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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Red Lotus is the world's newest threat. After confronting Zaheer, Korra learned that he is part of a secret society whose mission is to take out all the nations' leaders and destroy world order. But before Korra could warn anyone, she and Asami were apprehended by the Earth Queen's forces. And the Red Lotus have Mako and Bolin. Now both parties are headed toward Ba Sing Se.
The scene starts in a building in the midst of the desert where a group of people walks toward an Earth Kingdom airship. Camera cuts to ground level as a soldier pushes the dolly Korra is on while Asami walks forward with her head bowed down.
Korra [Locked up.] You have to let me out! The Earth Queen is in danger from a group of terrorists calling themselves the Red Lotus. [Turns her attention to the captain as she is pushed up the ramp leading into the airship.] I talked to one of them in the Spirit World yesterday. He's insane!
Captain [With a toothpick between his lips.] Screaming about terrorists in the Spirit World? You're the one who sounds insane. [Turns and walks inside his ship and the hatch closes.]
The engine is turned on, and the airship begins to fly. The scene cuts to Korra being locked in a cell with Asami. After locking Korra to the wall, the crew chains Asami to the floor.
Asami [Sweet-talking.] Do I have to be chained to the floor the whole way? It's going to be so uncomfortable.
Arik [Chains Asami.] Sorry Ma'am, I'm under orders.
Asami Can't you just chain me to that railing? [Looks at the railing on the wall.] I mean, where am I gonna go? [The ship crew glances on Asami.] Please?
Arik Well, as long as you're chained up, I guess it doesn't make a difference. [Chains Asami to the railing.]
Asami Thank you, Sir.
Korra Can I have ... some water?
Arik No water. We're also not going to bring you any rocks or fire, so don't ask. I guess there's air, but there's nothing we can do about that. We're not opening your compartment 'til we reach Ba Sing Se. [Walks out of the cell.]
Korra I hoped Mako or Bolin would have shown up to save us by now. I wonder if they're okay.
Scene changes to a truck driving along a desert road. Cut to the inside of the Red Lotus' truck with Zaheer driving and P'Li sitting besides him in front.
Mako [Voice-over.] If you think [Cut to the back of the truck where Ghazan and Ming-Hua are seated on a bench and looking at the brothers tied up together on the floor.] holding us hostage will give you some leverage against the Avatar, you're gonna be very disappointed.
Ming-Hua Can't we just enjoy our time together in silence?
Mako And why did you need Korra alive back in Zaofu? You had her paralyzed. Why didn't you just take her out when you had the chance?
Ghazan Look, all you need to know is that the world is about to change, for the better.
Bolin So you guys were like locked up for fifteen years, huh? It must've been like crazy boring.
Ghazan Actually, it was only thirteen years. But it felt like thirty.
Bolin I mean, what did you do with all that time? Did you sing songs, work on crafts?
Ming-Hua Not a lot of craft supplies in a volcanic prison cell.
Ghazan And I must've renamed the constellations about a thousand times. When it rained, that was a big event.
Ming-Hua [Sighs.] I would've killed for some rain. Mostly I just made up stories about the guards: who was having trouble with his girlfriend; which one secretly wished he'd become a pastry chef.
Bolin Ooh okay, that sounds like fun. Let me try that on you guys. [To Ghazan.] You were raised by an older sister, your mustache grew in when you were ten and I'm sensing - just sensing - an unspoken attraction between you two.
Ming-Hua and Ghazan glance at each other awkwardly. Ming-Hua gives Ghazan a sulking look and turns away, surprising the lavabender.
Ghazan [Smiles at Bolin.] Two out of three. Not bad.
Mako Bolin, would you stop making friends with the bad guys?
Bolin Sorry!
Zaheer Ghazan, gag those two. We're almost there.
Cut to a far shot of the truck entering Ba Sing Se. The scene changes to the airship flying above Si Wong Desert, before to the interior where Korra struggles against her restraints, but to no avail.
Korra We have to find a way to get out of this prison before we get to the Earth Queen.
Asami Don't worry, I have a plan. These airships the Cabbage Corp sold to the Earth Kingdom are way cheaper than the ones Future Industries built.
Asami stands against the wall and struggles, pulling off the railing. She jumps to bring her hands in front before throwing the railing to catch it upright.
Asami Now that's just shoddy workmanship. [Walks up to Korra.] There's no way I can get these locks off. I need the keys. [Looks at the floor before prying a panel open with the railing.] Give me five minutes, then start yelling for help.
Asami crawls down the pane. The scene changes to the palace.
Hou-Ting When is the Avatar scheduled for delivery?
Gun The airship already left Fort Bosco and should be arriving in a few hours.
Hou-Ting Excellent. Bring it to me as soon as it lands.
Gun Yes, Your Majesty. But first there are some ... people here who captured two of the Avatar's friends. They would like to present them to you personally.
Hou-Ting You know I don't meet with bounty hunters.
Gun And of course I told them that. But they say they have some information that might interest you; about the location of your stolen airbenders.
Hou-Ting Really? [Smiles.] Fine, send them in. [The Red Lotus enter the throne room, throwing the bound and gagged Mako and Bolin in the meantime.] Ah, yes, I remember these two. We'll find an acceptable home for you in prison, with the rest of the dissidents. [To the Red Lotus.] Now, I'm told you have some information for me. I hope this isn't just some ruse to increase your bounty.
Zaheer We don't want any bounty, Your Majesty. You can consider these two a "thank you" gift for simply taking the time to talk to us.
Hou-Ting How very magnanimous. So, where are my airbenders?
Zaheer I'd be happy to tell you, once you hand the Avatar over to me.
Hou-Ting [Furious.] Who told you that we have the Avatar?!
Zaheer How I know is not important. But if I found out, others will too. And that could put you in a difficult position.
Hou-Ting Is that so?
Zaheer Your Majesty, imprisoning the Avatar will cause the other nations to turn against you and demand her freedom. Before long, we'd be in the midst of a sticky international incident. If you let me take her today, no one need ever know she was here, and you can get your airbenders back without interference. We both win.
Hou-Ting And what do you plan to do with the Avatar should I see fit to grant your request.
Zaheer All I can say is: I have business with her. But she won't be bothering you again. I can assure you of that. [Mako and Bolin glance at each other with worried looks.]
Hou-Ting [Cut to the queen, who ponders over the deal while tapping her long finger nails on the arm of the throne. She sits up straight with a smile after some consideration.] I find these terms agreeable. Gun, escort them to the antechamber until the Avatar's arrival. [Gun escorts the Red Lotus out of the throne room.] Send these two to the dungeon. [Two Dai Li agents open the floor beneath Mako and Bolin, leaving them to drop into the unknown.]
The scene changes to the airship flying above the desert. Cut to the outside of the cell, where Arik stands guard.
Korra Guards! [Arik runs to the door.] Get in here! [Arik opens the hatch.] Something happened to my friend. She needs help.
Arik [Point of view.] Where is she?
Arik is knocked out by Asami. She opens the door, triumphantly spinning the keys around her finger. She frees Korra from the straitjacket while Korra removes the muzzle.
Korra Nice work. Now let's take control of the ship.
Cut to the cockpit of the airship where Korra barges in with metalbending. The co-pilot runs up, but is knocked against the steering wheel by an air blast, causing the airship to lose control.
Captain Mayday! Mayday! The Avatar has escaped. We're going down in quadrant four of the Si Wong Desert.
The co-pilot regains consciousness and charges Korra, before being knocked against the captain by another air blast. Asami runs up to the steering wheel.
Asami I think you might have been a little over-aggressive with the airbending. The controls are busted. [Picks up the radio phone which has broken into two.] Also, you broke the radio.
Korra Sorry, but it's not my fault this airship's a hunk of junk.
Asami [As the airship is about to crash into a sand dune.] Hang on to something! [The ship crashes.]
Korra and Asami climb out of the airship from the roof.
Asami Well. They say any landing you could walk away from is a good landing. [Stares at the vastness of the desert.] But, given our location, I'm not so sure about that.
Korra You're the engineer. What do you think? Can we get flying again?
Asami It doesn't look good. Even if you metalbend the propellers back into shape, we have to dig this whole thing out of the sand.
Korra [As the crew climb out of the airship.] Is everyone all right?
Arik Like you care.
Kong What the heck happened?
Arik She said her friend needed help, then they knocked me out!
Korra I'm sorry. But I couldn't let you take me to the Earth Queen as a captive. There are dangerous forces at work that you don't know anything about.
Kong More dangerous than being stranded in the desert?
Captain [Climbs out of the airship.] Don't worry, Kong. I've radioed Ba Sing Se before we went down. We just need to sit tight. Somebody will be here to rescue us.
Korra I'm not waiting around for that. We need to get out of here now.
Asami If we all work together, we might be able to get the ship up and running.
Kong Not likely. I just tunneled out the engine room. It's like a sandbox in there.
Captain This ship isn't going anywhere. And neither are you. You're prisoners and it's our duty to transport you to the Earth Queen.
Korra [Smiles coyly.] You realize that I'm the Avatar, right? [Frowns and points a finger at the airmen.] You don't want to fight me.
Captain I'm afraid you aren't giving us much of a choice. We have our orders.
Asami [Notices a moving sand dune.] Wait, did that sand dune just move?
Captain It was probably just a mirage. The desert will play tricks on you.
Asami [As the sand dune moves again.] That's no mirage. Look.
Kong I heard that since all the spirits came back, this desert has been haunted by them.
Korra [Sarcastically.] Oh right, so I guess that's my fault too. Do you want to help us get this ship up and running, or do you want to wait around and meet that thing?[Points to the moving sand dune.]
Kong We want to fix the ship. Right, Cap? [The other crew members nod in unison.]
Captain Let's get to work.
Korra Everybody stand back.
Korra prepares herself and bends a large air spout at the sand dune. The scene changes to the prison cell, where a guard patrols past the cells, knocking on the bars with a baton. As he walks past Mako and Bolin's cell, he hits Bolin who was leaning against the bars, causing him to grunt in annoyance.
Mako We have to find a way out of here before Zaheer gets his hands on Korra.
Prisoner [Pulls out a mirror to reflect his face to the cell.] Take me with you. I haven't seen my wife and five kids for four years.
Bolin Four years?
Prisoner [Upbeat.] The first few months were great, I-I could finally get some sleep, but ... [Dejectedly.] now I really miss them.
Mako [Ignoring their neighbor.] Listen. Bolin, this is up to you. I know you can metalbend.
Prisoner You can metalbend?
Bolin No.
Mako Yes you can. I believe in you.
Prisoner I believe in you too, Bolin.
Bolin I appreciate that, Mako, and fellow ... prisoner man. But I've been trying and trying and trying and I've never been able to do it. Not even a little.
Mako You've always had the ability deep down. You just haven't had the motivation. But this is your time! Get us out of here to save Korra. You can do it! [Rallying the other prisoners.] Bolin! Bolin!
Other prisoners Bolin! Bolin! Bolin! Bolin!
Bolin You're right. [Readying himself.] Okay, here I go. Metalbending. [Attempts to metalbend the bars, but to no avail. Sinks onto the floor, tearing.] I can't metalbend.
Other prisoners Aww! [Return to their activities.]
Prisoner Hey, you guys didn't happen to bring any toilet paper, do you?
Cut to Lin driving a jeep when she notices some tire tracks. She reverses and drives up the abandoned jeep. As she inspects the it, Naga leaps from behind, growling aggressively, startling her. Naga soon recognizes Lin and smiles, running around her and licking her.
Lin First, you scare the life out of me, now you want to lick me.
Naga licks Lin once more. Pabu emerges from the jeep and crawls on Lin's body. Lin manages to grab Pabu by the neck and put him on top of Naga.
Lin [Passes treats to the animals.] Here, chew on this [Walks off.] and leave me alone. [Picks up a radio phone on the jeep.] Tonraq, you read me?
Tonraq Yes, we copy.
Lin I've found Korra's jeep, but the kids aren't here. Meet me at the Misty Palms Oasis.
Cut to the Si Wong Desert where Asami welds the rudder. The exit hatch opens and Korra and Kong walk out.
Asami How's it looking in there?
Korra I just airbent all the sand out of the engine room. I think it's clean.
Kong Hasn't been this clean since it floated off the showroom floor.
Korra How's it going out here?
Asami Well, she's still pretty banged up, but I think she might be able to limp out of the desert. Kong, you want to see if you can get the engine started?
Kong Aye aye!
Kong walks back into the airship. Soon, the propellers begin to spin.
Arik All right!
A sand shark jumps from beneath the surface and grabs the airship, snapping it into two. Korra and Asami look in fear before running away with the crew, narrowly missing the sand shark's dive, causing the doomed airship to sink below.
Korra That's no spirit! [Everyone stands up when the dust subsides. Scene zooms out to show Kong at the helms unharmed, though paralyzed with fear.] I think it's gone now.
Arik Kong, are you all right? What are we going to do? All of our supplies were on the ship. We've got no food, no water.
Captain Easy, Arik. Another ship is on the way. We just need to hold our position for a few hours.
Asami We might not have a few hours.
Korra How far are we from the edge of the desert?
Captain Too far to walk, if that's what you're thinking.
Arik [Slumps to the floor.] We can't just wait around to for that thing to pick us off one by one!
Captain You'll do as you're told, Airman. Now get a hold of yourself!
Asami [Examining the mess.] Maybe we can still build something to get us all out of here.
Captain [Sarcastic.] You want to make some wings out of scrap metal and flap real hard?
Asami No, but we might have enough material to construct a makeshift sand-sailer. Like the sandbenders use to get around. All we need is a sail and some kind of sled to attach it to.
Korra It's worth a try.
Captain Gather every piece of metal you can find. We'll give that sandy beast a run for his money yet.
Cut to the Red Lotus' chamber. A Dai Li agent walks past the door, alerting the Red Lotus.
Zaheer Looks like he's in hurry. Wait here.
Zaheer leaves the chamber and, after noticing no one around, stalks the Dai Li agent. As the agent opens the throne room door, he leaps up against the wall, entering the throne room via the ceiling lattice.
Dai Li agent Your Majesty, we received a distress signal from the airship carrying the prisoners. We believed the ship crashed in the Si Wong desert and the Avatar may have escaped.
Hou-Ting [Angrily.] This is outrageous! Send another airship to retrieve the Avatar immediately.
Dai Li agent It's already on its way, Your Majesty.
Zaheer leaves the throne room and returns to his chambers.
Ming-Hua What are we going to do now?
Ghazan There's no way we can track her down in the desert before the queen gets to her.
P'Li You really think we'd be lucky enough to capture her again? She'll be long gone by the time they arrive.
Zaheer It doesn't matter. We're through chasing her. It's time to make her come to us.
The Red Lotus barge into the throne room.
Hou-Ting What is this riff-raff doing in my throne room unannounced?
Zaheer Apologies, Your Majesty. But I couldn't help overhearing that the Avatar won't be joining us today.
Hou-Ting The Avatar is still in my custody. However, eavesdropping on royal conversations will land you in a cell right next to those boys you brought in. Now, if you value your freedom, you'll tell me where the airbenders are right now!
Zaheer That wasn't the deal.
Hou-Ting I will not bandy words with bounty hunters! [To Dai Li.] Seize these hoodlums and throw them in prison until they decide to show proper respect for the crown!
Dai Li agents surround the Red Lotus. P'Li fires a combustion beam to the floor, knocking off a group of Dai Li agents. Three Dai Li agents fire rock gloves at Ghazan, who easily redirected them back to the agents. A Dai Li agent attacks Zaheer with an earthbending attack from below, though he is able to leap up to avoid the attack and counter with an air blast. Another Dai Li agent attacks him from the pillar, only to be knocked against the pillar. The third agent runs up to Zaheer, only to be thrown away and frozen against a pillar by Ming-Hua. Gun, noticing the battle, runs away.
Hou-Ting Gun! Get in back here and lay down your life for your queen, you coward! [Notices Zaheer walking forward and follows suit.] You wouldn't dare attack a queen!
Zaheer [Leaps to the throne.] Maybe I forgot to mention something to you. I don't believe in queens. [Pulls air out of Hou-Ting's lungs and traps her head in a vacuum sphere, leaving her gasping and collapsed onto the floor.] You think freedom is something that you can give or take on a whim ... [Close-up of Hou-Ting with bloodshot eyes.] To your people ... freedom is just as essential as ... air. And without it ... there is no life. [Stops bending.] There is only ... darkness.
Cut to the radio control room as the Red Lotus walks in.
Radio operator Hey! You can't be in here!
Zaheer No need for alarm. I just need to make an announcement to the entire city. How do I do that?
Radio operator Who do you think you are?
Ming-Hua [Grabs the radio operator.] He's the man who just took down the Earth Queen. You want to be next?!
Zaheer Ming-Hua, please. We're here to help citizens like him, not hurt them. [To the radio operator.] Now, can you help me?
The radio operator nods before Ming-Hua throws him to the seat. He sets the controls and bows to Zaheer, who takes the seat.
Zaheer Attention citizens of Ba Sing Se. I have an important announcement to make. [Cut to a household listening to the message.] Moments ago, the Earth Queen was brought down by the hands of revolutionaries, [Cut to Mako and Bolin's paternal family, who listen at the news with disbelief.] including myself. I'm not going to tell you my name, because my identity is not important. [Cut to Mako and Bolin at their cell.] I'm not here to take over the Earth Kingdom. I think you've had enough of leaders telling you what to do. It's time for you to find your own path. No longer will you be oppressed by tyrants. From now on, you are free! [Cut to Ghazan standing before the Inner Wall.] I deliver Ba Sing Se be into the hands of the people!
Ghazan readies himself and punches the floor, melting it to lava. Soon, the Inner Wall begins to melt. With a stomp, the wall collapses. Bystanders brace themselves from the collapsing wall and cheer when the dust settles before making their way out, while Ghazan looks on. Cut to the prison where the prisoners begin rioting. Mako has managed to melt off a section of the bar, shaking his wrist with the the strain before resuming.
Mako We have to get out of here, Bolin. Zaheer came here to take out the Earth Queen, and now Korra is next.
Prisoner You know that guy? He's my hero!
Mako Shut up! [To Bolin.] You have to metalbend us out of here. C'mon! I know you can do it! This is your time!
Bolin You said before "was my time".
Mako I know I did it, but now it's really your time. [Bolin stands up.] Do it!
Bolin readies himself and metalbends again. Cut to the prison where all the prison doors, except theirs, open. The prisoners laugh and run out.
Bolin Did you see that? I did it! I mean, not for us, but I metalbent all the other cells open!
Mako [Palm to his face.] I don't think that was you.
Mako and Bolin notice Zaheer approach them and prepare to attack, though were quickly neutralized by an air blast.
Zaheer Listen to me. I'm going to set you free, but I want to talk to you first. I have a message that I need you to take to Korra.
Cut to the Si Wong Desert where Arik welds finishing touches to the sand-sailer.
Asami She ain't pretty, but I think she'll do the job.
Korra [Notices the approaching sand shark's dorsal fin.] No time for a test run. Let's move!
Everyone boards the sand-sailer. Korra readies herself and bends a large gust of air, moving the sand-sailer. Cut to Asami at the helm as the beast approaches them. Far shot of the beast jumping out, but missed before making another unsuccessful attempt. Cut to the sand-sailer leaving as the sand shark's sand trail disappears.
Arik I think he's gone. We did it!
The sand shark emerges from beneath the sand-sailer, preparing to devour it whole. Korra firebends into the mouth, saving them. The beast returns to the sand, pushing the sand-sailer from beneath. Cut to later on the day, when the sand-sailer made its way to the Misty Palms Oasis, where they park the vehicle next to onlooking sandbenders before the sail and mast break off.
Asami You want to buy a slightly used sand-sailer?
Asami step onto the dock as the last of the group.
Captain Thanks, Asami. You got a good head on your shoulders.
Korra I'm sorry for getting us stranded out there. I didn't mean for that to happen.
Captain You know, whatever the conflict between you and the queen is, I'm sure it's above my pay grade. [Shakes Korra's hand with his hooked right hand.] You've got a tough job. Good luck, Avatar. [Salutes.]
Arik Captain, have we been in the desert for too long? Or is that really a dragon over there?
The crew turns to see Druk on the ground, while two camels tied to a tree avoid the dragon, shivering in fear.
Captain Ugh, let's go get a drink.
Korra watches the airship crew leave before turning to see Naga pin her down and lick her face.
Korra Dhaaah! [Giggles.] Easy, girl. Did you think we weren't coming back to you? [Snuggles Naga.]
Korra and Asami enter the cantina, where they see Lin, Tonraq and Zuko at the far end. Korra smiles and approaches them.
Korra [To her father.] What are you all doing here?
Tonraq Korra, you're safe. [Hugs his daughter.]
Korra Yeah, we made it out of the desert. Thanks to Asami. [Tonraq nods in appreciation to Asami before turning his attention to Korra again.]
Tonraq Do you remember Lord Zuko?
Zuko I met you when you were a very young girl. It's good to see you again, Avatar Korra.
Korra It's good to see you, Lord Zuko.
Lin [Annoyed.] Thanks for ditching me back at Zaofu.
Korra Yeah, sorry about that. But, how did you all find us?
Lin I am a detective, you know.
Asami Did you find Mako and Bolin?
Lin Some people at the inn saw them captured by Zaheer's crew. We don't know where they are.
Tonraq Did you hear about the Earth Queen?
Korra What about her?
Radio Once again, the Earth Queen's reign has come to an abrupt and violent end. Ba Sing Se has descended into chaos. Rioters and looters have overrun the palace.
Korra The Red Lotus.
Tonraq What's that?
Korra The name of the group that's been trying to capture me and just took out the Earth Queen. I'm afraid this is only the beginning, Dad.
Cut to the Misty Palms Oasis as the sun sets.
Fade to credits.






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