The comic begins in early morning at a forest clearing. Katara is already awake and preparing breakfast. She is kneeling beside a small black pot that is steaming atop a cooking fire, bending the broth that is within it into three bowls. Sokka is sitting up while still wrapped in his sleeping bag and rubbing sleep from his eyes. On Appa, who is still slumbering soundly, Momo chitters at Aang, who is sitting on Appa's saddle. The airbender's eyes are puffy, and he looks decidedly unwell.
Katara [Smiling as she bends the meal into the three bowls.] Aang, it's time to get up! Breakfast is ready!
Aang [Sniffling.] Hmm? Morning already?
Appa begins to open his eyes as Sokka saunters slowly, eyes still shut, toward the meal, his hand over his stomach. The broth still steaming in front of her, Katara turns around to speak to Aang, who has just jumped off of his bison and is airbending comfortably to the ground.
Katara [Looking at Aang worriedly.] Are you all right? It's not like you to sleep in.
Aang [Smiling and lifting his hand as if to allay her fears.] I'm okay. It's just a little case of the sniffles. No big ... [Aang's sentence is cut short as his shoulders hunch suddenly. In a close-up his eyes can be seen to have dark bags beneath them, and his nose is red at the tip.] big ...
Suddenly, Aang lets loose a massive sneeze. The force of his sneeze, which is enhanced by his unintentional airbending, catapults him from the ground. Katara shirks away from him with wide eyes and mouth agape, holding her arms to her face; the bowls of broth she had prepared fly into the air. The next panel reveals that all three bowls have landed on Sokka: one on his head, one on his left shoulder, and one on his knee, this last bowl having since fallen back to the ground. Momo has taken refuge on Appa, who is now fully awake, while Aang floats back to the earth, Katara still kneeling by the now overturned black pot in stunned silence.
Sokka [Unamused, shoulders slouched.] A little case of the sniffles, huh?
The next panel cuts to Appa, who is flying through the air. In the distance, a valley and low mountains are visible. Sokka is guiding the bison, sitting on his head and holding the reins, while Aang, Katara, and Momo sit at the back of the saddle.
Sokka Keep your eyes peeled, guys. Who knows how many Fire Nation scouts might have caught up with us by now.
Aang [As if about to sneeze again.] Ahh ... Ahh ...
Katara [In her right hand is held a pair of Sokka's pants, and in the other a sewing needle, which she is using to stitch a hole back together.] [Expressionless.] You know, in the Water Tribe, we have ways of treating colds like this.
Aang [Waving her off. He is lounging against Appa's saddle, a rope tied around his mid-section, while Momo examines him.] Katara, I'm fine! Really! I just–
Aang is cut off as, once again, he lets out a massive sneeze. Katara looks up in surprise as he flies off the saddle and Momo turns around to watch. He quickly jumps from his seat and flies out to meet Aang in the air chirping, however he is just as quickly pushed away by the gust of Aang's next sneeze, which also sends Aang careening even further away through the sky. However, the Avatar is kept safe by the rope, which was in fact tied at the other end to a ring of the saddle.
Katara [Nonplussed; she looks toward her brother, pausing from her sewing job.] That rope was a good idea.
Sokka [Dryly, with a smirk.] Thanks.
On the next page, the light of day has fallen to dusk. In another forest clearing, Sokka is setting up a tent in the background near Appa. The black pot and three bowls from breakfast that morning are stacked next to each other, set casually a few inches away from the stone campfire that Katara is kindling with a stick. Aang drops a pile of wood he collected in exhaustion, Momo glancing up at him with perked ears.
Katara [Looking at Aang and bent over the fire.] When I was a little girl, my mom made a paste of blubber and pepper berries and rubbed it on my chest. It's a little gross ...
Sokka [Chiming in from where he is fixing the tent.] A lot gross.
Katara [She carries on as though Sokka didn't say anything.] ... but it helped!
Aang Ugh. I'm with Sokka. [He holds one hand up as the other rubs his nose. Katara stands erect once more, giving her full attention to Aang.] The monks used to let these things blow themselves out, and that's always worked for me. I think I'll pass on the blubber-berry paste for ... [He gets the same look on his face as when he first sneezed.] for ...
For the third time this day, Aang blows himself into the air with a powerful sneeze, this one much stronger than those before it. Sokka is still holding onto the disassembled tent as it billows into the air, lifting him a few inches off the ground, while two unrolled tarpaulins follow suit. The pot and three bowls are uprooted again and the fire goes out. Katara shields her face with her hands as her hair and dress swell, and Appa opens his mouth in alarm as Momo is knocked around in the air. Behind this scene, another is raging, one of a dirt cloud and a spire of air left behind by Aang's airbending-enchanced sneeze. Aang flies so high into the sky that he is spotted by a Fire Nation soldier riding a komodo rhino. This soldier and his troops, who are also on komodo rhinos, are traversing a mountain path high above the trees of the forest below, yet each can still see the Avatar, who is far above the treeline.
Soldier 1 [Pointing toward a speck in the distance, who happens to be Aang.] Wait! Over there!
Aang [Crying out in alarm as he dodges a fireball, still high in the sky.] Yikes!
Aang returns swiftly to the remnants of the campsite, running past Katara and Sokka in order to grab a tarpaulin and reaching out to pick up two of the three bowls. The Water Tribe siblings are slowly picking up their supplies, but as Aang partially explains his panic, they stop and look at him. Momo, meanwhile, is screeching.
Aang Time to go!
Katara [Picking up the pieces of wood Aang dropped next to her earlier.] What? Why?
Aang isn't given a chance to explain further as they are interrupted by a Fire Nation soldier riding on top of a komodo rhino.
Soldier 1 [Pointing to the group, who are looking toward the soldiers and standing defensively.] There! It's the Avatar!
Soldier 2 [Commanding the other soldiers.] Surround them! Quickly!
Just as the soldiers enter the clearing, Appa takes off with Aang commanding the reins on his head, Momo seated by his knee. Katara is in the saddle holding onto supplies as her brother grips it with just one hand from the outside, his other arm wrapped tightly around more supplies.
Sokka Yeep!
Aang [Looking down toward the soldiers, a smile on his face.] Man, that was close! I wonder how they found ... [He glances over his shoulder, only to see Sokka and Katara glaring at him with their arms folded. His face falls sheepishly.] us?
The next panel is at night. The gang have finally managed to set up camp. Sokka is seated next to the fire with a bowl in his left hand, the black pot steaming beside it with more broth. Katara is lounging near him with a smirk. Aang, on the other hand, is nowhere near the fire. He is roped up and tied to a rock. Wooden pegs have been hammered into the ground to keep his legs there, and his bare chest and upper lip have been spread with green slime. His bowl looks decidedly unappetizing.
Sokka [Smiling broadly as he holds his bowl.] It's like Gran-Gran always used to say: "Feed a fever, slime a cold!"
Katara [Grinning knowingly toward her brother.] I don't think that's quite it.
Sokka Lucky for me, I never get– [Sokka cuts off to sneeze, sending his dinner flying. It lands on his head as he remains seated on the ground.] Pass the slime ...



"Water War"

"Don't Blow It!"


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