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The episode opens at night to a wide shot of the Earth Kingdom tavern, Appa resting outside. Cut inside to frontal view of Team Avatar, sans Aang. June kicks a chair in the foreground and sits down and begins drinking her tea.
Sokka [To Zuko.] Hey, I remember her! [Cut to frontal view of Zuko, Sokka standing behind.] She helped you attack us!
Zuko Yup. [Walks forward.] Back in the good old days.
Cut to wide shot as they all walk up to June.
June Oh great. It's Prince Pouty. [Close-up.] Where's your creepy grandpa?
Zuko [Frontal view of Katara and Zuko.] He's my uncle. And he's not here.
June [Close-up.] I see you worked things out with your girlfriend.
Cut to Zuko and Katara who become flustered and embarrassed, looking at each other as they speak, before cutting to June.
Katara [Angrily.] I'm not his girlfriend!
Zuko [Speaking at the same time.] She's not my girlfriend!
June [Frontal view.] Okay, okay. Sheesh. I was only teasing. So what do you want?
Zuko [Frontal view of June with Zuko and Suki behind.] I need your help finding the Avatar.
June Hm. Doesn't sound too fun. [Sips her tea.]
Zuko [Angrily; leans closer, while clenching his fists.] Does the end of the world sound like more fun?
Cut to side-view of Appa and Nyla growling at each other. Appa licks Nyla, and they lay down. They both stand up as the gang and June walking toward them. Cut to frontal view of the approaching group as June holds up a piece of meat.
June [Shaking the piece of meat.] Nyla. [She throws the meat to Nyla. Cut to frontal view of Nyla, who catches it in his mouth and starts chewing it before swallowing it; June walks up to him and starts petting him.] Who's my little, hmm, Snuffly-Wuffly? [Nyla sticks his toxins-coated tongue out and she dodges it and forces his mouth closed.] Whoa! Careful there. [To Team Avatar.] Okay. So who's got something with the Avatar's scent on it?
Cut to Katara standing on Appa's back.
Katara [Pulls out Aang's glider from Appa's saddle.] I have Aang's staff.
Cut to Nyla as June approaches and holds the staff out in front of Nyla. He sniffs it. Cut to wide-view of the group as Nyla begins to walk around in circles, trying to sniff the scent out somewhere else. Cut to overhead view. Cut to closer view of the group as Nyla returns to June and continues sniffing. Cut to frontal view as Nyla lies back down and covers his nose.
Zuko [Frontal view.] Well, what does that mean?
June [Frontal view. Petting Nyla.] Means your friend's gone.
Toph [Frontal view.] We know he's gone. That's why we're trying to find him.
June [Close-up as June stands up.] No, I mean he's gone gone. [Turns to face everyone else.] He doesn't exist.
Cut to the others as the look on with worry and confusion. The camera cuts to a mysterious island. Cut inside the forestry as Momo is chasing a squirrel creature in a tree. Camera pans across the branch as Momo chases the squirrel and Aang is seen walking around.
Aang Where are we, Momo? [Cut to view of the sky through the trees as dragonflies fly past. The camera pans down as Aang speaks.] Maybe I'm in the Spirit World? [Cut to frontal view of Aang stepping under a branch.] But wait. You can see me. [Momo approaches on the branch. Cut to a close-up of Momo.] We could both be in the Spirit World. [Cut back to Aang. He uses airbending and the camera pans across as he moves.] Nope. My bending works. [Momo lands on him. Points to the hilltop. Cut to path up a hill. Camera pans up as Aang talks.] Maybe if we climb to the top of the island, we can figure out where we are.
Cut to close-up of Sokka.
Sokka [To June.] What do you mean Aang doesn't exist? [Side-view of the group.] Do you mean he's ... you know, dead?
June [Frontal view as she pets Nyla.] Nope. We could find him if he were dead. Wow, it's a real head-scratcher. See ya. [Cut to a wide-view of the group as she starts climbing on top of Nyla.]
Toph [Sarcastically.] Helpful. Real helpful.
Zuko [To June.] Wait. I have another idea. [Frontal view.] There's only one other person in this world who can help us face the Fire Lord. I'll be right back with a smell sample.
Cut to close-up of a sandal that Zuko holds up. Camera zooms out quickly to show the members of Team Avatar are holding their noses in disgust, except for Zuko and Toph. Zuko looks embarrassed.
Sokka You saved your uncle's sweaty sandal? Ugh! [Pinches nose even tighter.]
Toph [Smiles.] I think it's kind of sweet.
Cut to June as Nyla jumps forward. Cut to side-view of Zuko and Nyla as the latter sniffs the sandal.
June [Frontal view. Determined.] Let's do this. [Cut to wide-view as she and Nyla run off.]
Zuko Hey! Wait up!
They all quickly get on Appa. Cut to behind Appa as his tail hits the ground he takes off in the same direction. Cut to side-view of Nyla running up a hill as Appa flies behind. Fade to a shot behind Nyla as he jumps over a cliff edge. Camera pans to the right slightly as Appa follows closely behind. Fade to frontal view of Nyla running along with Appa close behind before Nyla jumps forward toward the camera. Cut to wide-view of Appa and Nyla approaching the destroyed Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. Cut to frontal view of the wall as Nyla jumps in front of the camera and the camera pans up to show Appa above. Cut to close-up aerial view. The camera pans out as the group stops near the rubble. Appa lands and Nyla starts digging at the wreckage.
Zuko We're going to Ba Sing Se?
June [Cut to side-view of the group as Nyla continues scratching the wall.] Your uncle's somewhere beyond the wall. [Nyla stops digging and walks away.] Nyla's getting twitchy so he can't be too far. [Close-up.] Good luck.
Cut to side-view of Zuko as Nyla and June leave and he turns to watch. As they disappear over the hill he turns away to the others.
Zuko It's been a long day. [Aerial view. Camera zooms out.] Let's camp and start our search again at dawn.
Cut back to the island. The camera pans down from trees to Aang and Momo as they approach a strange, flat rock-formation. Cut to a frontal view of Aang looking at the rock-formation. Cut to an aerial view of the entire clearing as Aang steps on to it.
Aang It's a hexagon. [Cut to Aang's feet as Momo jumps off his shoulder. Bends down to place a hand on the ground.] It doesn't seem like normal rock. [Stands back up. Cut to a side-view as he attempts earthbending, but nothing happens.] It's not made of earth. [Sits down.] This is so strange. [Frontal view of Aang with Momo in the foreground, his back to the camera.] I wish I had some help right now. I wish I had Roku. [Suddenly realizes something.] I do have Roku! [Takes a deep breath and starts meditating. Fade to close-up of Aang. Cut to side-view as Momo runs off and the spirit of Avatar Roku appears before Aang.]
Avatar Roku You're right, Aang. [Close-up.] All the past Avatars, all their experience and wisdom, is available to you [Cut to close-up of Aang.] if you look deep inside yourself.
Aang [Looking around.] So where am I, Roku? What is this place?
Avatar Roku [Side-view.] I ... don't know, Aang. [Close-up of Aang.] But I see you are lost in more ways than one right now.
Aang I am. I need to figure out what to do once I face the Fire Lord.
The camera cuts to Appa. The camera pans to the right to show Zuko, Katara, Suki, and Sokka asleep on Appa's legs and tail. Cut to Toph, who is sleeping in an earth tent.
Toph [Surprised.] Huh? [She suddenly senses something and wakes up. Cut to outside her rock tent as it begins to low.]
The camera zooms out as the group is surrounded by a wall of fire. Cut to an aerial view of the area showing Team Avatar is trapped. Cut behind the group as the camera pans across to left. The group turn and look up to see Piandao, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, and Bumi. The camera zooms in on Piandao before panning to left to focus on Jeong Jeong, before panning again to Pakku, and finally to Bumi.
Bumi Well, look who's here! [Starts laughing and snorting.]
Cut to Team Avatar looking confused, except for Katara and Sokka, who are both excited.

The scene changes back to the island, which now looks somewhat invisible from the outside. Cut to side-view of Aang on the island, talking to Avatar Roku's spirit.

Aang Everyone expects me to take the Fire Lord's life, [Side-view.] but I just don't know if I can do that.
Avatar Roku [Frontal view.] In my life, I tried to be disciplined and show restraint, but it backfired when Fire Lord Sozin took advantage of my restraint and mercy. [Fade to a flashback of Sozin, close-up shot. Sozin moves forward and the camera cuts to a side-view of him attempting to attack Roku from behind. The camera pans left to show the flames engulf Roku. Cut to a shot inside the flames as they dissipate to reveal Roku gone. Fade to a close-up shot of Sozin from behind looking at his army. Fade to a panning shot of air temples on fire. Overlaid shot of close-up Sozin.] If I had been more decisive and acted sooner, I could have stopped Sozin and stopped the war before it started. [Cut back to side-view of Aang and Roku.] I offer you this wisdom, Aang: You must be decisive. [Cut behind Roku as he vanishes. Cut close-up to Aang, disappointed.]
Cut back to Outer Walls of Ba Sing Se. Wide shot of the entire group now joined by the masters.
Toph [Confused.] What's going on? [Cut to closer view from behind the masters.] We're surrounded by old people.
Katara Not just any old people. [Walks up to Pakku. Side-view of the masters.] These are great masters and friends of ours. [Camera pans and zooms in on Katara and Pakku as she bows to Pakku.] Pakku.
Pakku [Bows back.] It is respectful to bow to an old master, [Frontal view. Extends his arms out.] but how about a hug for your new grandfather?
Katara [Frontal view. Surprised and overjoyed, as is Sokka behind her.] That's so exciting! [Frontal view of Pakku as she hugs Pakku.] You and Gran-Gran must be so happy to have found each other again!
Pakku I made her a new betrothal necklace and everything.
Sokka [Runs up and hugs Pakku. Camera zooms in on Pakku.] Welcome to the family, Gramp-Gramp!
Pakku [Gently pushes Sokka away; slightly annoyed.] You can still just call me Pakku.
Sokka [Frontal view.] How about Grand-Pakku?
Pakku [Close-up. Not amused.] No. [Side-view of Zuko and Pakku as Sokka walks away behind Katara sadly. Camera zooms out to show Jeong Jeong.]
Katara [Zuko walks up to Jeong Jeong.] And this was Aang's first firebending teacher.
Jeong Jeong [Close-up. Bows.] Jeong Jeong.
Sokka [Side-view. Bows to Piandao.] Master Piandao.
Piandao [Bows back.] Hello, Sokka.
Suki [Cut to over-head view from behind the masters.] So wait. How do you all know each other?
Bumi [Close-up side-view.] All old people know each other. Don't you know that? [Laughs and snorts.]
Piandao We're all part of the same ancient secret society. A group that transcends the divisions of the four nations.
Zuko [Frontal view.] The Order of the White Lotus.
Bumi [Frontal view of Piandao and Jeong Jeong. Bumi slides in front of the camera.] That's the one. [Slides off camera.]
Jeong Jeong The White Lotus has always been about philosophy and beauty and truth. [Aerial view.] But about a month ago, a call went out that we were needed for something important.
Pakku [Cut close-up behind Zuko with Pakku and Katara in the background. To Zuko.] It came from a Grand Lotus: your uncle, [Close-up of Zuko.] Iroh of the Fire Nation. [Zuko smiles.]
Toph [Camera zooms out to show Toph behind Zuko.] Well, that's who we're looking for.
Piandao [Frontal view.] Then we'll take you to him.
Bumi [Appears behind Piandao and Jeong Jeong and pushes them out of the way.] Wait! Someone's missing from your group. [Walks up to the camera.] Someone very important. [Walks right up to the camera.] Where's Momo?
Sokka [Side-view. Leaning backward almost all the way, as Bumi is right in his face.] He's gone. [Pauses.] And so is Aang.
Bumi [Camera zooms out.] Oh well. [Pats Sokka on the chest, which causes him to almost fall back.] So long as they have each other, I'm sure we have nothing to worry about. Let's go! [Slams in to the ground. Cut to underneath Bumi as he launches himself away using earthbending while laughing and snorting.]
Cut back on the island. Cut to Momo behind a branch before flying off. Cut to frontal view of Aang who is meditating as Momo arrives next to him.
Aang Avatar Kyoshi. I need your wisdom.
Momo runs off. Fade to close-up of Aang. Side-view as the spirit of Avatar Kyoshi appears before him and the camera pans right to where she sits.
Kyoshi In my day, [Flashback to frontal view of Chin the Conqueror. Cut to close-up of Avatar Kyoshi.] Chin the Conqueror threatened to throw the world out of balance. [Kyoshi enters the Avatar State briefly and begins to earthbend. Cut to wide shot as a dust cloud appears as she separates the land.] I stopped him. [Cut to side-view of Kyoshi as she uses airbending to push the land apart.] And the world entered a great era of peace. [Cut to aerial view of the land separating.]
Aang [Voice-over; Side-view of Chin as he falls to his death.] You didn't really kill Chin. [Camera cuts back to close-up view looking up at Aang.] Technically, he fell to his own doom because he was too stubborn to get out of the way.
Kyoshi [Close-up side-view.] Personally, I don't really see the difference, but I assure you, I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin. [Frontal view.] I offer you this wisdom, Aang: Only justice will bring peace. [Vanishes.]
Aang [Close-up. Disappointed. Side-view as he leans back.] I knew I shouldn't have asked Kyoshi.
Cut back to the rest of the group as the camera pans right to show the group walking with the White Lotus members to their campsite.
Sokka So, Bumi ... [Cut closer, side-view. Camera follows them as they walk.] how did you end up escaping your imprisonment in Omashu?
Bumi Escape? I didn't escape. Everybody else escaped. [Close-up.] There I was back in Omashu, [Flashback of Omashu while under control of the Fire Nation during the Day of Black Sun.] waiting for just the right moment. [Cut to close-up of Bumi suspended in a metal box.] I didn't know what or when, but I knew I'd know it when I knew it. [Camera pans round as he looks up to see the solar eclipse. Speaking in flashback.] An eclipse. That'll do it.
Cut close-up as he begins twitching his face. Cut to buildings beginning to crumble and break. Cut back to Bumi in the cage as the camera zooms in with pieces of earth heading to the cage. Frontal view of the cage as Bumi uses the broken pieces of the buildings to break himself free. Cut to the ground below as Bumi drops down and firebenders quickly show up to confront him.
Firebender What do you think you're doing? [Zooms in on the firebender.]
The firebenders attempt to blast Bumi, but are powerless due to the eclipse. They look at Bumi in horror. Cut to frontal view of Bumi, who smiles evilly.
Bumi Taking back my city! You've got no firepower. And it's payback time!
Bumi launches himself forward. Cut behind Bumi as he launches himself off the platform. Frontal view of Bumi as he lands. He uses earthbending and lifts a large piece of earth up. Cut to side-view of a building being separated by the pillar of earth. Cut back to Bumi, and back to the building as he moves the building with the use of the pillar. Cut to frontal view of firebenders running away. Camera pans up to reveal entire buildings beginning to move. Cut to Bumi running to left and stops to earthbend again sending more buildings flying. Cut to wide-view of Omashu. Cut to side-view of the entrance to Omashu as Fire Nation soldiers flee.

Cut to frontal view of Bumi who turns and looks back to see a giant statue of Fire Lord Ozai. Frontal view of Bumi as he uses earthbending to stop oncoming Fire Nation soldiers. He sends small pieces of earth flying forward. Cut to close-up of the statues face as two small pillars become embedded in the eyes. Two more smaller ones go into the nostrils and large chunks go in the mouth and cheeks. Cut to side-view of the base of the statue as it begins to shift and rise. Cut to close-up of Bumi who struggles to lift the statue. Cut to a wide shot of Omashu looking up at the statue as it begins to fall over. The statue slides down toward the camera. Cut to wide side-view of Omashu's entrance as the statue falls over the side and breaks the bridge before falling in to the canyon below. Cut to close-up view of Bumi looking down at his handiwork and he begins to laugh. He starts eating a piece of jennamite before the camera cuts back to a frontal view of present-day Bumi.

Suki [Amazed.] Wow! You took back your whole city all by yourself!
Bumi [Side-view of entire group.] So what about you guys? Did you do anything interesting on the day of the eclipse?
Side-view of Sokka and Zuko, who look at each other.
Zuko [Nonchalantly.] Nah.
Sokka [Nonchalantly.] No, not really.
The camera cuts to close-up of Aang, who is becoming irritated.
Aang I need to look deep inside myself.
Close-up frontal view as Aang starts meditating. Side-view of Aang as the spirit of Avatar Kuruk, a male Avatar from the Northern Water Tribe, appears before him.
Kuruk [Close-up.] I am Avatar Kuruk. [Cut to flashback to a close-up view of a younger Avatar Kuruk. The camera zooms out to show him surfing.] When I was young, I was always a go-with-the-flow kind of Avatar. [The camera pans round to follow his movements on the wave before holding steady as he surfs away.] People seemed to work out their own problems, and there was peace and good times in the world. [Cut to shot of the sun and the camera pans down to Kuruk with Ummi and they kiss.] But then, [Fade to a side-view of Koh in the Spirit World. Koh moves in front of the camera to reveal the face of Ummi.] I lost the woman I loved to Koh, the Face Stealer. [Fade back to close-up side-view of present-day Kuruk.] It was my fault. If I had been more attentive and more active, [Close-up of Aang.] I could've saved her. Aang, [Close-up of Kuruk.] you must actively shape your own destiny and the destiny of the world. [Vanishes. Frontal view of Aang, even more disappointed as he places his head in his hands.]
Cut to Outer Walls of Ba Sing Se showing the moon. The camera pans down to show the White Lotus campsite and the group approaching. Cut inside the camp as Bumi lowers a rock wall to allow entrance to the camp.
Bumi [Stepping into the camp.] Well, here we are. Welcome to Old People Camp.
Zuko [Side-view of Jeong Jeong, Piandao, and Pakku. As Zuko speaks, Jeong Jeong and Pakku walk off and Appa stops behind Zuko and Piandao.] Where ... where is he?
Piandao [Points to a tent on the other side of the camp. Camera cuts and zooms in showing a tent.] Your uncle's in there, Prince Zuko.
Cut back to Zuko, who becomes worried and ashamed before walking toward the tent. Cut to Zuko from behind as he approaches the tent before stopping. Close-up of Zuko. Side-view as he sits down. Katara walks up to him.
Katara Are you okay?
Zuko [Frontal view.] No, I'm not okay. My uncle hates me, I know it. [Katara sits down next to him.] He loved and supported me in every way he could, and I still turned against him. How can I even face him?
Katara [Close-up side-view of Zuko.] Zuko, you're sorry for what you did, right?
Zuko More sorry than I've been about anything in my entire life.
Katara Then he'll forgive you. He will.
Zuko stands up. Cut to side-view of him standing at the tents entrance and he exhales deeply. He walks into the tent. Cut to an aerial view inside the tent.
Zuko Uncle?
Close-up of Zuko as he hears snoring. Frontal view of Iroh, asleep with Zuko standing at the entrance. Close-up of Zuko as he smiles and sits down next to him. The camera cuts to the island.
Aang [Voice-over.] All these past Avatars. [Cut to frontal view of Aang.] They keep telling me I'm gonna have to do it. They don't get it. [Momo chitters.] You're right. Maybe an Air Nomad Avatar will understand where I'm coming from. [Close-up of Momo, who stares at him. Frontal view of Aang as Momo jumps to his other side.] I know you can't really talk. Pretending you can just helps me think. [Momo chitters again; Aang becomes annoyed.] I'm going to pretend I didn't pretend to hear that.
Fade to close-up of Aang meditating. Cut back to frontal view as the spirit of Avatar Yangchen, a female Air Nomad Avatar, appears before him. Aerial view from behind Aang as Yangchen's spirit sits before him.
Yangchen [Side-view.] I am Avatar Yangchen, young airbender.
Aang Avatar Yangchen, [Close-up of Aang.] the monks always taught me that all life is sacred. Even the life of the tiniest spider-fly caught in its own web.
Yangchen [Close-up side-view.] Yes. All life is sacred.
Aang [Frontal view. Smiles.] I know, I'm even a vegetarian. I've always tried to solve my problems by being quick or clever. And I've only had to use violence for necessary defense. And I've certainly never used it to take a life.
Yangchen [Cut to behind Aang as the camera pans up to show Yangchen.] Avatar Aang, I know that you're a gentle spirit, and the monks have taught you well, but this isn't about you. [Close-up side-view of Aang.] This is about the world.
Aang But the monks taught me that I had to detach myself from the world so my spirit could be free.
Yangchen [Side-view of Aang and Yangchen. Camera pans slowly to the right.] Many great and wise Air Nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment, [Close-up.] but the Avatar can never do it. Because your sole duty is to the world. Here is my wisdom for you: [Close-up of Aang. Camera zooms out.] Selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs, and do whatever it takes to protect the world. [Yangchen's spirit vanishes.]
Aang [Momo appears behind a tree and approaches Aang. Close-up aerial view of Aang. Sorrowfully.] I guess I don't have a choice, Momo. [Camera zooms out as Aang looks up.] I have to kill the Fire Lord.
The scene changes to an aerial view of the White Lotus camp. Cut to aerial view inside Iroh's tent. Zuko sits nearby as Iroh wakes up. Cut to frontal view of Iroh as he stretches. He glances back slightly and sees Zuko, but says nothing. Frontal view of Zuko.
Zuko [Cut to view of Iroh from behind.] Uncle, [Cut to view of Zuko over Iroh's shoulder.] I know you must have mixed feelings about seeing me. [Cut briefly to view of Iroh from behind before back to a frontal view of Zuko.] But I want you to know, [Starts to cry.] I am so, so, sorry, Uncle. I am so sorry and ashamed of what I did. I don't know how I can ever make it up to you. But I'll- [He is cut off. Cut to side-view as Iroh pulls him into a hug, while starting to cry as well. Close-up of Iroh who starts to smile. Close-up of Zuko who becomes shocked and confused.] How can you forgive me so easily? I thought you would be furious with me.
Iroh [Close-up.] I was never angry with you. I was sad because I was afraid you had lost your way.
Zuko [Side-view of the two.] I did lose my way.
Iroh [Releases him.] But you found it again. [Frontal view.] And you did it by yourself. [Frontal view of Zuko over Iroh's shoulder.] And I am so happy you found your way here. [Side-view. Hugs him again.]
Zuko It wasn't that hard, Uncle. You have a pretty strong scent.
The camera zooms out before cutting to the island. A squirrel runs along a branch before cutting to an aerial view of the rock formation. Birds fly past the camera as Momo and Aang sleep on the rock formation. Cut close-up to Aang as he wakes up and yawns. The camera follows him as he sits up and notices something.
Aang Wait. [Cut to view of "approaching" mountains.] Is it just me, or are those mountains getting bigger?
Cut to close-up of Aang as Momo chitters. Aang bends down and uses airbending to launch himself up. Cut to the top of a tall tree that Aang lands on. As he looks foward, Momo flies around and lands on his shoulder. Cut to a close-up of Aang and Momo. Aang turns around to show a wake behind the "island".
Aang They're not getting larger, [Turning back. Excitedly.] They're getting closer! [Aang jumps off the tree. Cut to side-view as he runs toward the edge of the island, Momo in his wake.] The whole island is moving!
Cut to side-view of the island as Aang leaps out from the brush and jumps in to the water. Cut underwater as Aang dives down. Cut to Momo landing on a branch looking down at where Aang entered the water and chitters. Cut to side-view of Aang underwater as he swims down. Cut to a frontal view as he inspects the island. Cut to a wide-view as a paw moves past him. Cut to frontal view of Aang who hovers for a moment before swimming up to the surface. Cut to the surface of the water as Aang emerges, gasping for breath, and Momo lands nearby.
Aang It's amazing Momo! The biggest animal in the world! I've gotta to swim around and find its face. [Momo chitters in response and he swims off toward the front of the "island". Momo follows him.]
Cut to an aerial view of Momo flying above Aang, who is swimming in the water below. Cut to a distance view of the entire island from behind. Cut to aerial view of the White Lotus camp.
Zuko [Voice-over.] Uncle, you're the only person other than the Avatar who can [Side-view of Iroh with Zuko sat next to him. Toph sits to Zuko's right and Katara has her back to the camera opposite Toph.] possibly defeat the Father Lord.
Toph You mean the Fire Lord.
Zuko [Angrily.] That's what I just said!
Iroh Hmmm ...
Zuko We need you to come with us!
Iroh [Close-up.] No, Zuko, it won't turn out well.
Zuko [Aerial view of the group.] You can beat him! [Turns to the others.] And we'll be there to help.
Iroh Even if I did defeat Ozai, [Close-up.] and I don't know that I could, it would be the wrong way to end the war. [Aerial view of the group.] History would see it as just more senseless violence, a brother killing a brother to grab power. The only way for this war to end peacefully is for the Avatar to defeat the Fire Lord.
Zuko [Close-up of Zuko from over Iroh's shoulder.] And then ... then you would come and take your rightful place on the throne?
Iroh [Close-up.] No. Someone new must take the throne. An idealist with a pure heart [Frontal view from the side of Iroh as the camera zooms in on Zuko.] and unquestionable honor. It has to be you, Prince Zuko.
Zuko [Zuko briefly looks away.] Unquestionable honor? But I've made so many mistakes.
Iroh Yes, you have. [Close-up of Iroh from over Zuko's shoulder.] You've struggled; you've suffered, but you have always followed your own path. [Close-up of Zuko.] You restored your own honor, and only you can restore the honor of the Fire Nation.
Zuko [Zuko looks away.] I'll try, Uncle.
Toph [Side-view of Toph.] Well, what if Aang doesn't come back?
Iroh [Aerial view of group.] Sozin's Comet is arriving, and our destinies are upon us. Aang will face the Fire Lord. [Extreme close-up.] When I was a boy, I had a vision that I would one day take Ba Sing Se. [Cut to Zuko and the camera pans across to right showing Toph, Sokka, Suki, and Katara.] Only now do I see that my destiny is to take it back from the Fire Nation, [Extreme close-up.] so the Earth Kingdom can be free again.
Suki [Side-view of Suki and Katara.] That's why you gathered the members of the White Lotus.
Iroh Yes. [Close-up from over Zuko's shoulder.] Zuko, you must return to the Fire Nation, so that when the Fire Lord falls, you can assume the throne and restore peace and order. [Extreme close-up of Zuko.] But Azula will be there, waiting for you.
Zuko I can handle Azula.
Iroh Not alone! [Frontal view of Iroh from the side of Zuko.] You'll need help.
Zuko [Extreme close-up.] You're right. Katara, [Frontal view of Katara over Zuko's shoulder.] how would you like to help me put Azula in her place?
Katara It would be my pleasure.
Sokka What about us? [Side-view of Toph with Sokka sitting to the right and behind.] What's our destiny today?
Iroh [Close-up.] What do you think it is?
Sokka [Frontal view.] I think that, even though we don't know where Aang is, we need to do everything we can to stop the airship fleet.
Toph [Camera pans back and to the left to Toph.] And that means when Aang does face the Fire Lord, we'll be right there if he needs us. [Close-up of Iroh, who smiles.]
Cuts to side-view of Toph and Suki on board an eel hound. The camera zooms out to show the entire eel hound and Sokka and Piandao are on the ground beside it.
Piandao Nothing runs faster over land or swims quicker than a giant eel hound. [Frontal view of Piandao with Sokka's back to the camera. Piandao hands Sokka a map, who examines it.] The air ship base is on a small island just off the Earth Kingdom shore. [Frontal view of Sokka over the shoulder of Piandao.] You should be able to intercept the fleet within a day's journey.
Sokka [He puts the map away.] Thank you, Master.
Cut to frontal view as they bow to each other before Sokka hugs Piandao. Camera pans right to Appa, with Zuko up front and Katara in the saddle.
Zuko [To Iroh.] So if I'm going to be Fire Lord after the war is over, [Side-view of Zuko.] what are you going to do?
Iroh [Frontal view.] After I re-conquer Ba Sing Se, I'm going to re-conquer my tea shop, and I'm going to play Pai Sho every day. [Flips a Pai Sho piece and catches it as he speaks.]
Cut to close-up of Zuko with Katara, in the background, as they both look left. Cut to Sokka, Toph, and Suki looking back and Sokka nods. Cuts to a aerial shot of the entire group.
Katara Goodbye, General Iroh.
Iroh [Close-up.] Goodbye, everyone. Today, destiny is our friend. [Whispers.] I know it.
Cut to aerial view as the eel hound sets off followed soon after by Appa. The camera pans up slightly as the Order of the White Lotus members wave. Cuts back to the side of the island, now close to the mountains. Cut to the top of the trees on the island and the camera pans down to Aang swimming in the water. Aang stops and Momo chitters behind him as he dives in the water. Cut underwater as Aang swims to the front of the island to take a closer look. Cut to frontal view of Aang and the camera pans down to follow him as he swims. He stops and an eye opens behind him. Cut to frontal view of a surprised Aang and he swims back as a giant paw moves underneath him and lifts him up. Cut to above the water as Aang and the paw emerge. A wave of water covers the camera view before falling down to reveal a face. The camera cuts and zooms out to show the entire creature as Aang stands on it's paw.
Aang [Side-view.] A lion turtle! [Frontal view. Bows to it. Frontal view of Lion turtle.] Maybe you can help me. Everyone, even my own past lives, are expecting me to end someone's life. [Frontal view.] But I don't know if I can do it.
Lion turtle [Frontal view of the lion turtle's face from behind Aang. The lion turtle's mouth is not moving, yet it is speaking to Aang.] The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed. [Extreme close-up of its left eye.] Since beginningless time, [Side-view of the lion turtle as it lifts it's other paw out of the water and moves it toward Aang.] darkness thrives in the void but always yields to purifying light.
The lion turtle placed two claws on Aang, one on his forehead and the other on his chest, and a bright light issues forth from it. Fade to side-view of the lion turtle's paw as it moves slowly toward a small cliff in the Earth Kingdom, and Aang steps off onto dry land. Momo flies onto Aang's shoulder. Cut to frontal view of the lion turtle from behind Aang.
Lion turtle Wait for him. He will come.
Aang bows to the lion turtle. The lion turtle sinks under the water. Frontal view of Aang as he stands up out of the bow. Cut to wide-view of the lion turtle swimming away. Cut to frontal view of Aang, who leaps off-camera. Cut to a wide-view of Ozai's base.
Ozai [Close-up.] It's time for this world to end in fire, and for a new world to be born from the ashes.
Camera backs up as he speaks revealing his airship fleet. Cut to the comet, which enters Earth's atmosphere. Cut back to behind Ozai, before panning right fading to Aang and Momo from behind in a different location. Cut to a frontal view of Aang. Cuts to close-up of the comet, followed by a close-up of Aang's face with the comet behind him on the horizon. Fade to credits.





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