The short opens with a shot of a leaf falling on the swamp, making it shine. A catgator surfaces from underneath the leaf, and the camera pans up to show Due and Tho watching Sokka making something.
Tho Sokka, shouldn't you be doing something fun, [A closer shot of Due and Tho.] or more manly?
Sokka [Puts a finger of Tho's mouth to quiet him.] Pay attention, simpleton. This ... [Camera pans to show a hollowed out pumpkin with two leaves on top.] is a water filtration device. [Runs over to it.] See, your filthy swamp water sits in this hollowed-out pumpkin. Then the sunlight makes the water evaporate, leaving behind the swampy impurities.
Tho You mean the flavor?
Sokka [Sarcastically.] Yes, genius. It leaves behind the filthy swamp flavor. Then the clean water vapor collects on the leaf, and drips into this nice, sanitized cup. [Holds up the cup and takes a refreshing drink.] Ah! I do love clean water.
Aang [From off-camera.] What'd you say, brain boy? [The camera pans to Aang swamp skiing.] You love water? Yee-haw!
Aang creates a large wave, soaking Sokka and destroying his water filtration device.
Tho What you gonna do now?
Sokka [Very angrily.] What do you think I'm going to do, leaf head?! I'm going to rebuild my water filtration device!
Tho Boy, that there's a swamp skiin' throwdown. You can't be playing with pumpkin juice when there's a throwdown. It just ain't manly.
Sokka But ...
Tho [His head suddenly becomes big and red.] Throwdown! [Sokka does a flip and falls on his head.] Hey Due, get the boat. [Due walks on-camera carrying a boat.] We're going swamp skiin'.
At the river shore, Tho and Due put a flotation device on Sokka.
Due Safety first.
Due positions Sokka over the skis. Sokka squirms when he sees a worm, beetle, snail, and fish in one of the skis. Sokka evades every attempt Due makes to place him in the skis.
Tho Get your dang feet in the skis, or I'll strap you to Old Slim instead.
Pan to Slim, the catgator, who bites the pumpkin from Sokka's water filtration device. Some of the pumpkin juice lands on Sokka. Due finally manages to get Sokka into the skis, and Sokka's face turns blue. Out on the river, Sokka holds a rope tied to Tho and Due's boat.
Due You ready?
Sokka [Flatly.] No.
Tho Hit it. Throwdown.
Tho grabs the rudder and Due swings his arms with engine sounds. Sokka immediately falls out of his skis and skids along the water until he lets go of the rope. A closer shot of Sokka surfacing while Aang quickly skis by in the background laughing.
Tho This time keep your knees bent and your tuckus tucked.
Due Speaking of your tuckus, looks like Old Slim's got your pants.
Slim holds Sokka's trunks in his mouth stretching it like a muzzle. Embarrassed, Sokka lowers most of his head back in the water. Sokka tries to swamp ski again, but quickly gets pulled underwater. When he resurfaces, he finds he is now riding on Slim, who manages to bite off Sokka's trunks again as he jumps onto a tree branch. Aang, riding on one ski, swings by, and a camera shutter clicks when he passes Sokka. Sokka's face becomes red. Cut to Sokka attempting another round of swamp skiing. He loses one ski and crashes into tree vines. Aang splashes Sokka, and Aang does a large trick to jump on the head of Appa, who is also skiing. Cut to later, when Sokka is resurfacing from another round of swamp skiing.
Sokka Guys, can I get out of the water now?
Tho You tell me. [To Due.] Hit it.
This time, Sokka manages to ski.
Sokka I-I ... I did it! I'm swamp skiing! [His eyes make heart symbols.] I love swamp skiing ...! [The camera pans back to the whole world and back to Sokka. Aang swings by, smiling.] In your face, air boy. Who's swamp skiing now?
Aang Not you.
Aang uses waterbending to freeze a ramp for Sokka to jump off, sending the whole boat sailing through the air and crashing into the swamp.
Sokka [Falling down the trunk of the tree.] I hate swamp skiing.
Slim bites off Sokka's trunks. Due and Tho celebrate the day of swamp skiing.
Tho Whoo, now that there's a throwdown!
Fade to credits.






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