At night, Sokka and Toph walk along the beach. The men of the Water Tribe sit at a campfire behind them.
Sokka ... And then, you should have seen him feed his bear dinner. He cut up tiny little morsels and fed him with chopsticks.
Toph Oh, man, that Earth King's bear is so spoiled. Sometimes I wish I was him.
Sokka It was hilarious. It took Bosco hours to finish his plate!
Toph [Waving goodbye and heading off.] Well, I'm off to pick my toes, pick my nose, and go to bed.
Sokka Good night.
Sokka attempts to enter his tent, but is shocked to see Bosco sleeping there instead.
Sokka [Calls out to a passing Earth King Kuei.] What's that bear doing in my tent?!
Kuei Bosco's not used to sleeping without a roof over his head. And he just loves comfy bedding.
Sokka curls up next to Bosco in the now crowded tent.
Kuei Sweet dreams, Bosco ...
Bosco Growl
Kuei ... And Sokka.
Sokka Growl
Textbox In the morning ...
A passing Sokka sees Kuei holding a book and speaking to Bosco.
Kuei So, Bosco, according to this encyclopedia, bears hibernate. I have a feeling you're going to be really good at that – you love sleeping!
Sokka Watcha doing?
Kuei I'm teaching Bosco how to survive in the wild like a real bear.
Sokka Let me see that. [Sokka takes the book from Kuei's hands and tears it up.]
Kuei What ... what are you doing?
Sokka I'm doing you a favor! [Pointing at Bosco.] The only encyclopedia you need is right here. I will teach Bosco how to be a real bear!
Kuei How exciting!
Bosco 'Mrf?
Sokka gestures toward a bee hive high up in a tree.
Sokka Lesson number one is the most essential: finding food. But bee careful. Get it? Bee careful. [His face falls.] Oh, just get up there and get it!
Kuei [Peering up into the tree.] But how do we reach it? Where is nature's ladder?
Sokka [Holding up Bosco's paw and pointing toward Bosco's claws.] This is nature's ladder. [He does a double take at Bosco's claws.] They're manicured?
Kuei Twice a month.
Sokka attempts to push Bosco up the tree, but Bosco refuses to cooperate.
Sokka Come on, Bosco, get those fancy claws working. Climb!!!
Kuei Sigh ... Perhaps there's another source of food that's easier to reach.
Textbox Fishing.
By a river, Bosco attempts to catch fish using a fishing rod.
Sokka Not like that! A bear uses its bear hands. Bear hands, get it? Oh, I'll show you! [Sokka splashes into the river.] Just leap in ... [He attempts to grasp onto a fish.] ... grab a fish ... Gurgle ... and ... Whoa! [Sokka falls into the river and is carried downstream.] Eeeeeeeeeeeeee ...
Kuei I don't know Bosco ... This seems a little dangerous.
Bosco Mrf.
Sokka splashes up the bank, now tangled in seaweed and fish.
Kuei Look, Bosco ... nature's fishing net!
Bosco Growl!
Textbox Shelter.
Sokka [Gesturing toward a cave.] Finding shelter is also very important in order to survive in the wild.
Sokka is shown running out of the cave, being chased by a boarcupine.
Sokka Agh! Boarcupines!
Kuei [To Bosco.] I suppose you should always make sure it's unoccupied first.
Textbox Territory.
Sokka In order to defend one's territory, you've got to sound really ferocious. So give me your most frightening roar.
Kuei Um, Bosco doesn't roar. But he is a lovely whistler.
Bosco whistles.
Kuei Splendid whistling, Bosco.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Yeah, really frightening.
Textbox Self-defense.
Sokka Imagine I'm a giant, angry hog-monkey who wants to steal all your food. What are you going to do?
Sokka punches Bosco's stomach, who in turn promptly collapses to the ground.
Kuei [Fanning Bosco.] Bosco is wonderful at playing dead.
Sokka He'll never make it in the wild.
In the evening, a crestfallen Sokka, Bosco, and Kuei head back to their campsite.
Sokka Well, what a waste of time.
Kuei Actually, I think I learned something today. There are so many things I don't know about the real world. How could I hope to ever be a good king of all my knowledge is so limited? Just like Bosco, who doesn't know how to be a good bear.
Kuei tears off his royal robes, revealing humble peasant clothing beneath.
Kuei It's decided! I will experience the world as a humble man!
Bosco Mrf! [Bosco also tears off his shirt.]
Textbox Me too!
Kuei rides off on a whistling Bosco. He waves goodbye to Sokka.
Kuei Thanks for everything, Sokka!
Sokka Er ... Sure.
Sokka, now wearing the King's discarded crown, approaches Toph.
Sokka Hey, Toph! Do you think "King Sokka" sounds good?
Toph What? I'm not calling you that!
Textbox The end.



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