The comic starts at Mura's flower shop, where she is happily picking up flowers. Mai is cutting the points of one with her knife, looking at a picture of herself and Fire Lord Zuko hugging.
Mura Mai, I didn't hire you just because I needed the help. I'd also hoped that being around flowers all day would cheer you up.
Mai [Holding a dead flower.] I appreciate the job, Auntie Mura, but what gave you the idea that I needed cheering up?
Aunt Mura watches as she sets down the dead flower she was holding in a pot filled entirely with dead flowers.
Mura ... Why don't you keep working on that arrangement? You'll get the hang of it soon.
Kei Lo [Enters the shop.] Ah ... Hello? I'm looking for a bouquet to give to a special someone.
Mura I'm sure my assistant Mai will be happy to help a handsome young man like you!
Mai sighs and goes over to help him.
Kei Lo I want a bouquet that says, [Puts fingers from separate hands together.] "You're beautiful beyond --"
Mai [Points at a bouquet.] How about that one?
Kei Lo You like this one?
Mai [Dryly.] Sure.
Kei Lo Then I'll take it!
Mai That'll be five copper ban.
Kei Lo [Hands money over.] Thank you!
Mai You're still here.
Kei lo Well ... you're the special someone. [Offers her the bouquet.] How about a date with me?
Mai [Takes the bouquet and sighs.] I get off work at five. Meet me at the noodle shop around the corner.
Kei Lo [Leaving.] Great! Five o' clock, noodle shop! See you then!
Mura Oh, Mai! That's wonderful! Aren't you excited?!
Mai I guess it gives me something to do tonight.
Mai and Kei Lo are at their date. Kei Lo is shown telling her a joke.
Kei Lo ... Then the old man shouts at him, "Udon know a thing about noodles!"
Mai smiles faintly, but attempts to hide it.
Kei Lo [Excited.] Ha! That's the second time you've smiled during dinner! I'm making progress!
Mai [Sips from her drink.] You're seeing things, Kei Lo. I didn't smile.
Kei Lo Oh, come on! Admit that you smiled and I'll tell you a secret.
Mai [Looks at her drink.] A secret on the first date? That's a little fast.
Kei Lo It's a really good secret.
Mai Fine. I might've smiled. Just a tiny bit.
Kei Lo I knew it!
Mai I'll give you credit. Smiles are hard to come by these days.
Kei Lo You mean, ever since you and Fire Lord Zuko broke up.
Mai So you know more about me than you first let on. I'm not sure if I should be creeped out or flattered.
Kei Lo [Gets up and takes Mai's hand.] Let's go.
Mai Where?
Kei Lo I still owe you a secret.
Kei Lo takes Mai to a poor part of town and leads her to a staircase leading to a hidden room below.
Mai If you think I'm going down some dark, disgusting stairwell in the middle of the night with a guy I just met, you're --
Kei Lo Look, Mai. Before we go in ... I don't want you to get the wrong idea, okay? This isn't just about politics. I really, honestly like you.
Mai [Turns around.] I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm going home.
Ukano Kei Lo, is that you? Did you accomplish your mission?
Mai That voice ... !
Mai opens the door and is surprised to find her father down there along with a few other people.
Mai Father ... ?
Ukano Where are your manners, young lady? Is that any way to greet your father after all this time?
Mai [Puts hands together and bows before him.] Salutations, father. I trust you've been well.
Kei Lo puts a headband on and gets into position behind Ukano.
Ukano Good work, Kei Lo. Please, take your place.
Kei Lo Thank you, governor.
Ukano I heard that traitorous usurper had you tossed out of his palace like a piece of garbage.
Mai It wasn't like that.
Ukano Ever since he stole the throne, life hasn't been easy for any of us.
Mai Zuko offered you a position in his government. You chose not to take it.
Ukano I used to be governor of the city of New Ozai! Zuko expected me to be satisfied with a -- a desk job where he could keep tabs on me?!
Mai You should have been grateful. Most Ozai loyalists have it much worse.
Ukano Yes, and that's what we're going to change! We'll return the Fire Nation to greatness by returning Fire Lord Ozai to his throne!
Tom-Tom [Stumbles over to Mai.] Mai!
Mai Tom-Tom?! [Lifts him up.]
Tom-Tom I missed you so much!
Mai You brought my little brother to a place like this?!
Ukano I didn't introduce you to the duties of Fire Nation citizenship early enough. I don't intend to make the same mistake with my son. Mai, you've now personally experienced the pain that Zuko has brought upon the Fire Nation! You know him better than anyone. You can give us the edge we need to take him down! Join us! Join the New Ozai Society!
Mai walks over to a table while still holding Tom-Tom. She picks up a headband and takes a look at it. She looks at a dummy of Zuko with a knife in his "head". She ties several headbands and straps Tom-Tom to her back with them.
Mai Hang on tight, okay?
Tom-Tom 'Kay.
Mai [Takes out three stilettos.] Tom-Tom and I are leaving.
The New Ozai society attacks, taking out their weapons and one firebending against her.
New Ozai Society member #1 Bring her down, New Ozai Society!
Mai defends herself by shooting the stilettos successfully knocking weapons out of members' hands.
New Ozai Society member #2 !
Ukano Capture them but don't hurt them!
Mai subsequently throws a sai at a portrait of Ozai, cutting it in half and letting it fall on various other society members.
New Ozai Society member #3 What -- ?!
Mai does not stop, proceeding to kick a metal pole with fire on the top and letting it hit the previous member in the head.
Kei Lo [Holds hand up.] Mai ... listen ... I meant what I said earlier. I really, honestly --
Mai [Punches Kei Lo in the face.] Consider this the end of our date.
Ukano [Kneeling.] Mai! Wait!
Mai [Coldly.] Goodbye, Father.
The scene shifts into day and Mai and Tom-Tom are back in Mura's flower shop.
Tom-Tom Mai! Look at this flower Auntie Mura gave me! It's bigger'n my whole face!
Mai does not respond, as she is looking at another picture of her and Zuko.
Mura [Whispering.] Let's not bother her, Tom-Tom! I bet she's still thinking about what a good time she had last night!



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