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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Lin Beifong has a sister. After arriving in Zaofu, Korra met Opal, a new airbender whose mother is Lin's estranged half-sister. Suyin and her daughter welcomed Lin with open arms, but she wanted nothing to do with them. Meanwhile, Zaheer infiltrated Air Temple Island, looking for the Avatar. After battling with Kya, he escaped and is now a wanted man in Republic City.
The scene opens with a morning view of Zaofu. The metal dome covering Zaofu opens. Team Avatar and Suyin's family are sitting at the table for breakfast.
Mako Hey, has anyone seen Chief Beifong?
Korra I think she's still sulking in her room.
Suyin I know she has a problem with me, but she had no right to yell at Opal last night. [Wei and Wing run into the room.] All set for your power disc game, guys?
Wing [While Wei takes a few pieces of fruit from the basket.] Yeah, all set to kick Wei's butt. [Snatches an apple.]
Wei I wanna power disc your face. [Smacks Wing in the stomach, causing him to choke on the apple. To Korra.] You should go play with us.
Korra Um. I don't think I'd be much competition, since I can't metalbend.
Suyin Really. Lin never offered to train you?
Korra Nope. And I guessed I never thought to bring it up because I was learning to airbend, then there was the pro-bending, then I got tied up fighting Equalists. It was a busy few months.
Suyin Well, it's probably for the best. I'm sure Lin would be a horrible teacher. [Chuckles with Korra.] As the Avatar, you should have mastery over all the elements. I'd be happy to show you the basics.
Korra Really? That would be great!
Opal [To Bolin.] You should try it, too.
Bolin [Flinches visibly.] Uh, nah. I'm more of an earth guy. The dirt, rocks; y'know, maybe some light gravel. That's kinda where my heart is.
Suyin Okay, Earth Guy. Well, let me know if you change your mind.
Suyin's necklace begins to be pulled off. Cut to the table, where the cutlery begin shaking and being pulled away, causing everyone with duck for cover. Cut to a suit, where the cutlery flies and stick to. The person in the suit removes the helmet cover, revealing to be Varrick.
Varrick It worked! Zhu Li, mark it down. Magnet suit test successful. [Everyone peers out of the table.] Power down. [Zhu Li unplugs the suit, causing everything to drop.] On to phase two: Zhu Li cleans up this mess. [Zhu Li hangs her head in disappointment.]
The scene shifts to Lin walking outside of her room, as she sees two guards leaning against a wall and chatting.
Guard #1 How many push-ups did you do last night? 'Cause I did like fifty.
Lin What do you two think you're doing?! Get back to work! [Groans uncomfortably and puts her hand on her face.]
Aiwei Is everything all right here?
Lin The Avatar is in danger, and these two knuckleheads are just standing around chit-chatting.
Aiwei Don't worry, Zaofu is the most secure city in the world.
Lin I'll be the judge of that. I'm going to check every inch of this place. [Tries to walk away, but Aiwei blocks her path.]
Aiwei Lin, you do not have to work while you are here. You need to relax.
Lin I'm fine! [Groans uncomfortably again.]
Aiwei It doesn't take a truth seer to know that you are under a dangerous amount of stress. If you don't deal with your suppressed feelings, there will be severe consequences to your health ... and your job.
Lin I'm not interested in talking about my feelings.
Aiwei You won't have to say a word. I know a great acupuncturist in town who will be able to help you. [He hands Lin a card.]
Lin Hmm.
Scene shifts to Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and P'Li's hideout in a vine-infested Republic City apartment.
P'Li [To Zaheer.] Seems like you made quite the stir on Air Temple Island. The cops are swarming the city looking for us.
Ghazan You still want to try to take out the president?
Zaheer No, he'll have to wait. We leave today.
Cut to the group, looking down at a view of street in Republic City.
Zaheer There's our ticket out of here.
A truck driver is lifting boxes into the bag of his truck. Suddenly a water whip grabs hold of him, bent by Ming-Hua, and pulls him to the side of his truck. Terrified, he looks at Zaheer and P'Li, who are standing in front of him and glaring at him. Directly behind the driver, subduing him with an ice claw in one hand and holding an ice dagger at his neck, is Ming-Hua.
Driver There's no money! I just made my last delivery!
Ming-Hua We don't want money.
Cut to an operating room. Lin is lying on a bed, looking upward as Guo bends needles out of a tray and stops them right above her.
Lin How many of those things are you going to stick in me?
Guo I'll be placing several needles on each of your acu-points. There's nothing to be scared about. [He is about to lower the needles into Lin, but she quickly lifts her head.]
Lin I'm not afraid of needles!
Guo Please, close your eyes and take a deep breath. [Lin does so, and the needles slowly go into different spots in her upper body.] This process corrects an imbalance in your chi. Please tell me if you feel any pain or pressure.
Lin I can't feel a thing.
Guo That's unusual. Your chi must be powerfully blocked. We're going to need more needles. [While adding more needles.] Acupuncture often taps into peoples' buried memories. These memories can sometimes be difficult to process.
Lin [Skeptical, as a needle approaches her forehead.] Huh, buried memories. Uh-huh.
The scene manifests one of Lin's memories. A teenage Suyin is relaxing inside of her living room with two boys. The door opens and someone walks inside. It is Lin, who is also much younger.
Lin Su, what are you doing home?
Suyin [Laughs.] Wow, you almost look like a real cop!
Lin You're supposed to be in school.
Suyin [Sarcastically.] Oh no, are you going to tell Mom? It's not like she's going to care.
Lin [To the boy who is sitting on the couch opposite Suyin, rummaging inside of a backpack.] Where'd you get all that stuff?
Boy Oh, it fell off the back of a truck.
Lin What are you doing hanging out with these losers?
Suyin They're my friends and you have no right to call them that! Come on guys, let's get out of here.
Lin [Puts her hand on her sister's shoulder and stops her from leaving.] Su, stop.
Suyin [Slaps Lin's hand off.] Get your hands off of me!
Lin You have so much potential. You're ruining your life!
Suyin At least I have a life!
Suyin turns and leaves with her friends, as Lin looks on with a glare. Cut back out of the memory to the present, as Lin's eyes are closed and her face quivers. Switch to Suyin and Korra walking.
Suyin [Stopping near a meteorite on a low pedestal.] These meteorites are perfect for beginning metalbenders. The metals have a unique property, making them easier to bend.
Suyin breaks off a piece of the meteorite, which she slowly bends down to her hand. Suyin bends it into a star shape, followed by a diamond.
Korra That's amazing! [Suyin gives Korra the meteorite.]
Suyin Here, try it!
Korra Okay.
Korra concentrates for a while, but is not able to do anything with the meteorite. A noise is heard in the distance. Korra and Suyin look for the source, and see Bolin watching them, while hiding behind a large rock.
Korra Bolin? Is that you?
Bolin [Nervous.] No!
Korra What are you doing? [Bolin steps out from behind the rock.]
Bolin Oh, hey ladies. Just uh ... I was just looking for Pabu. Pabu!
Korra He's on your shoulder.
Bolin [Eyes shift to his shoulder and see Pabu.] Oh, look there you are! [To Suyin and Korra.] You know, I thought something was chewing on my ear. Probably need to get a shot. Pabu has sort of a ... a venom. Anyways, so what are you guys doing? You metalbending over here or something?
Suyin Want to give it a shot?
Bolin Nah, it's okay. I mean, only like one earthbender in a hundred can metalbend.
Suyin Well, don't believe everything you hear. The only thing limiting you is your attitude.
Bolin Well, maybe I'll just ... I'll just stay and watch. [Makes a rock stump for himself, and sits down. Korra turns back to the meteorite.]
Suyin Try to focus on the fine pieces of earth within the metal. [Korra takes Suyin's advice, and successfully changes the shape of the meteorite.]
Korra I can't believe it! I'm metalbending!
Bolin [Downcast, with a catch in his voice.] Wow, you picked that up really, really quick. Guess you're that one in a hundred.
Suyin [Puts her hand on Korra's shoulder.] Great job, Korra.
Back to Lin's room, as the camera zooms back into her head and into yet another memory. Lin is driving in a police carriage, as an officer's voice comes out of the radio.
Radio Calling all units. Property reported on the corner of 5th and Harbor. Suspect's vehicle headed south on Hallow Boulevard. Units responding, identify.
Lin [Picks up the radio and replies.] Unit three responding.
The criminal carriage drives by her, and she quickly turns around. Lin fires her cables at one of the wheels and rips it off, causing the carriage to swerve to the stop at the site of the road. Two people come out from the back and try to escape, but Lin traps them with her cables, glaring at them, until she hears a familiar voice off-screen.
Suyin Leave them alone! [Suyin steps out of the driver's seat of the wrecked carriage.]
Lin [Horrified and shocked.] Su?
The scene shifts out of the memory, as Lin opens her eyes, gasping, and sits up. The needles fly out of her and across of them. Lin breathes deeply, drenched in sweat, and turns to leave.
Guo Wait! Leaving in the middle of a session could make you sick!
Lin I'm done here.
Lin leaves, clearly in an unsafe condition. Cut to Lin in her room, face in hand. Her door opens and she looks up. It is Korra, but Lin hallucinates and sees her as a teenage Suyin.
Korra Are you going to stay in your room feeling sorry for yourself all day? [Lin shuts her eyes and tries to focus, causing her image of Suyin to fade to Korra.] You owe Opal an apology for the way you treated her last night. Are you okay? You don't look good. [Lin finds the strength to get up, as Korra walks into the room.]
Lin I'm fine!
Lin leaves, stumbling at the door, and groaning uncomfortably on the way out. Lin heads back to the acupuncture room and barges open the door, startling Guo who is placing the needles back onto their tray.
Lin What did you do to me?
Guo I tried to warn you. Come with me. Let's go finish the session. [He helps Lin back onto the bed and puts a needle in the point on her forehead, as the scene shifts back into the memory.] Just relax and breathe.
Continuing the memory where Lin stopped Suyin and her friends, Lin slams her hand against the carriage, denting it in the process.
Lin So you're robbing stores with the Terra Triad now?
Suyin I didn't steal anything. I just drove the car. I owed my friends a favor. It's not a big deal.
Lin I'm not letting you get away with this.
Suyin [Laughs.] Oh, what are you going to do, Officer? Arrest me? [She starts to walk away.]
Lin Don't even think about taking one more step!
Suyin stops momentarily, but ignores her and keeps walking. Enraged, Lin sends one of her cables at her sister, and it catches her wrist. Suyin breaks free with her knife and sends the cables back at Lin, and the cables slice her cheek, causing Lin to scream in pain. Suyin looks on in shock.

The scene leaves the memory with a sight of the present Lin, grunting and twitching her eyebrows. Cut to a bridge in Republic City, as a metalbending officer goes up to the same truck that was attacked by Zaheer's gang.

Officer Good afternoon. Where are you off to today?
Driver I, uh, got a delivery to make at Bao Yu. I should be back later today. [Hands the officer papers, as Ming-Hua is shown behind his seat, still threatening him.]
Officer You all right?
Driver Yeah, just a little tired. One more pick-up, then I'm clocking out.
Officer I thought you said you had a delivery?
Driver [Sweating and nervous.] Did I?
Officer I'm going to need you to step out of the vehicle and open the back of the truck.
The driver steps out and runs away screaming, while another cop chases after him. The interrogating cop opens the back of the truck, and is blasted backward with powerful airbending from Zaheer.
Zaheer Let's get out of here!
Ming-Hua drives the truck away, while police stay hard on its tail. P'Li blows up one of them with combustion, but the rest are able to avoid it, and keep chasing the truck. Ghazan stops two of them with lava, and the group escape.

Back to Zaofu, as Bolin sneaks up behind a meteorite pedestal, whistling. He takes the meteorite from its pedestal and attempts to bend it.

Opal [From behind Bolin.] Hey, Bolin.
Bolin [Shocked, hides the meteorite.] Opal! Oh, wow, you ... really know how to sneak up on someone.
Opal What are you doing?
Bolin Oh nothing, you know, just ... [Puts the meteorite back.] just thinking about my body and mustaches that I might have in the future. [The meteorite falls off the pedestal.]
Opal You're acting weird again.
Bolin Sorry. I wasn't really thinking about all my mustaches. I'm just frustrated. I've been trying to metalbend and I can't figure it out. Don't tell anyone, okay?
Opal Why not?
Bolin Because it's embarrassing. This isn't the first time I've tried, and I've been wanting to metalbend ever since I heard about Toph. Your grandmother is my biggest hero!
Opal [Walks over and puts her hand on Bolin's shoulder.] My mom grew up learning from Toph. Just go train with her. Stop being so scared.
Bolin You know what? Maybe I am scared. But what about you? I know that you want to go to the Northern Air Temple to train with Tenzin, but you haven't done it, because you're afraid too!
Opal You know what? You're right. I don't want to leave my family and disappoint my mom.
Bolin Look at us! Talking about our feelings, supporting each other. [Bolin and Opal hug.]
Opal It's nice.
Back to Lin in the acupuncture room, as we go back into her memories. Suyin and Lin are sitting together in chairs in their mother's office, glaring at each other, as Toph paces.
Toph [Angrily, to Suyin, followed by Lin.] What were you thinking? And what were you thinking? You two have put me in an impossible position.
Lin You're mad at me? [Glares at Suyin.] She's the one who was running around with criminals!
Suyin [Glaring back.] This is all your fault!
Lin I was doing my job!
Toph All right, enough! Here's what we're going to do. Su, you need to leave the city as soon as possible.
Suyin What?! Where am I supposed to go?
Toph You'll go stay with your grandparents. Lin, give me the arrest report. [Lin obeys, and Toph rips it up.]
Lin Mom, what are you doing?! You can't cover this up! There are witnesses.
Toph I'm the Chief of Police! I can't have a daughter in jail!
Lin So, once again, Suyin gets to do whatever she wants and there are no consequences. [Toph sits down and puts her head in her hands.]
Toph This is our only option.
Back to the operating room. Guo removes the needles.
Guo You're going to feel a bit fragile, so it's probably best if you take it easy for a while.
Lin [Getting up and leaving.] I don't need to rest. I need to do something I should've done a long time ago.
Back to Suyin and Korra metalbending.
Suyin Congratulations. You're the first metalbending Avatar. [Bolin comes over to them.]
Bolin So, umm, I've been thinking, and I'd like to try to learn metalbending. [Suyin walks up to him.] I mean, I'm sure you have a waiting list or something of a couple years so.
Suyin Let's get started.
The ground cracks beneath them and a meteorite falls and breaks. Cut to show an angry, panting Lin.
Bolin [Somewhat nervously to Korra.] I think Lin is mad about something.
Lin Su, it's time we talk.
Suyin After thirty years, you're finally ready to talk?
Lin When we were in Mom's office that day, you could've taken responsibility for what you did. But instead, you stayed quiet and let Mom throw her whole career away.
Suyin Mom didn't throw her career away. She retired the next year. She was a hero.
Lin You think she wanted to retire? She was so guilt-ridden about what she did to protect you that she didn't feel worthy of her badge.
Suyin Look, I admit that I was not a perfect kid and I've made some mistakes in the past but-
Lin [Scoffs.] You made some mistakes?
Suyin [Hurt.] Lin, Mom and I already talked about this years ago and worked things out. If you had gotten together with us like we'd asked, you would know that I'm a different person now. I've been a different person for a long time.
Lin You think that just because you live in a big, fancy house, and have a chef who cooks you fancy food, that you're a different person? Maybe you could fool everyone else, but you can't fool me. I see right through you.
Suyin You know what, Lin? You're the one who hasn't changed. You're still a bitter loner who only cares about herself. No wonder Tenzin ended things with you years ago.
Lin bends a rock toward Suyin, which she deflects using her wrist.
Suyin Okay, [Fighting stance.] I guess this is how it's going to be.
Suyin trips Lin with a fissure, before knocking her off with a meteorite. Lin gets back up and earthbends a staircase, while Suyin metalbends a metal panel. Suyin bends the metal panel toward Lin, which she evades by using a backflip. Lin earthbends many fragments of small rocks to Suyin, who evades the attacks by weaving through.
Korra [To Bolin.] Should I stop them?
Bolin You don't have any siblings, fighting is all part of the healing process.
The fight carries on with Lin earthbending toward Suyin, which she dodges with a cartwheel. Baatar, Huan, and the twins run to a pavilion.
Wei [Shoulders Wing aside.] Go Mom!
The two of them continue to fight. Lin metalbends Huan's Harmonic Convergence sculpture, which Suyin deflects and smashes it into a metal wall.
Huan [Alarmed.] My sculpture!  [Dashes over to survey the damage.] Actually, it looks ... kinda better now.
Suyin metalbends three metal panels toward Lin, which she deflects. Lin begins to earthbend rocks from beneath Suyin and bends a large boulder toward her. Suyin curls a part of the metal wall to shield herself before rolling it out again, knocking Lin into the pavilion nearby, where she lands roughly on the stairs, grunting.
Suyin You've got it out of your system?
Lin [Angrily.] Not quite yet!
Lin earthbends a part of the staircase leading to the pavilion, while Suyin earthbends a boulder from the ground. The two of them begins to charge at each other, but Opal interfered by airbending both objects to the side.
Opal [Angrily.] What are you two doing?! You're sisters! Why would you want to hurt each other?
Both Suyin and Lin pants in exhaustion, and suddenly, Lin faints and falls to the ground, but Korra saved her head from knocking the ground. The scene cuts to a view of Suyin's estate in Zaofu before shifting to Korra, Bolin and Mako standing outside of Lin's quarters.
Korra Uhh, Whose going to knock? [Pushes Bolin closer to the door outside Lin's quarters.]
Bolin No, no, no, no, no, no! Not me! You're the Avatar, why can't you do it?
Korra Uhh, I can. But I just thought that ...
Mako I'll do it. [Knocks on Lin's door.] Uhh, Chief, you've been sleeping for sixteen hours. We just wanted to make sure that you're okay.
Lin [Lin pulls her door open, and Mako fall down. Lin, in Metal Clan attire, yawns and stretches her arms. Cheerfully.] Good morning. [Korra and Bolin look surprised after what happened before. Mako gets back on his feet.]
The scene shifts to a drink being placed in front of Lin at the dining table.
Lin What's this?
Chef I call it the kalenutsco. It's a mixture of kale, coconut water, and walnuts.
Lin [She tries and finishes the drink.] Not bad! [She sees Opal standing by the door of the dining room. She walks away from the dining room before returning upon Lin's request.] Opal, don't go. Please sit down, I want to talk to you. [Opal walks into the dining room before sitting down.] Look, I'm just not really comfortable talking about these kinds of things, and ... well, I wanted to say that I'm sorry about the other night.
Opal It's okay.
Lin Your mother and I have a complicated relationship and ...
Opal It's probably difficult for you to be here.
Lin [Smiles.] You're a smart young woman, and an excellent airbender. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to train with the other airbenders at the Northern Air Temple.
Opal There's a part of me that wants to go, but ... I don't want to upset my mom.
Lin When I was younger, all I wanted to do was please my mother. I became a police chief because I thought it would make her happy ... but it didn't. You need to make your decisions based on what you want. Don't make the same mistakes as I did.
Opal smiles and hugs her aunt. The scene shifts to Opal opening Suyin's office door, in which Suyin and Baatar are having tea.
Opal Mom, Dad, can I talk to you?
Opal shuts the door behind her. The scene shifts to a statue of Toph with Lin standing in front of it, and Suyin approaching her.
Suyin Opal has decided to go to the Northern Air Temple. I guess you had something to do with her decision.
Lin Well, I was just ...
Suyin It's okay. I'm glad she was honest with me. I want her to do what makes her happy. Mom gave us too much freedom, but I feel like I made the mistake of giving Opal too little. I think it's about time I let her choose her own way. [Closes her eyes and opens them.] I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time when we were younger. I can't imagine what my life would've been like if Mom hadn't sent me away, if I had stayed in the city ...
Lin You'd probably be in prison.
Suyin You're probably right. Mako told me that you're an excellent police chief. Republic City is lucky to have you. I know Mom is proud. [Lin looks at Toph's statue for a moment.] Can we move on? I'd love for you to be part of my life again. There's plenty of space in the house, and the kids would love having their aunt around. I do need a new co-director for my new dance performance.
Lin Whoa! Slow it down. How about for now, I just promise not to show up at your house and attack you again?
Suyin Deal!
The two of them shake hands and smile at each other. The scene shifts to Zaheer's gang sitting around a camp fire, and Zaheer meditating.
Ming-Hua We should've grabbed one of those cops. Maybe they know something about where the Avatar is hiding.
Ghazan She could be anywhere.
P'Li We'll find her. It's just a matter of time.
Zaheer [Opens his eyes wide.] She's with the Metal Clan.
Fades to credits.






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