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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] After Kuvira harvested spirit vines from the swamp, the vines in Republic City reacted by abducting people. Korra saved everyone, but all is not well. Varrick and Bolin returned to warn everyone about Kuvira's spirit vine super weapon. Now Raiko wants to mount a defense against the Earth Empire! Meanwhile, Bolin, Opal, and Lin are on a mission to rescue Su Beifong and her family, who are being held captive by Kuvira!
The scene opens to the camera, tracking left to right to show Opal's sky bison landing on the outskirts of Zaofu. Opal and Bolin get off the bison together.
Bolin All right, let's do this! [To Opal.] Saving the Beifongs and saving our love, because I vow to repair the rift that has grown betwixt us and make us whole again!
Lin Beifong [Angrily, walking between the two and giving Bolin a shove.] You. Zip it. Now. I had enough of your babble on the way in.
Bolin [Timidly.] Yes, ma'am.
All three of them walk to the edge of the mountainside, crouching out of sight and looking down at the city.
Opal Kuvira tore down all the domes. Why would she do that?
Lin [Pulling out a spyglass, surveying the city.] She's got a whole battalion of troops stationed there. There's no way we'll be able to spot anything useful from here. We'll have to go in for a closer look.
A voice speaks from behind them and they all turns their heads; Toph Beifong is walking up behind them, speaking in a mater-of-fact tone.
Toph Don't bother. All the prisoners have been moved.
Lin [Shocked by her mother's sudden appearance.] Uh ... hey, Chief.
Toph Hey, Chief.
Opal [Runs and hugs Toph.] Grandma Toph!
Toph You were only up to my waist the last time we were together.
Bolin [Excited.] Oh, man! Ohh, I can't. This can't be happening! [He waves hands in his face, becoming hysterical.]
Toph What?! Do you have to pee or something? [Opal giggles.]
Bolin No ... well, now, maybe. You're my hero! My name is Bolin. I'm dating your granddaughter, I mean, kind of. I may have screwed that up, but that's why I'm here and you're my hero! Oh, I said that. Can I have a hug too?
Toph What's up with him?
Lin He's an actor. So, you already checked the city for Su? How did you know she was captured?
Toph I've been living in the swamp and keeping watch on Zaofu through the vines.
Bolin Sure, okay, makes sense.
Toph By the time I got here, they were gone. I snooped around town and heard that they were taken away to some nearby prison camp.
Opal [Turns to Bolin with newfound bitterness in her voice.] Where would that be?
Bolin [Ashamed.] There's a factory and reeducation facility not too far away.
Toph [Disbelieving.] How do you know that?
Opal Bolin used to work for Kuvira.
Toph [Confused and agitated.] How did you end up dating the kind of dipstick who works for Kuvira?
Bolin [Pleading his case.] "Used to"!
Lin [Begins to walk away.] It's not his silver tongue, I can tell you that. [Toph and Opal follow.]
Bolin [Hastens after the group, disappointed.] Please tell me this attitude isn't hereditary.
Cut to a shot of Opal's bison panting as dark-green mucus drips from its nose. The bison proceeds to lick Opal.
Opal Grandma, this is Juicy.
Toph [Repulsed.] And I thought Appa was smelly. Why would you choose this leaky, nasty thing?
Opal [While Juicy nuzzles her.] You don't choose your bison. He chooses you. [She pats her bison.] And once he chooses you, you can't change. Believe me, I checked.
Cut to City Hall, Republic City. The shot shows the exterior, but Raiko's voice can be heard, from off-screen as the shot proceeds.
Raiko The borders are secure and troops are guarding the rail lines into the city. [Cut to City Hall interior, where Raiko is addressing Varrick and Asami. Mako, Korra, Wu, and Tenzin are also present.] So what have you two geniuses come up with to fend off Kuvira?
Varrick [As Asami displays schematics.] It's a flying mecha suit! [Strikes schematics, to Asami's annoyance.] Asami got the idea from watching dragonfly-hummingbirds. You can take off straight up, fly in any direction—
Raiko [Interrupting.] Where does the spirit ray come out?
Varrick [Coldly.] It doesn't have a spirit ray. I'm telling you what I told Kuvira: That technology should not be used!
Raiko [Angry.] It's already being used by Kuvira! I need spirit vine weapons and I need them now!
Korra [Firmly.] No. It was Kuvira's harvesting of the vines in the swamp that caused the Republic City vines to go crazy and grab all those people.
Raiko You're supposed to be the bridge between the two worlds. Why can't you harvest the vines?
Korra I won't do that. But maybe since the spirits love Republic City so much, I can convince them to help us defend it somehow.
Raiko [Nods curtly.] Hm.
Wu Okay, maybe while the weapon geniuses and the spirit bridge are getting ready for battle, we should be evacuating the ordinary citizens so that if Kuvira attacks, they won't be hurt.
Raiko [Taken aback.] That's ... actually a good idea. [Regaining composure.] Prince Wu, you work with the police to coordinate getting people out of the city. Now everyone get to it. I want daily updates.
Cut to outside of council chamber. Mako walks with Wu.
Mako Nice job in there. I'm proud of you. You're starting to act like the kind of king I'd like to work for.
Wu Thanks. [Smugly.] And if Korra buys this "man of the people" thing, I still might get to date her.
Mako [Rather disappointed.] You always have to ruin it.
Wu What? Come on! Why do you think guys do anything great? To pick up girls. Every work of art, every song, every city evacuation, all for the ladies. [Walks off while Mako stares in disbelief.]
Cut to Kuvira's factory. Scene zooms in on the facility housing a large cannon.
Baatar Jr. [Off-screen.] All right, everybody, let's test the power core. [Cut to a shot of Baatar, Zhu Li, two scientists, and two mecha tanks.] I want everything in order for the full demonstration for Kuvira tomorrow. Load the energy capsule.
The two mecha tanks lower a spirit vine capsule into the cannon.
Baatar Jr. Zhu Li, initialize phase one.
Zhu Li pushes up a lever and a current runs through the spirit vine sample; coursing with energy, it begins to radiate its characteristic purplish glow. Cut to the opening of the cannon's turret, where an ball of purple energy has begun to materialize. As Baatar Jr. watches with silent satisfaction, the meters on the machine begin to go haywire while a warning light flashes and an alarm sounds.
Zhu Li There's a problem with the condenser. It's backing up!
Baatar Jr. [Reluctantly.] Shut it down.
Zhu Li [Lowers the lever, though nothing happens.] I can't. The override isn't working. Everyone needs to evacuate. This thing is going to blow!
Baatar Jr. [Urgently.] Everyone get out! Now!
The two scientists and mecha tanks jump over a rail to escape. Baatar Jr. and Zhu Li remain. The former opens up a box to check the cannon's circuitry.
Zhu Li Come on, Baatar! It's too late!
Baatar Jr. reaches into the cannon's circuitry and shuts down the firing sequence. The vine sample in the capsule stops glowing and shrivels up. After searching for a few seconds, Baatar Jr. finds the reason for the malfunction and stares in disbelief at the cracked metal ring.
Baatar Jr. [Holding up the cracked ring.] This channeling ring was cracked. That's what caused the reaction to overload. [Angrily.] Now we're taking this whole thing apart tonight and checking everything! Nothing is too small. This has to be ready by tomorrow.
Cut to a shot of Juicy flying over to the factory.
Bolin [To Lin and Toph.] So how long as it been since you two have seen each other?
Toph [Relaxed. Lin, however, has her arms crossed.] Little while now. Couple of years. [Lin turns to her mother.]
Lin Try twenty.
Toph Ah, time flies when you get to be my age. I'm surprised you came to save Su. I thought you guys didn't get along.
Lin [Arms still crossed.] Su and I finally worked out our old grievances.
Toph [Lying back on the saddle.] Good, glad we can put all that behind us.
Lin [Sarcastically.] Right. "We".
Juicy touches down behind some rocks on the outskirts of the factory. Cut to view of factory.
Bolin [Voice-over.] Okay, there's the factory.
The group reaches the factory and Toph metalbends an opening in the wall. After she, Opal, Bolin, and Lin enter, the opening is metalbent shut just before a mecha tank on patrol passes by. Cut to inside the factory where the group continues to hide behind boxes to maintain stealth.
Bolin [Sees the cannon.] Whoa, that's one big ... thing.
Toph [Stamps her foot to get a seismic reading of the area. Concentrates for a moment.] I think I know where they are. Feel that cavern a few stories down? It seems empty, but it's guarded by an awful lot of mech.
Lin [Stamps her foot to confirm Toph's reading.] Right. Why would you need soldiers guarding an empty cavern? They must have them in some kind of suspended prison, so they can't use their earthbending. [A door suddenly begins to open.]
Bolin Someone's coming. Hide!
The doors open to reveal Kuvira, who is escorted by a pair of mecha tanks. They stand before the cannon. Baatar Jr., Zhu Li, and some associates walk up behind them.
Baatar Jr. I didn't expect you until tomorrow.
Kuvira [Gazing up at the cannon.] I just wanted to check in to make sure everything was on track. It looks wonderful.
Baatar Jr. We've had a few minor malfunctions, but we should be ready for the test tomorrow.
Kuvira [Turns to Zhu Li.] You've been working on this the entire time, Zhu Li. What do you think the problem is?
Zhu Li It's a very complex machine. There are bound to be some bugs to work out.
Kuvira But you're doing everything you can to fix those, correct?
Zhu Li Of course, your eminence.
Cut to Toph, Bolin, Lin, and Opal.
Toph She's lying. [Bolin lights up at this revelation.]
Cut back to Kuvira, who is addressing her subordinates.
Kuvira Tell the troops and the factory workers to attend tomorrow's demonstration. I want them all to witness this incredible new weapon in action.
Cut to Opal, Lin, Toph, and Bolin, who leave the scene. Scene changes to the outskirts of the factory.
Opal [Voice-over.] We should be thinking of a way to take out Kuvira while we have the chance.
Bolin Or at least destroy the cannon. If she takes that to Republic City, it could obliterate everything.
Toph I didn't come to fight with Kuvira or destroy a cannon. I'm here to save my family. [Gestures with her hand.] It will take everything we have just to get out alive. [Clenches both fists.]
Bolin [Thinks for a moment.] Hmm. Kuvira wants every single one of her people to see the weapon test tomorrow, so the factory will be mostly empty then. That's our best chance to sneak in and free Su without being spotted.
Opal [Mildly impressed.] Good thinking, Bolin.
Bolin Thanks. [Puts a hand to his head.] I kind of have a headache now.
Scene changes to Republic City's Spirit Wilds. Korra walks along and sees a small yellow spirit with two leaves on its head.
Korra [Waving enthusiastically.] Excuse me, spirit? Can I talk to ... [The spirit vanishes from sight.] and you're gone. [Korra turns around and sees more spirits vanishing from the wilds.] Just like all the other spirits. [Understanding dawns on her.] They're abandoning the city.
Cut to an overhead view of Lin, Opal, Bolin, and Toph gathered around a stone table.
Bolin [To Toph.] So let me ask you about metalbending. Su tried to teach me, but I couldn't get the hang of it.
Toph [While Opal and Bolin listen, Lin sits to the side and picks at her food.] I used to have an academy to train metalbending. Even blockheads like you can figure it out with the right instruction.
Lin Yeah, you're a real sensitive instructor.
Bolin I did learn how to lavabend.
Toph [Somewhat impressed.] Really? It's a very rare ability. [Smiles.] Maybe you do have some talent.
Bolin [Excited.] I can't believe ... you think I'm talented? [Fans himself.] That means so much to me coming from my hero.
Lin Yeah, she's real encouraging.
Toph Hey! I'm blind, not deaf.
Bolin So here's something I've always been curious about: Who's Lin's dad?
Lin whirls around with her eyebrows furrowed and her lips pursed. A moment of silence ensues.
Toph He was a guy named Kanto. Nice man, but it didn't really work out between us.
Bolin And ... [Realizing Toph is not going to reveal anything more.] okay.
Toph Lin, I can feel your enraged breathing from here. Just say what you have to say and let's get it over with.
Lin [Agitated.] Just get it over with? Yeah, let's not linger on the fact that I grew up without a dad. No need to get all touchy-feely about it. Just one of those things, right?
Toph Hey, I forgave you for all your garbage a long time ago and Su and I worked things out. [Cut to Opal and Bolin sitting, awkwardly holding their cups of noodles.] You're the only one who wants to hold on to this family drama nonsense [Bolin eats a mouthful of noodles.] for the rest of your life. [Bolin picks up some more noodles.]
Lin [Voice-over.] Forgave me for what?! [Bolin and Opal turn to Lin.] And not knowing my dad is nonsense to you? [Bolin continues to eat his noodles while watching the exchange.] It was pretty important to me. [Cut to Lin.] And until now, you would never even discuss it. You know, after Su and I patched things up, I thought, "maybe I should try to reach out to mom." [Cut to Toph.] But now that we're together again, I remember why we stopped talking. [Toph's eyebrows furrow.] You make me furious [Cut back to Lin.] and you don't even know why. And when I tell you, you don't care. [Cut back to Toph.] Once we save Su, you and I are finished.
Toph [Closes her eyes and sighs.] If that's your decision and it makes you happy, then fine.
Lin crosses her arms while Bolin continues to eat his noodles.

Cut to the interior of Kuvira's factory. It is dark, but the wheels of the vehicle upon which the cannon rests are visible. The doors suddenly open, allowing the light outside to illuminate the chamber. The vehicle begins to crawl outside. Opal lands on a vantage point overlooking the cannon. She whispers into a two-way radio.

Opal The test is about to start. They're going to blow up that empty town we flew over yesterday. [Camera pans to the town.] You're clear to go.
Lin [Voice-over.] Copy that. [Cut to Lin, Toph, and Bolin, who have taken down three of Kuvira's sentries.] We're clear to go.
Lin, Toph, and Bolin jump into a pit. The scene changes to an underground chamber; Toph opens up a hole in the rock to allow an entry into the prison. Cut to an underside view of a wooden container suspended in midair by ropes. Cut back to Bolin, Toph, and Lin who are analyzing the container.
Toph [Referring to a door on the side of the cavern opposite them.] The guards are on the other side of that door. [Cut to Suyin, who sees the group.] We'll have to be quiet.
Lin [Suyin touches Baatar's shoulder and he turns around to look.] Shoot me over to the cage [Cut back to Bolin, Toph, and Lin.] and I can swing them back on my cable. [Turns to face Bolin.] Bolin, you'll have to catch them since mom won't be able to see them. [Bolin nods. Lin bends down.] Ready?
Toph walks to the side and she and Bolin both earthbend a rock column to propel Lin into the air, who lands on top of the wooden cage. It shakes from the impact and the prisoners all grunt from the motion.

Cut to a guard, who bursts through the door on the other side of the cavern and looks up at the shaking wooden cage suspiciously. It stills and the guard turns around to leave, closing the door behind him. Toph uses earthbending to create another opening from which Bolin can catch the prisoners. Cut to the inside of the cage and pan up to see Lin having cleaved an opening from the top.

Lin We'll get you out one at a time. Come on.
Cut back to an underside view of the cage; Lin lowers Wei to Bolin, who catches him.
Bolin I got you!
Wei pats Bolin on the cheek, to the latter's surprise.

Cut back to the surface, where Kuvira's subordinates have gathered at the cannon to hear her speak.

Kuvira Congratulations on all of your hard work. [Close-up of Kuvira.] This weapon is proof that the Earth Empire is the strongest nation in the world. And believe me, this is only the beginning! [Crowd cheers off-screen. Kuvira turns to Baatar Jr.] Fire the weapon.
Baatar Jr. pushes up the lever to commence the cannon's firing sequence. The spirit vine in the capsule begins to glow purple. Cut to Baatar, Zhu Li, and Kuvira observing the weapon. Suddenly, an alarm sounds, surprising the three.
Kuvira What's wrong?
Baatar Jr. [Cut to inside of box containing the cannon's circuitry.] Probably something minor. [The cover opens to reveal the insides are smoking and Baatar peers in.] I should be able to find the problem. [The machine powers down. Baatar Jr. looks around and becomes surprised.] The distributor pin is gone. [Wipes his hands on a cloth.] I swear I locked it in place yesterday. There's no way it could have just fallen out. [Turns to Kuvira.]
Kuvira And this could cause the entire weapon to fail?
Baatar Jr. It could cause it to explode.
Kuvira [Turns to face Zhu Li.] What do you know about this?
Kuvira approaches Zhu Li, who begins to back away into the control panel.
Zhu Li Nothing.
Kuvira [Metalbends the distributor pin from Zhu Li's pocket and lets it twirl in front of them.] You swore your loyalty to me and I gave you a chance at greatness. [Grabs the pin in anger.] This is how you repay me?!
Zhu Li [Afraid, but turns resolute.] You're a monster. I regret nothing.
Kuvira [Seizes Zhu Li and throws her to Baatar Jr.] Chain her up in the target town. She can see how the weapon works [Cut to Opal's vantage point.] up close and personal.
Opal [Close-up.] Oh, no.
Cut back to underground prison. All the prisoners have been freed save for Suyin and Baatar.
Suyin [Reassuring Baatar Sr., who has pinned himself to a corner of the cage.] Sweetie, it'll be fine. Lin won't drop you and Bolin will catch you.
Baatar [Perspiring from fear.] No, no. Just go. Just leave me. I'll stay here. [Closes eyes.]
Lin [Lin and Suyin give each other a look; Suyin shrugs. Lin turns back to Baatar.] Sorry, but I have to do this.
Lin metalbends a cable around Baatar's right leg. Cut to Baatar swinging upside down from Lin's cable while screaming. The noise alerts the guard, who activates an alarm. A mecha tank steps behind him to assist. Cut to the wooden cage, where Suyin looks to the guard with worry; cut back to Baatar, who has landed in Bolin's arms, whimpering. Cut to Kuvira, who hears the alarm and whirls to face one of her guards.
Kuvira The prison. Get there now!
Baatar Jr. Should we postpone the test?
Kuvira I didn't come all this way to stop now. Fire when ready. I want to see that town destroyed.
Scene shifts back to the prison, where the mecha tank assaults Lin and Suyin with its flamethrower. Lin uses her metal cables to sever two of the ropes keeping the cage suspended. The cage begins to swing to the side of the cavern where the other prisoners landed and Lin and Suyin both leap from the cage to reunite with the rest. Suyin hugs Toph.
Bolin [Into a two-way radio.] We got 'em. We're coming out.
Scene shifts to the surface, where Lin, Bolin, and Suyin emerge from a hole and observe their surroundings before bursting out with the others. Suyin sees Opal, who glides down and pulls out her bison whistle to summon Juicy.
Opal Mom! Dad! [Hugs both before turning to Bolin.] Thank you. [Bolin smiles softly at her.]
Lin [Urgently.] Let's move.
Opal Kuvira caught Zhu Li and threw her in the town.
Bolin What? [Stands up.] No, I have to go save her.
Lin You can't go in there, kid. It's suicide. Kuvira's onto us.
Bolin We've been through too much together. I can't leave her. Toph, you said Zhu Li was lying about fixing the cannon. She must have been trying to stop it.
Toph For all you know, she could just have been covering her butt because she made a mistake.
Bolin [Adamant.] No, Zhu Li doesn't make mistakes. You guys leave. If we make it out, we'll make it to the city somehow.
Opal Bolin, no! [Turns to see Juicy fly in. Airbends herself onto Juicy.] You guys get out of here. I have to go with Bolin. [Flies off.]
Suyin [Turns to Lin.] Could be our best chance to stop Kuvira.
Lin [Considers.] Maybe take out that weapon.
Wing We can't let Opal be the coolest!
Toph If you all want to get yourselves captured again or worse, that's your business. I'm through.
Suyin [Places hand on Toph's back.] Watch out for Baatar Sr. and Huan. [She, Lin, Wei, and Wing head off to face Kuvira.]
Baatar So how have you been, mother?
Toph I told you never to call me that. [Baatar looks away, crestfallen.]
Cut to Republic City with a back view of Korra. Cut to a close-up of her face, eyes closed in concentration. Korra meditates into the Spirit World, finding herself at the Tree of Time, where multiple spirits have gathered.
Korra Spirits, this is the Avatar. [Korra turns around to face the spirits behind her.] Please listen to me. [Camera focuses on these spirits and pans to each one, even as more spirits continue to materialize.] Since I opened the portals, spirits and humans have lived happily together in Republic City. It's all I could have hoped for. I know you felt the effects of Kuvira cutting down spirit vines. But now isn't the time for you to flee the city. [Camera focuses back on Korra.] It's time for you to help me save it from Kuvira, who was perverting spirit power to use as a weapon against other humans. [A serpentine spirit with a beak descends from behind Korra.]
Dragon eel spirit We don't [Korra whirls to face him.] get involved with human wars.
Korra Spirits worked with Unalaq.
Dragon eel spirit He was misusing Vaatu's power during Harmonic Convergence to force spirits to fight you. Is that what you want?
Korra No, but as the Avatar, I'm hoping that you will come to my aid to save the new world we all share.
Dragon eel spirit [Camera focuses on the serpentine spirit with all his spirit companions gathered behind him.] What you want is exactly what Kuvira wants: to use spirits as a weapon in a human war. [The spirit and his companions begin to fade away.] The answer is no.
Korra Wait! Please, listen. [The spirits continue to fade away.] If spirits and humans are gonna live together, we have to work with each other! [Sighs.]
Cut back to Kuvira's factory. The cannon's turret slides into place, focusing its sights on the town. Baatar Jr. pushes up the lever to fire the weapon and looks through a pair of binoculars. He spies Opal, Bolin, and Juicy near Zhu Li.
Baatar Jr. [Peering through the binoculars.] Opal? No! [Faces Kuvira.] We have to stop the test!
The cannon continues to gather energy, but before the blast is released, earthbending pummels the side of the cannon, knocking it to one side, disrupting its aim. The beam punches a smoldering hole into a rock face directly behind Bolin, Opal, Juicy, and Zhu Li. The group regards the hole in shock.
Opal Whoa.
Kuvira looks for the source of the disruption and spots Suyin, Lin, Wei, and Wing. The Beifongs exchange blows with Kuvira's soldiers, but the battle reaches a stalemate with both sides hiding behind earth walls. Seeing an opening, Suyin goes to engage Kuvira atop the cannon, but her former protégée manages to stand her ground. Suyin is knocked from the tank by Kuvira, but Wei and Wing help their mother retreat. However, the Beifongs are eventually surrounded by Kuvira's soldiers and mecha tanks. Before the group is captured, however, the earth beneath the soldiers and tanks shifts and knocks them all down. The Beifongs turn around and realize that Toph returned to save them. She is accompanied by Baatar, Huan, Juicy, Opal, Bolin, and Zhu Li.
Toph [Pointing to Kuvira.] You give metalbenders a bad name!
Cut to a close-up of Kuvira as she processes Toph's words. Her gaze shifts up while the whoosh of Juicy's takeoff is heard. Cut to a back-view of Kuvira as she watching the bison depart with Bolin, Zhu Li, and the Beifongs. Cut to Bolin, Zhu Li, and Lin staring back at the site with concern.

Scene shifts to the group in a forested area.

Suyin Thanks for coming to save us, Mom.
Lin Yeah, thanks, Chief. [Pauses briefly.] I'm sorry for what I said last night. I was just ... you know.
Toph Look, I know I wasn't a great mother, but one way or another, I ended up with two great kids. Good enough to risk my bony old butt for, anyway. If you can just find some way not to hate me, maybe that's enough, at least for me.
Lin Me too. [Hugs her mother.]
Bolin You know, I never had any family except for my brother [Moves to link an arm around Toph and Lin, much to their surprise.] until a few years ago, [Pulls them close.] and reuniting with them made me realize how special it is.
Toph Argh, enough! [Escapes Bolin's embrace, causing Bolin to collide with Lin.] Enjoy the ride back to the city [Lin shoves Bolin aside.] with the gum flapper here.
Opal Aren't you coming back to Republic City with us, Grandma?
Toph No, my fighting days are over. Don't tell Korra, but my back is killing me now. This is why you didn't see Katara messing with that civil war nonsense. At some point, you gotta leave it to the kids. [Walks off.]
Zhu Li I want to thank you for coming back to save me. And don't be too hard on Bolin for working with Kuvira. His heart was in the right place.
Opal [Playfully.] I think Bolin has worked his way out of the polar bear doghouse. [Kisses his cheek.]
Bolin [Smiling triumphantly.] Yes! [Laughs.]
Zhu Li We should get going. I'm afraid I have bad news to deliver to Republic City. [Cut to close-up of Zhu Li's face.] Kuvira is going to attack in two weeks.
Cut to a shocked Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Opal.
Cut to credits.






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