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Katara Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.
The episode opens onto the yellowing sky as the flare Aang accidentally launched in the previous episode soars lazily through the air in the distance. The camera pans downward to show the figures of Aang and Katara appearing over the horizon. The Southern Water Tribe villagers have gathered in the snow, waiting for the duo's return. Cut to a shot of Aang and Katara approaching the village and the gathered villagers that stand outside the village walls. The children become overjoyed upon seeing Aang.
Village kids [Joyfully.] Yay! Aang's back!
Some of them run over to him while the others remain cheerful in the crowd. The camera pans up from the children to the adults, revealing more stern and offended expressions. The children reach Aang and Katara, crowding around him gleefully, and Aang responds kindly. Switch to a shot of Sokka, who breaks from the line of villagers and steps forward toward Aang.
Sokka [Angrily.] I knew it! [Accusingly points a finger at Aang as he and Katara draw closer.] You signaled the Fire Navy with that flare! You're leading them straight to us, aren't you?
Katara [Protesting.] Aang didn't do anything! It was an accident.
Aang [Sheepishly, as Katara glares at Sokka.] Yeah. We were on the ship and there was this booby trap, and, well -- [Awkwardly rubs his head.] -- we booby-ed right into it.
Kanna [Worriedly.] Katara, you shouldn't have gone on that ship! Now we could all be in danger!
Aang [Sorrowfully.] Don't blame Katara. I brought her there. It's my fault.
Sokka [Angry and triumphant, having found an excuse.] Aha! The traitor confesses! Warriors, away from the enemy. [The children begin to sadly walk away.] The foreigner is banished from our village.
Katara [Irritably, clenching her fists.] Sokka, you're making a mistake.
Sokka [Stubbornly persisting in his anger.] No, I'm keeping my promise to Dad. [Pointing to Aang.] I'm protecting you, from threats like him!
Katara [Angrily.] Aang is not our enemy! [Continues in a calm, soothing voice.] Don't you see? Aang's brought us something we haven't had in a long time: fun.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Fun?! We can't fight firebenders with fun!
Aang [Optimistically.] You should try it sometime.
Sokka [Angrily.] Get out of our village! Now!
Katara [Pleading.] Grandmother, please. Don't let Sokka do this!
Kanna [Gravely.] Katara, you knew going on that ship was forbidden. Sokka is right. I think it best if the airbender leaves.
Katara [Outraged.] Fine! Then I'm banished, too! [Drags Aang away.] Come on Aang, let's go.
Sokka [Demanding.] Where do you think you're going?
Katara [Angrily.] To find a waterbender. Aang is taking me to the North Pole.
Aang [Confusedly.] I am? [Brightening.] Great!
Sokka Katara! Would you really choose him over your tribe? [Shows shot of the entire Southern Water Tribe.] Your own family?
A side-view-shot shows that Katara had stopped in her tracks, right between Appa and her tribe. Close-up of Katara, who looks down sorrowfully as Aang approaches her with a sad look upon his face.
Aang [Understanding.] Katara, I don't want to come between you and your family.
Katara [Upset.] So, you're leaving the South Pole? [In a quieter tone.] This is goodbye?
Aang Thanks for penguin sledding with me.
Katara [Still in that quiet tone.] Where will you go?
Aang Guess I'll go back home and look for the airbenders. [He places one hand on Appa, but is suddenly struck with realization.] Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in a hundred years. Not looking forward to that. [He uses his airbending to hop onto Appa's head.] It was nice meeting everyone.
Sokka [Sarcastically, with arms crossed.] Let's see your bison fly now, air boy.
Aang [Encouragingly.] Come on Appa, you can do it. Yip-yip!
Aang flicks the reins, but Appa merely rises and growls.
Sokka [Mockingly.] Yeah, I thought so!
Southern Water Tribe girl [Runs from crowd to stand next to Katara with tears in her eyes.] Ahhh! [Close-up.] Aang, don't go! I'll miss you!
Aang [Sadly.] I'll miss you, too. [Looks at Katara, who frowns back at him, her eyes saddened while her hair loopies sway in the wind.] Come on, boy.
Appa turns and plods away, disappearing over the hill. The young girl sighs and trudges back to the village, while Katara remains standing in the snow. Kanna walks up to her granddaughter.
Kanna [Consoling tone.] Katara, you'll feel better after you- [Katara quickly turns around and cuts her off.]
Katara [Rounding on Kanna and interrupting her, her voice full of empassioned rage.] You happy now? [Gestures in the direction Aang took off.] There goes my one chance at becoming a waterbender!
She marches away furiously, leaving Kanna looking saddened. Meanwhile, Sokka coaches the young boys to prepare for battle just outside the village.
Sokka All right, ready our defenses! The Fire Nation could be on our shores any moment now!
Southern Water Tribe boy [Stopping and dancing around.] But I gotta ...
Sokka [Authoritatively, a twinge of annoyance in his voice; he points onward, ushering the boy in that direction.] And no potty breaks!
The scene changes to a snowy landscape dotted by several ice formations. The camera pans to the right, where Aang and Appa are resting in an ice formation, Appa lying lazily on his back in the lower section and Aang resting above him. Appa grunts.
Aang [Sorrowfully.] Yeah, I liked her too. [Catches sight of Fire Nation ship advancing toward the Southern Water Tribe; gasps.] The village! [He slides off the ice formation onto the ground.] Appa, wait here.
Appa responds by merely grunting lazily. The scene changes to where Sokka prepares for battle inside a Water Tribe tent. He dons gloves, boots, bindings, and applies face paint. After necessary preparations, he puts his boomerang away on his back.

The scene changes to Zuko's ship, where servants are seen helping the Fire Nation prince to put on his Fire Nation outfit, complete with a red helmet ending in a sharp point. Through all this, Zuko never moves a muscle.

Cut back to Sokka kneeling inside the tent, grabbing his club. He glances at a candle that flickers as he exits.

The scene cuts to an overhead shot of the village, the camera panning upward to the low-stooping wall surrounding the town. Sokka is seen standing atop the wall, overlooking the foggy horizon. Cut back to a shot of the village where a mother is seen squatting beside her child, but she suddenly jerks up upon hearing a loud, cracking noise. Her son gasps for air and the surrounding villagers also turn around in fright to see what the source of the noise was. Kanna, sitting on a log by a camp fire, rises and gasps for air. Suddenly, the ground begins to quake and a rumbling sound is heard in the distance. Kanna gasps louder this time and her face contorts in horror. Switch to a shot of Sokka's feet where bits of the wall are cracking and breaking off. A mother carrying her child slowly backs away in fright. A watchtower on the wall is shaking under the pressure of the trembling, and completely collapses.

Sokka [Disappointed at the tower's collapse.] Oh man!
Cut to a shot of inside the village where the citizens are beginning to flee from the scene. Katara runs up and looks up at her brother still standing atop the wall, and her look turns to one of horror. Cut to a shot of the wall from her perspective; an enormous shadow of the bow of Zuko's ship comes into view. Camera closes in on Sokka's face.
Sokka [Horrified.] Oh maaan ...
A side-view of the ship approaching the village, cutting through the icy sea. Switch to a shot of Kanna standing in the snow, looking up in terror at the vessel while backing up slightly. Villagers pass her in their haste to get to safety and the shadow of the large ships descends over her. Cut to a close-up of the ship's bow as it plows through the snowy shores, splintering the ground. Sokka looks up, terrified by the large ship. The ship's approach creates a large crack that quickly travels toward the village and over the wall. Cut to Katara helping her grandmother into a tent, when she hears a frightened scream. She gasps in terror when she realizes that the sound came from a small boy, kneeling on the ground. The fissure is rapidly approaching him, but Katara quickly runs over and scoops up the child before the ground splinters underneath. She sets the child down again in front of a tent which he quickly enters, and Katara turns back to view her brother.
Katara [Hysterically.] Sokka, get out of the way!
Cut to a shot of Sokka standing on the wall, the bow of the ship plowing through the snow. Sokka raises his club in defense, ready to strike. Before he can make his move, however, the bow crumbles a large portion of the wall into snowy ruins. The snow slides downward, pushing Sokka several feet back before he lands to a halt. With a loud hiss of steam, the ship has come to a halt as well. Switch to an overview shot of the entire village.

Cut back to the villagers, who now curiously come out of hiding and are staring in complete shock at the large vessel. The camera pans to the right toward Katara, who is looking at the ship with her mouth open; she gasps. Sokka also gasps when he catches sight of the bow of the ship opening and creaking forward in a burst of steam, forming a walkway. He backs up and falls to the ground once the bow hits the ground with a loud thud. The villagers gather closer around for support and several people even cover their eyes. Katara takes a step back upon noticing the shape of three figures cloaked in the mist.

Cut to the top of the walkway, where Prince Zuko emerges from the mist, two guards following close behind him. Cut to the villagers huddled together and Sokka, who kneels in the snow in front of them, ready to defend his tribe. The camera cuts to shot of the top of the walkway and pans downward. Prince Zuko descends from the ship along with the two guards. Sokka lets out a battle cry and charges at the prince with his club to the ready. Switch to a side-view of the walkway, where now even more soldiers trudge down while Sokka is traveling his way upward. When he reaches Zuko, the prince merely kicks the club to his left and, without ever resting his leg on the ground, kicks Sokka over to his right, sending him into the snow, where his head becomes trapped. The warrior desperately tries to free himself as Zuko continues on his way to the village, followed by six more men. Katara covers her mouth in shock upon witnessing her brother's quick defeat.

Shift to a shot of the villagers, as Zuko and his men stand before them. Zuko approaches. He passes to the right when he does not seem to find what he is looking for and stops in front of Katara, who is clutching Kanna.

Zuko [Angrily.] Where are you hiding him?
Zuko surveys the crowd of villagers, who fall completely silent. Without warning, he extends his arm out into the crowd and grabs Kanna, holding her by the hood of her parka.
Zuko [Shaking Kanna; annoyed.] He'd be about this age, master of all elements?
He shoves Kanna forcefully back into the crowd. The elderly woman shudders in fear and embraces Katara, while Katara shoots an angry glare at Zuko. Receiving no response, Zuko swings his arm out and releases an arc of fire that passes just over the heads of the people, causing them to cover their heads and cry out in fear.
Zuko [Angrily.] I know you're hiding him!
Cut to a shot of Sokka's club lying in the snow. Sokka runs over and picks it up, most of his war paint having come off at this point. He lets out another battle cry as he charges toward the prince. Cut to a shot of Zuko, his back facing the camera. He swiftly turns around just as Sokka approaches. He ducks under Sokka's wide swing and hurls the warrior forward. Sokka lands on his rear in the snow and is quickly forced to dart from his spot when Zuko fires a blast at him. He spins to the side and tosses his boomerang at the enemy who barely manages to miss getting hit by the weapon. Zuko growls and glares at Sokka in anger at the near hit; he follows the course of the weapon until it vanishes before looking back at Sokka in anger. One of the village boys tosses Sokka a spear.
Village boy Show no fear!
Sokka handily catches the weapon and charges at Zuko once more. The camera cuts to a shot from Sokka's perspective as he faces him head-on. Zuko breaks of pieces of the spear with his forearms, pulls the remains of the weapon out of Sokka's hands and pokes him thrice in the head with the blunt end. Sokka falls to the ground as Zuko snaps the spear in two and tosses the pieces to the ground on both of his sides. Cut to shot of Sokka, who rubs his head in pain, before switching back to a head shot of Zuko. A sparkle of light shines briefly in the distance and Sokka's boomerang spins into view, unnoticed by Zuko. The weapon strikes Zuko on the back of his helmet with a loud cling; he is momentarily pushed forward by the unexpected blow. Zuko rearranges his helmet and growls at Sokka. The boomerang has plummeted into the ground in front of Sokka's feet. Enraged, Zuko readies two fire daggers.

Cut to shot of Aang, who is seen rapidly riding on a penguin toward the battle scene. He holds his glider horizontal on the animal and he has a determined look on his face. His tongue is out of his mouth in pure concentration. Cut to shot of Zuko's backside. The camera closes in on Zuko as Aang takes his feet out from underneath him, tossing Zuko off his feet; speeding past, Aang soars into the air as the prince lands on his face, his legs in the air. He spins around a few times before coming to a halt in front of his men, his helmet landing on his rear as they watch.

Cut to a shot of cheering villagers, as Aang rides speedily toward them, still mounted on the penguin. Cut to shot of the children, who cheer upon his arrival. They are showered in snow as Aang rides past, however, after giving each other silent, unamused looks for a few seconds, they begin cheering once again, shaking the snow off. Switch to a shot of a group of several other villagers, including Kanna, Katara, and Sokka. Aang comes to a halt before them. The penguin crawls out from under him, tossing him off. Aang falls on his rear, blinking stupidly. Aang smiles at the penguin when the animal quacks at him before waddling away.

Aang [Cheerfully, despite the present situation.] Hey, Katara. Hey, Sokka.
Sokka [Moodily.] Hi, Aang. Thanks for coming.
Aang looks back at the Fire Nation soldiers, where Zuko just got back on his feet again. Upon his signal, his men spread out, surrounding Aang while Zuko assumes a fighting stance. Shift to an overhead shot of Aang assuming a fighting stance as well, his staff held firmly in front of him as he is being surrounded by the soldiers. He sweeps the ground side-to-side with his staff, showering the men with snow. He subsequently slams the ground, sending a rush of snow at Zuko who braces for the impact. After being sprayed with snow, and heating it up so it would melt off, Zuko looks up angrily.
Aang Looking for me?
Zuko [Shocked.] You're the airbender? You're the Avatar?
Aang resumes his fighting stance. Switch to a close-up of the siblings.
Katara [Surprised.] Aang?
Sokka [Bewildered.] No way!
Overview shot of Zuko and Aang moving about in a circular pattern, both awaiting the attack of the other.
Zuko I've spent years preparing for this encounter. Training, meditating. [Angrily.] You're just a child!
Aang [Calmly, tilting his head to one side with a somewhat confused expression.] Well, you're just a teenager.
Zuko launches a series of fire blasts at Aang in anger at the remark, who defends himself by twirling his staff, dissipating the flames. Cut to overhead shot of the area, Zuko attacking Aang, the villagers watching directly behind him. Zuko fires another blast at Aang, who twirls his staff once again to ward the attack off. Cut to a shot of the villagers, who cower as the flames stream through the air over their heads. Aang widens his eyes in horror at the sight of the frightened villagers and immediately ceases to defend himself.
Aang If I go with you, [He holds his staff in front of him as an offer, making sure Zuko understands that he does not wish to continue fighting.] will you promise to leave everyone alone?
The camera cuts to a side-view of the area, Zuko's men still surrounding him, spears poised. After a brief moment of hesitation, Zuko erects himself and nods in agreement. Aang is apprehended by Zuko's men, who take his staff. Katara runs forward as they lead Aang away.
Katara [Sadly.] No! Aang, don't do this!
Aang [Surprisingly calm.] Don't worry, Katara. It'll be okay. [He gasps when he is shoved on the walkway. Katara's face contorts with sadness and fright.] Take care of Appa for me until I get back.
Zuko [Boarding the ship up the walkway. Determined.] Head a course for the Fire Nation. I'm going home.
Cut to a shot of the villagers looking up at the ship, Aang standing at the top of walkway. Switch to a more up-close shot of him smiling weakly, surrounded by Fire Nation soldiers. Cut to shot of Katara who looks up, tears in her eyes, before changing back to a shot of Aang who now frowns as the bow rises and closes. The screen blacks out as the bow is locked into place with a thud.

The scene changes to later in the day; an overview shot of the village reveals the wreckage the ship, now gone, has left behind. A woman drops a pile of firewood onto the ground next to a camp fire in a rather melancholy manner. Several villagers surround the collapsed wall, surveying the damage and trying to repair the collapsed watch tower by digging it out. Several others work together to help put up a fallen tent. Cut to shot of the Southern shores where Katara is standing on the edge in the distance. The camera closes in on where she is standing.

Katara [Sokka is seen in the background, carrying a pack as she speaks on a determined tone.] We have to go after that ship, Sokka. Aang saved our tribe, now we have to save him.
Sokka Katara, I --
Katara [Making arm gestures to emphasize her words while she speaks in an objective tone.] Why can't you realize that he's on our side? [Cuts to shot of her and her brother, her back to the screen.] If we don't help him, no one will. I know you don't like Aang, but we owe him and --
Sokka [Cutting her off.] Katara! [Slightly annoyed.] Are you gonna talk all day, or are you comin' with me?
Sokka gestures to a canoe floating in the water. Katara immediately grins and gasps in happiness.
Katara [Running over to her brother.] Sokka! [She gives him a hug.]
Sokka [Inviting.] Get in, we're going to save your boyfriend.
Katara [Annoyed.] He's not my --
Sokka [Shrugging, nonchalant.] Whatever.
Kanna [Accusingly.] What do you two think you're doing?
The two siblings turn around, look at her and try to act as innocently as possible; Sokka grins broadly.
Kanna [Smiling warmly.] You'll need these. [Kanna holds up their sleeping bags.] You have a long journey ahead of you. [The siblings glance at each other in surprise. Kanna walks over to face Katara.] It's been so long since I've had hope, but you brought it back to life, my little waterbender. [Hugs Katara and who at the end takes the sleeping back out of her hands; to Sokka.] And you, my brave warrior, be nice to your sister.
Sokka [Kanna hugs Sokka, who, slightly embarrassed, pats her back.] Yeah, okay Gran. [He smiles broadly when she releases him.]
Kanna Aang is the Avatar. He's the world's only chance. You both found him for a reason. Now your destinies are intertwined with his.
The two siblings look at each other uneasily.
Katara [Pointing at the ready canoe.] There's no way we're going to catch a warship with a canoe.
The camera pans up to reveal Appa appearing over an icy hill on the horizon. He makes his presence known by growling.
Katara [Brightly.] Appa! [Begins running toward the bison.]
Sokka [Annoyed.] You just looove taking me out of my comfort zone, don't you?
The scene changes, showing a side-view of Zuko's ship as it makes its way through the icy waters. Aang, Zuko, Iroh and some of Zuko's men are standing on deck. Aang's hands are bound behind his back while Zuko holds Aang's staff.
Zuko This staff will make an excellent gift for my father. [Inspects the staff further.] I suppose you wouldn't know of fathers, being raised by monks. [To his soldiers.] Take the Avatar to the prison hold, [Handing the staff to Iroh.] and take this to my quarters.
Iroh takes the staff and looks at it for a moment while Zuko walks away.
Iroh [Turns to one of Zuko's men and gives him the staff; casually.] Hey, you mind taking this to his quarters for me?
The firebender accepts the staff and Iroh walks away. Aang is pushed forward by two of the soldiers and he grunts as they roughly shove him ahead. A side-view shows how Aang is being taken below while Iroh and the firebender carrying Aang's staff are walking toward a door leading to the upper decks. A close-up of Aang as his group begins descending a staircase leading to compartment beneath the deck. Cut to a shot from Aang's point of view as he descends the staircase, the outside world disappearing from view. He tries to keep an eye on his staff for as long as possible.

The scene switches for a moment to an overview shot of the ship as it makes its way through the water, flanked by large icebergs, before changing back to the cuffed Aang walking through a corridor on the lower deck. He walks down a corridor, one soldier before him, one following after him.

Aang [Slyly.] So, I guess you've never fought an airbender before. I bet I can take you both with my hands tied behind my back.
Firebender [Unamused.] Silence.
The party stops and Aang observes the soldier in front of him preparing to unlock a door. As the guard in front of him begins to unlock the cell, Aang inhales deeply and unleashes a powerful breath, stunning both of them. The firebender before him slams into the door subsequently knocked out from the impact. Aang is sent several feet back, slamming into the guard behind him. They both fly back even further, where they crash into the stairs. The soldier behind Aang is also knocked out by the impact, while Aang propels himself onto the deck and kicks open a door using airbending. He quickly runs down the hallway, panting heavily. He tosses a frightened look over his shoulder, afraid that he is being followed. Cut to a shot of the helmsman overlooking the deck. A soldier emerges from the lower deck and addresses him.
Firebender The Avatar has escaped!
The helmsman immediately turns around and runs off the screen.

The scene changes to on overview shot of the seas where Katara and Sokka sit atop Appa, who still has not gone airborne, but is instead swimming in the water. The camera moves closer and Appa growls. Katara is sitting on top of Appa's head, while Sokka rests in the saddle.

Sokka [Unamused.] Go. Fly. [Katara glances annoyed at her brother.] Soar.
Katara [Pleading as Appa growls again.] Please, Appa. We need your help. Aang needs your help.
Sokka [Blandly.] Up. Ascend. Elevate.
Katara Sokka doesn't believe you can fly, but I do, Appa. [Strokes Appa.] Come on, don't you want to save Aang? [Appa grunts.]
Sokka What was it that kid said? Yee-haw? Hup-hup? Wah-hoo? Uh ... Yip-yip?
Sokka startles at the sudden movement that last command brought with it as it seemingly prompts Appa. Cut to a shot of his head bobbing in the water as he grunts and beats the water with his tail. After what appears to be a brief running start, he takes flight and soars through the air.
Katara [Thrilled.] You did it, Sokka!
Sokka [Ecstatically looking over the rim of the saddle.] He's flying! He's flying! Katara, he's -
Cuts to shot of Katara, who smirks at her brother. Seeing this, Sokka tries to play it cool.
Sokka [Sheepishly.] I mean, big deal. He's flying. [Brightens quickly.]
Shows a shot of Appa rising higher into the sky.

The scene changes back to the Fire Nation ship, where Aang is frantically running through the corridors. He stops in his tracks and yells when he encounters three soldiers standing with swords drawn in the middle of the corridor.

Aang You haven't seen my staff around, have you?
The three men prepare to attack him, but before they can make a move, Aang sprints across the hallway at the speed of wind, along the floor and the walls, spiraling in circular patterns past the soldiers, through their legs, and manages to escape, leaving the soldiers looking dumbfounded.
Aang [Off camera.] Thanks anyway!
He continues racing through the hallways of the ship and encounters a single guard when he rose another deck. The soldier fires a blast at Aang, who leaps forward. A slow-motion shot depicts Aang somersaulting over the soldier and using the sharp tip of his helmet to cut his bindings, thus freeing him. The soldier falls over from the impact and Aang proceeds down the hall. The young Avatar races through the interior, opening two doors leading to various compartments of the ship. Upon opening the third door, he finds Iroh sleeping blissfully, snoring. He begins closing the door, his mouth still visible through the crack.
Aang [Whispering.] Sorry!
Cut to the interior of another room, the entranceway open wide. Aang is seen running past the doorway only to slow down and trace his way back upon catching sight of his glider. Close-up of his face that brightens upon recognition of the object, and he dashes through the open door.
Aang My staff!
Aang enters the room, the door closing behind him. Cut to the interior of the room, where Zuko stands by the door, having clearly waited to corner Aang. Aang looks surprised upon hearing the sound of the closing door. He turns around, his face falling upon seeing the prince standing in the room.
Zuko Looks like I underestimated you.
After a slight pause, Zuko assumes a fighting stance and fires a blast at Aang, who yells and narrowly avoids the attack. Zuko fires again, forcing Aang into the corner of the room. Cut to Aang, who pants heavily from alarm. Zuko fires once more; Aang spins around out of the corner and against the back wall. He ducks to avoid another fire blast. Cut to Zuko standing in the middle of the room, Aang managing to roll over directly behind his opponent. Aang deftly manages to stay behind Zuko, utilizing circle-walking. Zuko spins around, desperately attempting to land a blow.

The scene cuts to a shot of the deck and cabin of the ship, the window of the room where the battle is occurring illuminating two consecutive times from the fire blasts. Cut back to inside the room, where Aang uses airbending to try and deter another one of Zuko's attacks by catching his flames in a current of air. After extinguishing yet another one of his attacks, Aang uses Zuko as a stepping stone. He pushes himself off against his head and creates an air scooter in mid-air that he uses to ride around the room and over the walls and ceiling, as Zuko resumes attacking.

He avoids Zuko's repeated attacks; however, the prince manages to dissipate the air scooter by shattering it with a flame arc. Aang is smacked against the wall underneath a hanging tapestry. He quickly pushes himself up under the tapestry to avoid another fire blast. When he emerges at the top, he grabs the tapestry off its hooks and wraps it around Zuko's body, tangling him momentarily. This brief intermission gives Aang enough time to grab his glider and he turns around to face his opponent, pointing the end of the staff at Zuko, who destroys the tapestry with firebending. Zuko assumes a fighting stance, while Aang looks on with alarm. Cut to shot of the entire room, as Aang uses airbending to propel a mattress lying in a corner toward Zuko. The mattress slams into the Fire Nation prince, sending him colliding into the wall, before falling onto the mattress. Aang propels the mattress upward, sending Zuko slamming into the ceiling of the room. Aang makes a break for it before the mattress touches the ground again. Zuko and the mattress fall to the floor, and Zuko remains lying face down upon it. Cut to shot of Zuko, who raises his head and glances around the empty room, fuming.

Cut to the main control room of the ship. The wheel of the hatch located toward the back of the room begins spinning rapidly. The hatch opens with a small tornado of air and Aang emerges. Cut to a shot of the rest of the control room, a man at the helm. Cut to Aang, who leaps from the hatch and runs across the room, leaping over a table and past the man who looks up in surprise. He exits the room and runs onto the upper deck of the ship. Cut to an overhead shot of the upper deck as Aang happily spreads his arms and welcomes the fresh air. He throws his staff over the balcony which opens into a glider and begins soaring away. He appears successful until Zuko appears on screen, leaping forward, his arms extended outward. While yelling, Zuko manages to grab hold of Aang's ankle. Cut to shot of Aang, whose expression of triumph turns into one of despair as he begins losing altitude, struggling to maintain the weight of the extra, unexpected person.

The two plummet down to the lower deck of the ship and land with a crash. They bounce a few times before coming to a halt. Aang's glider closes again to a staff. Both lie on the deck for a moment. Close-up of Zuko's eyes, as they narrow in anger. Zuko begins rising, a look of persistence on his face. Aang rises and assumes a fighting stance, looking very unsure of himself. Before the fight could begin, Appa's growl distracts both fighters. Aang averts his gaze and catches sight of Appa heading toward the ship.

Zuko [Shocked.] What is that?
The scene cuts to a shot of Appa, Katara and Sokka mounted on his saddle.
Aang [Ecstatic.] Appa!
He turns around to face Zuko and manages to deflect a firebending attack by spinning his glider around like a baton. However, he propels himself by accident into the air and lands on the ledge of the deck. He leans precariously over the side, unsteadily balancing himself, but manages to regain his balance only for Zuko to fire another blast at him. He twirls his glider again to deflect the attack. Two more blasts are fired his way before he loses his grip on his glider and the object spins away. The staff falls several feet away. Aang ducks, spins and leaps out of the way of blasts and lands on the very ledge, struggling to keep his balance. Zuko hurls more fire blasts his way. Aang holds up his hands in defense, but the last blast seemingly knocks him out cold and he falls backward off the ship into the water, where he slowly sinks. Cuts to shot of Katara riding atop Appa.
Katara [Horrified.] Aang! No!
Cuts to shot of Aang, as he sinks further underwater.
Katara [Voice-over.] Aang! Aang! Aang!
Cuts to close-up of Aang, his eyes closed, seemingly unconscious. Suddenly his eyes open, glowing a bright white, along with his arrow tattoos, and he frowns angrily. He steadies himself in the water and begins swiveling around, a waterspout forming around him. He rockets upward and erupts from the surface, riding a humongous spinning water vortex.

Cut to a shot of Zuko's ship being overshadowed by the waterspout. Switch to a bird's-eye view of the deck, Aang appearing on screen atop the vortex. Zuko looks up in horror. Cut to a shot of the upper deck as Aang lands, summoning the water behind him. Camera closes up on him, his eyes and tattoos still glowing, as he brings his hands around behind his head. The water swirls around him, forming a protective circle, before spreading outward, knocking Zuko and several soldiers off their feet. Cut to a shot of the side of the ship as Zuko falls over the edge and shouts in surprise. Switch to Sokka and Katara leaning over the side of Appa's saddle watching in shock.

Katara [Shocked.] Did you see what he just did?!
Sokka [Impressed.] Now that was some waterbending!
Cut back to Aang on the deck, as he collapses onto the ground from exhaustion, his eyes and tattoos ceasing to glow. Appa growls and lands on the deck. Katara and Sokka slide down and quickly run toward the unconscious Avatar.
Katara [Worried.] Aang! Are you okay?
She kneels down, holding Aang with Sokka following close behind.
Aang [Weakly.] Hey, Katara. Hey, Sokka. Thanks for coming.
Sokka Well, I couldn't let you have all the glory.
Aang [Weakly.] I dropped my staff.
Sokka [Rising.] Got it!
Sokka runs over, grabs a hold of the glider and lifts it only to see Zuko's hand firmly gripping the other end. Sokka appears horrified as Zuko attempts to pull himself upward onto the deck. The two struggle for a bit before Sokka pokes Zuko repeatedly in the head with the end of the staff the way Zuko did earlier with him. Zuko grunts and falls backward as he lets go of the staff. He falls off the side of the ship, but manages to grasp the anchor chain.
Sokka [Triumphantly.] Ha! That's from the Water Tribe!
The scene switches over to Appa, who rises from a puddle of water after Katara helped Aang to climb atop his head. Katara still stands beside the large beast while Aang lies on top of his head. Cut to three soldiers, who rise after being knocked down by Aang's water attack and menacingly approach her. Katara takes a step back and slowly and precariously bends a stream of water from the puddle, causing the men to slow down and gasp in surprise. She swings her arms around in an attempt to whip them, however, only succeeds in freezing a channel of water behind her on the deck, encasing Sokka's legs in ice in the process.
Sokka [Complaining.] Katara!
The soldiers resume their approach. Katara turns around, her back facing them and draws another stream of water. She closes her eyes tightly, swings her arms behind her and turns around to see one of the soldiers completely frozen in a casing of ice, his arm extended outward to her, still twitching in effort to grab her. She backs away slowly, but turns around and quickly runs toward Appa. She begins mounting Appa, while Sokka is trying to cut himself free by smashing his icy chains with his boomerang.
Katara [Urgently.] Hurry up, Sokka!
Sokka [Muttering to himself, as he uses his boomerang to chip the ice.] I'm just a guy, with a boomerang. [He frees his left foot.] I didn't ask for all this flying and magic! [He manages to break free and races up Appa's tail.] Yip-yip! Yip-yip!
Sokka mounts Appa, who grunts and takes flight, flying past the cabin of the ship. Iroh emerges on deck, having just woken up from a nap.
Iroh [Rubbing eyes and staring up at Appa in surprise.] Duh? Huh?
Cut to Appa, who soars away from the ship, while Iroh helps Zuko, grunting angrily with effort, to heft himself back onto the deck.
Zuko [Angrily.] Shoot them down!
Cut to an overview shot of Appa gaining altitude before switching back to Zuko and Iroh standing on deck. Together, they synchronize a firebending move and fire a powerful blast at the bison. Sokka and Katara stare at the incoming attack in horror, while Aang leaps onto the saddle. He opens the small tail wing of his staff and swings his glider around, using a powerful swipe of air to redirect the fireball into a nearby cliff side. The impact causes an avalanche of snow and ice to begin falling. Cut to Zuko, who looks up in horror at the event, raising one arm protectively. The front of the ship becomes buried in a mass of snow and ice, while Appa climbs higher and higher. Switch to a scene of the trio, who laugh as they escape successfully. Aang waves goodbye as Appa disappears around the cliff.

Switch to an overview shot of the ship with its bow stuck in the ice. Close-up of Zuko, who is seen bending over in rage on the deck with Iroh erecting himself in the background.

Iroh [Calmly.] Good news for the Fire Lord. The Fire Nation's greatest threat is just a little kid.
Zuko lifts his head and rises while his uncle is speaking.
Zuko [Holding back rage.] That "kid", Uncle, just did this. [Cuts to a shot of the damaged ship, the whole front covered in ice and snow.] I won't underestimate him again. [Yells his order to the soldiers and points at the piles of snow.] Dig the ship out and follow them!
Shift to a shot of three Fire Nation soldiers using their firebending to melt the icy encasings coating the three soldiers who were Katara's victims.
Zuko [Slightly embarrassed.] As soon as you're done with that.
Camera closes up on Zuko eyes as he looks up in anger and determination.

The scene changes to an overview shot of the clouds. Cut to a side-view of Appa, who soars lazily in the sky while the sun is beginning to set. Aang is perched on the rim of the saddle, while Sokka and Katara sit at the back of it.

Katara [Bewildered.] How did you do that?! With the water? It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen!
Aang [Quietly, slightly downcast, sitting on the edge of the saddle.] I don't know. I just sort of ... did it.
Katara [Curious, but serious.] Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?
Aang Because ... [Turns away slightly; saddened.] I never wanted to be.
Cut to a shot of the entire team sitting on Appa's saddle, as a dark cloud passes overhead, shadowing their figures. Cut to a wider shot of Appa flying in the sky, shafts of sunlight streaming through the clouds. Switch back to a closer shot, showing Aang in front, looking downcast over the side with Sokka and Katara in the background.
Katara But Aang, the world's been waiting for the Avatar to return and finally put an end to this war.
Aang [Downcast.] And how am I going to do that?
Katara According to legend, you need to first master water, then earth, then fire, right?
Aang [Looking at Katara.] That's what the monks told me.
Katara [Brightening a bit.] Well, if we go to the North Pole, you can master waterbending!
Aang [Turning to face her, smiling and brightening up completely.] We can learn it together!
Katara [Faces her brother; cheerfully.] And Sokka, I'm sure you'll get to knock some firebender heads on the way.
Sokka [Content.] I'd like that. I'd reeally like that.
Katara [Optimistically.] Then we're in this together!
Aang [Cheerfully, pulling out a rolled up scroll.] All right, but before I learn waterbending, we have some serious business to attend to. [He uses airbending to situate himself onto the saddle and unrolls the scroll, revealing a map of the Avatar World.] Here, here and here.
While stating this, he points to three locations, two in the Earth Kingdom, one in Air Nomad territory.
Katara [Curiously.] What's there? [Points to one of the locations.]
Aang [Points to the location in Earth Kingdom.] Here, we'll ride the hopping llamas. [Points to the location in Air Nomad territory.] Then waaay over here, we'll surf on the backs of giant koi fish. [Katara and Sokka stare at him in wonder.] Then back over here, we'll ride the hog monkeys. [The siblings glance at each other.] They don't like people riding them, but that's what makes it fun!
Close-up of Aang, as he smiles enthusiastically, his eyes widened with excitement. Cut to a wide shot of Appa flying peacefully in the sky, sunbeams breaking through the clouds behind him.
Fade to credits.






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