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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Avatar has been abducted! After Tarrlok arrested her friends, Korra confronted the councilman in his chambers. But the heated argument quickly turned into an all-out bending battle! Desperate to save himself, Tarrlok revealed his ability to bloodbend and took Korra far from Republic City. Will the Avatar's friends find her before it's too late?
The episode opens by showing a basement room with a metal box in the center and a dark staircase are also seen. A door at the top of the stairs opens and Tarrlok steps in, using bloodbending to levitate Korra several inches off the ground in front of him. Korra groans as he levitates her down the stairs and into the box.
Korra [Strained, while looking at Tarrlok.] What are you doing? [When Korra is entirely in the box, he releases his bloodbending grip on her, causing her to land, and slams the metal door shut; aggressively.] Tarrlok! [Korra begins pounding on the door as Tarrlok walks up the stairs.] You can't keep me in here forever!
Tarrlok steps outside and gets back into his vehicle. He drives away, revealing that Korra's prison is in a remote location in the middle of snowy mountains. Cut to Air Temple Island at dawn as a telephone rings. Tenzin and Pema are asleep in bed with Meelo between them. Meelo sits up, rubs his eyes, and crawls over his father's face to answer the phone, waking him up in the process.
Meelo [Annoyed.] Who is this? It's six in the morning! This better be important!
Tenzin [Sitting up and taking the phone from him, leaving him somewhat annoyed.] Councilman Tenzin here. [Camera rotates around him to show his shock at the news he just received.] What?!
Cut to a photographer taking a photo of the damages in City Hall. Tenzin arrives, while the camera, through the lens of a photo camera, zooms in on an electrified glove and several Equalists weapons. Cut to Tarrlok, who is having his arm wound healed by a male healer.
Tenzin What happened? [Walks toward Tarrlok.] What was Korra doing at City Hall?
Tarrlok As I told Chief Saikhan, [Stands up as he rolls down his sleeve.] Korra came to my office late last night. She was upset that I arrested her friends. She asked me to release them and ... that's when the Equalists attacked. [Flashback to Tarrlok dropping an Equalist chi-blocker mask.] I tried to protect Korra, but we were outnumbered. [Flashback of Tarrlok throwing a bola around a pillar.] Then, I was electrocuted. [Flashback of Tarrlok, as he uses an Equalist glove to electrify himself in the shoulder while growling.] When I came to, the police had arrived. But Korra was gone. [Moves toward Tenzin; sighs regretfully.] I'm so sorry. [Bows and turns to Saikhan.] Chief Saikhan, mobilize the entire police force. We have to find the Avatar.
Cut to Lin Beifong lying in bed, listening to the radio.
Radio [Static burst.] We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this special report. Late last night, Equalists attacked City Hall, [Lin sits upright, startled, and begins tuning the radio to listen more closely.] subduing Councilman Tarrlok and capturing Avatar Korra. Details are still coming in, b-
Lin switches off the radio. She gets slowly out of bed, pausing for a moment to groan and hold her arm. She crosses to a cupboard and opens it, looking at her Metalbending Police uniform arranged inside. She stands in her underclothes with her back to the cupboard and metalbends her uniform onto her body. She glances down at the police insignia on her chest and tears it off, before putting on a long coat. Cut to the Toph statue in front of police headquarters, before cutting to Asami lying on her back on a cot in her cell. She sits up as Lin metalbends the door off its hinges and tosses it away.
Lin Hope you got enough beauty rest. Come on, I'm busting you out.
Asami [Smiling.] Thanks. I owe you.
Cut to close-up on Bolin's face. Mako and Bolin are standing in their cell. Mako has his back to Bolin, who is attempting to pee in a toilet in the corner of the room.
Mako Are you done yet?
Bolin Cover your ears! I can't go with you listening.
Mako sighs and covers his ears. He glances up as the cell door is metalbent off its hinges.
Mako Asami! [The two embrace and kiss.]
Bolin Ahh! [Bolin blushes.] A little privacy, please!
Mako [To Asami.] Are you all right?
Asami I'm fine! It's so good to see you.
Lin Hate to break up your lovers' reunion, but Korra's in trouble. Amon captured her.
Mako [Camera zooms in on Mako, as they look at her in horror.] No. No, she can't be gone!
Lin Come on, we have an Avatar to rescue.
The three teens run from inside the cell. There is a zipping noise and Bolin stops, squeaks, and blushes.
Lin [Cut back to Lin as she turns her head outward; her expression indifferent; bluntly.] Your fly was down.
Bolin [Embarrassed.] Thanks for catching that.
Shot of Korra's mountain prison, before cutting to the box in the basement. Korra is throwing herself against the sides of the box, kicking, and pounding trying to break herself out by sheer force.
Korra [Pounding on the door.] Somebody! Help! Please! [She slumps to the ground, exhausted and realizing the futility of her actions.] Please. [Tenzin's voice is heard in Korra's memory.]
Tenzin I urge you to meditate on these visions. I believe Aang's spirit is trying to tell you something.
Korra inhales and assumes a meditative pose. Flashback of Aang's experiences. He is standing in a street and turns around as he hears multiple booted footsteps behind him.
Toph [Voice-over; mildly annoyed.] What are you doing here, Aang? [Cut to Toph and several metalbending police officers.] I told you, I have this under control.
Aang [Cut to a concerned Aang.] Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't get involved, but if what those victims said is true, we're not dealing with a normal criminal.
Toph [Smiling.] Fine. Follow me, Twinkle Toes.
Aang [Annoyed.] Toph, I'm forty years old. You think you could stop with the nicknames?
Toph [Walking away and still smiling.] 'Fraid not. [Aang grimaces in annoyance and follows.]
Cut to an aerial shot as the group approaches a table in Kwong's Cuisine, where a man is eating.
Toph [Pointing at the man at the table.] It's over! You're under arrest, Yakone!
Yakone [Cut to a close-up of Yakone with his eyes closed and head down; calmly.] What is Republic City coming to? Used to be, a man could enjoy his lunch in peace. [Toph bends a cable from a spool at her belt around his wrist and yanks him forward, knocking over his table. A policeman comes to tie his arms behind him.] What's the big idea?
Aang We have dozens of witnesses, Yakone. We know what you are.
Toph [Gestures to guards.] Take him away.
Yakone [Being led away; yelling back to Aang and Toph.] I've beaten every trumped-up charge you yahoos have brought against me! [Confidently and arrogantly.] And I'll beat this one, too.
Close-up on Aang's serious face, which changes to Korra's face as the flashback ends.
Korra [Eyes open wide.] Whoa. [To the ceiling.] I finally connected with you, Aang. [Confused.] But, what are you trying to tell me? [With a sad expression.] A way out of this box would be nice. [She inhales, closes her eyes and begins meditating again.]
Cut to Lin, Mako, Bolin, and Asami walking into Tenzin's office. Tenzin is on the phone.
Tenzin [Over phone.] I have to go. Call me back the minute you hear anything. [Hangs up and stands up; very surprised.] Lin? Wh-wh-what are y- What are y- You should be in the hospital! And you three! [Points.] You should be in prison!
Lin I figured you could use our help finding Korra.
Mako [Steps forward anxiously.] Do you have any leads?
Tenzin I've been on the phone all morning, but nothing yet.
Mako [Excitedly with a new idea.] We need Naga! She can track Korra.
Tenzin I'm afraid her polar bear dog is missing as well.
Bolin Then where do we start?
Lin My guess is the Equalists are hiding underground in the maze of tunnels beneath the city.
Asami [Bitterly.] Underground ... just like my father's secret factory. Figures.
Bolin [Remembering a past experience.] Yeah! Yeah, that makes sense! When those chi-blockers had me in their truck, it sounded like we drove into a tunnel!
Mako I know where to start looking! Come on! [He, Bolin, and Asami rush from the room.]
Lin [To Tenzin.] Wherever Amon is keeping Korra, I bet that's where my officers are too.
Tenzin Let's bring them all home, Lin.
Cut to shot of downtown Republic City, as the group flies in on Oogi. They land in a deserted street and dismount off Oogi.
Mako [Points down a road.] The truck with Bolin took off down this alley. [The group jogs to the next intersection.]
Asami Which way?
Bolin Hmm. This way kinda ... [Sniffs the air.] smells familiar.
Lin metalbends the sole of her shoe back and uses seismic sense to test the ground.
Lin There's a tunnel nearby. [Sets off as the rest of the group follows and slides down an embankment.]
Mako [Indicating a large tunnel entrance with a metal gate.] There!
Lin [Inspecting the ground.] Motorcycle tracks.
Mako Korra has to be in there ... somewhere.
Lin metalbends the gate open. Cut to the group walking into an intersection of tunnels. Mako uses firebending to light the way.
Mako Let's try this way.
Asami And what if Korra's not down there?
Mako [Sharply.] Then we pick another tunnel until we find her! [Asami looks hurt.]
Cut to the group walking down the tunnel. Asami has dropped back, placing herself so that she is next to Bolin.
Asami Hey, is Mako all right? He seems really worried about Korra.
Bolin [Agreeing.] Yeah, we all are!
Asami I know, but, he's your brother. Do you think that he likes Korra as more than just a friend?
Bolin [In a slightly high-pitched voice and chuckling nervously.] W-What? No! That's, just gossip, where'd you hear that? [Pointing to Asami.] Crazy talk is coming out of your mouth right now. Heh ...
Asami [Placing her hand on his shoulder; in a demanding tone.] What do you know, Bolin? Come on, spill it.
Bolin Nothing! I mean, there was this one time during the tournament when Mako and Korra kissed, but-
Asami [In shock.] They ... kissed? [Looks at Mako's back.]
Bolin Believe me, I was upset too, but, I'm over it. I don't think it meant anything.
Asami [Upset.] I doubt that. [Starts walking after the others when the noise of motorcycles is heard.]
Lin Hide!
The five duck behind a pillar as the Equalist motorcycles approach. One Equalist flips a switch on his motorcycle dash that in turn opens a secret door in the opposite wall of the tunnel. The two motorcycles race inside and the door promptly closes. Lin makes a face and crosses the tunnel, followed by the others. She runs her hand across the door and uses metalbending to trigger the opening mechanism and force the door up. The group rushes in and the door closes behind them. They approach a large open space, where Equalists are loading supplies onto tram carts on tracks that lead into various tunnels. An Equalist with a clipboard is directing loading and traffic.
Equalist traffic director That tram goes to the training camp. [Tram disappears down a tunnel and he walks to another one that has just arrived. A female Equalist climbs down.]
Female Equalist Everything was delivered to the prison, sir. [Both walk away.]
Tenzin [Whispering to the others.] That's where they must be keeping Korra.
Lin We need to get down that tunnel.
Lin signals the group with her hand and they all run toward the tram and jump in. The tram starts to move down the tunnel. At the tunnel's exit, two Equalists are waiting for the tram. A light flashes and an alarm sounds to signal the tram's arrival. It coasts to a stop with nothing inside.
Equalist It's empty!
Equalist [Sarcastically.] Yeah, I can see that.
From inside the tunnel, Lin uses her metalbending cables to grab the two Equalists and drag them inside. The two Equalists are shown tied up next to each other.
Lin [To Bolin and Asami.] You two, keep an eye on them.
Lin uses her seismic sense to search the prison.
Lin My officers are inside.
Mako [Curiously.] What about Korra?
Lin I don't see her yet.
Mako, Lin, and Tenzin head off down the corridor. They turn the corner and see two Equalists, who prepare to attack them. Tenzin uses his airbending to knock them against a wall. Mako runs toward them and grabs one of them, removing his mask.
Mako [Angrily.] Avatar Korra. Where are you keeping her?
Cut to Lin peering into the prison cell, where her metalbending officers are being kept. She metalbends the bars apart and walks in.
Officer [Wearily.] Chief Beifong?
Lin I'm too late. That monster already took your bending, didn't he?
The officer nods his head. Lin looks down sadly.
Lin [Sadly.] I'm so sorry. [In a normal tone.] Come on, let's gets you out of here.
All the officers get up and follow Lin out of the cell. Cut to Mako, who has pinned the Equalist against a wall.
Mako [Angrily.] I'll ask you one more time; [Ignites his right hand.] where is she?
Equalist [Weakly while grabbing Mako's arm.] We don't have the Avatar, and the Equalists didn't attack City Hall. Tarrlok's lying.
Mako [Drops the man back to the ground; surprised.] What?
Lin walks up.
Lin I scanned the entire prison. Korra's not here.
Mako [Letting go of the man, who collapses while dispersing the flame in his hand.] Why would Tarrlok make up a story about getting attacked?
Tenzin Because he has Korra. He fooled us all!
A siren starts sounds and the group runs back to where Bolin and Asami are standing guard.
Bolin Let's go, people!
Everyone gets into the tram, which takes off. Equalists in another tram start to catch up from behind. Bolin uses his earthbending to collapse the tunnel sides, causing the tram to crash in the rubble.
Bolin [Jubilantly and challengingly.] Try to chi-block that, fools!
Lin, at the front of the tram, notices an army of Equalists waiting up ahead. Among them is the Lieutenant and several mecha tanks.

We've got more company! [Lin metalbends a rail from the ceiling onto the track.] Hang on!

The tram climbs the rail as Lin earthbends a hole in the ceiling. The tram flies through the gap and lands on the ground of the tunnel above. Everyone groans as Lin makes another hole on the ceiling and daylight streams in. Cut to the mountains, where Tarrlok is keeping Korra. Cut to Korra meditating in the metal box. Flashback to Aang's memory of Yakone's trial.
Prosecution attorney Yakone has ruled Republic City's criminal empire for years. Yet he has always managed to stay out of the law's reach, until now. You will hear testimony, from dozens of his victims, and they will tell you, Yakone has maintained his grip on the underworld by using an ability that has been illegal for decades. [Turns to the council, where an older Sokka is sitting.] Bloodbending. [Sokka narrows his eyes.]
Defense attorney The prosecution's entire case is built upon the make-believe notion that my client is able to bloodbend at will, at any time on any day. I remind the council that bloodbending is an incredibly rare skill and it can only be performed during a full moon. [Close-up of Yakone.] Yet, the witnesses will claim that my client used bloodbending at every other time except during a full moon. It would be a mockery of justice to convict a man of a crime that is impossible to commit.
Cut to Aang before cutting back to Korra, who continues to meditate. Cut back to flashback as the United Republic Council returns from their deliberations and takes their seats.
Bailiff Councilman Sokka will now deliver the verdict.
Sokka In my years, I have encountered people born with rare and unique bending abilities. Why, I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang who was able to firebend with his mind. [Looks at Toph.] Why, even metalbending was considered impossible for all of history until our esteemed Chief of Police, [Camera cuts to Toph and her metalbending cops.] Toph Beifong, singlehandedly developed the skill. The overwhelming amount of testimony and evidence has convinced this council that Yakone is one of these unique benders and he exploited his ability to commit these heinous crimes. We find Yakone guilty of all charges and sentence him to life in prison.
Sokka pounds his gavel to seal the decision. The defense attorney crumples up a paper, throws it, and slams his fist on the table in annoyance. He looks toward his client as Yakone slowly stands up, grinning. Close-up of Yakone, as his eyes begin to suddenly bulge. Sokka cries out in pain as his body is contorted and after a moment, the other councilmen cry out as well. Cut to Toph Beifong, who is briefly shocked before trying to stop Yakone by metalbending her cables at him. Yakone rolls his eyes at her, incapacitating her immediately. He laughs as he turns and sees the entire room under his control. Aang struggles as he reaches out his hand to Yakone. Cut to Korra breathing deeply and raggedly with her eyes closed. Cut to City Hall, followed by the council chamber, as Tenzin's group approaches the council members and Chief Saikhan.
Tenzin Thank you all for meeting us on such short notice.
Lin [To Saikhan; coldly.] Chief.
Saikhan [Just as coldly.] Lin.
Tarrlok [Approaches from behind.] Have you news of Avatar Korra?
Tenzin We do. [Points at Tarrlok; angrily.] You kidnapped her, Tarrlok!
Tarrlok [Innocently.] I am shocked you would accuse me of such an evil act! I already explained: Equalists attacked us and took her!
Tenzin But there were no chi-blockers here last night. [Pointing.] You planted the evidence, didn't you?
Tarrlok [Angrily.] That is a ridiculous accusation!
Council page [From behind a pillar on the balcony above.] It's true! He took her! I was here when Avatar Korra arrived last night, but Councilman Tarrlok ordered me to leave. I was on my way out when I saw Tarrlok bring her down to the garage.
Flashback to Tarrlok kidnapping Korra, throwing her into the back of his automobile.
Tarrlok Say goodbye to Republic City, Avatar Korra. You'll never see it again.
Tarrlok leaps back and shields himself from a burst of flame, slamming the door as Korra screams in frustration. The page watches from behind a pillar as Tarrlok drives off. End of flashback.
Tarrlok [Enraged.] That is nonsense! [Page cowers behind the pillar as he points at him.] Everyone knows you're nothing but a squeaky-voiced liar!
Lin [Folds her arms and looks at the page.] Why did you wait until now to 'fess up?
Council page [Looking down.] I was terrified to tell because ... [Looks up.] Because Tarrlok is a bloodbender! [Everyone looks at Tarrlok in shock.] He bloodbent Avatar Korra!
Tenzin [To Tarrlok.] Don't make this worse for yourself. [Takes his airbending stance.] Tell us where you have Korra.
Lin also takes her stance and both prepare to attack. Tarrlok's eyes bulge as Tenzin and Lin both bend at him, but he has control of their bodies before they can hit him. Everyone in the room cries out in pain as Tarrlok bloodbends them to their knees. Tarrlok continues to bloodbend until one by one, everyone falls unconscious. Tarrlok backs away and flees the scene. Cut to an unconscious Tenzin as Lin walks up to him.
Lin Wake up!
Lin slaps Tenzin across the face, waking him fully. Mako helps Asami up as Bolin wakes up and moves around.
Bolin [Looks around the chamber.] Ughh! Man! I had this awful dream that Korra was taken by this evil bloodbender. [Mako and Asami look at him.] So weird.
Asami Bolin, that really happened. He knocked us out.
Bolin [Shocked.] Are you serious? [Looks around.] Where is he? Is he here right now?
Saikhan Tarrlok is long gone. I'll alert the whole force. [He and the council members leave.]
Lin We've only been out for a little while. Maybe we can still pick up Tarrlok's trail.
Tenzin It could lead us to Korra! Let's go. [Everyone runs off.]
Cut to Korra meditating in the box. Flashback into Aang's memories. Aang is being bloodbent by Yakone, who is grinning in relish at his own power. Cut to Sokka's face, followed by Toph's, as Yakone makes her grab a ring of keys from her deputy's belt and float over to him. He forces Toph to unlock his cuffs, which bounce to the ground. He flexes his wrists, and raises his hands to bloodbend everyone into unconsciousness. He turns to see that Aang is still awake and levitates him high into the air.
Aang [With difficulty.] Yakone. [Yakone bloodbends his arms behind his back.] You won't get away with this!
Yakone [Laughing.] Republic City's mine, Avatar. I'll be back one day to claim it.
Yakone bloodbends Aang into the steps of the dais, knocking him out, before running outside. He leaps into a cart pulled by an ostrich horse and dashes off. Meanwhile, Aang regains consciousness as his eyes and tattoos glow briefly. He bursts out of City Hall on a large air scooter and quickly catches Yakone, who looks up and gasps. Aang sends a blade of wind to sever the ostrich horse's harness from the cart, which flips onto its side and slides to a halt. Aang coasts in front of the cart and waits for a moment. Yakone bursts out of the side door and bloodbends him to the ground.
Yakone This time I'm gonna put you to sleep for good!
Aang groans in pain as Yakone levitates him into the air and begins contorting his body to painful and near death positions. Suddenly, his eyes and tattoos glow once again and the bloodbending immediately has no effect on him. He earthbends a cone of rock around Yakone's body, immobilizing him completely, and places his thumbs on Yakone's forehead and chest as he struggles.
Aang I'm taking away your bending, for good. [Yakone groans as Aang's tattoos and eyes lit up as he energybends Yakone to remove his waterbending. When Aang's tattoos stop glowing, he steps back and Yakone slumps down. Frontal shot; in a somewhat tired tone.] It's over.
Korra [Stops meditating.] Aang ... this whole time ... you were trying to warn me about Tarrlok. [Rubs her eyes and stands up as she hears the door open.]
Tarrlok [Furiously.] My life is a disaster now, thanks to you.
Korra So your little bloodbending secret's out? [Tarrlok growls at her before leaving.] And I know how you bloodbent me without a full moon. [Tarrlok stops walking.] You're Yakone's son.
Tarrlok [Correcting her.] I was his son, but in order to win Republic City, I had to become someone else. My father failed because he tried to rule the city from its rotten underbelly. My plan was perfect. I was to be the city's savior. But you, you ruined everything!
Korra Tarrlok, the jig is up and you have nowhere to go.
Tarrlok Oh no. No, I'll escape and start a new life. And you're coming as my hostage.
Korra [Pounding on the door of the box.] You'll never get away with this!
Tarrlok walks to the top of the steps and gasps when he sees Amon, the Lieutenant, and several chi-blockers waiting for him.
Tarrlok [Shocked.] Amon!
Cut to Korra in her box, who gasps.
Amon It is time for you to be equalized. [The Lieutenant and other Equalists behind him all take fighting stances.]
Tarrlok You fool! You've never faced bending like mine.
Tarrlok begins bloodbending the group. The other Equalists all crumple and fall to the ground, but Amon seems unaffected and with minor struggle, begins walking forward. Tarrlok gasps and redoubles his efforts. Amon is halted for a moment, but with a very great effort he moves one foot forward and continues walking normally. Tarrlok begins backing up in horror.
Tarrlok [Whispers in surprise and horror.] What? What are you?
Amon I am the solution.
Amon reaches out and grabs Tarrlok's arm, twisting him around until he is standing behind him. He jabs his right hand at the base of Tarrlok's neck, who groans at that, and moves his left hand toward his forehead as Tarrlok watches in horror.

Cut to Korra sitting in her box, who hears Tarrlok's scream of anguish as his bending is removed. She looks up toward the ceiling, and the camera pans up a floor as he collapses to the ground with wide open eyes. The Equalists all groan and stand up as Amon lifts Tarrlok's limp body onto his shoulders.

Amon I'll take care of him. You four retrieve the Avatar. Do not underestimate her. Electrocute the box to knock her out before you open it. [Korra's eyes widen as she hears this.]
Lieutenant My pleasure.
Korra gazes at the bars in the top of the box as she hears the Equalists' footsteps descending the stairs. She glances down and fingers one of the bands on her forearm.
Lieutenant [Stepping in front of the box and pulling out his electrified kali sticks.] It's payback time. [Shocks the box.]
From inside, Korra fakes cries of pain as electricity courses through the box. She has removed one of her armbands and wrapped it over a bar in the roof. She is hanging from it so that she is insulated from the electricity and not harmed. The hanging bulb above the box shatters and the Lieutenant steps back.
Lieutenant [To the chi-blockers.] Open the box. [A chi-blocker opens the door to find Korra lying motionless on the floor with no way out of the box.] Tie her up.
Korra firebends a large burst of flame from her foot, forcing the Equalists back as she finally leaps out of the box. The Equalists fling their bolas at her, but she dodges and earthbends a giant wave to send them flying. Cut to Amon putting Tarrlok in his truck, as Korra bursts out of the house. They lock eyes for a moment before Korra bends snow into spears of ice and hurls them at Amon. He dodges, giving her enough time to run away and jump off a steep slope of the mountain. The Equalists run up to Amon.
Amon [To the Lieutenant and the three other Equalists; calmly scolding.] I thought I told you not to underestimate her.
Korra looks behind, as she uses waterbending to snowboard down the mountain. She trips over a tree root and flies into the air, landing hard against a tree. Snow lands on her and she groans before losing consciousness. Sometime later, Naga appears and runs up to Korra. She licks Korra's face, waking her up.
Korra Naga. You came looking for me. [Naga continues licking her.] Good girl.
She hugs Naga. Cut to Korra lying slumped across Naga's back as they walk back to Republic City. Cut to Tenzin, Lin, Mako, Bolin, and Asami flying above the city on Oogi as they hear a howl.
Mako That sounds like Naga! [Tenzin pulls the bison into a turn.] Down there!
Korra moans slightly as the bison lands and the group dismounts. Tenzin and Lin run up to her.
Tenzin Korra! Oh, thank goodness.
Lin Where's Tarrlok? How did you get away?
Mako [Shoving Lin and Tenzin aside.] Give her some space! [He reaches up and pulls Korra into his arms as he begins walking toward Oogi. Asami looks on with a pained expression.] I was so worried. Are you all right?
Korra I'm fine. I'm glad you're here. [Closes her eyes and leans her head against Mako's chest.]
Mako carries Korra to the bison's saddle and sets her gently down, brushing her hair back from her face.
Mako [Gently.] You're safe now.
Korra looks at him before falling asleep. Cut to everyone standing in the street.
Fades to credits.






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