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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Air Nation is reborn. Thanks to the energy shift from Harmonic Convergence, certain people have acquired airbending abilities including Bumi, Kai, and Opal. Although the new recruits show a lot of promise, they still have a lot to learn. While Korra remains safe in Zaofu, Tenzin brings the new airbenders to the Northern Air Temple to begin their training.
The scene opens to the Northern Air Temple. Cut to a scenic view of a grass plain with hills and the Northern Air Temple in the background. Various colorful spirits mingle and fly about.
Tenzin [Off-screen.] His pupils pleaded with their master [Camera cuts to a close up of the air temple.] to eat something, but he refused, [Cut to Tenzin who tells the story excitedly with a wistful smile.] just like he had each day during summer. [Cut to the airbenders who, except for Otaku, listen with disinterest.] Instead he meditated and got his nourishment from the universe. So when Tang Xu completed the ninety-seventh day of his historic fast on which island?
Otaku [Puts his hand up.] Oooh! Oooh!
Tenzin Anyone besides Otaku, who already studied this in his acolyte training?
Otaku Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Tenzin And is answering every question.
Otaku Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! [Tenzin finally looks and glances at Otaku, prompting him to answer.] Whaletail Island.
Tenzin That is correct. Again. Now, on day ninety-eight ... [The recruits break out in laughter.]
Bumi [Speaking in a falsetto, as he capers about with his tunic over his head and Bum-Ju peeking out from the collar. Waves his hands around.] Greetings, air people. I come seeking boring stories to take back to the Spirit World.
Bum-Ju flies out of Bumi's tunic and he falls down on the ground. Everyone laughs again, including Jinora. Tenzin glares at his daughter, who quickly sits back in a disciplined posture and clears her throat. Cut to Tenzin and Oogi flying in the sky, showing this to the new recruits.
Kai That is incredible! When do we get to fly around on our own sky bison like that?
Tenzin Only after many years of practice and intense training. [Recruits moan off-screen.] Besides, we don't have enough bison here for all of you.
Kai What about those? [Tenzin raises his eyebrows with surprise.] It's a whole herd of bisons. [Cut to an overhead view of the students standing at the balcony as they view a herd of air bison flying by. Tenzin walks up to them.]
Tenzin Actually, the plural of bison is bison.
Recruits Whoa! Cool! Wow look at that!
Kai Can we ride those?
Tenzin No, that's a wild herd. It would take many years to tame them. Now, let's get back to our lessons.
Scene shifts to two sky bison carrying the new airbenders, Kya, Pema, Rohan, Meelo, and Ikki.
Meelo [Off-screen.] Dad! [Tenzin raises his head and camera pans up to reveal two sky bison with people on them flying toward the temple. Ikki waves excitedly to her father while Meelo points to the bison behind him.] We brought you more airbenders!
The two bison land on the ground.
Tenzin Okay, everyone is dismissed. We'll pick this up ... [Sighs.] tomorrow. [As his wife and sister disembark.] How is everything in the city?
Pema Well, we had a little scare but everything is okay. Zaheer infiltrated the air temple.
Tenzin [Alarmed.] What! Is everyone all right?
Kya Everyone's fine. I fought with him, but he got away. And he stole some old necklace that had something to do with ... Guru ... Lak ... shmir.
Tenzin Guru Laghima?
Kya Right ... you know I can never keep all those gurus straight. There were like a million of them. Remember that long, boring story about that guy who never ate?
Tenzin [Unamused.] Yes ... I remember.
Air Acolyte member Avatar Korra is calling on the temple's radio.
The scene shifts to Tenzin picking up the microphone.
Tenzin [To Korra.] Are you all right? Where are you?
Korra With Beifong's sister in Zaofu. We're totally safe, unless we get caught in another fight between Su and Lin.
Tenzin Lin willingly took you to her sister?
Korra Not exactly. We got a call about an airbender and it turned out to be Su's daughter Opal. She'll be headed your way soon.
Tenzin [Excitedly.] Really? That's wonderful!
Bolin [Shoulders Korra aside and grabs the microphone.] She is wonderful, and pretty, [Tenzin and Korra get annoyed.] and so smart, and she smells like flowers ... [Notices Korra glaring.] Sorry. Bolin, out. [Slides out of view.]
Korra How's the training going?
Tenzin Not so well, I'm afraid. No one seems to be interested in the hard work of becoming part of the Air Nation.
Korra You need to give yourself a break. Let Jinora and the kids help you out, and what about Bumi? He was a naval commander, maybe he has some ideas about how you get people motivated.
Tenzin [Alarmed and angry.] Bumi?! He's my worst student.
Korra Yeah, but he loves to organize people. If you ask him for help, you can trick him into taking more responsibility by making him think the whole thing with his idea.
Tenzin That actually sounds like a good plan. You're turning into a pretty wise Avatar after all.
Korra Conflict resolution, that's what I do.
Scene shifts to Jinora and Kai looking over the mountain ranges, observing a herd of bison.
Kai We should go down there. I want to fly one of those bisons.
Jinora I don't know. We might get in trouble.
Kai Come on? Let's have some fun. We'll be back before anyone realizes we're gone.
Jinora [Smiles a little.] I guess it would be all right.
Kai and Jinora pick up their gliders to open them and fly down to the lake where the herd of bison is. A group of several spirits look up and watch Kai and Jinora flying and a few accompany them. A little bird-like spirit squeaks and flies in front of Jinora along with other kinds of flying spirits. Jinora gives a smile at the bird-like creature. Cut to an aerial view of the pair flying over a little mountain ridge as they catch sight of bison below near a watering hole.
Kai Look! Baby bisons. [Cut to a close up of three baby bison as one grooms itself and the other two play fight with each other.] How come they're on the ground?
Jinora [View changes to a frontal shot of the duo.] Air bison calves can't fly after a week or two after they're born. So the entire herd will stay near the ground, near the valley. [Kai angles his glider downwards and flies off-screen.]
Kai Let's go see the babies.
Jinora Be careful. The mothers are very protective.
Kai lands, folds his glider, and proceeds to pet one of the calves.
Kai Aww, look how cute!
Jinora Kai, get out of there!
Jinora notices an adult bison approaching and flies toward Kai. Kai, paralyzed with fear, watches the angry adult bison charge toward him. Jinora flies past and grabs him out of harm's way.
Kai Wow, you really saved me down there. You know, you're an incredible airbender.
Jinora Well, I've been training for a long time.
Kai Then, why don't you have tattoos like an airbending master?
Jinora My dad says I'm not a master yet.
Kai You can do everything your dad can. [Jinora looks at Kai, wide-eyed.] Plus, you have all these spirit-y powers. If anyone's a master, you are.
The girl blushes. Cut back to an aerial view of the courtyards outside the air temple, where Bumi is talking to three airbenders.
Bumi [Chuckles.] And so, we bring the net down on [Cut to Bumi regaling his tale to three airbenders. He has removed his Air Nomad top and is now wearing just a singlet.] the head pirate, and he looks around real sad and says, [Does his best impression of a pirate.] "I knew I should have followed my dreams and become a dentist."
Yung [Laughs.] How come you grow up to be so cool, while Tenzin became [Glares.] such a stick-in-the-mud?
Bumi [Contently.] Well, I guess cool is something you're born with.
Tenzin [Walking out of the temple from a small passage way leading to the courtyard.] Bumi, can I talk to you? [The airbenders walk away.]
Bumi Let me guess, you want to criticize me for something?
Tenzin Actually, I need your help.
Bumi [Begins to dig his ear with his pinky.] Oh yeah. With what?
Tenzin I don't think I'm doing well with the new airbenders, and everyone knows you're a natural leader. [Smiles awkwardly at his brother.]
Bumi [Removes his pinky from his ear with a pop.] True, I did win the Admiral Tung Natural Leadership Award, twice.
Tenzin [Looks a bit skeptical but forces a pleasant smile.] What would you do if you were in charge? Help me be more like you.
Bumi I'd love to. [Stands up before standing at attention.] You've got to use military discipline to whip these troops into shape. The only way to deal with new recruits is to [Punches a hand forward.] break them down so you can [Brings both hands up.] build them back up. Rule with an iron fist. [Clenches his hand into a fist.] Show them who the master is. [Waves his fist very close to Tenzin's face.]
Tenzin Thanks for the insight.
Bumi My pleasure.
Cut to the temple at daybreak, where Tenzin barges into the dorm and uses airbending to blast a horn, waking all the airbenders.
Tenzin [Sternly.] Dawn patrol! Everyone up!
Bumi What are you doing? It's barely light out.
Tenzin I'm taking your advice. I'm going to break you down and build you back up! [Cut to Bumi, with dark circles, who stares at Tenzin with disbelief and regret.] Now get moving recruit! [Bumi sighs.]
Cut to the mountainside, where Tenzin leaps up the mountain. Jinora follows next, followed by Kai, who stumbles, and the remaining airbenders, who grunt as they prop themselves up the plateaued summit.
Tenzin Nothing like a ten-mile hike first thing in the morning.
Yung [Shivering.] Don't these robes come in a warm bison fur version?
Tenzin No! Of course not. [Yung scowls and looks away. Bumi stands up.]
Bumi [Slumps onto the floor.] If it weren't so cold, I'd go right back to sleep.
Tenzin Then, this is the perfect time to learn meditation and proper breathing technique. Airbenders are able to warm themselves only with their breathing. [Sits.] Everyone get into the lotus position. Ah, this is so much more refreshing than sleeping.
Bumi [Crawls to his brother.] You know when I said that thing about an iron fist-
Tenzin Hush! Meditation time. Focus.
Bumi sighs and returns to meditation. Cut to the temple, where there are multiple thin wooden posts. The airbenders all sport dark circles from fatigue.
Bumi Can we go back to bed now?
Tenzin Now that we're refreshed and loose from our hike and meditation, it's time for a balancing exercise. [Leaps onto a post, standing on one leg.] The key is to maintain your heaven and earth connection. [Pulls out a feather and levitates it with airbending.] Now you try. [Cut to the students struggling.] Back up your posts! It's not hard if you concentrate. [Bumi struggles to balance, before falling off.] Get back up! [Switch to a close-up of Tenzin.] What's the matter, you can't handle it, soldier? [Bumi glares and slides slowly out of view on his back as the feather drifts down to rest on his face.]
Jinora Don't you think you're a little hard on them.
Tenzin Don't worry, they can take it. You'll see. [To Otaku.] Ignore the lemurs digging in your ears. Concentrate on your breathing and, you won't even know they're there! [Otaku loses his balance and falls off, the lemurs take over his post. View changes to mid-morning at another courtyard. Cut to Tenzin shaving Daw's head, who looks sad as his hair drops off.] When the head is shaved, an airbender is able to feel the wind around him. It is both humbling and freeing.
Kai Hey, you want to go sneak away and check on the baby bisons?
Jinora Shhh. You should be paying attention.
Cut to a slightly surprised Kai who shrugs and walks away. Tenzin polishes Daw's scalp, which shines.
Tenzin All right, who's next?
Yung I'm not sure I want to shave my head.
Tenzin That's fine, shaving your head is a personal choice.
Daw [Shocked.] Wait, what?
Tenzin Anyone else? [Everyone shakes their head.] Fine! Then we can get to our next training exercise: obstacle course. [Everyone moans.]
Jinora You're pushing too hard. Maybe we should give them a break.
Tenzin Jinora, I have this under control
Jinora glares at her father. Cut to the obstacle course, which is filled with spinning bells. A female airbender weaves through the bells.
Tenzin Concentrate! Remember, airbenders move like the wind.
The airbender weaves through the bells and smiles, before she is struck by a watermelon, plunging into the mud. Cut to Ikki and Meelo, where the former is loading a cannon with watermelons, while the latter smirks and continues firing the cannon. Cut to a rope obstacle, where Otaku is hanging for dear life, while the previous female airbender crosses before being struck by another watermelon. Kai runs through the rope, causing Otaku to lose his grip. Kai runs up the course and confronts the next obstacle: a cactus-ridden balancing obstacle.
Tenzin Stay light on your feet, and you'll never feel the stinging rash cactus.
Kai easily leaps through the balancing poles, before crashing into Yung and causing both to fall into the cactus patch. Cut to the cliff, where Kai leaps up with ease, overtaking Bumi and Otaku.
Tenzin Everyone is waiting for you, Bumi. If you don't make it over the next thirty seconds, they'll all have to run through the course again!
Airbenders You can do it, Bumi! Come on!
Bumi leaps to the next ledge, loses his grip, and plunges into the mud.
Tenzin Get back up the wall, recruit! You're letting your fellow airbenders down.
Bumi [Angrily.] I'm finished! I've never wanted to be an airbender and I'm too old to be back in boot camp. [Walks away.] Count me out!
Tenzin [Furiously.] Fine, quit! We don't need your attitude in the new Air Nation.
Daw Master Tenzin, when do we get to go home and visit our families?
Tenzin Go home? You just got here.
Female airbender When's dinner? I'm starving.
Yung Can I change out of my robe now? It's itchy.
Kai This is just as bad as the Earth Queen's prison.
Tenzin [Snaps.] I'm tired of all this complaining! Jinora, take over!
Jinora Does this mean, I'm the master now?
Tenzin Yes, just lead them through some basic exercises.
Jinora Well, since I'm a master, when do you think I can get my tattoos?
Tenzin What brought this on?
Jinora I was just talking to Kai, and he was asking me, so-
Tenzin Kai! [Kai awkwardly slides behind the airbenders.] What does he know about when you should get tattoos? The answer is "no"! You're just a little girl.
Jinora [Angrily.] I'm not a little girl anymore. I can airbend just as well as you. I know everything about our culture and history, and I have a stronger connection with the spirits that you ever will. [Storms off.] Lead your own class!
Tenzin Ikki, Meelo, you're up. Just lead them through the Bagua circle.
Meelo Look to your left! Look to your right! One of those people will not make it out of here alive.
Cut to Jinora, dejectedly looking at a flying bison herd, while Kai walks up to her.
Kai Sorry what I've said got you into trouble with your dad.
Jinora It's not your fault. He just can't believe that I'm growing up now and I don't need him telling me what to do like one of his recruits.
Kai [Smiling.] I know something that'll cheer you up.
Jinora and Kai fly to the valley where they found the bison herd, only to find it empty.
Jinora Where did all the spirits go?
Kai Where are the babies?
Jinora is caught by a fired net. Kai turns and airbends the rustler away. He turns to help Jinora, but is blocked by an earth wall. A rustler fires a net at him. Cut to the rustlers' camp, where they throw Jinora and Kai onto the ground in front of their leader.
Ganbat What are these kids doing in my camp?
Rustler #1 We caught them sneaking around. Thought they might tell someone we're here.
Ganbat They're the new airbenders. Must be living up in the temple. Hurry up and gather the rest of the gang and let's get out of here before someone comes looking for these kids. I'll take them to Ba Sing Se, with the rest of the fresh meat.
Jinora and Kai listen to the proposition with fear. Cut to the temple, where Tenzin is meditating.
Tenzin Tattoos. How could she think? Focus. Breathe. Bumi ruins everything. Inhale. Focus.
Pema Taking a little break from teaching?
Tenzin I've failed. Bumi quit, the rest of the airbenders want to go home. Can't they see that I'm trying to rebuild an entire culture?
Pema You know, just because these people can airbend, it doesn't automatically make them Air Nomads.
Tenzin Tell me about it.
Pema I remembered when I moved down my parents' house to become an Air Acolyte. That first night I was so scared and lonely and the bed was so hard.
Tenzin It's actually better for your back. [Pema scowls.] Sorry.
Pema The point is: I really wanted to be there, but it still took time for me to adjust to feel like I was a part of it all. The people are probably feeling the same way. You have to be patient.
Tenzin Now I know how Korra feels when I'm talking to her. [Kisses Pema.] Thank you, Pema.
Cut to the outside, where Tenzin sees his brother talking to two airbenders.
Tenzin Bumi, I want to apologize for losing my patience.
Bumi [Folds his arms.] I'm not talking to you. [Walks away.]
Tenzin Hey! Get back here. [Sighs; to the airbenders.] Where's Jinora?
Yung I saw her fly off on her glider with her boyfriend.
Tenzin [Alarmed.] What? [Narrows his eyes.] Her boyfriend? [Mutters.] Kai!
Cut to the rustlers' camp, where Jinora, Kai and the bison calves are locked in cages.
Jinora How can you steal these bisons? They're endangered.
Ganbat Well, that's why they're worth so much. The Earth Queen and her fancy friends pay big money for bison steaks and other rare meats. I even heard she ate her dad's pet bear.
Jinora You're disgusting. [Ganbat walks off.]
Kai Hey, do that spirit beaming thing you did to find me. Go to the temple for help.
Jinora I can't. I'm all cramped in here and I need quiet and time to focus. But, maybe I can send a message. [Focuses.] Spirits, I need your help. [A spirit appears in front of her.] Go find Bum-Ju, tell him we're in trouble.
The spirit flies out of the cage. Cut to the temple, where Bum-Ju chitters to Bumi
Bumi No, I don't think I should apologize. Tenzin just wants to boss everybody around. I'm too old for that. [Bum-Ju chitters.] Well, let's face it. I'm just not cut out to be an airbender! [Bum-Ju chitters.] Well, that's your opinion. [Bum-Ju curls up and sleeps. The spirit that Jinora summoned flies next to Bum-Ju and the two spirits converse. Bum-Ju jumps onto Bumi.] Wait, Jinora sent this spirit? Is she in trouble?
Bum-Ju and the spirit fly off, while Bumi gives chase. Cut to the airbenders, who are being trained by Meelo.
Bumi Jinora's in trouble. We have to go get her.
Yung How do you know?
Bumi Bum-Ju's friend told me.
Otaku You're able to communicate with the spirits?
Bumi More or less, I get the gist. Let's go.
Daw Shouldn't Master Tenzin be dealing with this? I don't want to get into trouble
Bumi Master Tenzin isn't here. It's up to us. Ikki and Meelo, grab some bison. Airbenders, move out!
The airbenders follow the spirit on two flying bison, where they land on a cliffside overlooking the camp. Cut to Bumi spying on the rustlers with a telescope.
Bumi Bison rustlers. They've got Kai and Jinora locked in crates. Looks like they're getting ready to leave, we'll have to move fast.
Daw I don't know if I'm ready to get in a fight with some bison rustlers. I can tell without that telescope that they're mean-looking.
Bumi [To the airbenders.] Listen, this is what we've been training for.
Daw We haven't been training that long.
Bumi That's not important now. Remembered how we persevered together on that obstacle course?
Otaku You actually quit.
Bumi [Annoyed.] Well, I'm not quitting now. I know we've had a tough time, me more than anyone, but we're airbenders, and there aren't many of us so we've got to stick together. They've got two of our own in cages out there, and we're not leaving until we bring them home.
Meelo Leave no airbender behind!
The rustler closes and locks a cage with a bison calf. As the calves whimper, Kai takes two twigs and picks the lock.
Kai In. Down. And twist.
Kai manages to free himself and the calf tumbles free of the cage. He proceeds to free Jinora.
Jinora Free the bison first.
Bison rustler #2 [Grabs Kai.] Hey! What are you doing out?
Kai airbends the rustler away, alerting the other rustlers, who run up to him. Meanwhile, the other airbenders charge into the camp. The rustlers, noticing the airbenders, defend themselves from the air blasts with an earth wall. Kai prepares to attack Ganbat, who is able to detect the attack and knocks Kai away with earthbending. Cut to Daw, who is nearly captured by a net, though he is able to feel the wind coming from the fired net, allowing him to narrowly dodge the attack before counter-attacking. Ganbat splits the airbender group with earthbending, but Meelo is able to leap up the earth wall and knock him off. Two airbenders, riding on Ikki's air scooter, sneak up another rustler and managed to ambush him. Bumi lets out a war cry and the airbenders charge the camp. While Meelo defeats the final rustler, Ganbat enters the truck and drives it away.
Jinora Kai!
Kai grabs his glider and pursues the truck. Cut to Tenzin, riding on Oogi when three adult bison fly past them. Tenzin watches the bison approach a truck.
Tenzin What's going on down there?
Jinora Kai! Help!
Tenzin I'm coming Jinora.
Kai catches up and enters the truck, knocking Ganbat down, though he is able to regain control and restrains Kai. The rustler looks in shock as he sees adult bison approaching the truck.
Ganbat What the ...
Tenzin directs Oogi to knock against the truck. Kai leaps off the truck and onto Oogi. An adult bison stops in front of the truck and airbends, stunning Ganbat. Kai leaps off Oogi angrily.
Ganbat You got me. I give up.
Kai aggressively sweeps a gust of air at Ganbat, flinging him against the truck.
Kai [Angrily.] You think you can kidnap Jinora, and all these baby bisons?!
Kai throws Ganbat upward before slamming him against the truck once more. Before he can attack, Tenzin stops him by grabbing his staff.
Tenzin Kai, that's enough! An airbender never attacks a defenseless opponent. [Smiles.] But that was very good technique.
Cut to the valley at evening, where the spirits roam about once more. Bumi locks the cage, which contains a sullen Ganbat.
Bumi Maybe you boys haven't heard, but there's some new airbenders on these parts. And you never mess with an airbender's bison.
Daw [To the other airbenders.] Without my shaved head, I'd never could have dodged that net. I really felt it coming at me. You guys should totally get shaved.
Tenzin [To Bumi.] I'm proud of you. Your connection with the spirits, natural leadership, you remind me of Dad.
Bumi I'm sorry I've been causing you so much trouble. I guess I was just scared of not being able to measure up as an airbender. You know, even though I'm Aang's son, I never really felt that I was a part of the Air Nation before.
Tenzin [Reassuring him.] You are now.
Cut to the bison herd, where Ikki and Meelo are playing with the calves while Jinora and Kai snuggle the mother bison. The mother bison licks Jinora.
Kai They're so friendly now.
Tenzin The bison are the original airbenders. They recognize their own kind.
Jinora [Hugs her father.] I'm sorry for running off.
Tenzin I'm just lucky no one's hurt.
Jinora I know.
Tenzin But I also realized that perhaps I was too harsh on you.
Jinora Does that mean I can get my airbender tattoos?
Tenzin It's hard for me to believe that my little girl is grown up enough to have her tattoos. I'll promise I'll think about it. Fair enough?
Jinora Yeah.
Kai Jinora, look. They're flying!
The calves awkwardly ascend, bleating and kicking their feet aimlessly.
Tenzin [Watching the bison calves.] I guess everyone is growing up.
Fades to credits.






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