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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] After fusing with Vaatu, Unalaq became a Dark Avatar and ripped Korra and Raava apart! By destroying Raava, Unalaq and Vaatu transformed into the most powerful dark spirit that's ever lived. Tenzin managed to free Jinora from the Fog of Lost Souls, but her spiritual quest isn't over yet. Can anyone save the world from eternal darkness?
The scene begins with the Republic City skyline, the sky illuminated by spirit lights. Police airships and United Forces battleships are deployed to protect the mainland. Cut to a close-up of Air Temple Island, before cutting to the balcony where Pema and her three younger children are standing.
Ikki Oooo ... Pretty.
Cut to the interior of a police airship where President Raiko and Chief Lin Beifong are in.
Raiko [Via an intercom.] General Iroh, are your ships in position?
Iroh Yes, Mr. President. But I need to know what kind of enemy we're dealing with.
As Iroh is speaking, the sky lights up and Unavaatu plunges into the sea. The wave he creates pushes back one of the battle ships.
Unavaatu It's time to take back the physical world.
Unavaatu begins to walk toward the mainland. Cut to the interior of Iroh's battleship, where he watches Unavaatu approach them.
Iroh Fire!
United Forces firebenders attack Unavaatu with large fire blasts, but Unavaatu continues walking, unharmed. He retaliates by waterbending a wall to stop the blasts, before sending the wave toward the battleships, scattering them. He subsequently walks up to Avatar Aang Memorial Island.
Meelo Monster attack!
Unavaatu wraps his tendrils around the statue of Aang, before bringing it to the sea. Cut to a close-up of Aang's face, slowly sinking into the water, which fades to a close-up of an unconscious Korra in the South Pole. Tenzin walks up to Korra, casting his shadow on her.
Tenzin They're over here. [Far shot as he kneels by Korra's side while his siblings run in from either side of the screen to tend to Mako and Bolin; to Korra.] Please, wake up. [Carries Korra.]
Kya They're gonna be all right. But I need to get them into some spirit water. Right away.
Cut to a shot of the spirit portal from inside the Spirit World. Tenzin appears first, carrying Korra bridal style. Bumi and Kya are right behind him, with Bumi carrying Mako and Bolin on his shoulders. Cut to a shot of nearby water. Tenzin wades in and gently puts Korra down. Cut to a further off shot, revealing Bumi to have done the same. Cut to a frontal shot of Kya as she begins to heal them. Switch to an aerial shot of Korra, Mako, and Bolin in the water, a stream of illuminated water passing over them, mirroring Kya's movements. Cut to a side-shot of Korra's face as the light passes over her and she opens her eyes. She shoots up and gasps for air, Mako and Bolin doing the same besides her. Cut to a frontal shot of Kya and Tenzin.
Tenzin Thank goodness you're all okay.
Korra [Walks up to Tenzin, who tries to support her.] Did you find Jinora?
Tenzin [Offers Korra a hand.] I was able to rescue her soul, but she wasn't ready to return to her body yet. [Helps her out of the water; cut to a closer shot of the two of them.] She sensed that the world was in grave danger.
Korra [Dejectedly.] She was right. [Walks off and sits on a rock.]
Tenzin Were you able to stop Unalaq and Vaatu?
Korra No. They fused, then Vaatu ripped Raava right out of me and destroyed her. Vaatu won.
Bolin [Scared.] No. I am too young to live through ten thousand years of darkness. Korra, can't you talk to one of your past lives or something?
Korra When Vaatu destroyed Raava, he destroyed my connection to the past Avatars too.
Tenzin If that's true, then-
Korra The cycle is over. I'm the last Avatar. [Tears up.] I'm so sorry, Tenzin. [Cries.]
Cut to the rest of the group, who look on sadly. Kya walks up to her younger brother.
Kya She needs you now, more than ever.
Cut back to Republic City, where multiple planes fly by Unavaatu. Unavaatu catches a plane with his tendrils. The pilot manages to eject before the plane is pulled down and slammed onto the water surface where is explodes. Cut to the airship where Raiko and Lin watch the damage done.
Raiko [Worried.] It's going to destroy the entire city.
Unavaatu shoots out an energy beam at the airship, destroying the tail propellers. The airship begins spinning and hurtling toward nearby buildings. Cut to the interior where multiple police officers brace themselves. Lin pulls a lever, opening the back door, and gestures for her officers to bail out.
Lin We're going down!
Multiple metalbender cops jump out of the airship, shooting their cables for a safe landing. Raiko walks up and clings on to Lin, who aims her cables at a rooftop gargoyle before jumping off. The duo lands on a roof, where they continue observing the damage. Cut back to Unavaatu who shoots out vines which engulf the harbor and many Republic City landmarks. Cut to Varrick's cell where Varrick is exercising while listening to a radio.
Shiro Shinobi It's pandemonium in the streets! Giant vines are destroying everything. This is Shiro Shinobi, signing off!
As Shiro signs off, a large vine destroys the wall of the cell, throwing the radio and Zhu Li off balance, but completely missing Varrick who coincidentally ducked during his exercise. He walks up to the hole and puts on a pair of goggles.
Varrick Zhu Li, commence "Operation Winged Freedom". [Zhu Li ties a backpack to herself before latching onto Varrick's back. She tightens the clasp around Varrick's waist before the duo leaps off the cell.] Do the thing! [The backpack opens up into wings, and the duo soars off into the skies.]
Cut back to the Spirit World where Tenzin is trying to console Korra.
Tenzin The other Avatars may not be able to help you anymore, but, perhaps I can.
Korra [Hopelessly.] No one can help me now.
Tenzin [Slightly hurt.] I know I haven't been the best mentor to you. But I realized it was because I had a lot of spiritual growth to do myself. There may still be a way for you to stop Vaatu.
Korra How?
Tenzin [Kneeling next to Korra.] Let go of your attachment to who you think you are, and connect with your inner spirit.
Korra Haven't you heard anything I said? Raava is gone. I'm not connected to a spirit anymore.
Tenzin I'm not talking about Raava. Raava is not who you are. [Stands up.] Come with me, I need to show you something.
Korra turns to look at Tenzin dejectedly, but still follows him. The duo walks up to a large, gnarly, old tree.
Korra Why are you showing me Vaatu's prison?
Tenzin Because this tree had a history long before it held Vaatu. This is the Tree of Time. And the legends say its roots bind the spirit and physical worlds together.
Korra And, you think this tree can help me somehow?
Tenzin Yes. I have read that long ago, the ancients would meditate beneath this tree and connect with the great cosmic energy of the universe.
The duo enters the hollow of the tree, and as Korra enters, various memories appear, ranging from her adventure regarding the Equalists to Wan's past.
Korra These are my memories.
Tenzin The Tree of Time remembers all. Korra, the most powerful thing about you is not the spirit of Raava, but your own inner spirit. You have always been strong, unyielding, fearless. [Korra's memories fade off, with an image of Avatar Wan replacing them.]
Korra Avatar Wan.
Tenzin Before he fused with Raava, Wan was just a regular person.
Korra But, he was brave, and ... smart, and always wanted to defend the helpless.
Tenzin [Memory shows Wan feeding multiple woodland animals, and him defending the spirits from firebenders.] That's right. He became a legend because of who he was, not what he was. He wasn't defined by Raava anymore than you are. [A memory of Unavaatu laying waste upon Republic City emerges.]
Korra [Gasping while watching the memory.] Everyone in Republic City is in danger.
Tenzin You have to help them, Korra.
Korra How? We're half-way around the world.
Tenzin [Putting his hand onto Korra's shoulder.] Do as the ancients once did. Connect to the cosmic energy of the universe. Don't bend the elements, but the energy within yourself.
Korra You really think I can do this?
Tenzin I have no doubt.
Korra [Hugs Tenzin.] Thank you for not giving up on me.
Tenzin I'm proud of you.
Tenzin walks out of the Tree of Time, but before he exits, he turns around to see Korra seated in a meditative position. He exits the tree, leaving Korra alone to meditate. As she meditates, a memory of Wan airbending alongside Raava emerges.
Wan If you and Vaatu have the same fight every ten thousand years, why hasn't one of you destroyed the other?
Raava He cannot destroy light, anymore than I can destroy darkness. One cannot exist without the other.
Unalaq Find the light in the dark.
The scene zooms in to Korra's face before fading through white, changing to a scene of Korra standing on astral lights. She opens her eyes and turns, seeing a large projection of herself, holding a ball of light. Korra looks on with determination and walks toward the ball of light. As she enters it, a large blue projection of herself exits her body and the Tree of Time. Cut to the outside of the tree, where everyone looks on in shock and surprise. Korra's projection reaches out to the overlapping portals and is sucked through, disappearing through the base of the portal.
Bumi Uhhh ... what did you say to her exactly?
Cut to a frontal shot of Korra's projection as she speeds through the spirit lights.

Cut to Republic City, its buildings surrounded with vines; an emergency alarm blares. The shot pans to the left, revealing Unavaatu standing in the bay, his arms stretched toward the water as he controls the vines that are overtaking the city. Cut to a frontal shot of him as he looks up. Switch to a back-shot of Unavaatu, showing a blue light coursing through the sky. The light intensifies into a bright ball. Cut to a side-shot of Unavaatu as the bright ball slams into him, knocking him back, ricocheting over the water's surface. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra's projection as she stands up. Cut to an overview shot of the bay, which is replaced by a frontal shot of Pema, Ikki, and Meelo looking on in surprise.

Ikki Korra's back!
Meelo And she's a blue giant!
Unavaatu rises up from the water and prepares to battle Korra. Both entities fire out their respective energy beams from their chests, but Korra focuses her beams to overpower Unavaatu's, eventually knocking him back. Korra runs forward, but Unavaatu shoots out tendrils toward her, which she catches and uses to immobilize and grab him before slamming him toward a nearby mountain. Korra leaps forward and holds Unavaatu's head with her right hand, while desperately searching for Raava within Vaatu.
Unavaatu You're looking for something that is gone. [Ensnares Korra with his tendrils.] Raava has been destroyed. And soon you will be too!
Unavaatu fires a close range energy beam at Korra, knocking her unconscious.

Cut to the Spirit World, where a swarm of dark spirits approach the Tree of Time.

Mako They're coming for Korra!
Mako shoots out lightning toward the spirits. His attack is followed by Tenzin, Kya, and Bolin, who attack the spirits with their respective bending elements.

Back at Republic City, Korra stumbles from the attack, but Unavaatu fires another energy beam at her, knocking her unconscious. Unavaatu bends out purple streams of water around her, preparing to corrupt her spirit.

Back at the Spirit World, Team Avatar is forced to retreat to near the Tree of Time. Cut to Bolin who attacks the spirits with earthbending, but a spirit drags him away, though before it could attack, the entity was destroyed by a water stream. Cut to near the portal, where Desna and Eska attack the dark spirits.

Eska Leave my Bolin alone!
Desna I am so done with spirits.
Bolin [Sliding toward Eska.] Eska! I love you! [Kisses Eska and bends a rock.] Let's face the end of the world together!
Eska You're so romantic.
As the trio attack the spirits, the scene changes back to Republic City, where Unavaatu is near success in destroying Korra.
Unavaatu With you out of the way, I will be the one true Avatar.
A ball of light descends from the sky. Cut to Ikki's point of view, via a telescope, where she notices Jinora in the light.
Ikki Mommy, it's Jinora. She's ... beautiful.
Pema What? Let me see. [Takes the telescope, gasps in surprise; shouting.] Be careful sweetie!
Jinora descends toward Korra, holding with her a small ball of light. She opens her palms, releasing the light, which illuminates Republic City. Unavaatu, who is shielding his eyes from the glare of the light, stops bending, releasing Korra. As he recovers from the glare, a ball of light emerges from his chest.
Unavaatu No!
Korra Raava!
Korra runs forward and punches Unavaatu before reaching into his chest. As she touches the ball of light, she pulls out Raava. She subsequently prepares to purify Vaatu.
Unavaatu No!
After purification, Unavaatu dissipates into the sky in a golden light. Korra bows in respect.
Korra Go in peace.
Raava Harmonic Convergence is nearly over. We must return to the Spirit World so we can fuse once again.
Raava and Jinora descend onto Korra's open palms, where she cups them with her hands for safety, before teleporting away.

Cut back to the Tree of Time, where everyone was forced to retreat into the hollow. The spirits soon swarm the hollow, darkening the interior. Cut to a far shot of the spirit portals, where a beam of light descends from the center, illuminating the Tree of Time and dissipating the dark spirits. Cut to an aerial shot of the Tree of Time, where Korra's projection has returned. She opens her palms, releasing Raava and Jinora, who glides to her father.

Jinora I'll see you soon, Dad.
Tenzin reaches out for Jinora, but she disappears before he could do so. Korra's projection also dissipated and returns to her body.

Cut to the healing hut, where Jinora awakens from her coma. She turns to smile at Asami and her grandmother. Katara approaches her and gave her a hug.

Jinora Gran-Gran, I missed you.
Asami What about Korra and the others?
Jinora Don't worry, they're all right. Korra saved the world.
Tonraq and Senna hug each other in happiness.

Cut back to the Spirit World where Korra walks out of the Tree of Time to find her allies and Raava waiting. Raava flies toward Korra, allowing her to hop and, and subsequently soars to the overlapping portals. Korra reaches out for the portal, which releases yellow bolts of energies from the overlapping portals. As Harmonic Convergence passes, the portals separate again. Cut to a shot of Earth where the spirit lights retreat. Cut back to the Spirit World where the portals now stand upright. Cut to Korra, who glows blue with a white imprint of Raava on her chest, before descending.

Tenzin The Avatar Spirit has returned.
Korra descends back to the ground, using an air spout to slow her fall. She opens her eyes, which glow momentarily before fading.
Korra It's over.
Mako, Bolin, and Tenzin run up to Korra. Mako hugs and kisses her.
Mako I don't even know what to say.
Tenzin You were amazing.
Bolin [Excitedly.] And the way you turned all gigantic like that, wow! I just wished Varrick was here to film it! It would be the greatest mover ever. After the Nuktuk chronicles of course.
Korra [Walking to her cousins.] I'm sorry about your father. But he was already fused with Vaatu. I couldn't save him.
Eska It seems cousin Korra is under the impression we're saddened by our father's demise.
Desna But I will not miss him at all. In the end, he became a deplorable man.
Eska Agreed. But how will we explain this to mother?
Bolin So, I was thinking. I'm not really a fan of a long-distance relationship thing, [Korra walks off.] so how about you move to Republic City with me.
Eska I do not think it will be possible.
Bolin [Somewhat disappointed.] Okay. Desna can come too.
Eska I will not be joining you, Bolin. Desna and I must return home.
Bolin But you said-
Eska Eternal darkness was upon us. I became caught up in the moment.
Bolin [Sadly.] Yeah. I guess I did too.
Eska [Walking toward Bolin.] But, you will always hold the special place in the organ that pumps my blood. I will remember you fondly. [Places her right hand to her heart, while smiling.] My turtle duck.
Cut to Bumi who hears a chitter of a dragonfly bunny spirit from a distance. He turns to see a blue-colored dragonfly bunny spirit, Bum-Ju.
Bumi Bum-Ju, you're okay. [Hugs Bum-Ju.] I missed you, little buddy.
Bum-Ju snuggles against Bumi. Cut to Tenzin and Korra who walk to the northern portal.
Tenzin Now that you're bonded with Raava once again, are you also reconnected with your past lives?
Korra [Sadly.] No. I think that link is gone, forever.
Tenzin I see. Why don't you close the portals, and we'll go home.
Korra walks up to the portal and stretches out her hand. As she reaches for the portal, she relaxes her palm.
Korra Maybe I shouldn't.
Tenzin What do you mean?
Korra [Bringing her palm back.] What if Unalaq was right when he said the Avatar shouldn't be a bridge between the two worlds? [Clenches her fist.] What if Avatar Wan made a mistake when he closed the portals? [Bum-Ju fetches a stick for Bumi, who in return strokes its head.] What if humans and spirits weren't meant to live apart? [To Tenzin.] Well, what do you think I should do?
Tenzin [Placing his hand on Korra's shoulder.] I think you should trust your instincts. There is nothing else I can teach you. You are the Avatar. Whatever your decision, I support you.
Korra smiles and looks at the portal. Cut to the South Pole where Team Avatar exits the portal. Cut to the exterior of the palace where a large crowd has congregated. Cut to the interior where Mako approaches Korra.
Mako [Softly.] Hey, can we talk?
Korra Of course.
Mako There's something I've been wanting to tell you about that fight we had. I know I said it wasn't that bad, but, that's not exactly true. I, um ... I-I broke up with you.
Korra I remember.
Mako But, I thought you said you lost part of your memory.
Korra I did, but being inside the Tree of Time brought it back. I'm sorry for blowing up at you.
Mako That's okay. [Holds Korra's hand.] I think we've both said things that we regret.
Korra Why didn't you just tell me the truth in the first place?
Mako I know I should have, but ... I didn't wanna hurt you all over again. I guess part of me wanted to forget about the break-up too.
Korra I think we both know that this. Us? Doesn't work.
Mako You're right.
Korra It's over. [Cut to a frontal shot of Mako's sad face.] For real this time. [Mako nods.]
Switch to a side shot. Korra places her hand on Mako's cheek to guide him in for a soft kiss. As they break their kiss, they remain close together with their foreheads touching and their eyes closed. Korra sheds a tear, while standing there in a moment of silence. They open their eyes and stand erect once more.
Mako I'll always love you, Korra.
Korra And I'll always love you. [Walks off.]
Bolin [Sliding toward Mako.] You want a hug?
Bolin awkwardly hugs his brother. Cut to the exterior of the palace where Korra is making a speech, with her parents and Avatar Aang's family standing behind her.
Korra The war of the Water Tribes is over. Unalaq has been defeated, and the Northern fleet is returning home. The Water Tribes will always be allies, but the Southern Tribe is now independent, [The crowd cheers.] and the Southern Council of Elders has appointed my father, Tonraq, to be your new chief! [As Tonraq walks up to greet the audience, he is greeted with thunderous cheers.] I've realized that even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path. So that is why I've decided to keep the portals open. Humans can now physically enter the Spirit World, and spirits will be free to roam our world. I will no longer be the bridge. Humans and spirits must learn to live together. My mission will always be to use Raava's light spirit to guide the world toward peace and balance. Harmonic Convergence has caused a shift in the planet's energy. I can feel it. Things will never be the same again. We're entering a New Age.
Pan to the sky, which is filled with spirits literally dancing in the sky. Bum-Ju flies toward the camera before flying off.
Cut to credits.






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