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Some koala sheep are sleeping, as Katara, Sokka, Aang, Toph, and Appa come out of the bushes. Sokka looks at a map, while everyone else looks around. Momo jumps over on Aang's shoulder, as Aang scratches his head.
Sokka [Somewhat excitedly.] This is it! The official rendezvous point for the invasion force.
The camera pans to the left, showing a vast area of the place.
Toph How did you pick this place?
Sokka Before we split up, my dad and I found this island on the map. It's uninhabited, and the harbors surrounded by the cliffs seemed like the perfect secluded place.
Katara Nice choice, Sokka. And we're here four days ahead of schedule.
Aang [Anxiously.] Wait! Four days? The invasion's in four days?
Sokka [Yawns.] Whatever. That's like four days from now. Let's just calm down and-
Sokka falls asleep and begins snoring.
Katara Sokka's got the right idea, Aang. We're here. We're ready. The best thing we can do now is get plenty of rest. [Lies down.]
Aang [Half-heartedly.] I guess.

Everyone else falls asleep. Aang lies down and, as he closes his eyes, the camera zooms in on his face.

Scene briefly fades to black before changing to a large Fire Nation insignia, which is revealed to be a door when the camera zooms back. The door busts open, revealing a boy with large hair, a headband, and a yellow jump suit, with his face turned the other side. He enters the room with a series of dramatic gestures. It is revealed that this boy is Aang in strange attire. Aang quickly jumps on to a rock tower. Cut to wider shot of Aang standing on the rock tower, surrounded by floating broken pillars.

Aang [He makes some fast and dramatic ninja-like moves as he speaks.] Your days of tyranny are over, Fire Lord! I'm bringing you down.
Cut to close-up of the Fire Lord, who is about to take a bite of a bundle of grapes with his eyes closed. Hearing Aang's words, he stops and opens his eyes to look down at his adversary. The camera pans out quickly to reveal he is actually a giant when compared to Aang and surrounded by a pit of fire.
Dream Ozai Really? [Brings his face close to Aang.] How do you plan on doing that when you're not even wearing pants?
Cut to Aang's scared face, as he looks down to see that Ozai was telling the truth, and screams.
Aang Oh no!
Aang quickly covers himself with a white Air Nomad shield pulled out of thin air. The camera zooms out to a larger shot of Aang shaking with embarrassment. Suddenly, giant eyes begin to appear all around him. The eye's close and disappear. Cut to shot of the giant Fire Lord laughing, as Aang slowly backs out the door. The Fire Lord raises his arms to the ceiling, while surrounded by flames, laughing heartily. Aang wakes up and starts touching his pants. Momo is seen awake as well.
Aang It was just a dream, Momo. I still have my pants. [Stands up.] Well, I better keep training.
Aang walks over to a bush and starts kicking it. Momo gets bored of watching him, and soon falls back asleep. Scene changes to the Fire Nation Palace, where Zuko is getting dressed and ready, with help from his servants.
Servant #1 Fresh fruit, Prince Zuko?
Zuko puts out his hand and shakes his head respectfully.
Servant #2 May I wash your feet, sir?
Zuko respectfully puts his hand out and shakes his head again.
Servant #1 Head massage?
Zuko shakes his head again.
Servant #2 Hot towel?
Zuko looks at the towels for a moment and takes one. He is seen wiping his forehead before walking out of the room. The two servants bow behind him. Zuko walks out the palace gates, with Fire Nation citizens waiting for him. One woman becomes overly excited at seeing Zuko, and is taken away by the palace guards.
Servant #1 Prince Zuko, is something wrong? You didn't take the palanquin.
Zuko I'm just going to Mai's house. It's not far.
Servant #1 It's not a prince's place to walk anywhere, sir.

Zuko looks to the distance, walks over, and gets into the palanquin. The servants pick it up and walk over to Mai's house. Zuko looks out of the palanquin's curtains and sees Mai, who is standing by the doors to her house, who waves and walks away.

The scene changes back to Aang, who is still training. He is now banging his fists against a tree, which wakes up Sokka, Toph, and Katara. Katara looks at Sokka, who just shrugs. She decides to go talk to Aang about this.

Katara Hey. How long have you been up?
Aang A couple hours. I got a lot more skills to refine if I'm gonna fight Ozai.
Katara [Aang stops, panting.] You know, there is such a thing as over-training.
Aang hits the tree one last time, which sends a vibration throughout his body and makes him fall down, with all of the leaves off the tree collapsing on him. Katara just gazes down at him, and Sokka, holding his map, and Toph, who is facing the other direction, look out from behind her. Aang comes out from under the leaves and walks around Katara in a fighting stance.
Aang You don't get it, do you? My form is bad, I'm sloppy, and I still don't know any firebending. Not even the basics.
Aang's left eye twitches a little bit after saying this. Katara brings Aang's hand down, with a forced smile on her face. Sokka is seen, lying down, still looking at the map.
Sokka That's okay, Aang. The eclipse will block off firebending anyway. You don't need to know it. [Looking at Aang.] Plus, it's a stupid element.
Aang Okay, well I still have to work on everything else. I better spend the whole day training.
Aang bows quickly toward Sokka, followed by Katara, and rides off on an air scooter. Sokka moves the map up in front of his face to hide behind it. The view changes to the blue sky, which changes to a starry night. Aang is walking back from his training, now exhausted. Everyone else is asleep. Aang rubs his eyes and yawns before collapsing.
Aang [Wide shot of the group on the cliffside with the camera slowly zooming out.] Good night, Katara. Good night, Sokka. Good night, Toph. Good night, Appa. Good night, Momo. Good night, Appa and Mo-
Toph [With chibi face in a speech bubble that appears above her; angrily.] Go to sleep already! [Clenches her teeth.]
Cut to Aang, who flinched upon hearing Toph, but goes back into his normal position and closes his eyes. The camera pans up.

The scene fades briefly to black again, before cutting to shot of Aang busting through the same large Fire Nation door from his previous dream. This time, he is wearing boats, white pants, a high collared yellow tunic that covers his mouth, white sleeves with blue arrows on them, and has his chest wrapped in a chain. He has sideburns, his hair is long and stands up straight, wears his headband, and has two small metal rings in the top of his right ear. As he stands in the opening where the doors once were, he snaps his fingers and smoke starts to pour into the entrance. Aang slides in and jumps over some small pillars to face Dream Ozai, who is still a giant.

Aang [Frontal shot as he points outward.] Your days of tyranny are over, Fire Lord. [Scowls.] I'm bringing you down! [Looks down momentarily; confidently.] And this time, I brought pants.
Camera shows a view of some chains wrapping around Aang's clothing, including his pants. The shot turns to Dream Ozai.
Dream Ozai So it seems, but are you prepared for your ... mathematics test?
A giant abacus lands behind Aang. Camera turns to show Aang's worried face.
Aang Math test? Oh no! I forgot all about the math test!
Dream Ozai is heard laughing in the background as Aang is screaming while being pulled backward and crushed by some beads on the abacus. He suddenly wakes up.
Aang I've gotta be ready.
Aang gets up and walks away. He is seen pacing around some sleeping koala sheep. Katara comes over to talk to him.
Katara Aang, it's the middle of the night. You need to go back to sleep.
Aang But I forgot my pants and my math test.
Katara sighs and grabs Aang's shoulder.
Katara Aang, sleep. Please. For me.

Aang looks at her, rubbing his eyes. He bows his head, and the two walk back. A koala sheep makes a sound. The scene changes to the Royal Palace, where Zuko and Mai are relaxing on a couch.

Zuko Tell me, if you could have anything you want right now, what would it be?
Mai Hm ... A big fancy fruit tart, with rose petals on top.
Zuko You know, being a prince and all, I might just be able to make that happen.
Mai [Chuckles.] That would be impressive.
Zuko [To the servants.] Do you think you could find a fresh fruit tart for the lady, with rose petals on top?
Servant Excellent choice, sir.
Mai I guess there's some nice perks that come with being royalty. [Pushing him Zuko to lay down with her.] Though there's annoying stuff, too. Like that all-day war meeting coming up.
Zuko [Sitting up, followed by Mai.] War meeting? What are you talking about?
Mai Azula mentioned something. I-I assumed you were going, too.
Zuko I guess I wasn't invited.
The two look away from each other. The scene changes back to the Black Cliffs, where Aang is still sleeping.
Ozai Wake up, Aang. Wake up, sleepy head! [Cut to an out of focus swaying shot of the Fire Lord standing over Aang.] Rise and shine! You overslept. [The Fire Lord bends in close and then even closer.] You missed the invasion.
Ozai begins to laugh, and is seen riding a giant, flying hippo cow, which breathes out fire at Aang, making him move from his spot. He watches as Ozai flies away, still laughing. Aang quickly wakes up, and goes to wake up Sokka.
Aang Sokka, get up! I needa know what day it is!
Sokka What? Who's talking?
Sokka grabs his sword and jumps up, but hits his head on a nearby rock and falls down. Toph and Katara are seen waking up.
Toph Relax! It's still two days before the invasion!
Aang begins pulling on Sokka's legs, trying to get him up.
Aang Sokka, you've gotta get up drill your rock-climbing exercises.
Sokka What?
Aang In one of my dreams, you were running from Fire Nation soldiers, trying to climb this cliff, [Camera turns to show an annoyed look on Sokka's face.] but you were too slow and they got you!
Sokka stands up quickly and steps in front of Aang.
Sokka But that was just a dream. I'm a great climber!
Aang [While pointing at the cliff nearby.] Then climb that cliff! Climb it fast!
Camera turns to show the size of the cliff. When it sets back on Sokka, he looks at Aang, pointing to the cliff. Aang nods fast, and Sokka reluctantly begins to climb it.
Sokka Stupid Avatar! Stupid cliff! Stupid dream! I can climb fast!
Aang is seen looking up at Sokka with an anxious smile, before frowning at seeing how slowly he was going. Toph tries to get a drink of water.
Aang [Turning around to her.] Don't drink that!
Sokka is seen behind Aang falling off the cliff after hearing Aang. Toph spits out the water onto Katara, who waterbends it off her.
Toph Why? Is it poisoned?
Aang In my dream, we were right in the middle of the invasion, and you had to stop to use the bathroom! [He puts his hands between his legs and squeezes them together.] We died because of your tiny bladder. [He turns to Katara.] And you need to start wearing your hair up. In my dream, your hair got caught in a train, and-.
Katara [Putting a hand on the side of his face.] Aang! I know you're just trying to help, but you really need to get a grip. You're unraveling.
Aang [He takes a deep breath before finally speaking.] You're right. I'm losing my mind.
Sokka is still climbing the cliff, and almost reaches the top, but is seen sliding down. Cut to the sun in the sky. Cut to Aang's face, his eye twitching, as he paces around, stressed. Cut to his hands rotating between putting his thumb and finger together before alternating to the opposites on the other hand.
Aang It's like every time I think about how stressed I am, I just end up more stressed. I'm like a big growing snowball of nerves.
As he paces, Katara sits, concerned, petting Momo and watching Aang, while Sokka hammers away at a piece of armor for Appa. Toph lies resting against a sleeping Appa.
Sokka [Turning to look at Aang.] Of course you are. That's 'cause you gotta fight the Fire Lord, the baddest man on the planet. And you better win or we're all done for.
Katara [Approaching Sokka, annoyed.] Sokka! You're not helping!
Sokka [Standing.] What? It's true. That's the deal. He knows it.
Katara pushes down Sokka to sit, before looking over at Aang, who is nervously shaking. She walks over to him and touches his shoulders.
Katara You know what, I've got just the thing! Get ready to be de-stressified!
Scene changes to Aang and Katara in a mountain doing some yoga. Steaming water in the middle of the room.
Katara These yoga stretches can really work wonders if you do them in extreme heat. Reach up. [Katara puts her hands above her head together, Aang follows along.] Reach for the sun. [They wave their hands and upper bodies side to side.] Feel your chi paths clearing. [Both bend over so their heads touch the ground, grabbing their legs.] Now close your eyes. How are you feeling?
Aang [Close-up of Aang sweating.] I feel ... really warm.
Katara Good, good. Go on.
Aang Like there's this warm feeling all around me. This heat. [Becoming frantic again.] Like I'm in the Fire Lord's palace and he's shooting a bunch of fireballs at me! And the whole world is being engulfed in flames!
An orange flame is seen circling around, covering the view, before disappearing. Aang gets out of his position and lands on his back, panting.
Katara Maybe your stress is the kind you need to talk out.
Scene changes to Sokka, in his Wang Fire outfit, and Aang lying on a koala sheep.
Sokka [In his Wang Fire voice.] Why don't you get right down to business and tell me what's been bothering you.
Aang You know what's bothering me. I have to fight the Fire Lord in a few days.
Sokka [He nods upon hearing Aang's explanation.] Tell me more about this "Fire Lord". Why are you so afraid of him?
Aang You said it yourself! He's the baddest man on the planet! I'm supposed to defeat him and save the world!
Sokka [Nodding in agreement.] Life does feel that way sometimes, doesn't it? Like we're all trying to save the world from evil.
Aang Okay! But what can I do to feel better?
Sokka [While handing Aang a koala sheep.] Want to try screaming into this pillow?
Aang does so. Once his face is out of the wool, the koala sheep makes a noise at him. After Sokka scratches his head, he does a thumbs-up while nodding. Aang shakes his head so Sokka nods faster, but Aang shakes his head faster. Scene changes to Azula at the royal spa, getting her hair done. Zuko comes in and walks up to her.
Azula Hello, Zuzu. If you've come for a royal hair-combing, I'm afraid you'll have to wait.
Zuko So I guess there's a big war meeting coming up, huh? And apparently I'm not welcome there.
Azula What do you mean? Of course you're welcome there!
Zuko Oh, yeah?! I guess that's why no one bothered to tell me about it!
Azula Oh, Zuko. Don't be so dramatic. I'm certain Dad wants you there. You probably just weren't invited because it's so obvious you're supposed to be there.
Zuko Well, were you invited?
Azula Of course! I'm the princess.
Zuko And I'm the prince!
Azula Exactly, so stop acting like a paranoid child! Just go to the meeting.
Zuko Forget it! I'm not going!
Zuko turns around and walks away. The scene changes to Aang lying down on some pillars.
Toph All right! What you need is a good old-fashioned back pounding to relieve your stress.
Aang [Looking up at her.] Pound away.
Toph begins stomping fiercely, causing the pillars to move up and down in various order.
Aang [The pillars causing him pain.] Ow! Toph ... I ... think ... this ... is ... bruising ... me!
Toph stops, and Aang begins sliding to the left, off the pillars.
Toph Sorry. I forgot you had baby skin. [Aang grabs onto the edge of the pillars and gets up.] Well, there's one other thing we can try. [She stomps the ground, sending a distant boar-q-pine to her. She catches it and holds it out to Aang with a wide grin.] Acupuncture!
The boar-q-pine's quills stick out, and Aang runs away, screaming. Scene changes back to the Fire Nation Palace, where Zuko is looking out a window. Mai comes up to him.
Mai Zuko, it's just a dumb meeting. Who cares?
Zuko I don't.
Mai Well, good. You shouldn't. I mean, why would you even want to go? Just think about how things went the last meeting you went to.
Zuko [Sighs.] I know.
Mai You know what will make you feel better? [Zuko turns his head slightly.] Ordering some servants around. I might be hungry for a whole tray of fruit tarts. And maybe a little palanquin ride around town. Double time.
She turns Zuko's face to look at her, but he quickly looks away, making Mai let go of him. Scene changes back to the Black Cliffs. Aang is sitting up, holding his knees.
Aang Thanks for everything, guys.
Katara So, do you feel less stressed? Ready for a good night's sleep?
Aang [He turns his head away.] Uh, I kinda think I sorta might slightly feel a little better. [He looks back at his friends.] Maybe.
Sokka Then our work here is done.
Sokka, Katara, and Toph stretch and yawn before lying down. Aang slowly lies down, and closes his eyes, leading to another dream. It begins with a thunderstorm, with Aang riding on Appa through it. They fly by a giant Momo, who tries hitting them down, and grabs them in his hand. It changes to an image of the Fire Nation Royal Palace, and Aang emerges from the ground, and is pushed forward into the palace. He looks in all directions, waiting for something to happen and hearing a distorted voice. Toph is seen rotating around. Her bangs move to reveal that her eyes are blank. She falls down under the floor in front of Aang, who becomes scared. Sokka tries running away, but some wet earth closes around him. Katara is seen surrounded by fire. Aang tries to go save her, but his feet are frozen to the ground. Ice crawls up his body, and he reaches out, but he's completely frozen. The ground that he was on becomes completely ice. Ozai, as a fire monster, begins laughing and melts the ice, which makes Aang fall down. He is released from his form and falls into some water, where he sinks to the bottom and looks through the floor, seeing Zuko as if he was standing above. The comet is seen passing by behind Zuko. Aang is seen still holding his breath. The comet is shown rushing down. Momo is seen telling someone to be quiet. Aang is standing on grass and seeing bushes and mountains when the comet strikes the ground, and everything is scorched and on fire. He quickly wakes up, screaming and waking everyone else up. Appa becomes scared, and Momo slides off him. Everyone rushes over to him.
Katara What happened, Aang?
Aang [Turns away on hands and knees.] It's the nightmares. They just get worse and worse.
Sokka Looks like it's time for another ... [He turns around and puts his Wang Fire disguise on and voice.] therapy session.
Aang [Momentarily looking back.] No. That won't help. Nothing helps. There's only one thing I can do! I'm going to stay awake straight through to the invasion!
Aang starts shaking upon this, and everyone behind him is shocked, except for Toph, who just smiles. Sokka's Wang Fire disguise falls off him. The scene changes to the next day, where Katara is doing some exercises on the edge of the cliff. Aang is pacing nervously behind her, which makes her stop.
Aang Invasion. All aboard for the invasion.
Katara [Approaching.] You don't look so good. You sure you can't just lie down for a little nap?
Aang I told you, I can't go back to sleep.
Katara Aang, staying up all night can't be good for you.
Aang [Walking toward the cliff edge. Katara turns and moves a bit to follow.] Actually, staying up all night has given me some time to think. And I've realized some big things, Katara.
Katara What big things?
Aang I see everything so clearly now. What really matters. Why I'm really doing this. [He turns around to look at Katara.] I'm doing it to save the world. But more than that. I'm doing it for the people I love. [Side shot of Aang and Katara near each other.] I'm doing it for you, Katara.
Katara Aang, what are you saying?
Aang I'm saying, I love you! [He kisses her. After he pulls back, she embraces and kisses him back.]
Katara [After kissing for a while she pulls back, whispering slightly.] What are we doing?
Aang What our hearts have been telling us to do for a long, long time. Baby, [He moves Katara down to the side.] you're my forever girl. [Aang puckers up his lips for another kiss.]
Katara Aang! [Aang realizes he was just daydreaming, and realizes he is not holding Katara anymore.] I was just saying you should take a nap.
Aang [He quickly turns around to face Katara.] Oh, I guess I kinda drifted off into a daydream.
Katara What was your dream about?
Aang [He pauses to think for a moment.] Uh, living underwater?
Katara [Initially confused, she smiles back.] Sounds neat!
Aang nervously laughs. Katara walks away, and he lets out a sigh of relief. The scene changes back to Mai's house. Zuko is lying down on the arm of the couch, while Mai is making tea. Just as she is about to give him a cup, someone calls for him.
Servant Prince Zuko, [He bows before the prince.] everyone's waiting for you.
Mai and Zuko walk over to the servant to see what he's talking about.
Zuko What?
Servant The high admirals, the high generals, the war ministers, and the princess have all arrived. You're the only person missing.
Zuko So, my dad wants me at the meeting?
Servant The Fire Lord said he would not start until you arrived, sir.
Zuko smiles, and looks at Mai, who is also smiling. The scene changes back to the Black Cliffs, where Aang is hiding behind a bush in his Fire Nation uniform. He jumps out and rolls behind a rock, before stepping up from behind the rock.
Aang Put 'em up, Fire Lord!
Aang jumps out from behind the rock and starts shooting air blasts at the noodle picture of Fire Lord Ozai tied to a tree. One of the shots goes too far and hits Sokka, who is working on a golden arrow.
Sokka Hey! I'm tryin' build Appa some armor here so he doesn't have to go into the invasion naked. He's your bison.
Aang [Standing in front of the "Ozai" tree in a fighting stance.] Ozai's defense is impeccable. I'll have to try a different approach.
Aang jumps up and shoots more air blasts, but they all miss. Aang lands on his feet and looks at the picture. Only a leaf falls. Aang runs up in front of the picture.
Aang You think you're untouchable, don't you, Mr. Fire Lord?
Momo [Off-screen.] Boy, you are really starting to lose it, kid.
Aang quickly becomes surprised upon hearing the voice, and quickly turns around to face Momo.
Aang Momo, did you hear something? [Turns back.]
Momo [Off-screen.] No, but I said something. [Aang becomes shocked and gets close to Momo.] You, my friend, are just a few plums short of a fruit pie. [Aang stares at Momo in disbelief, his jaw wide open. He quickly stands up, shakes his head, and covers his eyes. He peeks through them, at which point Momo begins chittering normally again. Aang walks up to him and pets him.]
Aang That's more like it. I'm so tired that for a second there, I imagined you were talking to me. [Momo tilts his head in confusion. Everyone is seen walking forward and watching Aang.] Oh, Momo, let me explain. [Aang begins chattering like Momo. Katara and Sokka share a look of confusion, as Toph merely stands there with a slightly annoyed look. Momo chitters back, in which Aang laughs before chittering again. Katara interrupts him.]
Katara Aang? We're all starting to get a little worried about you.
Sokka You've been awake too long.
Toph And you're acting downright weird.
Appa You've got to take care of yourself. You can't go on like this.
Aang [Sighs.] Look, I appreciate what you guys are saying, but the stress and the nightmares. They were just too much. Staying awake is the best way for me to deal with it.
Momo [Standing and pointing at Appa.] Yeah! Leave the kid alone!
Appa [Pointing back.] Hey, who asked you? [The two begin to fight.]
Aang You guys, come on.
Appa No! I am sick of this guy always mouthing me and telling me what to do!
Momo Oh, you don't like it? Well, let's go right now!
Aang runs over to Sokka for help, not realizing that his friends don't see anything.
Aang Sokka, what do we do?
Sokka [Confused.] About what?
Aang [Pointing.] About that!
Sokka looks in the direction Aang was pointing. Momo is seen in a purple samurai outfit with the fur between his ears tied in a topknot. Appa is seen with orange and dark red full plate yoroi armor and a helmet, with three swords. Momo takes out his one sword, and the two charge at each other. Momo parries Appa's three swords with his single one. Some koala sheep start cheering on the two.
Koala sheep [Cut to a group of koala sheep.] Appa! Appa! Appa! [Cut to another group.] Momo! Momo! Momo!
Appa takes out another sword, and twists in a twister toward Momo, who blocks the attacks. Aang walks forward and tries stopping them.
Aang Come on, guys. We're all on the same side.
Guru Pathik appears on a cloud with six arms, holding two cups of onion and banana juice, and playing a veena.
Pathik [Singing.] Chakras, chakras, everybody loves chakras. Chakras, chakras, chakras sandwich tastes good. Yum!
Momo and Appa continue fighting. Momo keeps trying to strike Appa, but Appa keeps jumping away.
Koala sheep [Cut to some koala sheep.] Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Aang begins sweating. Rocks, in a snake like formation, begin to slide in and around Aang, before sliding away. The koala sheep continue cheering on Momo and Appa. The tree with Ozai's noodle picture begins dancing. A ring of rocks surrounds Aang, as do the koala sheep. Three lines of rocks are seen on each side of Aang, as Momo and Appa continue to fight.
Aang I just need to jump in a cold waterfall!
He screams and runs away from the scene. The scene changes to the Royal Palace, where Mai is waiting for Zuko after the meeting, who is exiting.
Mai So, how did it go? [They walk on together.]
Zuko When I got to the meeting, everyone welcomed me. My father had saved me a seat. He wanted me next to him. I was literally at his right hand.
Mai Zuko, that's wonderful! You must be happy.
The two stop at a picture of Ozai. Zuko gazes at it.
Zuko During the meeting, I was the perfect prince. The son my father wanted. [Looks down, eyes closed.] But I wasn't me.
Scene changes back to the Black Cliffs. It is nighttime, and Aang is tired. A mist of fog surrounds koala sheep wool. Aang looks at it and begins touching it.
Aang Oh, look. Another hallucination. An imaginary bed made out of clouds.
Pan right to see Katara, Toph, and Sokka standing nearby, with a flock of sheared koala sheep.
Toph Hey! It's real! We spent hours working on it.
Sokka We made it for you. A good night's sleep will probably take the crazy away. We hope.
Aang Look! You guys keep telling me that I need to sleep, but I can't! The invasion's tomorrow!
Katara [Concerned.] Aang ...
Aang No, Katara! There's still so much I haven't learned. I don't need sleep. What I need is practice. Quick, hit me! [He begins to wobble.]
Katara I'm not going to hit you.
Toph You want me to do it? [Sokka nudges her back.]
Katara [Approaching Aang, placing a hand on his shoulder.] Listen to me. You've been training for this since the day we met. [Moves behind him, talking over his shoulder.] I've seen your progress. You're smart, brave, and strong enough.
Aang You really think so? [Katara nods.]
Sokka We all do. You can do this. You're ready.
Toph You're the man, Twinkle Toes!
Aang Thanks, guys. [He nods, yawns, and rubs his eyes. Katara aids him to the bed, where he lies down.] You know what? I think I am ready. [The other three watch as he falls asleep quickly. He falls into another dream, meeting with Ozai again.] Your days of tyranny are over, Fire Lord!
Dream Ozai Really? You're gonna take me out? You're not even wearing pants!
Aang [Smiles smugly.] No, Fire Lord Ozai. You're not wearing any pants.
Dream Ozai looks down and sees Aang is right. He quickly pulls over a shield with the Fire Nation emblem on it.
Dream Ozai No! My royal parts are showing.
The view goes outside, where it is seen that the palace is up on a rock in the sky. The scene fades back to the Black Cliffs with Dream Ozai screaming to Aang, who is seen smiling upon his success in the dream. Fade to credits.






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