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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Bolin, Opal, and Lin rescued the Beifongs and Zhu Li from Kuvira. Now they are racing to Republic City to alert everyone about the Earth Empire's imminent attack. Meanwhile, Korra and Team Avatar have been preparing for just such an event. Prince Wu is leading an evacuation effort, while Asami and Varrick are creating flying mecha suits. But with Kuvira planning to strike in only two weeks, will they be ready in time?
The scene opens with a far shot of the city of Zaofu in broad daylight. The view cuts to the central square in the city, where a number of soldiers are gathered, standing at attention facing toward the front steps of the city's government building. Kuvira's voice is heard, addressing the soldiers from the top of the steps.
Kuvira Today, we stand on the precipice of history. For the past three years, [The view changes to a perspective from the soldiers' position, looking up at Kuvira, who stands at a podium.] we've fought side by side to unite the Earth Empire and we've proven that no one can stand in our way, [Cut to a close-up of Kuvira's face as she speaks, a map of the Earth Empire visible behind her.] not even the Avatar. But our mission is not yet complete.
Cut to two soldiers in a outpost in the mountains, listening to Kuvira's speech via a radio.
Kuvira [Over the radio.] There is a grave injustice that must be corrected. As you all know, after the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang, [Cut to three other soldiers listening to Kuvira's speech over the radio.] along with Fire Lord Zuko, stole Earth Empire land and formed the United Republic. [Cut back to the map, showing the unoccupied space where the United Republic lies, before zooming out to show Kuvira's face.] This land belongs to the people of the Earth Empire and it's time to take it back! Republic City will be ours!
The soldiers all snap to attention, chanting in unison.
Soldiers All hail the Great Uniter!
Kuvira leaves the podium, with Baatar Jr. walking alongside her. Kuvira turns toward him as they walk.
Kuvira Are you ready to show the world what a true superpower looks like?
Baatar Jr. [They stop walking, looking at each other.] Yes. I'm honored to march into the city by your side. [They take each others' hands.] I love you, Kuvira.
Kuvira I never could have done this without your help. After we claim victory, we can finally get married [Kuvira and Baatar Jr. embrace one another.] and rule our empire together.
The shot zooms onto Kuvira, who closes her eyes after a short moment. Cut to an exterior shot of City Hall in Republic City, before cutting to Raiko's office, where Raiko, Wu, Korra, Mako, and Tenzin sit around a table, on which lies a map of the city itself.
Korra How's the evacuation coming?
Wu Could be better. [Cut to a close-up of Wu.] At this point we've evacuated almost ... [Consults his papers.] eighteen families.
Korra [Distressed.] Only eighteen? There are millions of people in this city!
Wu I said it could be better.
Mako The problem is, it's a voluntary evacuation and there aren't very many volunteers. They just don't feel like they're in any immediate danger.
The conversation comes to an abrupt halt as Bolin bursts through the doors of the office.
Bolin Guys! Good, you're all here!
Raiko [Standing up, as Lin, Suyin and, Zhu Li enter the room; angrily.] What's with you interrupting my important meetings all the time?
Korra [Standing up as well.] Su ... what are you ... you're okay! [The two women exchange a hug.] I'm so sorry about Zaofu. How did you escape?
Bolin Opal, Beifong, and I rescued everyone. But we had a run in with Kuvira. We saw her super spirit weapon up close. Like, really close. Way too close.
Tenzin Is she going to use it against Republic City?
Zhu Li Yes. I found out she's going to attack in two weeks.
Bolin Ooh! And Zhu Li's on our side now. Actually, she never really switched sides and I'm just gonna let her explain the whole thing. Zhu Li?
Zhu Li [Cut to a close-up of Zhu Li.] I pretended to be loyal to Kuvira so I could sabotage her weapon. It didn't work, but I did overhear her plans to attack.
Raiko [Angrily.] I knew she wouldn't stop at Zaofu.
Lin My guess is, she's coming by rail. It's the only way she can transport that weapon.
Korra Then we'll cut the rail lines.
Raiko I agree. But let's get as many citizens evacuated before we do. [To Mako.] Put out the announcement. The evacuation is now mandatory.
Mako [Stands up.] We're on it.
Korra Don't worry Mr. President. I won't let Kuvira take our city.
Cut to the outside of a Future Industries factory. Transition inside, where workers are busy fastening bolts and welding. Cut to Varrick standing on a balcony above the assembly floor, addressing the workers.
Varrick Weld hotter! Tighten tighter! [Cut to overhead view of several flying mecha suits. Camera pans left.] The president said we only have two weeks to get these hummingbirds humming!
Cut to Varrick's face. He places two hands behind his ears and closes his eyes as he hums. Behind him, Bolin walks through a set of doors and addresses him.
Bolin Varrick! Good, you're here. [Varrick turns to face Bolin.] Can I talk to you for a minute?
Varrick [Slouching against the railing of the balcony.] What is it? I'm busy inspiring my workers.
Bolin Well, I went to Zaofu and saved Su and her family ... and guess who else we found? [Gesturing in presentation.] Ha!
On cue, Zhu Li walks through the doors, looking slightly unnerved. Varrick, seeing her, straightens up, his eyes widening in surprise.
Varrick Zhu Li.
Bolin [As Zhu Li looks more heartened, a soft smile on her face.] Now, isn't there something you wanted to say to her? Hmm?
Zhu Li [Stepping toward Varrick.] Please, let me go first. I know I said a lot of terrible things about you in front of Kuvira. But I need you to know ... [Places a hand on her chest.] I didn't mean one word. When you were being taken away, I thought my only chance to save you was to join her. [Close-up shot of Varrick's face; he looks touched by her devotion.] But every day, I hoped for the chance to see you again and tell you the truth. [Cut to Zhu Li's face.] Varrick, you mean the world to me and I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way.
Varrick [Cut back to Varrick, who speaks softly.] Don't be so hard on yourself. [He moves his hand toward Zhu Li as if intending to cup her face, though he suddenly drops it to her shoulder and his voice is full of newfound exuberance.] Apology accepted! Now be a good assistant and [Turns to face the hummingbird mecha suits.] man the assembly line!
Zhu Li [Grabs Varrick by the shoulder and turns him around to face her.] No! I am not your assistant anymore. [Points at Varrick, who bends backward.] If you want me around, you need to start treating me like an equal!
She walks off, leaving Varrick standing bent backward, while Bolin stands by in silence. When Varrick straightens up and shrugs, Bolin smacks his own forehead.

Cut to a radio operating room, with a close-up of a switchboard. An operator plugs in one of the cables into another line.

Radio operator [Voice-over.] We're patched into the emergency broadcast line. [Cut to a back-view of Mako, Lin, Wu, and the operator herself.] You're going out to every radio in the city.
Mako [Speaking into a microphone.] Attention citizens of Republic City. This is not a test. [Cut to a side-shot of the foursome.] An attack on our city is imminent. President Raiko has ordered a mandatory evacuation for all citizens. Please find [He starts to flip pages in search of a specific section in a book in front of him.] your evacuation handbooks and turn to [A phone rings.] subsection one-dash-two-six. [More phones ring. Cut to a overview side-shot of the entire room. More and more lights on the switchboard start to light up.] There you will find initial instructions for your area. For example, if you live in northwest vector one, report to your primary meeting location, [Lin takes note of the increasing phone activity.] which would be at the eastern entrance of the Southern Water Tribe library. [Cut to a close-up of Lin and Wu, as the former looks around, taking in the chaos that is enfolding.] There, you would choose a leader as specified in section one-dash-two-eight. [Lin grits her teeth and rests her forehead on her hand.]
Radio operator [Voice-over.] Uh, Chief, [Cut to the back-shot of the foursome.] we're getting confused calls from all over the city. I think Mako's starting a panic.
Mako What's confusing? [Turns over his shoulder to face Lin.] I'm giving very specific instructions.
Lin [Averts her head; annoyed.] Great, this is just what we need.
Wu I got this. [Mako stands up to make room for Wu.] Hello, everyone, this is Prince Wu. Now, I know you're all a little scared. Believe me, I know what it's like to be afraid. I used to not be able to go to the bathroom by myself. But if we let that fear control us [Cut to city, where the people are listening to Wu's message via loudspeakers and radios.] none of us will ever be able to go to the bathroom and then we all lose. [Cut to citizens sitting by a small radio.] But the people of Republic City aren't losers, we're winners. [Citizens brighten.] Winners that are going to [Cut to Narook's Seaweed Noodlery where Tahno, Ming, and their fangirls are eating.] get out of this city in a calm and orderly fashion. [Cut back to Wu.] So I want you to grab your family, grab your neighbor [Cut to a park, where Gommu is listening to the broadcast via a radio while eating fish; a police officer walks up behind him.] grab that guy down the street you don't know very well and head to the nearest bus, [Gommu grabs the police officer and drags him off.] train or ferry station. [Cut back to Wu.] We're going to get you out of here, safe and sound.
Cut to Lin and Mako, whose serious expressions turn to one of astonishment as the royal finishes. Cut to a wider shot of the switchboard, where the lights of incoming calls are quickly all disappearing, much to everyone's pleasure.
Lin [Frontal shot of Lin, Wu, and Mako.] Good job, kid. [Turns to Wu.] You might not make such a bad king after all.
Wu looks at her, though when Mako places a hand on his shoulder, he turns to look at his bodyguard with a proud expression.

Cut to Air Temple Island where Tenzin opens a door and walks into a room.

Tenzin Rohan's with the Acolytes. They have the boat ready to leave. [Move back to show the rest of the room, where Pema, Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo are gathered, their suitcase empty.] Why aren't you all packed yet?
Pema [Frontal shot.] The kids and I have been talking and we decided we want to stay. This is our city and it's going to need all the help it can get.
Meelo [Side-shot as Tenzin walks up to his family.] Yeah! Only a coward flees his fate.
Tenzin [Embracing his family.] Thank you. [Releasing them; to Pema.] I'm sure Prince Wu could use your help with the evacuation. [Turns to Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora.] And you three can help the other airbenders keep an eye on the Earth Empire troops from above.
Meelo [Frontal shot of Meelo and Jinora. He raises a clenched fist.] Kuvira's gonna rue the day she messed with [Knocks himself on the chest once.] Meelo.
Jinora glances off to the side at this statement.

Cut to the outside of Republic City station. Satomobiles are scattered everywhere and airships fly above. Transition inside to a long line of evacuees waiting to board the trains. Fade to Wu and Pema directing evacuees. Cut to Yue Bay at nighttime, where the United Forces Navy and several airships are approaching Republic City. Cut to an overview of the bay and the city. Switch to a side-shot of General Iroh standing at the bow of a battleship. Cut to another aerial shot of the city and the incoming United Forces Army. The night shot transitions to daytime and the troops have scattered across the bay and city. Several shots transition between night and day to show the emptying of the city. Cut to a side-shot of a group of advancing mecha tanks who take up positions in front the gathered battalions of infantry troops at the outskirts of the city, the rising sun in their back. Several lines of barbed wire are positioned in front of the assembled troops.

Cut to Air Temple Island, to the base of the tower; the shot pans up.

Raiko [Voice-over.] I still don't like having to abandon my office in the city.
Cut to inside the tower, where Raiko is looking out of a window, though now glances over his shoulder to Tenzin and Lin.
Lin Air Temple Island is the ideal location for your base of operations and you'll be safe here.
Korra [Camera pans to the right to show Korra, Bolin, Asami, and Mako ascending the stairs.] There's something we need to discuss with you.
Tenzin What is it?
Korra [Side-shot as they walk up to the threesome.] The four of us have been talking and ... we wanna take out Kuvira's spirit weapon before it gets too close to the city.
Tenzin [Frontal shot of the threesome.] That sounds like a risk we don't need to take. The evacuation is on schedule and General Iroh is getting his army in place.
Korra [Frontal shot of Team Avatar.] I know Iroh can go toe-to-toe with Kuvira's army, but that weapon ...
Bolin It's too powerful! It can destroy the city.
Mako We can't let it get to our doorstep.
Korra We'll sneak behind enemy lines and disable the weapon.
Asami If it works, it'll even the playing field.
Tenzin But if you get caught ...
Korra It's worth the risk.
Raiko [Cut to a back-shot of Korra's head, showing Lin and Tenzin as well; camera pans to the left to reveal Raiko as well as he speaks.] I agree, and it might be our only shot at preventing an all-out war. [Nodding toward Korra.] Good luck.
Korra [Close-up of Korra's face.] We'll head out tonight.
The scene cuts to a military outpost somewhere in the mountains at night, light emanating from the guard towers. A road, also electrically lit, winds around the side of the mountain. The shot changes to the perspective of a guard peering into the fog with binoculars. As he looks, a faint crash sounds in the distance and the camera moves back toward the source of the sound and movement can be seen. Switch to a frontal shot of two guards, with one looking through binoculars.
Sentry There's something out there!
The other sentry peers through his own pair of binoculars. Cut to a shot of the fog, though as a breeze blows it aside, a multitude of mecha suits and other tanks of Kuvira's army are revealed to be marching steadily through the fog.
Sentry [Shocked; voice-over.] It's Kuvira's army! [Cut to a side-shot of the sentries as they lower their binoculars.] They're a week early! Get the commander immediately and radio Republic City!
As the second guard turns to execute the orders, he is halted when a loud crash is heard and the ground shakes. He turns toward the sound and the view cuts to the incoming army, though now the legs of an enormous mecha suit are visible behind the tanks, dwarfing them in comparison. The shot pans up to reveal the upper body of the humanoid colossus as it raises its arms, accompanied by a loud sound of mechanical equipment, and prepares the spirit energy cannon attached to its right arm. As the tip of the barrel starts to glow purple, the shot cuts back to the a side-view of the shocked sentries. Cut to a far off shot of the Colossus suit as the energy beam is fired. Cut to a side-shot of the outpost as the purple beam of energy hits it directly and is hidden from view by a flash of brilliant white light. When the light fades, the outpost is in rubbles and burning. Cut to the Colossus as it lowers its arms, flames licking the air in the foreground.

Cut to morning in the mountains. A flying bison soars through the air, groaning. Cut to its saddle, where Bolin is peering through a telescope, while Asami and Mako are surveying their surroundings with the naked eye. As Bolin directs his attention to his left, he gasps in surprise, drawing everyone's attention.

Bolin Guys! I see something. [Points.] Down there! [Cut to a shot of Kuvira's tanks crossing the landscape.]
Asami Is that – ?
Korra Kuvira. [Cut to the group as they survey the approaching tanks.] She's already crossed into United Republic territory. She's a week early.
Mako This doesn't make sense. [Cut to a close-up of Bolin and Mako.] There aren't any train tracks this way. How are they transporting that super weapon of theirs? [They hear thudding sounds, as the Colossus passes by.]
Asami Apparently on a giant mecha suit!
Cut to the legs of the Colossus, as each step causes a large dust cloud to blow up around its feet. Pan up to the body of the Colossus, several airships visible in the background. The view cuts back to Team Avatar as they look upon the Colossus in wonder.
Mako [To Bolin.] Did you know Kuvira was building that thing?
Bolin [Sarcastically.] Oh, did I forget to mention it? No, of course I didn't know!
Cut to the inside of the Colossus; Kuvira stands within.
Mecha operator There's a flying bison up ahead.
Kuvira The Avatar. [Begins controlling the Colossus with her metalbending. She raises the spirit weapon and points it at the bison. A purple glow begins to form at the end of the turret.]
Bolin [Cut back to Team Avatar.] I know what happens next! We gotta get out of here, now! Now! [The Colossus fires a beam of energy that glances the bison, knocking it off-course. The bison manages to stabilize itself. Cut back to the interior of the Colossus, where Kuvira fires another blast. It misses but blasts through a nearby mountain.]
Baatar Jr. Should we go after them? They're going to warn Republic City.
Kuvira [Smiling; cut to a close-up of her face.] Let them. No one can stop us.
Cut to Air Temple Island, as Team Avatar's bison comes in to land; Tenzin, Pema, Raiko, Lin, Suyin, Wei, and Wing gather to meet Team Avatar, who dismount from their bison.
Tenzin Korra? Are you all right? Why are you back so soon?
Korra It's Kuvira. Our intel was wrong. She must have known Zhu Li had the information.
Raiko What are you trying to say?
Korra Kuvira's army is only a few hours away.
Tenzin No, they can't be! We're not ready.
Korra And that spirit weapon of hers is attached to a giant mecha suit. It's over twenty-five stories tall!
Raiko [Turns to Lin.] Get General Iroh on the line and tell him that the attack is happening today. We need to lock down the city. [Lin hurries off.]
Tenzin Pema! Find Wu and get the remaining citizens to safety, immediately. [Pema walks off.] We can't have innocent lives in jeopardy.
Bolin What should we do?
Asami Let's go to my factory. Maybe we can get a few of those hummingbird suits up and running.
Suyin We're coming with you. [Asami nods in agreement.]
Korra I'll head to the front lines and help General Iroh.
Cut to a distant shot of the city from the air, followed by a shot of a number of airbenders mounting buildings in preparation for the attack. In a zoom on the top of one of the buildings, Kai, Jinora, Tenzin, Meelo, Ikki, and Bumi, along with another airbender, are seen staring into the distance. Another switch of shot shows a birds-eye view from above the buildings looking out onto the field where the army waits for Kuvira's arrival. Cut to a rotating still of Wu in the train station, directing people; another shot shows Wu and Pema as a crowd of people pours past them onto a waiting train; yet another set of shots shows Lin and Raiko in his new office on Air Temple Island, as they stare out the window at the city in the distance.

Cut to the field of fortification. Three fences of tank traps and barbed wire stretch across the shot as the army waits behind it. A quick cut to General Iroh and Korra standing together in silence is accompanied by a distant crash. The shot cuts out to an aerial shot facing toward the mountains as more crashes are heard in the distance. Suddenly the shot zooms wildly on the Colossus as it emerges from behind a hill. After another close-up shot of the Colossus, the shot cuts to its cockpit, where a determined-looking Kuvira stands, staring unblinkingly at her objective. Two separate shots show the shock and disbelief on the faces of the airbenders, Lin, and Raiko. The Colossus comes to a stop just in front of the barbed-wire fencing; a distant shot shows the Colossus towering over its opponents, an airship floating just behind it. Quick cut to Iroh and Korra; Iroh, like the others, looks shocked, while Korra simply looks defiant. Cut to Raiko's office as he tunes a radio to a proper frequency and speaks into the microphone at his desk.

Raiko Kuvira, this is President Raiko. I order you to stand down. Turn your army around and leave.
Kuvira [As the shot cuts to her.] You're in no position to give orders.
Raiko [Through the speaker.] Stand down, or we will attack!
Kuvira I don't think you understand the power I possess. [As the shot cuts to Korra and Iroh, her voice continues to emanate from a radio on a table.] Let me make it clear.
Cut to the interior of the weapon as a vine sample loads into the firing chamber; the arms of the Colossus raise into the firing position, and the cannon fires. The beam of energy sails over the city, colliding with a warship in the harbor, which immediately explodes into flame. Another blast from the weapon catches two more warships, which also become engulfed in flames. The shot cuts to Varrick's factory; inside, Mako, Bolin, Asami, Zhu Li, and Varrick watch as the weapon destroys two more warships. Varrick yells out, angry.
Varrick [Gesturing toward the burning wrecks in the harbor.] This is exactly why I didn't wanna build that weapon!
Cut to the battlefield; as smoke rises behind them, Korra and Iroh gaze fearfully at the Colossus, which proceeds to turn its cannon downward, toward the army assembled on the field. The men assembled take a few steps back, fearful as well. After a quick shot of Korra and Iroh, a succession of shots shows the burning, sinking ships in the harbor and the airbenders on board trying to lift the crew to safety. Cut back to Raiko, who stares at the burning ships, a terrified uncertainty on his face. Iroh calls through the radio.
Iroh [Urgently.] Mister President, do I have your order to engage?
Kuvira [Also through the radio.] You have three seconds before I wipe out your army.
Raiko snatches up the microphone, addressing Lin briefly.
Raiko I have no choice.
Kuvira [Through radio.] Time's up!
Raiko Stop! We surrender. Republic City is yours.
Cut to the cockpit of the Colossus, as Kuvira straightens up from her battle stance.
Kuvira Good. Turn your army and the Avatar over to me, and give Baatar your location. [Cut to Iroh and Korra.] He'll present you with our terms.
Korra [As Iroh smashes the handheld microphone down onto its receiver, furious.] I'm not surrendering!
Iroh Get back to the city before she sees you. And Korra -- [She turns back around, stopping at the exit of the tent.] --find a way to beat that thing.
Korra [Determined.] I will.
The next shot shows Korra running through the empty camp toward the city and the columns of black smoke rising high into the air beyond. Cut to Kuvira's cockpit as Baatar's voice speaks over the radio.
Baatar Jr. We've done it, Kuvira. [Cut to him, on his airship.] And I just got word that President Raiko is on Air Temple Island. I'm heading there now.
Cut to the crew in Varrick's warehouse. As the others stand in groups, Korra walks through the double doors.
Korra Raiko surrendered. [Zoom on her face.] It's down to us now.
Bolin [Looking exasperated and terrified as he speaks.] How are we supposed to fight an entire army, a mecha giant, and that crazy weapon?
Asami We can't fight it, but maybe we can cripple it. [Turns to Zhu Li.] Zhu Li, when you were spying on Kuvira, did you learn anything about that metal monster?
Zhu Li I had no idea they were even building it.
Varrick Guess Baatar Jr. is a better inventor than I thought. [Aggravated.] Don't tell him I said that.
Korra [Optimistic.] That's it! Baatar Jr. built it, he'll know how to take it down! I say we capture him, and get him to talk.
Tenzin Hmm ...
Korra [She hears Tenzin's reservations.] I know it's a long shot, but it's the only chance we have, and if we don't ...
Tenzin [Interrupting Korra, his tone decisive.] Korra, I'm in.
Korra We'll need a stealth team of airbenders to get in and out of Baatar's airship unnoticed. Tenzin, Bumi, Jinora, Kai, let's get moving.
Meelo [Noticing he was left off the list, disappointed.] What about me?
Korra [Kneeling down to talk to him.] Sorry, buddy. This mission counts on everyone being as silent as possible - [Smiling.] - and your farts are just too much of a wild card.
Meelo [Angry.] I can be quiet! [Farts loudly and blushes.] Okay, point taken.
Cut to somewhere over Republic City, where Baatar Jr.'s airship is flying toward Air Temple Island, on its way to met Raiko. As the shot switches to an overhead view, a sky bison flies into the frame, high above the airship below. A close-up shows the five people in its saddle: Korra, Tenzin, Kai, Jinora, and Bumi. Korra turns to the airbenders.
Korra Is everyone ready?
The airbenders all nod their heads. Korra rises to her feet and jumps over the side of the saddle with her glider in hand, the airbenders following her one by one. The frame switches to show them gliding swiftly downward through the air toward the airship. Korra runs up to the hatch leading to the airship's interior as they land, using metalbending to destroy the latch and flipping the hatch open. She silently motions for Bumi and Tenzin to drop in, and Korra follows them through the open hatch, leaving Kai and Jinora to keep watch on the top of the airship. Cut to the interior, where a guard walks down a deserted hallway within the airship. As he passes a empty doorway filled with red light, Korra pokes her head around the threshold and, after a few seconds, motions for the two airbenders to follow her again. The shot shows the three of them tiptoeing down another deserted corridor before coming to a stop at a corner. On the other side is Baatar Jr., inputting a passcode into a security door. The doors open and Baatar walks through; as the doors close, Korra jumps from her cover, metalbending the doors into an open position. As Tenzin and Bumi rush into the room, Baatar's shocked yell can be heard offscreen. There is a noise of Baatar struggling vainly to escape before he is slammed into a thick glass window with a gag over his mouth. Korra and Tenzin hold him in place as Bumi pulls a large sack over his body. The next shot, at the top of the airship, shows the sack containing Baatar Jr. being airbent out of the small hatch, making desperate noises behind his gag; Kai and Jinora catch him as the other climb out of the airship. The final shot of the capture shows Tenzin and Bumi carrying Baatar Jr. between themselves, gliding back toward the city as Kai, Jinora and Korra follow behind.

Cut to Varrick's warehouse; after a brief exterior shot, the scene cuts inside, where a gagged Baatar Jr. sits regarding his captors with a glare of utter, burning dislike. Korra walks over to him and removes his gag; he gasps for air for a moment before speaking.

Baatar Jr. You've made a terrible mistake. [Cut to a shot facing the group, at Baatar's back.] Once Kuvira finds out I'm missing, you're all done for.
Korra That's why, before she finds out, you're going to tell us how to stop that mecha giant, or else.
Baatar Jr. Or else what?
The shot cuts to a close-up of Korra's face. As she looks at Baatar Jr., her eyes flare with the bright blueish-white light of the Avatar State, and she advances on Baatar, grasping him by his bonds and lifting him into the air with one arm. For a moment, he groans and tries to escape, but he regains his composure and looks confidently right back into the glowing eyes.
Baatar Jr. [Smiling.] You won't hurt me. I know an empty threat when I see one.
Cut to Korra's face; after a moment, her eyes fade back to normal as she leaves the Avatar State. Exasperated and angry, she lets Baatar fall back to the floor; he groans as he crashes down before speaking to the group.
Baatar Jr. Was this your best idea? [He laughs to himself.] You've lost, only you haven't accepted it yet.
Cut to Suyin, walking over to Korra.
Suyin Let me talk to him.
Korra steps back, giving Suyin to floor. As she walks toward her son, the scene cuts to Air Temple Island, where Baatar's airship pulls up next to the central tower. A shot from Raiko's office shows the airship lowering itself to the level of the open floor-to-ceiling window as Raiko, Lin and a few guards stand waiting. Two doors on the side of the airship slide open, revealing two soldiers on the other side; as a metal walkway extends outwards and downwards toward the president and the chief, they step onto it, letting it take them down toward the conquered leaders. The walkway hits the stone floor of the office, coming to a stop. Raiko, Lin, and the soldiers stand waiting for Baatar to emerge. A few seconds pass in silence; the soldiers turn to peer toward the empty doorway after a moment before turning back around to face Raiko and Lin. A third soldier comes running hurriedly down the walkway, and the two other soldiers have a quick, hushed discussion.
Soldier #1 Are you sure?
Soldier #2 Check the engine room.
Raiko [Interrupting them.] What's going on? Is everything all right?
Soldier #3 [Holding up a hand.] Just a minute, sir. [To the other soldiers, hushed again.] I'm telling you, I looked everywhere.
Lin [Fed up, yelling.] All right, enough whispering!
Raiko I'm ready to discuss the terms of the surrender with Baatar Jr. Where is he?
Soldier #3 Uh ... I'm not really sure.
Upon hearing this, Lin and Raiko give each other looks of grave uncertainty. Cut to the warehouse, where Suyin kneels in front of her son.
Suyin Baatar --
Baatar Jr. If you think I'm going to spill all my secrets to you, Mother, you're sadly mistaken.
Suyin Why are you doing this? I know you set out to help better the world, but this is madness!
Baatar Jr. It's madness to let others take what's yours and accept it blindly! The United Republic belongs to us, and we're taking it back.
Suyin But at what cost? How many people have to lose their lives before Kuvira is satisfied?
Baatar Jr. [Leaning forward against his bonds.] It doesn't have to cost any lives if you would all just surrender! All that Kuvira and I want is a united Earth Empire!
Suyin [As Baatar leans back.] I don't know what I did to hurt you, but whatever it was, I'm sorry. When you left Zaofu, it broke my heart -- [Quick cut to Wei, Wing, and Opal, who look mildly unhappy.] -- and our family has never been the same since. Please, Baatar -- stop all this and come home. [Cut to Baatar, not looking at his mother.] We want you back with us.
Baatar Jr. [Turning his head back to Suyin, his expression forceful.] Kuvira is my family now.
Suyin closes her eyes, and tears run down her face. The shot cuts to Tenzin, Bumi, and Korra, who have been watching Suyin and Baatar's conversation. Korra turns her head to Tenzin.
Korra We've been going about his all wrong. [Walking over to Baatar again as Suyin walks away.] You're right. I'm not gonna physically hurt you if you don't talk. But there is something I could do that will be even more painful. [She bends over, looking right into his eyes.] I will take away the one thing you care for the most ... Kuvira.
The angry expression on Baatar's face instantly evaporates into shock, but he collects himself again.
Baatar Jr. What do you mean?
Korra Kuvira might win. She might chase us out of the city. But you won't be around to enjoy the victory. Because wherever I run, I'll take you. I am going to make it my life's mission to never let you see the one you love again. [Straightening up, now staring down at him.] Is taking the city worth losing Kuvira forever?
Baatar Jr. [Suddenly desperate.] No! You can't!
Korra I will ... unless you convince Kuvira to back off. You two will still have the Earth Empire. Just leave the United Republic alone.
Cut to Baatar's face, overflowing with shock and disbelief. The scene switches back to the confusion on Air Temple Island. Both groups are standing idly, waiting for Baatar to show himself. Raiko checks his watch. From on board the airship, another soldier appears, holding a two-way radio.
Soldier #4 It's Kuvira. She wants to talk to Baatar. What should I tell her?
In unison, the soldiers' heads all turn toward Raiko and Lin. Raiko, out of patience, steps forward.
Raiko For goodness' sake, give me that radio! Let me talk to her.
The soldier with the radio complies, stepping down the walkway and giving Raiko the radio. He speaks into it.
Raiko Kuvira, this is Raiko. What kind of game are you playing? You told me you would send Baatar over with your terms, and then he doesn't show.
Kuvira [Over radio.] What do you mean, "he didn't show"?
Raiko According to your people, he's not on the airship.
Kuvira [As the shot cuts to her in the cockpit.] If he's not on the airship, then where is he?
A brief burst of static interrupts the conversation. Baatar Jr.'s voice fills the cockpit.
Baatar Jr. [Over radio.] Kuvira? It's Baatar. [Cut to the warehouse, where Korra holds the radio up to Baatar's head.] I've been captured. My airship was ambushed and I was taken by force. Korra refuses to release me unless we back down and leave the city.
Kuvira [As the scene cuts back to her.] Are you injured?
Baatar Jr. [Over radio.] I'm fine.
Kuvira Is the Avatar there with you now?
Baatar Jr. Yes, everyone is here.
Kuvira metalbends a switch on her control panel, disallowing her voice to be heard over the other end of the line. She turns to an operator on her left.
Kuvira Find out where that signal's coming from.
As the operator goes to work, Baatar's voice comes through again.
Baatar Jr. Listen to me. [Cut to a close-up of his face.] If you try to take Republic City, the Avatar will never let me see you again ... and I refuse to live that way. [Cut to Kuvira, listening carefully to Baatar Jr.'s words.] Forget the United Republic; we have our empire! We have each other! [Cut back to Baatar Jr., as a shadow of happiness and hope flits across his face.] Let's go back home and get married. The only thing that matters is that we're together for the rest of our lives.
Cut back to the cockpit. The operator turns his masked face to Kuvira.
Mecha operator We've identified their position.
Kuvira flips the switch back up and talks, her voice thick with emotion.
Kuvira You're right. This city isn't worth sacrificing our life together. [She shuts her eyes; the view cuts to a spot behind Kuvira, facing out on the city before her.] I love you, Baatar.
Cut to the warehouse, where Korra releases Baatar from his bonds.
Korra As soon as we work out terms with Kuvira, we'll let you out of here.
The shot zooms to the window on the right, as Mako stands next to it. Through it, in the distance, the Colossus can be seen, moving. A cut to the thing itself shows its arms rising upward, the left steadying the right as the massive barrel swings upward into place. The Colossus is entering the incipient phases of its firing sequence. Mako turns his head to look out the window. His eyes widen as he realizes what is about to happen.
Mako [Reeling backward, pointing at the Colossus.] Guys! She must have our location! She's pointing that weapon right at us!
Baatar Jr. [As the shot cuts to a close-up of himself and Bolin, terrified.] No! She wouldn't!
Cut to the barrel of the weapon, the telltale purplish glow rising deep within it. Quick zoom back to the warehouse as Korra whirls around, terror and panic on her face.
Korra Everyone out! Now! Now!
With a flicker and a ear-splitting boom, the cannon fires, the ray of purple energy screaming across the water of the bay, vaporizing the water it hits as it rises upward. As the beam tears through the factory, it lays waste to the room where the hummingbird mecha suits sit, destroying them in a flash of light and a crushing explosion. Cut to the people within, fleeing as the beam blasts through the room. It passes behind them and the room instantaneously detonates, a blinding fireball rising from the floor beneath and throwing the helpless men and women off their feet into a cloud of dust. They disappear from view as the shot cuts to the outside. The ray of energy dies and the warehouse lies in a smoking, ruinous heap, the water flowing toward the ruined structure through a channel carved into the ground by the beam. Cut to Air Temple Island, where a billowing column of black smoke rises into the air, easily visible in the distance. The low rumble of the massive explosion rolls across the bay. Cut to Raiko and Lin as Raiko drops a pair of binoculars from his eyes.
Raiko [Stunned.] No!
Lin [Turning to Officer Song on her left.] Keep the president safe! I'm going to check for survivors.
She jumps from the balcony, the sound of her bending her cables can be heard offscreen. Cut to the Colossus lowering its arms, followed by Kuvira in the cockpit. She breathes in, her head turned away from the shot and her eyes closed for a moment as she fights back emotion, and exhales, dropping her head. Her face void of emotion once more and filled with a disassociated resolve, Kuvira raises her eyes to the city beyond.
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