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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Six months ago, Avatar Korra defeated Amon and the Equalists. Since then the council was disbanded and the United Republic elected its first president. Tenzin's brother, Commander Bumi, retired and moved to Air Temple Island. And Korra and her boyfriend Mako have been the talk of the town. Peace has come to Republic City, but unbeknownst to the Avatar, danger now threatens the Southern Water Tribe.
Scene fades from a shot of Republic City to a boat sailing in rough waters, its horn blaring in the darkness. Cut to two sailors, looking out over the water from the top of their boat.
Old salt This your first watch?
Greenhorn [Cut to a close-up of the two sailors.] Mmhmm.
Old salt Well then, better keep your eyes peeled laddie. [Cut to a close-up of the older sailor.] Ya never know what creatures lurk in the murky depths.
The younger sailor gasps and looks overboard, while the older one chuckles as he walks off, smiling eerily. Cut to a shot high above the ship, as a large, squid-like spirit swims beneath the boat, its many tentacles trailing behind it.
Greenhorn [Fearfully.] Uh, Sir!
Old salt What?
A tentacle appears and snatches the older sailor from the boat.
Greenhorn Man overboard! Man overboard!
The older sailor is dragged into the water, as several more tentacles appear and begin grabbing the boat, slowly dragging it into the water as the scene fades out.

Cut to Republic City at night, as the camera pans down to show the Pro-bending Arena, its lights flashing all across the bay.

Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Iiiiit's pro-bending night in Republic City, and have we got a doozy for you! [Cut to an overview shot of the playing field inside the arena.] Fan favorites, the Fire Ferrets, are about to take on hot newcomers, the Rhino Lions!
Cut to a frontal shot of a stern-looking Bolin with his hands on his hips. Pabu is perched atop the railing separating the player's locker room from the playing field.
Bolin [Serious tone.] Now we all know that our last match was garbage. Terrible! [Gestures with his right hand to Pabu.] Even Pabu could've done a better job. [Pabu walks up to Bolin and puts his paws on his master's side while squeaking. Bolin takes on a more confident and proud posture; in a more cheerful tone.] But that's in the past, [Confidently leans forward in a somewhat defensive pose.] because when you back a Fire Ferret in the corner, well mister, [He throws a strong downward punch.] he comes out fighting! [Bolin confidently raises his fist before his body, while Pabu hisses, arching his back. Bolin confidently points toward the arena.] So, let's get out there [Raises his fist above his head.] and bend like there's [Triumphantly punches in the air with his right fist; camera slowly moves back to show that he is talking to the two other Fire Ferret members.] no tomorrow. [In an excited and hopeful tone.] Are ya with me?
Cut to a frontal shot of the other two Fire Ferret members, the male waterbender, who somewhat resembles Mako, sitting dejectedly on the bench, while the female firebender, who somewhat resembles Korra, stands awkwardly next to him. She glances down at her teammate, holding her right elbow with her left arm. The only reaction of either of them comes from the waterbender, who rubs his nose with his left hand, while sniffing. Cut to a close-up of Bolin, whose excited expression has changed to a sad one, as he pensively glances to his left.

Cut to a side-view of the Fire Ferrets and the Rhino Lions lined up before each other. As the bell to announce the start of the match rings, both teams ready their respective element. Cut to a shot of the open end of the Fire Ferrets' playing field. As a loud crash is heard, first Bolin, followed by his two teammates, are knocked into view and over the rim into the water, each being hit by their respective element. The buzzer sounds, signaling a zone-line has been crossed.

Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over; overview shot of the water in which the Fire Ferrets fall.] Ooh, the Fire Ferrets go down in the water, and right into the record books [Cut to water level as Bolin pulls his torso on the platform.] for the fastest knockout in Pro-bending history!
Bolin [Defeated, Bolin puts his head down, sighing in disappointment.] Where's Mako when I need him?
Cut to the side of a motorcycle as the rider shifts the gear; the wailing of a police siren is heard. The motor swerves away from the camera. Cut to a frontal shot of a street as a truck flies around the corner, driving straight at the camera with screeching tires. The motorcycle is hot on its tail and drives at the camera as well. Cut to a close-up of the driver's amber eyes, visible through goggles.

Switch to a shot on the ground's level, showing the side of the motorcycle, the truck just ahead. The rear door on the vehicle raises to reveal two men. Cut a closer aerial shot, as one of the men makes circular motions with his hands to bend water from inside the truck. As the liquid flows to him, the camera cuts to a frontal shot of the other man as he claps his hands together, rapidly transforming the water into a mist to hide the speeding truck from view. Cut to a frontal shot of the truck as it races off, while the mist fills the entire length of the street. Switch to a side-view of the motorcyclist as he enters the fog. Cut back to a close-up of the back of the truck, water still flowing out of it. One of the men forces his hand down, and as the camera cuts to a wider shot, the water can be seen flowing onto the road, freezing as the truck travels along the street. Cut to a frontal view of the motorcyclist as he emerges from the mist. He gasps as his vehicle starts to slip on the ice. As the motor spins out of control, the driver uses his firebending to create a circle around him, melting the ice, and enabling him to regain control of the bike as its wheels find solid ground. He swerves out of the path of the rest of the ice and resumes his pursuit.

Cut to an aerial shot as the truck runs down a road blockade and narrowly misses an incoming police truck from a street to its right. The motorcyclist finds his road now blocked, and swerves to his left, where a truck with wooden beams that form a ramp stands in his way. Without hesitation, he steers his motor onto the ramp. Cut to a side-shot as the driver uses his firebending to launch himself and his bike into the air, where he flips over, and aims a powerful fire stream at the truck's engine as he comes down. Cut to a frontal shot of the truck, as the screeching of its tires can be heard. Heavy smoke comes from underneath the truck's hood, and its engine explodes, causing it to spin uncontrollably. The motorcyclist lands, and stops his vehicle. Cut to an aerial shot of the motorcyclist as the truck races him by, hit a water hydrant, flips on its roof, slides along over the road, and flips to its side. As the vehicle comes to a stop, it partially explodes.

Cut to a frontal shot of the destroyed vehicle as two of the three passengers are already lying in front of the truck, and the driver lets himself fall from out of the broken windshield. He lands on top of his two comrades, eliciting a grunt from them. The motorcyclist walks toward them. Cut to a frontal shot as he removes his helmet and pushes up his goggles, revealing himself to be Mako.

Mako [Smugly.] Looks like you had some car trouble. [Smiles.] Good thing the police are here.
The sounds of a plane engine are heard before cutting to a close-up of a plane's landing gear hitting an airstrip. Switch to a shot of one of the propellers as it starts to lose speed. Switch to a shot of the plane as a whole; the pilot jumps out the cockpit and removes their helmet, walking up to a man in a blue overall, who walks up to meet the pilot half way.
Asami [Cheerfully.] I think these planes are finally ready to ship.
She halts before the man, smiling, while resting her right hand on her hip, and holding her helmet in her left.
Engineer [In a dire, serious tone.] I hate to mention the elephant-rhino in the room, [Cut to a frontal shot of the man, a Future Industries logo on his chest.] but since your father was thrown in prison, no company will work with us. [Slightly shifts.] We're nearly bankrupt.
Asami [Frontal shot; upbeat.] Don't worry. I'm going to the South Pole to meet with someone who can help us put Future Industries [Confidently pats the man on his right shoulder with her left hand.] back on top.
The camera follows Asami as she walks away from the engineer. As soon as he can no longer see her face, her confident expression changes to one of sadness and worry.

Cut to the tower on Air Temple Island, as a sky bison flies toward the camera, groaning. The beast turns, the camera following its movements. As it flies out of the screen, the camera locks on four tiny figures racing down a flight of stairs in the distance. The figures go out of screen, to reappear again up close. All on air scooters, Ikki is the first to come into view, with Korra trailing close behind her, followed by Jinora and Meelo. They take a turn, heading toward the buildings. Cut to an open corridor, where Pema is walking, holding Rohan and some groceries. The four youngsters zoom past her, nearly knocking her over. Startled, she throws the vegetables in the air, as she spins in between the racers. When they are gone, she manages to catch the food again, and stares after the foursome in surprise. Cut to the racers as the swiftly turn around the airbending training gates; some of the panels start spinning as they pass by. The foursome jumps off the platform. Switch to a side-shot of Korra and Ikki, the latter still in the lead, confidently smiling in challenge toward the Avatar. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra, as she starts to focus. Her eyes begin to glow when she enters the Avatar State; cut to the side-shot again, as Korra uses the extra power to pull ahead of a surprised Ikki. Cut to an aerial shot as Korra speeds underneath a paifang gate, and is flagged the winner. The camera follows Korra on ground level as she comes to a stop and leaps off her air scooter, remaining on her haunches. Cut back to Bumi, who is coughing due to the thrown up dust, as an angry-looking Ikki zooms past, followed by her sister and brother.

Bumi [Enthusiastically, as Meelo finishes.] The Avatar is the winner!
Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she erects herself, her eyes ceasing to glow as she exits the Avatar State; she turns to her right, her hands propped on her hips, and smugly towers over a raging Ikki.
Ikki [In an annoyed tone.] No fair! You can't go into the Avatar State to win!
Korra sticks her tongue out at Ikki, blowing a raspberry. Tenzin approaches.
Tenzin [Offscreen, sternly.] You did what?! [Cut to Tenzin walking past Bumi toward Korra.] The Avatar State is not to be used as a booster rocket! You are toying with a dangerous power that you obviously do not appreciate!
Korra It's the Avatar State and I'm the Avatar. Who appreciates it more than me?
Tenzin Clearly you need more training to grasp the depths of your spiritual connections, not to mention that you're still a long way from mastering airbending.
Korra [Laughs.] I have mastered airbending! [The camera quickly zooms out as she emphasizes her statement by directing several air blasts at the nearby trees, sending leaves floating.] Punch punch punch! [Cut to a medium shot of Korra as she watches the result.] See? [Turns to Tenzin with her hands on her hips and smiles smugly; confidently.] Mastered.
Cut to a close-up of Bumi and an unconvinced Tenzin, who skeptically eyes Korra.
Bumi [Nonchalantly impressed with a smile.] Looks pretty good to me.
Tenzin [Sighing and putting a hand to his face.] Is it too late for you [Turns his head to his brother.] to unretire from the United Forces?
Bumi The paperwork's gone through, little brother. From now on, it's 24/7 [Grabbing Tenzin's face and pinching his cheek.] Bumi time! [Tenzin makes him let go and walks up to Korra.]
Tenzin [To Korra.] You've mastered Korra style airbending, now you need to master real airbending. Hopefully our visit to all the air temples [Opens a scroll to reveal a map, the locations of the air temples marked with airbending symbols. A small chibi style image of Tenzin's face smiling with a thumbs up pose has been drawn onto the map. Cut to a medium close shot of Korra, who looks appalled and irritated, before the camera zooms out to show Ikki, Meelo, and Jinora.] will give you the inspiration you need to look more deeply into your studies.
Jinora [Excitedly.] Can we see where Grandpa Aang was born?
Meelo How many lemurs can I have?
Ikki I wanna get tattoos! But instead of arrows, I want lightning bolts!
Jinora You can't get lightning bolts. That doesn't make any sense.
Ikki [Angrily.] You don't make any sense!
Meelo Fight, fight, fight!
Cut to a side-shot of Ikki and Jinora as they press their foreheads against each other as they growl and glare at one another.
Tenzin [Stepping forward to separate his two daughters.] No one's fighting! We're going to have a wonderful time! [Sighing.] Now that the president is in office and I'm not needed on the council, I can finally relax with my family and give Korra the attention she needs.
Korra Great, more attention.
Bumi Hah! Relax ... I'd pay money to see that. Maybe I'll tag along just to see "Vacation Tenzin".
Tenzin You're not invited.
Korra [To the airbender children.] Before we go on your dad's study trip, we're gonna have some real fun in my home town at the Glacier Spirits Festival. They've got rides, games, and all kinds of fried food on sticks.
Tenzin's children Yay!
The kids cheer and circle around Tenzin, who makes a defeated and somewhat frustrated face. Tenzin clenches his eyes shut for a moment and frowns, while Bumi puts an arm around his shoulder.
Bumi Yep. There's Vacation Tenzin. And you can't stop me from going to the festival, Mom already invited me.
Tenzin's eyes widen slightly for a moment before narrowing in frustration. Cut to an aerial shot of a ship bound for the South Pole at night. Mako, Korra, and Naga are sitting on deck.
Mako [Enthusiastically.] So I walk up and say: "Looks like you had some car trouble. Good thing the police are here." [Korra widens her eyes.]
Korra [Closes her eyes while chuckling before looking sideways at Mako with an eyebrow raised and a smile; amused.] Did you write that beforehand?
Mako [Still enthusiastic.] Yeah! I had a few others. [Pulls out a list from his jacket and begins reading off of them.] Let's see, uh ... "Looks like you guys should put more 'try' in triad", huh? Or, "when you get to jail, [Points to himself.] tell 'em Mako sent ya".
Korra Ooh, I like that one.
Mako [Tucking the piece of paper back into his jacket.] Okay, I'll use that next time. Beifong says if I keep it up, I could make detective soon.
Korra That sounds so fun. All I do is train all day. It's like Tenzin's totally forgotten how I beat Amon.
Mako Tenzin's just trying to help you become the best Avatar you can be.
Korra [Pulls her arm away from Mako.] Of course you'd take his side!
Mako I'm not taking his side, I'm just ...
Korra [Standing up.] I'm gonna take a walk. [She leaves.]
Mako [To himself.] Why is it so much easier to bust triads than it is to get through one conversation with my girlfriend?
Cut to their arrival at the South Pole. The airbending children excitedly greet Katara and Kya, who are awaiting them on the dock.
Tenzin's children Gran Gran!
The children all gather around Katara and hug her waist.
Katara Oh ... you've all gotten so big.
Jinora We missed you, Aunt Kya.
Kya Ohh, I missed you, too. Your father doesn't bring you to visit nearly enough. He's probably scared I'll beat him up [Lightly punches Tenzin's arm playfully.] like when we were kids.
Tenzin I'm not scared of you ... [Rubbing his arm; slightly timidly.] anymore.
The shot cuts to a side-shot of Korra hugging Tonraq while Mako stands behind her and Senna stands to the side.
Korra [To Tonraq.] You remember Mako.
Mako [Offers his hand to Tonraq.] Sir.
Tonraq [Crosses arms; sternly.] I hope you're not getting my daughter into anymore trouble up in the city.
Mako Uh ... No ... uh ... I ... no.
Korra Knock it off, Dad.
Tonraq laughs and shakes Mako's hand. Bolin walks into frame.
Bolin Wow! Look at all these people that came out to greet us.
Korra Uh, no. They came to greet them.
Korra points to a large and ornate Water Tribe ship that approaches across the water. Cut to a long shot of a royal Northern Water Tribe ship docking on the other side of the pier. The crowd claps and cheers. Cut back to Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tonraq, and Senna.
Tonraq [Sarcastic.] The great chief of the Northern Water Tribe comes to grace us with his [Senna looks at him.] presence. Hooray.
Senna [Puts an assuring hand on his arm. Korra looks at him as well.] Just relax [Tonraq looks down on her wife.] Tonraq, he'll be gone [Turns his head back to the ship.] soon enough. [Tonraq sighs while growling. Mako and Bolin turn to him.]
Cut to a small arctic hen perched atop the flag pole attached to the ship, the flag waving gently in the breeze. As the bird makes a call and flies off toward the camera and out of frame, the scene cuts to a side shot of Unalaq and his children, Desna and Eska, as they depart the ship walking down the plank to the pier, accompanied by guards. Cut to a close profile shot of Unalaq, before panning down and to the left to Eska and Desna.
Bolin Whoa! [Cut to a shot of Korra, Mako, and Bolin. Puts on a flirtatious smile.] Who are the lovely ladies? [Korra glances at Bolin with an amused smile.]
Korra That's Eska [Mako turns his eyes toward Bolin, amused as well.] and Desna, the [Cut back to the side-shot of the twins.] chief's children. Desna is a guy.
Bolin [Cut back to the shot. Korra turns her eyes back to the three. Bolin's eyes widen in surprise; chuckling.] Oh, no, sure, [Mako turns his eyes back.] I knew that. [Looks to the side.] Uhhh ... [Drops his smile and looks at the twins.] and which one is Desna?
Bolin's face becomes impassive. Cut to a side shot of Unalaq and his group approaching Korra's group. Tenzin and his family stand in the background.
Unalaq [Bowing toward Korra.] Good to see you again, Avatar Korra.
Korra [Bows toward Unalaq.] Good to see you too.
Unalaq [Coldly.] Tonraq.
Tonraq [In the same tone.] Brother.
Cut to Mako and Bolin who worriedly look at each other, surprised with the tone the two brothers use to address each other. Cut to a low angle shot of Tonraq and Unalaq facing each other, with everyone else surrounding them. Mako and Bolin turn their eyes back to the two. Switch to a wide establishing shot of the bay at the Southern Water Tribe and pan right to the city. Cut to a shot of people at the festival with the camera slightly panning right.
Unalaq It's a shame the Southerners have abandoned all connections to the spirits. [Cut to a side shot of Unalaq, Tonraq, Korra, and Tenzin walking through the carnival.] Even during the most hallowed times.
Korra [Looks around with a smile.] I've always loved the Glacier Spirits Festival. It's fun.
Unalaq [Cut to a frontal shot of Korra and Unalaq.] This festival [Korra turns her head to him.] used to be a solemn time of fasting [Unalaq turns to the right.] and meditation. Now it's just [Looks straight again.] a chance to watch some rube try to stick an [Stops and turns left.] entire arctic hen in his mouth.
The group stops and looks to the left. Cut to Bolin, who has stuffed a whole arctic hen inside his mouth and is attempting to swallow it. Upon hearing them, he widens his eyes, turns to face the group and shrugs.
Bolin What? Oh, it's so good.
Bolin closes his eyes and clenches his fists in delight. Cut back to the group, where Korra closes her eyes and slightly shakes her head in amusement.
Tonraq Traditions change. It's not the end of the world.
Unalaq Tell that to the sailors who are being attacked by angry spirits in southern waters. [Cut to a close-up of Unalaq.] Some traditions have [Frowns.] purpose.
Korra Wait, [Unalaq looks to the right. Cut to a surprised Korra.] spirits are attacking ships?
Unalaq [Nods.] I'm surprised the Avatar doesn't know about that. Apparently you haven't been given all of the information you need. It would be my honor to instruct you in the spiritual ways of the Water Tribe.
Korra I wouldn't mind learning about fighting spirits. [Glances at Tenzin.] Airbending is getting pretty boring.
Tonraq Tenzin is Korra's instructor. He can give her all the training she needs.
Unalaq [Unconvinced.] So you've said. [Turns and leaves.]
Scene cuts to a wide shot of a large, white ship before panning down to reveal Asami and Bolin standing in front, with Pabu perching on Bolin shoulder.
Asami I'm glad you came with me to this meeting. Varrick is one of the richest men in the world, and he controls the entire global shipping business. So, you're my assistant. Just stand there and don't say anything.
Bolin No problem, Pabu and I are natural assistants. [They board the boat; impressed.] Man, this is nice! I got to get into this whole business thing.
Cut to inside the yacht. Cut to Varrick is sitting on a cushion, his eyes closed and his fingers pressed against his head in concentration with a look of extreme focus on his face while Zhu Li sits beside him, writing on a notepad. He is surrounded by a number of other people who are all looking at him intently. Camera pans back to reveal Asami and Bolin are among those watching, before cutting to a close-up of Varrick's feet. The camera pans up to his face. He stops suddenly, a massive smile on his face.
Varrick Did ya see that? [Spreads him arms.] Levitation! [Laughs.] I was a foot off the ground! [His audience begins clapping and murmuring among themselves.] Is that incredible or what? [Cut to the crowd. The camera pans around the room as the guests all clap.]
Male guest #1 How does he do that?
Male guest #2 That's unbelievable.
Male guest #3 That's amazing.
Cut to a shot of Varrick who stands, his cloak falling from his shoulders as he does so, and bows. Cut to a side shot of Bolin and Asami. Asami claps with a polite smile as Bolin scratches the back of his head.
Bolin [Slightly confused.] You looked like [Opens and spreads his arms.] you were just sitting on a pillow.
A shocked Asami gasps and puts her head in her hands in embarrassment. Cut to a shot of the stunned audience gasping and looking at Bolin. Cut to another shot of the guests turning and glaring at him. Cut to a close-up of a shocked Varrick who looks up at Bolin as well. The inventor stands up and walks over, stopping in front of Bolin, while putting his hands on his hips and intimidatingly gazing at him.
Varrick Are you saying I wasn't levitating?
Bolin [Nervously.] Uh ... no?
Varrick [Turning back to his audience.] Well, why didn't anyone tell me? Now I look like an idiot! [Points at a man in a red hat, who is also on a pillow.] Swami, you're fired! [The man looks up to Varrick and glares at Bolin before bowing his head and retreating up the steps behind Varrick.] I like you, kid, you're a real straight shooter, just like me. Miss Sato, he's with you? [Asami nods.] Brought your tiger shark with ya to do business, huh? Now that's moxie! [Laughs.] Get over here and pop a squat. Zhu Li, get some tea for my guests!
Asami Thank you for meeting with me. As you know, Future Industries is looking for a partner to handle our shipping.
Varrick Sure! But first you gotta check out my new venture! Moving pictures! Zhu Li, do the thing! [The servant, who is in the process of serving tea to Bolin, hands the tray to the earthbender and starts a projector.] You're gonna love this! [A moving image of an ostrich horse appears on a screen behind Asami and Varrick.] Mind-blowing, right?
Bolin [Impressed.] Yeah.
Varrick Now forget that! That's the past! Shut it off, Zhu Li! [Zhu Li turns off the projector.] Imagine watching this! [Gestures toward to his left.] Ginger, come over here and do your poses.
Bolin gasps in amazement. Cut to a close-up of a red haired woman, Ginger, in a white fur coat, who walks toward them. The camera zooms out as she drops her shawl and strikes a number of poses, as lights and a stylized background flash behind her. Cut back to Bolin, who is looking wide eyed and drooling, until Varrick gets in the way of his view. Bolin tries to look around him at Ginger.
Varrick Spectacular! And, we tell a story; there's romance, [Cut to Bolin's point of view.] action, some funny animal stuff for the kids. You know, whatever! Thanks, Ginger, go rest your gams. [Leaps forward and sits between Bolin and Asami; to Bolin.] How about that tiger shark? We're gonna do big business with these movers as I call them.
Asami Okay ... but I'm just concentrating on getting Future Industries back on track. If we could hammer out a deal ...
Varrick [Holds up his hand to her face.] Stop! Look me in the eye.
Varrick presses his head to Asami, who is initially unsure of what to do, but quickly adopts a determined look on her face. After several seconds of staring, Varrick suddenly breaks away and points his finger at the ceiling, as Asami falls back from her cushion.
Varrick We got a deal! [Asami is helped to her feet; Varrick shakes Asami's hands.] We'll hammer out the details at the royal feast tonight. [Turning to his audience.] Now, who wants a rocket boat ride?
Varrick's guests exclaim their approval before leaving the room.
Bolin Is that how business usually goes?
Asami [Happily hugging Bolin and ruffles his hair.] You are a natural assistant!
Cut to an enormous hall made out of ice in which a large feast is going on. Korra, her parents, Unalaq, and his children are sat at the head table.
Korra This is a wonderful feast in your honor, Uncle.
Unalaq This is nothing. When this festival was founded, the tribal elders would commune with the spirits. People would watch the brilliant displays of light as spirits danced in the sky.
Korra Wow, I've never seen that.
Unalaq And that is a shame, since the Avatar is the bridge between the material world and the spirits. That is why I want so badly to teach you. To help you fulfill your destiny.
Tonraq I thought I had made it clear that Tenzin is teaching her.
Unalaq Every Avatar before you traveled the world to learn. It was Tenzin and your father who kept you secluded at the South Pole.
Korra I thought Aang ordered the White Lotus to keep me down here?
Tonraq We all did what we thought was best for you.
Korra [Crossing her arms.] Who I train with should be my decision, Dad, not yours or Tenzin's.
Cut to across the room where Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, and Katara are sat at a table, having overhead the conversation at the head table.
Bumi Looks like someone's trying to take your place as the Avatar's stick-in-the-mud mentor.
Kya Bumi, don't pick on Tenzin. You know he's always been sensitive.
Tenzin [Defensively.] I'm not sensitive!
Bumi and Kya laugh as Kya pokes him, while Katara watches on holding Rohan, a serious look on her face. At the head table, Unalaq stand up in order to give a speech.
Unalaq As your chief, it is my honor to speak at this festival, which was founded to bring our tribes together and restore the ancient balance between our world and that of the spirits. But I am saddened to see what it has become: a cheap carnival that celebrates greedy and trivial humans. [Cut to Varrick who is using his plate as a mirror to pick at something in his teeth.] I feel the time is fast approaching when the North can no longer stand idly by while our Southern brothers slip into total spiritual decay. Angry spirits are already attacking ships in your waters. I only hope we are not too late to change course.
He sits down, and Varrick stands up to give a speech of his own.
Varrick Chief Unalaq everybody, always great to have him in town. Now, let's have some fun with Wacky Wushu's Dancing Otter penguins!
A man dressed in purple dances onto the stage, and bends a stream of water onto the platform. Three otter penguins slide along the water, before sliding back, stopping in front of Wushu. All four of them take a bow.

Cut to a wide, overhead establishing shot of the festival later at night. Cut to Bolin, Mako, and Korra. Mako feeds Korra some cotton candy, which she greatly enjoys before feeding some to Mako, much to Bolin's annoyance, who is eating some balled food off a stick. Bolin turns his head away and his eyes widen. Cut to his perspective, showing Eska and Desna, who are standing beside each other alone, surveying the people walking past. Cut to a frontal shot of Eska and Desna before switching back to Bolin, Mako, and Korra. Clears throat, smirks, and nudges Mako with his elbow.

Bolin Wish me luck. [Hands Mako his food.] I'm making my move! [Takes a stance as if he is going to dash away, before going out of the scene with his arms spread out.] Whee!
Mako Good luck.
Korra Those two have always creeped me out. They smell like a grandma's attic.
Bolin [To Eska.] Hey, I'm Bolin. I'm a friend of Korra's! You're, uh, Eska right? Wow, I'm just, I am loving these robes. [Eska and Desna turn to look at him. Eska hisses at Bolin, who is somewhat taken aback. Bolin clears his throat.] So, you are from the north right? Cool, that's, like you know, that's my favorite direction.
Desna [To Eska.] I think [Eska's eyes turn to Desna.] he is trying to [She leans over to her brother.] establish some kind of bond with you based on your geographic point of origin. [Eska turns to Desna.]
Eska [To Desna.] Perhaps it would be interesting to spend time with a person whose ways are so rough and uncultured. [Side-shot as she glances in Bolin's direction; to Bolin.] You amuse me. [Smiles.] I will make you mine.
Bolin [Cut to a nervously smiling Bolin.] You mean like a boyfriend, or like a slave ...?
Eska Yes. [Grabs Bolin's collar.] Win me prizes.
Bolin laughs nervously as Eska grabs him by his collar and guides him away, while Desna walks beside her. Cut to a carnival game where jets of water are hitting chibi Aang targets. As the water goes into his mouth, a bell ring, his eyes and arrow light up, and the Momo figure above his head starts to rise. Cut to a shot of Mako and Korra from behind, both holding a water squirt gun as they play the game. Mako, looking at his target, is hitting his mark, while Korra, who is looking sideways to Mako, misses.
Korra Unalaq offered to train me. He says he can teach me about the spirits and my connection to them.
Mako Sounds good. What does Tenzin think?
Korra Tenzin thinks I'm his prisoner or one of his kids. I'll never finish training with him in charge.
Korra becomes irritated at the entire situation and angrily waterbends a big water stream out of her squirt gun, hitting the chibi Aang's figure's head full on and causing the the Momo cut out quickly reach the top of the meter, winning the carnival game. Cut to the carnival barker shouting through a megaphone.
Game guy We have a winner!
Korra [Cut to a close-up of a plush Appa toy as Korra holds it up.] I mean, you heard what Unalaq said. [Cut to a frontal shot of the duo as Korra lowers the plushie.] The South is spiritually unbalanced and it's the Avatar's job to fix it, but my dad won't even let me think about Unalaq teaching me. Well?
Mako Well what?
Korra What do you think I should do?
Mako I guess you should do what you think is right. I support whatever decision you make.
Korra [Sarcastically.] Oh thanks. That's a big help.
Mako I thought you wanted me to be supportive? Now you want me to tell you what I think? Make up your mind!
She throws the stuffed Appa she won from the game at Mako and storms off.
Korra Just forget it.
Cut to later that night when everyone is asleep. Korra is sleeping against Naga, who awakens and runs outside.
Korra Uh, Naga what are you doing? [Naga starts howling, prompting Korra to run outside to quieten her down.] Naga, hush! [Running toward Naga.] Quiet, Naga, you'll wake everyone up! [Naga licks Korra's face and continues to howl, as Bolin and Mako appear.]
Bolin [Yawns.] Uh, What's going on?
In the distance, Korra sees a dark entity speeding toward them.
Korra What, is, that?
The spirit quickly makes its way toward the Avatar and attacks her, prompting Mako and Bolin to run toward them. The spirit pins Korra against a wall, and begins to lean in closely toward her, but it is distracted by Mako's and Bolin's attacks.
Bolin [Earthbends at the spirit.] Got it! [The spirit jumps out of the way.] Don't got it!
The spirit slams into the two brothers, knocking them down the hill. Tonraq and Tenzin rush to their aid, helping them up.

Korra begins to attack at the entity with firebending, but the spirit is too fast and her attacks fail to hit. The spirit tries for a direct attack, but Korra manages to jump out of the way in time.

Tonraq [Riding in on a mass of ice.] Korra!
Tonraq using his bending to encase the spirit in ice. The spirit appears to have been contained, but several tendrils break through the top of the ice, grabbing both Tonraq and Korra, and throwing them into one of the huts and the ground respectively. The tendrils recede, and the ice explodes as the spirit breaks out completely.
Tenzin Spirit, why are you angry with us? What have we done to offend you?
Tenzin's attempts to converse with the spirit have no success, and he is batted away by the entity. After Korra recovers, she enters the Avatar State, catching the attention of the spirit. The spirit makes its way toward Korra once more, who lifts herself into the air to dodge its attack, causing the entity to land in the festival market behind her. She shoots a number of fire blasts at the spirit from atop her air spout, but her attacks seem to have no effect, and the spirit grabs her with one of its tendrils, slamming her into a nearby stack of boxes. The spirit stands over Korra, intending to issue another blow, when a stream of water controlled by Unalaq starts to encircle it, and the spirit ceases its attack. As Unalaq continues to bend the water so that it encircles the entity entirely, the water starts to glow, and the spirit changes color. As the water falls to the ground, the spirit begins to walk away, before disappearing.
Unalaq Go in peace.
Tenzin and Tonraq run over.
Tonraq Korra!
Tenzin Are you all right?
Korra [To her uncle.] How are you able to control that spirit when no one else could?
Unalaq As your father could tell you, I have spent my life studying the spirits and learning their ways. All of this knowledge is lost in the South, but I could teach you everything I know.
Tenzin Chief Unalaq, clearly you are very knowledgeable, but Korra still has much to learn about airbending. And I hope that going to the air temples will help her connect with the past Avatars.
Korra Ugh
Unalaq [Bluntly.] The air temples will teach her nothing. Only I can give her the training she needs to be a complete Avatar.
Tonraq I've told you that will not happen!
Korra Hey! I'm right here! Anyone want to ask me what I think?
Tenzin Korra, please listen.
Korra I'm tired of listening to you. Both of you. You keep me locked up, telling me you know what's best. But both of you were powerless against the spirit attack. [Pauses.] I think it's time I had a new teacher.
Tonraq Now Korra—
Korra Unalaq has proven he's the only one who knows what I need to learn. I have to go with him.
Tenzin Please, I know you're angry, but we've come so far together.
Korra I'm sorry, Tenzin. This is as far as we go.
Tenzin [Tenzin appears hurt, but he remains respectful.] It has been a pleasure serving you, Avatar Korra. [Tenzin walks away.]
Cut to the morning, Tenzin is loading Oogi, his wife and children already seated on the flying bison.
Katara I think you forgot a couple of things. [Katara stands back with Kya and Bumi.]
Tenzin Mother, I think I need some time alone with my family right now. [He grabs a sack and turns away from his mother.]
Katara This is your family, Tenzin. [Cut to a close-up.] When you get to be my age, you'll be thankful for the time you had with your siblings. Besides, I think it's important that you all visit your father's home together.
Bumi [Bumi punches Tenzin's arm, before wrapping his arm around Tenzin's shoulders.] Come on! It'll be fun.
Kya I'm dying to see that laid back, Vacation Tenzin I've heard so much about.
Tenzin All right, hop on! I love you, Mom. [He hugs Katara.] We'll see you soon!
Bumi has trouble getting on Oogi, so Tenzin creates an air current under his brother to bring him up to the top of the bison.

Cut to Mako and Korra, who are watching Tenzin's family leave on Oogi from farther back.

Korra Do you think I did the right thing?
Mako [Sighs.] I don't know. I'm sorry, but I'm not very good at this Avatar counseling thing. But I know your heart is in the right place. You'll just have to trust it. [The two hold hands while Unalaq approaches the two from behind.].
Unalaq I know this was a hard decision, Korra, but it was the right one. Now it is time to put it behind you and begin your new training. I have great plans for you.
Fades to credits.






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