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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Korra and Mako have discovered the truth about Amon's identity. He's a waterbender, a bloodbender, and brother to Tarrlok! Now, Korra and Mako plan to infiltrate the Equalists' victory rally and expose Amon as a fraud. Meanwhile, Asami, Bolin, and General Iroh head toward Hiroshi's secret airfield, where Asami intends to take down her father?
The episode opens to Bolin, Asami, and Iroh riding on Naga in a snowy region. They watch as the biplanes fly above.
Iroh I think we've found our secret airfield. [Looks at Bolin.] Bolin, once we get down there, I need you to tear up those runways. We can't let those aircraft take off.
Bolin [Salutes.] Aye aye, captain! [Suddenly stands up straight and hurriedly does another salute.] Ooh, general, general. [Starts walking away with Iroh and Asami, but soon hears Naga whine.] All right, you guys wait here until we get back, okay? [Sees Naga raising her foot, he stops her by holding up his hand at a 90 degree angle.] Uh-uh, stay.
Naga whines as Pabu chitters. Iroh, Bolin, and Asami approach the Equalist base which seems to lack a perimeter fence; there are posts but no wires.
Asami [Suspiciously.] Why would there be fence posts but no fence?
Iroh, Bolin, and Asami go into the middle of the fence posts, but subsequently cry out in pain as they are electrocuted, and they collapse onto the ground unconscious.

Cut to the entrance of the Pro-bending Arena guarded by an Equalist airship and mecha tanks. Cut to an Equalist poster and cut inside at the rally. Korra and Mako wear Equalist disguises and stand guard on a balcony with their hands behind their backs. They nod at each other, ready to expose Amon as a fraud. Amon rises from beneath the platform.

Amon Thank you all for joining me on this historic occasion! [Crowd cheers.] When I was a boy, a firebender struck down my entire family and left me scarred. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world.
Korra That's a lie, Amon! [Amon's eyes widen as the camera zooms in on the balcony Korra and Mako are standing on. They both proceed remove their chi-blocker masks.] Or should I call you Noatak? [The camera zooms in on Amon's left eye as he narrows it.]
Lieutenant [To Amon.] You want her taken out?
Amon [Raises his left hand.] No. [He walks forward on the stage; to the entire crowd.] Everyone calm down, we have nothing to fear from the Avatar. Let's hear what she has to say.
Korra Amon has been lying to you. The spirits didn't give him the power to take people's bending away. He uses bloodbending to do it. [Points to Amon.] Amon is a waterbender! [Crowd gasps in surprise.]
Lieutenant [To Amon.] What is this nonsense?
Amon [To Korra.] You're desperate, Avatar. Making up stories about me is a pathetic last resort.
Korra Your family wasn't killed by a firebender. [Looks at the crowd.] His father was Yakone, [Crowd gasps.] and his brother ... is Councilman Tarrlok.
The Lieutenant sports a doubting look at first before inquiringly looking at Amon.
Amon Hmph, an amusing tale, but I will show you the truth. [Removes his hood, unties his mask and takes it off. The crowd gasps in surprise as a close-up of his "scarred" face is shown. Pointing at his "scar".] This is what a firebender did to me.
Korra [Taken aback in surprise.] What? [Looks at Mako.]
Equalist supporter [Murmurs break out in the crowd as Amon puts his mask back on; someone shouts.] The Avatar is lying!
Korra I'm telling you! [Pointing at Amon.] He's a waterbender. [She turns to Mako; defeated.] They don't believe me. It didn't work!
Mako [Backing toward Korra.] We said what we had to. Let's get out of here.
The pair turns around as Equalists spin bolas at them from above the balcony ready to attack. They take fighting stances as they approach the Equalists on their way out.
Amon I wouldn't leave yet, Avatar. You'll miss the main event. [Korra and Mako turn around after hearing that. A part of the stage rises with the airbenders Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo tied to each pole and gagged.]
Korra [In disbelief.] No ... they got away. [She and Mako share a confused look.] We saw them get away!
Cut back to the aircraft base where Asami lies in her cell. Iroh and Bolin are tied back to back.
Hiroshi Sato Asami. [Asami stirs and sits up.] Asami, I know I have hurt you ... and I am sorry. But I believe that one day, you will come to your senses and we can be a family again.
Asami [Angrily.] Are you insane?! How can we be a family after everything you've done?! Mom would hate you for what you've become.
Hiroshi Sato [Enraged.] How dare you? I am avenging her death!
Equalist The airplanes are ready for take-off, sir.
Hiroshi Sato [Turns to the Equalist.] Good, annihilate the fleet.
Iroh and Bolin gasp and share a look of confusion and shock.
Hiroshi Sato [Turns to Iroh.] That's right, general. I intercepted your message to Commander Bumi. I know exactly where they're hiding. [Iroh glares at Hiroshi.]
Asami [Turns to Iroh and Bolin.] How are we gonna get out of here?
Iroh [Looks at Bolin.] I don't suppose you know how to metalbend?
Bolin [Looks at Iroh.] That is a negative, Sir. [Iroh pouts.]
Suddenly, there is the sound of running, and the warehouse door explodes inward as Naga comes charging in..
Bolin [Whispering.] Naga! Over here!
Naga breaks the jail door with her front paws, and Pabu climbs onto Bolin's lap.
Bolin [Looks at Iroh.] Who needs a metalbender? [Ecstatic.] We got Naga! Yeah!
Cut to the runways of the aircraft.
Iroh [While running; offscreen.] I'm going after those airplanes.
Bolin [Naga suddenly carries Bolin while they are running.] Ahh! No, Naga!
Asami [Notices the empty mecha tanks and jumps inside one.] Huh, what do you know ... just like a Future Industries forklift.
Iroh manages to board one of the planes with his firebending. He throws the pilot off and steers the plane on his own.

Cut back to the Pro-bending Arena rally.

Amon Tonight, I rid the world of airbending, forever. [Raises his arms.]
Korra [In a demanding tone.] Amon, let them go!
Amon [Somewhat mockingly.] You're welcome to come down here and try to stop me.
Mako [Somewhat quietly.] He's trying to bait you. [Grabs Korra's arm.]
Korra [Defiantly while trying to wiggle free.] I don't care! We have to save them!
Amon The Avatar needs to be reminded of the power I possess. [Turns around and walks toward the airbenders.]
Tenzin looks at his children with worry-filled eyes while futilely trying to break free. Suddenly, Mako generates lightning and directs it to Amon, who dodges the blast and rolls over to the Lieutenant. Mako and Korra use firebending to jump onto the wall and balance themselves vertically to run across it to the stage. Before landing, they both dodge bolas thrown at them and send a barrage of firebending attacks to get the Equalists away from the airbenders, knocking one Equalist off the stage. The crowd disperses and runs away from the stage. Mako continues to fight them as Korra runs to free the airbenders.
Korra [Unties the gag around Tenzin's mouth, produces a flame on her finger, and begins to burn the metal chains binding Tenzin.] Where are Pema and the baby?
Tenzin [Looks at Korra.] In prison.
Korra Beifong?
Tenzin I don't know. [Korra breaks the metal chains on his feet.]
Tenzin immediately runs onto the battlefield, assisting Mako as Korra moves to free the kids. Right after Mako throws a fire punch and fire kick, Tenzin runs in front of him fires two air blasts, which knocks an Equalist and the Lieutenant off the stage. Amon dodges Mako's firebending attack with acrobatic grace, but Tenzin follows with a strong wave of air which he tries to block, but it is too powerful, causing him to be blown off the stage.
Korra [Talking to Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo as the latter of the three throws the chains off of himself.] Follow me, kids.
Cut to the hallway where Korra, Mako, Tenzin, and the kids have all gathered.
Korra [Looks at Tenzin.] Get them out of here. We'll create a diversion. [Tenzin nods in understanding.]
Tenzin [Looks at the kids.] Let's go get your mother and the baby.
Meelo [Raises his arms and shouts.] Prison break!
Tenzin and the children run the opposite direction as Amon goes out on the other door. When he starts running, Korra blocks his way with a wall of fire and makes another one to be safe. Mako enters a room with Korra behind him. Amon jumps over the wall of fire and looks to see where they have gone. He hears the door swing and enters that room.

Korra hears Amon's footsteps. Amon continues to walk past Korra's hiding place and stops for a moment before continuing. Korra breathes a sigh of relief, but suddenly writhes in pain as Amon bloodbends her out from under the table and into the air.

Mako [Tries to stop Amon from bloodbending Korra by sending continued attacks of firebending.] Let her go!
Amon dodges each attack and bloodbends Mako into submission by lifting him into the air. He slams both of them on the ground and bloodbends Mako in place on the floor, and Korra in a kneeling position. Amon walks around Korra and places his hand on her neck.
Korra No!
Mako [Shouts in horror.] Korra!
Amon places his other hand on her forehead. Close shot on Korra's eyes. When her eyes close, the shot zooms out as Korra's voiceless scream is heard. Amon lets her go as her body slumps on the ground.
Amon I told you I would destroy you.
Cut back to Iroh fighting the airplanes. Iroh generates lightning and directs it to the middle plane, causing it to crash to the plane beside it. The camera zooms out to the planes dispersing. One pilot shoots an explosive bola at Iroh's plane causing it to get caught up in the main propeller forcing Iroh to bail out before the plane explodes. As Iroh free-falls, he uses his firebending to propel himself to another plane and from there uses a firebending attack to disable one of the propellers on the plane in front of him. Iroh kicks the pilot off the plane and takes control of it.

A bomb manages to hit the rear end of the plane. Iroh tries to control the plane while another one above him tries to drop another bomb. He quickly uses his firebending and shoots it, causing the plane above him to explode. Meanwhile, his own plane is on a collision course with the statue of Aang on Aang Memorial Island, which has had Aang's face covered with a mask like Amon wears. Before impact, he quickly jumps out and grabs the Equalist banner, causing it to tear. He hangs in midair and watches the mask fall off the statue.

Iroh [Still hanging from the Equalists banner.] Thanks for looking out for me, Aang.
Cut back to the aircraft base. Bolin groans as he destroys the runway by earthbending. Three mecha tanks try to attack Bolin with cables, but Naga catches them and pulls them, causing the mecha tanks to topple over and almost hit Bolin, who stands still as if not noticing it.
Bolin [Backs away from the mecha tank rubble.] Whoa! Thanks Naga.
Naga runs toward the camera as it cuts to inside the airbase. Asami destroys one of the planes with the mecha tank.
Hiroshi Sato [In another mecha tank.] Asami, what do you think you're doing? You are aiding the very people who took your mother away!
Asami [Angered.] You don't feel love for Mom anymore. You're too full of hatred.
Hiroshi Sato You ungrateful, insolent child! [Close shot of Hiroshi's enraged face.]
Hiroshi controls the mecha tank to advance to Asami. Asami tries to stop him by launching the wires, but missed. Asami's eyes widen in fear as Hiroshi's tank hits, throwing her mecha tank away and destroying the faceplate.
Hiroshi Sato [Angrily.] I now see there is no chance to save you!
As Hiroshi is going to hit Asami with his mecha tank's right hand, Bolin sends a rock to the mecha tank's hand to stop it.
Bolin [While throwing rocks with earthbending.] Mr. Sato, you are a horrible father!
Asami gains momentum and attacks her father. She successfully throws him away using her mecha tank. Hiroshi groans in pain as Asami forces the opening of the mecha tank. Hiroshi looks with fear at his daughter while Asami looks at him with hatred. Her gaze eventually changes into pity as Hiroshi tries to attack her, but Asami is able to dodge it, which he used as a diversion in order to attempt an escape.
Asami [Sadly and regretfully.] You really are a horrible father.
As Hiroshi runs, Asami throws an electrified bola that renders Hiroshi unconscious. Asami sheds a tear as Naga whimpers. Camera changes back to the Pro-bending Arena.
Amon [Still bloodbending Mako.] Finally, you are powerless.
Korra tries to hit Amon, but is too weak from the loss of her bending to do it and misses. Suddenly, Amon's eyes widen as the voice of the Lieutenant comes from behind him.
Lieutenant [Standing behind Amon.] Amon! Everything the Avatar said is true, isn't it? I just saw you bloodbend her. [He removes his mask and smashes it with his feet. His face shows an angry look.] You traitor! I dedicated my life to you!
The Lieutenant takes out his kali sticks and runs forward to attack Amon. Right before he gets there, however, Amon glares at him and he is lifted into the air with bloodbending.
Amon You've served me well, Lieutenant.
Amon casts the Lieutenant aside into a pile of wood and walks toward Mako. He bloodbends his hands, but Mako manages to electrocute him with lightning strong enough to throw him away. He sends two firebending blasts at Amon, but the blasts hit the surrounding wood and trap him. Mako picks up Korra and carries her bridal style as the shot cuts to the hallway with Mako running while still carrying Korra.
Korra [Weakly.] Mako ... my bending.
Mako [Still running.] Everything will be all right! We just need to get out of here.
Amon [Bloodbends Mako, causing him to drop Korra as she slides. He tosses Mako around like a ragdoll into the walls and ceiling.] I'm impressed. No one has ever gotten the better of me like that. [Still bloodbending Mako into submission.] It is almost a shame to take the bending of someone so talented. Almost.
Korra [Looks up at Mako and Amon and gasps.] No!
Korra instinctively throws a punch at Amon, and it suddenly become a blast of air that shoots down the corridor and slams into Amon and Mako, sending them flying. Amon is sent skidding backward and, despite the mask, it is obvious that he is for once completely stunned..
Amon [Shocked.] Impossible!
Korra I - I can airbend? [Stands up straight and yells.] I can airbend!
Korra attacks Amon with a flurry of air blasts. Despite his attempts to block, he is flung back and slides to a stop on his side in front of a window. He growls and stretches out his hand. Cut to Korra whose progress is immediately halted due to the bloodbending grip Amon is exerting. Cut to a side-shot as Amon stands up and strengthens his grip on Korra, now using both hands. Switch to a frontal shot of Korra, whose face is contorted in pain and the effort it costs to resist his hold.
Korra [Struggling.] No ... you ... don't!
Korra overcomes it and punctuates the last word with an airbending-infused kick that slams into Amon, blasting him out of the window behind him. As Amon falls, his mask comes off, and he plunges into the sea. Concerned citizens dash to see what happened.
Crowd member #1 Did you see what happened?
The crowd sees Amon's mask float to the surface. Korra and Mako walk up to the shattered window as cries of the protesters grow.
Crowd member #2 You bending tyrant!
Protester [Raises his fist to the crowd.] Evil Avatar!
As he is gradually sinking, the water washes away his "scar". Desperate to save himself, Noatak waterbends a spout to get to the surface. As he gasps for air, riding his water spout high above the crowd, he turns to see the people looking at him in shock.
Crowd member #3 He's waterbending.
Feathered hat man He is a bender.
Protester Whoa!
Crowd member #4 The scar is fake.
Crowd member #5 The Avatar was telling the truth.
Noatak looks angrily at Korra, which she reciprocates, before jumping into the water again. As Noatak escapes, Mako tries to stop him by firebending, but he misses every shot. After Noatak escapes, Korra and Mako hug each other. Cut to Aang's statue and subsequently to Air Temple Island. The scene changes to the attic where Tarrlok is imprisoned, as Noatak climbs up the stairs and walks toward his cell.
Tarrlok Noatak.
Noatak It's over, brother. I'm sorry for what I had to do to you.
Tarrlok [Sighs deeply and looks down at the floor.] Our father set us on this path; fate caused us to collide. [Looks up at his brother.] I should have left with you when we were boys.
Noatak [Opens the prison door.] Leave with me now. We have a second chance. We can start over, together. [Close-up on Tarrlok's face, who is looking in awe.] Please, you're all I have left in the world.
Cut to shot over Republic City, before switching to a view of Tenzin, Pema, and his family hugging with Naga behind them. Cut to Team Avatar and Lin, who is holding Korra by the shoulders
Lin [To Korra.] I can't believe Amon got you too.
Bolin [Brightly.] Hey, at least you unlocked your airbending! [Everyone turns and glares at him sourly. Pabu chitters.]
Mako Bro, not the time.
Bolin [Looks sheepish and guilty.] Right, right, I'll just stand over here [Backs away.] quietly, [Puts hands over mouth and whispers.] in silence.
Shot cuts to a view of several ships coming through the bay, before the scene changes to the group standing at the dock. Switch to a close-up of Tenzin and Korra.
Tenzin [To Korra.] You saved Republic City.
Korra [Lowers head and looks sad.] But Amon got away. [Tenzin places arm around the Avatar's shoulders, and she covers his hand with hers.]
Cut to a shot of a ship with dragons on the front.
Ikki [Excitedly.] Yay, Uncle Bumi's here!
Bumi [Standing on the side of the ship, yelling.] Waaaa-hoooo! [Claps his hands happily.]
Tenzin [Sighs, rolls his eyes, and mutters.] Great, now I have to entertain my brother.
Camera changes in the middle of the sea with Tarrlok in a boat and Noatak driving.
Noatak [Enthusiastically.] The two of us together again, there's nothing we can't do!
Tarrlok [Looks angry and confused.] Yes, Noatak.
Noatak Noatak. Hmph, [Chuckles and smiles.] I had almost forgotten the sound of my own name.
Tarrlok notices the electrified gloves and looks over to his brother. He takes one, without Noatak seeing him.
Tarrlok [Unscrews the lid of the fuel tank, placing the electric glove above it.] It will be just like the good old days.
A tear rolls down Noatak's cheek and Tarrlok electrocutes the fuel tank. Further shot of the boat exploding, forming a giant mushroom cloud.

Camera changes back to Southern Water Tribe at the White Lotus compound. The camera moves to a large building on poles with Oogi resting outside. Cut to inside where Pema is changing Rohan under the watchful eye of Ikki and Jinora, while Meelo is sleeping on Tenzin's lap. The camera pans to the right, revealing Bolin, Mako, and Asami sitting on the same couch, all with dejected expressions on their faces. The scene moves on to Senna, who has her eyes closed while resting sadly against Tonraq's shoulder. Tonraq, who has his arm around his wife, and Lin, who is sitting beside him, both stare sadly toward the ground in front of them. Upon hearing the sound of a door sliding open, the three adults quickly raise their heads and turn to the door. Cut to a close frontal shot of a sad-faced Katara opening the door. Korra is sitting in the room behind her, though is blocked from view when the elderly healer shuts the door behind her. As she ventures further into the waiting area, all people present stand up and look expectantly at her.

Katara I've tried everything in my power, [Cut to a frontal shot of Katara's face.] but ... [Diverts her eyes to the ground.] I cannot restore Korra's bending. [Tenzin looks disappointed.]
Lin [Persisting.] But you're the best healer in the world, you have to keep trying!
Katara I'm sorry, there's nothing else I can do. Korra can still airbend, but her connection to the other elements has been severed.
Lin looks disappointed. Korra exits the healing room, sadly looking at the ground. She stops and eyes everyone upon noticing all the people in the room staring back at her.
Tenzin It's going to be all right Korra.
Korra No, it's not. [Looks angry and disappointed and leaves the house.]
Mako wants to talk to Korra, but he hesitates at first. He becomes determined and walks out of the house and follows Korra.
Mako Korra, wait.
Korra [Angrily.] Go away.
Mako I will, but I just want you to know, I'm here for you.
Korra No, I mean, go away, back to Republic City. Get on with your life.
Mako [Confused.] What are you talking about?
Korra I'm not the Avatar anymore. You don't need to do me any favors. [Walks away.]
Mako [Stops her.] I don't care if you're the Avatar or not. Listen, [Korra turns around so she can see him.] when Tarrlok took you I was losing my mind at the thought of never seeing you again, I realized ... [Hesitates.] I love you, Korra. [Mako put his hand on Korra's cheek.]
Korra [Shocked.] I - I can't. [Runs away and jumps on Naga.]
Mako Korra!
Scene changes to Naga with Korra on her back are heading out from the village.
Tenzin [To Mako.] We need to be patient with her. It will take time for her to accept what has happened.
Korra arrives with Naga on a cliff above the sea. A tear rolls down her face and the glistening tear falls into the ice below. Korra sits on the ground and begins crying. A man dressed in Air Nomad clothing approaches her, but only his lower half can be seen.
Korra [Turns away.] Not now Tenzin, I just want to be left alone.
Aang But you called me here.
Korra [Shocked at the voice and turns to see Aang, smiling.] Aang.
Aang You have finally connected with your spiritual self.
Korra [Stands up in front of him.] How?
Aang When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.
The camera pulls back to show the expanse behind Aang. Kyoshi and Roku materialise behind him, followed by Kuruk, Yangchen, Szeto, and many others, stretching far into the distance and all looking at Korra. In the Avatar State, Aang put his hands on Korra's forehead and shoulder and restores her bending. The eyes and, in the case of the Air Nomads, tattoos of the other Avatars glow as well before they all fade away. Korra opens her eyes, showing her entering the Avatar State. She raises herself into the air with airbending and sends a blast of air, fire, and earth. She bends the sea at the bottom of the cliff to make a large wave. Korra exits the Avatar State and looks back to see Mako smiling at her.
Korra [Runs, jumps on Mako and hugs him.] I love you too.
Mako and Korra share a kiss and as the camera pans up to the sky. Cuts back to the village where Korra uses the technique that Aang showed her on Lin to restore her bending. Korra's eyes glow as she enters the Avatar State and light emanates from her thumbs as she uses energybending. When Korra has finished, Lin climbs to her feet and simultaneously lifts several large rocks into the air at once. Everyone watches with awed expressions on their faces, Bolin's eyes almost popping out of his head.
Lin Thank you. [Korra bows to Lin.]
Tenzin I am so proud of you, Avatar Korra.
Korra smiles and the camera shows an aerial view of the village. Cut to the credits.






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