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Tarrlok [Speaking at a news conference.] Although the Hundred Year War has long passed, we are not living in a time of peace. [Voice-over.] These revolutionaries who call themselves "Equalists" are not interested in equality at all. They just want to wage war against benders. [Moves to a shot of the Bending Arena exploding.] Chief Beifong was supposed to protect Republic City, but she was powerless to stop Amon's attack on the arena. She has failed us all. If we are to survive these dire times, our law enforcement needs new leadership.
The episode opens to an overhead shot of the Pro-bending Arena. The glass dome is broken in places and construction scaffolding is in place around it. Some cars are parked near the entrance, which is blocked off by a police barricade. The view shifts to show Korra, who rides up on Naga to the entrance, jumps off, and ducks under the yellow tape. In their apartment, Mako puts a red shirt into a box.
Mako I still can't believe they're shutting this place down.
Bolin [Distantly.] Yeah. We had some good memories here, didn't we?
Korra [Excitedly while running up the stairs.] Guys! Great news. You don't have to go back on the streets. I talked to Tenzin and made all the arrangements. You can come live on Air Temple Island with me!
Mako Oh, we'd love to, but ...
Bolin [Camera pans to him; happily.] Asami already invited us to live in her dad's giant mansion! [Korra is shown with a disappointed expression.] From here on out, it's gonna be the lap of luxury for us.
Behind Korra, Asami enters holding Pabu.
Asami [Korra sports an irritated look.] Oh hey, Korra, I was hoping you would stop by. [Lets go of Pabu and climbs down the ladder.]
Korra I was just leaving. [To Mako and Bolin, waving.] So, I guess I'll see you guys around, some time.
Asami Why not tomorrow? I'd love to have you come visit the estate.
Korra I don't know. I have some ... Avatar stuff to do.
Bolin [Holding up Pabu and talks as him with a high-pitched voice and an accent; waves Pabu in front of his face so that it looks like Pabu is talking.] Come on, Korra. [Pabu waves his paw.] We all deserve a little rest and relaxation after all this craziness. We could swim in Asami's pool. [Pabu does a swimming stroke with his paws.] It'll be fun!
Korra [Laughs.] All right, Pabu.
Asami [Walks next to Mako and Bolin, waving.] Great, we'll see you tomorrow.
Korra goes back down the stairs while Asami, Mako, and Bolin, who is still using Pabu as a puppet, wave goodbye. The scene cuts to a flock of lizard crows. A police truck driving by disrupts the flock and rides through a factory entrance. Metalbender cops break through the windows and rip open crates to find Equalist propaganda and electrical gloves.
Lin Looks like our intel was good.
Saikhan There's enough evidence here to bury Cabbage Corp for an eternity.
Lin looks away. The scene shifts to outside the Cabbage Corp building with a statue of the cabbage merchant in front, reporters shout questions to Lin.
Lau Gan-Lan [A belligerent Lau Gan-Lan is being escorted out by Saikhan and taken into custody.] This is an outrage! I'm innocent!
Saikhan [Blankly.] Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say ...
Reporter Is it true that Cabbage Corp is conspiring with the Equalists?
Lin The evidence points in that direction, but the investigation is ongoing. For the time being, we have frozen Mr. Gan-Lan's assets and are closing Cabbage Corp.
Lau Gan-Lan [Yelling with tears in his eyes.] No! Not my Cabbage Corp! [Lau Gan-Lan is dragged away by two officers, and put in the police vehicle.]
Cut to an outside shot of the police headquarters. The camera cuts to Korra's boots and pans down to her reflection on the floor.
Tahno [Tired and sadly.] Hey, Korra. [The shot changes to Korra looking at Tahno sitting on a bench.]
Korra [Surprised.] Tahno?
Tahno is seen with his hair a mess and bags under his eyes, still saddened over losing his bending to Amon. Korra sits down on the bench beside Tahno.
Korra Listen, I know we're not exactly best friends, but I'm sorry Amon took your bending.
Tahno I've been to the best healers in the city. Whatever Amon did to me, it's permanent. [Looks at Korra, determined.] You gotta get him for me.
Korra nods her head. Lin, Tenzin and Hiroshi Sato walk up to the bench.
Lin Mr. Sato, if you remember anything else about what you saw during Amon's attack, be sure to let us know.
Hiroshi Sato I'm happy to help any way I can. I want these Equalists to pay for what they've done. [Nods his head toward Tahno and Korra and walks away.]
Tenzin [To Tahno.] We're ready for you now. [He and Lin walk away.]
Tahno [Stands up and turns back to wave at Korra.] See you around ... [Smiles slightly.] "Ah"vatar. [Follows Tenzin and Lin with a sad look.]
A big mansion is shown, camera zooms in. Pabu jumps off a large statue into a pool squealing. Cut to a wide shot of the pool: Bolin stands at the top of the statue, Asami sits on the side of the pool, and Mako stands in the pool right next to her.
Bolin Earthbending bomb!
Bolin dives into the pool doing a belly flop, splashing Mako and Asami in the process. The butler escorts Korra to the pool as Bolin resurfaces.
Butler [To Bolin, Mako, and Asami.] Avatar Korra ... has arrived.
Mako Hey, Korra!
Asami [To Korra.] Glad you made it!
Bolin [Surfaces from the water with his hands out.] Welcome to paradise! [Puts his hands behind his head and floats on his back. Pabu climbs onto his belly.]
Korra [Sits down on a bench by the pool. Slightly sarcastically.] Looks like you guys settled right in.
Mako [Swimming toward Korra followed by Asami.] Pretty much, [Somewhat mockingly.] except someone forgot to ask her father if we could stay here.
Asami [Catches up to Mako.] Yeah, but I smoothed it over with him. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Bolin [Gets out of the pool next to Korra with Pabu on his shoulder.] This is the greatest place in the world! Watch this, watch this. [Speaks in a more formal voice.] Fetch me my towel, good sir.
Butler Yes, Master ... Bolin. [Grabs a folded up towel and walks toward Bolin.]
Bolin [Pabu climbs onto Bolin's head.] Master Bolin! Ha, I love this guy. [Holds out his arms. To the butler.] Now pat me dry.
Butler As you wish. [Rolls up the towel and pats down Bolin as he moves to allow him to do that.]
Bolin [Close-up of Bolin's head with a wet Pabu on top of it.] Don't forget Master Pabu.
Butler Wouldn't dream of it, sir. [Puts the towel over Pabu, who is still sitting on Bolin's head, and rubs him dry. A moment later, Pabu's fur becomes bushy as he squeaks. As the butler turns around, Bolin jumps into the water again right away and the butler looks annoyed.]
Korra [To Asami as she swims over to her; somewhat dismayed.] So, what do you have planned for us today? Let me guess, shopping, makeovers ...
Bolin [Jumps onto Mako, pushing him into the water; raising his hand while speaking in an excited tone.] Ooh, Ooh! I vote makeovers! [Mako returns the favor as he yelps.]
Asami [Climbs the ladder out of the pool, and turns her head to face Korra.] I had something a little more exciting in mind.
Cut to a race track and two Satomobiles racing are shown with a low angle shot. A high angle shot shows the whole circuit. Asami, Korra, Mako, and Bolin are sitting in the stands.
Asami Pretty cool, huh?
Korra [Watches in amazement.] Way cooler than a makeover.
Asami This is where Future Industries test-drives their Satomobiles. Ever been behind the wheel?
Korra The only thing I know how to drive is a polar bear dog.
Asami You want me to take you for a spin?
Korra [Turns to Asami, a close-up on Korra's face.] Let's do it!
Two Satomobiles stand next to each other. Korra puts on goggles, she is sitting behind Asami. A man is sitting in the other car. The race starts as a man in blue waves a white flag in front of the cars. Asami falls behind first, but smiles and catches up fast as Mako and Bolin cheer from the sidelines. She overtakes the other mobile, her back wheel grazing the wall. The man tries to catch up, but his front wheel and Asami's back wheel touch and his car starts swaying. Asami wins the race, stops the car and both girls get off.
Korra [Thrilled.] That was amazing! I didn't think we'd make it.
Asami Well, you can't be afraid to mix it up sometimes.
Korra I gotta admit, I had you pegged wrong. I thought you were kind of ... prissy. [Raises hand; quickly.] Eh-No offense!
Asami [Laughing.] It's all right, people usually assume that I'm daddy's helpless little girl, but I can handle myself. I mean, I've been in self-defense classes since I was this high. [Indicates her height with a hand, holding it next to her waist.] My dad made sure that I would always be able to protect myself.
Korra Smart guy.
The scene changes to the mansion. Korra, Asami, Mako and Bolin enter through the door.
Bolin Emergency, emergency coming through, beep beep! [Runs toward the bathroom with his hands covering his groin.]
Korra [To Asami.] Uh, is there another bathroom I can use?
Asami We have a lady's powder room upstairs, [Mako stands next to her.] first door on your right. You can freshen up in there.
Korra Thanks.
Cuts to Korra washing and drying her hands. She notices and picks up the powder sponge and looks at it intensely, before smashing it onto her face. A powder cloud covers her face and Korra starts choking. As she leaves the room, she hears a voice.
Hiroshi Sato No, no! No, I assure you, everything is going exactly as planned. [Korra looks around and sneaks toward the room where the voice is coming from.] Uh-um, yes ... luckily, the Cabbage Corp investigation has bought us enough time. [Korra looks into the room through the keyhole and sees a person sitting in a chair.] Trust me, by the end of the week ... [The person stands up and Korra sees it is Mr. Sato.] we'll be ready to strike! [He hangs up and Korra hurries away.]
Cuts to the butler spraying perfume all over Bolin and Mako and Asami standing behind them. Korra runs past them.
Asami You're leaving? But I-I thought ...
Korra [Turns around.] Uh, sorry! I forgot, I'm supposed to airsit, I mean babybend, I-I mean babysit the airbender kids. See you later!
Scene changes to outside at nighttime where Korra talks to Tenzin and Lin.
Tenzin So, you think Mr. Sato manufactured those gloves for the Equalists then framed Cabbage Corp?
Lin That's a bold accusation, but what proof do you have?
Korra Well, I don't exactly have proof, but I know what I heard. Sato's up to something.
Lin He does have the means ... and he has a motive.
Tenzin That's right.
Korra [Curiously.] A motive? What is it?
Tenzin Twelve years ago, the Agni Kai Triad robbed Sato's mansion. A firebender killed Sato's wife during the break in.
Korra [Saddened.] That's terrible.
Tenzin It was tragic. It's possible that he's been harboring anti-bending sentiment all this time.
Lin Maybe we should look at Mr. Sato a little more closely.
Cut to the door of the Sato mansion, which the butler opens. Korra, Lin, and Tenzin enter. Tenzin and Lin walk upstairs and Korra walks behind them, passing Mako and Asami.
Mako [Stops Korra.] What's going on? Why are they asking Hiroshi more questions?
Korra I overheard him on the phone yesterday. Asami, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think your father might be involved with the Equalists.
Asami [Incredulously.] What? I don't believe this. [Walks upstairs.]
Mako You spied on Hiroshi? [Korra takes a step back.] What's your problem? [Follows Asami.]
Inside Hiroshi Sato's office, Lin and Tenzin stand in front of Hiroshi's desk.
Lin Mr. Sato, we just have a few follow-up questions for you.
Asami [Opens the door and walks in.] My father is innocent. Just because we're not benders doesn't mean we support those awful Equalists. [Mako and Korra follow her into the office.]
Hiroshi Sato Equalists? [Asami stands next to him.] Is that what this is about? I can assure you I have nothing to do with those radicals.
Mako [To Korra.] Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about, Korra.
Korra [Pointing to Hiroshi Sato.] I overheard you on the phone. You said the Cabbage Corp investigation bought you time, and you're getting ready to strike. Explain that!
Hiroshi Sato [Laughs.] This is all just a misunderstanding, resulting from the young Avatar's overactive imagination. My number one competitor was knocked out of the game. It's providing me an opportunity to strike the market with a new line of Satomobiles. [Lin averts her eyes.] It's just business. Nothing nefarious. [Lin and Tenzin look at each other.]
Tenzin [Turning to Hiroshi Sato.] In order to put all suspicions to rest, might we have a look into your factories and warehouses?
Hiroshi Sato [Asami sighs in annoyance, hands on her hips, but Hiroshi Sato raises his hands to stop her from speaking further.] If you feel it's necessary, you're welcome to search all of Future Industries.
Cuts to the Future Industries factory with a news reporter broadcasting.
News reporter [Narrating a newsreel.] Is it possible, presidents of Cabbage Corp and Future Industries both have Equalist ties, or did Hiroshi Sato frame his longtime rival, Lau Gan-Lan? [Korra stands beside Naga as she sniffs the boxes.] Or did Chief Beifong just plain arrest the wrong man? [Lin breaks open a box to see the contents.] So far the investigation has yielded no evidence to incriminate Sato. [Wider shot where metalbender cops check inside the boxes.]
Cut to the outside of the factory as the metalbender cops are lifted into the police airship while Lin and Tenzin watch. Korra rides in on Naga, and jumps down to approach them.
Korra I can't believe we didn't find anything.
Lin It would appear Hiroshi is innocent.
Asami [Approaches with Mako, annoyed.] Okay, you did your search. Now you can all leave.
Lin [Glares at Asami.] Hmm.
Mako signals to Korra, and they move away to have a private conversation.
Mako So, I hope you're convinced now.
Korra No, I'm not! I don't care how cooperative Hiroshi is being, I know he's lying.
Mako [Irritably.] Why are you doing this? Are you that jealous of me and Asami? [Pointing at Korra.]
Korra [Gasps.] What? [Shaking her head.] Don't be ridiculous! That has nothing to do with it!
Mako [Bluntly.] If you don't drop this, consider our friendship over.
Korra I'm sorry. Hiroshi is not the man you think he is.
Mako [Closing his eyes.] Hmph.
Mako walks away to Asami, one arm wrapping around her shoulder, and leaves as Korra sighs and turns away. A worker in the background slides the factory's door shut and turns to see Korra, the view changes to a close-up of his eyes. Cut to Lin and Tenzin standing near Korra, who strokes Naga as the worker approaches her. He places a note in Korra's hand as he walks past her. Korra, surprised, looks around to see who handed her the note, to no avail. She opens the note and reads it. Looking at it with surprise, she turns to Lin and Tenzin.
Korra [To Lin and Tenzin.] I think you guys should hear this. [Reading the note.] "If you want to find the truth, meet me under the north end of the Silk Road Bridge at midnight." [Camera closes up on Korra's face.]
Cut to the police airship over the bridge at nighttime as the camera moves down to see Korra, Lin and Tenzin walking to the north end.
Warehouse worker [Signaling to Korra and the others.] Psst. [Korra, Lin and Tenzin turn their heads.] Over here. [Warehouse worker comes out from hiding behind the pillar.] Listen, I joined the Equalists because I believed in what Amon said. I thought he could make life better for us nonbenders. But I didn't sign up for this ... [Turns his head toward them.] this war.
Lin [Curiously.] What do you have on Hiroshi Sato?
Warehouse worker He manufactured those gloves [Turns his body around.] for the Equalists.
Korra [Confidently.] I knew it!
Warehouse worker [Lifting up the collar to hide his face.] And there are rumors he's working on something even bigger. Some new kind of weapon.
Tenzin [Lifting his hand in confusion.] We searched all of Future Industries and found nothing.
Warehouse worker That's because he has a secret factory.
Korra [Determined.] Where?
Warehouse worker [Camera closes up to his face.] It's right underneath the Sato Mansion.
Korra, Lin and Tenzin gasp and look at him in shock. Cut to Korra, Lin and Tenzin on an airship.
Tenzin Raiding the Sato Mansion is a risky move with Tarrlok breathing down your neck. If we're wrong ...
Lin I know. I can kiss my job goodbye. But protecting Republic City is all I care about. We can't let Amon get his hands on this new weapon.
Cut to see the airship over the Sato mansion and switch to the brothers with Asami sitting down in the living room; Bolin is eating from the bowl of fruit while Mako takes out a LP from the cover and shows it to Asami. The metalbender cops burst into the living room, causing Bolin to raise his arms in fear.
Asami [Surprised and angrily.] What are you doing here?
Lin We have a reason to believe that there's a factory hidden below the mansion.
Asami [Narrowing her eyes.] I think I would've noticed if there were a factory underneath my house. The lies you people come up with just to persecute my father.
Tenzin Where is your father?
Asami In his workshop, behind the house.
Changes to the outside of Hiroshi's workshop, metalbender cops guard the area as they all walk toward the place. The metalbender cops burst into the workshop to find no one in the room.
Asami [Searching.] Dad? Hello?
Officer [Approaches Lin.] Chief, the estate's been secured. No one has left the workshop since we arrived.
Lin Perhaps we just couldn't see him leaving.
Lin walks into the middle of the room with her hands behind her back. She raises her leg and metalbends her left sole, removing it to expose her bare foot to perform her seismic sense.
Lin There's a tunnel beneath the workshop running deep into the mountainside.
Asami [In disbelief; slightly angrily.] What? There's no tunnel. [Lin looks at the floor and metalbends to remove the metal layer, exposing the stairs and an elevator going down as they walk toward it.]
Bolin [Whispering to Asami.] Do you think your dad knows about this tunnel?
Asami [Confused at the discovery.] I don't understand. There must be an explanation.
Korra [To Asami.] Maybe you don't know everything about your father. [Somewhat sympatheically.] I'm sorry.
Lin [To her officers.] Officers, [Pointing at the stairs.] into the tunnel. Be cautious. [Officers walk toward the stairs. Mako, Bolin and Asami start walking toward it until they are stopped by Lin.] Uh-uh, you three stay up here. [To Song.] Officer Song, keep an eye on them.
Song salutes her as Mako, Bolin and Asami look at the group. As they walk down, Korra turns her head and looks at the three in sadness as Mako turns his head away with guilt. The elevator takes the group down until it stops and they cautiously walk into a massive room that has posters of Amon hanging up. There are large robotic machines on the sides.
Lin Not your average backyard workshop.
Korra [Looking at the large robotic machines.] And I'm guessing those are the new weapons. [Lin and Tenzin also look at the machines.]
Tenzin Hiroshi was lying all right, but where is he? [Suddenly, a metal wall shoots up to block the entrance. The three upstairs hear the noise.]
Bolin What was that?
Mako We need to get down there and see what's going on.
Song [Strictly.] Absolutely not. You're staying put until the chief comes back.
Mako [Bolin and Mako look at each other, hatching a plan.] All right, we'll stay put. But could we wait outside or something? It's so dusty in this workshop.
Song No! We're waiting right here!
Mako Okay, but don't blame me if I start sne- [Begins to sneeze.] if I start sn-sn-sneez- [Continues sneezing.]
Song What's your problem, bub?
Mako I'm about to- [Song approaches him and Mako firebends his sneeze, causing Song to move back and trip over by Bolin's earthbent rock. Bolin jumps on him and they tie him up to a barrel as he struggles.] Sorry pal, we know you were just doing your job.
Bolin Yeah, just stay put until the chief comes back. That's sounds very familiar doesn't it, why? Because you said it. [The three walk toward the stairs, but Mako stops Asami by putting his hands on her shoulders.]
Mako Asami, you should stay here. We'll check it out.
Asami [Determined.] I have to find out the truth about my father.
Mako I understand. That's why I'm going down, to find out for you. Please.
Asami [Disappointed.] All right. [As the brothers walk down the stairs, Asami says to Mako.] Be careful.
Asami clasps her hands together tightly as she looks down with uncertainty. Meanwhile, down in the factory, Lin tries the bend the seemingly metal wall, but to no avail.
Hiroshi Sato [From the speakers.] I'm afraid you won't be able to metalbend that wall, Chief Beifong. [Green lights are turned on around them, causing them all to shield their eyes from the glares.] It's solid platinum. [The robotic machines come to life and approach the group.] My mecha tanks are platinum as well. [Changes to see Hiroshi Sato in the mecha tank.] Not even your renowned mother could bend a metal so pure.
Korra [Angrily and accusing.] Hiroshi, I knew you were a lying, no good Equalist! Come out here and-
Hiroshi Sato [Camera zooms out from a close-up of Hiroshi's face who is inside the tank.] And do what, young Avatar? Face the wrath of your bending? No. I think I'll fight from inside here where my odds are a little more ... equal.
Lin That source was a set-up! You lured us down here! [The mecha tanks come closer to surround the benders.]
Hiroshi Sato Guilty as charged.
The battle begins when Hiroshi Sato shoots out a grappler to capture them. Lin, Korra and Tenzin evade it. Another mecha tank attacks the metalbender cops but they dodge, shooting out cables to wrap around its arms, holding it down. Two more metalbender cops run up and metalbend to hold off another mecha tank. Lin runs forward, dodging the grappler and earthbends herself up into the air. She metalbends daggers from her wrist armor, and lands onto the head of the mecha tank. She breaks the glass by stabbing the front, missing the Equalist inside who dodges. She keeps stabbing, making the machine move backward and fall over.

While Lin attacks the mecha tank, Hiroshi Sato moves his own mecha tank forward as Korra firebends to no effect. Tenzin airbends Hiroshi Sato back and Korra as looks over her shoulder at the unexpected help. As he airbends, the metalbender cops have a difficult time holding the other mecha tanks down, their cable spools starting to spark and overheat with the effort. As they are pulled forward by the tank, they raise the earth with their bending in an attempt to find more foothold to withstand the pull. The mecha tanks wrap the cables around their arms and conduct electricity, electrocuting the officers until they lose consciousness and release their grip. Lin attempts to deliver another blow, but is grabbed from behind with a grappler, knocking her forward and against a metal support beam. She is subsequently flung across the room and lands hard on the ground, where she remains unconscious as well.

Tenzin and Korra help each other as they use their airbending and firebending respectively to push Hiroshi Sato's mecha tank into the corner. Furious, Hiroshi Sato shoots a grappler in Korra's direction. Korra repeatedly back flips to avoid the attack. Having moved out of the path of the weapon, she earthbends a rock out of the ground and launches it at Hiroshi. At that moment, she is grabbed and shoved forward by another mecha tank's grappling hook, knocking her unconscious by slamming her against a large metal pipe.

Tenzin Korra!
Tenzin uses his airbending to cushion Korra's fall, who grunts as she connects with the floor. Now alone, Tenzin is fighting off Hiroshi Sato and an Equalist using his airbending and an air wheel to evade their attacks. He jumps up, but Hiroshi Sato shoots bolas combined with an electric disk. Tenzin is ensnared with it and grunts in pain as he is electrocuted. He roughly lands on the ground, unconscious. Hiroshi Sato exits his mecha tank and climbs down. As Hiroshi lets his gaze travel over the warehouse, the scene changes between a close-up image of an unconscious Lin, Tenzin, and Korra, before changing back to a frontal shot of Hiroshi.
Hiroshi Sato Well, I'd say that was a near flawless test run. [To the Equalists, pointing to the unconscious people.] Load everyone into the transports and deliver them to Amon!
A hole is earthbent from the ground, and Bolin pops up from underneath along with Mako. They look around until they notice with horror the metalbenders being dragged into the trucks.
Bolin Oh no.
Mako Korra was right. We gotta do something, quick!
Bolin and Mako sneak around the factory, getting closer to Tenzin, Lin and Korra. Mako hoists Korra onto his back, while Bolin does the same with Tenzin after untying the bola wrapped around him. They are about to grab Lin to drag her away as well, but are spotted by Hiroshi Sato and the Lieutenant.
Hiroshi Sato Not so fast, boys. [Conducts electricity from his gloves.]
Bolin [Mako drops Lin's arm. Bolin does the same and uses Tenzin's arms to express his surprise.] Hello, Mr. Sato. Wow! What a really swell, scary factory you have here under your giant mansion.
Mako [Close-up of his face; angrily to Hiroshi Sato.] Sponsoring our team, supporting the Avatar. It was all just a big cover.
Hiroshi Sato Yes, and the most difficult part was watching my daughter traipse around with a firebending street rat like you! [Conducts electricity from the gloves as he and the Lieutenant approach them.]
Asami Dad, stop! [Hiroshi turns around in surprise. Asami closes her eyes and turns her head away before looking back at her father in sadness.] Why?
Hiroshi Sato [Ashamed.] Sweetie, I wanted to keep you out of this as long as I could. [Korra regains consciousness.] But now you know the truth, please, forgive me. [Close-up on Asami.] These people, [Pointing at the Fire Ferrets.] these benders. They took away your mother, the love of my life. They've ruined the world, but with Amon we can fix it and build a perfect world together. We can help people like us, everywhere! [Takes off one of his gloves and offers it to Asami.] Join me, Asami.
Asami looks at her father with uncertainty, but she hesitatingly steps toward him. She looks at the glove with fear, trembling as she reaches for it. The Fire Ferrets look at her in sadness as she grabs the glove off her father, slipping her hand into the glove.
Mako [In disbelief.] No ...
Asami [To her father.] I love you, Dad.
She electrocutes her father until he loses consciousness, revealing it was a ruse. The Lieutenant attacks her, but she uses self-defense techniques to easily defeat him with his own electrified kali stick. Mako and Korra are stunned at the fact that she took them down so easily by herself. Lin regains consciousness as the mecha tanks notice them.
Mako [To everyone.] Let's get out of here!
They all run to the large hole Mako and Bolin came in. Right before the mecha tanks attempt to capture them, Bolin earthbends the hole shut. The scene changes to the police airship floating away from the Sato mansion. Asami looks down at her former home in dismay as the camera switches to Lin lying down with Tenzin at her side.
Lin [To Tenzin.] My metalbenders are on their way to Amon, and it's all my fault. Tarrlok's right, I've failed as chief. First thing in the morning, I'm handing in my resignation.
Tenzin [Adamantly.] No! You can't give up like this!
Lin [Sitting up.] I'm not giving up. I'm gonna find my officers and take Amon down. But I'm gonna do it my way, outside the law. [Tenzin looks at her with concern.]
Mako [Approaches Korra, apologetically.] I'm sorry I didn't believe you. But Asami's dad being an Equalist is not an easy thing to believe. Even now.
Korra I know. I'm sorry this whole thing happened.
Mako So ... does your offer to live in the Air Temple still stand?
Korra [Smiling.] Of course it does. And Asami's welcome, too.
Mako [Gratefully.] Thank you so much.
Korra [Places her hand on Mako's shoulder.] After everything she's been through, she's going to need you, Mako.
Mako nods his head and walks toward Asami to comfort her. Korra looks at them in sadness before turning away as the airship floats above the city. Cut to credits.






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