The first panel of the comic shows Team Avatar sleeping in a clearing, the smoldering remnants of a fire in the middle of the. The next panel is a close-up of Aang, who has woken Momo up with his sleep-talking.
Aang [Smiling.] Hello there, flying fishopotamus ...
Suddenly, everyone else is awoken as Aang earthbends a large pillar, catapulting Momo into the air with a shriek. Appa and Katara both look startled at the awakening, looking up at the pillar, while Toph and Sokka cry out in alarm. Aang remains blissfully unaware of the ruckus he has caused, still smiling in his sleep.
Toph [Bending down the walls of her earth tent.] What's going on?!
Sokka [He jolts upright, crying out before realizing what's going on.] I'm up!
The comic shifts scenes to show Aang's dream. He is chasing a flying fishopotamus, reaching out to grab it.
Aang Where are you going, little fella? I just want to play! [He manages to grab a hold of the flying creature's tail.] Woo-hoo!
The panel changes to show the campsite. Aang has unwittingly begun airbending in his sleep, blowing his friends around. Toph and Katara have taken shelter behind Appa as Aang floats in the middle of the campsite. Sokka has his arms wrapped around a tree in an attempt not to be blown away, as Momo holds onto his warrior's wolf knot.
Toph What's Aang doing?!
Katara I don't know, but wake him up, Sokka!
Sokka Me?!
The next panel shows Aang riding the fishopotamus much like a cowboy would ride a bull. The animal is leaping in an out of a vast expanse of water, and the Avatar has one arm above his head as he yells out in glee.
Aang Waterbending rodeo!
In the next panel, the scene cuts back to the campsite. Katara, Toph, and Sokka are all standing on platforms of earth, raised to different heights. They have come up with a plan to wake Aang up and are ready to execute it. The sky is significantly lighter.
Aang [Still asleep.] Yee-haw ...
Katara You guys ready?
Toph Yep!
Sokka Let's wake him up!
The three friends launch their plan, which involved using their bending and, in Sokka's case, his boomerang to wake up the airbender. The trio did not factor in the still-strong wind, and they are caught off-guard as the plan backfires.
Sokka Now! [He launches his boomerang, only for it to blow away and strike Katara on her right shoulder.] Oops.
Katara Hey! [Due to the unexpected friendly fire, Katara loses control of her bending and accidentally hits Toph.]
Toph Ow! [Toph unknowingly cracks the earth, and sends a tremor running to a nearby mountain.]
The trio take a moment to look toward the mountain, which has begun to krak as Toph's earthbending hits the peak. This sets off an avalanche, pushing the problem of Aang to the back of their minds.
Toph Uh-oh. Not good.
Katara, Sokka, and Toph begin a mad dash to escape the oncoming earth, with Sokka leading only by a few steps.
Katara Run!
The scene cuts to Aang, who has his eyes open in surprise as a small rock no bigger than a fingernail gently bounces off his forehead.
Aang Who, what, huh? [He sits up and rubs the back of his head, grinning widely.] Morning all! You won't believe the awesome dream I had!
The rest of the gang look at him in disbelief. Sokka is kneeling over, trying to catch his breath as Toph huffs.
Toph I bet.



"Fruit Stand Freestyle"



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