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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Kuvira has defeated the Avatar and now controls the entire Earth Empire. Luckily, the airbender kids and Opal rescued Korra and escaped Zaofu. For the first time in three years, Korra will finally be back in Republic City! Meanwhile, Varrick and Bolin escaped from Baatar Jr. and are on the run. But will they make it back to the city in time to warn everyone about Kuvira's new spirit energy super weapon?
The camera shows a zoomed up shot of Air Temple Island before sliding to the left and showing Pabu jumping out of his hiding place around a corner, running toward a snoozing Naga. Pabu playfully pounces on and bites Naga's tail; Naga ignores Pabu, not moving until an audible groan sounds from above them. Naga and Pabu look up to see Pepper descending toward the ground, Korra waving from the front of the saddle.
Korra Naga!
Naga, wagging her tail, sprints off toward the courtyard; Pabu bites onto Naga's tail as she takes off running, and he streams out behind her as Naga runs. As Pepper lands, several other ring-tailed flying lemurs land on a nearby rooftop; Korra, jumping off Pepper, airbends herself herself to the ground, smiling before Naga lifts her off the ground. She licks Korra excitedly, before circling around behind her.
Korra [Hugging Naga's head.] I missed you so much, girl!
Meelo and Ikki run past Korra and Naga.
Meelo [Yelling.] Mom! Dad! We're back! And we got Korra!
As they run past, Bumi approaches from the right, Bum-Ju floating along behind him.
Bumi [To Korra.] Aren't you a sight for sore eyes! [Hugging Korra, lifting her off the ground.] Bum-Ju and I sure missed you.
Korra It's so great to see you again, Bumi. And you too, Bum-Ju.
As Bum-Ju whistles happily, the scene cuts to Meelo and Ikki, running up to Tenzin and Pema as they enter the courtyard.
Tenzin [To Ikki and Meelo.] Well done kids! [As Tenzin hugs Ikki, Pema hugs Meelo.] I'm proud of you all for finding Korra.
Meelo [Looking expectantly at his father, raising one eyebrow up and down.] Proud enough to get me my tats?
Tenzin [Flatly, turning away from Meelo.] No.
As Pema stifles a laugh with her hand, Tenzin walks over to Korra, giving her a hug.
Tenzin Welcome home.
Korra I missed you, Tenzin.
As they separate, Opal walking up behind them, Tenzin speaks, more seriously.
Tenzin Now, I hate to get right down to business, but I want to hear what happened in Zaofu.
The happiness evaporates, and an awkward silence hangs over the group, punctuated only by Bum-Ju's twittering. Bumi finally speaks, seriousness mingled with sarcasm.
Bumi Way to ruin the moment.
Opal Kuvira's whole army was there. She captured Mom, Dad, and my brothers.
Korra [Downcast.] I thought I was strong enough to stop her. I feel like such a failure.
Tenzin No one expected you to handle Kuvira on your own. It's up to all of us to find a way to deal with her. [Smiling again.] We're just glad to have you back.
Bumi Where's Bolin? He's not still on Kuvira's side, is he?
Opal I can't believe he would stay with her after what she did to my family. But we don't know where he is.
Cut to a close-up of Bolin with unkempt hair, who is panting. The scene zooms out to reveal him carrying Varrick, who has unkempt hair and a stubble, on his back.
Bolin How about you use your own legs for a while?
Varrick You know, when I fled Republic City with Zhu Li, she carried me twenty miles in one day. And that was after she sprained her ankle.
Bolin [Throws Varrick off his back.] Well, Zhu Li's not here, okay?
Varrick [Keeps lying on his back, waves his hand at Bolin.] That's fine, leave me here, let the worms gobble me up. I deserve it.
Bolin No way mister! You're not getting off that easily. You're responsible for that weapon Kuvira is trying to make. Which, may I remind you, could hurt a lot of people.
Varrick No, don't remind me! I know, I'm a horrible, horrible person!
Bolin [Calmer.] Okay, look. Kuvira fooled us both into doing her dirty work and I'm not happy about it either. But, you know how we're gonna make it up to the world? By getting back to Republic City and warning everyone what she's up to! So, I want you to take my hand [He holds out his hand to pull Varrick back on his feet.] and march with me out of this forest!
Varrick [Smiles and takes Bolin's hand.] You really have a way with words, kid. No wonder I made you a mover star. All right, I'll take the driver's seat for a while, hop on. [He bends over so that Bolin can climb on his back.]
Bolin Oh, great, my feet could use a break. [He jumps on Varrick back, who nearly collapses under the weight.]
Varrick [Grunts with the trouble.] Oh, boy, here we go! [He takes one step with great effort but they are soon trapped by a net, which hoists them up to a tree branch.]
Bolin Are you kidding me?!
Cut to Republic City, where Asami is reading a magazine of Future Industries. She smiles when she sees Korra.
Korra I hope you haven't been waiting long.
Asami Only three years. [Gets up and hugs Korra.] It's so good to see you again.
Korra You too.
Asami And I'm loving the hair.
Korra Thanks. [Blushes.] You're looking snazzy as always.
Asami Come on. Mako got us a table at the restaurant.
They walk to the restaurant, where Mako is leaning against a booth.
Mako Korra!
Korra Hi, Mako. [They give each other a hug.]
Wu [Interrupts them, to Mako's annoyance and Korra's surprise. Addresses Korra.] Hello there, Prince Wu, rightful heir to the throne and [Pokes Mako in the chest with his elbow.] this guy's boss. I bet he's told you a lot about me.
Korra Nope. Not a thing.
Wu [Puts his arm around Korra's shoulder, much to her surprise.] Then we have so much to talk about. [He pushes Korra into the booth, sitting down next to her.] You are going to love the food here, I know the chef personally. [To a maître d.] Let's start with a round of your spicy octopus fritters [Maître d walks off.] and keep the cucumber-aloe water coming! [To Korra again.] Gotta keep this princely skin hydrated.
Asami [She and Mako sit down opposite of Korra and Wu; annoyed to Mako.] I thought it was going to be the three of us.
Mako Sorry, but I couldn't ditch him. But he promised to be on his best behavior.
Wu [Leans in very close to Korra.] Hey, pop into the Avatar State for me. I want to see your eyes glow.
Korra [Annoyed.] What? No! [Wu disappointedly sits back normally.]
Asami So can you go into the Avatar State again? I was worried when you told me you couldn't.
Mako Wait, when did she tell you she couldn't? [Nobody answers, while Wu keeps sucking on his drink.] What's going on with you two?
Korra [Hesitant.] I wrote to Asami while I was away. I asked her not to tell you. I'm sorry.
Mako Well, why didn't you ever write to me? Or Bolin?
Korra I don't know. I guess ... I didn't know what to say.
Mako [Sits back, crosses his arms in front of him.] "Hello" would have been nice.
Wu Mako, if it makes you feel any better, she didn't write me either.
Mako [Angry.] Why would she ... [Sighs.] Never mind.
Korra I'm sorry I didn't stay in touch, but I'm back now. [More upbeat.] And I wanna know everything about what's been going on with you two.
Asami Well, I kind of have some big news. I went to visit my father for the first time. He had been writing me letters and I guess I finally felt ready to try and forgive him.
Korra You sure you can trust him? He might just be manipulating you again.
Asami [Angrily.] You think I don't know what my own father is capable of?
Korra [Apologetic.] No, I didn't mean ...
Asami [Interrupts Korra.] You don't get to disappear for three years and then act like you know what's best for me!
Korra It's not like I planned to be gone for that long, I wanted to come back, but I never felt ready until now.
Wu As much as I'm enjoying this little catch-up, my royal bladder is about to explode. Mako, come on, I need you to stand guard.
Mako I'm not gonna hold your hand every time you have to empty your "royal bladder". Go to the bathroom on your own for once.
Wu [Dejectedly.] Fine. [Walks off.]
Korra Do you always go to the bathroom with him?
Mako I don't go with him, with him, I just stand there in the general vicinity while he ... I don't wanna talk about it.
Wu walks into the bathroom, where an attendant is waiting.
Bathroom attendant Good afternoon, Sir. Perhaps a spritz of cologne, to freshen up?
Wu Make it a double, buddy!
The attendant covers his mouth and nose with the towel he is holding and sprays Wu with a red vapor. Wu starts coughing heavily.
Wu [Faintly.] Mako, help! Wu ... down ... [Passes out.]
Cut to Bolin and Varrick who are trying to escape from the net, bu to no avail.
Bolin I wish Pabu were here. He could just chew us out of this.
Varrick You know who else has incisors sharp as a knife? Zhu Li ...
Ahnah Well look what we caught. Wonder if they were tracking us after we escaped.
Bolin Hello fellow travelers! I don't suppose you can help us out of this net?
Ahnah Why would we free a couple of lowly Earth Empire soldiers?
Varrick Lowly? We were part of Kuvira's inner circle!
Bolin Were, not anymore! Please, just, let us out!
Baraz I know just what to do with a couple of Kuvira's top men.
Baraz firebends a dagger and cuts through the rope of the net with it.

Cut back to Republic City, where food is being served at the table while Wu is not back yet.

Mako I wonder what's taking Wu so long. He's not one to miss out on lunch. I'll go check on him.
Korra and Asami give each other a worried look, while Mako walks off.
Mako Wu, are you in here? Come on, your octopus fritters are getting cold.
Cut to Korra and Asami waiting outside, when Korra spots the bathroom attendant walking past with a cart full of laundry bags.
Korra I'll be right back. [Walks after the bathroom attendant.]
She walks out the back of the hotel, where the attendant is dumping the load of laundry into the back of a van.
Korra Excuse me, did you happen to see if Prince Wu came out this way?
Bathroom attendant Sorry miss, I haven't seen him.
The pile of laundry bags moves and Wu rolls out, semi-conscious.
Wu [Not fully aware.] Hmm, I'm in laundry ...
Korra gets an angry look on her face, but before she can do anything, the attendant bends the ground under her to launch her into the ceiling. He runs to the front of the van and, while his coworker slams the back doors shut, drives off. Mako and Asami run out to check on Korra.
Korra They've got Wu! Get the car, I'm going after them!
The van speeds out of the alley next to the hotel and Korra is not far behind. She launches a fissure its way, but the van jumps over and keep on driving. Asami pulls up next to her in a blue roadster.
Asami Get in!
Korra jumps in the car and Asami guns it. The van makes a sharp turn and the attendant bends up a wall to block them. Asami manages to steer clear of the wall just in the nick of time.
Korra We're losing them!
Mako Hang a right at the next block. We can cut them off on Seventh.
Top down shot shows the roadster going straight on.
Mako You missed the turn! Where are you going?!
Asami I know these streets better than you. I built some of them!
They drive up the elevated freeway and the van comes into view below them. Korra stands up.
Mako What are you doing? Sit down!
Korra jumps off the car and onto the van, catching herself with airbending. She metalbends the roof open, only to find the van empty, save for the bathroom attendant.
Korra Where is he?
She jumps in, pulls the guy from behind the wheel with airbending, and stamps on the brakes, skidding the van to a halt next to a couple of spirit vines. Korra pulls him out.
Korra Wu's not here. This guy was the only one in the truck.
Mako [Grabs the bathroom attendant by the collar and slams him into the van.] Where's the prince?
Bathroom attendant Halfway to Kuvira by now. [Smiles.] All hail the Great Uniter.
Asami They must have moved Wu to a different vehicle when we lost sight of them.
Mako [A police car pulls up next to them and Mako throws the now cuffed attendant in the back, before talking to the driver.] Take this guy in for booking. Charge him with kidnapping and tell Chief Beifong that Prince Wu is missing. Put out an all-points bulletin. We'll keep looking.
Asami Where do we start? There are thousands of cars in the city and he could be in any one of them.
Mako Or they might try smuggling him out on an airship.
Asami Or maybe a boat.
Mako He could be anywhere! [Grunts in frustration.] The one time I don't watch him pee and this is what happens.
Korra [She walks up to the spirit vines and puts her hand on it, feeling for Wu's energy. The energy flashes through the vines and she sees him driving up to the Central City Station.] They're taking Wu to the train station!
Asami Are you sure? How do you know?
Korra [Jumps into the back of the car.] I'll explain on the way, just drive! We're running out of time!
Cut to Varrick and Bolin, whose hands are tied together, while Ahnah bends water into her pouch.
Bolin So how did a bunch of water and firebenders end up in one of Kuvira's reeducation camps?
Ahnah [Angrily.] Call it what it is: a prison.
Baraz Kuvira's been purging states of anyone who's not of Earth Kingdom origin and locking them up.
Bolin [Surprised.] Purging?!
Baraz What are you acting so surprised for? You must have known what she was up to, being part of her "inner circle" and all.
Bolin No, I swear! And the inner circle thing lasted like, less than a day!
Varrick [Irritated.] Will you at least tell us where you're taking us?
Baraz The border checkpoint. You're gonna help us talk our way past some Earth Empire soldiers.
Ahnah And once we're through, we'll see about letting you go.
Bolin and Varrick shoot each other a meaningful look, when Varrick jumps up as Bolin sends a wave of earth around, knocking everyone down. He quickly turns the ground in front of him into a pool of lava, holding everyone at bay.
Varrick [Laughs.] Lava time! Bet you didn't expect that!
Bolin [Stands up again and snaps the ropes tying his hands, which were weakened by the lava.] Look, I'm sorry for what happened to all of you, but as I've been trying to explain, we don't work for Kuvira anymore.
Varrick Yeah. If our handsome mugs get recognized trying to go through that checkpoint, we're goners!
Baraz If you really are fugitives, you better listen up. We've been scouting this region for days. There's a wall stretching along the entire border and patrols guarding every part of it. That checkpoint is the only way out.
Ahnah It's not worth the risk, Baraz. How do we know they won't turn us in?
Baraz If he wanted us gone, we'd be at the bottom of a pool of lava right now. If any of us want to get out of the Earth Empire alive, we'll have to trust each other.
Bolin [Cools the lava so that it becomes solid again.] All right, where is this checkpoint?
Cut back to Republic City, where Asami is high-tailing it on their way to the train station.
Mako [To Korra.] So, how do you know where Wu is just by touching some spirit vines?
Korra I learned how to connect to people's energies through them.
Asami Who taught you that?
Korra Lin's mom. [Mako and Asami both look surprised.] I found her in the swamp, that place is like one giant spirit wild.
Asami You met Toph? What was she like?
Korra A cranky, more miserable version of Lin.
Mako Is that even possible?
Korra You'd be surprised.
They arrive at the train station, where they get out of the car. Asami slips on a modified version of the chi-blocking glove as they make their way inside. They arrive on a bridge over the platforms and see many trains parked.
Mako Which train is Wu on?
Korra I don't know!
Mako Split up and start looking.
Cut back to the Earth Empire, where Bolin, Varrick, and the prisoners approach the heavily guarded gate. Bolin and Varrick have made themselves look somewhat respectable again and the prisoners are tied together with rope around their wrists.
Bolin [Whispers.] Follow my lead.
Guard post soldier [Salutes Bolin.] Good afternoon, sir. Can we help you?
Bolin You sure can. We captured these escaped prisoners. We need to get them to a secure facility.
Guard post soldier Where did they escape from?
Bolin Camp fourteen.
Guard post soldier Then why are you bringing them through here? Camp fourteen is the other way.
Bolin [Aggravated.] You think we don't know where Camp fourteen is? Kuvira wants them transferred.
Guard post soldier Then I'll need to see the transfer order.
Bolin gives Varrick a worried look and Varrick moves up to the guard.
Varrick Listen pal! I had to fight off two badgermoles, six wolfbats and eighteen hog monkeys to capture these guys, so sorry if I don't have the paperwork! I was too busy cramming it in a hog monkey's mouth, while it was trying to eat me! I am in sore need of a shower and I have blisters that are the size of cantaloupes and twice as juicy! So you can let us through, or you can give us your name and rank and I'll make sure to pass it on to Kuvira! You know what happens to soldiers who question her orders, don't you? Bad stuff!
Guard post soldier [Nervous from Varrick's little display.] Let them through!
Two guards metalbend the gates on either side of the wall down and they walk through. Inside the wall, there is a guard working in a booth, where there are wanted posters of Varrick and Bolin. He recognizes them as Varrick waves to him and runs out to stop them.
Guard #2 Wait! Stop them, they're traitors to the Empire!
They all start running, but are halted by two mecha tanks that jump down from the top of the gate and land in front of Bolin and Varrick. They find themselves surrounded by four mecha tanks and four earthbenders.
Baraz There's no way I'm going back to prison!
He makes a little dagger from his middle fingers, cutting through the rope on his wrist, and shoots fire at the soldiers, who throw up cover for themselves. They shoot the rocks back at the prisoners, who defend themselves with their fire and waterbending. Bolin and Varrick are under attack by a mecha tank, which attempts to mow them down with its flamethrower. Bolin throws up cover for them, but Varrick still crawls away.

Baraz is fighting a mecha tank as well, dodging its punches. Ahnah comes to his aid and bends her water into a slab of ice, causing the running tank to slide. Baraz blow it back with a few fire blasts, but the tank uses the spikes in its calves to stabilize and break the through ice. It shoots lightning, forcing Baraz and Ahnah apart, before shooting its flamethrower at Baraz, who holds his own with his firebending.

Bolin shoots a few boulders at two mecha tanks going after him, which yields no result. So he creates a pool of lava, but the tanks jump over it, cornering Bolin. Varrick, who is hiding underneath the gate, behind a wall, sees how a waterbender is knocked down. He and spots some sort of generator inside the booth. With a screwdriver he unscrews a table leg and wraps a length of electrical wire around it.

Bolin is still fighting the tank, but it continues to nimbly dodge the lava benders attacks. Finally, with a fissure, he manages to knock one of the tanks down, but another one is right there to shoot a bolt of lightning at him. He launches himself out of its path and continues the fight.

Meanwhile, Varrick has created an electromagnetic pulse, which he hooks up to the generator. Nobody pays him any attention, seeing how they are busy fighting off the benders. Bolin get trapped by three mecha tanks who all shoot fire at him, which he blocks with a wall of earth, but he is unable to escape.

Varrick [Hooks up the cables.] Boy, I sure hope this works.
He pushes a lever and the stick sends out an electromagnetic pulse, destroying all the electronics in the mecha tanks, causing them to fail, just as they were about to kill Bolin and Baraz. It takes everyone by surprise.
Varrick [Laughs, pleased with himself.] I still got that Varrick touch! [Runs out, past Bolin.] We're clear, come on!
Bolin [Bolin sees how the prisoners are fighting a losing battle.] Varrick, wait, we can't leave them!
He jumps over his wall and runs up behind the prisoners, just as one is knocked down. Bolin creates a massive pool of lava, forcing the guards back to the gate.
Guard post soldier Retreat!
Bolin bends the lava all the way to the gate and hoses the wall with it, securing the knowledge the guard will not follow them.
Baraz Thanks. You didn't have to come back.
Bolin Yeah. I kind of did. Let's go!
The scene shifts back to the train station, where people are standing around in conversation.
Over the PA The 4:15 bound for Omashu is now leaving on track number six. All aboard!
Mako is frantically searching for Prince Wu. The scene changes over to Korra's search. Asami walks over to her.
Asami [Worried.] If we don't find Wu soon, we might never find him.
Korra leans down and places her palm on the floor of the train station. The area around her hand glows yellow as she feels for Wu's energy.
Korra [She raises her head and turns to look at a nearby train. She runs toward it.] He's on that train!
Korra, Asami, and Mako barely manage to jump on the train as it speeds away. They enter a train car with a few passengers sitting at tables against the walls of the car.
Mako How do you know for sure he's here?
Korra I don't. But I had a feeling, okay?
Mako And I'm just supposed to trust your "Avatar Feelings"?
Korra [Korra faces Mako and stops walking; annoyed.] You wouldn't have to if you had guarded the prince like you were supposed to.
Korra and Mako storm out of sight. Two passengers from opposite sides of the car glance over to each other looking ready. Asami opens the door to the next train car. The three enter a cabin sprinkled with luggage.
Mako [Angrily.] Oh, so it's my fault Wu disappeared.
Korra It's certainly not mine!
A red chest rattles behind Asami.
Asami Guys, shh. Listen.
Their attention is brought to the red chest after it rattles again. Mako walks up and bends down. He opens the lid and Prince Wu pops up, shouting and flailing.
Mako [He grabs the distraught Wu.] Wu! Wu, it's me.
Wu [Confused.] Mako? Where am I? Am I dead?
Mako No, you're on a train. We're gonna get you out of here.
The train car door is opened by the passengers who had shared a look earlier. The man fires metal bands at Korra, but she easily deflects them. In turn, she creates a tornado of air and sends it flying at the pair of attackers. It causes them to hit the ceiling and fall to the ground. More attackers come running from the train car in front and in the back. Korra metalbends the front door shut, blocking an attacker. She rips apart the ceiling, exposing a cloudy blue sky.
Korra Everyone out.
Wu I'm not going up there.
Korra sticks out her lip, annoyed by Wu's unwillingness to cooperate. Cut to an exterior shot of the train as Wu flies out of the open roof, being lifted by an air blast. He lands on the roof of another train car with Korra, Mako, and Asami following right behind him. The group runs to the end of the train. Asami and Korra make it over fine, but Mako has to pass Wu over to Korra before finally getting over himself. Two more attackers bust through the door and see the prince getting away. They shoot metal cables to the roof, flinging themselves up to Korra, Asami, Mako, and Wu. Mako attempts to get rid of them, but is tripped by a metal cable shot to his foot. The attacker shoots a cable at Korra, who wraps it around her arm. Even more attackers arrive on the roof. Asami quickly defends herself by kicking an attacker's punch out of the way and shocking him with her glove, flinging him back. Another assailant adjacent from Asami begins to metalbend the roof, curling it in on Asami. On the opposite side of the train car, Mako kicks up from the ground and at the same sends fire from his foot, which forces the attacker that had Korra's arm, back. Mako punches at him and the attacker does a backhand spring onto the train car behind him. He metalbends the roof up, too, just like on the other side. Mako steps backward as his footing is being taken away. Mako, Wu, Asami, and Korra all move in together as the roof is being peeled up. Korra bends a sphere of air around the group, grabbing Asami and Wu.
Korra Jump!
They leap from the train just in time to avoid being crushed. They all scream as they hurdle toward the ground in the air shell. The shell hits the ground to the side of a bridge. The team grunts as they roll to a stop on the dusty ground. The train continues its pace toward the Earth Empire. Asami and Mako stand up, while Korra and Wu remain sitting on the ground. Mako walks over and picks up Wu.
Mako You all right?
Wu [He gleefully embraces Mako.] Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. [Putting his arm around Mako.] You are definitely getting a raise, Buddy.
Mako You should be thanking Korra. We never would have found you with out her.
Wu [He moves over to Korra and bows.] I owe you my life, Avatar. If only there was some way to repay you. Oh, I know. [He takes Korra's hand.] How about I take you out for a night on the town?
Korra [Unimpressed.] Really? You're asking me out right now?
Wu [Tentatively.] So ... I put you down for a "maybe"? [He cracks a smile.]
Korra How about a never?
Korra takes her hand back from Wu and walks over to Asami and Mako.
Korra Not exactly what I imagined for our first day back together.
Asami But it was kind of like old times. [She puts her hand on her hip.] Except for the getting on each other's nerves part.
Mako Actually, that is like old times for me and Korra.
Korra I'm sorry things got so tense earlier.
Asami It's all right. I guess after being apart for three years, there's bound to be a bit of an adjustment period.
Mako Yeah, but it's great to have you back.
Korra There's no place else I'd rather be.
The three hug each other and Wu walks over ready to join in, too. However, Korra sticks her hand out and holds the prince at bay with a hand to his cheek. Unable to come closer, Wu places his hands on Mako's shoulders, while the three friends share a close embrace.
Wu You guys are the greatest friends a guy could have.
They break apart into a circle again, this time Wu is included.
Korra So, what are we gonna do with him? It's too dangerous to take him back to the hotel.
Wu Whoo! You're telling me! I need a cushy safe house somewhere.
Mako I think I know just the place.
The camera displays an elaborate estate; a dazzling landscape with several courtyards, gardens, towers, and lots of space. The camera zooms in to Mako, Asami, Korra, and Wu on the front porch of the mansion. Gigantic windows litter the façade, allowing plenty of light into the mansion.
Wu [Astonished.] Nice digs, Mako. You didn't tell me you came from money.
Mako I don't. This is Asami's place. She was nice enough to let my family stay here after they fled Ba Sing Se.
The big wooden door opens and Mako's grandmother, Yin, steps onto the porch.
Yin Mako! It's so wonderful to-- [Her eyes go big and she covers her mouth as she gasps at the sight of the prince. She reaches out for Wu with her left hand.] Are you ...
Mako Grandma, this is Prince Wu. He needs to stay with you and the family for a little while.
Wu takes one knee and grabs Yin's hand.
Wu It's an honor, Grandma Mako.
Wu kisses Yin's hand and she faints gracefully, being caught by Mako.
Mako She loves royalty.
Wu [He stands up triumphantly.] I think I'll fit right in here. [Touching Mako's shoulder.] Thanks for looking out for me, Mako. [He throws his arms back urgently.] Now where's the nearest bathroom? I have been holding it all day! [He storms off into the house, whining loudly.]
The scene changes to a bay area surrounded by open water and rocks. The setting sun is making the sky a orange. Next to a long dock is a beat up looking red and white, wooden boat with several escaped reeducation campers aboard. The boat is in poor shape. On the dock, Baraz and Ahnah are facing Varrick and Bolin.
Bolin I know it might not mean much coming from a guy wearing this uniform, [He tugs at his shirt, near his belt.] but I'd like to apologize for what Kuvira's put you through.
Baraz [Extending his hand.] I appreciate that.
Bolin shakes his hand.
Bolin Guess this is where we part ways.
Varrick [Laughing.] It's been a blast!
Ahnah We're heading north too. Why don't you come with us? It's the least we could do after you saved our necks.
Varrick [He looks over to rotting boat, barely floating in the water next to the dock.] On that hunk of junk? No thanks. I'm allergic to drowning. [Bolin glares at him and elbows him harshly.] I mean, uh, we'd love a lift!
Defeated, Varrick walks up the pier with the other three. Bolin jumps in and Varrick crawls in awkwardly causing great commotion, ultimately falling to the floor of the boat.

The scene shifts again to the roots of a tree. Someone's hand is hammering in a small stake with a cord attached to it. A green remote with various nobs is taken out. A gauge with a red needle makes a noise and the needle flies right into the reddest area of the gauge. Baatar Jr. is kneeling with the gauge in his hand. Kuvira is standing behind him anticipating the news.

Baatar Jr. This area is overrun with spirit vines. [He turns to Kuvira.] And they appear to be even more powerful than the samples we took from Republic City.
Kuvira Perfect. Harvest the vines until there's nothing left.
A mecha tank retracts it hand and replaces it with a chainsaw that deploys from its wrist and begins cutting through a tree root. The camera zooms out to show the banyan-grove tree in the Foggy Swamp. Several of Kuvira's army airships are floating around the tree.
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