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Team Avatar flies over a ravine on Appa, with Momo flying above.
Sokka Ahhhh, this is the life!
Toph Being chased by a homicidal Fire Nation princess and spending most of yesterday stuck in a hole is "the life" to you?
Sokka No, not that stuff, this! Sailing through the clouds! Blue skies! The wind in my hair!
Toph I'll enjoy the wind in my hair when the Fire Nation decides they have better things to do than chase us halfway across the country.
Katara Toph, you don't have to be so pessimistic. You could choose to actually relax once in a while.
Toph I'm not pessimistic. I'm realistic. Ignoring the fact that we're the Fire Nation's most wanted doesn't make it go away.
Katara I'm realistic too! Just because I think it's okay to take a moment to relax and enjoy the sunshine doesn't mean I'm ignoring the challenges we're facing. And Sokka and I have been traveling with Aang a lot longer than you have.
Toph Look, it's fine. You just approach things differently than I do. Take teaching Aang bending, for example. You taught him waterbending by gently showing him how to guide the flow of water. I chucked rocks at his head.
Katara You told me you used positive reinforcement.
Toph There was a little of that. But a lot more rock-chucking, right Twinkle Toes?
Aang [Looking behind slightly at the group.] A few rocks were chucked, yes. Several at my head.
Toph It's fine. I'm a very direct person. You're just more, well--
Sokka Soft and gentle, like a crocokitten before its skin gets all tough and scaly?
Toph Exactly. [Pauses] Aang still learned both earth- and waterbending, the only real difference is when I taught him, he learned earthbending in a day. It took him what, a couple weeks to learn waterbending?
Katara Aang! I wasn't as soft as a crocokitten when I taught you waterbending, was I? I was a good teacher!
Aang [Unsure.] Of course you were! But, well... Toph's right about your approach to teaching bending being different to hers. It's not a bad thing! I like that you're as soft as a crocokitten. You don't have to be as tough as Toph. It's okay!
Katara [Pouting.] So why does it feel like it's not okay?
A group of Fire Nation soldiers sight Team Avatar flying over on Appa, and send a flaming boulder in their direction via a catapult.
Aang [Taking a firm grip of Appa's reins.] Whoa!
More flaming boulders are fired in Appa's direction.
Aang Hold on everybody, we're going up!
Katara [Beginning to lose her grip on Appa's saddle.] Whoa--
Sokka [Shocked] Katara!
Katara falls down into the ravine, missing the flaming boulders. Just above a river, she bends the water up to soften her landing and lands in the river with a thud. She swims to the surface and gasps for breath, taken aback by the strong current. Nearing the edge of a waterfall, she bends the water around her into a protective sphere and turns it into ice, protecting her from the fall. She bounces off the ravine wall and washes up unharmed on the riverbank, breaking out of the sphere.
Above, Sokka looks down for his sister.
Sokka Where did she go? Katara!
Aang I'm trying to find a place to land out of the range of those catapults.
Appa lands on the ground with a thud, Aang and Toph dismounting.
Toph [Listening to the earth] Don't yell! I can hear something nearby.
Sokka Don't tell me not to yell! My sister's gone, and if yelling helps me find her--
Sokka's expression changes to shock and surprise.
Sokka Uh oh.
Aang, Sokka, and Toph stand at the edge of a small ledge, looking over the Fire Nation encampment with catapults.
Sokka No yelling, that's a good idea.
Toph You think?
Aang Now we know where those chunks of flaming rock came from.
The trio back away from the encampment.
Aang [Surprised] Uh oh.
A Fire Nation soldier is sitting by a rock, eating from a lunchbox, and grows shocked once he notices the three friends.
Aang Uh, hello.
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier [Throwing away his lunch in surprise] It's the Avatar!
Aang [Nervous] No, I'm not! Uh, this arrow is just a weird birthmark!
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier [Adopting a confident stance] For the honor of the Fire Nation and in the name of Fire Lord Ozai, I arrest you, Avatar!
Toph, unamused, sends an earthbending attack in the soldier's direction, knocking him off his feet. The soldier lands on the ground, flat on his face.
Toph [Walking away] Let's go find Katara.
The trio see a great blast of fire.
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier You'll never escape! I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, Avatar!
Aang The forest is on fire! Toph, help me put it out!
Sokka And he needs to stop yelling! He'll alert the rest of the army!
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier I don't need help, I'm going to capture you myself! I'll get all the glory!
Toph bends up the earth around his entire body, trapping the soldier.
Toph Oh, put a rock in it.
Aang and Toph start bending heavy slabs of earth on the flames to extinguish the fire.
Sokka Okay, fire's out. Now can we go find my sister?
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier You may escape today, but tomorrow the Fire Nation will find you. We'll never stop until the world is safe from your malice, Avatar!
Toph Yeah, yeah.
Aang [Approaching the soldier] What malice? What did I ever do to you?
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier You know what you did! The Air Nomads were plotting to take over the world! That's why the Fire Nation had to stop you!
Aang You can't believe that!
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier It's the truth!
Aang It's a lie!
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier So prove it.
Aang looks frustrated.

Switch to Katara, who sits on the riverbank after washing up in her new location and notices a manmade barricade.

Katara A barricade? Did I just float past it? Is it keeping people out, or keeping them in?
Katara approaches a settlement, noticing several Fire Nation soldiers disciplining Earth Kingdom civilians.
Katara Definitely keeping people in, so the Fire Nation can take what little they have.
Fire Nation soldier You there! What are you doing skulking outside the village?
Katara I was just going for a walk--
Fire Nation soldier No one is allowed outside the village without an escort, you should know that. Go inside immediately.
Katara Of course, I'll go--
Fire Nation soldier Wait, why are you wearing Water Tribe clothing? There aren't any in this village. You're coming inside for questioning.
Unamused, Katara bends from her water skin and turns it into ice, hitting the soldier in the face. He falls unconscious, and Katara drags his body to the bushes. After making sure the other soldiers cannot see her, she steals a piece of green fabric to cloak herself.
Katara I hope Aang and Sokka are okay. I know Toph is fine, of course.
Katara approaches a local vendor.
Katara So many soldiers in the village today. Did more of them arrive?
Vendor No, just the same lot as before, not that it's doing me any good. Ozai's finest eat like ostrich horses. They've cleaned me out and I can't get any new produce because of their blockade. And just today there's been some nonsense about the Avatar's flying bison being spotted nearby, so now they're extra jumpy. This war is no good for my business, I tell you.
Katara walks away from the man and starts looking around the village once more.
Katara How do I get out of here and find Aang and the others?
Shady local Psst, you there. Follow me.
Katara No thank you! Excuse me.
Katara walks into an alleyway and finds more unscrupulous figures surrounding her.
Katara You don't want to fight me. I know how to defend myself.
Jiang I noticed. You did a very good job of defending yourself from that Fire Nation soldier.
Katara You saw-- I mean, I don't know what you're talking about!
Jiang Ah, I suppose it was just a coincidence that the ice happened to leap from the river and knock that soldier out? It wasn't waterbending, just a coincidence.
Katara Yes. A coincidence.
Jiang Oh, that's too bad. I'm the captain of a ship that's about to sail downriver and I need a waterbender for the journey. But since you aren't one, I'll have to keep looking.
Katara You're going downriver? Away from the Fire Nation soldiers?
Jiang I am. And there's passage on my ship available to any waterbender that wants it...
Katara If I was a waterbender, what would I have to do to earn that spot on your ship? You don't look like someone who gives things away for free.
Jiang I need some extra help in case the trip gets a little... hot. These things can happen with the Fire Nation throwing their weight around.
Katara I am a waterbender. Take me down the river, and I'll make sure your trip goes smoothly.
Jiang Wonderful! I'm sure you wouldn't mind a quick demonstration of your abilities--
Jiang opens a water skin and Katara quickly bends out the water, splashing it on the face of another crew member.
Shady local [Clapping] She hit me right in the face! Hurrah!
Jiang My name is Jiang and my ship is called the Flying Wolfbat. What should I call you, my young waterbender friend?
Katara Katara.
Jiang Forgive my testing of your abilities. We'd hired someone else who claimed to be a waterbender, but he turned out to be a fraud. I was a little... upset.
Katara What'd you do to him?
A flashback shows a boy scaling a tree to get away from a saber-tooth moose lion.
Jiang Nothing. He's perfectly fine.
Aang, Sokka and Toph remain in the forest, with the Fire Nation soldier still trapped in earth.
Aang I want to talk to him. I want to see if I can change his mind.
Toph Why? He's a Fire Nation soldier. He'd turn us over to the Fire Lord without a second thought.
Aang The Fire Lord wasn't content with wiping out the Air Nomads, he also spread lies that we had a secret army, that we were a threat to the entire world. I can't believe people think these lies are the truth, but they do. He does. I have to tell him he's wrong. Even if I only change one mind in the Fire Nation, isn't that worth doing?
Sokka Of course it is, but...
Aang I know. Katara's lost, and we have to look for her. We don't have time for this, I know.
Sokka No, I was going to say, "this guy's clearly an idiot, you sure you want to try talking to him?"
Sokka Look, we don't need to rush off. I can tell this is important to you, Aang. Katara can take care of herself.
Toph You just sai she was as soft and cuddly as a Crocokitten.
Sokka I was teasing her, it's what I do. It's my job as her big brother. Also, have you seen a Crocokitten? Sure, they're pretty helpless at the beginning, but once their scales come in they could take down a full grown platypus bear.
Sokka Maybe not a full-grown platypus bear... Maybe more like a half-grown one.
Shows a Platypus Bear being chased by a Crocokitten
Toph Eh, I say we just leave this guy behind. His army buddies will find him sooner or later.
Aang I'm going to go tell him the truth. Surely he'll change his mind about airbenders. He has to.
Aang Flamio, my good Hotman. I know we've met under difficult circumstances, but that's no reason not to get to know each other.
Aang airbends leaf off of overconfident Fire Nation soldier's forehead.
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier AAAHHHGH! Get away from me with your demon air powers, Avatar!
Aang I won't hurt you, it's just airbending. It's part of the balance of our world.
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier I know all about the dark abilities you airbenders had! How you could suck a man's breath out of his body! How you had an army of winged people, ready to attack anyone who threatened you!
Aang The Air Nomads were peaceful monks! We never had an army! We don't even eat meat! and we can't fly, only glide, with the help of gliders.
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier And where's you glider now, Avatar?
Aang It's with my flying bison.
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier Hah! There! You admit it! You have an animal that flies! If the Fire Nation hadn't stopped you, you'd have conquered every nation in the world from the backs of you winged beasts!
Aang What? That's crazy. Who told you that?
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier My cousin who got it from his sister who got it from her roommate who read it on a poster in some town out west.
Aang And you didn't think that something written on a poster might be untrue?
Overconfident Fire Nation soldier Why would the fire nation write untrue things on a poster? They cost a fortune to print.
A saddened Aang walks back over to Toph and Sokka. He flops down next to them.
Toph Sorry, Twinkle Toes.
Aang He's not changing his mind about the Air Nomads because of a poster.
Sokka That's rough, little buddy.
Scene changes to Katara walking behind Jiang. She slips her hood down and glances backwards, to Jiang and then to one of Jiang's crew mates.
Katara [Muttering to self] No more Crocokitten Katara, gotta be tough. What would Toph do?
Katara fists her hands and flexes her arms muscles while glancing from side to side.
Katara [Mutters to self] Be tough like Toph. Be tough like Toph.
Katara spits onto the cobblestones. Two shady locals look at each other and wince.
Shady Local Ewww. Don't waterbenders have any manners?
Shady locals stare at Katara in disgust, Katara looks surprised.
Katara [Blushing.] I guess that worked, kind of.