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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] After a hundred and seventy years, there are new airbenders in the world and Bumi is one of them! So too is the mysterious Zaheer, who escaped from his prison thanks to his new ability. Now banished from Republic City, Korra made it her mission to find the new airbenders. Will she and Tenzin be able to bring back the Air Nation?
Shot opens with an airship preparing to land at Air Temple Island. Air Acolytes pull the airship in with ropes. Kya, Pema, Tenzin, Rohan, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Bolin, Bumi, and Korra all stand together, as the airship lands. The doors slide open and Asami is seen standing just inside the vehicle.
Asami Did someone order a fully equipped Future Industries airship?
Korra It's perfect! Thanks Asami.
Asami I figured if we're going to Ba Sing Se to search for airbenders, we should do it in style.
Meelo Yay, airship!
Ikki [Making an air scooter.] I wanna see!
Ikki scooters up the ramp of the airship.
Meelo C'mon, Poki.
Poki climbs onto Meelo's head. Meelo makes an air scooter and follows Ikki up the ramp into the airship.
Kya While you guys are gone, Pema and I will hold down the fort.
Kya picks up Rohan and bounces him gently up and down.
Kya [In a cooing tone to Rohan.] Who's excited to spend some time with your Auntie Kya?
Rohan vomits on Kya's chest.
Kya [Disgusted.] Oh!
Pema Aw, he likes you.
Kya waterbends the vomit off of herself. Mako enters, walking past the airship.
Korra Mako, I'm so glad you're here.
Mako Of course, Korra. [Suddenly self-conscious.] Avatar. Avatar Korra. [Stands up very straight, begins to speak in a very professional tone.] Once I received your message I proceeded to contact various locations within the Earth Kingdom as ordered by you, the Avatar.
Korra [Sarcastic.] Right, the Avatar thanks you for your loyal service. Did you find any more leads?
Mako There are reports of airbenders popping up all over the Earth Kingdom. I marked the villages on this map. [Takes off the map slung over his shoulder.] You guys can take it with you.
Korra Actually, I was kind of hoping you could come, too.
Mako Really? Uh, it's probably better if I sit this one out.
Korra I know things have been weird between us since we broke up, but you're a part of Team Avatar, and we can't do this without you.
Mako I'm sorry, I can't.
Pema [Kisses Tenzin on the cheek.] I'll miss you, sweetie.
Tenzin I'll miss you too. Once we find the airbenders, I'll send word. You can join us at the Northern Air Temple then.
Ikki and Meelo come down off the airship on their air scooters, visibly disgruntled with jealousy.
Ikki Hey! How come Jinora gets to go with you but we don't? That's so not fair!
Meelo Yeah! What this girl said! Not fair!
The adults look worriedly at each other.
Kya Because if airbenders show up here, they're gonna need some guidance from the two of you. It's a very important job.
Ikki Really? Me, a teacher? [Begins to spin and jump in place.] Yay!
Meelo Those maggots will bow to me!
Tenzin Go easy on them, son.
Cut to Mako walking down the dock to go back to Republic City. Bolin runs behind him in an effort to catch up.
Bolin Mako, wait a sec.
Mako [Turns to face Bolin.] Korra already asked, bro. I can't just leave Republic City. I have a life here, and a job.
Bolin A life? You sleep under your desk. And what's a more important job than helping the Avatar rebuild an entire civilization?
Mako It's not just that. [Turns away and faces the city.] I feel like I've been drifting apart from everyone.
Bolin Well, drift back, we need you! C'mon Mako, we're going to Ba Sing Se, where Dad grew up. What if I meet our grandma for the very first time, and she asks me [Imitating an old woman.] "Where's your sweet brother?" and I have to say "I'm sorry, Grandma, he had some really important police paperwork to file" and she starts to cry those grandma tears, and is like [Imitates his grandmother again and grabs Mako's shoulders.] "Mako! Why? Why? I can't go on, I ca--" [Suddenly changes back to his normal voice.] and then she dies.
Mako Okay, all right, [Pushes Bolin off.] I'll come with you. I guess I gotta call Beifong. She's not going to be happy.
Cut to the airship leaving Air Temple Island. Kya, Pema, Ikki, and Meelo all wave to their departing family members.
Meelo Bye! We'll miss you!
Bumi, Asami, Korra, Tenzin, Jinora, Bolin, and Mako wave back through the green-tinted glass window of the airship. On deck, Naga puts her head over the railing and allows her tongue to hang out, as she feels the wind on her face. Oogi comes up next to her and does the same. Cut to the interior of the airship, where the group sit around a table with the map in the center of them.
Mako As of now, these are the towns where we've gotten reports about airbenders. It looks like we can hit up most of them before we get to Ba Sing Se.
Korra We're going to bring the Air Nation back from the brink of extinction after nearly two hundred years.
Tenzin And it's all because of you, Korra.
Cut to a large boat made entirely of wood in the middle of a seemingly endless ocean. Two White Lotus sentries stand in the two guard towers built to watch over the single wooden cage on the main deck. Inside the cage is Ghazan, a man with long black hair and blue tattoos on his back and arms, and who is currently doing pull-ups using the wooden braces of his prison. A speed boat decorated with the White Lotus emblem and colors heads toward the wooden boat.
White Lotus sentry Finally. Our shift change is here.
The two sentries make their way over to the stopped speed boat. To their surprise, there is only one White Lotus member in the vessel.
White Lotus sentry Hey! Where are the other guards?
The White Lotus sentry in the speed boat looks up and shows his face.
White Lotus sentry [Surprised.] Zaheer?!
Zaheer uses airbending to propel himself out of the speed boat over the White Lotus' firebending attack. He knocks the two sentries overboard with an airbending attack. As more sentries start coming out of the guard tower, Zaheer blasts two more overboard. A third sentry waterbends at Zaheer, who dodges out of the way and avoids a firebending blast as well. Ghazan tries to watch what is happening through the many wooden beams of his cage. Zaheer avoids another waterbending attack and jumps on top of Ghazan's cage. He jumps down and throws a handful of rocks into Ghazan's cage. Ghazan smiles. Zaheer knocks over another sentry and launches himself up onto the platform between the two guard towers. In his cage, Ghazan earthbends the rocks in a constant circle. He heats the rocks up to the point where they become lava and forms a five-pointed shuriken with it. Ghazan slices the wall of his prison using the lava and kicks a section of the wood out, knocking down one sentry. As Ghazan exits his prison, he knocks a sentry overboard. Zaheer and Ghazan clasp hands.
Zaheer It's nice to see you again, Ghazan.
Ghazan Thanks for busting me out. Where did you pick up the new skills?
Zaheer I have Harmonic Convergence to thank for that. I was given a gift. I believe it's a sign that our path is a righteous one.
Cut to a rural village in the Earth Kingdom.
Townsman Avatar Korra! Oh it's such an honor to have you come to our humble village.
Korra Thanks.
Tenzin I hate to get down to business, but is the airbender here now?
Townsman Kuon and his family will be joining us shortly for a special dinner. Please, right this way. [Cut to the whole of Korra's party, the mayor, and Kuon's family seated down at a table filled with a spread of food.] Kuon has been the talk of the town ever since he's got airbending; he's like a local celebrity.
Tenzin I just want to say it's an honor to meet a fellow airbender.
Kuon Oh, I still think of myself as a simple farmer. Who can airbend! [Airbends a pie into Bolin's face.] Oh, I'm so sorry! I still don't have any control.
Bolin No worries! I love pie. And so does Pabu. [Pabu licks his face and drags the pie away.]
Tenzin Well, you're so much more than just a farmer now. Harmonic Convergence changed everything. You represent the future of a culture that is being reborn. You're going to help us rebuild the Air Nation.
Kuon I'm gonna do what now? The only thing I'm planning to rebuild is my barn.
Tenzin But you must come with us to the Northern Air Temple.
Kuon Well, I can't do that. I have a family and a farm.
Tenzin Of course you can come. This is of the utmost importance. Your wife will understand.
Kuon's wife Wait, what? No, I do not understand.
Kuon's daughter Daddy, where are you going? Why does the bald man want to take you away?
Kuon's wife No one's going to take Daddy away, sweetheart.
Korra Actually, this bald man does want to take him, but it's for an important cause. Your dad is an airbender, and he should learn about his culture.
Kuon I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding. I'm not going with you. I might be able to airbend, but I'm no Air Nomad, I'm no monk.
Townsman Okay, maybe we should just have some dessert huh? Who's up for dessert?
Tenzin Sir, you must understand, you're an airbender now, and there are thousands of years of culture you must learn about, skills you must master.
Kuon You expect me to abandon my entire life? My family? [Stands.] No! No sir, I'm not going anywhere with you and I think it's best that you leave.
Cut to the airship at night, followed by the interior where Team Avatar is having a meeting.
Korra In my head, I saw that playing out very differently.
Asami Maybe we should have stayed and tried harder to convince him to join us.
Bolin Or we could have thrown him in a potato sack and forced him into the ship.
Bumi [Reading while on the couch.] That's how they got me to join the United Forces.
Tenzin No, we can't coerce people, or throw them in potato sacks. They must come freely. But not to worry, there are plenty of other airbenders out there who will be happy to come with us once they find out what the Air Nation is all about.
The next few shots are presented as a montage of Tenzin trying and failing to recruit the new airbenders: The airship is shown moving across a cartoon version of the world map to indicate the crew's journey, with all of the crew depicted as chibi heads of themselves. The chibis' faces start off looking happy but sport increasingly less happy expressions as Tenzin is repeatedly rejected.
Tenzin [The scene changes to the back view of a mother and her young son standing at an open door.] When your son becomes a master, he'll have tattoos all over his body, just like me. [Door slams. Addressing gourmand chewing on a drumstick.] There's nothing more nutritious than our vegetarian diet. [Door slams. Addressing a fashionista.] I can tell that you're going to love wearing our ancient airbender robes. They're very breathable. [Door slams. Addressing a fourth new airbender.] You'll never have to worry about your worldly possessions again, because you won't have any. [Door slams and only Tenzin's head can be seen through the diamond shaped glass panel on the door. The airbending master looks disappointed. Addressing a fifth new airbender.] You'll get to shave your head. [Door slams. Addressing a sixth new airbender.] Your best friend will be a giant bison! [Door slams.]
By this point the chibi crew all look glum, with tears flowing from the eyes of Bolin and Bumi. The view zooms in on the chibi Bolin before fading to an image of the real Bolin, sitting in the airship's interior with the rest of the crew and looking depressed.
Tenzin Ugh, I really thought I had that last guy. Who doesn't want a bison as their best friend?
Bumi It's okay Tenzin, I still want to be an airbender.
Korra Okay, we've tried it your way, and people just don't seem to be responding. It's time for a little tough love.
Cut to the next household where Ryu's mother opens the door, revealing Korra, Bolin and Mako waiting outside.
Ryu's mother Oh, are you the Avatar? When my son got airbending, my husband and I were so happy. We thought this could open a lot of doors for him, maybe he could finally move out of the basement. [Chuckles.]
Korra [Chuckles with the mother.] How old is he?
Ryu's mother He's twenty-two, and you know, still just to figuring his life out.
Korra Well, I have a great opportunity for him. We're looking for airbenders to join us at the Northern Air Temple.
Ryu's mother Ah, that sounds wonderful! I'll get him. [Authoritatively.] Ryu! Get up here!
Team Avatar exchange thumbs up gestures with one another. Ryu enters the living room.
Korra [Outstretches a hand.] Hi, I'm Korra.
Ryu So you're like the Avatar or something. Big deal.
Korra Uh, I just wanted to talk to you about an opportunity.
Ryu Yeah, I heard you talking to my mom, and I'm not interested. [Walks back.]
Korra [Getting impatient.] Well, you're gonna be interested.
Korra grabs Ryu by the collar, airbends a chair out from under a table, and throws Ryu into it.
Korra You're an airbender now and you have a responsibility as a citizen of the world.
Ryu Whatever. I didn't ask to become an airbender, you know.
Korra [Scoffs.] Well, I didn't ask to be the Avatar, but I am, and I'm fulfilling my duties.
Ryu So? You don't have to.
Korra Yes, I do have to.
Ryu No, you don't.
Korra Yes, I do!
Ryu No, you don't.
Korra Well, [Sighs.] if I didn't embrace my role, then our entire world could be thrown into chaos. Think about that! Is that what you want?
Ryu Maybe.
Korra No, it's not!
Ryu So what? Who cares?
Korra Everyone cares!
Ryu I don't care.
Korra [Slams table.] Yes, you do!
Ryu No, I don't.
Korra Well, you're about to care, you little slacker, because you're coming with me! [Grabs Ryu by the collar and drags him out of the house.]
Ryu Stop pulling on my collar! You're stretching it out! Mom, are you just gonna let her take me?!
Ryu's mother I think it's a great opportunity. Just try it for a week and see how it goes.
Ryu No! Let me go!
Ryu releases a blast of airbending from his hands, propelling himself back into the house; Korra is left at the door, holding on to the two halves of his ripped jacket.
Korra That's it!
Korra tries to walk back into the house but Mako and Bolin each grab her by the arm and start to pull her away. Korra struggles.
Mako Korra, enough! Let's get out of here!
Bolin So nice to meet you! Good luck with your son!
Ryu's mother shoves Ryu. Cut to a prison somewhere, littered with White Lotus sentries. Camera pans down to show several levels of catwalk around the inner edges of a large octagonal building. The structure is positioned above a vast pit of lava. A single cage suspended with wires rests in the center of the building, floating high above the bubbling lava below. The small cage is braced with metal bars and holds Ming-Hua, a woman with long, black hair and no arms.
White Lotus sentry #1 We're under attack!
White Lotus sentry #2 Look out!
Ming-Hua looks up in interest and sees a large blast of fire from one of the White Lotus. Two sentries are thrown off of their platforms with blasts of airbending. Up on the platform, Ghazan throws a barrel out over the cage. Zaheer, dressed as a White Lotus member, slices the barrel open with airbending and water gushes out. Ming-Hua spins and waterbends the falling water into a pair of tentacle-like arms, occupying the space where her nonexistent arms would normally be. She knocks open the door of her cage and begins to climb. She launches herself up to a platform and throws a White Lotus member off. Ming-Hua dodges a fire blast and propels herself to a higher platform using her "arms". She lands on the second-to-highest platform and freezes the end of her water arm into an angled piece of ice and uses it to hook the neck of a White Lotus and hurl him off of the platform. She simultaneously grabs another White Lotus member and slams him hard on the metal platform. Zaheer and Ghazan run up behind her.
Ming-Hua I never thought I'd be so happy to see your ugly mugs again.
Ghazan Great to see you too, Ming-Hua.
Ming-Hua [Turns to Zaheer.] I'm flattered. You busted me out before that girlfriend of yours.
Zaheer We're getting her next.
Cut to a room with a large table surrounded by filled chairs. In the chairs are Korra, Tenzin, Bumi, Bolin, Asami, and Mako. All of them look very disheartened.
Tenzin [Dejectedly.] Well, I guess we should just go to Ba Sing Se and try our luck there.
Korra I don't know what to do. I just thought more people would be excited about coming with us.
Bumi Well, maybe you gotta do more to get them excited. You need to add a little razzle-dazzle.
Bolin Yeah, razzle-dazzle! We could put on some sort of airbending street performance!
Bumi I was gonna say we could cover Tenzin's robe in sequins, but that's even better!
Korra It sounds ridiculous, but it might work.
Tenzin I'm willing to try anything at this point.
Bolin Yes! That is the kind of enthusiasm I like to hear!
Cut to the airship flying close over an Earth Kingdom town, made up of sandy-colored rock. A small crowd has gathered to watch the airship.
Bolin [Up on the airship speaking through a megaphone.] Come one, come all to witness The Amazing Airbenders! The airbending show that will leave you breathless ... with wind! First up, the tattooed master himself, you know him as the son of Avatar Aang, he shaves every hair on his head, every single day! [Tenzin takes his shirt off and turns to face the audience.] It's the one, the only guy with an arrow pointing to his nose, Tenzin!
Tenzin airbends a large wheel and drives it around in front of the awed crowd. The crowd begins to cheer as Tenzin stops in the middle of the half-circle created by the audience and throws his hands up in the air.
Bolin Now, now, ladies and gentleman, ladies and gentleman, please be quiet. I have some serious news. We've heard that an escaped firebending convict has been spotted near here. [Crowd begins nervous murmuring.] Now, I don't want to panic anyone, but if you see a firebender with a red scarf-
Cut to Mako standing in the crowd with his arms folded. At his cue, Mako straightens up and begins to walk out of the crowd.
Crowd member I see him! He's right there!
Mako [Very stiffly.] I am the escaped convict, and you will all reap my fire.
Mako pauses before letting out a small blast of fire from his fist into the air. The whole crowd gasps.
Bolin [Crowd continues to mutter.] Oh no! Who will help us?
Korra I will. With my airbending skills!
Korra catches Mako in an airbent tornado. She lets him go and he falls, but she catches him with another airbending blast and brings him up in another tornado.
Mako [No longer stiff, slightly panicking.] Ah! Hey! Let me go! This is not what we rehearsed! Korra!
Korra laughs and turns to Asami, who also starts to chuckle. Oogi soars through the air and does a barrel roll.
Bolin With the power of airbending, even this beast can float! [Whispered.] Like a feather. [Bumi begins to show off some air blasts.] Look what can be done in only a few short weeks of practice!
Jinora flies over the crowd on her glider. The whole crowd frightfully gasps.
Bolin No no, don't worry folks. She might be young, but she is in full control!
Jinora softly lands on the peak of a tall fountain. The entire crowd begins to cheer.
Bolin Ladies and gentlemen, if you, or anyone you know is an airbender, please, send them our way! Master Tenzin and Avatar Korra would love to teach them all they know!
Korra shrugs and smiles at Tenzin. The crowd begins to disperse. A young boy, Kai, runs up to the group.
Kai Hey! Hello. If you're looking for airbenders, you just found one.
Kai proceeds to demonstrate his airbending abilities.
Kai I wanna join you guys.
The group becomes excited.
Bolin Get outta town!
Korra We got our first recruit. [To Kai.] Just to be totally clear, we're going to be heading to Ba Sing Se, then the Northern Air Temple to live as nomads and rebuild the Air Nation. All that sound good to you?
Kai Yeah, Ba Sing Se, rebuild the temple, Air Nomad what-do-you-do, I'm in. Let's go right now.
Bolin [Bolin jumps in the air.] This is going to be so great! [To Kai.] You going to love it, er ... ah ... real quick, what's your name?
Kai Kai. So when do we hit the road?
Tenzin Hang on a second Kai, where are your parents? We can't have you come with us without their permission.
Kai [Looking down.] My parents are ... gone. [Korra looks at Tenzin.]
Bolin You're an orphan?
Kai It happened about a year ago. My home town was raided by outlaws, but my parents fought back against them. I was so scared, but they told me not to worry they would protect me, and they did. My parents saved me and the entire village, but they died in the fight. Mum and pap meant everything to me, they're were my whole life. [Bolin starts to shed some tears.] Ever since then, I've been on the run. Those same outlaws are still after me.
Bolin Well, you don't have to be on the run anymore, [Looks at the rest of the group.] right guys? Tell him.
Tenzin I'm so sorry about your parents. I know we could never replace them ... [Puts his hand on Kai's shoulder.] but we are here for you.
Korra We'll keep you safe, come on.
Bolin [Wraps his arm around Kai's shoulder.] When you board this airship, you're going to leave your old life behind and start a new path. That's big brother advice. Just think of me as your big brother. [Kai smiles at Bolin.]
After everyone boards the airship, Mako stops and walks away from the group. He stares out a window and sees a group of motorcyclists in official-looking uniforms pulling to a stop outside their airship.
Mako Guys! I think we got trouble.
The whole group turns around, the lead motorcyclist gets off his motorcycle and takes his helmet off. He walks up to the airship and takes his glasses off.
Earth Kingdom sheriff Release the boy, or we'll take him by force.
The sheriff clenches his fist as his deputies each earthbend a rock from the ground and get into a fighting stance.
Kai The outlaws! They're here ... Uh, let's get out of here. [Grabs on to Korra's arm.]
Korra [Korra looks down at Kai.] We are not running away from anyone.
The airship door opens to reveal Korra standing at the top.
Korra [Addresses the deputies.] If you want Kai, you'll have to go through me!
The deputies launch their rocks at Korra, who jumps out of the airship's door and destroys the rocks with airbending, before rolling on the ground and airbending at the deputies, knocking them all over. The sheriff soon gets back up and earthbends at Korra, who dodges the attack and knocks down the sheriff with her own earthbending move.
Korra Your days of harassing an innocent boy is over. You outlaws are going to prison.
Earth Kingdom sheriff Outlaws? Innocent boy? I'm a sheriff [He looks at his badge before looking up.] and these are my deputies, and this kid is a thief. [Korra opens her eyes wide in surprise.] Whatever he told you was a lie, we've been chasing him for months.
Korra Where's Kai?
Korra turns around, failing to see Kai or Mako among the group. The camera pans to the left to reveal Mako walking toward her, holding Kai with one hand and a sack with the other.
Mako Right here, I found him slipping away.
Kai I was just going to the bathroom.
Mako With your stash of gold?
Mako throws the sack toward the sheriff. When it hits the ground, jewelry and gold spill out.
Kai I told you, I found this on the road.
Mako Enough with the lies kid. I want the truth.
Earth Kingdom sheriff The truth is, he's the outlaw. He spent an entire life in an orphanage, got adopted by a real nice family six months ago, and how did he repay them? By taking their entire life savings. We've been after him ever since.
Korra Is that true?
Kai The person who stole that stuff was the old me. Once I got airbending, I changed. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel like airbending choose me for a reason [Bolin looks sad.], like I'm a new person. I'm sorry! Please, you have to listen to me.
The sheriff and his deputies start to take him away, along with the sack of gold.
Bolin Are, are you taking him back to the orphanage?
Earth Kingdom sheriff No, he's headed to jail.
Korra Wait! You've got the family's life savings, now let us take Kai.
Tenzin Do you really want our first member of the Air Nation to be a liar and a thief?
Korra He just needs some guidance, Tenzin. Who better to give it to him than us?
Earth Kingdom sheriff Do you want this boy or not?
Tenzin [Strokes his beard and thinks for a while.] Yes, you can release the boy into our custody.
The sheriff's deputies let go of the Kai's hands. He smiles and runs to hug Korra.
Kai Thank you!
Korra Don't make me regret it.
Bolin and Jinora approach him; she smiles toward him and Bolin hugs Korra and Kai.
Bolin Welcome to the family, little bro.
Jinora hugs Bolin, Korra, and Kai. Bumi goes and hugs Tenzin, much to his annoyance. The sheriff and his deputies drive away from the scene. As the group goes back onto the airship, Mako stops Kai, turns his head around to better look at his face, and bends down.
Mako I just want you to know that I'm going to be watching you, kid. I know exactly what you're all about, 'cause I've been there. You don't have me fooled.
Mako stands up and moves back from Kai, who in turn backs away from Mako.
Kai Woah! Hey, lighten up. [Putting his hands in his pockets.] I'm turning over a new leaf, making a change. [Starts walking into the airship.] Don't you worry about me.
Jinora Hi, I'm Jinora. [Blushing, while Tenzin passes her by to enter the airship.] If you need any help with airbending, I could show you what I know.
Kai Thanks, that's real nice of you. [Smiles at Jinora.]
Tenzin [Jinora looks in surprise.] Jinora, we're leaving now. [Jinora walks into the airship and smiles at Kai.]
The scene zooms out and shows the whole Future Industries airship before shifting to Ming Hua's prison: a desert terrain, which has a fence and volcano nearby. The camera zooms into the prison and shows Ming Hua's empty cell, before going up to show a White Lotus sentry and an elderly Zuko standing on the higher tier of the prison.
White Lotus sentry They came out of nowhere. [He bows his head down.] I'm so sorry, Lord Zuko.
Zuko How could you let this happen?
White Lotus sentry They caught us by surprise, and Zaheer is an airbender now.
Zuko [Alarmed by the revelation.] No! This can't be. [Looking at the White Lotus Sentry.] Do you have any idea the power these criminals possess? Individually, they can take down any bender. [Looks down in fear.] Put them all together, they could take down the entire world. And now you're telling me that their leader is an airbender?
White Lotus sentry We can track them.
Zuko We don't need to track them, I know exactly where they're going. [As he and the White Lotus Sentry walk out of the prison, the shot fades to white.] Notify the new chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe that an attack on their prison is imminent, [The white fades out to reveal Druk, Zuko's dragon.] and send word to Lin Beifong in Republic City. The Avatar must be protected.
Zuko's dragon lowers its neck and Zuko gets on it.
White Lotus sentry Where are you going?
Zuko [Mounting Druk.] To stop them.
Druk roars and flies off into the distance.
Cut to credits.






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