The shot opens to Aang on a hill sitting with his hands covering his ears. The camera pans in and Aang wakes up.
Aang What happened? Where am I?
Yue [Off-camera.] You are in the Spirit World.
Aang [Looks up and smiles.] Princess Yue!
The shot changes to show the spirit Yue floating in front of the moon. The camera pans toward her.
Yue Aang, your Avatar Spirit has been injured. If you don't act fast, you will lose your connection to your past lives ... [Shot changes to Aang looking concerned.] and the Avatar Cycle will end. [Shot changes to a side shot of Yue.] You must find your previous four past lives and reconnect with them.
Aang [Camera pans to him.] How do I do that?
Yue [Off-camera.] You will find them here, in the Spirit World. But be careful ... Koh will try to steal your face. [Frontal shot of Aang, whose eyes widen in concern. He subsequently relaxes his face to show no emotion.] Be careful about what spirits you talk to. [Frontal shot of Yue.] Some will help you, but others work for Koh, and they will trick you. [Camera pans out as Yue fades away.] Good luck, Aang.
Fade to black.

Chapter 1: Avatar Roku

The shot shows a geyser of fire come out from the ground. When the geyser suddenly stops, the camera shows Aang standing behind it, and slowly pans in.
Aang [Yelling.] Roku, where are you? [A geyser goes off in the trees behind him. He looks around and slowly walks forward. Suddenly, a geyser goes off right in front of him.] Aaahh!
Roku [Suddenly appears from inside the geyser. Bowing.] Hello Aang.
Aang I'm sorry, Roku ... I tried to master the Avatar State ... but I failed.
Roku Mastering the Avatar State takes much spiritual discipline and patience. [Frontal shot.] I learned this the hard way.
The camera fades to white and shows an aerial shot of Crescent Island. Roku's blue dragon flies toward the volcano.
Aang Where are we going?
The shot changes to a closer shot of the volcano as Roku's dragon flies down to the temple.
Roku To the Fire Sage's temple. One-hundred-fifty-four years ago ...
Cut to inside the temple. Aang and Roku are standing in the corner as spirits, while Kaja and a younger Roku sit on the floor meditating.
Kaja Concentrate on your breath ... Clear you mind of all thoughts ... [Split screen showing Roku on the bottom and Kaja on the top.] Enter the Avatar State ...
A message appears on the bottom of the camera: "Fun Fact: Fire Sage Kaja is Fire Sage Shyu's Grandfather" before fading out. Frontal shot of Roku.
Young Roku [Thinking.] Inhale ... and exhale ... I think my leg is falling asleep ... clearing mind ... I hope we're not eating komodo chicken for lunch again ... [Sweating and gritting his teeth.] Arrggh, concentrate! [The camera shakes as he tries to concentrate. He finally stands up.] I can't do it! I've been in retreat for five months and I'm no closer to mastering the Avatar State than when I arrived!
Roku [Camera cuts to outside the temple.] But I was impatient, so I decided to use the winter solstice sun to help me ...
Cut to inside the temple. Roku meditates on the floor as a beam of light moves close to him.
Aang What are you doing?
Roku I'm trying to enter the Avatar State using the spiritual energy from the Sun.
The shot shows a red crystal from which the beam of light emanates. Frontal shot of Roku as the circle of light falls on his face. Roku opens his eyes, showing he is in the Avatar State. The camera pans back to show the spirits Aang and Roku watching the scene.
Aang You did it, Roku! You mastered the Avatar State!
Roku Well, not exactly ...
Aang looks toward the camera, which pans back to show Kaja.
Kaja [Peeking from behind a door.] Roku, what did you do?!
Cut to an outside-view of the temple. White light emanates from the windows before the roof explodes and a pillar of light beams up into the sky. Cut to Roku standing in a ball of air as he slowly lifts himself from the ground.
Roku [His spirit speaks to Aang.] I was stuck in the Avatar State. [Kaja protects himself from the winds.] I could see my body, but I couldn't control it. [The volcano on the island erupts.] Luckily, Fire Sage Kaja was wiser than I, and he knew how to break the Avatar State's hold on me.
Kaja raises the red crystal and directs the beam at Roku's face. Pan in toward Roku as he exits the Avatar State.
Young Roku What happened? [He collapses and the camera fades to black. Cut to Roku kneeling on the ground as Kaja stands next to him.] Cough! Cough!
Kaja Looks like we have a lot more training to do ... after you rebuild the temple.
Roku looks up and smiles sheepishly.
Roku [His spirit speaks to Aang.] I see my own impatience in you, Aang. Do not be too hard on yourself. You will master the Avatar State, as I finally did. [Camera fades to Roku riding away on his dragon.] Look for Avatar Kyoshi in the place where Hei Bai sleeps!
Aang [Camera fading to black.] ... what?

Chapter 2: Avatar Kyoshi

The shot shows Hei Bai sitting among a bamboo forest and nibbling on a piece of bamboo.
Aang [Off-camera; excited.] Hei Bai! [Hugging Hei Bai.] Roku told me I'd find you here!
Hei Bai Rraaaawww!
Aang [Stops hugging him.] I'm happy to see you too. I don't suppose you've seen Avatar Kyoshi around, have you? [Camera fades to black and cuts to Aang riding on Hei Bai. Pointing.] There she is!
Cut to Kyoshi standing in the bamboo forest as Aang stands near Hei Bai. She smiles at him.
Kyoshi It's nice to see you, Aang. Sorry about the whole "wrongfully accused of murder" thing back in Chin Village.
Aang That's okay.
A box fades onto the bottom of the screen, reading "Fun Fact: Kyoshi lived for 230 years, making her the oldest Avatar in history", before fading away.
Kyoshi After Chin the Conqueror died, I helped the world live in balance. I accomplished a lot of good, but I also made some mistakes ... [Fade to white and cut to Ba Sing Se.] One of my greatest challenges was dealing with a peasant uprising in Ba Sing Se.
Cut to the Royal Earthbender Guards defending the Royal Palace from the peasant mobs.
Angry peasant Down with the Earth King!
Cut to Ba Sing Se's Upper Ring.
Kyoshi [Voice-over.] The peasants felt that the Earth King's role was outdated and that he did not represent their interests. So they stormed the Upper Ring. [Cut to outside the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace, where the peasants topple a statue.] The peasants destroyed priceless historical artifacts and buildings - anything that represented the "old governement [Sic.]." [Cut to inside to the throne room.] The Earth King summoned me to help him end the revolution.
Cut to a close-up shot of the Earth King. A box fades on top of the screen with the words "Fun Fact: The 46th Earth King is the current Earth King's great-great-great-great grandfather", before fading away.
Earth King I don't care how you do it, but I want you to squash those unruly peasants!
Kyoshi I won't do it.
Earth King [Stands up.] How dare you defy your King! [Pointing.] Guards, arrest Avatar Kyoshi!
Five of the Earth King's guards surround Kyoshi, who plants her feet on the floor and sends the guards flying away with her airbending. Cut to Kyoshi standing before the Earth King at his throne. He leans away from her in shock as she points one of her fans at him in a threatening manner.
Kyoshi How dare you defy your Avatar! Are you ready to make a compromise?
Earth King [Timidly.] Yes ...
Kyoshi I don't like this revolution either. But everyone in this Kingdom must have a voice if balance is to prevail over tyranny. So I propose this - you will listen to the peasants' grievances and I will protect you interests and Ba Sing Se's cultural heritage. Agreed?
Earth King Agreed ...
Cut to Kyoshi observing a line of earthbenders.
Kyoshi [Voice-over.] I immediately set to work training an elite force of Earthbenders ... [Cut to her elite force scaling a wall.] They would be silent, precise ... [Cut to a closer shot of the wall, where a member of her elite force grabs onto it with a rock glove.] and feared by all. [Cut to her elite force standing in rows.] They became known as the Dai Li.
Cut to Aang as the flashback ends.
Aang You trained the Dai Li? But they're the worst, most corrupt Earthbenders in the world!
Kyoshi I thought I was doing the right thing by creating a group that protected cultural history. I had no idea what they would become. Aang, our actions always have an effect: sometimes positive, sometimes negative ... and sometimes not for many lifetimes. [Cut to her helping Aang onto Hei Bai.] Hurry! You must find the Waterbender Avatar who came before me.
Aang But I don't even know his name!
Kyoshi His name is Avatar Kuruk. [She fades away.]
Fade to black.

Chapter 3: Avatar Kuruk

The shot shows Aang riding through the Spirit World on Hei Bai.
Aang [They pass a faceless monkey spirit.] We're in the Realm of Koh, Hei Bai ... We better be careful. [Kuruk lands in front of them and Aang screams.] Aaahh! [Falls off Hei Bai and lands in some mud.] Koh took your face and replaced it with a bear's face!
Kuruk [Lifts his head to show that he is wearing a polar bear's skin hat.] Relax kid. I'm not going to hurt you. [Helps Aang stand up.] I'm Avatar Kuruk! Nice to finally meet you. Now tell me, have you seen a beautiful woman with long, brown hair around here?
Aang No, who is she?
Kuruk She's my wife. [Closes his eyes. Fade to him as a young Avatar.] When I was a young Avatar ... [Camera pans out to show his younger self lifting a boulder with one hand while an earthbender stands beside him and lifts a boulder with two hands.] ... I traveled the world, challenging other benders to tests of strength ...
Kuruk [Speaking inside the flashback and pointing at the camera.] I challenge you to an Agni Kai!
The shot changes to show him pointing at a Fire Nation civilian.
Fire Nation civilian Uh, I was just going to the store.
Cut to the Eastern Air Temple.
Kuruk [Voice-over.] I loved impressing people with my bending prowess. Especially girls.
Camera pans down to show Kuruk creating an air funnel with lotus flowers inside to impress a group of Air Nomad ladies.
Kuruk Bet you girls have never seen a lotus tornado before!
Airbender girl #1 It's beautiful!
Airbender girl #2 I love you, Avatar Kuruk!
Cut to Kuruk riding a wave on a surf board.
Kuruk [Voice-over.] I was arrogant, proud, and boastful ... I never thought about settling down until I met the love of my life. [Cut to the Northern Water Tribe.] We met during the New Moon Celebration, when the sister tribes would come together as one. [Cut to Kuruk standing amid three women and looking past them.] It was love at first sight. [Cut to Ummi.] Her name was Ummi. She was from the Southern Tribe. And she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. [Cut to Ummi and Kuruk sitting together in front of the full moon.] With Ummi in my life, I decided to change my irresponsible ways and settle down.
Cut to Kuruk offering Ummi a betrothal necklace.
Ummi A betrothal necklace?
Kuruk Ummi, will you marry me?
Ummi Yes!
They kiss. Cut to the Spirit Oasis.
Kuruk [Voice-over.] We were to be married in the Spirit Oasis. But on the day of our wedding, tragedy struck.
Ummi glances down at the spirit pond and falls in.
Kuruk Ummi! No! [Swims into the spirit pond.]
Kuruk [Voice-over.] Ummi fell into the spirit pond, as if some unseen force pulled her in.
Kuruk [Standing in the middle of the Spirit Oasis as Tui and La circle him.] She's gone ...
Kuruk [Voice-over.] She didn't drown. She disappeared into the Spirit World ... Koh took her to punish me for my past mistakes. [Cut to Aang and Kuruk in the Spirit World.] Every year, on the anniversary of our wedding, I traveled [Sic.] to the Spirit World hoping to save my wife from Koh. But I failed.
Aang [Glances to the side.] I'm sorry. I know how that feels. [His eyes widen.] Wait! I've seen her! [Cut to Aang's flashback of Koh using Ummi's face.] Koh still has her! When I was in Koh's lair, he showed me Ummi's face!
Kuruk [Determined.] Thank you, Aang. My search is not over yet. I will keep hunting Koh until Ummi and I are reunited. [Runs away.] Hurry! Avatar Yangchen is waiting for you!
Fade to black.

Chapter 4: Avatar Yangchen

The shot shows Aang and Hei Bai standing at the top of a mountain.
Aang Hello? Avatar Yangchen? Anyone here?
Yangchen [Fades in front of Aang.] It's an honor to meet you, Aang.
Aang It's been such an amazing experience to meet my past lives.
Yangchen And what did you learn by meeting them?
Aang Well ... I realized that no Avatar is perfect. They all struggled and made mistakes. Like me.
Yangchen Very wise.
Aang But it made me wonder - why is the Avatar Spirit a human in every life? Wouldn't it be better if the Avatar was an all powerful spirit that never died?
Yangchen I don't think so. [Katara, Sokka, Toph, Iroh, and Zuko fade onto the camera.] The Avatar must be compassionate towards all people ... and the only way to do that is to live with them. [Fade to a sand sailer dragging Appa away.] The Avatar must experience sadness ... [Camera pans to show Aang with tears rolling down his face. Cut to Aang in the Avatar State in the crystal catacombs.] Anger ... [Cut to Aang and Katara penguin sledding.] Joy ... [Cut to Team Avatar reuniting with Appa.] and happiness. [Cut to Yangchen.] By feeling all these emotions, it helps you understand how precious human life is ... so you will do anything to protect it. If you were an all powerful spirit living on the top of some mountain, you wouldn't have much in common with an ordinary person. So the Avatar continues to take human rebirth. [Kuruk, Kyoshi, and Roku appear behind her.] And with each life, learns what it means to be human.
Aang Now that I've reconnected with all of you, does that mean the Avatar Spirit is okay?
Yangchen [The three Avatar spirits behind Yangchen fade away.] Yes, but your physical body is still injured. You need time to heal. [Puts her hand on Aang's forehead tattoo and both of their Air Nomad tattoos glow.] And unfortunately, it seems your ability to enter the Avatar State has been disrupted. You won't be able to rely on your past lives to help you. You must rely on your friends. And when you wake up, you won't remember this journey to the Spirit World. It will be like a forgotten dream. [Fading away.] Until we meet again, Aang.
Fade to the words "The End" with a black background.



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"Escape from the Spirit World"

"The Awakening"

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