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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The new Air Nation is in jeopardy. In an effort to force Korra to surrender herself, Zaheer ambushed the Northern Air Temple. Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya attempted to hold off the Red Lotus, but were injured in battle. The airbenders were unable to escape and everyone was taken captive except Kai. Now Korra and Team Avatar race to the temple hoping to mount a rescue.
The scene opens to Suyin's airship flying above several mountain ranges.
Suyin [Places an airship figurine in front of the temple.] I say we make our approach from the west, drop down from the airship on cables, ambush these Red Lotus low-lives before they know what hit them.
Lin It will never work. That Combustion Lady will pick us off one by one.
Suyin You have a better idea on how to save the airbenders?
Lin Yeah. We come up from the valley, scale the side of the mountain and take them off guard.
Tonraq That could work.
Suyin And give them the high ground? No, if their lavabender spots us, he'll melt the mountainside and us with it.
Bolin Wait, I've got it. I'll disguise myself as a lost hiker, and once I'm in the temple, I'll distract the Red Lotus with my bird calls. [Creates bird calls and whistling.] That's when you all strike.
Mako Bird calls, really?
Bolin Well I haven't noticed you offering any suggestions.
Korra It doesn't matter. None of these ideas will work. The second Zaheer realizes we're up to something, he'll wipe out the airbenders.
Suyin And Opal is one of those airbenders. Believe me, I understand what's at stake.
Korra Then I'll think you agree that the only plan that will work is for me to give myself up.
Mako What?
Lin Korra, no.
Tonraq We'll figure out another way.
Korra I talked it over with Lord Zuko, and I've given it a lot of thought. I have to do this.
Asami You can't expect us to sit by and let Zaheer take you.
Korra The world has been out of balance for far too long: it needs the Air Nation back again. I can't let Zaheer destroy it and everyone we love. Help me save the airbenders, then you can worry about saving me.
Tonraq [After exchanging glances with Suyin.] We're with you, Korra.
Suyin Yes, whatever you need, they're here.
Korra I'll go radio Zaheer.
Korra walks out of the meeting room. Cut to the Northern Air Temple radio room.
Korra Zaheer, are you there? It's me.
Zaheer I've been waiting for your call. So, do we have a deal?
Korra Yes. You release the airbenders, and then I'll turn myself over.
Zaheer And take away the only leverage I have? No. I can't do that. Listen carefully, here's what I need you to do.
Cut to the airship meeting room where Mako is seated, while Bolin walks past him.
Mako [Annoyed.] Will you sit down? I'm already tense enough as it is.
Bolin I'm just worried about Opal, and Pabu's not here to comfort me. [Sighs.] I hope he and Naga are doing okay back in Zaofu.
Cut to Zaofu where Naga and Pabu tug at Mako's scarf. Naga stands up, leaving Pabu hanging at the end of the scarf. Yin runs into the room.
Yin No, not Mako's scarf! Bad dog and rat thingy! I'm very disappointed in you two. [Naga and Pabu hang their heads in shame.]
Cut back to the airship where Korra re-enters the room.
Tonraq Did you speak to Zaheer?
Korra [Disappointed.] Yes. He told me to come to the top of Laghima's Peak at noon, alone. Once he has me, he'll release the airbenders over to you at the temple.
Suyin I think I figured a way to play this so that the airbenders and Korra all come out in one piece.
Lin How?
Suyin Zaheer doesn't know how many of us there are, so we have the numbers advantage. I say we split into two teams: [Places the airship figurine on the temple.] Mako, Bolin and Asami will take the airship up to the temple. [Places a Metal Clan figurine on a mountain.] Meanwhile, my metalbenders, Tonraq, Lin, and I will get in position below Laghima's Peak.
Korra nods in agreement to the plan. Cut to the air temple, where Zaheer is meditating.
Zaheer Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty and become wind. Empty and become wind. [P'Li walks into the room.]
P'Li The airbenders are secured.
Zaheer Thank you, P'Li. For everything.
P'Li Of course. [Prepares to leave.]
Zaheer I want you to know: [Stands.] not one day went by in that prison when I didn't think of you.
P'Li [Walks up to Zaheer.] The years apart only made my love for you stronger. And deep down I knew you would find a way to get me out. Just like you saved me from becoming that warlord's killing machine when I was a girl. [Tears.] You've shown me what true freedom means.
Zaheer And after today, [Clasps his hand with P'Li's.] we'll show the entire world what it means. No more prisons, no more running.
P'Li I love you, Zaheer.
Zaheer I love you too. [Both kiss.]
Cut to Laghima's Peak with Suyin's airship at the bottom. Tonraq and Suyin seen walking outside, with Lin talking to the Team Avatar on the mouth of the airship.
Lin [Passes a radio to Korra.] Radio the second you see those airbenders.
Mako I will, Chief. Good luck.
Lin nods to Mako before walking out. Korra hugs Asami.
Asami Be careful, Korra.
Korra You too.
Korra hugs Mako, when she lets go, Bolin hugs her, sobbing. Korra walks out of the airship before it takes off.
Tonraq Korra.
Korra Don't worry, Dad. I'll be all right.
Tonraq [Hugs his daughter.] I just want you to know how proud I am of you. The risk you're taking to save the Air Nation will be remembered for generations.
Korra I love you, Dad.
Tonraq I love you too, sweetheart.
Korra [As her father joins the metalbenders.] And Dad, watch out for Zaheer. He's not very fond of world leaders.
Tonraq I can handle him. Just stay focused on your mission.
Tonraq and the metalbenders scale up the mountain until they are obscured from view by the clouds. Korra opens her glider and flies up the mountain. Cut to the Northern Air Temple as the airship approaches. Cut to the interior where Mako and Bolin survey the damage.
Bolin Oh, man.
Mako Must have been some fight.
Korra Mako, did you see the airbenders?
Mako Not yet. We're just arriving. Don't turn yourself over until I get a visual on them.
Asami steers the airship to the temple, while Bolin ties the tethering ropes. Both approach the temple to see Ghazan awaiting them.
Ghazan This way. [Team Avatar glares at Ghazan with suspicion.] You want the airbenders, or not?
Ghazan walks into the temple, which Team Avatar follows. Cut to Korra flying toward Laghima's Peak, where Zaheer and P'Li are waiting.
Zaheer Drop your staff and surrender yourself. [Korra stands still.] Don't make me come get you.
Korra remains defiant and remains still. Cut to the Northern Air Temple where Ghazan leads Team Avatar to the captured airbenders, where Tenzin is chained to the floor and gagged, while the other airbenders are bound up and hooded.
Korra Mako, what's going on?
Mako They're here. And so is the lavabender.
Korra Tell Ghazan to let the airbenders go.
Zaheer Not 'til you turn yourself over. This isn't a negotiation. [To Ghazan.] Wipe them out!
Korra No! Wait. I'm coming.
Zaheer [As P'Li walks to Korra.] Stand down.
P'Li and Korra walk up to each other. Korra drops her staff and radio, while P'Li cuffs her wrists and ankles.
P'Li Don't bother trying to metalbend out of these: they're platinum.
P'Li pushes Korra toward Zaheer. Cut to the temple.
Zaheer We have her.
Ghazan gestures to Team Avatar, who run toward Tenzin. Tenzin shakes his head.
Asami It's okay, Tenzin. We're about to get you out of here.
Mako walks up to the airbenders, only to see them collapse into a pool of water and Ming-Hua seated among the decoys. Ming-Hua rushes to attack Team Avatar, which Mako blocks the attack with fire.
Mako Korra, it was a trick! They're not here. Don't turn yourself over!
Korra We had a deal!
Korra struggles against her restraints and airbends with her feet, separating Zaheer and P'Li. Cut to Lin on the mountainside.
Mako Chief, get Korra out of there. Now!
Lin Go! Go!
The metalbenders ascend the mountain. Cut to the peak where Korra firebends and earthbends at Zaheer, who dodges all the attacks. Korra tries to regain her ground, but is stopped by her shackles. Zaheer airbends her off her feet and slams her down with an air blast. Cut back to the mountainside where the metalbenders reach the peak, engaging P'Li.
P'Li Get the Avatar on the airship. I'll deal with them.
P'Li runs forward directs a combustion beam at the metalbenders. Lin manages to dodge the attack, but two metalbenders were thrown off the peak and fire a cable to ascend the peak again. Lin dodges another combustion beam and sends two earth slabs to P'Li. Suyin joins in a sends another slab. P'Li destroys a slab with combustion and avoids the other two. Cut to the airship where Zaheer pushes Korra into the airship. Tonraq climbs up the airship and attacks Zaheer. Korra dodges the attack and falls off the airship. Tonraq catches Korra with waterbending and throws her toward Zaheer, where she sends a point-blank fire kick. Zaheer protects himself with airbending, but is thrown back. Tonraq cuts the tethering ropes with his water whips, causing the airship to fly off.
Tonraq Nowhere to go, Zaheer!
Tonraq directs his whips to Zaheer, changing the scene to the Northern Air Temple where Ming-Hua scales the walls, landing next to Ghazan. Ghazan directs lava to Bolin, who blocks with an earth column. Mako runs up and firebends, while Asami tends to Tenzin.
Asami Where're the airbenders?
Tenzin I don't know. Zaheer moved them out of the temple.
Mako firebends at Ming-Hua, who stops the attack with her water arms.
Ming-Hua Won't you just bury them already?
Ghazan leaps forward, lavabending a large portion of the floor, before spreading it across the room. As they exit, Ghazan lavabends the exit path. Asami looks on in fear, as she picks Tenzin's shackles with her hairpin.
Asami Come on. [Punches the hairpin, freeing Tenzin before supporting him.] We have to get to the airship.
Bolin Not gonna happen. The exit's blocked.
Bolin bends the tiles beneath, forming a barricade to stop the lava flow. A pillar collapses. Tenzin groans, prompting Mako to run up and support him.
Asami Where's Oogi?
Tenzin Gone. All the bison got scared off during the attack. But, I think I know another way out. Bolin, can you get us to that wall?
Bolin On it!
Bolin bends the wall behind them. Cut to the temple exterior, where Ghazan lavabends the entire exit path before taking over Suyin's airship with Ming-Hua. As the airship takes off, a portion of the garden collapses.

Cut to Team Avatar escaping to a meditation room. Bolin notices the lava approaching and blocks off the flow.

Tenzin Through there.
Bolin opens the floor board and the group enters the tunnel, where Mako firebends to provide some light.
Bolin [Getting uncomfortable.] Is it just me, or is it uh, getting really warm in here? [Notices approaching lava.] Oh, this is not good. [Blocks the lava flow.] Let's move it, people!
Cut to Laghima's Peak with P'Li bombards the metalbenders out. Korra kicks a boulder to Zaheer while Tonraq whips the water. Zaheer airbends the assault and creates a wind gust to Tonraq. He dodges, waterbends the water to attack Zaheer. The boulder flew toward Zaheer, but he easily dodges and punches some air gusts to Tonraq until he falls down. Korra stands up, creating some earth columns, which the airbender dodges. Resuming his assault, Tonraq bends a stream of water at Zaheer, forcing him back. Taking advantage of the respite, Korra earthbends another small column behind Zaheer's foot, causing him to stumble backward. With his remaining water supply, Tonraq bends an ice spear on his forearm, and attempts to stab Zaheer, who dodges his attack and manages to ensnare Tonraq in a small tornado.
Zaheer Say hello to the Earth Queen for me. [Throws Tonraq off the cliff.]
Korra Dad!
Cut to P'Li as she directs combustion attacks toward Suyin, who dodges the attacks before regrouping with her half-sister, who has already taken cover.
Suyin We're pinned down.
Lin I'm gonna draw her fire. You take her out.
Suyin Lin. No.
P'Li directs combustion beams to the half-sisters, who shield themselves.
Lin I love you. [Touches her sister's cheek. She runs from the rock and leaps to the terrain.] Come and get me, you Third-Eyed Freak!
Lin leaps up the slope to avoid P'Li's combustion beam before retaliating with an earth slap. P'Li destroys the slab while Suyin glances out looking for the right moment. Lin sends two earth slabs to P'Li, who dodges and retaliates with combustion beams. Lin dodges the attack and bends an earth wall to protect herself from another beam, but is knocked toward the edge. Lin props herself up. While P'Li prepares to finish Lin, Suyin runs out of her cover and bends her armor toward P'Li's head, containing the blast. Cut to Zaheer who turns back in horror, staring at the resulting explosion.
Zaheer [Shocked.] P'Li!
Zaheer looks at the fight sadly, while Korra, seizing the moment to distraction, firebends at Zaheer. Zaheer dodges the attack and sends an air blast to Korra, knocking her out. Zaheer carries Korra and walks to the edge, watching the unmanned airship fly off. Suyin and Lin ascend the peak, landing behind Zaheer.
Suyin It's over, Zaheer.
Zaheer Let go your earthly tether.
Lin Release the Avatar.
Zaheer Enter the void.
Suyin This is your last warning!
Zaheer Empty, and become wind. [Steps back, falling off the peak.]
Lin No! Stop!
The half-sisters run up to the edge, where they see Zaheer floating in mid-air. Both fire cables at Zaheer, who dodges the attack and flies off to Suyin's airship.
Lin [In disbelief.] Did he just, fly?
Cut to the airship where Zaheer zooms past. Ghazan and Ming-Hua watch this in disbelief.
Ghazan Guess he doesn't need a ride.
Cut to the mountainside where Kuvira clings on with one of her cables, while Tonraq grabs on to the other, while he sees the Red Lotus fleeing with his daughter.
Tonraq Korra.
Zaheer flies past the temple. Cut to the temple tunnel.
Bolin [As the tunnels glows orange.] We can't outrun it! This way.
Bolin bends a tunnel on the side of the path, the group enters the tunnel before the lava approaches them. Cut to the mountainside as a rock falls off from Bolin's bending.
Mako Now what?
The group turns back to see the lava approaching the tunnel. Bolin walks toward the lava and stretches out his hands.
Mako Bolin!
As Bolin groans, the lava flies above him. He brings his hands together, pushing the lava back and solidifying it.
Tenzin Incredible.
Mako [Amazed.] You're a lavabender.
Bolin I know. I just found out.
Kai [Flies toward the hole atop a baby bison.] Hey, you guys need a lift?
Tenzin Kai. You're all right.
Kai More or less. Everyone hop on.
Tenzin climbs onto the bison first, followed by Asami. Mako follows suit, causing the bison to lose altitude. As Bolin climbs onto Lefty, it groans from the impact. The bison subsequently leaves the temple. Tenzin looks back sadly as the temple begins to collapse. Cut to the mountain foot where Kuvira bandages Tonraq.
Tonraq I owe you my life. Thank you, Captain.
Kuvira You can call me Kuvira.
Cut to a far shot of the temporary camp, where everyone hears Bolin's bird calls. Suyin stands up and points in the direction of the calls. Lefty flies toward the camp, landing heavily and tossing Bolin off mount. Suyin and Lin rush forward to help Team Avatar.
Kai Hey everybody, there's something I got to tell you.
Lin How did you guys make it out of the temple alive?
Mako It was all Bolin. I thought we were done for, then out of nowhere, he lavabends.
Suyin I knew you had the potential for something big. You just had to believe in yourself.
Bolin You're right. Being moments from death was a pretty good motivator too. Of course, we would have never made it back with Kai.
Kai Glad I could help. So anyway-
Tenzin Did Zaheer get away with Korra?
Lin I'm afraid so.
Suyin Apparently, he can fly now.
Tenzin What?
Asami How?
Bolin Are you sure?
Lin I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't seen it for myself.
Tenzin I've heard the legends about Guru Laghima's ability to fly. I'd never imagine they were true.
Tonraq So what's our next move?
Kai I have an idea.
Lin Not right now, kid! We need to figure out where Zaheer took Korra.
Tenzin And find the airbenders.
Kai [Irritated.] That's what I've been trying to tell you. [Everyone looks at him as he speaks.] I know where the airbenders are, and I bet it's where Korra is too.
Mako Well, why didn't you say something? [Kai glares at him in irritation, before sighing.]
Tenzin Where are they? How did you find them?
Kai After I got blasted out the sky, I woke up on the side of the mountain, [Lefty walks up to him.] where this little fellow found me. I tried to sneak back into the temple, to see if I could rescue anyone, and that's when I saw the airship leaving. I followed it into some caves a few miles from here. The giant lady and some people put the airbenders into the caves.
Lin Was it Ghazan and Ming-Hua?
Kai No, there were four more of them. They didn't look familiar.
Mako Must be more Red Lotus members than we thought.
Kai I couldn't fight them on my own, so I came back here, hoping you guys would show up.
Lin We need to get to those caves.
Kai How? I don't think we can all fit on my bison.
A shadow flies above the group. The group looks up to see Oogi.
Tenzin Oogi! [Oogi lands onto the ground, Tenzin reaches out for his bison.] I'm glad to see you too, old friend.
Cut to the entire team mounting atop Oogi, while the Metal Clan nurse their wounds. Kuvira walks up to Oogi.
Kuvira I want to come with you.
Suyin No, Kuvira. Stay with the injured. We'll be back for you once we have the Avatar. [Kuvira nods.]
Mako [To Kai who had just mounted atop Lefty.] Hey. Um, I appreciate you coming back for us. Sorry for ever giving you a hard time.
Kai That's okay. I probably deserved it.
Mako Yeah, you kind of did.
Cut to the mountain range as Oogi follows Lefty. Cut to the Red Lotus' hideout, where Zaheer is seated cross-legged while levitating. Ming-Hua and Ghazan approach him.
Ming-Hua Why didn't you ever tell us you could fly?
Zaheer I wasn't sure I could. Only one other airbender in history had the ability.
Ghazan [Looks underneath Zaheer.] How did you figure out how to do it?
Zaheer I found true freedom. I am no longer bound to this earth by worldly desires. I have entered the void.
Ming-Hua [Glares at Ghazan.] Where's P'Li?
Zaheer [Returns to the floor.] She sacrificed her life for our cause. Now let's make sure it wasn't in vain.
Cut to a cave with the Red Lotus insignia paint on it. Zoom out to reveal Korra chained on all four limbs. Zaheer, Ming-Hua, Ghazan and two Red Lotus member enter the cave. Korra regains consciousness and gasps.
Korra You. You killed my father! [Breaths fire in rage at Zaheer.]
Zaheer I understand your grief. I also lost someone I loved today. But your pain will soon be over. [To the members.] Bring the poison.
Two Red Lotus members walk forward, causing Korra to gasp in fear. One member bends out the poison, which is a silvery-black liquid. Cut to Korra who looks on in horror.
Cut to credits.






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