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The episode opens to where Sozin's Comet can be seen skimming the atmosphere of the Earth. Zuko and Katara are flying on Appa briskly through the orange colored sky. Katara turns to Zuko upon seeing his worried and somewhat anxious expression.
Katara Zuko, don't worry. We can take Azula.
Zuko I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about Aang. What if he doesn't have the guts to take out my father? What if he loses?
Katara [Somewhat confidently.] Aang won't lose. He's gonna come back. [Looks forward with narrowed eyes.]  He has to. [Close-up of Zuko's face as he follows Katara's lead and looks forward.]
Cut to the Royal Palace, where Azula is being groomed by her servants in preparation for her coronation. She takes a cherry from a bowl one of her servants is holding and pops it into her mouth, only to spit out a pit in disgust.
Azula [Holding a cherry pit in her hand.] What am I holding?
Banished servant A cherry pit, Princess.
Azula Correct. And what day is this?
Banished servant It is the day of your coronation.
Azula Yes, it is. So, please. Tell me why, on the most important day of my life, you've decided to leave a pit in my cherry? [Throws the pit at the servant, who winces slightly from the impact.]
Banished servant It wasn't a decision; it was just a small mistake.
Azula Small? Do you realize what could've happened if I hadn't sensed the pit in time?
Banished servant [Nervously.] I suppose you could've ... choked?
Azula Yes, then you will understand the severity of your crime.
Banished servant I understand, Princess. Please, forgive me.
Azula Oh very well, since it is a special day, I will show mercy. You are banished. Leave this palace immediately.
The servant bows and quietly walks away.
Azula What are you all looking at? I have two feet that need scrubbing. And make sure you get in between the toes. I won't have my first day as Fire Lord marred by poor foot hygiene.
Scene cuts to where an eel hound is swimming through the water, Sokka, Toph, and Suki riding atop the beast.
Suki It's weird to say, but the comet actually looks beautiful.
Toph Too bad the Fire Lord's about to use it to destroy the world.
The eel hound arrives at the shore of the airship base. The trio climbs their way up a cliff side only to discover the fleet has just taken off.
Sokka We're too late! The fleet's already taking off!
Toph Then we're taking off, too! Where's the closest airship?
Sokka It's right ... [Points to the closest airship.]
He is interrupted as Toph launches the three toward an airship, using earthbending. After a swift ascension, they fall onto a nearby ship and make their way across the giant vessel. The camera zooms out and focuses on the lead airship, Fire Lord Ozai standing on the very ledge overlooking the land. The scene switches to where Azula is sitting impatiently on her throne as a band of Dai Li agents approaches.
Head of Dai Li You sent for us, Princess. Is everything all right?
Azula Actually, everything's not all right! Do you know how long it took you to get here?
Head of Dai Li Uh ... a few minutes, I guess.
Azula Five, to be precise, in which time an assassin could've snuck in, done away with me and been on his merry way!
Head of Dai Li My apologies, Princess.
Azula Is this how you plan to treat your new Fire Lord? With tardiness and disloyalty?
Head of Dai Li The Dai Li would never betray you!
Azula And I'm sure that's just what you told Long Feng before you turned against him and joined me! [Hesitates for a moment.] You're all banished!
Head of Dai Li But ...
Azula Goodbye!
The agent pauses briefly before turning around and exiting the room followed by the other Dai Li agents behind him.
Azula Please send in the next group on your way out! [Looks menacingly.]
Meanwhile, back on the airship, the trio has made their way to the main control room.
Sokka [Backed against the wall.] Sshhh ...
Toph approaches the door and knocks several times before breaking it down. Using metalbending, she creates a suit of armor from the door and assaults the astonished crew members. The Fire Nation soldiers launch firebending attacks at her, but she merely dodges them and metalbends various parts of the ship's interior to imprison the crew members. With all the men defeated, Sokka and Suki peer into the room. Toph takes off her suit of armor.
Toph That's how it's done!
Sokka Good work, Toph! Time to take control of the ship, take the wheel.
Toph [Sarcastically.] That's a great idea! Let the blind girl steer the giant airship!
Sokka I was talking to Suki.
Toph That would make a lot more sense.
Suki [Approaches the steering wheel.] What are we going to do about the rest of the crew?
Sokka Take us down closer to the water. I've got an idea. [Grabs a tube-like speaker.] Attention, crew, this is your captain speaking. Everyone please report to the bomb bay immediately for hot cakes and sweet cream. We have a very special birthday to celebrate.
Suki begins to steer the ship close to the water. In the bomb bay, the crew members are standing around, waiting.
Qin Lee [To a nearby engineer.] Hey, I'm Qin Lee. I work up in communications.
Engineer Oh, hi. I work down in the engine room. That's probably why we never met before. Big airship, you know?
Qin Lee Yep.
Engineer So, do you know whose birthday it is?
A crew member approaches Qin Lee and the engineer.
Crew member I can't believe the captain remembered my birthday! He really does care!
The bomb bay doors open and all the crew members fall into the ocean. The crew members swim up for air.
Engineer [To the crew member.] Happy birthday. [He frowns at him.]
Back up into the cabin, Sokka looks through a broken window at Ozai's airship.
Sokka Fire Lord Ozai, here we come.
Sokka grabs the throttle and pushes it forward. Cut to a shot of Ozai. Scene changes to the Fire Nation royal palace. Cut to a shot of Azula at the throne, looking left just as footsteps are heard. Cut to a shot of Lo and Li walking toward the throne.
Li [To Azula.] Azula, we heard what happened. Why have you banished all your servants?
Lo All your Dai Li agents ...
Li And the Imperial Firebenders?
Azula None of them could be trusted. Sooner or later, they all would have betrayed me. Just like Mai and Ty Lee did.
Lo and Li Azula, we are concerned for you and your well-being.
Azula [Glaring at Lo and Li.] My father asked you to come here and talk to me, didn't he‌? He thinks I can't handle the responsibility of being Fire Lord. But I will be the greatest leader in Fire Nation history.
Lo I'm sure you will. But considering everything that has happened today ...
Li Perhaps it's best if you postponed your coronation.
Azula [In anger, glaring at Lo and Li.] What? Which one of you just said that?
Lo and Li point at each other.
Azula What a shame ... there's only one way to resolve this. You two must duel each other. I order you to fight an Agni Kai!
Lo But ...
Lo and Li We're not firebenders.
Azula All right, fine. [Pointing at Li.] Lo, you're banished. [Pointing at Lo, while actually talking to Li.] Li, you can stay. [Walks away.]
Li But, I'm Li. So who's banished?
Lo shrugs at Li. The scene changes to Ba Sing Se as Fire Nation tanks roll toward the main gate. Cut to a shot of the main gate as the tanks line up. Cut to the flag of the Order of the White Lotus. Cut to a shot of Jeong Jeong, Bumi, Pakku, and Piandao from the side.
Bumi Ba Sing Se, the Order of the White Lotus is here.
Pakku Here to set you free.
Iroh [Cut to a shot of Iroh.] Only once every hundred years can a firebender experience this kind of power.
Iroh inhales deeply. Cut to a shot of the Sozin's Comet. Scene changes back to Iroh exhaling as a ring of fire appears around. The flames grow larger each time Iroh breathes deeply. Iroh opens his eyes and raises his arms, as the flames around him collect to make a ball of fire. It collects energy and Iroh fires it as a massive fire blast that breaches the Outer Wall. Cut to a shot of the Order. Bumi jumps forward and stomps the ground. The three stone blocks that the Order's members are standing on begin to quickly move toward Ba Sing Se. Cut to a shot from behind the wall as fire blasts are shot at the Order members. Cut to a shot of Iroh deflecting the attacks. The Order members leap and go toward the city.

Cut to a shot of an alleyway. Pakku bends a giant wave of water over the building and down toward the Fire Nation soldiers. Cut to a shot of Piandao as he jumps over it. Pakku turns the wave into ice, freezing the soldiers. Piandao slides down the frozen wave and slashes the ends of the soldier's weapons. Sliding into another street, Pakku unfreezes the water, freezes it again in front of him to block an incoming fire blast. The ice barrier is destroyed, and when another fire blast is about to hit Pakku, a giant wall of fire erupts, made by Jeong Jeong, in front of him, stopping the attack.

Cut to a short of Jeong Jeong, floating in the air using firebending to create fire jets beneath his feet. Jeong Jeong turns to another street. A line of tanks fire on him, but he blocks the attacks with another giant wall of fire and thrusts the wall knocking the tanks. More tanks begin to fire on him from another street, but Jeong Jeong repeats his actions, creating a wall of flame and attacking the tanks with it. The tanks can be seen knocked over and in a pile as the wall of fire pushes another tank into the pile.

Scene changes to Azula standing in front of a full length mirror. She takes a ribbon and begins leisurely winding around her hair. Her hand gets caught as she is tying her hair into a top knot. Frustrated, she tugs at the tangled mess a few times before she grabs a pair of scissors from the table next to her, ready to cut her hair.

Azula All right hair, it's time to face your doom.
Azula grabs the bangs hanging in front of her face. She lifts them in the air and cuts them, with them falling near her feet. Her reflection in the mirror shows her grinning, with her hair a mess, but she stops grinning as she notices Ursa appears in the reflection, behind Azula.
Ursa What a shame, you always had such beautiful hair.
Azula What are you doing here‌?
Ursa I didn't want to miss my own daughter's coronation.
Azula Don't pretend to act proud. I know what you really think of me. You think I'm a monster.
Ursa [Cuts to shot of Azula looking at her reflection in the mirror, clearly angered; off-camera.] I think you're confused. All your life you used fear to control people, like your friends Mai and Ty Lee.
Azula [Closes her eyes before turning around sharply to face her mother.] Well what choice do I have?! [Cuts to shot of her standing in the room, her back to the mirror which still shows the reflection of her mother.] Trust is for fools. Fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear me.
Ursa [Sincerely.] No. I love you, Azula. I do.
Cuts to close-up of Azula as she bends over slightly, tears in her eyes, and her hair hanging down in messy locks. Cuts to shot of her hand gripped around a hairbrush on the table. The camera shifts as the enraged princess lets out a shout and hurls the brush at the mirror. The resulting impact shatters a large portion of the mirror, including where Ursa's reflection was seen. Cuts to overhead shot of the room as Azula kneels over and begins bitterly crying. The room is devoid of any other people, showing that Ursa's reflection was a mere hallucination.

Cut to a shot of the approaching Fire Nation fleet of airships. Cut to a shot of Ozai from behind, standing at the front of his airship. Cut to a shot of Ozai from the front as he inhales deeply. He exhales, opens his eyes and smiles. Cut to a shot of Ozai's airship from above. The airship that Sokka, Suki, and Toph hijacked can be seen just below it. Cut to a shot of Ozai's airship from Sokka's point of view as he looks through a small glass.

Sokka We're not gonna catch up to him in time.
Suki [Sadly.] No ...
Cut to a shot of Ozai from above. Scene changes to a shot of the comet before changing back to Ozai. He tilts his head back and smiles sadistically. Ozai raises his arms in the air, pulls his palm down toward the ground beneath. A small but incredibly intense flame is forming on his hand, growing larger until it is finally fired into an enormous fire blast that ignites the earth below. Cut to a shot of Ozai, as he burns the ground with a sadistic grin. Cut to a shot from behind Ozai. Cut to a shot from behind a tall, stone pillar where Aang is standing, facing Ozai's assault. Cut to a closer shot of Aang from behind. Seated on Aang's shoulder, Momo chirps.
Aang Momo, time for you to go.
Momo leaps off of Aang's shoulder. Aang closes his eyes and breathes deeply. Aang performs several spinning kicks, using earthbending to send giant sections of the stone pillar beneath him toward Ozai's ship and jumps to another pillar. The chunks of rock whistle past the side of Ozai's airship, which catches his notice. The last few pieces of rock strike the airship's engine, which causes Ozai to lose balance and stop his attack. Cut to a shot from the side of the airship as smoke drifts from the engine. It loses power and begins to descend. Ozai looks down to see Aang. Aang spins his body around, gathering his energy, and unleashes a huge fire blast at Ozai's ship, striking the final blow to its engine, thereby destroying the airship.

Aang turns to the side toward the airship and it floats past him, facing Ozai for the first time. Ozai stares at Aang with surprise. Aang can be seen standing on top of a stone pillar in the distance. Cut to a close-up of Aang facing Ozai, as he lowers his bending stance. Cut to a shot of Ozai, as he removes his Phoenix King armor and cloak, burning it and leaving his chest bare. Ozai jumps off of the platform he is standing on, using his firebending to fly like a rocket toward Aang. Cut to a shot of Aang until the top of another stone pillar comes into view, which Ozai lands on. Cut to a shot of Ozai, with his airship smoldering behind him.

Cut to a shot of the burning airship from Sokka's view through a glass. Cut to a shot of Suki, Sokka, and Toph inside the airship cabin.

Suki What just happened‌?
Sokka [Excited.] It's Aang! He's back!
Cut to a shot of Aang. Zooms in. The camera cuts and pans up to show Aang and Ozai facing each other. Zooms in on Aang.
Ozai After generations of Fire Lords failed to find you, now the universe delivers you to me as an act of providence.
Aang Please listen to me. We don't have to fight. You have the power to end it here and stop what you're doing.
Ozai You are right. I do have the power. I have all the power in the world!
Ozai begins to shoot fire from his hands and mouth. The camera zooms out. Cut to a shot of Aang as he enters his battle stance. Cut to a shot of Ozai as the flames die, and he looks at Aang. Ozai jumps, spins in the air, and slams his fist downward, creating a circular wave of flames that spread directly toward Aang. Aang jumps over the attack and slams his hands and feet into the stone pillar right below him. He earthbends a piece of the pillar he is holding into the air. Aang rotates it around and kicks the chunk of rock toward Ozai, who leaps away using his firebending. In mid-air, Ozai propels himself at Aang using a jet of fire from his feet. At the same time, Aang jumps toward Ozai, sending a wave of fire at him. Ozai kicks forward and shoots a fire blast from his foot. The two attacks collide in a fiery explosion. The camera pulls back through the broken window of the airship cabin where Sokka, Suki, and Toph are.
Sokka [Excited.] Go, Aang! Airbending slice! [Swings hand down, slicing through the air.]
Suki Shouldn't we be helping him?
Sokka The Fire Lord is Aang's fight. We need to stay focused on stopping that fleet from burning down the Earth Kingdom.
Toph [Sarcastically.] And how do we do that, Captain Boomerang? [Normal.] I can't see outside of this floating hunk of metal.
Sokka [Smiles as he comes up with his idea before turning to face Suki and Toph; excitedly.] Airship slice!
The scene cuts to a shot of Toph and Suki, as Suki raises her eyebrow at Sokka. Cut to a shot of the airship they are piloting. It begins to rise higher and higher into the air. Cut to a shot of Sokka at the wheel as he begins to pull some levers. Cut to a shot of the airship from outside. Cut back to a shot of Sokka as he spins the wheel to his left. Cut back to the shot of the airship outside as it banks toward the left end of the airship fleet behind it. Cut to a shot from the side of the airship fleet. Firebenders are seen standing on platforms jutting out toward the front. In unison, they begin to firebend. Cut to a shot from below as the fire blasts hit the ground below. Cut to a shot high above the airships. The fire burns and creates an immense amount of smoke. Cut to a shot of the forest as it is engulfed in flames. Cut to a shot of the torrents of flame from the side before cutting to a shot of Toph, looking down at the chaos through the cabin's shattered window.
Toph Whoa. That's a lot of fire, isn't it.
Cut to a close-up of Toph's face, before cutting to a shot of the airship as it flies toward the camera. Cut to a shot of the inside of the cabin, Sokka at the wheel. He spins the wheel back around as their airship comes to face the side of the airship fleet. He pulls more levers, steadying the ship. Cut to a close-up of Sokka pulling a lever down. The scene cuts to a close-up of a dial, its needle turning to the maximum. Cut to a shot of the exhaust pipes of the airship, smoke begins to billow out. Cut to a shot of the airship's engine from outside as it begins to rupture and explode. Cut to a close-up of Sokka, gritting his teeth in determination.
Sokka It's gonna be a rough ride! We need to get to the top of this thing, fast.
Sokka grabs Toph's hand, and they run to the exit. Suki's following not too far behind. Sokka and Suki stop at the doorway, as Toph continues running on.
Suki [Responding to Sokka's last comment.] Then what?
Sokka Watch each other's backs, and if we make it that far, I'll let you know.
Suki and Sokka share a quick kiss before going on, catching up with Toph. The scene cuts from them to a shot of the airship as it begins to descend. It plows into other airships, causing a domino-effect of crashing. Cut to a shot from above the trio. As they climb their way up a ladder to the top of the airship. The floor beneath them suddenly gets destroyed as soon as Sokka got up the ladder; they had just made it. Cut to a shot of the top of the airship as the three of them climb out through a hatch on top. Sokka grabs Toph's hand to guide her, and the three of them begin running toward the front of the ship. The camera quickly zooms out to show the airship still flying through the fleet, but slowly demolishing itself in process. The scene cuts to a shot of Toph, Sokka, and Suki, racing toward the front of the airship. Suddenly, just as they are getting to their destination, part of the airship falls off, separating Suki from Toph and Sokka. Cut to a shot of a horrified Suki as she reaches out to the others, and pulls away from the camera. The scene switches back to Sokka and Toph. Their piece of airship is drifting away from Suki's.
Sokka Suki!
The scene cuts to a shot of above the airship; the front breaks off and collides with one last enemy ship. Cut to a shot from behind Sokka, reaching out desperately to Suki in front of him. Suki jumps from what is left of their airship, and down to another one.
Suki I'm okay! Just finish the mission!
Sokka [Heartbroken.] No ... ‌
Toph Sokka, I think we've gotta ...
Toph and Sokka Jump!
Cut to a shot of the front of the airship, slamming violently into another enemy airship. Cut to a shot of Toph and Sokka as they land below, onto another airship. Sokka covers Toph to shade her from falling debris.

Cut to the plaza, the location of the Fire Lord's coronation, where only Azula and the Fire Sages are present. The scene cuts to the front of Azula, who is kneeling down on the plaza steps. She is seen wearing Fire Lord robes with her armor underneath. Standing behind her are Fire Sages, one begins to hold the headpiece over her head.

Fire Sage By decree of Phoenix King Ozai, I now crown you Fire Lord ...
The sage suddenly pauses and looks ahead. Azula turns her head to face him.
Azula [Somewhat annoyed.] What are you waiting for? Do it!
Appa is heard in the distance off-camera, and Azula turns back around to see Appa landing in the plaza courtyard. The scene cuts to a frontal shot of Appa; Katara is seated on Appa's saddle, and Zuko is standing on his back.
Zuko Sorry, but you're not gonna become Fire Lord today. [Jumps off Appa.] I am.
Azula [Laughs.] You're hilarious.
Katara [Jumps off of Appa to stand beside Zuko.] And you're going down.
The Fire Sage is just about to crown Azula the new Fire Lord, regardless of what Katara and Zuko have just said, until Azula signals with her hand for him to stop.
Azula Wait. You want to be Fire Lord? Fine. Let's settle this. Just you and me, brother. The showdown that was always meant to be. Agni Kai!
Zuko [Seriously.] You're on.
Katara turns to face Zuko, very surprised. The scene cuts to Azula's lips as they form into a sly smile, before cutting back to Katara and Zuko.
Katara What are you doing? She's playing you. She knows she can't take us both, so she's trying to separate us.
Zuko I know. But I can take her this time.
Katara But even you admitted to your uncle that you would need help facing Azula.
Zuko There's something off about her; I can't explain it but she's slipping. And this way, no one else has to get hurt.
Katara nods as the scene fades to a shot of the courtyard from the side. The camera goes from showing Zuko kneeling on one end, to Azula kneeling on the other end of the courtyard. Cut to a shot of Zuko standing up and turning around; cut to Azula doing the same. Cut to a shot of Azula taking off her Fire Lord garments.
Azula [Slightly sarcastic.] I'm sorry it has to end this way, brother.
Zuko [Getting in his stance.] No you're not.
Azula smiles and assumes an awkward fighting stance. She spins and sends a sudden blast of blue fire toward Zuko. Zuko brings his hands up and jumps forward, bringing his arms down in front of him. He bends a flame in each hand and they emerge. He sends the fire toward Azula. The scene cuts to the side of the fight to show a wall of fire, blue colliding with red, take form. As the wall begins to die, Azula leaps up on a jet of fire and kicks her legs forward, sending a wave of fire from her feet during each of her three spinning kicks.

Cut to an overhead shot of the stone pillars. Aang lands on top of one, but suddenly leaps away to be blocking and pushed by a blast of fire emerging from Ozai. The Fire Lord attacks again, sending a wave of fire from a downward kick. Aang jumps to another rock to avoid the attack, and picks up a small part of the rock and sends it toward Ozai with a kick. Ozai dodges the attack by sending a blast of fire out of his foot. Aang leaps to the top of another rock to avoid the attack before leaping to land near a waterfall. Ozai follows him there, sending yet another fire blast toward Aang. Aang uses waterbending to send some of the waterfall toward the flames, extinguishing them and causing Ozai to jump back. He flies back toward Aang, using fire rockets from his feet. He shoots a large burst of fire at Aang, but Aang jumps to the top of the waterfall to avoid the attack. Ozai rockets up after him, and flips forward, shooting fire from both feet. Aang jumps to the other side of the slope to escape the hot flames.

Ozai flies over to him, using his fire jets shooting from his feet, but Aang lands on a boulder, lifting it into the air. He jumps away, only to stop Ozai for a second, distracted by the boulder. He continues to chase Aang, shooting at him with his fiery fist. Aang spins around, creating a tornado shield that blocks him from the flames. He lands on the side of a rock pillar, and quickly scoots to the other side, only to see Ozai shooting another stream of fire at him. Aang leaps to another pillar before airbending himself back to the first pillar. He kicks the top of the pillar off, sending it toward Ozai. To Aang's surprise, Ozai is right behind him, and he sends a ball of fire toward Aang.

Aang raises his hand to block himself from the surprise attack as he is pushed and hits the side of a rock, falling to the ground in pain. Ozai flies toward him again, and lands on the same ledge as Aang. Seeing that Ozai is there, Aang picks himself up, and suddenly earthbends to create rock armor around his body. Ozai shoots fists of fire at Aang, pushing him around the edge of the ledge. He swings his arm at Aang, sending a wave of fire toward him, but he jumps away leaving the rock armor behind.

Aang suddenly performs a flip backward to shoot a gust of wind at Ozai from the air. Ozai jumps aside to avoid Aang's blast, and begins to shoot lightning. Aang is grasping on to the side of a rock, seemingly terrified. Just when the lightning is about to strike him, he quickly swings his arm around to create another tornado shield. He jumps up, and flies to the top of a rock where Ozai attempts to shoot a lightning bolt at him, but misses. After the failed attempt, he continues shooting blasts at Aang, to which he lifts the top of a rock and dodges in order to evade. He suddenly rolls forward, just as Ozai sends another blast of lightning toward him.

Aang begins to redirect the lightning, pointing it toward the terrified Ozai. Aang hesitates to strike him, and so he sends the bolt into the orange sky instead. He falls to the ground, exhausted from straining to hold the energy from the lightning. Ozai smiles, sensing he has the upper-hand, and performs a spin-kick of fire toward Aang, who raises the ground to protect himself from the fire blast. He is thrown off the rock from the impact and is falling toward the water below him. The camera zooms in on his eye as he opens it and realizes he is falling.

He tilts himself up, frantically waving his arms and trying to airbend to break his fall. Seeing that does not work due to the speed he is falling, as he nears the water, he creates a funnel shape from it to land softly and gets washed up onto shore. He quickly stands up to see Ozai rocketing toward him. Cut to a shot of Ozai.

The scene cuts back to Zuko and Azula. Cut to an overhead shot of the plaza, orange and blue flames blasting toward each other. One building is shown to be on fire, and as a bright blue flame shoots past the camera, another one burns in the flames. Cut to a shot of Zuko as he punches a powerful blast of fire toward his sister. His stream of orange blends with a blast of blue fire. Cut to a shot of the side of Zuko, he continues shooting fire while being pushed back by the blue flames colliding with his. The camera zooms in on Zuko's foot as he continues to be pushed back. He turns his foot around in order to steady himself. Cut to a frontal shot of Zuko, a powerful fire blast streaming from his fist.

Suddenly, Zuko and Azula stop their attacks. The scared and confused Azula turns to find that Zuko's strong attack has caused the plaza behind her to be smothered in flames. She leaps forward with a blast of fire that she swings at Zuko. Just as he is about to be hit, Zuko thrusts his palms outward to create a wall of fire that slices the blue flame. The scene cuts to an overhead shot of the flames as they slowly die down. Cut to a shot of Azula who is crouching on the ground. A profile shot of her shows that she is heavily panting, and she grits her teeth and narrows her eyes in determination.

A determined look flushes over Azula. The scene quickly cuts to a shot of Zuko's left fist. He opens it, and with the other fist punches two large fireballs toward Azula, and the fire emerges to create one massive blast. Cut to a shot of Azula's fear-filled eyes, reflecting with orange from the oncoming attack. The camera zooms out as Azula dodges using a jet of blue fire. She flies forward into the air, using jets of fire from her feet and hands. Cut to a side-shot of her as she thrusts her fists forward creating two blue fire blasts.

Zuko is shown crouching with his arms outward, blue and orange flames swirling around him. Azula is flying toward him as she swerves to the right to dodge Zuko's last blast. The scene cuts to an overhead shot of Azula as she shoots fire at Zuko and circles him, a trail of blue fire coming from her feet. Zuko quickly defends himself by creating a shield of fire for protection. He tries to attack Azula, who is still circling him, but she is too fast. The scene cuts to a close shot of Zuko. He stops firing at Azula, crouches, and begins spinning and kicking immense and powerful flames from his feet. Azula is flying forward; when she sees the attack, she tries to stop, but it is too late. Azula falls and rolls forward onto the ground. In pain, she picks herself up. A close-up of her shows that she is hunched over, her hair is undone and she is extremely angry.

Zuko [Angrily and somewhat mockingly.] No lightning today? What's the matter? [Quickly assuming his lightning redirection stance.] Afraid I'll redirect it?
Azula Oh, I'll show you lightning!
At that moment, Azula waves and moves her fingertips in order to generate lightning, but her stance is irregular and off. The scene cuts to a frontal shot of Zuko; inhaling and exhaling deeply. He assumes his stance and prepares to redirect whatever lightning may come his way. As he is doing so, the camera pans left to show Katara standing by as backup. Suddenly, light begins flickering as Azula begins charging her lightning. She finishes charging, and a close-up of her eyes shows she is not glancing toward Zuko, but to the left of him. The scene cuts to Zuko with Katara to his left and zooms in on Katara. Cut back to Azula, still in her stance and ready to strike; lightning at her fingertips. She smiles and extends her arm to shoot the blast directly at Katara.

The scene becomes some-what slow motion as lightning is emerging from Azula. Cut to a shot of Zuko's shocked face as he turns to the left. Zuko runs, trying to get in between Katara and the lightning. The scene zooms in on Katara's dumbfounded face and cuts to a close-up on her eyes, reflecting the impending lightning. Suddenly, Zuko jumps up, in between Katara and the lightning.

Zuko [In slow motion as he comes in front of Katara.] No!
Zuko extends his finger out in order to redirect it, but fails in doing so, therefore absorbing it. Light flashes, and the camera cuts to a shot from behind Katara, showing Zuko in mid-air, before cutting to Katara's shocked, horrified face. The slow motion ends, and Zuko hits the ground, the lightning leaving his body through his other arm. Cut to a shot above the capital, the redirected lightning blasting into the air. Cut back to Zuko, lying on the ground, twitching from the electricity seeping through his body. He rolls onto his back, groaning and holding his wounded chest. Cut to a scared Katara as she runs in Zuko's direction.
Katara [Yelling.] Zuko!
Zuko is shown, lying on the ground in pain. His shirt around his chest is burnt away, revealing a large scar. Katara is running toward him, but is stopped in her tracks by a blast of lightning in between her and Zuko. The scene cuts to a crazed Azula, hunched over and swaying from side to side. She suddenly starts laughing maniacally and runs forward into the camera just as the scene cuts to Ozai rocketing forward.

The shot cuts to the side of Ozai as he flies over the water below. The terrified Aang begins to swing his arms using waterbending to launch. He reaches the shore, stumbling forward, with Ozai not too far behind. Ozai reaches him, and Aang earthbends a circle of rocks around himself for protection. Ozai is right over him, laughing. The scene cuts to Aang trapped inside his sphere, bracing himself with his arms.

Ozai You're weak, just like the rest of your people! They did not deserve to exist in this world ... in my world! Prepare to join them. Prepare to die!
The camera tilts up to show Ozai thrusting both fists into Aang's rock shield, releasing a powerful fire blast while doing so. Cut to Aang still trapped inside the rock, still shielding himself with his eyes closed as pebbles fall around him and orange light can be seen seeping in through the cracks between the rocks. Cut back to Ozai as he throws another fire blast against Aang's shield. Ozai jumps back, lands, and rises back up to the camera's level as the scene zooms in on him. It quickly zooms out as he sends two powerful fire blasts at the camera. Fade to credits.






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