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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] It's brother versus brother in the war of the Water Tribes. After Korra discovered that Chief Unalaq betrayed her and her father, she turned against him, sparking civil war. The Southern rebels rallied around Tonraq, but they are vastly outnumbered, so Korra is headed to Republic City to seek aid. But will she be able to convince President Raiko to send troops to help the South?
Cut to an aerial shot of the Republic City harbor, where Varrick's yacht is docked. Cut to Chief Lin Beifong, who oversees Water Tribe criminals being loaded into trucks before noticing Team Avatar departing the yacht. Lin walks up to Korra and Mako.
Lin Welcome home, Avatar. [Sarcastically.] Thanks for starting a war.
Korra [Defensively.] I didn't start a war. Well, I did, but it's more complicated than you're making it seem.
Lin Mako, I want you back on the beat. There's going to be a Southern Water Tribe peace march tonight. I need you there to make sure things don't get out of hand.
Mako I'm all yours.
Korra I'll go too. The people of the South need to see that the Avatar is on their side in the fight against the Northern invaders.
Lin [Sarcastically.] Great, that should calm them down. [Walks away.]
Mako Maybe you should sit this out.
Korra What?
Mako I just think having you there blatantly supporting one side will only make things worse. You could at least try to seem neutral.
Korra I'm not neutral! The North invaded my home. The only reason I'm here is to get the Republic to send troops to help the South.
Varrick Zhu Li's already scheduled a meeting for us with President Raiko tomorrow. We'll get them on board.
Mako Whatever, I gotta go to work. [Walks away.]
Asami I better go check on my factory. [Walks away.]
Korra I'm going to find out about this peace march. [Walks away.]
Varrick And I am dying for a pedicure. [Walks away with Zhu Li.]
Bolin So, um, what should I be doing?
Mako I don't know, Bolin. Figure something out.
Varrick [Turns around and approaches Bolin.] Say, kid, have you ever seen Republic City at night? [Pabu hides in Bolin's shirt.]
Bolin Sure, I live here.
Varrick Have you really seen it?
Bolin Y- no?
Varrick [Chuckles.] That's what I thought. Come on.
Cut to the Southern Water Tribe war room.
General [Pointing to map.] Tonraq and the rebels are holed up here in the hills outside of town.
Unalaq Leave them. My brother's no threat to us up there. Increase security around the spirit portal. Keeping it safe is our number one priority.
General Yes, sir!
The general leaves the war room. He opens the door to find Desna and a deranged Eska in a bridal gown and smudged make-up. He leaves the room in fear, keeping a distance from Eska. The twins approach their father.
Unalaq I need you two to go after the Avatar. She's the only one who can open the Northern spirit portal.
Desna But Father, you told Korra-
Unalaq I told Korra what I thought she needed to hear.
Eska I'll find her. [Angrily.] She stole my husband.
Unalaq I need her alive.
Eska [Sighs.] Fine.
Cut to the Southern Air Temple, where Meelo is training Poki, while Tenzin is reading a scroll.
Meelo Watch me, Poki. [Kneeling.] You lie down and roll over. [Rolls as a demonstration.] Roll. Over.
Tenzin No, no, you can't just demonstrate it. That never works.
Meelo [Poki curls up and falls asleep.] Good! [Gives Poki a treat.]
Tenzin [Sighs.] Ugh, classic over-rewarding.
Meelo is using a treat to play with Poki, while a noise is heard from a distance. Poki follows the noise and flies off.
Meelo Poki, where are you going?
Tenzin Command respect. [Walks to Meelo, while Poki is perched on a tree.] Having some trouble, son?
Meelo Poki isn't very good at learning.
Tenzin Believe me, I know the feeling. Maybe I can help. How would you like your old dad to teach you how to be a master trainer?
Meelo [Smiles widely.] Yeah!
Cut to the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, with a statue of Sokka overlooking the compound. A huge number of people have congregated, while police riot vehicles have been employed to control the crowd. Cut to Chief Lin Beifong overlooking the event with her officers. Cut to Southerners being led by Korra riding atop Naga. Some of them are holding lit candles on paper lotuses, while others are holding signs.
Reporter Tensions are running up high outside of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. The Avatar is leading a group of Southerners in a peaceful protest against Chief Unalaq, but the Northerners have come out in droves in support of their leader.
Northern protesters [Jeering.] Boo! Get out of here! Boo! Get a real job! Get out of here!
Cut to the back of the cultural center, where Mako is on patrol. Two suspicious characters are stealthily escaping, but one steps on a can, alerting Mako.
Mako Hey! Stop! Republic City Police!
A man presses a remote controller before running. Mako pursues them but is stopped by an explosion. He controls the spread of the fire with firebending. Cut to the front of the center, which explodes, leaving everyone looking on in fear and shock. Cut to the back of the center, where Mako is fighting the men. He throws multiple fire blasts and kicks, but one of them retaliates with firebending. He is subsequently knocked off and drops the remote, but makes his way into the getaway Satomobile. Mako attacks the Satomobile with a fire blast, but they manage to escape. He walks up to the remote and picks it up. Cut to the front of the center, where Korra is extinguishing the fire using water from the fountain.
Korra [Mako approaches.] The Northern Water Tribe is out of control!
Mako I saw a firebender running away from the blast. The North might not be responsible for this.
Korra Of course, they're responsible. Who else would it be? [Runs to an approaching fire truck.]
Cut to the Pro-bending Arena, where there is a parked limousine. Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li are standing outside the limo, while photographers are continually taking pictures. Bolin is in surprise, while Varrick is waving at the audience.
Bolin Wow. Usually, when I see flashing lights like this, it's because I got hit in the head with a rock.
Varrick Being famous is like getting hit with a rock all the time.
Cut to the interior of the arena, where Varrick and Bolin take their seats in a VIP booth.
Spectator Look! It's Bolin!
The crowd chants out Bolin's name, which Bolin responds to by waving and flexing his muscles.
Shiro Shinobi Folks, that cheer you're hearing is for local favorite, Bolin, of the Fire Ferrets. Let's see if we can get a quick interview. Bolin! [Gestures for Bolin.] Bolin, the Fire Ferrets are out for the season. How have you been spending your time lately?
Bolin Well, I took a trip South for the Glacier Spirits Festival, was briefly engaged to a princess, then went through kind of a tough breakup there, was accidentally involved in a civil war ... [Brief pause, someone in the crowd coughs.] But there's nowhere I'd rather be than pro-bending night in Republic City! Am I right, people? Republic City! [Crowd cheers.]
Shiro Shinobi Do you miss being in the ring?
Bolin Well, I definitely don't miss getting hit with things all the time, and the humiliating losing. I mean, that gets pretty old. You know, sometimes I actually cry myself to sleep ... [Crowd falls silent; someone coughs.] I guess what I miss the most are these fans! They're the greatest fans in the world! Give it up for the fans! [Crowd cheers.]
Bolin leaves the booth, where Varrick is waiting at the entrance.
Varrick Look how these people love you, kid! They're eating that cornball spiel right out of your hand.
Bolin The trick is, whenever I get confused, I just say "Republic City" or "fans", and then everyone cheers.
Varrick I think I just figured out your true calling.
Cut to City Hall.
Korra I hope President Raiko listens to us.
Varrick Don't worry. I was a big contributor to his election campaign. Him and the other guy. Gotta hedge your bets.
Cut to the office interior.
Korra Hello, Mr. President. [Shakes hands with Raiko.] Sir, the Southern Water Tribe-
Raiko Just a second. Keep smiling. [Korra looks on at the camera, but Varrick pokes her, causing her to flinch awkwardly before the photo is taken.]
Raiko Now, how can I help the Avatar and my most generous supporter?
Korra Unalaq's troops have invaded the South. We need you to send the United Forces to help.
Raiko I'm very concerned by what's happening down there. But I don't think it's the Republic's place to interfere with internal Water Tribe matters.
Korra Unalaq isn't even the rightful ruler of the Water Tribe. He lied his way onto the Northern throne.
Varrick Mr. President, the Republic is already involved in this conflict. The North attacked our cultural center last night.
Raiko Believe me, we are doing everything we can to bring the people responsible to justice.
Korra "The people responsible"? Who else would it be but the Northerners?
Raiko Now, I know that when you're young, it's hard to keep perspective-
Korra [Accusingly.] You're the one who's lost perspective. I'm trying to save my tribe, and you're taking pictures.
Raiko Sending troops is not something I can do at this time. But I promise I will work with Unalaq and the South for a diplomatic solution. Now, I'm sorry, but my mind is made up. This meeting is over.
Korra My family is going to be wiped out, and it'll be on your head for doing nothing about it. [Walks away with Varrick.]
Raiko has a guilty look in his eyes while the camera focuses on his face.

Cut to Mako's residence.

Korra [Agitated.] I can't believe the President is doing nothing! H-He doesn't even care!
Mako I'm sure he cares, but he can't just tell his people to go fight a battle at the South Pole that has nothing to do with them.
Korra [Exasperated.] How could you take his side?
Mako What's with you and sides? Why do you always think I'm working against you?
Korra Well, you're not helping me! I'm trying to get troops to the South. What are you doing?
Mako I'm doing my job.
Korra [Sarcastically with anger.] Well, excuse me, officer. Don't let me stand in the way of you writing tickets. I'm just trying to save the world.
Mako Well, you wouldn't have to if you didn't keep messing it up!
Korra I can't talk to you when you're like this. [Storms off and slams a door.]
Mako [Snaps angrily.] You're the one who's like this!
Cut to the harbor, where Asami is walking, but gets cut off by Korra.
Asami Huh? [Annoyed.] Hey! In a hurry?
Korra Sorry, I have to talk to Varrick.
Asami Yeah, me too.
Korra and Asami enter Varrick's yacht. There are stray arrows everywhere. An arrow nearly hits Asami, but Korra pulls her out of the way. Both girls turn to see a blindfolded Varrick holding a bow, while Bolin and Zhu Li stand next to him.
Varrick [Removes blindfold.] Oh, hello! [To Bolin.] See? I told you I could do it.
Bolin Sorry I ever doubted you.
Korra We can't wait for the President to act. We need those troops now.
Asami And my company is about to go under. I have to find a way to make some sales.
Varrick Right, okay. Got it. Idea storm! [To Zhu Li.] Get the supplies! [To Korra and Asami.] You're about to get an inside look at how Varrick Global Industries stays at the forefront of imagination innovation, or "imagivation"! That's trademarked, pal. [Takes a chili pepper, while Asami and Korra glance at each other with unsure looks.] Brainwork requires increased circulation. [Eats the chili pepper and reddens.] Let's do this! [Hangs himself upside-down.] Okay, here come the ideas. Fast and furious. Pink mint lemon tea. Radio for pets. Uh, hand shoes. Hold on a tic. We don't need the President to go to the South. We just need the troops! Let's go straight to them! If there's one thing I know about troops, it's that they love fighting.
Korra I know General Iroh. He might be willing to help us.
Varrick A man on the inside. Perfect! [To Asami.] And you need to sell some mecha tanks. I know some people who need them. We'll ship 'em South.
Korra That's perfect! You'll be making money for your company and you'll be helping to defeat Unalaq.
Varrick It's true. If you can't make money during a war, you just flat-out cannot make money.
Asami It's dangerous on the seas right now, but I'm willing to try if you are.
Varrick It'll be crazy risky, but I love crazy risky! End storm! [Swings himself upright with a spin; to Zhu Li.] Zhu Li, get those other ideas to research and development. I want prototypes by next week. [Zhu Li runs off.]
Korra I don't understand why it's so hard to get Republic City to support the South.
Varrick Don't worry, I'm already working on that. As soon as people see this, they'll be lining up to fight Unalaq. Zhu Li, do the, uh-- the thing.
Bolin Don't freak out. It's not real.
Varrick I had a film crew documenting the entire Northern invasion.
The screen shows troops amassing at the harbor. It subsequently cuts to troops waterbending, followed by Eska, who notices the camera.
Bolin [Covers his face in fear, while Pabu jumps off.] Ahhh! Sorry. I keep doing that.
Varrick We're gonna cut this footage together with scenes we shoot of our superstar Bolin here playing a Southern Water Tribe hero [Dramatically.] battling the evil Unalaq. No one will root for the North after they see "The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South"!
Bolin [Flexing his muscles, brightly.] I'm Nuktuk! What do you think?
Cut to Mako's residence, where Mako is flipping through a book of criminals' faces.
Bolin Oh, man, you should have seen Varrick today. That guy is a genius.
Mako Uh-huh.
Bolin He's gonna help Asami sell her mecha tanks to the South, and he came up with this great idea for Korra to get General Iroh to fight Unalaq without President Raiko ever even knowing.
Mako What? That's a terrible idea!
Bolin And he's gonna put me in the movers as this hero, Nuktuk! [Imitating Varrick.] He's a man of action, but he's got a heart of gold. He was born in the tundra.
Mako Look, I'm trying to do something that's actually important here.
Bolin Oh. Oh, sorry. Uh, sure. What is it?
Mako Something doesn't make sense about this bombing. I just don't buy that the Northern Water Tribe was behind it. [Bolin flips the book.] Wait a second! That's him! That's the guy that attacked the center! I gotta go show this to Beifong! [Walks away.]
Bolin Glad I could help. Nuktuk saves the day again!
Cut to Southern Air Temple.
Tenzin All right, Meelo, the first thing you need to do as a trainer is establish dominance. You are in charge. Never forget that. Now call Poki.
Meelo [Dominantly.] Poki, come here! [Poki remains in place.] Poki. [Poki jumps forward and crawls over Meelo, tickling him.] Poki, no!
Tenzin Meelo ... you're rewarding him for bad behavior.
Meelo But he's tickling me.
Cut to the bedroom, where Meelo and Poki are about to sleep.
Tenzin You can't let him nap in the bed with you. You are the alpha lemur. He has to sleep on the floor. [Meelo sadly places Poki onto the floor.] I know it's hard, [Poki jumps back to bed.] but it's for the best.
Meelo No, Poki, this is my bed. [Puts Poki back to the floor.] You sleep on the floor. [Poki looks at Meelo pitifully, while Meelo looks at his pet sadly.] Being alpha lemur is lonely. [Sleeps.]
Tenzin I know.
Cut to the police headquarters.
Raiko How did this Cultural Center attack happen right under your nose? And why haven't you arrested the Northerners responsible?
Lin We're working on it, sir.
Raiko Well, work harder! If you don't get any results soon, I'm going to find someone who can.
Mako I got a break in the bombing case. I I.D.'d the guy I saw at the scene.
Lu That's great, Mako.
Gang Yeah, you better run that in to Beifong right now.
Mako You think?
Lu Sure. You're gonna be a hero!
Mako looks confidently at the picture before entering Lin's office. Lu and Gang laugh and make their signature handshake.
Lin What makes a rookie beat cop think he can interrupt my meeting with the President? [Lu and Gang laugh, with Lu banging the table.]
Mako I'm sorry, I just-- um, I found something out about the bombing. [Lu styles his hair like Mako and imitates his actions, while Gang laughs.]
Lin Well, give it to Lu and Gang, you moron. [Snaps.] Now get out! [Lu puts his hair back, while Mako leaves Lin's office.]
Lu Sorry. Was she busy?
Mako This is the guy I saw sneaking out of the building right before the explosions. He's a member of the Agni Kais. Someone must have hired him to make it look like Northerners attacked the Cultural Center. [Gang takes the picture.]
Gang Hmm. [Drops picture into a drawer.]
Mako Did you learn anything about that remote control I found at the scene? That's gotta be the key to finding out who's really responsible.
Lu Listen, kid, it was the Northern Water Tribe, okay?
Gang Yeah, give it a rest, Super Cop.
Mako returns to the desk while President Raiko exits Lin's office and walks to Mako's desk.
Raiko I've heard good things about you. You've made some big triad busts for a rookie.
Mako Thank you, sir.
Raiko And you're dating the Avatar, right?
Mako Yes, sir.
Raiko I'm concerned that she might be getting some bad advice from Varrick. You wouldn't happen to know if they're plotting anything that might compromise the security of Republic City, would you, officer? [Mako glances uneasily.] Let me remind you that you've sworn an oath. You're a man of the law before anything else.
Mako Yes, sir.
Raiko Well, keep up the good work. [Walks away.]
Mako [Reluctantly after a sigh.] Wait, there's something you should know.
Cut to the United Forces Harbor.
Korra Thank you for seeing me, General Iroh.
Iroh What can I do?
Korra The South needs military support before Unalaq wipes them out completely, but the President is refusing to give the order. So I decided to come to you directly.
Iroh I see. Well, suppose I were to take the fleet South on some routine training maneuvers. And let's say we were to accidentally run into a hostile Northern blockade. We'd have no choice but to defend ourselves, wouldn't we?
Korra I guess you wouldn't. Thank you!
Raiko [Enters the ship.] Swapping old war stories?
Iroh [Salutes.] Mr. President.
Raiko I hope you're not planning to take any military action without an order from your commander-in-chief?
Iroh Of course not, sir.
Raiko Good. Because if a single vessel leaves this harbor without my say-so, you'll be court-martialed. Am I clear?
Iroh Crystal, sir.
Raiko [To Korra.] Your activities here are bordering on insurrection. The Avatar does not command the military of the Republic. Don't go behind my back again. [To Iroh.] As you were, General Iroh. [Leaves the ship.]
Korra [Angrily.] I hate that guy!
Iroh [Apologetically.] I'm sorry. My hands are officially tied.
Korra I understand. Thanks anyway.
Iroh [Brightly.] But you should talk to the Fire Lord. My mother and grandfather have always been good friends with the Avatar, and the Southern Water Tribe. I'm sure they'll be willing to help.
Korra Thank you, General.
Cut to Varrick's yacht, where Bolin is filming in a revealing Water Tribe outfit.
Bolin Wouldn't I be cold wearing this outfit in the snow?
Varrick Ah, Nuktuk is never cold.
Bolin [Ginger walks past.] Ohhh. [Flirting.] Hey, Ginger.
Varrick [Ginger walks up beside Varrick and flips her hair.] How about that, huh? It's the latest product in my Varri-manageable Hair Line: Varri-dye! We get some shots of her using it before Unalaq kidnaps her, I guarantee we sell a million cases week one.
Korra [Riding atop Naga.] Bolin, I need you to watch Naga while I'm gone.
Bolin Where are you going?
Korra The Fire Nation. I'm going to try to get them to help the South. [To Varrick.] I need a boat.
Varrick What happened with General Iroh?
Korra He was going to help, but then President Raiko showed up. Someone must have tipped him off, but I can't figure it out. No one knew about it except for us and Asami.
Bolin And Mako.
Korra Mako? [Glares sourly at Bolin.]
Bolin What? [Confidently.] There's no way Mako would have told. [Korra storms off.] Right?
Cut to the Southern Air Temple.
Meelo [Dominantly.] Poki, sit! [Poki sits.] Roll over. [Poki rolls.] Good boy. [Throws a treat to Poki.]
Tenzin Well done, Meelo! I knew you could learn to train Poki.
Meelo Not just Poki. I trained all the lemurs. Watch!
Meelo blows a whistle, causing Poki to run away and fly. It is accompanied by many more lemurs. Meelo's entire family look on in awe. Meelo blows his whistle, commanding the lemurs to fly toward the direction in which he is pointing. On a final blow and a point to the ground, all the lemurs land on the floor, with Poki at the center.
Tenzin [Laments to himself.] I've created a monster. [To Meelo.] Uh, maybe we should forget about all this training discipline for now. Why don't you and Poki just have fun and play?
Meelo Thanks, dad, training makes me tired. Come on, Poki.
Meelo runs back to his room with Poki. With a blow of his whistle, all the remaining lemurs leave the scene.

Cut to the police office, where Korra kicks the door open.

Korra [Agitatedly.] You ratted me out to the President?
Mako [Calmly.] Korra, let me explain.
Korra Explain why my boyfriend stabbed me in the back?
Mako Look, the President of the Republic asked me a direct question. What was I supposed to do?
Korra [Angrily and accusingly.] You betrayed me, and my family! [Kicks Mako's desk aside with airbending.]
Mako [Snaps.] Enough! Look, I have a job to do! I can't constantly be worrying about keeping you from making another huge mistake!
Korra [Angrily.] Well, I have a job to do too, only it seems like you're always standing in the way of me getting it done!
Mako Well, I guess if we're both putting our jobs first, maybe there's no room for our relationship! [Both look at each other in silence.]
Korra [Sadly.] So, what? Are you breaking up with me?
Mako [Sadly.] Yeah. I guess I am.
A tearful Korra runs out of the office. Lin exits her office in shock.
Lin What the flamey-o happened here?
Mako [Sadly.] I broke up with the Avatar.
Lin [Smirking.] You got off easy. You shoulda seen Air Temple Island after Tenzin broke up with me!
Cut to the Mo Ce Sea, where Korra is driving a speedboat with a tear on her face. She wipes it off but is interrupted by a bump. She looks back and notices her cousins are attacking her with waterbending.
Eska [Enraged.] You ruined my wedding!
Eska throws a stream at Korra, but she manages to dodge it. She destroys her cousins' jet skis, but they glide on the water and soon catch up with her.
Eska [Enraged.] No one steals my Bolin!
Eska destroys Korra's speedboat, throwing her overboard. Underwater, Korra emerges from a waterspout and attacks her cousins with firebending, while avoiding their waterbending attacks. Eska manages to knock Korra off, but Korra regains her balance with an airspout before jumping on another waterspout. She quickly bends a water dome, trapping her cousins. Cut to Eska and Desna shielding themselves from the water before they notice a green glow underwater. Both look at each other and retreat. Korra notices her cousins retreating and starts descending.

A giant dark spirit emerges and Korra dodges its attacks but is knocked off her waterspout. Underwater, Korra enters the Avatar State and re-emerges. She attempts to purify the spirit, causing it to glow golden, except for the head. The spirit prepares to head underwater, but re-emerges at the last minute and proceeds to devour Korra. Korra futilely firebends at the spirit before being swallowed and dragged into the water below.

Cut to Eska and Desna, who have witnessed the entire incident. They leave the scene.

Fade to credits.






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