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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Avatar has gone missing! Three years ago, Zaheer poisoned Korra, severely injuring her. While her friends moved on with their lives, Korra remained in the South Pole. Everyone thought she was still recuperating, but six months ago, Korra left home and hasn't been seen since. Even Chief Tonraq was shocked to learn that his daughter's whereabouts are unknown. What has become of the Avatar and when will she return?
As the title card fades into the scene, the view is centered on a mirror, shattered and broken. Through the fractures, a pair of blue eyes, set in a face which is scratched and bruised, are visible. The shot pulls back to reveal Korra looking at her reflection. After a moment, she drops her gaze, as if unable to look at herself. The shot changes to a side shot of Korra; she is standing in a public bathroom of sorts with a slow stream of water running from the sink faucet in front of her. Metalbending the faucet further open, the stream increases, and she pulls a glowing stream of water out of the sink in front of her, holding it to her bruised elbow to heal her wounds. Suddenly, there is a flurry of knocks at the door, making Korra jump and look over her shoulder, on guard.
Man #1 Hurry up in there! [Shot switches to outside, where the man stands hunched over, waiting.] Come on, I got an emergency situation!
Korra [Opening the door and walking away as the man hurriedly enters, groaning.] Knock yourself out. [He slams the door behind her.]
Korra walks a little ways before stopping, noticing to revving sound of an engine. Looking up, she sees a car bearing down on her just in time and jumps across the street, somersaulting and running to the other side as the car spins to a stop behind her. Suddenly fatigued, she staggers, holding her hand to her head, and stumbles to the wall of an alley, bracing herself against it. She slowly takes her hand from her head and stares down into the dark alleyway in wonder.
Korra Huh?
A twisting shot drawing closer shows another Korra standing in the alleyway, dressed in the blue of the Water Tribe, a broken chain wrapped around her wrist, and her eyes glowing with the energy of the Avatar State. Her shoulders hunched, her head slightly raised, and her arms limply hanging at her side give her a somewhat inhuman appearance. Still bracing herself against the wall, Korra looks the apparition in front of her, initially with a look of shock but then with determination.
Korra You again.
The hallucination looks up and stares at Korra for a few more seconds. Without warning, she whips the chain around her wrist in Korra's direction. Korra firebends in defense, but the chain sneaks past her and wraps itself around her leg, pulling it out from under her. Korra is thrown on her back but manages to raise her left to protect her face against the incoming chain, which wraps itself around her arm instead. Cut to Korra's point of view as the apparition slowly advances on her.
Korra [Close-up; pulling her free arm back and firebending at her attacker.] Leave me alone!
As the fireblast dissipates, the shot changes to an aerial view of the alley which reveals that the apparition has disappeared. Meanwhile, four townsfolk have gathered at the entrance to the alleyway, watching Korra seemingly battle nothing.
Man #2 What's wrong with her?
Woman [Frontal shot of Korra; she turn toward the woman addressing her, beads of sweat running down the side of her head.] Young lady, are you all right? [Side shot of the crowd as Korra gets on her feet.] Can I take you to a doctor?
Korra [Pulling her bag over her shoulder as she walks away from the group, avoiding eye contact.] No, I-I don't need any help.
The group watches her leave with skeptical eyes before the scene cuts to a close-up of a dejected Korra's face while she is walking down the street with the full moon lighting up the sky behind her. The shot zooms into her forehead with a brief white flash, as the scene enters a flashback. The camera zooms in on a large cargo ship that is docked at Air Temple Island, the sky gray and covered with clouds. The scene changes to the gangway beside the ship where a group of people are gathered; Asami, Mako and Bolin, with Pabu on his shoulders, walk up to Tenzin, Jinora, and Korra, the latter sitting in her wheelchair as she listens. Meanwhile, the camera pans slowly from left to right.
Bolin [Talking to Korra when Asami walks over to Korra's side.] Now don't take this the wrong way, but, I can't wait for you to leave!
Mako [Crosses his arms before his chest; looks annoyed at Bolin.] How else is she supposed to take that but the wrong way?
Bolin [to Mako.] I mean, because I've never had a pen pal before! [Turns to Korra; cut to a frontal view of him with Kya and Senna in the background.] I'm gonna write so many letters and, just to get the ball rolling, here. [He takes a letter from his pocket and hands it to Korra.] Spoiler alert: Pabu and I already miss you.
Korra takes the letter, as Pabu chirps happily.

Cut to a frontal view of Korra, Asami and Tenzin with Republic City looming in the background.

Korra [Looking down, smiling.] Thanks. That's sweet.
Asami [Leaning over and putting her hands on Korra's shoulders, as she looks up at her.] Are you sure you don't want some company in the Southern Water Tribe? I'm happy to come with you.
Korra [Turning away from Asami, the smile gone from her face, facing no one in particular as she stares ahead.] No ... I appreciate it, but I'll only be gone a couple of weeks. [Pulling her hands away from Korra's shoulders, Asami leans back.] A little time alone will be good for me.
Cut to a frontal view of Tenzin and Jinora.
Tenzin [Lays a hand on Korra's right shoulder as he speaks.] Now, I don't want you to worry about a thing while you're gone. Your recovery should be your number one concern. [Shift to a close-up of Korra's downcast face as the camera slowly pans from left to right.] Jinora, the airbenders, and I have everything under control.
Shot fades from Korra's downcast face to the ship departing, the group on the dock waving goodbye to those on the deck of the ship.
Asami Bye, Korra!
Mako Get better soon!
Bolin Don't forget to write!
Korra sits in her chair with Kya, Tonraq and Senna being next to her who are smiling thinly. Her parents stand on her right side and Kya on her left side. She initially waves back, smiling, but the smile and her hand both drop quickly, and she looks away. Cut to Wolf Cove some time later, the green aurora blazing in the night sky, as the camera zooms in on the palace. Another cut to Korra, tossing and turning in her bed in a fitful sleep. As she moans and groans, the scene cuts to her face and zooms in on it, followed by a pair flashbacks: Zaheer floating over her limp body while is asphyxiating her and the air being pulled from her lungs. A quick cut back to Korra, whose eyes widen in terror as she wakes up. Cut to a side-shot of her bolting upright in bed and breathing heavily, as Naga, on the floor next to her bed, pokes her head up with the camera panning from left to right.

The scene changes. Cut to Korra in her wheelchair sitting on a porch, silently watching the southern lights dancing across the sky. Senna walks up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Senna [Softly.] Can't sleep again? [Cut to a frontal view of the two. Korra simply drops her head to her chest in response. Senna kneels beside her daughter, caressing her hair.] Honey, your father and I have tried to give you as much space as you've needed, but we're worried. [Korra blinks, silently listening to her mother's words.] You're not sleeping, you're barely eating. We don't want to push you, but it's been three weeks. [Cut to a side-shot of Korra.] Will you please go see Katara?
Korra [Hesitating for a moment, her eyes closed while the camera zooms in on her face.] All right ... I'll go.
The shot changes back to the frontal view of them.
Senna You're going to get through this. [Sighs as Korra glances at her.] I love you so much. [She leans over and hugs her daughter's head, Korra taking hold of her arm.]
Close-up of Korra's face; Unseen by Senna, Korra closes her eyes, and a tear rolls down her face. The scene switches to Korra in Katara's hut, undergoing a healing session, the glowing water moving rhythmically back and forth. Smooth panning from right to left.
Katara The poison did a lot of internal damage.
Close-up of Korra
Korra [Glancing over at Katara.] Can you fix it?
Cut to Katara overlooking her body during the healing
Katara I can help guide your healing process, [Stops healing, glow fades as she looks down.] but whether you get better or not, [She looks up to Korra.] is up to you.
Brief cut to a close-up of Korra sitting up in the water, not looking at Katara. The shot changes, showing them both sideways. Panning from left to right.
Katara I know what it's like to go through a traumatic experience. [Glancing at Korra.] And I promise you, if you dedicate yourself to getting better, you'll recover, [She looks down again.] stronger than ever.
Korra [Eyes narrowing in desperation.] That's what I want. [Looks up at Katara.] More than anything!
Katara Then try something for me. Concentrate [She looks at Korra's toe in the water.] on your big toe. [Korra looks down at it as the view cuts to her submerged feet while zooming in on them.] Visualize it moving. [Cut to Korra's face, determined.] Breathe.
Closing her eyes, Korra takes a deep breath, slowly exhaling and focusing. Cut back to her feet. After a few seconds, the big toe of her right foot twitches slightly and moves more noticeably. Korra's depression instantly changes to exhilaration.
Korra [Close-up of her excited face.] Did you see that? [Zoom-in on Katara, still smiling softly.] It worked!
The scene fades once again, this time to a farther shot of Korra using a set of parallel bars with Katara standing next to her, the wheelchair sitting on the far side of the room next to a sleeping Naga. Smooth panning from right to left.
Katara The mind can be a powerful ally, [Close-up of her serious face.] or your greatest enemy. [Smiling.] Now, I want you to try [Close-up of Korra's strained face, pearls of sweat trickle down her face while she is struggling to stand.] taking a step.
Korra looks down at her unresponsive feet, panting, as the camera slowly pans from right to left. As she tries to move her left leg, the shot switches to her expression suddenly changing to terror as another vision overtakes her: the camera quickly zooms in on her forehead, followed by a white flash, revealing a chained up Korra screaming in pain as the metallic poison is being administrated into her body in the Red Lotus's hideout. Quick zoom-out, another flash, back to the present. Korra's eyes widen in terror and she loses her grip on the bars, causing her to fall over onto her face as she covers her head in shame.
Katara You're okay. [Kneeling and speaking softly.] Your body thinks it is still in danger, but you're safe here. [Naga walks up behind the two with a worried look as she looks at Korra.] Use your mind to overcome the pain. Try again.
Korra [Looks up briefly before covering her face with her hands; defeated.] I'm done for today.
The scene jumps ahead in time a short way, showing Korra in her room while propped up in bed, reading letters from her friends, with Naga curled up on the floor next to the wheelchair. While she's reading the letters, their voices are to be heard off-screen.

[Voice-over.] Dear Korra. I miss you. It's not the same in Republic City without you. How are you feeling? [Close-up of Korra.] Things are going well here. I just got a big contract to help redesign the city's infrastructure, so I'll be keeping pretty busy for a while.

The shot fades to a side view of Korra's bed from a different angle.
Mako [Voice-over.] Hey, Korra! Sooo, I'm not very good at writing letters. It's 2:15 in the afternoon. Weather is fair. Chance of snow showers later today. But enough joking around. [Cut to Korra; pan from bottom to top.] I hope you're dong well. Me? I'm back on the beat. Beifong has me staking out the Red Monsoon hideout. You won't believe what's going down.
The view fades again. This time to a closer side view of the bed while the camera pans diagonally from the nightstand with a pile of letters to the ceiling.
Bolin [Voice-over; formal.] My dearest Avatar Korra. Though several fortnights have passed since your departure to convalesce in the homeland of your tribesmen, I feel our friendship knows neither time ... nor distance.
Here, Korra sets down, on top of a crudely drawn picture of himself and Korra together, a second rough drawing of Pabu, Zhu Li, Varrick, and Kuvira . A third drawing rests in the background, depicting clouds, wind, stars, and a flower. Bolin's letter continues.
Bolin [Voice-over.] You will be most pleased to learn that I found gainful employment with Sir Varrick and the Lady Kuvira. I set off on the morrow with some trepidation, [Close-up of Korra's sad face.] but I am eager to offer any aid I can in stabilizing the Earth Kingdom!
Saddened, she lets the letter fall softly to the floor, where it comes to rest with several more just like it. A far shot of the palace shows the light of her room switching off, leaving the entire palace in darkness. The scene changes; it is later on, back in Katara's healing hut. Korra dejectedly stares down the parallel bars while Katara sips tea to her right, Naga plopped down at the end of the bars.
Katara [Lowering her cup.] Whenever you're ready.
Korra [Sighing.] What's the point? We've been at this for almost six months and I can still barely take a couple of steps without collapsing!
Katara I know you're frustrated, but—
Korra Of course I'm frustrated! A crazy man poisoned me and now I can't dress myself, or cook for myself, o-or do anything for myself! And this whole time, my friends have been off helping the world while I'm stuck with you and you can't even heal me!
Katara says nothing; she only looks at Korra with a startled expression. Korra's flash of anger breaks, and she realizes what she has said, quickly turning away from Katara's as she buries her face in her hand.
Korra [Apologetically.] That came out wrong.
Katara It's ... all right. [Setting down her teacup and standing, walking over to Korra.] Let your anger and frustration flow like water.
Korra [Not looking up as Katara stands in front of her.] I am trying to understand why this happened to me, [Raises her hand from her face.] but nothing makes any sense! [Weary.] I'm tired, Katara. I'm so tired.
Katara [Smiling, she kneels down to Korra while Naga watches from the back.] Korra, I know you feel alone right now. But you're not the first Avatar who's had to overcome great suffering. [Her expression shifts to one of sympathy.] Can you imagine how much pain Aang felt when he learned that his entire culture was taken from him?
Korra [Her eyes falling to her lap; empathetic.] That ... must have been so awful.
Katara [Voice-over.] But he never let it destroy his spirit. [Korra looks up at Katara.] He chose to find meaning in his suffering and eventually ... found peace.
Korra And ... what am I going to find if I ... get through this?
Katara I don't know. [Smiling.] But won't it be interesting to find out?
The next shot shows Korra's hands grasping the bars for support, Katara standing next to her and Naga sitting up at the bars' end.
Katara Close your eyes. Visualize yourself walking over to Naga. [Naga's head perks up.] Can you see it?
Korra [Struggling to stay upright, her eyes closed.] Yes.
Katara Now ... [Smiling.] take that first step.
Korra braces herself against the pain and slowly inches her right foot forward, placing it on the ground in front of her. She takes another step, followed by another, and yet another. As she takes her sixth step, she inadvertently takes her hand off one of the bars, and she stumbles. Fighting to stay on her feet, she forces herself back upright. Katara watches her with a smile. Taking the final few steps, Korra stumbles over to Naga, and embraces her with a smile on her face, letting out a relieved sigh.

A flash appears again, moving back to the present. To be seen is Korra's scowling face while she is still walking alone down a deserted street from earlier. The shot cuts to a lefthand view of her. A shadow passes behind her, making her stop in her tracks and turn around, seeing nothing. Her gaze lingers a little longer, the shot changing to her point of view and showing fogged street until moving toward her face. When she turns her head back forward, she is initially startled but soon relieved to find a small, white puppy in front of her which is looking up at her and barking a few times and playfully wagging its tail. She walks up to the dog, crouching before it and petting it.

Korra [Smiling.] Where'd you come from, little cutie?
Looking up for a moment, her expression changes to unease; the view twists again to the back of Korra's head, zooming out of it and revealing the earlier apparition that's standing at the top of the short set of stairs on the road ahead, the colors growing darker. Surprisingly, the puppy whirls around and begins growling menacingly at the apparition. Korra's eyes not leaving the apparition.
Korra [Astonished; whispering to the puppy.] You can see her, too?
The view changes to a close-up of the apparition who continues to stare at the figures in front of it, wordless and motionless. The screen briefly turns black. Soon after, it fades to an aerial view of the same scene, showing the three. The puppy continues to growl threateningly.
Korra [Still looking at the apparition.] If you can see her too, [Standing up; determined.] maybe I'm not going crazy.
Cut to the puppy who starts barking, upon which the hallucination absorbs seamlessly into the mist beyond. The puppy relaxes, excitedly making its way toward the now-unoccupied steps, Korra's eyes following it.
Korra [Amazed.] How'd you do that?
The puppy mounts the steps and turns back toward Korra, barking a few times.
Korra [Questioningly.] You want me to follow you?
The puppy barks a few more times and disappears into the mist. Korra pauses for a moment, deciding.
Korra All right. Let's see what I find.
Cut to a far shot of the village showing Korra and the puppy running through the streets, the camera slowly panning upward before another flashback begins, opening in midair over the compound at the South Pole as Oogi flies by, descending toward it. Oogi lands in the yard, and Tenzin dismounts to find an excited, healthier-looking Korra running toward him. She gives him a hug.
Korra It's so good to see you!
Tenzin [Tentative.] How have you been, Korra? You look great!
Korra I feel great! [Grabbing his hands.] Come on, I want to show you how much better I'm doing.
Korra excitedly takes Tenzin by his wrists and drags him away with Katara smiling at them in the background. Cut to a shot of the firebending trial mat, where Korra, dressed in battle gear, stands opposite three other firebenders; Tenzin and Katara stand on a viewing platform behind the dueling mat, observing. As the firebenders take their positions, Korra attacks, sending multiple blasts of fire toward her opponents with both her hands and feet, which they easily block.
Korra [As the flames die.] Attack! I can take it!
The firebenders pause momentarily, the bender in the center glancing over his shoulder at the man on his right, who shrugs. They promptly attack, their quick, furious blows smooth and easy as she approaches her opponents. Cutting through a blast of attacking fire with her hands in the same manner as she did in her firebending trial, she emerges on the other side and is immediately beset by another vision: Zaheer zooming down from the gray sky directly toward her. Debilitated, she falters as the firebenders, unaware, continue their attack; she blindly throws weak strands of fire toward nothing in particular before being finally blown off her feet, coming to rest face-down on the mat, exhausted. Tenzin, seeing her collapse, rushes out to stop the fight.
Tenzin [Signaling with his hand.] All right! The sparring match is over!
As the firebenders relax themselves and walk away, Tenzin turns back to focus on Korra, who is getting to her knees and taking off her helmet, clearly upset. Tenzin helps her to her feet.
Korra [Angrily.] I thought I was ready.
Tenzin [Looking sympathetically at her.] There is no shame in taking the time you need to make a full recovery. [Closing his eyes.] Being the Avatar can wait.
Korra [Looking at Tenzin; concerned.] But what about the Earth Kingdom? I hear it's still a mess out there.
Tenzin The situation has been stabilizing since Kuvira took charge.
Korra But that should be me out there fixing things, not her.
Tenzin I know you want to help. But trust me, everyone has this under control. I just think you need to ...
He trails off as Korra looks at him spitefully.
Korra [Angrily.] If you say, "be patient", I swear I'm gonna water-smack you in the mouth!
Tenzin [Avoiding her gaze.] Nooo ... I was going to say, you need to ... not worry about the future. Be grateful for where you are now and the progress you've made.
Unsatisfied, she throws her helmet and, turning her back on a sad looking Tenzin, walks away. The scene changes to Korra on a high cliff, practicing bending all the elements as her voice dictates the words of a letter.
Korra [Voice-over.] Dear Asami, I'm sorry I haven't written to you sooner, but every time I've tried, I never know what to say. [Cut to Katara and a healing session.] The past two years have been the hardest of my life. Even though I can get around fine now, I still can't go into the Avatar State. I keep having visions of Zaheer and what happened that day. [Cut to a shot of Korra meditating on the roof of the Water Tribe Avatar Temple.] Katara thinks a lot of this is in my head, so I've been meditating a lot, but sometimes I worry I'll never fully recover. [Cut to Korra writing the letter in her room.] Please don't tell Mako and Bolin I wrote to you and not them. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but it's easier to tell you about this stuff. [Setting her pen aside.] I don't think they'd understand.
Finishing, Korra sets the pen down and stares off into space, thinking.

The scene changes to the dining room; Tonraq, Senna and Korra sit together, but while Tonraq and Senna are eating, Korra plays with her food instead, lost in thought. Both Tonraq and Senna pick up on their daughter's mood, the latter speaking up.

Senna Everything all right, sweetie?
Korra [Keeping her gaze on her plate for a moment before looking up at them.] There's something I need to tell you both.
Tonraq What is it?
Korra I want to go back to Republic City.
Senna Are you sure?
Korra I know I'm not a hundred percent yet, but I feel like I've hit a wall. I need to be where the action is, [Smiling.] where my friends are.
Tonraq [Exchanging a worried look with Senna before responding; smiling.] I'll have the White Lotus prepare a boat and they can take you back to Republic City as soon as you're ready.
Cut mid-speech to a view of blue sails opening in a breeze, and Korra standing on the deck of the small craft, waving goodbye.
Korra [Voice-over.] No, I want to go alone and have some time to clear my head. It'll be good for me.
View cuts to her parents waving back from the dock, Naga standing next to them. She howls as Korra departs.

The scene transitions to the open sea, where Korra's boat sails swiftly in the wind as Korra looks off into the distance. Out of nowhere, a school of flying dolphin-fish surface, gliding over the face of the water as Korra looks on, smiling. Another scene transition, this time to a tiny port village in a tropical archipelago, where Korra's boat is docked. Korra herself walks along the dock, away from her boat toward a man in a dockside shack, who is lazily fanning himself in the heat. Korra approaches him, and he looks up.

Korra Two lobster crabs, please.
Fishmonger [Sudden realization.] Why, you're the Avatar, ain'tcha?
Korra [Flatly.] Yup, that's me.
The fishmonger jumps out of his chair suddenly, surprising Korra.
Fishmonger [Thrilled.] I can't believe it! Mind if I took a picture for my "Wall of Avatars"?
The camera zooms in on the sole picture in his collection, an image of an adult Aang doing his marble trick with two pieces of seafood, his face bearing a look of unadulterated enthusiasm reminiscent of his childhood.
Korra [Taken aback.] Well, uhm, I'm kind of in a hurry.
Fishmonger [Perched on his table.] I-it'll only take a second! [He retreats to dig out his camera, throwing odds and ends out behind him toward Korra.] Avatar Aang was a big fan of my seaweed wraps, you know, so, [a pot, a meat cleaver, and a flock of parrots come flying out of the shack in quick succession, as Korra jumps backward.] I named 'em "Aang Rolls"! [Setting the camera down in front of Korra.] Now they're my biggest seller! And they ain't even got fish in 'em! [Laughs as he puts his head into the camera.] Now, smile!
The view shifts to the interior of the camera, where an inverted image of an awkwardly smiling Korra is seen. The flash goes off, and the view returns to normal, Korra momentarily blinded by the light.
Fishmonger But if I coulda met any Avatar, [Dreamy.] I'd have to pick Kyoshi. Taking down a shark squid with one hand! Now that's a lady I'd like to get to know!
A sudden cry from behind Korra cuts the fishmonger short. They both look to see what's happened.
Vendor [Yelling after two people running away.] Thieves! Get back here!
Fishmonger [Yelling to the vendor.] Oh, don't worry, the Avatar's right here! [Korra's eyes widen at her mention; to Korra, excitedly.] Well, what are you waiting for? [Gestures toward the thieves.] Go get 'em!
Looking determined, Korra throws herself into the air over the small inlet, waterbending herself across and coming ashore just in front of the bandits, who stop in their tracks.
Korra Hand over the bags or else.
The first thief earthbends a fissure into the ground, extending it toward Korra and sending up a great cloud of dust, while the second thief bends a few simple boulders from the ground and hurls them at her. Korra avoids the fissures but rolls face-first right into the flying rocks; she falls to the ground, holding her head which is pounding from the impact, as the thieves run past her to freedom. Opening her eyes, she sees the vendor from across the way standing over her, assessing her, while the fishmonger rushes up to her, meat cleaver in hand, panting.
Vendor [To the fishmonger; skeptical.] You sure she's the Avatar?
They both look down questioningly at Korra, who closes her eyes. The scene fades to a view of Republic City from the bay, the skyline blurred by the nighttime fog. As the shot pans to the left, Korra's craft comes into view, and the shot changes to one of Korra standing on the small deck. As she rounds Air Temple Island, the fog suddenly burns off, revealing a lone figure standing on a pinnacle of rock jutting from the water near the cliffside, eyes glowing. Korra gasps, as the shot cuts to a close-up of the face of Dark Korra with the moon behind, thin eyebrows furrowed and mouth bent into an angry frown, her hair fluttering in the light breeze. Korra, seeing this for the first time, sweat beading on her face, closes her eyes and steers the boat into the opposite direction, not watching as Republic City disappears into the mist.

Another change of scene as Korra's boat is seen somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, Korra herself standing on a small dock next to it. Her dress has changed from her Water Tribe outfit to that of an Earth Kingdom commoner, save for her armband, which she removes and tosses into the water. She moves her hands to her head, taking her hair in her hands and bundling it at the back of her head. Holding the bundle with her left hand, she takes up a knife laying on her right and puts it up against her hair. For a moment, she hesitates, reluctant to leave herself behind. In one stroke, she pulls the blade through her hair with a hint of regret on her face, sending tiny strands of hair fluttering through the air around her, her new haircut coming to rest just above her shoulders.

The scene changes yet again, jumping to a snowstorm at one of the poles, its Spirit Portal emitting its brilliant beam of light into the sky in the distance. Korra crosses into the frame, bundled up against the bitter cold and wind; she stops for a moment, observing the portal in the distance, before continuing onward toward it. The view switches to just inside the Spirit World as Korra steps through the portal and exits on the other side; the Tree of Time, surrounded by friendly spirits, dominates the landscape around it from its perch. Cut to Korra, who has sat down within the Tree's central void, meditating in silence, her heavy overcoat folded next to her. A tiny tan-yellow spirit, with leaves growing like ears from the top of its head, peers over the lip of the entrance. Realizing who is within, it smiles and calls to its many companions floating outside.

Light spirit Everyone, come here! It's the Avatar!
The spirits congregate on the lip, observing Korra for themselves. A second spirit, resembling a snail of sorts with legs, turns to the light spirit.
Skeptical spirit [Skeptically.] You sure? I don't sense any Raava energy around her. Besides, she's not dressed like the Avatar. And, doesn't the Avatar have ponytails?
Korra [Eyes closed; annoyed.] Do you mind? I'm trying to concentrate here. And yes, I am the Avatar. I'm just wearing different clothes and I cut my hair.
Light spirit [Excited.] See? I told you guys it was her! [Jumps into the tree and walks up to Korra as the rest of the group follows.] How come you've been away so long?
Korra I was hurt pretty bad a while ago and lost touch with my Avatar Spirit.
Skeptical spirit No wonder I couldn't feel Raava's energy.
Korra I came to the Tree of Time hoping to reconnect with Raava and turn on the Avatar State again. But it's not working. [She continues as the light spirit climbs onto her lap.] The last time I was here, I saw all sorts of visions. [Quietly.] Now I don't see anything.
Light spirit [Smiling up at her.] Maybe we can help you get better.
Korra [Lifts the spirit off her lap and stands up.] I'm sorry, but for years, people have been saying they can help me get better. [Starts walking away.] Nothing's worked. [Stops at the exit of the Tree of Time's hollow and looks back over her shoulder.] I need to figure this out on my own.
She leaves the tree, not looking back, as the spirits look after her. The scene changes to Korra's boat wending through a waste of water and icebergs as her voice, in the background, narrates a letter.
Korra [Voice-over.] Dear Mom and Dad, [standing on the deck, she turns to her left and sees the hallucination of her glaring back at her from a nearby iceberg. She ignores it.] I arrived in Republic City a couple weeks ago and couldn't be happier. It's nice to be back at the temple and it's great to see my friends again. [Cut to Korra walking through a lavafield, where, again, the hallucination appears and she ignores it again.] Don't worry, I'm taking it easy, but hopefully I'll be back in action soon. I miss you both very much. Please, give Naga a big hug for me. Love, Korra. [Cut to Korra in the middle of a desert, her arm raised to shield against the sun; she suddenly spots Raava waiting at the crest of a dune.] Raava? [She scales the dune, climbing toward the spirit.] Raava!
She reaches the crest of the dune, only to find empty air where Raava was; she falls to her knees, realizing it was another hallucination.

Fade to just before the present, where Korra is walking through a town somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. Lifting her head, she sees her hallucination waiting at the end of her path, illuminated by a streetlight. The view again rolls as it zooms on the apparition, and as it does, it turns, walking away down a side alley.

Korra [Angry and tired of being haunted.] I am ending this.
She chases her likeness down the alley, where she sees it jump a fence and follows it, landing on a rooftop on the other side. Looking for where the ghost has gone, she spots it standing in the entrance of a building, the light from its interior pouring into the street; people are standing near the entrance, and Korra's apparition stands there as well. A single person passes the entrance, and as he passes the place where the apparition stands, it vanishes into thin air. Korra, seeing what she has to do, jumps from the roof, determination etched in her face.

Inside the building sits the arena, with two earthbenders sparring in the pit beneath as the crowd cheers; as she passes across the view of the ring, her ghost appears, standing in the pit itself, unseen by everybody except herself. She walks up to the ring announcer, who half-turns to look at her while collecting money from people placing bets in the audience.

Korra Excuse me. Who do I talk to about getting in the ring?
The ring announcer raises an eyebrow at her.

Cut to Korra in the ring, being beaten back by her opponent. After being thrown across the ring and crashing into the wall, she gets up, but she suddenly starts to see double, and the crowd above fades into blackness. Where seconds before she had seen an earthbender, she now sees the hallucination of her standing opposite her, shoulders hunched in the same familiar inhuman pose. Rising defiantly to her feet, Korra yells at the apparition.

Korra Is that all you got?
The apparition swings her arms, the chain flying like a whip across the ring as Korra dodges. The apparition moves faster than she can see, and it jumps, formless, through space before solidifying above Korra. Its attack, unseen by Korra until the last moment, catches her in the face. Her head hits the dirt before her feet, and she tumbles across the floor, slamming into the wall behind her. She struggles to rise for a moment, staring the vengeful vision in the face before she falls, unconscious, to the floor, and the vision melts back into reality.
Ring announcer We have a winner!
The other earthbender raises her arms in victory. A quick succession of shots flashes by: Korra healing herself in the bathroom, being yelled at to "hurry up in there"; nearly being run down; and the angrily barking puppy. The scene switches to Korra chasing the dog on the outskirts of the town. At the top of a hill, she pauses; the shot changes its perspective, showing a swamp in the direction in which the dog is running.
Korra [Mildly confused.] Why did you bring me to the swamp? [She slides down a small hill, still following the puppy, and as they pass a tree at the entrance to the swamp, the puppy, in a flash of light, transforms into the light spirit. Korra realizes.] Wait, I met you at the Tree of Time. [Stronger voice.] You should have told me who you were.
Light spirit [Simply, turning to face Korra.] If I did, would you have followed me?
Korra [Relenting.] I get your point. But why did you bring me here? What am I gonna find in the swamp?
Light spirit Not a what, a who. [Rising into the air and flying off through the vines.]
Korra [Panicking.] No, wait! [She rushes forward, charging through the vines.] Come back!
Stumbling through to the other side, she falls into a pool of water. Looking up, she is terrified to find herself face to face with her apparition. Korra rises to her feet.
Korra [Panicked.] You're just in my mind. You're not real.
Korra's projection does nothing for a short moment, before sending a powerful blast of fire at Korra; it hits her, sending her flying through the air, where she collides with a tree and collapses into the water below. Trying to rise again, she looks up to see her dark self stagger-stepping through the vines in front of her. Korra sends streams of water at the vision, but it evaporates on the spot, reforming itself out of the way and sending fire, water, and earth of its own back at Korra. Korra, dodging the water and fire, is hit head-on by the earth and flies backward again, tumbling into a hole.

The blurred gray streak of the apparition reforms in midair above Korra, its flaming foot creating an arc of flame as it attempts to crush Korra, who somersaults out of the way as the apparition lands with crushing force. Korra doesn't even have time to get back on her feet before the vision furiously blasts her with water, sending her airborne yet again; Korra lands face-first in the mud but gets back to her feet, running as fast as she can away from her hallucination, which, deforming and reforming rapidly, appears behind her, shooting a jet of flame after her. Korra ducks as it shoots over her head and, jumping and twisting in midair, earthbends back at her doppelganger before immediately jumping with airbending into the tree sprawling above her.

As the Korra's Avatar self reforms under the tree, glaring up at the escaping Korra, it unwinds the chain from its wrist, once more wielding it as a whip, cracking it on the ground with enough force to shake the earth before flinging it up into the tree, where it wraps itself around a fleeing Korra's ankle as she reaches a higher branch.

The force of the chain begins to pull her down, and she desperately grabs onto the vines winding around the branches to keep herself from falling. As she looks down at the ground far below, the ground below the feet of Korra's Avatar self, to her horror, melts, turning into the mercury with which Zaheer poisoned her. Korra tries to get her foot around a vine, still holding on for dear life, to try to save herself, but Korra's Avatar self begins to sink into the mercury, pulling still harder against Korra. As the doppelganger sinks up to its still-furious face in the pool of mercury, the vine in Korra's left hand snaps under the weight, and, seconds later, the one in her right hand lets go.

Screaming, Korra falls headlong into the puddle of poison below her. As soon as she hits the surface, the mercury fastens onto her body like glue and she begins to sink into the puddle. As web-like tendrils leap from the surface, she reaches into the air, grasping for something that is not there.

Korra Help!
Immediately after she screams, the silver poison wraps around her arm, pulling her down into darkness. Sometime later, Korra awakens in a dimly lit room. A blue-ish light filters through a substance covering the top of a deep hole opening just above her, which extends all the way to ground level, a considerable distance above her. She sits up, her hand on her head, and hears the noise of a moving liquid, followed by an elderly female voice.
Unknown woman [Standing over her cooking pot, her back to Korra, who cannot see who she is.] Feeling better?
Korra Where am I? Wha-what happened?
Unknown woman I was hoping you could tell me. I found you passed out in the mud.
Korra How'd you know I was out there?
Unknown woman [Casually.] I'm pretty tapped into the goings-on around here. What brings you to the swamp, anyway?
Korra A spirit led me here and told me I was supposed to find someone. Is that you?
Unknown woman Beats me. But if your Avatar senses called you here, you should probably listen to them.
Korra [Catching the word "Avatar".] Wait, you recognize me?
She stands up and walks toward the mystery person.
Unknown woman [Voice-over.] In a manner of speaking. We were good friends in your previous life.
Korra firebends a small flame with her hand, casting light on the mysterious person, who turns to face Korra, revealing an elderly woman with long silver hair hanging down over clouded eyes.
Korra [Astonished; whispering.] I can't believe it ... Toph?
Toph [Chuckling.] Nice to see you again, Twinkle Toes.
Cut to credits.





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