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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Airbenders are mysteriously disappearing in Ba Sing Se, including Kai. The Earth Queen denied any knowledge of the airbenders, but Korra refuse to give up her search. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin met their long lost relatives, who told them that Dai Li agents have been rounding up airbenders for the queen's army. And at a prison in the north, Tonraq and Lord Zuko prepare for Zaheer's imminent attack.
The scene opens to P'Li's prison cell where P'Li is breathing out cold air. The camera zooms out of her prison cells, showing her guards. Pan to the surface, where Tonraq, Desna, and Eska are standing outside P'Li's prison waiting for Lord Zuko and Druk's return. Druk lands on the ground heavily.
Tonraq Did you see Zaheer?
Zuko The only thing I saw was a snowstorm heading our way.
Tonraq [Stares at the snowstorm ahead.] That's not a snowstorm. That's him.
Tonraq and the group begins running toward the snowstorm Zaheer created to cover his snowcat. Zaheer continuously airbends to provide his group with some cover. The snowcat jumps out and Zaheer and Ming-Hua jumps off the snowcat afterward, running toward Tonraq's group.
Tonraq I put you away once, Zaheer, and I'm going to do it again!
Tonraq waterbends a punch and an ice block at Zaheer, who dodges both attacks. Tonraq attacks Zaheer again, and he manages to dodge it again before sweeping Tonraq over. Desna and Eska begin attacking Ming-Hua with multiple ice shards at a rapid pace, which Ming-Hua dodges. The twins create a field of iceberg spikes, but Ming-Hua maneuvers through them with her water arms before she freezes the pair in ice blocks. She jumps up and breaks the ice on the ground with her waterbending before she glides down to P'Li's cell. A White Lotus sentry firebends at her, but she counters back, defeating him with little trouble. Another sentry attempts to waterbend at Ming-Hua, but she quickly strikes him. She freezes P'Li's prison cell's door, causing it to fall off of its hinges.
P'Li Ming-Hua.
Ming-Hua Let's get you out of here.
Ming-Hua waterbends the metal chains which restrains P'Li. P'Li stands up, removing the cuff on her forehead, revealing her "third eye" tattoo. She clings onto Ming-Hua's back, who uses two ice hooks to climb P'Li and herself up to the surface.
P'Li We could have just taken the elevator. [Ming-Hua continues to climb in silence.] Show-off.
After the two of them reach the surface, Druk firebends at them. P'Li redirects the fire.
P'Li I've waited thirteen years to feel this warm.
P'Li easily tames the fire before using her combustion ability to blast the dragon away. The scene shifts to Lord Zuko dodging a rock from Ghazan and retaliating with his firebending, before dodging again for another strike. Ghazan deflects Lord Zuko's blast before using a rock to strike Lord Zuko down. Tonraq tries to attack Zaheer, but the airbender continues dodging the blows. The fight ends with P'Li using her combustion on Tonraq. The criminals make their escape; Lord Zuko staring at their snowcat as it departs. The scene shifts to Zaheer and P'Li embracing.
P'Li I thought I'd never see you again.
Zaheer I've never doubted it. [Kisses P'Li while Ghazan glares at them.]
Ghazan Really. Right now?
Cut to an aerial shot of the truck leaving the scene before switching to Mako and Bolin's extended family's household.
Tu [Opens the entrance door.] I've got them. These passports should get you into the Upper Ring.
Bolin Awesome! Tu, you're the best cousin that I can have. [The rest of the family looks on with saddened looks.] And my other cousins as well. Yeah. Yeah, you're all the best.
Mako [Takes the passports.] Thanks. I know this wasn't easy.
Yin It's such a shame you two must leave so soon.
Mako I wished we could stay. But if it's true the Earth Queen is forcing airbenders into her army, we have to do something about it.
Yin I love you both. Come visit again. [Hugs her long lost grandsons, who hug her back.]
Mako We will, Grandma.
Bolin I love you too, Grandma. And Chow, and Tu, and Meng-Meng, and Chow Jr., there is Big Tee and Little Tee, and Medium Yu, and ... and ... and what was your name again?
Cut to Team Avatar's residence, where Korra punches a protective glove in anger. Far shot of Korra, which shows that she is attacking Asami in combat attire.
Korra I know that Earth Queen [Asami counter-attacks, which she dodges.] is lying to me! [Kicks.] I can tell by that stupid little queenly smirk of hers! I can't believe I helped her. I should have known she was using me!
Korra rises with airbending and attacks Asami with an air kick, knocking off one of her protective gloves.
Asami Hey, I think I can use a break. You letting off steam is starting to, [Unstraps her other glove.] hurt. A lot.
Korra Sorry.
Pabu chitters and run forward. The ladies turn to see Mako and Bolin running toward them, panting.
Asami Mako. Bolin. You're okay. Where have you been?
Bolin [Catching his breath.] We chased Kai. Train. Slipped away. Lower Ring. Slept in trash pile. Met our family. Grandma tears. Mako scarf. [Throws Pabu onto his head, mimicking Hou-Ting's royal headgear.] Earth Queen. Lying. [Slumps onto the floor.]
Asami Can you interpret that?
Mako The Earth Queen's been secretly taking away airbenders and forcing them into her army.
Korra [Angrily.] She was lying. I knew it! I swear, the next time I see her-
Asami [Whispering.] It's the Queen.
Korra softens and looks at the Queen, who is carried in a sedan.
Bolin [Opens his outer shirt.] Quick! Pabu. Shirt. [Pabu jumps in, chittering in protest.] I know. Sorry. Kinda sweaty.
Hou-Ting Good. You're here. Gun, tell them the news.
Gun We've received word from the Yang Province. There have been reports of airbenders there.
Hou-Ting Wonderful, isn't it? It's the very thing you've been looking for.
Korra [Sarcastically.] Thank you! That is just the most wonderful news. Ever. Yay.
Hou-Ting So, I assume you and your [Pabu wiggles in Bolin's shirt.] friends here will be leaving immediately. [Sneezes repeated with unease. To Gun, struggling to breathe.] Is there an animal in my presence?
Gun N-no, Your Majesty. I would never allow an animal near you. [Bolin folds his arms innocently. Pabu's tail pops out of his shirt. Shocked, Bolin clasps his arms around the tail and runs off.]
Hou-Ting [Sneezes.] If I find one within fifty feet of me, it's your head. [To Team Avatar.] Anyway, if you need any assistance packing, let Gun know. He'll see to it that you're on your way by evening.
Korra Uhh, this evening? I'm not sure about leaving so soon-
Asami Because our airship is having engine trouble. It'll take me until tomorrow to finish the repairs.
Hou-Ting continues sneezing. Gun walks off, and the Queen follows, sneezing onto his sleeve.
Korra Thanks for buying us some time.
Cut to the interior of Team Avatar's residence where everyone is having a meeting.
Tenzin I can't believe the Earth Queen is conscripting airbenders.
Korra Those people should not be forced to join an army!
Bumi Well, technically, the Earth Queen has a right to conscript her citizens. [Everyone stares at Bumi silently.] What? It's true.
Jinora [Worried.] Guys, what if Kai was spotted airbending? He might have been taken too.
Bolin Probably not. He's surprisingly difficult to catch, like a— like a little, greased hog-monkey.
Jinora But, what if he was?
Korra Don't worry, Jinora. We'll find him. We just need to figure out where to look.
Mako I bet they're under Lake Laogai. [Everyone stares at him.] What? I've been reading some of Jinora's books. The old Dai Li agents used to have a secret fortress beneath the lake.
Jinora Mako's right! It's the perfect spot to hide airbenders, and I know how to check it out without being caught. I can project my spirit into it!
Bumi You mean that out-of-body thing you did to help giant, spirity Korra?
Tenzin You can still do that?!
Jinora It's not as powerful as it was during Harmonic Convergence, but if I can get close enough, I think I can do it.
Korra Let's go get Kai out. Let's get all the airbenders out.
Cut to the Dai Li fortress, where the airbenders are standing in pairs, one on either side.
Dai Li sergeant You are the property of the Earth Kingdom. [Kai glares at him.] You will become the Earth Queen's elite fighting force and protect her at all cost. It is your duty to serve the Earth Queen.
Two airbenders attack their opponents, cut to the other side, where they redirect the attacks and counter, knocking them off. Kai redirects his opponents blast and prepares to attack fiercely.
Yung Go easy on me! I'm not that good.
Kai throws out a weak blast, which Yung easily dodges. Both smile at each other.
Dai Li sergeant [Sternly.] Never show mercy! Now attack your opponent, and this time, like you mean it!
Kai throws a strong blast, easily knocking Yung out.
Kai [To Yung.] Sorry.
Dai Li sergeant A soldier never apologizes to his enemy!
Kai I'm not a soldier!
Dai Li sergeant You will be when I'm through with you.
Cut to Oogi approaching Lake Laogai, then to an island in the middle of the lake, where Jinora is in a meditative stance.
Tenzin If anything goes wrong, come back immediately.
Jinora I will.
As Tenzin walks off, Jinora prepares to meditate. Pan to the underground fortress, which is flooded, where Jinora's ghostly spirit appears. She fades off and scans two more areas, before returning to her body.
Korra What happened? What did you see?
Jinora The airbenders aren't there! It's completely deserted.
Tenzin They're not down there?!
Korra Jinora, you've read all about Ba Sing Se. Can you think of any other places the airbenders might be?
Jinora I guess they could be in the catacombs beneath the Upper Ring, or the ancient sewers beneath the Lower Ring, or the maze of tunnels that connect the rings together, or they could be—
Tenzin [Sighs.] There are just too many places. There has to be another way to locate them.
Korra Maybe there is. [To Jinora.] How did you find me during Harmonic Convergence?
Jinora I don't know. I just kind of focused on your energy. I think our spiritual connection led me to you.
Korra Maybe you can find Kai the same way. I know you two have a connection.
Tenzin [Concerned.] What do you mean "a connection"?
Jinora I don't know. Let me try.
Jinora returns to meditating. Cut to the fortress, where the Dai Li sergeant bends multiple earth discs to the airbenders, who attempt to block it with airbending. Only Kai was able to block the attack. The sergeant bends out more earth discs, and Kai blocks the attack meant for Yung.
Yung Thanks.
Dai Li sergeant You again?! If you have time to help your friend, then you're not getting enough rocks for yourself!
The sergeant attacks Kai with multiple discs. Kai managed to deflect the first two, dodge the next two, but was subsequently struck by the fifth and knocked down.
Dai Li sergeant I guess you're not as good as you thought.
Kai attempts to attack the sergeant with an air blast, which he easily dodges. The sergeant immobilizes him in an earth shell.
Dai Li sergeant Throw him in the hole!
Two Dai Li agents grab Kai and throw him into a prison cell. Kai looks away sadly before Jinora's ghostly spirit appears, shocking him.
Kai Jinora?
Jinora It worked!
Kai How are you here right now?
Jinora Shh, quiet. It's a high-level airbender move. With a little spiritual stuff thrown in.
Kai [Breathes a sigh of relief.] At first, for a second there, I thought you were a ghost.
Jinora [Chuckles.] It's good to see you. We've been looking for you and the other airbenders. We're going to get you all out of here. Where are we anyway?
Kai Underground somewhere. Other than that, I don't have a clue.
Jinora I'll figure it out. Don't worry.
Kai Jinora! [He pauses.] Thanks.
Jinora smiles and travels upward. Pan to the surface, where she looks back to see the temple.
Jinora The Earth Queen's Temple!
Cut to Team Avatar's residence.
Korra I can't believe Miss Queeny Smug Face had them right under our noses the whole time!
Tenzin We have to get into that compound tonight and get those airbenders out.
Bumi All right. We go in under the cover of darkness: two small insertion teams and a third on the outside. Then all we'll need is twelve tons of blasting jelly, a medium-sized bulldozer and ... does anyone have a badgermole that knows Morse code?
Tenzin [Sighs.]
There is a knock at the door.
Asami [Irritated.] Oh great, not the Queen again.
Korra Everyone, act natural. And Bolin -
Bolin I'm on it! [Opens his outer shirt. Pabu chitters in protest.] What? Hey, I'm not sweaty this time! [Points at shirt. Pabu jumps in, and wiggles around.]
Tenzin glances at others and opens the door. Lin walks in.
Tenzin [Surprised.] Lin? What are you doing here?
Lin We need to get Korra out of here immediately. Her life's in danger.
Korra What?! [Moves toward Tenzin and Lin.] What's going on?
Lin I just got word from Lord Zuko and Tonraq.
Korra Why is Lord Zuko with my dad?
Lin Zaheer and the others have escaped.
Tenzin How is that possible?
Lin Because Zaheer is an airbender now.
Tenzin No ...
Korra [Impatient and exasperated.] All right, hold on! Will you quit ignoring me and tell me what's going on? Who's Zaheer? Why is my life in danger?
Tenzin [Exchanges glances with Lin and approaches Korra.] Shortly after we found out you were the Avatar, Zaheer and three others attempted to kidnap you. Luckily, your father, Lord Zuko, Chief Sokka, and I were there to stop them. We apprehended the criminals and locked them away in prisons designed to impair their abilities.
Korra So that's why you and my dad sheltered me away.
Tenzin It was for your own safety. 
Mako [Steps forward.] Why were they trying to kidnap Korra?
Lin We spent thirteen years interrogating them, but they never broke. To this day, no one knows what their motive was. [To Korra.] Now we need to get you back to Republic City, where I can protect you.
Korra No ... I'm not running.
Lin Korra, you don't understand. These criminals are like nothing you've ever faced before.
Korra [Determined.] Look, I'm not a little kid anymore. You don't need to protect me. I came here for one thing: to find airbenders. And I'm not leaving without them.
Lin Fine. Let's get them and get out of here. Where are they?
Korra In a military compound, and we're busting them out.
Cut to the temple at night, where two royal guards are on patrol when they run into Jinora.
Jinora Hi.
Guard #1 Hey! What are you doing here?
Guard #2 Oh, it's just that little airbender girl who came with the Avatar. You shouldn't be walking around here all alone.
Jinora [Points to behind the guards.] I'm not alone. [Camera cuts out to show Korra, Bolin, Bumi, Tenzin, and Mako in their fighting stances. The guards get knocked out and tied up.]
Cut to the interior of the temple where Team Avatar enter. They enter a doorway to hide from patrolling Dai Li agents.
Tenzin Bumi and Korra, come with me to find the airbenders. [To Bolin, Jinora, and Mako.] You three, find Kai. We'll meet on the surface shortly. Radio us if anything goes wrong.
Team Avatar head their separate ways. Cut to the prison cell, where Korra opens the door, awakening the airbenders.
Yung What's going on? Who are you?
Korra I'm the Avatar, and I'm getting you all out of here. [The airbenders start murmuring.]
Tenzin Everyone, please! You must stay calm and quiet if we want this to work.
Yung What to work? [His eyes widen.] We're sneaking out?
Korra Yes, and we must leave now.
Tenzin We're going to get you away from the Earth Queen and out of the city. [Everyone begins to run out of the prison. Yung stops to talk to Tenzin and Korra outside of its entrance.]
Yung There's an airbender that's not here. His name is Kai. We need to get him.
Tenzin We're already taking care of it.
Bumi [Crouching down low and speaking into a walkie-talkie.] Topside, this is Papa Bear. The breezies are in the hold; cue the balloons!
Lin [In an airship.] What? Are you in trouble?
Bumi No! We've got the airbenders and we're headed out! [Sadly.] No one likes code names anymore.
Lin Copy that. Asami and I are on our way.
Asami and Lin pilot their respective airships and take off. Oogi rises and follows the airships. Cut back to Kai's prison, as the door opens, and Kai looks up.
Mako Come on. We're getting you out.
Jinora Kai! [Runs and hugs him, than kisses him on the cheek; Kai smiles in a frozen stance.]
Bolin Whoa! Tenzin's not gonna be happy about this!
Mako Then don't tell him.
Bolin How can I not? This is too juicy!
Kai [To Mako and Bolin.] Thanks for coming to get me. I'm really sorry about stealing your wallets, and running away, and getting you stuck on that train.
Bolin [Sighs and goes to hug Kai.] We can't stay mad at you.
Mako Yes, we can! I had a lot of money in that wallet!
Jinora Guys, come on! [They run down the hall and turn a corner, but the rest of their path is blocked by three Dai Li agents.]
Dai Li sergeant Deserting Her Majesty's army is high treason. Punishable by death! [The agents simultaneously bend rock gloves at the trio.]
Cut to Korra behind a wall. She stares at the courtyard outside the temple.
Korra [To Tenzin and Bumi.] Come on! It's clear. [They run out, not noticing Dai Li agents hiding on the structure of the temple, who quickly surround them.]
Hou-Ting So, you've discovered my elite army. I see their loyalty still needs some work.
Korra These airbenders shouldn't be used as weapons! They have a right to choose their own paths.
Hou-Ting These airbenders are Earth Kingdom citizens, and I am their queen. Taking them will constitute an act of war. If you disobey me, I will bear down on you with the entire force of my kingdom!
Korra They're leaving with me!
Hou-Ting No, they're not!
Hou-Ting turns and walks away, and the first row of Dai Li agents begins bending rock gloves at Team Avatar and the airbenders. All of the airbenders begin bending blasts of air back at the Dai Li, attempting to hold their ground while the airship ladder lands to give them a lift.
Bumi Come on!
The scene shifts to Kai, Jinora, Mako, and Bolin, who are still fighting the three agents. Mako avoids a rock glove, and he and Bolin fire attacks back at the agents, who successfully evade Mako's attack. However, one of them is knocked against the wall by an earth pillar sent by Bolin. Another agent charges and receives the same fate. Mako firebends at the last remaining agent, who stops the blast with an earth pillar. He sends a rock glove spiraling quickly at Jinora, and manages to capture her into his grip. Close-up on Kai's face with a look of shock, followed by anger. He charges at the agent, avoiding a boulder sent his way, and fires two air bending blasts to knock the agent backward and free Jinora.
Kai [Standing over the grunting agent.] I guess I am as good as I thought.
Cut to the airship, as two final airbenders enter. Cut to Lin in the control room, listening to her walkie-talkie.
Bumi Everyone's in. Let's go!
Cut to Tenzin and Korra, who are firing air blasts at Dai Li agents attempting to climb the temple and stop the escape. Tenzin whistles for his bison.
Tenzin Oogi!
Tenzin and Korra jump on and Oogi begins to fly away, as the Earth Queen looks on.
Hou-Ting [To two Dai Li agents next to her.] Take down those airships! [The agents begin bending rocks at the bison, and one narrowly misses Korra's head.]
Korra Where are the others? [Cut to Bolin, Mako, Jinora and Kai running down the temple steps.]
Bolin [Screaming at the top of his lungs.] We need help!
Dai Li agents rise to new heights on earth pillars, and begin firing down at the escapees. Korra steers Oogi away from the airship.
Bolin Everybody, hang on.
Bolin sends himself and his allies into the air with an earth pillar, as Oogi flies over to break their fall.
Kai Whoa, that was awesome!
Cut back to the Earth Queen, who points at Oogi and the airship flying off in the distance. Pieces of Oogi's fur fall onto her face.
Hou-Ting Bring me those airships now! [Sneezes.] Oh, get it off me! [Sneezes again.] Get this fur off my- [Sneezes for a third time; looks disgruntled as her hat falls crooked and covers part of her face.]
Cut to Oogi and the airships fully escaping. Cut to the airships landing near ruins atop a range of hills in the desert. Cut to Tenzin and Korra standing before the airbenders.
Tenzin I know that none of you chose to become airbenders. But now you do have a choice. We can relocate you somewhere safe, or you can come with me to the Northern Air Temple, to live in peace and train as Air Nomads. You are no longer anyone's property. What path you decide is up to you.
Yung I want to go with you.
Other airbender #1 Me too.
Other airbender #2 Count me in.
As more airbenders agree to go with Tenzin, tears form in his eyes as he smiles.
Korra Good luck at the Northern Air Temple. I'll send more airbenders your way when I find them.
Tenzin Be careful out there. Stay safe.
Korra I'll try. Seems like wherever I go, I make a new enemy.
Tenzin But you made some new friends too. You did well, Korra. [They hug.]
Korra This is only the beginning.
Cut to the airship and Oogi, simultaneously rising and flying off in different directions. Cut to credits.






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