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The episode opens with a reddish sky due to Sozin's Comet as the camera pans to the left. The scene cuts to Ozai throwing a left-curved fire blast, followed with a right-curved blast. He fires a straight blast. Cuts to inside Aang's earth sphere shield as he endures the blasts.
Ozai [Yelling out to Aang tauntingly while using a flamethrower blast with his hair swaying in the wind.] Come on out, Avatar! You can't hide in there forever!
The scene changes to the airship fleet. Sokka and Toph are running on top of one of three airships.
Sokka Toph, metalbend the rudder so it's jammed in a turning position. The ship will spiral and slam into the others.
Toph Got it! [She moves Sokka out of the way, spits into her hands, and rubs them together. Toph grips and metalbends the rudder while grunting in effort, and the Imperial Firebenders inside the ship crash into the wall, and due to the action, the ship crashes into the others.]
Sokka Have I ever mentioned how sweet it is that you invented metalbending?
Toph [Pleased.] You could stand to mention it more.
A firebender comes out of the ship and fires at Sokka and Toph. Dragging Toph along, Sokka jumps off the ship, planting his sword in the side of vessel the stop their descent. He manages to slow them down, though they still fall off and roughly land on a platform below; Sokka breaks his leg in the process, and his sword embeds itself in the metal just in front of him. Toph, however, falls off the platform, though Sokka manages to grab hold of her hand at the last moment.
Sokka [In pain.] My leg! Hang on Toph!
Toph Aye, aye, Captain.
Two firebenders emerge on the platforms beside them, posing a threat from two sides. As one of the soldiers is about to firebend at them, Sokka throws his boomerang at him, knocking him out. He kicks his sword in to his hand and throws it at the remaining soldier's platform; it cuts right through the metal and plummets to the forest below.
Sokka [Sadly.] Bye, space sword.
More Imperial Firebenders come outside, ready to finish the pair. Sokka also starts to lose his grip on Toph.
Sokka I don't think boomerang's coming back, Toph. It looks like this is the end. [Toph starts crying and the firebenders run away. The airship gets struck by a different one and Sokka lets Toph fall onto it before jumping down himself, hurting his leg again in the process. He falls over in pain.]
Toph How did that happen? Did boomerang come back?
Sokka [Looking up.] No, Suki did. [They see Suki riding on the last functioning airship with a triumphant smile.]
The scene changes to Aang and Ozai's battle. Ozai is still throwing fire blasts at Aang. He blasts Aang a few more times and rises up to fly toward the shell to shoot an enormous, continuous blast of fire at Aang. Ozai steps back to charge another intense attack causing Aang's rock shield to be crushed and Aang protects himself with an airbending shield but is pushed back by the force of the attack, crashing into a rock pillar. The scar on his back is hit with a point of the rock, causing him to flashback to when he was shot by lightning. Cut to him during the Avatar State as Roku explains how the ability works. Cut to Kyoshi as the camera pans across revealing more Avatars, all with their eyes lit up. Cut briefly to Roku, before cutting back to the Avatar line. Cut again briefly to Aang entering the Avatar State in the catacombs, and back to the Avatar line. Cut briefly to Aang opening his eyes in the Avatar State and to the large Avatar State version of himself he saw while meditating. Cut back to Ozai approaching Aang who is covered by a pile of rubble.
Ozai Come on out, little boy. You're about to be ...
Aang jumps out, now in the Avatar State, and grabs Ozai by his goatee. Ozai tries to firebend at the Avatar, but Aang merely knocks his hand away. He creates a blast of air sending Ozai flying backward. Cut briefly to an over the shoulder of Aang view of Ozai being forced away, crashing into a pillar of rock. He falls down to the ground and as the dust clears he looks up at Aang in the sky with a sphere of air around him. Aang proceeds to roar and creates fire out of his mouth, fists and feet. Aang creates a massive gust of air causing Ozai to cover himself as he groans in struggle. Pillars of earth disintegrate and move toward Aang as other pieces of rock rise up from the ground to surround Aang. Water also rises toward Aang as he creates a ring of fire around himself. The earth begins to create a ring inside the air sphere as the water continues to rise up and form another ring inside the earth sphere. Cut to Ozai who watches, covering his head with his arms. Cut back to Aang as the camera zooms out to show him surrounded by a ring of water, a ring of earth, a sphere of air and a ring of fire.

The scene changes to the liberation of Ba Sing Se as Bumi rises out of the ground with earthbending. He turns around as Fire Nation tanks appear and fire on him, but he blocks it with earthbending. He lowers the barrier smiling. He shoots rocks at the holes where they shoot fire. He subsequently uses earthbending to shoot them into the air and they land piled on top of one another while the soldiers come out the tank groaning in pain. Cut to Iroh as he burns the Fire Nation flag on Ba Sing Se Royal Palace to reveal the Earth Kingdom insignia.

The scene changes to Aang and Ozai. Aang charges at Ozai, ramming him, and blows him off his Elemental Sphere. Ozai flies away from Aang. Aang uses earthbending to shoot machine gun-like earth bullets at him. Aang chases a fleeing Ozai.

The scene changes to the Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai. A few small flames can be seen, and in the middle of them is a badly injured Zuko. He tries to get up, but he is too hurt from the lighting strike and he falls down. Katara rushes to try and help him, but Azula launches a fire blast in front of her before she can reach him. She laughs manically and shoots lightning which Katara dodges. Zuko attempts to get back up, but is too weak and can do nothing but watch as Azula shoots another lightning bolt at Katara, which she dodges. Katara turns to watch as Azula lands on a roof nearby. She begins charging another lightning attack.

Azula I'd really rather our family physician look after Little Zuzu if you don't mind. [Azula shoots lightning and fire at her from the roof of a building. Katara manages to dodge them all and hides behind a column nearby. To Zuko in a taunting manner.] Zuzu, you don't look so good!
She shoots at Katara again. Katara manages to dodge her and moves behind another column. She spots water nearby and bends it onto the roof, but Azula has moved. Azula comes from behind her on fire jets and Katara is forced to flee. She uses the nearby water channel to make ice to slide on as Azula chases after her and fires another blast of fire which vaporizes it completely. Azula unleashes a large burst of fire, but Katara manages to get away. Katara gets off her ice path, but trips on a grate and sees some water below. She looks up and grabs some chains hanging from the wall. Cut to a wide-view of the area as Azula approaches the grates.
Azula There you are, filthy peasant!
After a brief stare down, Katara uses multiple water whips to force Azula onto the grate. Azula is about to shoot lightning at her when Katara freezes them both with the water under the grate. Katara melts the water around her and chains Azula's hands together tied to the grate. Katara bends the water back into the grate. After catching her breath, she tightens the chains to make sure Azula cannot get free and rushes to heal Zuko. Cut to Katara as she rolls Zuko on to his back and begins healing him. Zuko opens his eyes, feeling the pain lessen, and smiles weakly at Katara, who smiles back as she sheds a tear.
Zuko Thank you, Katara.
Katara I think I'm the one who should be thanking you.
She helps him up. Azula pants in anger, screams in madness, and breathes fire, writhing in an attempt to break free. Finally she stops and begins to cry uncontrollably. Katara and Zuko watch in horror and pity.

The scene changes to Avatar Aang and Phoenix King Ozai. Aang still chases Ozai and uses earthbending to move two pillars in front of Ozai, who recoils and flies away. Aang sends a wave of water at Ozai, causing him to crash to the ground. As Ozai recovers and looks up, Aang bursts through the pillar he landed near. Ozai retreats backward and shoots a stream of fire at Aang. In slow motion, Aang drops to the ground narrowly missing Ozai who propels himself away with fire from his feet. Aang rises and begins following the fleeing Ozai again. Ozai lands on a pillar and launches a wide fire blast at Aang, who uses earthbending to move two large pillars to protect himself. Aang breaks and lets the pillars fall as Ozai flies away again. Aang unleashes multiple blasts of fire toward Ozai, who manages to dodge them. Ozai lands on the side of a pillar and launchers three similar fire blasts at an approaching Aang, who uses air and water to disperse them. Aang fires a strong blast of air at Ozai, disintegrating the pillar he stood on but he manages to get away. Aang continues to chase him as Ozai looks back, realizing Aang is catching up. Aang moves his arm in a circular motion causing water to wrap itself around Ozai's leg and up to his outstretched arm, whipping him around, before slamming him on top of a pillar. Aang flies forward and earthbends Ozai's hands and feet to the ground, trapping him. Helpless, Ozai watches fearfully as Aang hovers over him, his voice echoing with the fury of his predecessors.

Aang [With the voices of all previous Avatars.] Fire Lord Ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world, and now you shall pay the ultimate price! [Aang, under control of his past lives, combines all four elements together for his final attack. At the last second, however, he manages to regain control; he comes out of the Avatar State, lets his attack die out, and floats to the ground, freeing Ozai in the process. He now speaks in his normal voice.] No, I'm not gonna end it like this.
Ozai Even with all the power in the world, you are still weak!
Ozai moves to attack Aang who senses it with the seismic sense he learned from Toph. He stamps down and lifts a foot up, dragging a pillar of earth along with him, deflecting Ozai's attack and binding him inside the rock. He circles Ozai and proceeds to bind his other hand as Ozai attempts to attack again. He pulls the rocks down into the earth slightly, causing Ozai to kneel. Ozai attempts one final fire breath attack, but Aang uses airbending to stop and approach him and puts one hand on Ozai's forehead, and one on his chest, while he watches in horror.

Aang closes his eyes and it flashes back to Aang's meeting with the lion turtle.

Lion turtle In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements but the energy within ourselves.
The lion turtle places his paw in a similar position to Aang's hands on Ozai using its claws. The claws begin to glow green light as the camera cuts to a close-up of the lion turtle's eye before fading to Aang. Aang's head arches back and blue energy shines out of his eyes and mouth into the sky. Cut to a side-view of the event before cutting to a close-up of Ozai's terrified face as his eyes and mouth begin to shine out red energy. Aang's, followed by Ozai's, bodies become consumed by the blue and red energies. Cut to a wide-view of the area showing half blue and half red energy in the sky.
Lion turtle [Aang remembering.] To bend another's energy, your own spirit must be unbendable or you will be corrupted and destroyed.
As he speaks, Ozai's energy begins to make its way to Aang's body, consuming the blue and replacing it with red energy. Cut to a view above Aang looking down at his face as the energy reaches his face and continues to cover the beams shining out his mouth and eyes. Cut to a side-view as the red light begins to take control and the blue light diminishes. Cut to close-up of Aang as the red energy has taken over almost completely with just one eye left. The blue energy begins to disappear, but at the last second it blasts out of Aang's eyes, overwhelming the red energy in the process and proceeding to take over Ozai's own body. Cut to a wide shot of the area as Aang completely takes over Ozai's energy and an intense beam of blue energy erupts into the sky. The beam disappears and Ozai falls to the ground as Aang releases him. Ozai attempts to rise and attack, but falls back exhausted and unable to bend.
Ozai [Out of breath.] What? What did you do to me?
Aang I took away your firebending. You can't use it to hurt or threaten anyone else ever again.
Aang steps forward and looks toward the sea as fire spreads on the land below. Aang breathes deeply and enters the Avatar State briefly, showing his control of the ability. Aang begins to bend the water from the ocean below to extinguish the fires. Cut to many shots of the water rising to extinguish the fires. Cut back to Aang as he lowers the water back to its normal level. Cut to a side-view of Aang as the camera zooms out as Momo returns to Aang's shoulder. Cut to the comet flying away as Sokka, Toph, and Suki are seen leaving the airship they were on. Sokka is being carried by the other two due to his broken leg.
Sokka You did it! You should've seen yourself, it was amazing! You were all like [Pretends to be Aang fighting Ozai while adding sound effects.] and the Fire Lord was all like [Pretends to be Ozai struggling and groaning.]
Suki [Pointing to the exhausted Ozai while approaching him.] So did you, you know ... finish the job?
Ozai [Defiantly and slowly.] I'm still alive. [Suki backs away from him.]
Aang I learned there was another way to defeat him and restore balance. I took his bending away.
Toph [Surprised.] Wow! Who taught you that?
Aang A giant lion turtle.
Toph [Smiling.] You have the craziest adventures when you disappear.
Sokka Well, look at you, buster. Now that your firebending's gone I guess we should call you the Loser Lord.
Ozai [Weakly.] I am the Phoenix King! [Flops on the ground while semi-conscious and drooling.]
Toph [Mockingly.] Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to offend you, Phoenix King of Getting His Butt Whooped.
Suki [Patheically.] Yeah! Or how about King of the ... Guys Who ... Don't Win?
Toph [Pointing at Suki before pointing to herself; gently.] Leave the nicknames to us, honey.
Cut to a shot of the comet leaving, returning the sky to the darkness of night time. Cuts to inside the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Zuko is having trouble putting on his Fire Lord robes due to his injury.
Mai You need some help with that?
Zuko Mai! You're okay! They let you out of prison?
Mai My uncle pulled some strings. And it doesn't hurt when the new Fire Lord is your boyfriend.
Zuko So does this mean you don't hate me anymore?
Mai [Blushes.] I think it means I actually kind of like you. [They kiss. When they break apart, Mai's tone and expression changes to a serious and stern one.] But don't ever break up with me again! [Zuko grins nervously, before they hug again.]
In the Fire Nation Coronation Plaza, people from all over the world have congregated for the coronation of the new Fire Lord, among which several familiar faces: The Duke hugs Toph, and she reciprocates as Pipsqueak and members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe watch. Sokka and Katara look for and find Chief Hakoda.
Katara and Sokka Dad! [They run to Hakoda and embrace him.]
Hakoda I heard what you two did. I am the proudest father in the world. [Turns to Katara.] And your mother would be proud, too. [Katara sheds a few tears of joy while touching her necklace.]
The Kyoshi Warriors approach.
Sokka There's my favorite warriors! I have to admit, I kind of missed the face paint. So how does it feel to be in uniform again?
Ty Lee [Appearing from behind.] It feels great!
Sokka [Protects Suki and points his crutch at Ty Lee.] Careful, Suki! Ty Lee is pretending to be a Kyoshi Warrior again.
Suki It's okay. She's one of us now. [Sokka turns to Ty Lee before turning back to Suki, with a stunned look for both.]
Ty Lee Yeah, the girls and I really bonded in prison. And after a few chi-blocking lessons, they said I could join their group. We're going to be best friends forever. [She hugs two other warriors and they all smile.]
Cut to inside the Royal Palace, where Aang, now wearing the robes and necklace of an airbending master, opens his eyes from his meditation as Zuko approaches, still wearing the Fire Lord attire.
Zuko I can't believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now ...
Aang And now we're friends.
Zuko Yeah, we are friends.
Aang I can't believe a year ago I was still frozen in a block of ice. The world's so different now.
Zuko [Puts a hand on Aang's shoulder.] And it's gonna be even more different... when we build it together. [They hug warmly and go outside.]
Cut to outside the palace with people from the Fire Nation, the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom and the Foggy Swamp Tribe all outside. Cut to a side-view as Zuko walks past while a gong is struck. Cut to a overhead view of the crowd with Zuko approaching. The crowd cheers. Front view of Zuko as he raises his hand.
Zuko Please. The real hero is the Avatar. [Aang walks next to Zuko. Crowd cheers again. Aang turns his head slightly. Cut to side-view of Katara. The camera rotates as she smiles up at Aang proudly. Cut to overhead view of Aang and Zuko, their backs to the camera, looking out at the crowd.] Today this war is finally over! [Cut briefly to Haru, Tyro, Mechanist and Teo as the crowd cheers. Cut to front view of Zuko.] I promised my uncle that I would restore the honor of the Fire Nation. And I will. [Panning front view of Zuko and Aang, as seen from the crowd's perspective.] The road ahead of us is challenging. A hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided. [Cut to side shot of Aang, rotating around, as he turns to see Zuko smile at him, before turning back to the crowd.] But with the Avatar's help, we can get it back on the right path and begin a new era of love and peace.
Zuko kneels down, preparing to be crowned Fire Lord. Cut to a Fire Sage approaching with the headpiece.
Fire Sage [Puts the Fire Lord headpiece into Zuko's top knot.] All hail Fire Lord Zuko! [Everyone cheers again. Zuko rises.]
Cut to Zuko walking toward the cheering crowd, gesturing Aang to follow him. Aang approaches and they look briefly at each other before looking out at the crowd. Cut to Zuko walking to the Fire Nation Prison Tower. Cuts to inside as he enters Ozai's cell.
Ozai [Sarcastically.] I should count myself lucky. The new Fire Lord has graced me with his presence in my lowly prison cell.
Zuko You should count yourself lucky that the Avatar spared your life.
Ozai Hmph.
Zuko Banishing me was the best thing you could have done for my life. It put me on the right path. Perhaps your time in here could do the same for you.
Ozai Why are you really here?
Zuko Because you're going to tell me something. [Bends closer to Ozai; gravely.] Where is my mother?
In Ba Sing Se, kids are now using the stacked Fire Nation tanks as a game. Cut to the Jasmine Dragon, Appa looking in from the outside. Cut inside as Zuko is serving Team Avatar tea and Iroh is playing the tsungi horn. Aang is playing with Momo. Sokka is painting a picture.
Sokka Zuko, stop moving! I'm trying to capture the moment. I wanted to do a painting, so we always remember the good times together.
Katara That's very thoughtful of you, Sokka. [Suddenly looks annoyed. Cuts to Sokka's painting, which is very unlike the group.] Wait, why did you give me Momo's ears?
Sokka Those are your hair loopies!
Zuko At least you don't look like a boar-q-pine! My hair is not that spiky!
Mai I look like a man.
Suki And why did you paint me firebending?
Sokka I thought it looked more exciting that way. [Momo jumps on to the table and chitters.] Oh, you think you can do a better job, Momo? [Momo chitters again as Aang goes outside.]
Iroh [Points at painting.] Hey, my belly's not that big anymore. I've really trimmed down.
Toph Well I think you all look perfect! [They laugh.]
Aang walks past Appa, petting him briefly, before he moves to watch the sun set. Katara approaches from behind with a smile on her face and turns to Aang. Aang turns to look at her and he smiles back. Cut to close-up of Katara smiling and blushing. She places a hand on his shoulder and they hug. Cut to close-up view of Aang before cutting to Katara as they smile and open their eyes. They step out of the embrace and look out at the sun set as the camera pans back, but cuts back to Katara turning to face Aang. Aang turns to face her and Katara passionately kisses Aang, who returns it and they embrace each other as they kiss. Cut to a shot of them still kissing with the sun on the horizon and Ba Sing Se in the background as the camera pans up to the sky. The words "The End" fade in. Fade to credits.






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