Korra, Suyin, Toph, Wei, Wing, Opal, Asami, Naga, and Pabu are shown stood within the grounds of the Beifong Estate in Zaofu, Toph and Pabu sitting on Naga's back, and Asami still in the platinum cell, which is being wheeled along by Korra.
Suyin [To Wei and Wing.] Boys, help your sister to her room and call the medic.
Opal I'll be fine, mom.
Suyin Korra, take Asami inside.
The group start making their way through the grounds as Kuvira emerges from a tunnel behind Korra and looks up at her old home. Suyin notices this and looks around at her.
Suyin Come on, Kuvira. You're going to have to face him sooner or later.
Suyin, Kuvira and Korra then enter the residence building with Asami, stepping into a hall with doors leading off to the sides, and Metal Clan guards stationed around.
Suyin We're going to get you settled in a room, Asami. But you'll be confined to the residence, the same as Kuvira -- and my son.
Asami is taken to the door of a bedroom, as Korra begins undoing the locks on the platinum cell.
Asami Which is just another way of saying I'm being imprisoned.
Suyin No, but you will be watched. For your safety -- [The cell is unlocked, and Asami steps out and walks into the room while glaring at Suyin.] -- and ours.
Korra [Stepping into the doorway and addressing Asami.] We're going to find a way to help you. I promise.
Asami ignores Korra, who closes the door. As this happens, Baatar Jr. approaches Kuvira from behind.
Baatar Jr. [To Kuvira.] I never thought you'd have the courage to return home.
Kuvira turns around in surprise at the sound of Baatar Jr's voice, to see him stood there in casual clothes, and with an unfriendly expression.
Baatar Jr. Hello, Kuvira.
Kuvira [Unnerved.] I ... I didn't know if I'd ever see you again.
Baatar Jr. [Crossing his arms.] And you wouldn't have, if Korra and her friends hadn't saved me.
Kuvira I feel terrible about what happened. But you remember all the pressure we were under. I'm sure if you had been in my position you would have --
Baatar Jr. -- tried to kill my fiancée with a blast of spirit energy?! Never! [Hurt.] I loved you, Kuvira. [Glares at her.] When mother told me you were coming, she mentioned that you were trying to change. I didn't believe her. I had to see for myself -- but you're exactly the same.
Kuvira is taken aback by these words, with Korra and Suyin bearing similar expressions, and Baatar Jr. turns around and returns to his room.
Kuvira [Following.] Baatar, wait! I need your help!
Baatar Jr. ignores her and slams the bedroom door in her face, surprising Kuvira, before she tilts her head down and grimaces. Suyin comes up and places a hand on Kuvira's shoulder, before turning to a pair of her guards.
Suyin Show Kuvira to her quarters.
Korra watches as Kuvira enters another bedroom, closely watched by the two guards, and then knocks on Baatar Jr's door.
Korra Baatar, it's Korra. I have to speak with you. It's urgent.
Baatar Jr. is shown to have turned away from the door, his arms folded and a grimace on his face, as Korra continues speaking to him.
Korra I understand why you don't want to help Kuvira, but I'm hoping you'll help me. The future of the Earth Kingdom depends on it.
Korra is left waiting outside for a few seconds, before the door opens and Baatar Jr looks at her.
Baatar Jr. Come in.
Gaoling City Hall
Mayor Rhee is seen working on some paperwork in his office when King Wu and two of his bodyguards enter the room.
Wu I'd like a word, Mayor Rhee. About the election.
Rhee [Standing up, enthusiastic.] Of course, your highness. Everything is right on schedule. In less than a week, the citizens of Gaoling will be casting their votes!
Wu There's been a change of plans --
The next panel shows the faces of Wu and his bodyguards, all with the half-closed eyes and dull expressions of those brainwashed by Guan.
Wu -- the election will take place today.
Rhee [Surprised.] Today ...? But the voters won't even know to show up.
Wu [Gesturing to the office's window.] They're already here.
Rhee looks out of the window, where he sees a large crowd of Guan's brainwashed supporters gathered in the streets below, as Wu continues speaking.
Wu For the good of the kingdom, I've decided that the move to democracy cannot wait any longer. [He hands Rhee a scroll.] Here is my royal decree concerning the matter.
Rhee [Troubled.] In the interest of fairness, please allow me a few days to inform the other precincts about the change.
Wu [Suddenly turning angry.How dare you defy your king!
Rhee [Bowing, cowed.] My apologies, your highness. I'll go let the voters in.
The story returns to Suyin's estate in Zaofu. Pabu can be seen running around outside, with Naga sitting close by. Inside the residence, the Beifong family - minus Baatar Jr. - are sat down for dinner alongside Korra and Kuvira, the latter now wearing casual clothes and sat next to Korra, and Opal sat down on Korra's other side.
Kuvira [Talking to Korra.] So, Baatar is willing to work with me? That's wonderful news.
Korra He agreed to temporarily put aside his anger toward you in order to help the greater good. He still feels guilty for everything he did when he was part of the Earth Empire.
Opal [Quietly.] Unlike some people ...
Opal glances off to the side as she makes this remark, which causes Kuvira to look at her with an annoyed expression. Korra keeps eating, trying to ignore the hostile atmosphere, before looking at Kuvira again.
Korra But Baatar made it very clear that once you two recreate Dr. Sheng's brainwashing device, he never wants to see you again.
Kuvira [Looking away.] I'll respect his wishes.
Wing If the goal is to put an end to the Earth Empire once and for all, why don't we call in some reinforcements?
Wei Yeah, Guan's not such a hotshot. If we had the full force of the Metal Clan behind us, we could take down him and his army, lickety-split.
Suyin [Looking at the two of them.] Boys, we can't be seen as aggressors. If Zaofu interferes in another state's election, it would throw the entire democratic movement into turmoil.
Toph What democratic movement? Guan brainwashed half the voters. And probably the Earth King, too.
Kuvira If Guan controls Wu, he'll be able to wield influence over the entire Earth Kingdom. It's quite a brilliant plan, actually.
Opal [Coldly.] Yeah, I bet you wish you had thought to brainwash everyone. Then you would still be in power.
Kuvira [Annoyed.] That's not what I meant.
Korra is now visibly uneasy from the friction between the two, before Suyin glares at both Kuvira and Opal.
Suyin That's enough, girls. We need to let the vote go forward and see this play out.
Toph Don't get your hopes up, Su. I pretty much forfeited that election the second we hightailed it out of Gaoling. Guan's got it in the bag.
Baatar Jr. then enters the room and speaks, causing everyone at the table to look at him.
Baatar Jr. Not necessarily. Assuming I can figure out how to restore Asami's mind, we can then use that knowledge to free Gaoling's brainwashed citizens. Once they realize what Commander Guan did to them --
Kuvira -- they'll turn on Guan and he'll lose all his support.
Suyin [To Toph, smiling.] And you'll be voted in as Governor Beifong!
Toph [Sarcastic.] Yippee.
Kuvira stands up, Korra soon following suit.
Kuvira [Hesitant.] I ... appreciate you agreeing to help.
Baatar Jr. [Turning and walking away, his expression cold.] We should get started.
Korra and Kuvira follow after him. The next panel shows the residence in the light of the late afternoon.
Korra [Voice-over.] Baatar Jr. and Kuvira have been working all day --
Korra is shown sitting on front of a chair in front of Asami, who is sat down on the bed and glaring at her.
Korra -- this nightmare will be over soon.
Korra reaches over to take one of Asami's hands, but Asami yanks it away before she can do so.
Asami Don't touch me!
Korra withdraws her hand, looking heartbroken at Asami's hostility toward her, before both women hear a knock on the door, which opens to show Suyin.
Suyin Baatar's ready for her.
The next panel, taking place within another room of the building, shows a small control console next to a monitoring device, as well as a headset connecting to the other devices.
Kuvira [Voice-over.] You've outdone yourself, Baatar --
The view zooms out to show Baatar Jr. stood in front of the control console, with Korra, Kuvira, Suyin, and Toph stood in front of Asami, who is sat on a chair positioned close to another machine, which is also wired to the other devices.
Kuvira -- this looks almost like the device in Dr. Sheng's brainwashing lab.
Baatar Jr. [Adjusting settings.] Having worked closely with Dr. Sheng, I'm familiar with her thought process. [Picking up the headset and looking at Kuvira.] And your description of her setup was extremely helpful, too. You always had an excellent memory.
Kuvira looks back at him as he says this, before Baatar Jr. places the headset on Asami's head.
Baatar Jr. Now, for the hard part -- figuring out the settings Dr. Sheng used to alter Asami's brainwaves. [He returns to the control console.] I'll begin with low-intensity electromagnetic pulses.
Baatar Jr. turns a knob, as Kuvira walks in front of Asami and begins speaking lines from a piece of paper.
Kuvira You will no longer obey Commander Guan's orders. The Avatar is no longer your enemy. Your mind is yours again.
Asami's eyes are closed as Kuvira addresses her. When she opens them however, she still has the dull expression and half-closed eyes of the brainwashed.
Asami I am only loyal to Commander Guan.
The next two pages are a montage of panels showing Kuvira repeatedly reading the lines to Asami, as Baater Jr. tries to find the correct settings to use. At one point, Korra is shown watching the process with a look of sadness and concern, as Kuvira and Baatar Jr. continue to fail.
Kuvira You will no longer obey Commander Guan's orders. [Voice-over.] The Avatar is no longer your enemy. Your mind is yours again.
Asami [Off-panel.] I am only loyal to Commander Guan.
Kuvira [Voice-over.] You will no longer obey Commander Guan's orders. [Partly out of frame.] The Avatar is no longer your enemy. [Voice-over.] Your mind is yours again.
A panel is shown of a wavelength graph on the monitor, followed by one of Asami with her eyes closed. She opens them, but they remain half-closed and expressionless.
Asami [Voice-over.] I am only loyal to Commander Guan.
By now night has fallen, as shown by a panel of Suyin's estate in darkness. Inside, the still brainwashed Asami is led away by two Metal Clan guards as Korra and Baatar Jr. watch them go, Korra with crossed arms and a despairing look, and Baatar scratching his goatee thoughtfully. In the background, Kuvira is looking at the machine.
Korra [To Baatar Jr.] You tried a million different settings. Why didn't any of them work?
Baatar Jr. I'm not sure ...
Kuvira [Looking at him.] What if you started with someone who hasn't been brainwashed yet?
Baatar Jr. Interesting ... Using an autonomous subject would give me a proper baseline, and I could calibrate the settings from there. But there are some risks ...
Before he can elaborate, Korra sits herself down in the chair with a determined expression, while the edges of the panel are shown with lines pointed towards her, as if to mimic a dramatic shot from an animation.
Korra I'm not exactly sure what you two are talking about, but if it's going to help Asami, I'll be your test subject.
Baatar Jr. [Uncertain.] I don't think that's a good idea.
Korra Why not?
Baatar Jr. I can't guarantee your mental well-being. I'm concerned that once I begin adjusting settings, the electromagnetic pulses could cause some memory loss. I won't be responsible for the Avatar's mind getting scrambled.
Kuvira [Picking up the headset.] Then I'll volunteer.
Korra and Baatar Jr. [Looking at her with surprise.] What?
Suyin [Concerned.] Kuvira, you don't have to do this.
Kuvira [Putting on the headset.] Yes, I do. Commander Guan and what's left of the Earth Empire are my messes to clean up.
Korra gets out of the chair to make way for Kuvira, and Suyin and Baatar Jr. are shown to have been taken off-guard by her attitude.
Kuvira [Off-panel.] I'm ready.
Baatar Jr. [Quietly.] Maybe she's changed more than I thought.
Kuvira sits down in the chair, and Baatar Jr. moves back to the control console.
Baatar Jr. [To Kuvira.] Try to keep your breathing calm and your mind clear ...
Kuvira closes her eyes, as she experiences a third memory of her childhood, this one taking place after her adoption by Suyin. In the memory, a young Kuvira stands in the door of a bedroom of the Beifong residence, in which a young Opal is playing with a metal dollhouse and a doll of Avatar Kyoshi.
Kuvira Get out, Opal. It's my turn.
Opal [Annoyed.] You get out! This is my room. And my dollhouse.
Kuvira Fine! If I can't play with it -- [Kuvira crushes the dollhouse with metalbending.] -- then neither can you!
Opal Mom!
Suyin comes into the room moments later, an angry look on her face.
Suyin What is going on in here, girls?! [To Kuvira, while pointing at the dollhouse.] Why did you do this, Kuvira?
Kuvira [Glaring.] I don't know.
Suyin [Crouching down, her expression becoming softer.] If you don't learn to control your violent impulses, you're going to hurt someone in this family, the way you hurt your mother. Do you understand?
Kuvira You can't tell me what to do. [She storms off.]
Opal Aren't you going to punish her, mom?
Suyin We have to cut her some slack, honey. Your sister's been through a lot.
Opal She's not my sister -- she's a stray dog nobody ever wanted. Not even her real parents.
Kuvira overhears this remark, her formerly angry expression becoming sad upon doing so, as the panel starts to fade to white and Korra can be heard speaking.
Korra [Voice-over.] Kuvira ...?
The scene returns to the present day, where both Korra and Suyin are stood in front of Kuvira with worried looks, Korra reaching towards her as Kuvira opens her eyes.
Korra Kuvira, are you all right?
Kuvira [Removing the headset while looking at Baatar. Jr.] Did you get what you needed?
Baatar Jr. Yes. [To Korra.] You can bring Asami back in.
Asami is shown sitting down in the chair while wearing the headset again, as Kuvira reads out to her and Baatar. Jr operates the device. Korra stands close to Asami, as Suyin and Toph observe from nearby.
Kuvira You will no longer obey Commander Guan's orders. The Avatar is no longer your enemy. Your mind is yours again.
The panels zoom in on Asami as the process happens. This time, when Kuvira finishes reading the lines, Asami's expression becomes one of mild shock, as if waking up from a trance.
Asami [Removing the headset.] Korra ...
Korra [Kneeling in front of her.] I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. What do you remember?
Asami [Still in shock.] Nothing ... Absolutely nothing ...
Korra [Hugging her, relieved.] It's all right. You're back now. I've got you.
Asami returns her girlfriend's hug, closing her eyes in relief, before Opal, Wei and Wing burst into the room, looking alarmed as all eyes in the room turn to them.
Opal Mom, you need to turn on the radio.
Korra What's going on?
Suyin turns on a radio in the room, which is broadcasting a news report.
Newscaster Once again -- there is big news coming out of Gaoling in the Earth Kingdom's first democratic election. After King Wu unexpectedly moved up the voting to today, Commander Guan has claimed victory.
Both Korra and Asami are shown looking shocked at this news.
Korra Oh no ...
Newscaster Guan received an overwhelming majority of the votes, beating local favorite Toph Beifong in a landslide.
Toph [Nonchalant.] Eh. You win some, you lose some.
Suyin This isn't funny, mom. Guan outright stole the election. And he used the Earth King to help him do it.
The scene changes to Zhu Li's office in Republic City, where Zhu Li is reading a document before her phone starts ringing.
Zhu Li [Answering.] This is President Moon.
Korra [Over the phone.] It's Korra. Did you hear the news?
Zhu Li I just got word. What happened in Gaoling, Korra. And what in the world was King Wu thinking?
Korra He wasn't. Guan was doing all the thinking for him. He developed this new brainwashing technology and used it on Wu. A lot of others, too.
Zhu Li [Loudly.What?
Toph Sounds like she's taking the news well.
Korra [To Zhu Li.] That's why I'm calling. I'm in Zaofu with the Beifongs. Baatar Jr. figured out how to counteract the brainwashing, but if we're going to go up against Guan, we'll need some backup and --
Zhu Li You're not going to do anything, Korra. If word gets out that the Earth King has been compromised, who knows what kind of chaos that might bring? I want to be very careful about how this situation is handled.
Korra But Mako, Bolin and Wu are still in danger. We can't sit back and do nothing.
Zhu Li Listen to me. I allowed you to bring Kuvira because you were confident she could get the holdouts to surrender -- but thanks to Guan's victory, the Earth Empire is poised to make a comeback. I'm going to speak with Su and other world leaders about our options. In the meantime, I want you to bring Kuvira back to Republic City. She's more of a hindrance than a help at this point.
Korra Understood, Madam President.
Kuvira has been listening in on the conversation, and she glances at Korra when she says this line. Korra then gives the phone to Suyin, and goes over to stand next to Asami as Kuvira walks up to her. 
Kuvira So, the President wants to lock me back up?
Korra We'll leave first thing in the morning.
Korra and Asami walk out of the room arm in arm, while Wei and Wing go over to Opal, who is sat down on a couch in the room. As this happens, Kuvira approaches Baatar Jr., who is busy unplugging his device, but looks around at Kuvira.
Kuvira I guess you're getting your wish ... you'll never have to see me again.
Baatar Jr. Have a safe trip back.
Kuvira [Placing a hand on his shoulder, speaking sincerely.] It broke my heart when I had to choose the Earth Empire over a life with you. I realize I can never repair our relationship or make up for all the pain I caused you. But I want you to know ... I truly did love you, too.
Baatar Jr's response is merely to give Kuvira a sad look, before he walks past her, Wei, Wing and Opal leaving ahead of him, and two Metal Clan guards entering the room.
Baatar Jr. [Not looking at her.] ... it was nice working with you again, Kuvira.
He walks past the two guards and exits the room, as the guards approach Kuvira.

Later on in the night, Korra and Asami are both shown in a bedroom and in their sleepwear, Asami looking out of the window with a troubled expression, while Korra is sitting on the bed and looking at her.

Korra Aren't you coming to bed?
Asami I can't get over what happened. It's so strange not being able to remember whole days of my life. [Looking at Korra.] Did I say or do anything I might have regretted?
Korra's expression becomes saddened upon hearing this question, and she gets off the bed and approaches Asami.
Korra Whatever you might have said, it doesn't matter now. I know it wasn't you talking.
Asami Still ...
Korra [Hugging her.] Let's just put that all behind us, okay?
Asami rests her head against Korra's, before the two women break apart and smile at each other, Korra taking Asami's hand as she climbs back onto the bed.
Asami If you say so.
Before Asami can join Korra on the bed however, both women hear someone knocking on the other side of the bedroom door.
Korra You gotta be kidding me ... [Gets up and heads to the door, visibly irritated by the interruption.] Who is it?
Suyin [Voice.] It's Su! Open up!
Asami sits down on the edge of the bed as Korra opens the door to allow Suyin inside, the older woman walking through with a look of worry on her face.
Korra How'd your talk with President Moon go?
Asami Is there a plan to save Mako, Bolin and King Wu?
Suyin Did you have any idea what Kuvira was planning?
Korra [Puzzled.] What are you talking about?
Suyin I found the guards unconscious outside her door -- Kuvira's gone.
Korra and Asami are both shocked at this news, as the next page shows Kuvira flying a plane away from Zaofu with a resolute expression.
Suyin [Voice-over.] She stole one of our planes and fled Zaofu.
The next page goes back to within Zaofu, where Korra, Asami, and Suyin are continuing their conversation while walking over the estate grounds.
Asami She must have been waiting for just the right moment to escape. She played us all.
Korra I don't think so. [Looking at Asami.] It's thanks to her that you're free. In Gaoling, she warned me that Guan had brainwashed you. And she even volunteered to be tested on so you could get your mind back.
Asami [Surprised.] She did?
Suyin Korra, do you have any idea where Kuvira might be heading?
Korra [Thinking.] She was pretty livid when Guan refused to surrender to her ... My bet? Kuvira decided not to wait around for the diplomatic process to play out. Which means there's only one place she could be going -- 
The next panel shows Kuvira's plane flying towards Gaoling.
Korra [Voice-over.] -- back to Gaoling.
The next panel shows Guan, Rhee and two of Guan's soldiers in Rhee's office, Guan stood behind his desk with his back to the other three.
Rhee You're making a mistake, Governor Guan. I could be of great assistance to you and your administration.
The two soldiers both take hold of Rhee's upper arms and lead him out of the room.
Guan [Still looking away.] Gaoling thanks you for your many years of service, Mr. Mayor ... but you are no longer needed.
The viewpoint of the next panel changes to in front of Guan, who has a smile on his face as Rhee is taken away. The soldiers pull the doors to the office closed as they exit, whereupon Kuvira, wearing her stolen Earth Empire uniform, is shown to have hidden behind one of them. Once the doors are shut, Kuvira walks towards Guan.
Kuvira Hello again, Commander.
Guan turns around in surprise upon hearing her voice, but quickly regains his composure.
Guan [Impressed.] I'd ask how you snuck in here without being noticed, but that would be an insult to your cunning. So ... have you come to try and stop me again?
Kuvira On the contrary. I commend you on resurrecting the Earth Empire. You've always been a shrewd leader. I'm here to propose a deal that will benefit us both.
Guan What did you have in mind?
Kuvira I've thought a lot about what you said ... why should others reap the benefits of what I -- what we -- worked so hard to accomplish? In my quest for power, I've alienated everyone I've considered family. It's clear to me now that no matter what I do, things can never go back to the way they were. So, I've decided the only path left for me to follow is yours.
Guan [Scratching his chin.] You want to rejoin the Earth Empire?
Kuvira On one condition.
Guan [Angry.] I'm not stepping aside so you can regain the title of Great Uniter. Not after all the risks I've taken to get us this far. [Pointing at himself.] I'm in charge of the Empire now!
Kuvira I assure you, I have no intention of challenging your authority.
Guan Then what do you want?
Kuvira [Looking out the window.] I want to forget ... I want to forget how I lost my temper and nearly killed my own mother ... I want to forget the Beifongs and my life in Zaofu. All those painful memories ... But most of all, I want to wipe away the memory of all those I've hurt. [Looking at Guan.] I believe you have the technology that can help me with that?
Guan Yes, but the process would also put you under my complete control. I can't believe you'd yield willingly.
Kuvira This wouldn't be the first time I surrendered -- and besides, we both know you wouldn't allow me back without brainwashing me. It's the only way you'll be able to fully trust me.
Guan True...
Kuvira So, do we have a deal?
Guan simply looks at her, before the next page shows Korra, Asami, Suyin, Opal, and Toph flying through the sky on the back of Juicy, the first two now in their casual gear, Opal at the reins. Suyin looks down through a telescope and sees Kuvira's now abandoned plane, which has a pair of Guan's guards searching it.
Suyin There's the plane -- but no sign of Kuvira.
Opal [Looking back.] Just admit it, mom -- Kuvira took advantage of your good will and betrayed you. Again.
Suyin We don't know that for sure. Until I learn otherwise, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.
Opal [Looking ahead, speaking in a bitter whisper.] Just like you've always done...
Suyin Make a pass over the city. I'll see if I spot her, Opal.
Kuvira is shown tied to a chair in Guan's camp, a brainwashing helmet on her head, with Guan and Dr. Sheng standing in front of and looking down at her.
Guan Whenever you're ready, Dr. Sheng.
The imprisoned Kuvira glances toward a pair of unused brainwashing helmets sitting on a metal box to her left, while Guan and Dr. Sheng turn their back on her to focus on the machine's control pannel.
Dr. Sheng Welcome back to the Earth Empire, Kuvira.
As the viewpoint moves behind Kuvira, she is shown to be capable of moving her hands, which she uses to lift the two unused helmets with her metalbending. Guan and Dr. Sheng remain unaware of this, as the helmets float towards them from behind.
Dr. Sheng I'm so pleased I finally get to share my invention with you.
The floating helmets suddenly drop down on the heads of Guan and Dr. Sheng, both of them yelling in pain as the helmets bend and buckle, tightening around their heads. Kuvira meanwhile cuts herself free of the chair with a shard of metal and stands up, removing her own helmet and holding out a hand to prevent the other two doing the same.
Guan [To Kuvira.] What are you doing?!
Kuvira Beating you at your own game. [Reaching for the activation handle of the machine with her free hand.] When we're finished here, you will have no choice but to finally surrender and tell the whole world how you stole the election.
Dr. Sheng You can't brainwash us! You don't even know how this machine operates!
Kuvira [Smugly.] Actually, I do, thanks to Baatar. He figured out how your contraption works -- and it only took him a few hours.
Mako [Voice-over.] Kuvira -- [He and Bolin are shown standing within a doorway to the room.] -- release them at once!
Kuvira grits her teeth in annoyance as Guan smiles triumphantly.
Guan I suspected you might try something, so I called them in as backup. [To the brothers.] Mako, Bolin -- attack!
Mako firebends at Kuvira, who releases her metalbending hold and dodges to the side, allowing Guan and Dr. Sheng to remove their helmets. Kuvira meanwhile retaliates by picking up the box with her metalbending and throwing it at the two brothers, both of them diving out of the way, before Kuvira is seen running from the tent.

As this happens, Juicy is shown flying above the camp, with Suyin watching the scene of Kuvira running from Mako and Bolin through her telescope.

Suyin There's Kuvira! And she's in trouble...
With a roar, Juicy flies down to land between Kuvira and the two brothers, having turned around to face Mako and Bolin.
Korra I'll handle them.
Korra jumps from Juicy's saddle and airbends a sphere of wind around Mako and Bolin, trapping the two of them in place and reducing them to coughing.
Korra Sorry, guys! I promise this is only temporary!
Close by, a group of Guan's soldiers and mecha suits surround Opal, Toph, Suyin, and Juicy.
Toph [Cracking her knuckles.] Ready, girls?
The fight begins; Opal blows away soldiers with her airbending, Suyin trips a mecha suit with her cables, while Toph uses earthbending to slam two mecha suits into each other.
Toph That's what happens when you mess with three generations of Beifongs!
As the fight continues, Dr. Sheng runs from the tent with a group of papers held against her chest, only to stop short when she sees Asami standing in front of her with her electrified glove raised.
Asami This is for zapping my brain.
Asami strikes Dr. Sheng in the chest with her electrified glove, electrocuting her and sending her falling to the ground with a yell of pain. Elsewhere, Guan gets into a jeep and attempts to drive off, only for Kuvira to jump into his path.
Kuvira Hope you buckled up!
Kuvira swings her left fist down, causing the front of Guan's jeep to buckle and slam into the ground as if struck from above, tilting the entire vehicle forward several degrees and catapulting Guan out of the driver's seat with a yell. He lands in front of Kuvira while letting out a grunt of pain, before starting to stand back up.
Guan You don't give up, do you?
Kuvira No.
Guan [Suddenly metalbends his shoulder strips at her.] Neither do I!
Kuvira catches the metal strips with her own bending, before transforming them and the strips from the arms of her own uniform into a metal whip. She uses it to lash at Guan, who propels himself up into the air with a pillar of earth to dodge the blow while launching a small boulder at Kuvira. She is unable to avoid being struck by the projectile, causing her to drop the whip and fall to her knees. Guan lifts the now destroyed jeep above his head and advances on her.
Guan You never had the will to lead the Earth Empire to its full potential -- [Swings both arms forward, sending the jeep flying toward Kuvira.] -- I do!
Before the jeep can crush her, Kuvira gets back to her feet and scythes both her arms upward, splitting the vehicle in half vertically. As the two halves land harmlessly behind her, she uses her metalbending to break off sharp pieces of them and launch them at Guan, pinning him to the side of one of the tents by his uniform. With Guan trapped in place, Kuvira levitates another piece of metal near her right hand, the point aimed toward her former subordinate.
Kuvira Still think I'm a spineless coward?
Guan [Panicking.] All right, you win!
Kuvira is not swayed, however, and slowly advances toward Guan while lifting the piece of metal to just above her head, a look of cold fury on her face. Unseen by the two, Suyin runs past the remains of the jeep toward them.
Guan I surrender!
Kuvira It's too late for that! I'm making certain you never rise again!
Suyin [Approaching her.] Kuvira, stop!
The next panels show Kuvira's face as she listens to Suyin, who now stands closely behind her.
Suyin Killing Guan won't solve anything -- it won't bring you any peace.
Kuvira [Her expression softens.] You're right ... [She drops the piece of metal and gives Guan a stern look.] But make no mistake, Commander Guan -- you're finished. And the Earth Empire is over. For good.
Guan [To his men.] Everyone, stand down!
The next panel zooms out to show the now secured camp, before the following page shows Mako, Bolin, and Wu hooked up to the brainwashing equipment again with Asami at the control panel and Korra reading from a piece of paper.
Korra You will no longer obey Commander Guan's orders ... your minds are yours again.
Once the brainwashing is undone, Mako, Bolin, and Wu are shown looking shocked as they return to their normal selves.
Opal [Hugging Bolin.] Bolin! You're okay!
Wu [Hugging Mako, overjoyed.] My brain is back!
Mako merely grins and pats Wu on the back as Bolin returns Opal's hug, and Korra and Asami smile at the scene. The next panel shows the Gaoling City Hall during the daytime with people walking into the building while Guan's forces are assembled in the square a short distance away.
Rhee [Voice-over.] I can't thank you enough, Avatar Korra --
The next panel goes inside the voting area, where a group of Guan's victims are having their brainwashing removed by Asami, with others queuing up nearby as Rhee, Wu, Korra and Kuvira stand off to the side.
Rhee --without your help, Gaoling and its citizens would continue to be under Commander Guan's control.
Korra You should really be thanking Kuvira. If she hadn't taken matters into her own hands, Guan would still be in power. [To Kuvira, sternly.] But this doesn't mean you're off the hook. I have my orders to take you back to Republic City.
Kuvira I know.
Rhee [To Wu.] Considering everything that's happened, should we plan to move forward with the election as originally scheduled?
The next panel zooms in on Wu's face, as he glances to the side thoughtfully. The scene changes to the front of the Gaoling City Hall, with Wu standing in front of a microphone while addressing a crowd of townspeople from the stairs, and Team Avatar, Rhee, Toph, and Suyin standing close by.
Wu It has been a trying week for all of us, and I can't help but feel responsible. I was so eager for change that I pressed ahead with the election, despite the objections. Upon reconsideration, I have decided to alter the Earth Kingdom's path towards democracy.
Rhee, Suyin, and Toph are shown smiling as they listen to the speech.
Wu Each state will come up with its own timetable for elections, according to the wishes of its citizens. I refuse to force my will upon the people, the way Commander Guan forced his will upon me ... and so many of you.
The four members of Team Avatar are also shown smiling.
Wu The United Republic took decades to elect its first president. Expecting the rest of the Earth Kingdom to become a democracy overnight wasn't realistic. I understand that now. [Raising his fist with a smile.] I am still committed to transforming the kingdom so that its government represents everyone. But until that time comes, I will continue to serve as your king. And I hope to be the strong, compassionate leader you all deserve.
With the conclusion of his speech, Wu steps away from the microphone with a wave to the crowd, who cheer and applaud him.
Crowd Thank you, King Wu!
Toph [To Wu, grinning and crossing her arms.] Does this mean I'm off the hook?
Wu For now ... but I still hope you'll consider running for governor when Gaoling finally holds its election.
Toph Don't get your hopes up, Spindleshanks. I've had enough with political shenanigans. I prefer the swamp. At least there, the predators are honest about wanting to eat you.
The next panel shows a wide skyline of Republic City.
Judge [Voice-over.] This tribunal will once again come to order.
The courtroom where Kuvira's initial hearing took place is shown in the next panel. It is much the same as it was then, only this time Kuvira is stood in front of the judges' bench with her hair done up. As the judge speaks, Varrick can be seen walking up to the judges' bench.
Judge At this time, we call Iknik Blackstone Varrick. [To Varrick.] Do you affirm that the testimony you are about to give this tribunal will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Varrick [Standing next to Kuvira.] Darn tootin'!
Judge You initially helped develop spirit energy technology for the Earth Empire, is that correct?
Varrick Yes, but I tried to shut the project down when I once I realized how dangerous it was.
Judge And did Kuvira agree with your decision?
Varrick [Angry.] No! She made me keep working on it. And she threatened to kill me if I didn't do what she said! She's a horrible, horrible person!
Kuvira That's enough, Varrick.
Varrick [Fearful.] Please, don't hurt me.
Judge [Stern.] Do not intimidate the witness, Kuvira. We will hear what he has to say.
Kuvira You don't need to. I confess to everything.



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