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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Avatar Korra is back, and yours truly, Shiro Shinobi, couldn't be more thrilled! It's been my honor to bring you news of Korra and her friends over the years; so many heart-pounding moments! Who can forget Amon and his Equalist revolution? I still have nightmares! Then there was the time I covered the Nuktuk mover premiere! Boy, was that fun! But enough about me. Sit back, relax, and take a trip down memory lane!
As the title card fades, the shot shows a slow zoom on the Sato estate before cutting to its interior, specifically the pool room. In a small room which opens onto the pool itself stand Wu and Mako, dressed in training gear.
Wu You know, there's something about being kidnapped that makes a guy realize he needs to get his act together.
Mako Yeah, I agree. Let's toughen you up.
Wu raises his hands in a defensive manner as Mako moves in closer; he throws a punch, which hits the prince in the chest. He falls to the ground immediately.
Wu [Yelling.] Daaah, I wasn't ready! [Gets in a fetal position.] Wu down!
As Mako looks down at Wu, a shocked gasp from behind him causes him to turn his head; Yin and Tu stand behind him, appraising the situation.
Yin What's going on? [She walks to Wu and holds him.] Mako, how dare you injure the prince! Would his royal highness like a cherry-berry lemonade?
Wu And maybe some of those sticky dumplings, too?
Mako [Angrily.] Look at you! You're so weak, "Wu down" is your catchphrase.
Wu I know, I'm a wimp. But it's not my fault, I was born that way! I'm not like you Mako, I wasn't raised by a pack of cops in the woods.
Mako [Annoyed.] You don't know anything about me, do you?
Wu [Tiny pause.] Yeah, I'm drawing a blank. Why is that? How do I not know stuff about you?
Mako Uhh ... you never asked?
Wu Well, I'm asking now! [Grasping Mako's shoulders.] What's your favorite food? What's your favorite color? Is there a special lady in your life?
Mako Not since Korra and I broke up.
Wu [Amazed.] What? You dated the Avatar? [Points to the floor.] Sit! [Lets go of Mako and rubs his hands together.] You and I need to have a little gab session right now! [They sit facing each other.] How'd you guys first meet?
As Mako tells his story, the scenes change to the events to which he refers. As people, including Mako, interrupt the tale, white circles containing the head of the speaker appear in the corners of the scene, stylized in a chibi-like fashion. This format is consistently adhered to throughout the episode. At this point, the scene fades to Bolin and Mako, competing in the Pro-bending Arena in the past.
Mako Bolin and I were playing for the Fire Ferrets.
Wu [Interrupting, his head popping up in the top left; smiling excitedly.] You were a pro-bender?
Mako [Annoyed, his head popping up in top right as the scene continues. Sighs.] Yes. Will you just let me tell the story?
Wu [Closes his eyes.] Carry on.
Their heads disappear and Mako promptly continues.
Mako Bolin and I grew up dirt poor, so once I became a pro-bender, I wanted it all: Riches; fame; accolades. But all that changed when I met Korra.
With a flash, the scene transitions into the flashback where Bolin introduces Korra to Mako.
Bolin Come on, I want you to meet my brother, Mako.
Korra Mako? Wow, I-I heard you play on the radio!
Mako Come on, Bolin, we're up.
Wu [Head in top right.] Whoa! That was the first time you met? Kind of rude there, buddy!
Mako [Head in lower left corner.] You know what else is rude? Interrupting. [The heads disappear as the scene shows Korra winning her first pro-bending match by knockout.] Korra proved to be an amazing pro-bender [Cut to the Equalists kidnapping Bolin.] and a loyal friend. She helped me save Bolin when he was taken by the Equalists. [Cut to Korra knocking out the lieutenant, before switching to Korra and Mako sleeping against Naga in the park.] After going through such a crazy experience, I felt like Korra and I had a powerful connection.
Wu [As Mako and Korra stir, realizing that they are leaning on each other.] So then you smooched her real good, eh?
Mako [As they scramble away from each other.] Not exactly.
Cut to Mako running across the street into the path of Asami's moped.
Mako Ahhhh!
She hits him, throwing him backward. As he lands in a heap in the street, Asami dismounts and rushes over to him.
Asami Sato Oh no! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you!
Mako How could you not see me? I mean I was ju-juuuu [Asami takes off her helmet and lets her hair down.] I was, I-I, wow. [Coughs.] That was ... [Clears his throat as Asami helps him up; the frame freezes.]
Wu [Top right.] Wait. That was the first thing you said to Asami? You really gotta work on your introductions.
Mako [Lower left, looking cool.] Hey. When you got charm like mine, you don't need introductions.
The heads disappear as the shot flash-transitions to Mako and Asami at dinner.
Mako Hanging out with Asami was awesome. But it made things with Korra [Cut to the end of the playoff match as Mako and Korra walk to their lockers.] complicated.
Korra So, I was thinking we should spend some time together. [Rushing in close to Mako.] Look, I really like you and I think we were meant for each other. [She reels back in embarrassment, hiding her face.]
Mako Korra, I'm really sorry, but I just don't feel the same way about you. [As Korra turns to look at him, the shot shows his face; he looks tense and apprehensive.]
Wu That's harsh, Mako.
Mako I know. [Cut to Asami kissing Mako on the cheek; he looks almost sad as Korra glances sadly back at him.] And the worst part about it is, it wasn't totally true.
Cut to the balcony, where Mako walks up behind Korra.
Mako We need to talk.
Korra Save your breath. You've already made it clear how you feel about me.
Mako No, I haven't. What I'm trying to say is, as much as you drive me crazy, I also think you're pretty amazing. [Korra kisses Mako, who initially seems shocked but relents. Freeze frame as interruptions come from all sides.]
Wu [Appears lower right; elated.] Hot dog! Smooch City, here we come. You player.
Tu [Appears upper right, slurping a drink; widens his eyes in surprise.] Whoa. I thought you were dating Asami.
Mako [Appears upper left, irked.] Tu! Get out of here!
Yin [Appears lower left, glares up at Mako while berating him.] Naughty Mako! You take after your grandfather!
Mako Guys, Grandma, everything wasn't so cut and dry. I wasn't dating Asami.
Tu [Rolling his eyes, his voice singsong.] Denial.
Mako [Giving up.] Okaaay, maybe I was dating her; it was all very confusing.
The frame reanimates, the heads disappear, and the scene flash-cuts to a semi-conscious Korra being helped off Naga's back by Mako, he takes her in his arms.
Mako But my feelings for Korra became clear when Tarrlok captured her. It felt like a piece of me was gone.
Mako [To Korra.] I was so worried. Are you all right?
Korra I'm fine. I'm glad you're here.
Cut to Asami, who looks dismayed.
Wu Hoo! I bet Asami wasn't too happy about that. [Cut to the scene in the kitchen, Asami washing dishes while Mako stands by.]
Asami I've noticed how you treat Korra, how you acted when she was missing. You have feelings for her, don't you?
Mako Things are crazy right now. Can we deal with our relationship problems later?
Asami Well, there might not be a relationship to worry about later.
Mako [As she walks away.] Asami!
As he puts his head down and sighs, the frame freezes again.
Wu [Appears top left.] Ouch!
Mako [Appears lower right, saddened.] Yep. Turns out, she was right. It was time to man up and call it quits.
The scene flash-cuts to Asami and Mako standing in the sewer; Asami faces away from him.
Mako Asami. I'm sorry things got so messed up between us. But whatever happens today, I want you to know how much I care about you.
Asami I care about you, too.
She kisses him on the cheek and the frame again freezes abruptly.
Wu [Appears upper left; eyes half open; confused and unconvinced.] Wait. Was that supposed to be you breaking up with her?
Mako [Appears lower right; blankly.] Yes. That was a breakup.
Tu [Appears lower left; unconvinced.] Didn't sound like a breakup.
Mako [Widen his eyes slightly; explaining.] It was mutual. We had an understanding! [Looks to the side.] We both knew— [He cuts off frustrated, biting his tongue and closing his eyes in the form of an x as he changes the subject. His face returns to normal; wide eyes; annoyed.] Can I just get on with the rest of my story or what?
Wu Fine. [Mako lowers his eyelids.] But I hope you weren't as ambiguous with Korra as you were with Asami.
Mako Trust me, I wasn't.
Cut to the South Pole after Amon's defeat; Mako catches up to Korra as she walks away from the healing house without her bending.
Mako Korra and I ended up stopping Amon together and after that, I was finally able to tell her how I felt. Exactly how I felt.
Mako I love you, Korra.
Flash-cut to Korra as she leaves the Avatar State, finding Mako standing behind her. She runs to him and they embrace.
Korra I love you, too.
They kiss and the frame freezes. Yin and Mako both pop up at the same time.
Yin [Lower left.] Awww. And then you two lived happily ever after?
Mako [Lower right, not looking at Yin.] Ummmm ...
Cut to Korra and Mako, alone on the ship, as the heads vanish.
Mako Tenzin's just trying to help you become the best Avatar you can be.
Korra Of course you take his side.
Mako I'm not taking his side.
Flash-cut to the two on Naga's back, traveling toward the spirit portal.
Korra You know, sometimes I wonder whose side you're on.
Mako There aren't any sides!
Flash-cut to Mako and Bolin's apartment.
Korra How could you take his side?
Mako What's with you and sides?
Flash-cut to a few moments later.
Korra [Chuckles sarcastically.] Well, excuse me, officer! Don't let me stand in the way of you writing tickets! I'm just trying to save the world!
Flash-cut to the police station.
Mako Well, I guess if we're both putting our jobs first, maybe there's no room for our relationship!
Korra So, what? Are you ... breaking up with me?
Mako Yeah ... I guess I am.
As Korra kicks Mako's desk with airbending, the shot freezes and Wu pops in.
Wu [Lower right.] Now that's a breakup!
Flash-cut to the ship being attacked by bombs.
Mako After that, I dove into my work. Someone had been taking out supply ships heading to the Southern Water Tribe. [Cut to Mako and Asami on the ship they used as bait.] Asami's company was one of the victims, so she and I worked together to catch the perps. [The Triple Threat Triad members corner them and Mako lashes out with fire.] The stakeout was the perfect way to get my mind off Korra. It was an intense night. [Mako and Asami escape in a lifeboat.] Asami and I discovered the triads had double-crossed us. We barely got away, but by then, Asami's warehouse had been cleared out.
Cut to the city and the warehouse, empty but for Asami and Mako.
Asami My company ... it's over ... I give up.
Mako Well ... I'm not giving up on you.
They look into each other's eyes before she kisses him. The frame freezes, Mako and Wu popping up at the same time.
Mako [Lower right, as Wu gives him a look with a smile.] I know, I know, don't tell me ... I had no right kissing Asami.
Wu [Lower left.] No, actually, I'm completely fine with that. You officially broke up with Korra and therefore, you're free to smooch whoever you wish.
Mako [Downcast, not meeting Wu's eyes.] If only it had been that simple.
Cut to the prison after Mako's release. As Asami looks at him, Korra suddenly runs to him, embracing and kissing him, to his shock.
Korra Mako, I missed you so much!
Mako seems to miss the disparaging look Asami is giving him.
Mako Korra ... hey, I-I missed you, too. [Hesitant.] So you're not still mad at me? We had that fight before you left, remember?
Korra Not really. I got attacked by a dark spirit and I lost my memory for a little while. Maybe it hasn't all come back yet. Was it a bad fight?
Mako Ahhhhh ... [The shot pans, showing the other people all watching him.] Hmmmm, no. No. It-it wasn't that bad.
Freeze frame as Mako and Wu pop up again.
Wu [Top center.] Whoa, whoa, whoa! So you were back with Asami, but then Korra came back and thought you guys were still together and you didn't tell her you weren't?
Yin [Popping up lower center, glaring at Mako.] Just like your grandfather.
Mako [Lower right.] Well, me and Asami were never officially back together.
Tu [Top right, over Mako, staring down at him.] Really? That again? You know, it seems like you're so afraid to disappoint anyone that you end up disappointing everyone.
Wu [Solemnly.] Truer words have never been spoken. [Mako bites his tongue again. Wu's eyes widen while smiling.] High-five! [Wu and Tu high-five.]
Mako Well, eventually, I did tell Korra. But by then, she already knew.
Cut to the palace in the Southern Water Tribe after Unalaq's defeat.
Korra Why didn't you just tell me the truth in the first place?
Mako I know I should have, but ... I didn't want to hurt you all over again. I guess part of me wanted to forget about the breakup, too.
Korra I think we both know that this ... us ... doesn't work.
Mako You're right.
Korra It's ... over. For real this time.
Mako nods and the scene flash-cuts to a wide shot of the palace, panning up to the spirits in the sky.
Mako After Harmonic Convergence, the world changed. Team Avatar traveled around, searching for new airbenders. At first, it was awkward being around Korra and Asami.
The scene flash-cuts again, this time to Mako standing in front of Korra and Asami in the square.
Mako [Overly serious.] As you were. [He salutes.] Ladies.
He turns, still holding his salute, and walks away, leaving them to glance wonderingly at each other. The scene cuts to Korra talking to Mako near the airship, trying to convince him to go with them. He turns and walks away from her.
Mako But then I realized I had to figure out who I was without a lady in my life.
Wu I know what that's like.
The scene flash-cuts back to the Sato estate and the room by the pool. Wu stretches before elaborating.
Wu I mean, to need distance from women. [Laughing a bit.] Because I have so many, all over me, all the time.
Mako [After a brief pause.] Anyway, [Flash-cut to Mako's battle with Ming-Hua.] I eventually helped Korra defeat Zaheer and save the airbenders. [Cut to Korra hugging Mako; he smiles slightly.] And we did it as friends. Korra showed me the importance of putting others before myself [Cut to Korra in the Tree of Time, followed by Korra walking out of the blizzard at the Southern Spirit Portal, and finally to Korra returning to the Avatar State for the first time after Amon.] and whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me.
Flash-cut to the pool room. Wu stands up.
Wu Wow! That story is amazing and I really learned something!
Mako You did? Good. [Standing as well.]
Wu Yeah! I learned that I really didn't know anything about you! Crazy! [More seriously.] Also, I realized that ladies are complicated. No offense, Grandma.
Yin None taken.
Wu I better just focus on being a better king. [Getting back in a battle stance.] Okay, come at me. I can take it.
Mako's first punch knocks Wu to the ground again.
Wu Aahhhhh! Wu down!
As Mako stares at the prince, Yin, upset, slaps his arm harshly.
Fade to Air Temple Island, where Korra is staring out over the sea at sunset in the meditation pavilion. Asami walks up to her.
Asami I brought you some tea. [Korra looks up surprised.] I thought you might be cold out here.
Korra You're so sweet. [She takes the cup from Asami.] Thanks. [Turns back to stare out over the sea.]
Asami Are you okay? You seem out of sorts.
Korra Sorry. I've just been thinking about something Toph said. She told me that the world doesn't need me and it's basically pointless to try and stop Kuvira.
Asami That's ridiculous.
Korra At the time, I thought so, too. I figured she was just being her normal, cranky self. But I'm beginning to think she had a point.
Asami No, she doesn't. The world does need you. You're the Avatar.
Korra But no matter what I do, the world seems to always be out of balance! [Cut to a flashback of her firebending training from "Welcome to Republic City".] Growing up, I couldn't wait to be the Avatar. I thought I was really gonna change things. I was so naive. [Cut to a clip from "The Revelation", when Amon takes the bending of Lightning Bolt Zolt.] The first time I saw Amon take someone's bending away, I was terrified.
Amon Your firebending is gone! Forever.
Korra [Cut to a clip from "Endgame", when Amon takes Korra's bending.] Then my worst nightmare came true.
Mako Korra!
Korra [Panicking.] No!
Amon proceeds to take her bending away and she falls over.
Amon I told you I would destroy you.
Asami [Cut to Amon revealing himself as a waterbender to the public.] Korra, you're forgetting about all the good that happened after you exposed Amon as the fraud he was. The Equalist Movement lost its leader and its power. [Cut to a clip from "Rebel Spirit" which shows Raiko and his wife waving at the crowd.] Free elections were held in the United Republic and nonbenders finally had a voice. [Cut to a clip from "Peacekeepers" when Korra shakes hands with Raiko.] People had hope again and it was all because of you.
Korra And I was hopeful, too. That feeling didn't last long. [Cut to a clip from "A New Spiritual Age", when Unalaq reveals he has captured Jinora; voice-over.] As soon as I defeated Amon, a new enemy took his place. [Unalaq threatens to corrupt Jinora's spirit; in the flashback.] I can't believe I trusted you. You made me think you wanted to restore balance with the spirits, but this, this isn't balance, it's madness! Now let her go!
Unalaq If you want your friend to make it out of the Spirit World, you'll open the other portal now.
Korra [Back to narrating.] Because of Unalaq, I betrayed Tenzin, opened the portals, and threw the Spirit and human worlds into chaos. [Cut a clip from "Harmonic Convergence, when Vaatu escapes.] It was my fault he fused with Vaatu and became a Dark Avatar. [Cut to Unalaq ripping Raava out of Korra and destroying the spirit.] And I was helpless to stop him from destroying Raava and cutting off my connection to my past lives. [Cut to clip from "Darkness Falls" when the past Avatars are being destroyed.] With Raava gone, Unalaq and Vaatu became more powerful than ever. [Cut to a clip from "Light in the Dark" where UnaVaatu shoots down Lin's airship.]
Asami [Cut to Korra's energy form emerging from the Tree of Time.] But you became more powerful, too. I mean ... you turned into a giant spirit.
Korra Yeah ... that was pretty awesome.
Asami [Cut to a clip from "The Southern Lights" when Korra opens the Southern portal.] And opening the spirit portals turned out to be a good thing. [Cut to subsequent clips from "Original Airbenders" and "Venom of the Red Lotus", showing the airbenders standing together and Jinora's master ceremony, respectively.] You brought back the airbenders and caused a positive shift in the world.
Korra Yes, [Cut to a clip from "Enter the Void, showing Zaheer flying with Korra over his shoulder.] but Zaheer got airbending too and nearly killed me. [Cut to them fighting and Zaheer suffocating Korra.] If it weren't for Zaheer, [Cut to a clip from "Long Live the Queen", when Zaheer kills Hou-Ting.] the Earth Queen would still be alive. There would have been no crisis in the Earth Kingdom [Cut to a clip from "After All These Years", where Kuvira smiles after forcing the bandits' subjugation.] and Kuvira wouldn't be in power. [Cut to clips from "Enemy at the Gates" when Kuvira's army arrives at Zaofu.] Things are more out of balance than ever now. Nothing's changed!
Cut back to real time, showing that Tenzin has walked up to the two girls.
Tenzin You're right, Korra.
Korra I am?
Asami She is?
Tenzin It's true, there will always be new conflicts and enemies to face. But the important thing is to learn from your enemies and better yourself over time, which you have. [Cut to clip from "A Leaf in the Wind", where Korra destroys the airbending gates.] You've changed so much since you first arrived on Air Temple Island. When you first came here, you were hot-headed and a bit selfish. [Cut to a clip from "A Breath of Fresh Air", when Korra tries to talk Daw down off the bridge.] But you've matured into a thoughtful young woman who puts the needs of others before herself. [Cut to a clip of Jinora's master ceremony from "Venom of the Red Lotus".] The new Air Nation is a testament to that. You sacrificed everything to save them. You're an inspiration to the world.
Korra [Back in real time.] Thank you both. I know this Kuvira problem is only going to get worse. But no matter what happens, no matter how crazy things get, I'll always try to restore balance. [Pan to the setting sun. Fade to black.]
Baraz [Fade to the refugees' ship.] And that's when I made a solemn vow never to eat bark-onion soup again. [Cut to Baraz telling a story with a bored Ahnah in the background.] Been six years, four months and fourteen days ... [Closes his eyes and shudders in disgust.] Urgh! [Opens his eyes.] I can still taste it. [Cut to the bored refugees in a circle laying down and sleeping with Bolin with his head on his hands and Varrick lying casually.]
Bolin [Raises up and talks to everyone; extremely bored.] Does anyone else feel like throwing themselves overboard?
Varrick [Raises up, widens his eyes, and points to himself with his thumbs.] Not me! [The refugees widen their eyes in surprise, slightly sit up, and turn their attention to Varrick, who sits up.] I've spent the last few hours tuning out all these incredibly boring stories ...
Baraz [Slightly moves; offended.] Hey!
Varrick [Ignoring Baraz's insulted exclamation and preparing to stand up.] All the while [Stands up and dramatically points his finger to the air.] mentally composing the most exciting tale [Lowers his head to Bolin.] ever told, soon to become the greatest [Leaping enthusiastically into the center of the ring of bored refugees.] mover [Spreads his arms out.] ever made! [Cut to a close-up of Varrick.] I present to you now: [Makes a screen with his arms smiling on a wondering Bolin.] Bolin, [Cut to a shot of the title screen of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South.] as Nuktuk, Hero of the South— [A chibi head of Varrick appears lower right with a serious look on his face and eyelids half open.] Trademark Varrimovers International— [Brightens up with wide eyes and a smile.] in [The frame switches to several scenes from "Night of a Thousand Stars", one in which Bolin tears of his sleeves before fighting the assassins.] the incredible true story of Bolin! Hero of the world!
Bolin [Another view of him waving to the ecstatic crowd after he defeats them; confused.] Wait, am I playing Nuktuk, or is Nuktuk playing me?
Varrick [As the view cuts back to Varrick, looking at Bolin and holding up his hands, framing him in an imaginary shot.] Both. It's your true story, but we'll capitalize on the [Stops making the screen and looks to Bolin with a smile.] audience of the Nuktuk franchise. [Sags down with an annoyed look as if it is obvious.] Duh!
Bolin [Cut to a close-up of Bolin; guilty.] How can you call me "the hero of the world"? [Looks down.] I left my friends and family to join up with a psychotic dictator who imprisoned me and now, [Looks away in shame.] I'm running back home with my tail between my legs.
Varrick Nyahbabababab! You're emphasizing the wrong story beads. Let me tell it. The story of Bolin begins in an exotic port of call. [Cut to a view of the Southern Water Tribe.] A wise sage, the richest merchant in the world, and a handsome devil all [Cut to a shot of Varrick's yacht in port.] sit on a single pillow in the living room of a luxury yacht! How do they all fit on one pillow?
Bolin [As the shot changes to Varrick sitting on his pillow, trying to levitate.] Ooh! Giant pillow!
Varrick Wrong! They're all the same man! Me! [Cut to the swami in "Rebel Spirit" who looks up to Varrick.] I try to teach a swami the power of levitation, but he's too stupid [The swami glares.] to understand it, so I kick him out. [The swami bows his head and retreats up the steps behind Varrick.] "Upon whom can I bestow my awesome knowledge?" I ask myself. Then, in walks Nuktuk, with a twinkle in his eye, a gorgeous dame on his arm, and a song on his lips. He bursts into a rapturous melody! [Singing.] "Where can I find my teacher?" [Cut back to Varrick who has his left hand out and his other on his chest as he sings.]
Bolin Oh, come on! I wasn't singing, you were not levitating, and Asami is just a friend, thank you very much. [Varrick appears slightly hurt and pouts. The camera slowly zooms in on Bolin, who looks up with a wistful smile.] If you want to tell my true story, you should start from when I met Korra. She came to the bending arena, one fateful night ...
Flashback to the events of "A Leaf in the Wind", as Bolin, meeting Korra for the first time, shows her the pro-bending arena.
Korra This place is even more amazing than I imagined!
Bolin Name's Bolin, by the way.
Korra Korra. [The scene freezes.]
Baraz [Interrupting; voice-over.] Bo-ring! [Scene cuts back to the present with the circle of refugees.] When does the singing start?
Bolin [Irritated.] There wasn't any singing!
All the refugees break into a chorus of boos at the same time, some even giving Bolin a thumbs-down sign much to his surprise.
Varrick You're on-screen talent, kid. Leave the storytelling to the masters. [Flash-cut to the scene from "A New Spiritual Age" in which Korra and Jinora are swallowed by a massive reptilian spirit.] So, the trouble begins when the Avatar is trapped in the Spirit World. The world's most evil villains realize that with Korra out of the way, the time is right to try to take out Bolin. [Cut to a shot of Bolin as Nuktuk in one of the movers, followed by another mover shot of the villains' hideout.] So, the worst of the worst team up. They're led by ... Zaheer, leader of the Red Lotus and master of the skies, a flying chaotic chaos machine! [Zaheer's montage is comprised of shots of him battling Korra in "Enter the Void" and "Venom of the Red Lotus".] He's joined by ... Vaatu, the ultimate force of pure spirit evil in the universe. The biggest, meanest, scariest kite that ever flew! [Vaatu's montage is comprised of shots from "Harmonic Convergence" and "Darkness Falls".]
Bolin [Scenes of Vaatu avoiding Korra's elemental attacks from "Darkness Falls" plays on screen.] Wait! Zaheer didn't team up with Vaatu. How would that even happen?
Varrick [As if it was obvious.] How do you think?
Cut to a shot of the Tree of Time; in the background, the ringing of a telephone can be heard. The shot cuts to Vaatu, imprisoned within the tree. He holds the mouth- and earpieces of a candlestick telephone up to the places where his mouth and ears should be.
Vaatu Hello?
Zaheer Hey. It's Zaheer.
Vaatu Oh. Hey, Zaheer.
The shot splits into halves as a separate shot of Zaheer, speaking on the other end of the line from the communication room at the Northern Air Temple from "Enter the Void", expands to occupy the right half of the screen.
Zaheer [Suppressing a laugh with a half-smile.] Glad I caught you at home. [Slightly chuckles.]
Vaatu [Unamused.] Uh-huh. Very funny. Like I can leave this stupid tree.
Zaheer Hold on, let me conference in—
Cut to a level view of the stage as Amon emerges from a trapdoor in the stage with a line of Equalists behind him under loud approving cheers of the crowd. A spotlight is turned on, illuminating the Equalist leader, and the camera zooms in to a close-up.
Varrick Amon! The reanimated [Cut to a close-up of Amon.] zombie body [Cut to Amon bloodbending Korra and Mako.] of the bloodbending leader of the Equalists! [Amon's montage consists of his introduction in "The Revelation" and him bloodbending Korra and Mako in "Endgame".]
Amon [A shot of him on the phone slides in from the left of the shot, dividing the view into thirds.] Hey, guys, I'm totally in for taking out Bolin. He's way too powerful and awesome. But can we please not include—
A shot of Unalaq, as Varrick portrayed him in the black and white mover, slides into the frame from the left.
Unalaq Not include who, Amon?
Varrick [Narrating again.] The evil Unalaq. The diabolical but incredibly boring and unpopular sorcerer from the north, who's listening in on the other line!
Unalaq [Close-up.] I've spent my life trying to defeat Nuktuk, I mean, Bolin, and I know just where to find him: With all the beautiful ladies!
Scene cuts to a montage of Bolin being kissed by Ginger in "Night of a Thousand Stars" and by Eska in "Darkness Falls".
Varrick Yes, Bolin had a reputation as the world's greatest ladies' man.
Bolin Oooh, now the story's getting interesting.
Varrick After leaving the beautiful but emotionally unstable Water Tribe princess at the altar, [Various shots of Bolin and Eska from "Rebel Spirit" and "Civil Wars, Part 2".] he met a fetching airbender, the heir to a vast Earth Kingdom fortune! [Several shots of Bolin and Opal, mainly from "The Metal Clan".]
Bolin [As a chibi-head with blushed red cheeks, in the lower right as shots of Opal continue. Longingly and gushing.] Opal, so smart and caring, so pretty to smell, [Bursting into tears, his ramblings becoming more high-pitched.] and she'll probably never talk to me again because I'm so stupid! Stupid! So, so, so [Nearly a whisper.] stupid. [As he bawls, the scenes in which she rejects him from "After All These Years".]
Varrick [His own chibi-head popping up in the lower left, irked.] Pull it together, you leaky lug. [Cut back to the boat where Bolin silently cries in the corner with a refugee close to him watch him. Dramatically.] But the darkest moment is always right before the dawn! For at his lowest point, Bolin sought advice from the man who started it all, the wisest of the wise—Me!—for some of my signature sage advice! [Cut to a shot of Varrick on a dock with Bolin, followed by the scene in "Peacekeepers" where Varrick hangs inverted, brainstorming. The scene is voiced-over by his own narration.] Nuktuk, I mean, Bolin, there's only one thing for you to do if you want to save the Avatar and defeat the "Fearsome Foursome" [The scene freezes as Varrick's chibi head pops up in the lower right. Thinking.] —I'm not really sure if I like "Fearsome", I mean, "Evil Squared" might be better. Whatever— You have to assemble the fighting-est airbender army of all time! But it turns out the airbender recruits are a sorry lot, [Cut to the obstacle course training sequence from "Original Airbenders".] so Bolin brings them to a secret mountaintop training facility, where he teaches them the ancient art of dodging fruit and balancing on sticks! Meanwhile, back with Zombie Amon ...
Cut to the conference call; Unalaq's image has vanished from the frame, leaving just Amon, Vaatu, and Zaheer.
Amon Okay, guys, I think we finally ditched him.
Unalaq [His image sliding back into view; unamused.] Haha, very funny, I'm still on the line. So, about that evil plan to destroy Nuktuk.
One by one, Zaheer, Vaatu, and Amon all slide out of the frame to the right, leaving Unalaq by himself in the frame.
Unalaq [After a brief pause.] Hello? Anyone there? [Insistent.] Guys!
The off-hook tone sounds from Unalaq's phone. Cut to a scene from "The Metal Clan", in which Bolin is trying to flirt with Opal.
Varrick And with danger closing in, Opal realizes how much she loves Bolin and forgives him for whatever stuff he was talking about earlier, which will probably not be in the final cut of the mover anyway.
Bolin [As the scene switches to show Bolin and Opal standing in the metalbending courtyard; hopeful.] She does?
All refugees Awww!
Varrick And she kisses Bolin, magically passing on the airbender power of flight!
Cut back to the boat, where Varrick stands posing as if he is a bird, his hand on his head to imitate plumage and his lips pursed in the kiss he mentioned.
Bolin Okay, that part seems a little unbelievable.
Varrick [On a roll, not dissuaded.] This is no time for thinking, kid! We're heading into the big finale! [Another clip from "Original Airbenders", a panning shot of the airbenders themselves.] Bolin gathers his airbender army to fight alongside Rotan and Juji against the Terror Square! [His chibi head in the upper right as a clip from a mover plays; enthusiastically.] Maybe that's the name of the bad guys, "Terror Square"! [More pensive.] What about "Legion of Darkness"? Well, we'll put a focus group on it. [Back to the plot once again.] Bolin teaches the airbenders to create a giant tornado. [As the clip of the tornado from "Venom of the Red Lotus" plays.] Then he flies around in the sky, [Mover clip of Bolin in the clutches of the giant bird.] pushes Zaheer into it, [Another clip from "Venom of the Red Lotus", showing Zaheer being pulled down into the tornado as he tries to escape with Korra.] turning him into wind, forever! But Bolin doesn't realize that the Universal Interplanetary Combination Zero-Hour—talk about a ticking clock—is almost upon him! [Clip of the planetary alignment during Harmonic Convergence seen from space from the episode "Harmonic Convergence".] And when Juji shoots his laser eyes at the evil Unalaq, [Mover clip.] the beams accidentally fly into the magic spirit doorway! [Clip from "Harmonic Convergence", in which the electric beams of energy jump from the arcing spirit portals to the Tree of Time.] They bounce off Vaatu, setting him free, [Clip of Vaatu's release.] and hit Bolin, turning him into a giant! [Shot of Korra's giant blue spirit and Bolin's head raising itself upright.] But when Vaatu is set free, the evil Unalaq, who has always been an annoyingly clingy person, is so close to Vaatu that they combine into one horrifying monster! [Clip from "Darkness Falls" in which Unalaq and Vaatu combine.] Giant Bolin and the evil UnaVaatu fight toe-to-toe, zapping each other with their laser beams as they stomp around Republic City! [Clip from "Light in the Dark" in which Korra and UnaVaatu do battle in the harbor.] It looks like the evil UnaVaatu might win! [UnaVaatu raises the giant Korra spirit, on the verge of corrupting it.] But thankfully, Bolin's spiritual mojo is so strong that he attracts the queen of the fairies! [The orb of light floats downward and in between giant spirit Korra and UnaVaatu, revealing Jinora with butterfly wings.] With her help, Bolin turns UnaVaatu into magic dust and sprays him into the sky. [Spirit Korra cleanses UnaVaatu and little flecks of cleansed spirit float upward into the air. Varrick is speaking almost in a revered tone.] And that's where the stars come from. [Clip from "A New Spiritual Age" in which the dragon spirit soars down toward Korra, nearly corrupted, and picks her up; Varrick's last sentence is rushed and mumbled.] Oh yeah, and he turns into a dragon and he goes into the Spirit World and he saves the Avatar. [Enthusiastically.] The end!
Flash-cut back to the boat as Varrick finishes his tale. After a moment, all the refugees rise to their feet, happily applauding Varrick's story. Bolin also rises to his feet.
Bolin [Incredulous.] Wait! You like that? [As the applause dies.] It didn't make any sense! What about Zombie Amon? What happened to him, huh? And-and-and-and stars are magic fairy dust? [Walking over to Baraz, clutching the front of his ragged shirt.]  Are you guys crazy? [Turning his head to look at Ahnah.] Are you crazy?
Baraz [Calmly.] It's just a mover. [Bolin lets go of him.] Don't over-think it. It's like a ride.
Varrick [Suddenly jumping up behind Bolin and putting an arm around his shoulder.] Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, kid! [Bolin is not amused.]
Cut to credits.





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