don't see why not.
Katara catches Toph's other hand.
Sokka Well, scientifically speaking, there's no way to prove that ...
Katara [Annoyed.] Oh, Sokka, just hold hands.
Sokka stops talking, and without moving, he thrusts out his hand to hold Katara's. Shot cuts to an aerial shot of Team Avatar, holding hands, and looking out toward the ocean. Fade to credits.






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