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The episode opens to a bright, blue sky, the sun shining. The camera zooms out quickly to reveal a red Fire Nation flag waving in the wind. Cuts to shot of the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu having been captured by the Fire Nation. A bold red flag bearing the Fire Nation insignia is proudly hung; gray plumes of smoke fill the air surrounding the fallen city.
Aang [Viewing the city, his back to the camera; in a somewhat shocked tone.] I can't believe it. I know the War has spread far, [Turning toward the camera sadly.] but Omashu always seemed ... untouchable.
Sokka Up until now it was. [Crosses arms over chest.] Now Ba Sing Se is the only great Earth Kingdom stronghold left.
Katara [Cuts to shot of entire group standing on the cliffside overlooking the city.] This is horrible, [Approaches Aang; cuts to side-view of the two standing next to each other.] but we have to move on.
Aang No, I'm going in to find Bumi.
Sokka Aang, stop. We don't even know if Bumi's still ...
Aang [Angrily.] What? If he's still what?
Sokka [Unsurely.] A-around.
Katara I know you had your heart set on Bumi, but there are other people who can teach you earthbending.
Aang This isn't about finding a teacher. This is about finding my friend.
Scene changes to below Omashu's gate where Aang is attempting to open the entrance to a secret tunnel.
Sokka A secret passage? Why didn't we just use this last time?
Aang opens the tunnel, revealing it to be filled with sewage.
Sokka Ugh!
Aang That answer your question?
Sokka Eww!
The group proceeds through the tunnel to the inside of Omashu. Aang conjures an air ball with his staff to clear the path while Katara uses waterbending to maneuver the sewage carefully around her. Sokka, on the other hand, is continually soaked in the foul substance.
Katara That wasn't as bad as I thought.
Sokka emerges covered in slime. Katara spots water nearby and splashes Sokka with it using waterbending to wash off the sewage followed by Aang who uses airbending to dry him off while he screams which reveals that three pentapii have attached themselves to his skin.
Sokka [In a panicking tone while trying to yank the pentapii off.] Ahh! They won't let go! Help!
Aang [Quickly tackles Sokka into a wall in order to silence him; in a somewhat reassuring tone.] Shh! Stop making so much noise. It's just a purple pentapus.
Sokka looks at the pentapii in fear. Aang removes the first pentapus by lightly rubbing its head as Sokka watches. Sokka rubs the spot where the creature was attached, and does the same procedure to get the second one off. Several guards suddenly approach them as Aang takes the third one off.
Guard one Hey! What are you kids doing out past curfew?
Katara Sorry. We were just on our way home.
The kids turn and walk away, Sokka bringing up the rear. The guard notices the red welts on the back of Sokka's neck.
Guard one [Notices the spots where the pentapus was attached to Sokka.] Wait, what's the matter with him?
Katara Uh, he has pentapox, sir. [As he approaches.] Umm, it's highly contagious.
Sokka [Exaggerating.] Oh, it's so awful. I'm dying.
Katara And deadly.
Guard two Hey, I think I heard of pentapox! Didn't your cousin Chang die of it?
Guard one We'd better go wash our hands, and burn our clothes.
The guards run away in fear.
Aang Thank you, sewer friends.
Scene switches to on board Azula's ship. She is consulting her assistants, Li and Lo.
Li When tracking your brother and uncle, traveling with the royal procession may no longer be an option.
Lo May no longer be wise.
Lo and Li If you hope to keep the element of surprise.
Azula You're right. The Royal Procession is dead weight. If I want to catch my prey, I must be agile, nimble. I need a small, elite team. It's time to visit some old friends.
Scene switches to Omashu by twilight, where Aang, Katara and Sokka with Momo on his shoulder are sneaking around. They hide behind some metal bars used for construction as a patrol passes.
Katara Let's find Bumi and get out of here.
Sokka Where would they be keeping him?
Aang Somewhere he can't earthbend. Somewhere made of metal.
The foursome goes on. The picture switches to a close-up of a young woman with black hair and an emotionless expression named Mai. Behind her walk two Fire Nation guards.
Mai There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this place.
Cut to a wider shot to show Mai walking next to an older woman carrying a baby. They are being escorted by Fire Nation guards.
Michi Mai, your father was appointed governor. We're like royalty here. Be happy and enjoy it.
The picture widens as the camera zooms up to show some rocks, ready to be pushed down one of Omashu's mail delivery chutes which ends near where Mai's party is walking. You can clearly see the light of the torches from up above.
Resistance fighter The targets are approaching.
Close-up of a bearded man wearing an Earth Kingdom military uniform.
Yung Take them out.
Cut back to Mai's party walking down below.
Mai [In a dull tone.] I thought my life was boring in the Fire Nation, but this place is unbearably bleak. Nothing ever happens.
Cut to the resistance fighter at the beginning of the chute, who pushes the rocks down the chute with earthbending. Aang and his friends walk by and they see the rocks crumbling down at high speed. Aang looks in distress at Mai's party. He raises his staff and pulverizes the rock with a blast of air as it passes. Mai's party is alerted by the sound and looks up to see what caused it. Close-up of Mai who squints her eyes to make out who is standing above her before the picture shows Aang again. Cut back to the party.
Michi [Pointing at Aang.] The resistance!
Close-up of Mai, who is seen for the first time with a faint smile on her face. She spreads her arms at Aang, causing tiny arrows to fly toward him. Aang quickly jumps up, avoiding the arrows which bury themselves in the stack of construction material Aang lands on. Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo run away as two of the Fire Nation guards are climbing up ladders to get to them.

Katara quickly turns around and uses the water from her pouch to form a water whip and send the two guards flying off into the deep. As you see them falling, we see Mai reaching the top. While she is running toward Katara, she stretches out her right hand, shooting off some more arrows. Katara raises a shield of ice to protect herself as the arrows embed themselves in it. Mai keeps charging Katara, who runs away. Mai jumps over the icy wall in hot pursuit of Katara. Aang awaits Katara and lets her pass as he awaits the arrival of Mai. With a spinning sweep of wind, he causes some of the construction scaffolding to collapse. Mai sees the scaffolding collapse and directs a throwing star right at Aang. He twirls his staff in front of him and catches the flying star with it. Mai stands on one side of the collapsed scaffolding and has a clear shot on Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo. As she throws more arrows at them, the ground beneath the team opens up, making them disappear and rapidly closes again. Mai looks at the place where her targets disappeared, letting out a deep sigh. She turns around and walks away.

Cut to a tunnel scene. The image shows the rectangle where the kids fell through. Green sewage waste drips from the ceiling. The camera moves down, revealing a group of people who are looking at the three kids. Aang and Sokka are rubbing their heads, while Katara just sits there a bit disorientated. Cut to a shot of Yung, flanked by two other men.

The picture switches to an upside down shot of some grass. When the view pans up, we see mountains, circus tents and some people working in the background. Azula, also upside down, walks in.

Azula Ty Lee, could that possibly be you?
The camera moves to show a close-up of a girl, Ty Lee, standing on her index fingers. She smiles when she sees Azula.
Ty Lee Azula!
Ty Lee flips from her stance and spins around in a graceful twirl to bow down before Azula. She runs forward to embrace Azula.
Ty Lee It is so good to see you!
Azula Please, don't let me interrupt your ... [Raises an eyebrow in wonder.] whatever it is you were doing.
Ty Lee, still smiling, does a back flip and ends up lying on her chest with one leg stretched out over her head and the other straight up to the sky.
Azula [Glances around.] Tell me, what is the daughter of a nobleman doing here? [Looks back at Ty Lee.] Certainly our parents didn't send us to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls to end up in ... [Looks to her side.] places like this.
Azula looks as three men are trying to move a platypus bear. The Bear groans and moves up to reveal that it has laid an egg. Azula looks at this in disgust and turns her attention back to Ty Lee, grinning once more.
Azula I have a proposition for you.
Cut to Ty Lee who is still lying on the ground, watching the same Platypus bear as Azula, but she looks happy to see what has happened. When Azula addresses her, she diverts her attention away from the bear and looks at Azula in a wondering gaze.
Azula I'm hunting a traitor. [While looking casually at her nails.] You remember my old fuddy-duddy uncle, don't you?
Ty Lee [Resting on her chest and elbows, but now with her both feet resting on her head.] Oh yeah. He was so funny.
Azula I would be honored if you would join me on my mission.
Ty Lee Oh ... I ... uh ... would love to. [She stands up in a fluid elegant movement.] But the truth is, I'm really happy here. [Smiling sincerely.] I mean, my aura has never been pinker!
Azula [Raising up her hand in a "stop" motion to Ty Lee.] I'll take your word for it. Well, I wouldn't want you to give up the life you love just to please me.
Ty Lee [Bows in respect.] Thank you, Azula. [Continues stretching.]
Azula [While walking away.] Of course, before I leave, I'm going to catch your show.
Ty Lee's accidentally breaks her stance, as she gasps in panic. She continues her stretch once more and the expression of panic changes to one of worry.
Ty Lee [Hesitantly.] Uh ... yeah ... sure ... uh ... of course ...
Cut back to Omashu, where a lot of people have gathered in some sort of underground cave. At the other side of the room, Aang, Sokka, and Katara enter the large space through a tunnel; they are talking to three other men.
Aang So, is King Bumi with you guys? Is he leading the resistance?
Cut to a close-up of Yung who angrily balls his fist as he answers Aang's question.
Yung Of course not! The day of the invasion, we readied ourselves for battle. We were prepared to defend our city ... to fight for our lives and for our freedom. But before we even had a chance, King Bumi surrendered.
The camera moves slowly toward Aang, who is clearly disconcerted by the news. Katara gives Aang a look of concern.
Yung The day of the invasion, I asked King Bumi what he wanted to do. [Cut to his close-up.] He looked me in the eye and said ...
A flashback shows the day Omashu was under attack. King Bumi and Yung stand atop one of the city's walls, looking down while fire balls decorate the sky.
King Bumi I'm going to do ... nothing! [He starts to laugh and snort like the mad lunatic he is.]
The flashback fades away to make room for another close-up of Yung.
Yung It doesn't matter now. [Cut to Aang who sadly lowers his eyes as the resistance leader continues.] Fighting the Fire Nation is the only path to freedom. [Switch to a close-up of Yung again.] And freedom is worth dying for.
As Yung ends his speech, a smile plays on his face. Aang sadly leans on his staff. He raises his eyes as while he addresses Yung.
Aang Actually there's another path to freedom. You could leave Omashu. You're directing all your energy to fight the Fire Nation. [The camera pans to the right, showing several Earth Kingdom soldiers.] But you're outnumbered. You can't win. Now's the time to retreat, so you can live to fight another day.
Yung You don't understand. They've taken our home, and we have to fight them at any cost! [He makes some powerful hand gestures to make his point more clear.]
Resistance fighter #1 [In a soft tone.] I don't know, Yung, living to fight another day is startin' to sound pretty good to me.
Resistance fighter #2 [He takes a step forward and points toward himself. He addresses Yung with a decisive tone.] Yeah, I'm with the kid!
Yung looks at all the people who have taken refuge under ground and now are living in the sewer tunnels while they whisper among themselves. He looks back at Aang.
Yung Fine. But there's thousands of citizens that need to leave. How're we going to get them all out?
Switch to Sokka whose hand is on his chin as he is cooking up a plan. He points at Yung as he exclaims his idea.
Sokka Suckers!
Katara raises one eyebrow and just stares at Sokka. The rest of the group follows her example. Momo chirps questionably. Sokka blinks, shifting his eyes right and left, smiling broadly.
Sokka You're all about to come down with a nasty case of pentapox.
Cut to a shot of a bucket of water filled with pentapii. A hand reaches in and takes one out. The civilian, whose face is already covered with the marks of removed pentapii, places it on his exposed left arm. Its jellylike body moves up and down a bit. After a few seconds, someone else removes the pentapus by gently rubbing its head. We see several shots of people placing and removing pentapii from their face, shoulders and arms.

Switch to a top view of the people as Sokka walks over to them to address them. While he speaks, the camera pans out, showing a close-up of all the inhabitants of Omashu covered with the suction spots of the pentapii.

Sokka The marks make ya look sick, but you gotta act sick too. Ya gotta sell it!
An old man hobbles into view, leaning heavily on his cane. He clutches his back while moaning in pain.
Sokka [Grabs the guy who is standing next to him and points at the old man.] Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
The man turns around, smiling. He taps his wooden leg with his cane.
Old man Years of practice.
Sokka Okay everyone! Into sick formation.
Sokka and the other civilians start walking toward the gates of Omashu. Just as Katara wants to join them, she notices that Aang is walking off in the other direction.
Katara Aang, what are you doing? Aren't you coming with us?
Aang [He turns around.] No. I'm not leaving until I find Bumi.
Momo jumps on Aang's shoulders, tugging Aang's lips. He grabs Momo by his neck and places him back on the ground.
Aang Sorry Momo, I'll feed you later.
Aang uses airbending to propel him unto the air. He whizzes away, jumping from one rooftop to the other.

Switch to some Fire Nation soldiers with spears who are guarding the gates of Omashu. A moaning crowd of 'sick' people walks toward them from every direction. They move like zombies, swaying back and forth. One of them even falls down. The guards back away as the sick crowd reaches them. Sokka theatrically grabs his face and moans painfully, before stretching out his hands toward the frightened guards.

Soldier Plague! Plague!
The guards on the ground start to retreat into the citadel behind them, away from the sick, while another guard rings the gong to alert everyone of the problem at hand.

Switch to the governor of Omashu and his family, including Mai, who is eating a bowl of fire flakes, watching on one of his balconies, looking out over the city.

Ukano What is going on down there?
Guard I saw some kids yesterday who were sick with pentapox. It must have spread!
Ukano Pentapox! [He pulls his beard.] Hmm, I'm pretty sure I've heard of that.
Michi Oh, this is terrible.
Guard What should we do?
Ukano Drive them out of the city [He points toward the gates.] ... but don't touch them! We have to rid the city of this disease!
The guard bows in respect before leaving to spread the governor's orders. Mai calmly offers her dad the bowl of fire flakes.
Mai Fire flakes, Dad?
Michi [Gasping.] How awful!
The governor's family is shown from behind. As his wife hugs her husband, the little baby beside her, Mai's brother Tom-Tom toddles away from the group.

Switch to Aang running through the streets of the city. He nimbly climbs a house and balances on the railing, before landing on a flat rooftop. He spots a giant, white creature below, sadly pushing forth a turnstile. Aang jumps down to discover that the creature is Flopsie, King Bumi's pet goat gorilla.

Aang Flopsie!
As Aang calls his name, Flopsie turns around and happily tries to reach his friend. His chains hold him back, so he sadly ceases his attempts. Aang jumps over him and uses the water from his drinking bowl to freeze the lock on his chains. With one swing of his staff, Aang destroys the lock, freeing Flopsie. The happy animal hugs and licks Aang's face.
Aang Come on, Flopsie. [He climbs on top of Flopsie.] You gotta help me find Bumi. Yip Yip! [Flopsie does not move a muscle.] Oh ... I guess that doesn't work with you. Let's go!
Flopsie races off at great speed. Meanwhile Momo is soaring through the city. He lands on a balcony and peeks through a window. We see a cluttered room with dressing panels at the back. A teddy bear is thrown repeatedly in the air by someone behind the panels. Momo spots a full scale of berries and starts to drool. He quickly enters the chamber through the window and starts to stuff his face. He rapidly spits out the seeds. Some of them land behind the panels. Cut to Tom-Tom who is playing with the stuffed animal behind the panels. He notices the seeds and crawls away, following their path. The trail of seeds leads right back to Momo, who is still sitting on the table, his tail dangling over the edge. Tom-Tom sits up in wonder as he examines the tail before pulling it. Cut to a surprised Momo who is pulled down to the ground in mid bite. He pulls a giggling Tom-Tom along as he tries to get away from his grasp. Momo pulls free and jumps out of the window on to the railing. As he looks back, he sees that the baby stumbles toward him with his arms spread out wide. Momo backs away, leaping of the railing and flying away.
The baby is too late to grab Momo, so he tumbles off the railing. While he is sliding down the roof, he cannot stop giggling. He lands in a box of berries sliding down one of Omashu's chutes. Momo lands on the same box and starts to stuff his face again. His eyes open wide as Tom-Tom emerges behind him. The baby grabs Momo's tail and bites it. The lemur jumps in the air and frantically flaps his wings in an attempt to get away once more. As the slope becomes steeper, Momo is able to lift himself as well as Tom-Tom who is still clinging on to his tail. The lemur cannot bear the weight and they start to descend. Tom-Tom is being dragged over the ground as they crash-land. Tom-Tom rolls over the ground and lands on top of Momo, pinning him to the ground, and causing him to screech and shake around desperately.
The moaning crowd passes them by, diverting Tom-Tom attention away from Momo. Momo escapes into the crowd. The baby pushes himself to his feet and staggers after the crowd, out of the gates.
Cut to the Fire Nation circus at night. Upon entering, performers in two Chinese dragon's costumes are dancing. As they move out of the frame, the circus master, Shuzumu, stands before the circus' main ring, addressing the crowd.
Shuzumu We're deeply honored to have the Fire Lord's daughter at our humble circus.
Switch to a shot from the back, revealing Azula sitting in high box seat with two guards at her side.
Shuzumu Uh ... tell us if there is anything we can do to make the show more enjoyable.
Cut to a close-up of Azula.
Azula I will.
Cut to a shot of the circus ring. The camera moves up, revealing a net spanned under an acrobat who is balancing on a rope, high up in the air on one hand. The camera zooms in. The acrobat is Ty Lee, who is wearing very colorful clothing.

Switch to a shot of Azula and Shuzumu, who are both looking up, fascinated by Ty Lee's performance.

Azula Incredible. Do you think she'll fall?
Shuzumu Of course not.
Azula Then wouldn't it make it more interesting if you removed the net?
Azula looks directly at Shuzumu. Close-up of the concerned look upon his face.
Shuzumu [Concerned.] Uh ... the thing is ... the performers ...
Azula You're right, you're right. That's been done. [After a short pause, she continues with a tone of dark pleasure.] I know. Set the net on fire.
Shuzumu [Worried.] Of course, Princess.
With a worried look upon his face, Shuzumu leaves the box to set the net of fire. Ty Lee looks down in concern at the consuming flames beneath her. She continues with her act.

Cut back to the box seat, where Shuzumu is balling his fist and clenching his teeth, hoping that Ty Lee will not fall off.

Azula [Ecstatic.] Brilliant, just brilliant! [She looks down at Shuzumu and asks happily.] Ooh, what kind of dangerous animals do you have?
Shuzumu looks up, hopeful that he can change the subject to the animals and save Ty Lee from her burning peril.
Shuzumu Well, our circus boasts the most exotic assortment-
Azula Release them all!
Shuzumu looks utterly shocked by Azula's command. Close-up again of Ty Lee's worried face, as she is still balancing on one hand above the flames. Cut to an outside-view of the circus. As the camera pans up, several animal noises fill the night.

Switch to an overview shot of a campsite in the surrounding mountains of Omashu. People are sitting around several campfires. Cut to Aang and Flopsie who are walking into the camp. Katara and Sokka move to greet a sad looking Aang.

Aang [Sadly.] We looked everywhere. No Bumi.
Katara hugs him. Flopsie moans sadly, so Sokka turns around and hugs Flopsie's face.

The arrival of Yung interrupts their hugs.

Yung We've got a problem. We just did a head count.
Katara [Worried, turns back to Yung.] Oh no. Did someone get left behind?
Yung No, we have an extra.
Yung points to something to the left. Katara gazes in that direction and sees Momo staggering forward with the Tom-Tom clamped around his neck. Team Avatar and Yung just stare for a second at the poor animal and the baby.
Cut to the governor's house in Omashu. The governor's wife is sobbing on the balcony. Her daughter Mai slowly reaches into her robe and pulls out a handkerchief and gives it to her mother with a bored expression on her face. The governor rests his hands on the railing of the balcony as he stares out over his city. His sobbing wife, apathetic daughter and two guards stand behind him. Zoom toward the governor as he speaks.
Ukano So, the resistance has kidnapped my son. Everything so clever, so tricky. Just like their King Bumi.
He balls his right hand into a fist. One of the guards behind him steps forward.
Guard What do you want to do, sir?
The camera pans out, showing a panoramic view of the city.

The view fades to a bouquet of black flowers that are being placed on a desk. As the camera moves back, Azula and Ty Lee are revealed in Ty Lee's dressing room. Azula is standing behind Ty Lee, who is sitting at the desk and looking through a mirror.

Azula What an exquisite performance. I can't wait to see how you'll top yourself tomorrow.
Cut closer to Ty Lee. Azula and Ty Lee's face are visible in Ty Lee's mirror.
Ty Lee [Smiling at Azula's reflection in the mirror.] I'm sorry Azula, but unfortunately there won't be a show tomorrow.
Azula Really?
Ty Lee [Hangs up her tiara.] The universe has given me strong hints that it's time for a career change. [She gets up and turns around to face Azula.] I want to join you on your mission.
Zoom to a satisfied looking Azula.
Switch back to an overview shot of the campsite in the valley. The gang, the baby, Flopsie and three resistance fighters are sitting at one of the many campfires. The baby is still trying to catch Momo. The lemur leaps out of the way and the baby tumbles down, right next to Sokka's club. He picks it up and starts to suck on it. The camera moves back as Sokka snatches the club out of the baby's hands.
Sokka No! Bad Fire Nation baby!
The child starts to cry. Katara looks from the baby to Sokka and whacks him across the face before placing her hands on her hips in a motherly fashion.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Oh ... all right.
Sokka gives his club back to the baby who immediately stops crying and starts to play with it. Katara hugs him from behind.
Katara [Baby voice.] Oooh, you're so cute. [She kisses him on the cheek, while an annoyed Sokka looks the other side, resting his head on his hand.] Mmmmm ...
Cut to Yung sitting on the other side of the fire.
Yung Sure he's cute now, but when he's older, he'll join the Fire Nation army. [Switch to Katara who is happily playing with the baby under the annoyed gaze of her brother.] You won't think he's so cute then. He'll be a killer.
Katara picks the baby up and shows him to Yung.
Katara Does that look like the face of a killer to you?
Cut to a close-up of Yung whose face remains totally indifferent at the sight of the cute baby.

Switch to a picture of an arriving messenger hawk. The animal shrieks and lands on a nearby rock.

Yung A messenger hawk!
Close-up of the canister on the hawk's back. It has the Fire Nation insignia on it. Aang unrolls the scroll, close-up of the message.
Aang It's from the Fire Nation governor. He thinks we kidnapped his son. [Switch to another view. Aang is shown standing at the other side of the campfire, reading the message.] So ... he wants to make a trade. His son [Zoom to Aang's surprised face while he continues dramatically, his eyes widening.] for King Bumi.
Switch to a panoramic view by day of the mountains surrounding Omashu. Aang holds the baby in his arms while he stares at Omashu. He walks down the hill he was standing on toward Katara and Sokka, who are waiting next to Appa.
Sokka You realize we're probably walking right into a trap.
Aang I don't think so. I'm sure the governor wants his son back as much as we want Bumi. [Smiling at the sleeping baby he holds against his chest.] It's a new day. I have a good feeling about this.
Cut to inside the city of Omashu. A royal palanquin is being carried up the stairs toward the house of the governor. The silhouette of Azula can be seen through the veils. At the base of next stairs, the lonely figure of Mai awaits the arrival of the palanquin. Azula gets out and she and Ty Lee walk over to Mai. They halt before her. Mai puts her hands together and bows slightly toward Azula.
Mai Please tell me you're here to kill me.
A close-up of Mai. She looks up at Azula and a slight smile appears on her otherwise emotionless features. Both girls start to laugh.
Azula [Placing her hands on Mai's shoulders.] It's great to see you, Mai.
Ty Lee rushes forward to give Mai a big hug. Mai uncomfortably pats her back a little with her left hand.
Mai I thought you ran off and joined the circus. You said it was your calling.
Ty Lee [Releases Mai.] Well, Azula called a little louder.
Azula I have a mission and I need you both. [Azula places a hand on both her friends' shoulders.]
Mai Count me in. Anything to get me out of this place. [She looks annoyed at the palace.]
Cut to a large red flag with the black Fire Nation mark on it. The camera pans down and shows that Azula is sitting on the throne of Omashu, flanked by two Fire Nation guards. The governor and his wife are in front of her, as well as Mai and Ty Lee.
Ukano I apologize. [Switch to a closer shot of the governor who squatting down on a pillow.] You've come to Omashu at a difficult time. At noon we're making a trade with the resistance to get Tom-Tom back.
Azula Yes, I'm so sorry to hear about your son, but really, [She crosses her legs and clasps her hands.] what did you expect by just letting all the citizens leave? [She stands up, addressing the governor in a harsher tone.] My father has trusted you with this city and you're making a mess of things! [She emphasizes her words with a hand gesture.]
The governor and his wife prostrate themselves before her.
Ukano Forgive me, Princess.
Azula walks between the four bowing people in front of her, looking down upon the governor.
Azula You stay here. [Mai and Ty Lee get up behind her.] Mai will handle the hostage trade so you don't have a chance to mess it up. [Cut to a shot of the still smoking city of Omashu, followed by some shots of Fire Nation construction sites.] And there is no more "Omashu". I'm renaming it in honor of my father, the city of New Ozai.
The camera stops on a large statue of Ozai, still in its scaffolds. The camera pans down. A long overview shot reveals Aang, Katara and Sokka standing on a large wooden scaffold. They look serious as a party of three girls approaches, with Mai leading the way.

A crane is shown, lowering a metal cage. A close-up of the cage reveals that it is used to contain King Bumi. Only his head is left uncovered.

King Bumi [Chuckling.] Hi, everybody!
Aang smiles as he sees his friend. The cage touches the ground behind Azula and the rest.
Mai You brought my brother?
Aang He's here. We're ready to trade.
Azula [To Mai.] I'm sorry, but a thought just occurred to me. Do you mind?
Bumi follows the conversation, shifting his eyes from one speaker to the other.
Mai [Turning to Azula.] Of course not, Princess Azula.
Azula We're trading a two year old for a king. [Looks up at Bumi.] A powerful, earthbending king?
King Bumi [Nods.] Mmm hmmm!
Azula It just doesn't seem like a fair trade, does it?
Close-up of Mai's gray eyes as she ponders over the idea. She looks at her brother who yawns and happily rests his head against Sokka's shoulder.
Mai You're right. [Azula smiles slyly while Mai walks forward.] The deal's off.
Mai holds up her hand, gesturing the guards to pull Bumi back up. As the chains reel in from above, the King is suspended in the air once again.
King Bumi [Clearly amused by all this.] Whhhoa! See you all later!
Bumi chuckles and snorts as he is lifted from the scenery. Aang watches him go.
Aang Bumi!
He sprints forward with his glider at the ready, increasing his speed with airbending. Azula tries to stop him by blocking his path with a mighty stream of blue flames. Aang dodges these by leaping high up into the air. Azula is completely shocked by this incredible jump. Aang briefly touches the scaffolding around the statue and pushes himself off, opening his glider in mid air. While opening his glider, he loses his hat, leaving his arrow tattoo exposed. He holds on to the hat with his teeth.
Azula [Surprised.] The Avatar!
Aang circles up toward Bumi's coffin. Cut back to Azula who smiles smugly.
Azula My lucky day.
She runs over to a pulley and blast through the rope that serves as a break. The winch begins to spin rapidly. Azula grabs hold to the rope and is pulled up rapidly toward the top of the construction scaffolding.

Aang lands on the top of Bumi's metal cage.

King Bumi [Surprised.] Aang, is that you? Where did you come from?
Aang Hang on! We're gonna get you out of here.
He takes a deep breath of starts to blow a cold wind on the chain that is lifting Bumi up. The chain slowly starts to freeze.

On the ground, Mai and Ty Lee charge Sokka and Katara. Mai readies her stiletto's while Katara takes on a defensive position.

Katara We've got to get the baby out of here!
Sokka [Blows on the bison whistle before looking at his sister with a big smile.] Way ahead of ya! [Tom-Tom reaches for the whistle and starts to play with it.]
Cut to an overview shot of Sokka and Katara running to the edge of the big platform. Before they can reach it, Ty Lee's fist emerges from one of the holes in the floor and punches Sokka's foot, causing him to fall over and slide toward the edge. He protectively clutches the baby in his arms, preparing for the worst, but they stop just in time.

Switch back to Katara, who sees Ty Lee jumping out of the hole in the floor and setting course for Sokka. She bends water from her pouch to attack her, but notices something behind her. Cut to a close-up of Mai, who throws four knives at Katara. Katara reacts by quickly by using her water whip to raise up several wooden planks. A close-up of Katara shows that the wooden board is just in time to prevent the knives from piercing her face. The knives embed themselves in the wood. Katara uses her water whip again to shoot the wooden boards to Mai. She turns around in one fluent motion toward Ty Lee who has almost reached Sokka and the baby by now. The water whip grabs Ty Lee by the ankle, pulling her to the ground. This gives Sokka the time he needs to get up and head for a nearby ladder. He slides down and starts his descend of the scaffolding.

Switch to Bumi and Aang, who are still being raised in the air. Aang is still trying to freeze the chain with his breath.

King Bumi Aang, stop your blowing for a minute.
A close-up shows that he finally succeeds in freezing the chain, when an explosion occurs on top of the scaffolding. Azula is propelled in the air and shoots a plume of blue fire toward Aang with a powerful kick. Aang startles by her sudden appearance and swift attack. He deflects the flame with a strong air current of his own.
King Bumi Now hold on just a [The swing of Aang's staff breaks the frozen chain and they freefall down.] duahhh!!!
Aang turns over Bumi's coffin, so he would crash to the ground head first. As they are about to crash upon one of Omashu's chutes, Aang creates an air ball under them to break their fall. They rapidly slide down the chute they landed in.

Cut to Azula who was following the spectacle from atop the scaffolding. She frowns and sprints to a nearby chute, pursuing the Avatar and the King down the chute in a box of her own.

Switch to a laughing Aang standing on Bumi's coffin.

Aang It's just like old times, isn't it, Bumi?
King Bumi [Looking serious.] Aang, I need to talk to you!
Aang It's good to see you too!
While Aang is still smiling, he notices the fast approach of something in a chute on his left. He turns to see what it is, just as Azula shoots several fire missiles toward them. He spins his staff above his head to deflect them. Both chutes come together and Azula is now behind them. Aang directs a gust at her, but she parts it with her hands clasped together in front of her. She retaliates with several fire blasts. Aang ducks underneath them and starts to peddle with his staff, increasing their speed. They enter a portion of the chute that has wooden arches over it at short intervals. Aang cuts these through with an air blade, making them collapse upon the track. Azula is caught in the dust cloud, knocked up by the falling debris. When her box emerges again, it seems to be empty. Aang does not see Azula anymore and sighs in relief, but his sigh quickly turns into a scream as Azula emerges again from the box, sending another beam of fire toward him. Aang drops flat on his belly to avoid it. Cut back to the large wooden platform where Mai and Katara are still fighting. Mai dodges Katara's water whips and answers her attacks by shooting stiletto's out of the launcher attached to her leg. Katara easily defends herself by freezing the water to create an ice wall. Mai uses this time to charge Katara head on. The waterbender defends herself by capturing Mai's right arm in a stream of water and freezing it. Mai tries to break the ice, but fails. Ty Lee climbs on the platform behind Katara. She bounces toward Katara and hits her with several quick jabs on her arms. Katara is surprised by this attack and loses control over her water stream that splashes on the ground. She tries to raise the water again, but it only moves a little.
Mai [Taunting.] How are you gonna fight without your bending?
Mai pulls out a sai from her robe and takes aim at a shocked Katara. Just as she is about to throw the weapon, Sokka's boomerang knocks it out of her hand. Ty Lee and Mai spin around to see Sokka flying in on Appa.
Sokka [Catching the boomerang.] I seem to manage!
Sokka and Appa land between Katara and her attackers. As Appa lands, he slams his tail hard on the ground, sending Mai and Ty Lee flying off the scaffolding.

Sokka and Katara are flying down the chutes of Omashu atop Appa's head. Katara looks and points to her left.

Katara There's Aang!
Sokka [Gazing in the direction Katara pointed.] We can catch him!
With a growl, Appa changes course toward Aang.

Cut to Azula who is still on the offensive, directing multiple beams of fire at Aang. He spins his staff around in defense while they are still rocketing down the chute. Appa pulls up next to him.

Aang Hang on, Bumi! Our ride's here!
Appa swerves to avoid another blue fire blast. As he pulls closer again, Aang lifts up the coffin by hitting the side of the chute. Katara and Sokka try to grab hold of the coffin as it passes overhead, but they cannot reach it. Bumi screams as he and Aang fall down. Aang moves the coffin to a more horizontal position in midair. Their fall is broken by another chute as they land crosswise on it, breaking right through. They land on another chute and start to slide down once again with Azula on their trail.

Switch to Azula who creates a whirling disk of flames and sends it down the chute. It rapidly gains on Aang and Bumi. Bumi peeks at the upcoming fire disk and clenches his teeth in effort. A pillar of earth rises in the middle of the chute, protecting them from the disk. Azula gasps for air as she notices that her path is blocked. She jumps up in the nick of time and slides down the chute on foot, while her box slams to pieces against the rock. She eventually halts in the middle of the chute, looking displeased at Aang and Bumi who continue their descent.

Cut to Aang and Bumi who are nearing the end of the chute.

Aang [Shocked.] You could earthbend? All along?
King Bumi Well, they didn't cover my face.
Bumi strains himself again in effort and raises another earth pillar to stop their descent down the chute. The coffin hits it and ends up standing straight atop the rock, while Aang lands in front of it, looking up at his friend.
Aang [Slightly annoyed and angry.] I don't understand. Why didn't you free yourself? Why did you surrender when Omashu was invaded? What's the matter with you, Bumi?
King Bumi [Calmly.] Listen to me, Aang. There are options in fighting, called jing. It's a choice of how you direct your energy.
Aang [Cut to a close-up of an annoyed Aang, counting along on his fingers as he sums up the different jings.] I know! There's positive jing when you're attacking, and negative jing when you're retreating.
King Bumi [Happily smiling.] ... and neutral jing when you do nothing!
Aang [He looks shocked at his three raised fingers.] There are three jings?
King Bumi Well, technically there are eighty-five, but let's just focus on the third. Neutral jing is the key to earthbending. It involves listening and waiting for the right moment to strike.
Aang [Starting to understand.] That's why you surrendered, isn't it?
King Bumi Yes, and it's why I can't leave now.
Aang sadly turns around.
Aang [Disappointed.] I guess I need to find someone else to teach me earthbending.
King Bumi Your teacher will be someone who has mastered neutral jing. You need to find someone who waits and listens before striking.
Momo lands on Aang's shoulders.
Aang [Happily.] Hey, Momo!
King Bumi Momo's mastered a few jings himself!
Momo screeches loudly at Bumi.
King Bumi Goodbye, Aang. I'll see you when the time is right.
King Bumi lets his coffin tumble backward and begins his ascend of the chute. He laughs and snorts like a mad man while he uses his earthbending to drive him back to the top of the chute, leaving Aang and Momo behind.

Cut to the royal palanquin being carried out the city, flanked by Mai and Ty Lee.

Mai So, we're tracking down your brother and Uncle, huh?
Ty Lee [Turning to Mai.] It'll be interesting seeing Zuko again, [Teasing.] won't it, Mai?
Mai looks away as a smile plays upon her face.
Azula It's not just Zuko and Iroh anymore. [Cut closer to Azula who continues on a serious tone.] We have a third target now.
Scene fades to Aang that night, peeking down over the gutter of the governor's house. The governor holds his wife while they are looking over the city with a sad expression on their face. Aang silently lands behind them and drops off Tom-Tom. Aang takes off again while the child toddles toward his parents. As they hear the cooing of the child, they turn around, gasping with surprise and excitement.
Michi Tom-Tom!
The governor and his wife joyfully take the baby up into their arms under the watchful eye of Aang who is sitting on the roof. He smiles at the happy scene of the reunited family before he takes off.
Fades to credits.






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