Sokka, Aang and Katara are bathing in a river, while Toph plays in the dirt with Momo.
Toph [Singing.] Oh where, oh where has my badger-mole gone, oh where, oh where can he beeeee?
Katara Toph! Why don't you ... join us? The water's really nice and refreshing and ... clean.
Sokka Yeah, your clothes could use a good washing and, quite frankly, you're getting kind of rank.
A closeup of Toph shows that she is extremely dirty, A couple of flies are buzzing around her head.
Toph My clothes are not dirty! This is a protectivelayer of earth! It's an earthbending thing. I don't expect you to understand ...
Sokka [Holding his nose and waving his hand to clear the air above his head.] And I suppose your stink is meant to repel the enemy too?
Toph sticks her tongue out at Sokka
Aang Heh-heh. It's getting hot out here. Why don't we all just cool off?
Katara grabs Toph's hand and leads her to the water.
Katara Come on, Toph, I'll wash your hair for you ...
Toph I don't want to take a bath! Let go of my arm or else I'll ...
Toph earthbends up a pillar of earth which smacks Katara in the face.
Katara Oof! [Rubbing her bruised forehead.] Oh ... so, you wanna play dirty, huh? If you won't come to the water, then maybe I should bring the water to you!
Katara bends up a geyser of water, shooting Toph into the air.
Toph Hey! Put me down!
Katara If you say so ...
Katara uses waterbending to carry Toph to the side.
Toph Whoaaa!
Toph lands in the water with a splash
Aang [Shielding himself from the splash.] Okay, that was kind of funny. And also a bit mean. But mostly funny.
Toph [Flailing around in the knee-deep water.] Help! I can't swim! Help me!
Aang [Trying to calm Toph down.] The water's really shallow, Toph!
Toph [Still flailing.] I'm drowning! You're drowning me! I have been drowned!
Sokka Geez, Toph! Just stand up!
Katara Oh, brother!
Katara parts all the water around Aang, Sokka, and Toph, leaving them on land
Toph Farewell ... from my watery grave! Tell the badger-moles I shall miss them most!
Toph gives a final splat into the mud. Aang, Sokka and Katara's dress are now also covered in mud.
Katara [Holding up the now muddy dress.] Great. I just washed this ...
Aang Look on the bright side. Now all of us are covered in a "protective layer of earth"!
Sokka Yeah, look out, Fire Nation ... here's mud in your eye!
The end



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"Dirty Is Only Skin Deep"

"Divided We Fall"

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