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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Unalaq has forced Korra into opening the Northern portal and trapped Jinora in the Spirit World. Back in Republic City, everybody loves Varrick's Nuktuk movers. Everybody, that is, except Mako, whose pursuit of Varrick has landed him in the slammer. And in the Southern Water Tribe, Unalaq's army is nearing victory in the Civil War, but Tonraq isn't about to give up without a fight.
Oogi flies toward the Eastern Air Temple carrying Korra, Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, and Jinora's spiritless body. Ikki is laughing and riding on an air scooter near Pema and Meelo as Oogi comes in for a landing.
Meelo [Side shot.] Dad's back.
Pema [Approaches the flying bison, looking confused.] Where's Jinora? [Tenzin lifts up Jinora's inanimate body. Upset.] No!
Pema drops the flowers she was holding. Shot of the flowers hitting the ground. Pema runs over to Tenzin.
Tenzin [Hands Jinora's body to Pema. Close-up shot of Jinora.] Her spirit is trapped in the Spirit World, but she's going to be all right.
Pema [Close-up stops.] How could this happen?
Tenzin It was all my fault. [Side shot; close-up with frontal shot of Korra.] I should have never let Jinora enter the Spirit World without me. I couldn't protect her.
Korra I'm so sorry, Pema. I tried to save her, but Unalaq tricked me.
Tenzin [Shot of Pema.] Don't worry, honey, [Pan to Jinora. Rubs back of his hand along her cheek.] I'm not going to stop until our little girl is back safe with us.
Cut to Republic City showing the outside of the prison where Mako is being kept with police airships flying overhead, before switching to a side-shot of Mako inside his cell sitting on his bed. The cell door opens suddenly and the shot changes to a frontal of Song.
Song You've got a visitor.
Bolin [Enters the cell as Song steps away from the door.] Hey, Mako.
Mako [Side shot; Walks over to Mako.] Hey. What's with the fancy duds?
Bolin I'm on my way to the big finale for "Nuktuk: Hero of the South." [Bolin flexes as the shot cuts to a frontal of Bolin.] Yeah, everyone's gonna be there except for, you know, you ... because you're in jail and stuff.
Mako [Frontal; annoyed.] Thanks for the reminder.
Bolin [Return to shot of Bolin as he pulls a poster out of his jacket.] Hey, I brought you something. I thought this would brighten up your new place. Read the inscription.
Mako [Takes the poster; back to frontal of Mako.] "Dear Mako, Nuktuk says, 'Keep smiling.'" [Cut to a grinning Bolin and back to a frontal shot of Mako.] Did you come by just to give me a poster?
Bolin [Side shot of both.] No, I came by to give you my sincere, heartfelt words of encouragement. I know our lives have been moving in two different directions, but I want you to know that I will always be there for you. [Close-up of Bolin.] We are brothers, after all, even if one of us is a member of high society and the other one is a criminal.
Mako [Shot of Mako.] I am not a criminal!
Bolin [Back to side shot.] Of course I know that, but you do kinda look like one, cause you're in a jail and that's where criminals live.
Mako [Defensively.] I was set up! Varrick knew I had figured out he was hiring gangsters to pose as Northern soldiers to get Republic City to join the war. That's why he had me arrested.
Bolin [Frontal.] Ah, I see what you're doing. You're going for the insanity defense. Smart.
Mako [Mako stands up into the shot.] No! I'm trying to tell you that Varrick isn't what he seems. Where's Asami? She'll listen to me.
Bolin [Close-up; sadly.] I asked her to come, but she said it was too hard for her. You being in jail like this reminds her of her dad. [Brightly.] Okay, gotta run, [Shot of both; turns and starts to walk out.] but I'll be back tomorrow. And I am gonna get you the best attorney fame and fortune can buy.
Mako [Close-up.] Bolin, wait. If my theory about Varrick is right, something might go down tonight at your premiere. Promise me you'll keep your eyes peeled.
Bolin [Knocks on cell door; close-up.] Yeah, okay, big brother. I promise. [Walks out of cell.] Whew! That insanity defense is definitely gonna work.
Cut to aerial shot of Wolf Cove. Rebels view the capital city from atop a nearby mountain.
Rebel leader [Close-up of Tonraq and rebel leader.] Should we wait another day? Korra still might come with reinforcements.
Tonraq We can't wait any longer. [To the other rebels.] It's time to take back what is ours! It's time to take back our city!
Rebels Yeah!
Rebels bend sheets of ice on which they slide down the mountain. Northern Water Tribe soldier in a nearby watchtower notices them and rings a warning bell. Cut to Northern reinforcements being mobilized.
Aerial shot of Pro-bending Arena, before cutting to a large poster of Ginger and Nuktuk hanging above the main entrance. Pan downward showing the doors and a crowd of people as a Satomobile limousine arrives.
Photographer [Shot of some children having their picture taken with Juji and Roh-Tan.] Say "Nuktuk"!
Shiro Shinobi [Bolin and Ginger step out of the limo, arm-in-arm; cut to a side shot of the two walking into the arena.] There they are folks. The sweethearts of the big screen, and Republic City's most famous couple, Bolin and Ginger.
Bolin [Walks inside with Ginger; frontal of both.] Wow, that was fun! And did you hear what Shiro said? We're Republic City's most famous couple.
Ginger Bolin, you're a doll, but you're as dumb as the rocks you bend. We are not a couple.
Bolin [Shouts as Ginger walks away.] That's not what Shiro said!
Close-up of Gang shoving a Varri-cake in his mouth outside of the arena, which zooms out to include Lu in the shot.
Lin Beifong [Steps into the shot from the side.] Stop stuffing your mustaches with Varri-cakes and get to your post!
Gang [Stands at attention with Lu.] You got it, boss.
Lin Beifong [Sarcastically.] You two are the pinnacle of refinement.
Shiro Shinobi [Raiko and his wife step out of the limo; frontal of both.] This star-studded event just keeps getting star-studdier folks. President Raiko and the First Lady Buttercup Raiko just arrived, [Far shot of both as Varrick approaches them.] and they're being greeted by entrepreneur extraordinaire Varrick.
Varrick There they are, my two most honored guests. [Kisses Buttercup's palm.] What do you think? [The trio walks forward.] No expense has been spared, I brought in the finest entertainers from Ba Sing Se, and the best food from around the world. Heck! I even had this red carpet imported from the Fire Nation! They make the best red stuff over there. Fact! All right, picture time. [Poses.]
Raiko [Back-shot of the trio.] Varrick, you didn't have to do all this for us.
Varrick [Side-shot.] I wanted to. Mister President, I took one look at your wife and I knew that you were a man of exquisite taste. [Buttercup appears flattered.] And that's why I know you're gonna love this mover!
Raiko Varrick, I know what you're doing, and I doubt your propaganda is going to change my mind about going to war with the Northern Water Tribe.
Varrick Oh, I think you'll be surprised how persuasive I can be.
Cut to the interior of the arena, where the playing area has been fitted with speakers and a giant screen. Cut to an open booth where President Raiko and his wife were seated. Pan to the left of the booth to show two more VIP booths; Bolin, Ginger, and Asami occupy the left booth, and Naga and Pabu are in the right one. Cut to the interior of the animals' booth, where a waiter serves them food. Zoom in to the playing area where Varrick is standing in the darkened arena, with a spotlight shining on him.
Varrick Thank you all for [Close-up.] coming for the finale of "Nuktuk: Hero of the South"! You know, when I first started this project there were a lot of naysayers out there. "You can't make pictures move" they said. "You can't take some knucklehead earthbender and make him a star" they said. [Crowd laughs.] "You can't teach a polar bear dog to speak" they said. Well, they're wrong! Thanks to the magic of the movers, our furry friends have found their voices, and you'll be shocked to hear what they have to say. [Softer.] They speak of the injustice that is happening in the Southern Water Tribe right now. [Staring at Raiko's booth.] My hope, is that their words, and this epic mover, will inspire a real life hero to rise up, and help. [Cut to Raiko, who glances uneasily.] Thank you again, enjoy the show! [The screen lights up, revealing Nuktuk held by a bird on the shoulders.]
Voice narrator When last we left our hero, he was captured by the Evil Unalaq's dastardly pet bird. [Far shot of the bird.] Amazingly, with the power of his whistling, Nuktuk escaped. [Close-up of a whistling Nuktuk, followed by the far shot where the bird drops the hero.] And decided to seek out council.
Cut to a seal lion growling, with Nuktuk kneeling in front before a fish is thrown to the animal.
Nuktuk Thank you, wise sage. I will travel to Republic City and seek help.
Cut to an aerial shot of Republic City before switching to the interior of the president's office, where Nuktuk enters the room to find the president working with chemicals.
Mover president Have a seat, I'm just working on a cure for the common cold. No longer will my citizens suffer from the sniffles.
Nuktuk Mister president, there's something more important than the sniffles right now. I need your help to stop the Evil Unalaq.
Mover president [Far shot of the screen.] Did you say "help"? If there is one thing I love doing, it's helping people.
Buttercup Raiko [Whispering to her husband.] The seal lion seemed a bit far fetched, but the portrayal of this president is right on the money. [Raiko smiles uneasily.]
Asami I think this is your best mover yet.
Bolin [Sadly.] I just wish Mako was here to see it.
Meanwhile, a small boat carrying four men in Northern Water Tribe armor pulls up alongside the arena and the three soldiers begin to climb up to the arena. Cut to close-up of Lu, who is licking the icing off of a Varri-cake, with his and Gang's backs to the window.
Lu [Licking the cake.] Mmm. I like to eat the top of the Varri-cake first.
Gang [Far shot of the detectives.] I just try to shove the whole thing in my mouth at once. [Close-up of Gang attempting to stuff the cake into his mouth.]
Lu [Laughs.] I love our job.
They turn and see the four soldiers in the window. The soldiers knock the detectives out and bind and gag them in a locker, leaving the icing and saliva from their Varri-cake on the floor. Cut back to the screen; Nuktuk is chained to the wall while three automatons approach him.
Nuktuk Northern Water Tribe automatons! No!
Automatons Bee bow bop, Nuktuk cannot stop Unalaq, must destroy Nuktuk.
Roh-Tan stops between Nuktuk and the automatons and growls at the machines, forcing them to retreat. Juji joins in the growling, before freeing Nuktuk by firing laser beams from his eyes.
Nuktuk [Rubbing his wrists.] Haha! Arhg! [Retreats from an approaching automaton before throwing water at the machines, causing the machines to short circuit.] Looks like you forgot that water, and automatons, don't mix.
Automatons Bee bow bop, oh no, circuits no working. [Breaks down.]
Nuktuk Hahaho! [High-fives Roh-Tan.] We did it! But wait, where's Juji?
Cut to a belly-up Juji who is coughing, while a spotlight shines over him.
Roh-Tan Nuk-no!
Nuktuk [Picks up Juji.] You can't die Juji! Not on my watch!
Juji It's okay, Nuktuk. At least ... I got to be [Coughs.] your friend.
Juji licks Nuktuk's fingers before dying. Cut to Roh-Tan who cries.
Nuktuk Juji!
Bolin sadly exits the booth. Cut to the balcony of the arena, where Asami approaches Bolin.
Asami Are you okay? It seems like this mover is really getting to you. You do know Juji's not really dead?
Bolin Of course I know. Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.
Asami Then what's wrong?
Bolin I guess I just miss my friends. Everything is going so well for me, but it feels empty without everyone around. Korra's gone, Mako's in jail, you're doing ... business-lady stuff. Team Avatar's fallen apart.
Asami I know. Things have changed to much since we first met. [Cut to a far shot of the balcony, with Air Temple Island in the scenery.] Why don't you come back in and finish watching the mover with me?
Bolin You go ahead. I need another another minute. [As Asami leaves, the camera focuses on Bolin, before zooming in on a docked speedboat. Cut to a close-up of Bolin.] That's weird.
Cut to the back of the arena where Bolin walks to the area where Lu and Gang were and slips on the cake that was dropped earlier, though manages to maintain his balance by stopping into a split. He hears banging on a nearby locker and opens it. He sees Lu and Gang gagged and bound inside. Bolin removes Gang's ropes over his mouth to enable him to speak.
Gang They're after the president!
Bolin gasps at the revelation. Cut to Raiko's booth where the president and his wife are watching the mover. Cut to the mover.
Evil Unalaq You're too late Nuktuk. [Close-up of the timer of the doomsday device.] Soon, my doomsday device will shoot this block of ice into the Earth's core, freezing the entire planet, and I will be ruler of Ice Earth! [Laughs diabolically.]
Nuktuk [Cut to a side-shot of Raiko and his wife, panning to the left; voice-over.] I don't think so.
Raiko and his wife are both pulled backward by unseen figures who have their left hands clasped over their mouths in order to restrain them from making a sound. Cut to a frontal shot of the booth, revealing the figures to be the Northern soldiers, who are now busy tying up the already gagged couple. The president's guards are slumped unconscious against the wall next to the door. As the soldiers finish their job and turn to guide the presidential couple to the door, Bolin barges into the booth, knocking the door out of the wall in the process.
Bolin I don't think so.
Cut to a frontal shot of the kidnappers and their victims. Buttercup manages to wriggle out of her gag and screams; Actress Ginger screams simultaneously in the mover. One of the soldiers sends a water blast in Bolin's direction. Cut to a side-shot of Bolin, who acrobatically flips out of the way. As he lands, he uses his momentum to dislodge a slab of rock from the wall behind him and hurls it at his attacker. Cut to a side-shot of the booth from inside the arena as the waterbender is hit square in the chest and thrown out of the booth, into the pool. Cut to an aerial shot of the arena as the man plunges into the water, screaming. Switch to a close shot of the audience; the people gasp and turn toward the direction of the noise. Cut to Lin who also turns around with suspicion. Cut back to the booth where Bolin punches the floor, crackling the ground with an earth wave which throws the three remaining waterbenders against the ceiling. When they land on the floor, Bolin throws another punch straight forward. Cut to a looking up shot from inside the arena as the three soldiers are thrown out of the booth after each being hit by a rock. They land with heavy thuds on the metal bridge which allows access to the playing field from the players' locker. Cut back to inside the booth where Bolin has untied the president and his wife; Buttercup hugs her husband.
Bolin Mister President, get back, I'm here to help.
Without hesitation, he runs to the edge of the booth and humps down. He lands in a crouch, ripping the sleeves of his suit as he lands. He stands up and tears his sleeves off completely, a determined look adorning his face. Bolin cracks his neck and walks forward. Cut to an aerial shot as he approaches the three assailants standing on the arena. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin.
Bolin Looks like there's no where to go.
A waterbender attacks Bolin with water from the playing area, but he manages to dodge the attack. Cut to the audience who gasp in fear. Cut to an aerial shot of the playing area where Bolin engages the trio, before focusing to Lin and her officers.
Lin Beifong Secure the president and call for backup immediately!
The officers run off for reinforcements. Cut to the playing area where Bolin avoids the attacks. He bends out three earth discs and each disc at a waterbender. One of them got hit and is incapacitated. The remaining two waterbenders continue attacking. Bolin dodges one of the waterbender's attack, while Nuktuk avoids Unalaq's attack in a similar fashion. Bolin attempts to attack one of them, but is thrown aside by a water hose by the other bender.
Ginger/Actress Ginger Bolin, look out!/Nuktuk, look out!
Bolin runs to the speaker on the right, before changing course to avoid an attack. When attacked on the other side, he stops at the center and bends out two entire stacks of earth discs. The waterbenders throw hoses at Bolin, which he blocks using the stacks, while Nuktuk hides from Unalaq's attack from behind a pillar. Bolin waits for the moment before throwing the stack at the waterbenders, which successfully hit them. Bolin throws discs from the stacks to the waterbenders, while Nuktuk continues throwing streams of water.
Shiro Shinobi [While Bolin is fighting.] This is unbelievable! Bolin is bending two full stacks of earth disks at once, which would normally be illegal, [Zoom out to show his neighbor eyeing him uneasily.] but then again, he's fighting three waterbenders, [Grabs his neighbor.] so all rules are out the window!
Cut back to the dust filled arena, where Bolin bends out an earth disc and knocks out one of the soldiers. He knocks out another soldier. The other soldier waterbends and prepares to attack Bolin, but Bolin dodges the attack and bends out two discs to shield himself from another water blast. Bolin fights the last soldier one-on-one, with both fighters circling each other while dodging each other's attacks. Bolin leaps and throws a disc at the soldier, knocking him out to a nearby speaker.
Bolin [Bends a disc.] Tell me who sent you!
Soldier [Horrified.] It was Varrick, please don't hurt me, Nuktuk!
Bolin instantly becomes shocked. He drops his earth disc and turns to look up at Varrick, whom is now worried.
Varrick I think this is our cue to exit.
Zoom out to reveal Lin blocking the exit.
Lin Beifong [Frontal shot, four officers standing behind her.] Where do you think you're going?
Varrick eyes the surroundings uneasily. Cut back to a shocked Bolin. The soldier attempts to attack Bolin, but he retaliates in time and slams a disc to his stomach, tossing him into the pool, while Unalaq is defeated.
Shiro Shinobi [Enthusiastically.] It's a knockout!
Cut to the the audience and Asami, who cheer at Bolin. Bolin turns and waves back at the audience with Nuktuk.

Cut to the Southern Tribe at night. Cut to the streets where Northern soldiers retreat from the rebels.

Tonraq They're falling back!
A low howl is heard. The rebels turn to see dark spirits perched on the walls of buildings, with Desna and Eska standing on the roof. They turn around to see Unalaq riding a large dark spirit. Cut to a close-up of Unalaq, followed by one of Tonraq.

Cut back to the arena where Varrick and Zhu Li were led into a police truck. A reporter takes a picture.

Lin Beifong Varrick's plan was to kidnap you and blame it on the North. Then Republic City would have no choice, but to join the war on the side of the South.
Raiko I can't believe Varrick would do something like this, and no one saw it coming.
Lin Beifong Actually someone did. Remember Mako?
Raiko You got a great officer on your hands.
Lin Beifong [Softens.] He's one of the best.
Cut to the entrance where many reporters are taking pictures of Bolin. Ginger runs up to the beaming Bolin and kisses him, taking him aback. When the kissing stops, Bolin looks on dreamily.
Ginger I can't believe my boyfriend is a real life hero!
Bolin [Confused.] Boyfriend? Wait, stop. I thought you said we weren't a couple.
Ginger You really are as dumb as those rocks. Of course we're a couple. [Kisses Bolin.]
Asami Bolin you saved the president! And you proved Mako was right all along. We have to go tell him what happened.
Bolin Yeah! [Returns to kissing Ginger, which Asami responds by clearing her throat.] Oh, you meant right now.
Bolin turns up to see Oogi descending to the Arena. Korra jumps off the bison and approaches the president.
Korra President Raiko!
Raiko Avatar Korra? What's wrong?
Korra [While Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi walk up.] Sir, I know I've asked for your help before, but things have changed. Unalaq doesn't just wanna take over the South anymore. He wants to destroy the whole world.
Raiko looks on in fear.
Bolin Unalaq is going to destroy the world? He really does have a doomsday device?
Korra He's trying to release a powerful dark spirit during Harmonic Convergence, which is only a few days away. If he succeeds, the world as we know it, is over. Sir, we desperately need your help.
Raiko I'm sorry, Korra, but my answer is still no.
Korra and Aang's children widen their eyes in shock.
Tenzin [Angrily.] There are lives on the line! And my daughter is one of them! Raiko, you must reconsider!
Raiko I'm aware that lives are on the line. And that's precisely why my troops are staying here. If the world is going to be thrown into chaos as you claim, I need to protect my citizens. I'm sorry.
Bolin Sir, Nuktuk needs your help. I know you love helping people.
Raiko Son, I appreciate you saving my life and I'm a big fan of your work, but my decision is final. [Walks off.]
Bolin [Bitterly.] Never should have saved that guy.
Asami If you guys need help, I'm here for you.
Bolin Yeah, me too.
Korra Thank you. It's so good to see you guys again. [Looks around.] Wait. Where's Mako?
Cut to a low angle medium close shot of Mako sitting in his cell. He hears the door open and looks toward it. Cut to a wider shot of the cell from the back as we see Bolin enter.
Mako So, how was the big premiere?
Bolin I saved the president, in real life!
Mako Wait, wh-what?
Bolin You were right about Varrick. He tried to kidnap Raiko!
Mako I knew it!
Bolin But it didn't work, because of you, and because of me. Let's just say we both did good. Beifong says you're free to go. [Shows the door, where the brothers walk out.] Sorry for ever doubting you, Mako.
Mako [Taps Bolin on the shoulder.] Don't worry about it bro.
Mako and Bolin hug each other. Cut to the visitor area where the brothers walk out and are greeted by claps.
Lin Beifong Nice job, Mako. You're going to make a great detective.
Gang But chief, there aren't any detective openings right now.
Lin Beifong Actually we have two openings.
Lu and Gang stare at each other in shock. Cut to a close-up of Mako smiling warmly. Close-up of Mako, where he turns to the left and his smile widens as he looks at Asami. Cut to a shot of Asami smiling back at him. Korra runs forward and kisses him, with Asami being taken aback and Bolin startled at the kiss.
Korra Mako, I've missed you so much.
Bolin eyes Asami, who looks at Mako in annoyance and betrayal. Bolin eyes the situation awkwardly.
Bolin Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you? Korra's back.
Mako Korra ... hey, I missed you, too. So you're not still mad at me?
Korra Why would I be mad?
Mako We had that fight before you left, remember?
Korra No, not really. I got attacked by a dark spirit and I lost my memory for a little while. Maybe it hasn't all come back yet. Was it a bad fight?
Mako [Uneasily.] Uh ... [Cut to the spectators.] No. No, it wasn't that bad. [Eyes at the annoyed and jealous Asami, while Bolin hisses at him.]
Tenzin Korra, we don't have much time. We need to figure out how to deal with Unalaq.
Bolin I think I know just the man to talk to.
Cut to a lavish prison cell where Varrick is detained. The businessman turns to look at his guests.
Varrick Guys, hey, [Cut to a far shot of the prison cell, which is filled with lavish decorations and amenities.] what do you think? Varrick Industries built this prison, and I had this cell made special. I had a feeling I'd end up here one day. [Grins slyly with his teeth gleaming.] Zhu Li, c'mon, we got guests! ['Zhu Li walks up.] Whip up a pot of that green tea I love!
Zhu Li Yes, sir.
Korra [Surprised.] Zhu Li's in prison with you?
Varrick [While Zhu Li is pouring tea.] Of course! I don't go anywhere without my assistant. Do you?
Mako [Annoyed.] We're not interested in your tea. And this isn't a friendly visit.
Varrick Don't tell me you guys are still mad about everything that happened. I did some good things, too. [Cut to a glaring Korra.] Korra, who warned you about Unalaq? [Korra softens to a considering look with a raised eyebrow.] I did. [Pan to an equally glaring Bolin.] Bolin, who got you into the movers? [Bolin softens.] I did. [Pan to Asami.] Asami, who saved your company? [Asami softens.] I did. [Pan to Mako.] Mako, who got you thrown in jail!? [Mako's frown deepens.] I did! [Quick zoom out to Varrick.] Oh yeah, guess that was a bad thing.
Asami You stole everything from me and you tried to kidnap the president. Those are pretty bad, too.
Varrick I wasn't going to hurt him. I just needed to start a war. Well, a bigger war.
Bolin Well we're gonna end it. Where's all the stuff you stole from Asami?
Varrick The Future Industries' stuff? It's on my battleship.
Korra You have a battleship?
Varrick Of course I do! I bought the first one they made! Named her the "Zhu Li". [Sits down.]
Bolin You named your battleship after your assistant?
Varrick Yup. They're both cold, heartless war machines.
Zhu Li Your tea, sir.
Varrick [Apologetically.] Look, I'm truly sorry for the mess I caused. Let me make it up to you, [Darts his head toward Zhu Li.] take Zhu Li. [Everyone looks on in silence before Varrick talks again.] My battleship, it's yours, and everything on it.
Korra [Smiling.] It's not the fleet we were looking for, but it's the next best thing.
Bolin [Ecstatic.] All right! Team Avatar is back in business. Haha!
Bolin grabs Korra by the shoulder and pulls her toward Mako and Asami, where the four share a group hug. Lin smiles at the youngsters in pride.

Cut to the Zhu Li, where Korra is standing at the deck, looking out into the vast ocean.

Mako [Walks up, consoling.] It's okay. We're going to stop Unalaq, and get Jinora back.
Korra I hope my dad's all right. [Hugs Mako.]
Mako I'm sure he's fine. [Hugs Korra back.]
Cut back to the Southern Tribe, where Tonraq is attacking a dark spirit perched on a wall. The spirit jumps off to avoid the attack and slams on the ground, knocking off a rebel with its tail before charging at Tonraq again, where he retaliates with a water blast, dissipating it. He turns, only to be knocked back with a water stream. A rebel assists with a stream, but gets knocked back. Cut to the assailants, who are Desna and Eska. Tonraq dodges the attack and retreats behind a pillar for cover. He braces himself to shield from another attack.
Tonraq Get the men and fall back.
Rebel What about you?
Tonraq shields himself from another attack before noticing his brother walking with attacking soldiers and a dark spirit.
Tonraq I'm going to end this, right now. Go.
Tonraq bends an ice wall, separating the twins. Desna dodges before bending out an ice shield, only for Tonraq to destroy it. Tonraq runs across the alley and attacks two soldiers before freezing the other two.
Unalaq Hello, Tonraq. Looking for me?
Tonraq bends a massive stream at Unalaq, who stops it with an ice shield. In the mist, Unalaq attacks Tonraq with a massive ice block, throwing him some distance.
Unalaq [Close-up.] Brother, I'm too strong for you.
Tonraq [Frontal shot.] You're no brother of mine. You betrayed me, you had me banished!
Unalaq [Close-up.] Yes! I did.
Enraged, Tonraq charges at Unalaq with waterbending, only for his momentum to be stopped by Desna and Eska.
Unalaq [Walks down the stairs toward Tonraq.] Stop! He's mine.
Unalaq's children stop bending and step back.
Tonraq You are not the true chief.
Unalaq I am. And you will bow to me.
Unalaq bends the snow beneath him, slamming Tonraq against an ice wall. Tonraq bends out a stream, which Unalaq catches and spins into a circle. As Tonraq charges, he uses the stream to form ice structures, which Tonraq manages to dodge and counter. Unalaq bends out a large stream, which Tonraq dodges at the last minute before protecting himself with a wall and attacking Unalaq. Behind the wall, he rides an ice sheet and charges toward Unalaq, the scene proceeding in slow motion. Before Tonraq can land the final blow, Unalaq knocks him off with an ice pillar. He approaches Tonraq and demolishes all the ice structures, before freezing him. He smirks in victory while Tonraq closes his eyes, bracing himself for the impact. Unalaq bends out a stream, shattering the ice and knocking Tonraq out.
Unalaq Now that I've defeated you, your daughter is next.
Cut to credits.






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