The short opens with the sea serpent emerging from the water, screeching, and diving back. Fade to the serpent the size of a seahorse swimming in a fish tank in which Aang is putting food into.
Koi fish [To the serpent seahorse.] Hey, that's mine.
The serpent seahorse swims off, as shot cuts to Aang putting down the fish food. Camera zooms back, as he runs to his seat in the classroom where all of the students are goofing around, with Longshot firing three arrows at the ceiling. Cut to a shot of Zuko and Jet sitting in the back of class, as the camera pans right. Cut to Smellerbee with a bored expression, as the camera pans left to show Pipsqueak holding a crumbled paper sheet near his head as Meng jumps and attempts to catch it. He throws the crumbled paper at The Duke's hands. The camera continues panning to show the young Koko from Kyoshi Island watching as Haru, standing near her, moves his wrists up and down to earthbend a rectangular column up and down. Cut to Katara writing a note at her desk, as Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee crowd around her, looking very angry. Azula uses lightning to shoot and fry Katara. Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee laugh together but stop when Katara turns back in anger. Cut to Aang folding an origami crane. Sokka tries to see what Aang is doing, but Aang slaps him on the face when he uses airbending to send the crane flying. A blast of fire burns the crane from the front of the class. Avatar Roku enters and the class instantly becomes more orderly, but not before Longshot manages to shoot three arrows at the middle of the ceiling.
Roku [Cut to close-up of Roku.] I have an important announcement to make, class. [Cut to the class from behind Roku.] Next Friday, the most important event in your young lives will take place. [The class suddenly gains interest, except for Mai, who simply lays her head on her desk.] The Golden Dragon Dance. [He disappears in a flame.]
Sokka [Excited.] The Golden Dragon Dance? [Worried.] But who am I going to ask? Suki? Or Princess Yue?
Sokka looks back at Suki, who gives Sokka a meaningful glance and a flying heart symbol, causing him to blush. Sokka looks at Yue, who gives Sokka three heart symbols.
Suki [Swats away Yue's hearts and pulls out her fans at Yue.] I saw him first.
Yue [Standing over Suki and raising a finger at the Kyoshi Warrior threateningly; speaking with an echoing and threatening voice.] Don't make me use my moon powers on you. [The camera pans back as the moon rises behind the two.]
Cut back to Sokka and Aang. Suki and Princess Yue fight over Sokka.
Aang [Blushing and eyes sparkling.] I know who I'm going to ask.
Cut to Katara writing at her desk. Zuko, Jet, and Haru surround her with flowers. Cut back to Aang, who is very angry and has broken heart symbols for eyes.
Sokka Looks like you got some competition there, lover boy.
Aang thinks of Katara holding flowers and surrounded by Jet, Zuko, and Haru. Storm clouds thunder as Aang enters the Avatar State. Cut to an aerial view of the school from outside, where Aang bursts through the roof in an air shield. His mouth, in the shape of a heart, consumes the camera. Cut to an aerial view of the track field. Cut to a shot of Katara running.
Aang [Catches up to Katara.] Hey, Katara, so, I was wondering if ...
A pillar of rock knocks Aang away. Haru runs up and prepares to say something, but Jet swings in, knocking Haru away.
Jet Hey, there. I like your hair loopies.
A blast of fire knocks Jet off camera, and Zuko takes his place.
Zuko Don't listen to that jerk.
Scene changes to a library and pans below to show the librarian, Wan Shi Tong, lending Katara a book and walking away. Katara opens the book, as shot cuts to show her reading from it. Screen pans right to show Aang looking at her from behind one of the shelves with two hearts for eyes. He runs back and quickly writes a note, folds it into an origami plane with a heart, and blushes. Cut to the plane landing on the book Katara is reading, as she quickly reads it. She blushes for a moment before being startled by Bumi's laughter. She looks at him as screen zooms back to show him laughing near her, crumbles the note in disgust, and walks away, throwing the crumbled paper at his face. As she walks away, Aang looks at her with a disappointed expression and facepalms, causing his forehead to have an imprint of his hand.
Scene changes to a room where Aang is sitting on a bed and Iroh is writing something on a piece of paper.
Iroh Lady trouble?
Aang Every time I try to ask Katara to the dance, something goes wrong. [Cut to the paper as Iroh finishes drawing steam on a cup of tea.] Maybe we're just not meant to be together.
Iroh As your guidance counselor, I can tell you that words of love are difficult to express. [He looks above as his eyes narrow.] They're like the clouds, always changing and shifting. [Clouds roll in behind Iroh.]
Aang That's it! [The clouds dissipate and Iroh reacts startled.] I know how I'll ask Katara to the dance!
Shot cuts to the outside of the room as Aang kicks open the door and runs through the corridor aided by airbending. Scene changes to an animal shed where several animals are resting. Screen pans from left to right, showing Roku's dragon, Fang, Teo's glider with a sign saying "TEO" in front of it, a badgermole, Zuko's ostrich horse, Katara and Momo sitting on Appa's head, and June putting on make-up next to her shirshu, Nyla, who briefly snorts. Cut to Katara sitting on Appa with Momo. Jet walks near Appa as the shot cuts to him.
Jet You, me, the dance. [Makes a heart symbol with his hook swords and smiles. Katara blushes but is startled by fire that appears.]
Zuko [Cut to Zuko sitting on a komodo rhino from behind Katara as he makes a heart-shaped flame above him.] My heart burns for you!
Katara looks at the flame with awe, but is startled by a rock pillar being earthbent behind her. She looks behind as shot cuts to her, Zuko, and Jet looking at the cloud of smoke. The cloud dissipates to show Haru sitting on the shoulder of a statue of Katara.
Katara [Blushing, while Jet and Zuko fight behind her.] Haru, it's beautiful ... but you're too sensitive for me. [Cut to Haru as his expression changes to a disappointed one and he facepalms.]
Ty Lee [Camera zooms back to show Ty Lee standing on the statue's other shoulder.] I like sensitive guys.
Haru grins and breaks one of the hair loopies from the statue, subsequently kicking off its head entirely, before replacing it with Ty Lee's head using earthbending. Ty Lee looks at the statue and gets hearts as eyes. She jumps toward Haru and kisses him on the cheek, making loud kissing noises, pushing him from the shoulder and leaving a trail of hearts. The statue of Ty Lee watches the couple and blushes. Cut to Katara and Momo, as the latter tries to get the former's attention.
Katara What is it, Momo?
Momo points above as Katara looks. Cut to the sky as clouds are molded into the shape of two Chinese characters. Cut to the glider, driven by Teo, and on top of which stands Aang bending the clouds which have formed into Chinese characters. Cut to a shot of the sky from the ground as Aang finishes writing the Chinese characters "卡塔拉 你可以跟我去跳舞嗎? 昂". Below these characters, the glider moves in a straight path leaving a trail of clouds, which dissipates into the translation: "Katara, will you go to the dance with me? From Aang." Cut to an overhead shot of a surprised Katara with Momo crying in amazement next to her. Zuko, who accidentally squishes Momo, Jet, and Haru crowd near Katara, staring at the sky. Cut to the glider flying past them, as Aang jumps from it, landing near Katara on a heart-shaped air scooter. Aang turns away from Katara, smiling shyly.
Katara Aang, that's so sweet. I'd love to go to the dance with you.
Aang [Turning to Katara, grinning.] You would?
Katara Yes, [Blushing.] but I already decided to go with someone else.
Haru, Zuko, and Jet, who were crying together, suddenly regain posture upon hearing this. Cut to Aang as he turns gray and is blown away by the wind like dust. Cut to the other three boys looking excitedly until the Blue Spirit walks past them, causing Jet and Haru to cry.
Zuko [Yelling disappointed.] Nooo!
Katara [Blushing, she catches the Blue Spirit's hand and walks away with him.] What can I say? I like the quiet, mysterious type.
Zuko [Cut to the other two holding Zuko as he cries.] I did not see that coming.
Zuko drops his head, as the shot cuts to Katara and the Blue Spirit, holding hands and walking away into the sunset. The Blue Spirit clicks his heels and the shot freezes with the words "The End". Fade to credits.





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