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The episode opens to Team Avatar's place of stay in Ba Sing Se, where Sokka is drawing inaccurate pictures of Appa for missing posters. Katara and Aang enter.
Katara [Cheerfully.] We found a printer to make our posters! [Reveals the poster and Aang smiles and points at it.]
Sokka Hey, I thought designing the lost Appa poster was my job. I've been working all day on my Appa! [Shows his crudely drawn picture of Appa with a proud smile. Cut to an exasperated Aang while Katara tries to hold back her laughter.]
Aang Sokka, the arrow is on Appa's head.
Sokka [Dismayed.] This is his head. [Points to the sketch.]
Katara [Takes the picture from Sokka, looks confused.] Why are feet coming out of it?
Sokka [Snatches back the picture indignantly.] Those are his horns. [Hangs his head.] I haven't seen him in a while, okay?
Toph [Mockingly.] It looks just like him to me!
Sokka Thank you, I worked really- [Suddenly remembering that she is blind.] Why do you feel the need to do that?
Katara Let's just stick with the professional version.
Sokka angrily rips up his drawing.
Aang [Excitedly.] Come on, let's get busy! [Holds up some pamphlets.]
Cut to Aang and Momo dropping dozens of posters all over Ba Sing Se. One poster falls in front of the camera, and the scene changes to tea shop where Zuko and Iroh are working. Iroh serves tea to two customers, who enjoy it. They approach him.
Quon So, you're the genius behind this incredible brew. The whole city is buzzing about you! I hope Pao pays you well.
Iroh Good tea is its own reward.
Quon But it doesn't have to be the only reward. How would you like to have your own tea shop?
Iroh [Frontal view. Pao looks around, concerned.] My own tea shop? This is a dream come true!
Pao [Quickly moving to stand between the group.] What's going on here? Are you trying to poach my tea-maker?
Quon Sorry Pao, but that's business for you, am I right?
Pao Mushi, if you stay, I'll make you assistant manager. Wait, senior assistant manager!
Quon I'll provide you with a new apartment in the Upper Ring. [Cut to Zuko, who was busy putting empty tea cups on a tray, but now looks up and glances over his shoulder to follow Quon's offer more closely; voice-over.] The tea shop is yours to do whatever you want, [Cut back to frontal shot of Quon.] complete creative freedom.
Iroh I even get to name the shop?
Quon Of course!
Pao Uh, senior executive assistant manager?
Iroh hands him the pot of tea and bows to the customer, agreeing to the terms. Zuko walks by, as Pao walks away sadly.
Iroh Did you hear, nephew? This man wants to give us our own tea shop in the Upper Ring of the city!
Quon That's right, young man, your life is about to change for the better!
Zuko [Sarcastically.] I'll try to contain my joy. [Walks outside, slams door shut.]
As he walks outside, he grabs a falling Appa poster. He climbs to the top of a house and notices several of them falling, searching the skies for any sign of the Avatar. He glances down again at the Appa poster. Camera zooms in as he looks up from the poster with a determined look on his face.

Back at the house. Sokka and Katara are playing a game. Toph is just relaxing as Aang re-enters.

Aang I just finished dropping all the leaflets. Has anyone come in with news about Appa?
Katara It's only been a day. Just be patient. [Aang sits, unenthused.
A knock at the door and Aang jumps up and runs to the door.
Aang Wow, you're right! Patience really pays off! [Opens the door, revealing the "original" Joo Dee has returned.] Joo Dee?
Joo Dee Hello, Aang, and Katara, and Sokka, and Toph.
Sokka [They approach as Joo Dee enters.] What happened to you? Did the Dai Li throw you in jail?
Joo Dee What? Jail? Of course not. The Dai Li are the protectors of our cultural heritage.
Toph But you disappeared at the Earth King's party.
Joo Dee Oh, I simply took a short vacation to Lake Laogai, out in the country. It was quite relaxing. [Sokka glares at her skeptically.]
Katara But then they replaced you with some other woman who also said her name was Joo Dee.
Joo Dee [Surprised.] I'm Joo Dee.
Aang Why are you here?
Joo Dee Dropping fliers and putting up posters isn't permitted within the city. Not without proper clearance.
Sokka We can't wait around to get permission for everything.
Joo Dee You are absolutely forbidden by the rules of the city to continue putting up posters.
Aang [Angrily screaming; during this brief argument, Aang is shown as a chibi and his head turns scarlet red.] We don't care about the rules and we're not asking permission! [Camera cuts to Joo Dee's horrified face. She slowly backs out of the house as Aang continues to yell at her.] We're finding Appa on our own and you should just stay out of our way! [Slams the door as she exits.]
Sokka That might come back to bite us in the blubber.
Aang [Calming down.] I don't care! From now on, we do whatever it takes to find Appa!
Toph Yeah, let's break some rules! [Takes out a side of the house with earthbending.]

Momo flies out the broken side of the house and they all exit. Two Dai Li agents watch overhead from a house roof across the street.

The scene changes to the Royal Palace, where Long Feng meets with that particular Joo Dee. Two Dai Li agents stand guard.

Long Feng I'm very disappointed in your work with the Avatar and his friends, Joo Dee. I had hoped that you would be able to control this situation.
Joo Dee I am so sorry, but they don't trust me anymore. [Starts getting upset.] I don't think I can keep working like this! [Begins to sob.]
Long Feng Joo Dee, the Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai.
Joo Dee [Camera zooms toward her eye as its iris dilates; in a monotone voice.] I am honored to accept his invitation.
Long Feng [Nods.] Good. Now go await further orders. [Joo Dee nods and begins to exit. Long Feng gets up and moves to the fireplace.] If the Avatar keeps searching for his bison, it could upset the delicate balance we've worked so hard to achieve in this city. It could even cost us control of the Earth King.
Dai Li agent Should we take care of him?
Long Feng No. It's much too dangerous for us to confront him directly. Let's see if we can still handle this quietly.
At Iroh and Zuko's place of stay, which is about to change. Zuko enters Iroh's room. Iroh is packing his clothes.
Iroh So, I was thinking about names for my new tea shop. How about the Jasmine Dragon? It's dramatic, poetic, has a nice ring to it.
Zuko [Shows Iroh the flyer.] The Avatar is here in Ba Sing Se and he's lost his bison.
Iroh [Grabs the flyer.] We have a chance for a new life here. [Cut to Zuko looking out a window.] If you start stirring up trouble, we could lose all the good things that are happening for us.
Zuko [Turns to Iroh.] Good things that are happening for you! Have you ever thought that I want more from life than a nice apartment and a job serving tea?
Iroh There is nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity. I suggest you think about what it is that you want from your life and why.
Zuko I want my destiny.
Iroh What that means is up to you. [Zuko walks away. Continues brainstorming names for his new tea shop.] The Tea Weevil! No, that's stupid.
Cut back to Team Avatar, who are working to put up more posters.
Sokka We'll split up to cover more area. Toph, I guess you should just come with me.
Toph [Peevishly.] Why? Because you think I can't put up posters on my own?! [Angrily takes the paintbrush of glue from Sokka and throws glue on the wall. She slams a poster on it, but it is backward. Awkward pause.] It's upside-down, isn't it? I'll just go with Sokka.
They all go their separate ways, with Toph following Sokka. Cut to an open square, where Katara is putting up a poster on a stone plinth near a flowing water stream. Suddenly, behind her, she hears a familiar voice call out.
Jet Katara?
Jet is seen emerging from an alleyway at the edge of the square. Katara wheels around with a startled gasp.
Jet [Walks closer. Smiling confidently.] I think I can help you. [Katara's shocked blush transforms into a look of pure outrage. With a sweep of her arms, she bends up water from a lake directly at him while screaming in rage. Jet looks at the wave in fright.] Katara, I've changed!
The wave hits Jet, sending him back quite a distance.
Katara [Bending up remaining water from the wave.] Tell it to some other girl, Jet! [Turns the water to ice, which sends Jet back to a wall.]
Jet [Blocks the ice with his swords.] I don't want to fight you, I'm here to help!
Throws his swords down, and reaches for something behind his back. Katara quickly fires more ice crystals, which pin him to the wall. The rest of the team approaches.
Sokka Katara, what is it?
Katara Jet's back. [Close-up of Jet's face. Cut to aerial view before switching to a closer view of the group.] We can't trust anything Jet says.
Sokka But we don't even know why he's here!
Katara I don't care why he's here, whatever the reason is, it can't be good!
Jet I'm here to help you find Appa! [Opens his hand and reveals he is holding a missing Appa poster.]
Aang [Turning from the leaflet back to Katara.] Katara, we have to give him a chance.
Jet I swear, I've changed! I was a troubled person and I let my anger get out of control, but I don't even have the gang now! I've put all that behind me!
Katara You're lying!
Toph [Walks up to Jet and feels the wall he is pinned to.] He's not lying.
Sokka How can you tell?
Toph I can feel his breathing and heartbeat. When people lie, there's a physical reaction. He's telling the truth.
Aang Katara, we don't have any leads. If Jet says he can take us to Appa, we have to check it out.
Katara All right. [Points and looks angrily at Jet.] But we're not letting you out of our sight.
She stabs her finger at Jet once more for emphasis, eyes narrowed. Cut to Jet entering a dimly lit warehouse, which sits empty except for a few sacks and a pile of canvas and rope.
Jet This is the place I heard about.
Aang There's nothing here.
Katara [Preparing to waterbend in defense.] If this is a trap–
Jet I told you, I work nearby! Two guys were talking about some giant furry creature they had, I figured it must be Appa!
Toph He was here! [She shows them a clump of Appa's fur.]
Aang [Sadly.] We missed him. [An old white haired man with a push-broom crosses behind the slumping Aang.]
Old Sweepy They took that big thing yesterday. [Aang straightens with a shocked look.] Shipped him out to some island. About time, I've been cleaning up fur, and various, uhhh ... leavings all day.
Aang [Aang swiftly moves closer to the man.] What island? Where's Appa?
Old Sweepy Foreman said some rich royal type on Whaletail Island bought him up. Guess for a zoo or such. Though, could be the meat that'd be good.
Aang We've got to get to Whaletail Island! [Pauses.] Where's Whaletail Island? [Dejectedly.]
Sokka [Looking at map.] Far, very far. [Puts the map on the ground as they all gather round.] Here it is. It's near the South Pole, almost all the way back home.
Katara Aang, it will take us weeks just to get to the tip of the Earth Kingdom. And then we'll need to find a boat to get to the island.
Aang I don't care. We have a chance to find Appa! We have to try!
Old Sweepy Must be nice to visit an island. I haven't had a vacation for years.
Katara Don't you have some more hair to clean up?
Old Sweepy Shuffle on, I get you. No more need for Old Sweepy ...
Katara You're right Aang, right now our first concern has to be finding Appa. We can come back when we have him.
Sokka All right, let's get moving.
Jet I'll come with you.
Katara We don't need your help!
Jet Why won't you trust me? [Walks after Sokka and Aang.]
Katara Gee, I wonder.
Toph [After Jet walks away.] Was this guy your boyfriend or something?
Katara What ... no! [She folds her arms and looks away defiantly.]
Toph [Smiles.] I can tell you're lying ... [Katara runs away from her, embarrassed.]
Back within the city
Sokka We can take the train out to the wall but then we'll have to walk.
Aang Don't worry, on the way back we'll be flying!
Toph We're finally leaving Ba Sing Se. [Spreads her arms outward in celebration.] Worst ... city ... ever!
Smellerbee and Longshot appear in the background and notice Jet.
Smellerbee [Surprised.] Jet!
Katara [Looks at Jet angrily.] I thought you said you didn't have your "gang" anymore!
Jet [Turns to look at Smellerbee, confused.] I don't!
Smellerbee [Runs up to Jet and hugs him.] We were so worried. How did you get away from the Dai Li? [Camera quickly zooms in to Katara's shocked face.]
Katara [Shocked.] The Dai Li?!
Jet I don't know what she's talking about!
Smellerbee He got arrested by the Dai Li a couple of weeks ago. We saw them drag him away!
Jet Why would I be arrested? I've been living peacefully in the city!
Toph [Feeling the ground between Jet and Smellerbee.] This doesn't make any sense. They're both telling the truth.
Katara That's impossible.
Sokka No it's not! Toph can't tell who's lying because they both think they're telling the truth. Jet's been brainwashed!
Jet That's crazy! It can't be! [Glances to the sides.] Stay away from me!
They all surround him. Cut to the moon in the night sky. Cut to a Dai Li agent walking the streets. Zuko, disguised as the Blue Spirit, runs by.
Zuko Out of my way, skinny!
The agent prepares to use his rock glove, but pauses when the disguised man turns into an alley. The agent runs to the alley and sees a figure that appears to be him. He fires his rock gloves at the figure's chest and head, knocking off the stuffed figure's head and knocking it down.
Dai Li agent Huh?
There is the whisper of a drawn blade behind him and Zuko, still disguised, captures him and places one of his swords to the agent's neck.
Zuko If you don't want to end up like him, you'll do what I say.
Back in an unknown building, Team Avatar, Longshot, and Smellerbee all surrounding a seated Jet.
Katara The Dai Li must have sent Jet to mislead us, and that janitor was part of their plot, too!
Aang I bet they have Appa here in the city. Maybe he's in the same place they took Jet! Where did they take you?
Jet Nowhere! I- I don't know what you're talking about!
Aang We need to find a way to jog his real memories.
Sokka [Teasingly.] Maybe Katara should kiss him. That should bring something back!
Katara Maybe you should kiss him, Sokka!
Sokka Hey, just an idea!
Aang [Jealously.] A bad one.
Sokka Ooh, wait! I've got it!
Sokka plucks a straw from his mattress, pokes it into Jet's mouth in trademark fashion and regards him thoughtfully.
Jet I don't think it's working. [Spits it out.]
Toph Try to think of something from your past that triggers your emotions.
Smellerbee The Fire Nation! Remember what they did to your family!
Katara Close your eyes. Picture it.
Jet closes his eyes, while sweat beads start to form on his forehead. His eyes suddenly snap wide open and he sees images of himself at a younger age watching his town burning down and Mongke looking back at him.
Jet [Sweating.] No! It's too painful!
Katara Maybe this will help. [Takes water and puts it around his ears, using healing to clear his mind.]
Jet looks up from the floor and sees an image of Long Feng standing above a lake. Long Feng stares at Jet, and Jet sinks down under the lake into an underground room. He sees an image of a Dai Li agent shining a spinning light in his face.
Jet They took me to a headquarters under the water. Like a lake!
Sokka Wait! Remember what Joo Dee said? She said she went on vacation to Lake Laogai!
Jet [Stands up.] That's it! Lake Laogai.
Fade to an aerial shot of Lake Laogai. The camera pans down to show Team Avatar, Jet, Longshot, and Smellerbee standing at the edge of the lake.
Sokka So where's this secret headquarters?
Jet Under the water, I think.
Toph There's a tunnel right there by the shore.
Toph points to the side and whistles as she walks to the edge of the shore. She uses her earthbending to bring up a slab of rock with an entrance. She moves the rock out the way with the same technique. They all look down at the tunnel and Momo flies away. Cut to them inside the secret headquarters. Jet checks to make sure the coast is clear and they walk down a long hallway.
Jet It's all starting to come back to me!
Jet walks past a room where a member of the Dai Li brainwashes a group of women.
Brainwasher I'm Joo Dee. Welcome to Ba Sing Se.
Joo Dees [Simultaneously.] I'm Joo Dee. Welcome to Ba Sing Se.
Brainwasher We're so lucky to have our walls to create order.
Joo Dees [Simultaneously.] We're so lucky to have our walls to create order.
Jet I think there might be a cell big enough to hold Appa up ahead. I think it's through here! [Opens a door.]
Cut to Appa chained up as a door opens in his cell and Appa wakes up. Cut to Zuko standing at the door, disguised as the Blue Spirit.
Zuko Expecting someone else?
Jet opens the other door. An overhead shot reveals several Dai Li agents waiting on the ceiling. The door closes suddenly behind them. Lights turn on, revealing the agents.
Sokka Now that's something different.
Long Feng You have made yourselves enemies of the state. Take them into custody.
The Dai Li agents jump off the ceiling and surround them. Two agents fire rock gloves, but Toph breaks them up and sends the two agents flying through the air with rock pillars. Jet runs toward the agents and breaks two other gloves fired by agents with his swords, and trips another. A full battle ensues. Aang deals with a pair of Dai Li agents. Sokka and Katara destroy two Dai Li gloves, but a second pair grabs them.

Toph saves them by creating a rock wall and she raises ground up. Toph knocks away the four Dai Li agents that attack her, but a glove captures her and Jet swings by to free her. The agent fires his other rock glove, and Longshot fires an arrow, which destroys the glove. Jet jumps in front of Longshot to hold off more of their rock attacks. Long Feng escapes.

Aang [Knocks away two agents with airbending.] Long Feng is escaping!
Jet and Aang chase him. They head into another part of the headquarters with many pipes of all sizes sticking out of the walls, with some of them pouring out water, but are sealed in by Long Feng.
Long Feng All right, Avatar, you've caused me enough problems. This is your last chance ... if you want your bison back.
Aang You do have Appa! Tell me where he is!
Long Feng Agree to exit the city now, and I'll waive all charges against you and allow you to leave with your lost pet.
Jet [Gets in a fighting position.] You're in no position to bargain.
Long Feng Am I not?
Aang [Gets into a fighting position.] You're definitely not!
Long Feng Jet, the Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai.
Jet [Close-up of his eye, his iris dilates. In a monotonous voice.] I am honored to accept his invitation.
Jet attacks Aang. Cut to Appa growling at the disguised Zuko. Appa tries to strike Zuko, but his chained feet hold him back.
Zuko You're mine now.
The door opens and Zuko gets into a fighting stance. Iroh enters.
Zuko Uncle?
Iroh So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask ...
Zuko [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you've found the Avatar's bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh [Starts yelling.] And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko I would have figured something out!
Iroh No! If his friends hadn't found you, you would have frozen to death!
Zuko I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?
Zuko Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh I'm begging you, Prince Zuko! It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?
Zuko screams loudly, throwing down his swords and Blue Spirit mask. Cut to the brainwashed Jet continuing to swing at Aang.
Aang Jet, it's me, Aang! [Runs back.] You don't have to do this!
Long Feng I'm afraid he no longer has a choice.
Jet resumes his attempts at attacking Aang, who dodges them and uses airbending to knock him back. Jet uses his hook swords to stop himself and he pants heavily.
Aang Jet, I'm your friend! Look inside your heart!
Long Feng Do your duty, Jet!
Aang He can't make you do this! [Cut to a close-up of Jet's face as he hangs his head, while panting and sweating.] You're a Freedom Fighter!
At these final words, Jet straightens in shock. Everything goes white and he has a rapid flashback of his past as a Freedom Fighter, seeing Longshot, Smellerbee, Pipsqueak and the Duke, and him with Katara. The Freedom Fighters cheer fades to him with Smellerbee and Longshot, before showing him sitting down with Iroh and Zuko. Fade to him giving the passengers food, and quickly to him being dragged away by the Dai Li. Fade more rapidly to Jet's brainwashing, and to Long Feng on Lake Laogai. Cut to his burning village, to Iroh, to him with Zuko, to him with Katara, to him watching his burning village crying. Cut to him in a Fire Nation camp, to him with Katara, and to him being brainwashed. Cut back to him crying while watching his village burn as Mongke watches. The flashback ends and Jet's irises return to normal.
Long Feng Do it! Do it now!
Jet fires a sword at Long Feng, which misses. Long Feng counters with an uplifted rock which strikes Jet down. Aang runs toward Jet as Long Feng escapes through a pipe in the wall.
Long Feng [Escaping upward to a pipe.] Foolish boy. You've chosen your own demise. [Exits.]
Jet [Weakly.] I'm sorry ... Aang.
Aang [Sadly.] Don't be.
The rest of the group arrives, all struck with sorrow and shock as they gather around Jet. Katara stares open-mouthed at Jet, her hands hovering near her mouth in shock. Snapping out of it, she withdraws water from her water skin, with which she covers her hands, and it begins to glow as she kneels down next to him. Cut to a shot from over her shoulder, with Jet glancing at her while she rubs her hands over his chest in an attempt to heal him. After rubbing his chest three times, the glow fades, the water stains Jet's clothing, and Katara looks back over her shoulder toward the rest of the group.
Katara This isn't good.
Smellerbee You guys go and find Appa. We'll take care of Jet.
Katara We're not going to leave you.
Longshot There's no time. Just go. We'll take care of him. He's our leader.
They stare at Longshot in surprise.
Jet Don't worry, Katara. I'll be fine. [Smiles a little.]
Katara closes her eyes in painful sadness and opens them again as she rises. Team Avatar begins to exit.
Toph [Whispering to Sokka.] He's lying ...

Cut to a close-up of Smellerbee crying. Longshot watches Team Avatar completely leave through a tunnel that is earthbent open before turning the other way to the other exit and standing guard, prepping an arrow. Smellerbee is seen kneeling next to Jet, rubbing her hands back and forth over him, with her right hand on his forehead.

Team Avatar reaches Appa's hold, only to discover that it is empty.

Aang Appa's gone! Long Feng beat us here.
Sokka If we keep moving, maybe we can catch up with them!
They find an exit back to the beach. As they make their escape, several Dai Li agents jump out from behind them.
Sokka You think we can outrun them?
Aang I don't think it's gonna matter!
Another group of Dai Li agents, plus Long Feng, stand in front of them. All the agents box them in, lifting up the ground on both sides. Dai Li agents stand on all three walls. Momo flies to Aang.
Aang What is it, Momo?
Momo flies to the sky and chirps excitedly. Suddenly, Appa flies down. Cut to the overjoyed looks on Team Avatar's faces.]
Aang Appa!
Appa smashes through the rock walls, scattering the Dai Li agents. Aang and Toph use earthbending to knock other nearby agents off a cliff and into the lake. Appa confronts Long Feng.
Long Feng I can handle you by myself.
Long Feng charges at Appa, but Appa grabs his leg and hurtles him skipping into the lake. Appa spits out Long Feng's shoe. The team cheers and they run toward Appa.
Sokka Yeah! Appa!
Aang [Happily crying.] I missed you, buddy.
Appa closes his eyes. A teary-eyed Katara somberly looks over Lake Laogai as they fly over it on Appa. Aang places his hand on her shoulder. The team all gathers in a group hug. Zuko and Iroh emerge from the Dai Li headquarters.
Iroh You did the right thing, nephew. [Zuko looks at his Blue Spirit mask as Iroh rests a hand on its shoulder.] Leave it behind.
Zuko walks to the edge and tosses the mask into the water, where it slowly sinks to the bottom of the lake. Fade to credits.






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