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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The Earth Empire has invaded the United Republic! After Kuvira demonstrated the power of her spirit energy weapon, President Raiko surrendered the city, but the Avatar refused to give up without a fight. Korra held Baatar Jr. hostage, hoping to force Kuvira to back down, but the plan failed and she fired on Team Avatar's hideout. Can anything or anyone stop Kuvira and her mecha giant?
The scene opens on a massive heap of rubble, what remains of the Future Industries warehouse after its impact with the energy cannon. As ash rains down through the air and smoke rises into the sky, a large slab of concrete begins to quiver and shake; the higher end of the slab rises into the air, revealing Bolin straining to bend it upward beneath it. The other people trapped by the explosion escape as he keeps the wall at bay.
Bolin [His voice strained with exertion as people rush past him.] Go ahead, take your time, just bending a giant wall! Man, have we got a lot of people hurt! [As Bumi and Suyin carefully and slowly carry out an unconscious Baatar Jr.] Is that everybody?! Gah!
Bolin drops the huge slab of concrete, throwing himself out of its way as it crashes back down. Cut to Tenzin as he airbends himself up to the top of a building and rushes to its edge; the view pans right as Tenzin uses it as a vantage point, showing the Colossus wading through the bay and, to its right, a battalion of normal-sized mecha suits marching across the bay on a bridge. After a quick cut to the horde of mecha suits, the shot returns to Tenzin as he stares in horror at the oncoming horde, before running from his vantage and returning to the others, landing in the middle of the group gathered in a crater of rubble nearby.
Tenzin [Urgent.] Kuvira is heading our way, with a platoon of mecha suits!
Asami What should we do?
Bolin This is my hometown and I hate to say it, but there's no use risking all our lives to fight that giant thing! Let her take the city for now! We'll think of some way to come back and beat her!
Mako What about all the people who haven't been evacuated yet? If Kuvira finds out that Wu is with them, she might fire that spirit cannon at him and take them all out.
As Mako speaks, the shot pans right to show Suyin, the still-unconscious Baatar Jr., Wei, Wing, and Korra. when Korra speaks, all their eyes turn to her.
Korra I couldn't stop Kuvira from taking Zaofu. I'm not letting her conquer Republic City. The world isn't safe as long as she has that weapon.
A firm, driven voice suddenly speaks from the top of the rubble crater on Korra's left and the members of the group all turn to see Lin standing atop it.
Lin I agree. We take down that giant today.
Korra Lin!
Lin [Smiling.] Glad to see you all made it out. You had me worried.
Varrick Well, you benders are going to have to fight her alone. She just blew up our factory with all our hummingbird suits.
Asami Not all of them. There are the prototypes back at my office. If we can get those ready to fly, we'll at least be able to offer a little air support.
Korra Su, you take Baatar Jr. and the rest of the wounded back to Asami's office. Get those suits working as soon as you can. The rest of us will just have to face Kuvira on our own.
Cut to the train station, where a tremor causes debris to rain down from the ceiling above. The evacuees gathered begin to panic and Pema climbs onto a bench and yells to the crowd, trying to restore calm.
Pema Everyone, please settle down. The trains should be returning to pick us up soon.
Evacuee [Impatient.] Tell that mecha jerk to settle down. She's the one blowing up the whole city!
Train conductor [Inopportunely climbing up onto the bench in front of Pema.] I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but I just heard on the radio that Kuvira's army has destroyed the train tracks. We're not getting out of the city by rail.
Tu [Jumping up onto the bench behind Pema, pinning her between himself and the conductor; his voice is frantic.] Everyone! I was just up on the observation deck and saw a bunch of mecha suit soldiers heading this way!
Evacuee Oh great! The giant one wasn't enough?! It's over! We're all gonna get blown to bits!
Wu jumps onto the bench behind the conductor; the excess of people standing on the small bench causes Tu, on the opposite side, to nearly lose his balance.
Wu Listen everyone, I can get us out of here if you just sit tight. [Cordially, to the conductor.] Can you step off the bench, please? It's a little crowded up here.
Train conductor [Stepping off the bench, muttering.] Sure. I'm only the conductor. No one needs me on the bench.
Wu Just stay calm. I'll be right back. [To Tu who follows.] Come on.
Evacuee [Suddenly speaking up; Wu stops to listen and is run into by Tu, nearly pushed off the bench.] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?
Wu [Regaining his balance, annoyed.] I'm going to get some help. [To Pema.] You think you can handle this unruly mob for a little while?
Pema [Confidently.] I raised Meelo. I can handle anything.
Cut to a deserted street city street. The only people visible are Korra, Bolin, Mako, Lin, Ikki, and Meelo as they race down it. The shot cuts to the interior of a paint store, looking out through the front glass window, as the group runs past. Meelo, the last to run by, suddenly stops and returns to the window.
Meelo A paint store? That's it! [He airbends the door down.]
Lin [Returning to get him.] What are you doing, Meelo?
Meelo [Brightly.] I just got an idea how to beat the giant. Now, everyone, grab some paint and find me some balloons!
Cut to a wide shot of some of the city's buildings. The mecha suit's crashing can be heard in the background as the shot pans up to reveal the Colossus itself walking through the streets. Cut to a driven-looking Kuvira in the cockpit, followed by a nearby rooftop, where the feet of many airbenders run across its surface and throw themselves into the empty air beyond, taking flight with bright-green balloons filled with paint strapped to their bodies. They arrange themselves in formation and and bear down on the Colossus. Cut to a shot, seen as though through binoculars, of the oncoming airbenders, before switching to Kuvira's soldier observing the scenario in that manner from the cockpit.
Soldier Airbenders approaching.
Kuvira I see them.
Manipulating the controls, Kuvira turns the Colossus to face the airbenders and points the cannon toward them. Taking careful aim, she fires the weapon, scattering the airbenders as the beam passes them by and impacts a building beyond, causing an explosion which pierces a hole through it and severs the top from the bottom. The airbenders fall out of the sky, landing on rooftops before taking flight again. As the airbenders swarm around the Colossus, it flails its non-weaponized arm in an attempt to swat the airbenders away. Pan to the ground where Lin, Wei, Wing, Mako and Bolin stare up at the Colossus, large spools of wire at the ready. Cut to Meelo who dodges a swat from the arm before landing on the outstretched arm and running across the body, airbending the balloons from his suit and holding them in midair, spinning them around his head.
Meelo Bombs away!
Meelo throws his balloons to the Colossus's target crosshair, covering it with purple paint. The airbenders follow suit and cover the remaining windows. In front of the unmoving mecha, Korra airbends herself onto the roof; the shot cuts briefly to her as she stands there, glaring at the massive machine in front of her with disdain. Cut to an outside view of the cockpit, airbenders still swarming around it, followed by the interior of the cockpit itself as Kuvira's vision becomes almost completely obscured by the paint.
Kuvira Clear the glass!
On the outside, nozzles spray water on the windows. Cut to Tenzin as he lands on a nearby tile roof, taking cover and yelling to the others.
Tenzin Now!
Lin swings onto the Colossus's right ankle and tries to metalbend the joints. The endeavor is unsuccessful and she yells back to Bolin as he stands with the spools of wire nearby.
Lin The joints are platinum, too! We can't metalbend any of it!
As Lin and the twins dismount from the Colossus, Bolin advances on it, catapulting himself into the air.
Bolin You're about to get the world's largest hot foot, metal lady!
Landing in front of the Colossus's left foot, he lavabends the street beneath it. He spreads the lava until the entire space under the foot is lava, causing the Colossus's foot to sink into it and become unstable. Cut to the Colossus's interior as Kuvira loses her balance. Cut to the outside as Lin and the twins bend the spools of wire, wrapping the legs of the suit in the metal cables.
Bolin Hit it now!
Up on the rooftop, Korra enters the Avatar State, building up her attack before sending a large gust of wind at the Colossus's chest; the other airbenders join in to assist her. As it starts to topple backward, Kuvira struggles to regain the Colossus's balance and fires the cannon aimlessly, trying to strike the airbenders. The weapon's beam swings wildly through the air and, as Korra ducks underneath it, streaks into the distance, slicing a shimmering ribbon of purple across the midsection of the skyline behind her. As Korra spins to her feet and turns to survey the damage, every single one of the impacted skyscrapers detonates explosively, their deafening immolation spreading a massive cloud of fire across the face of the city. As the airbenders continue their efforts to topple the Colossus, Korra, after seeing the catastrophic damage, turns back to the Colossus and redoubles her airbending, knocking back the Colossus. It grasps at the buildings on either side in a last-ditch effort to save itself. The wires around the Colossus's legs give out and the machine, getting its left foot underneath it, stabilizes itself and pulls itself upright. Not hesitating a moment, Kuvira points the cannon at the building where Korra and the airbenders stand and fires, causing everyone to scatter as the building explodes. Airbenders tumble through the air, screaming. Korra, trying to rise above the beam with airbending, throws herself out of the way with a terrified yell. A long shot of the city shows the beam tearing through more buildings, followed by more explosions in turn. Korra, tumbling downward, slows her descent by grabbing the wall of a building, breaking her fall with earthbending and airbending. She lifts her head and the shot cuts to show injured airbenders scattered in the street. Korra gets up and runs to the injured airbenders as Mako, Bolin and Lin enter the street from a side alley.
Bolin [Running toward the unconscious Opal, utterly distraught.] Opal!
The group turns as the crashing draws closer. Through the flames rising high at the end of the street looms the Colossus, which turns to face them once again.
Korra [Supporting a female airbender.] Everyone retreat! Take the wounded back to Asami's office!
Lin I'll meet you there! I'm going to see if I can find any help!
Kuvira fires the spirit energy cannon at the group. They flee into side alleys as the street behind them goes up in flames and they are enveloped by a cloud of dust and smoke.

Cut to Future Industries where Varrick fixes a hummingbird suit, while Asami and Zhu Li take the upper and lower seats, respectively.

Varrick All right, let's fire it up again!
Asami closes the suit and begins controlling it. The wings begin flapping and the suit takes off, but soon flies about erratically.
Asami I can't stabilize it! I thought you fixed the hydraulics.
Varrick I did! Twist harder!
Asami soon loses control of the suit, causing it to crash into a pile of boxes. Varrick runs to help his partners, who have dismounted. Daw runs to the group.
Daw I hope you have something in here that can take out a platoon of mecha suits. Kuvira's troops are headed this way!
Varrick [After some pondering.] I know how to take down some mecha suits and it just might take down that giant, too. [To Asami.] Asami, disconnect anything electrical in here until we get back. [Runs out.] Zhu Li, let's go.
Cut to the factory's upper floor where Suyin watches Varrick and Zhu Li leave, she walks up to Baatar Jr..
Baatar Jr. Where am I? Mom?
Suyin Just rest, son. I'm here.
Baatar Jr. [Remorseful.] Mom, I'm so sorry. I betrayed you, the whole family. I gave my life to Kuvira and she just fired that weapon at me. How could she do that?
Suyin I don't know, sweetie. She's a complicated person.
Baatar Jr. [Sits up.] Wing and Wei will never forgive me. And Opal.
Suyin Yeah, they might take some time to come around. But we'll work through it as a family.
Cut to a metal tower on the rooftop, where wire spools are lying around.
Zhu Li Do you think this plan will actually work, sir?
Varrick I know I can stop the mecha suits with an electromagnetic pulse, so it stands to reason that I can stop a giant mecha suit with a giant electromagnetic pulse. [Climbs up the tower and cuts some wires on a stand.] Zhu Li, I've been thinking.
Zhu Li You're always thinking, sir.
Varrick Yes. But lately, I've been thinking about you. I know we might not make it out of this mess and I feel like there are some things I should tell you.
Zhu Li [Anticipating.] There are?
Varrick I remember when I was a boy, I had an ostrich horse. Named her Mrs. Beaks. [Zhu Li's excitement dies out and she glares at Varrick.] I grew up on a farm. Did I ever tell you that, Zhu Li? This was before the circus people took me away. Anyway, I loved old Mrs. Beaks, but I took her for granted.
Zhu Li You'll have to finish your story later. Kuvira's troops are in range. [Grabs the switch.] Okay, I hope this works.
Zhu Li flips the switch creating a buzzing sound from the tower, causing Varrick to cover his ears. Far shot of the tower as electromagnetic pulses are emitted. Cut to the mecha suit platoon as they are disabled one by one.
Varrick Yes! Dead in their tracks. [Sees the Colossus still moving.] Oh, rats. She's still coming. Zhu Li, do the thing!
Zhu Li I'm afraid there are no more things to do.
Kuvira What was that?
Soldier An electromagnetic pulse. It shut down the mecha suits, but our power source is fine.
Kuvira Locate the source of the pulse. That must be where Varrick is. Third and fourth mech platoons, move in and continue the sweep. Capture anyone left in the city.
Cut to Future Industries Tower, followed by the interior of the factory.
Bolin Varrick, how come your electro-thingy shut down the small mecha suits but not the big one?
Baatar Jr. Because it's powered with spirit vine energy. I'm sorry. I wish I could help you, but it's unstoppable.
Hiroshi It's not.
Asami [Surprised.] Dad? [Pan to Mako, Bolin, and Korra with surprised looks.]
Lin I got him out of jail to help. I figured we need all the geniuses we can get our hands on right now. If the prison's still standing after all this is over, we can throw him back in.
Hiroshi I know what you all must think of me, but I love Republic City and I would do anything to save her.
Korra [Skeptically.] You think you know how to defeat this thing?
Hiroshi You must act like an infection: break the skin and attack its vital organs, disconnect the heart and the brain and this beast cannot live.
Korra But how are we supposed to get inside?
Hiroshi Future Industries has plasma saws for cutting platinum. If we had one on the mecha suit ...
Asami But the saws are way too big. We'd never get the suits off the ground.
Hiroshi I think I can add an electrical element to the welding torch on your suit and convert it into a plasma saw. Then we'll just have to land on the giant and cut open a hole big enough for someone to get in.
Asami Like a metal mosquito.
Varrick You know what happens to mosquitoes that land on me? I squash 'em!
Korra We'll have to attack in a swarm to try to keep you guys safe in the hummingbird suits. It looks like they're our only hope.
Cut to the train station where the evacuees have become bored, while Pema is singing.
Pema Oh, first he ate the fruit, then he ate the leaves. Hungry little lemur, ate up all my trees. [Stops singing.] Okay, great job everybody. Who's got another song for us?
Evacuee [Impatient.] We can't just sit around here singing old airbender songs until we're all captured, or worse.
Pema Should we play the button game? Who has a button?
The evacuee glares are Pema while pounding sounds are heard. The evacuees turn to face the sound, where Wu and Tu are each riding a badgermole. The badgermoles stop in front of the evacuees and sniff at them.
Pema Where do these badgermoles come from?
Wu The zoo! Mako always hated my singing, but they love it!
Evacuee Well, what are we supposed to do with badgermoles?
Wu They're the best earthbenders around! We can use them to tunnel out of the city without Kuvira's troops spotting us.
Evacuee Are you sure this is the best plan? [The spirit cannon is fired near the group.] Let's follow the moles!
Wu [Singing.] Badgermoles, digging holes, under Republic City. Got to run away from Kuvira today, although I do still think she's pretty.
The badgermoles create a hole beneath the train tracks and walk into the tunnel. Aerial shot of Republic City, which has been largely decimated with fire burning.
Kuvira Mech platoons, report.
Third platoon [Interior of the Colossus.] Third platoon, no sign of anyone so far.
Fourth platoon Fourth platoon, en route to train station.
Soldier I think we found the source of the electromagnetic pulse: [Zooms in.] Future Industries Tower.
Kuvira That's the place.
Cut to Asami's office where Varrick, Zhu Li, Hiroshi, and Asami work on the hummingbird suits. Daw runs to the group.
Daw Kuvira is headed our way!
Korra [To Asami.] How long will it take to get the plasma saws ready?
Asami Just a few more minutes.
Korra Get out there as soon as you can.
Baatar Jr. If you do manage to get inside, find the engine room. There are two emergency levers. If you switch them off at the same time, you'll cut the power.
Korra Thanks. [To group.] We may not be able to beat that thing, but we can slow it down. Let's go!
Cut to the Colossus walking through the streets, where Team Avatar stops and attempts to intercept. The group scatters and Korra rises up on an air spout and enters the Avatar State. The Colossus fires the cannon at her, forcing Korra to retreat. After outrunning the cannon, Korra lands and bends out large earth slabs before propelling her up with firebending. Upon landing on the roof, she groans and sends the slabs to the Colossus. The airbenders dismount and swarm to the Colossus, avoiding its physical attacks, while Korra continues her barrage of earthbending. While the Colossus readies its weapon, the airbenders swarm down and push the cannon, causing it to fire to the ground and lose its balance, slamming against a building. Cut to the cockpit where Kuvira braces herself before looking at the airbenders flying past the Colossus, while Meelo is slammed against the window. Kuvira controls the arm and tries to squash Meelo, but he flies off, causing the Colossus to hit itself. The Colossus fires the weapon at Meelo and nearly hits Jinora. Tenzin flies off to protect her.
Tenzin Jinora!
Tenzin manages to save his daughter, but both are knocked unconscious by the blast. Ikki and Meelo take off again. Ikki grabs her sister and lands on the side of a building, while Meelo carries his father on his back, groaning with the weight. Moments before impact, he airbends from his feet, softening the impact. Both look up the see the Colossus walk over them.

Cut to Bolin who assists the Beifongs in slicing a building. The group groans and push the building toward the Colossus. Cut to Kuvira who was taken aback as the Colossus was pinned down by the building. The group land onto the ground to survey the damage, but the Colossus was still able to stand up.

Cut to the evacuees in the tunnel created by the badgermoles.

Wu [Singing.] Oh, Yin, you're the sweetest evacuee I've ever known. [Back shot of the evacuees who mostly cover their ears.] And I just want to thank you for being so kind, when I was living in your home.
Earth Empire sergeant Halt! [The evacuees turn to see three mecha suits ambushing them.] Turn around slowly and please, stop that singing. You're all Earth Empire prisoners. Come with us and no one will get hurt.
Wu You don't need these people. They're just innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, but I'm Prince Wu, rightful leader of the Earth Kingdom. [Outstretches his hands.] Take me to Kuvira. I've got business with her.
Tu No! Don't do it, Wu.
Wu I have to. But before I go, [Turns to the evacuees.] I'd like to sing you a song. [Singing.] If you don't respect the broach, you don't respect me. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You're no better than a roach, [The badgermoles turn and leave the group.] but I'm royalty. I got my badgermoles with me.
Earth Empire sergeant Actually, your song is so bad, your badgermoles deserted you.
Wu [Singing.] You don't know what you're talking about. [The badgermoles land on the mecha suits, crushing them.] Oh, badgermoles I love you, I love you. I want to, I want to pet your snouts. [Laughs, as the evacuees cheer him on.]
Cut to Asami's office where Hiroshi uses the plasma saws and slices a piece of platinum into two.
Asami If we stop that mecha giant, it will all be because of you.
Hiroshi You're the one who designed these incredible suits. [Holds his daughter's hand.] It's great to be working together again.
Asami I love you, Dad.
Hiroshi I love you, too.
Asami prepares to mount the suit while her father closes his window. Varrick walks up to Zhu Li, with hands behind his back.
Varrick Zhu Li?
Zhu Li Yes?
Varrick [Getting nervous.] I have something I need to attach before we take off.
Zhu Li [Confused.] Attached to what?
Varrick [Takes out a small purple box.] I need to attach this ring [Kneels down and opens the box, revealing a green ring.] to your finger. Zhu Li Moon, will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?
Zhu Li Yes.
Varrick [Triumphantly stands up.] Yes! [Puts the ring to Zhu Li's finger, before carrying and kissing her.] Now let's go attach these barely functional rust buckets to a giant killer smashing machine!
Zhu Li It's exactly how I always pictured our engagement.
Cut to the Colossus laying waste upon Republic City. The twins swing on cable and slice a building, but are knocked out by the spirit cannon. Lin and Suyin drop down and save them. Lin catches the twins, while her sister bends a tent to protect them from debris. Cut to Korra watching the airbenders swarming the giant. Upon hearing buzzing sounds, she turns to see the hummingbird suits approaching them. Kuvira turns the giant and fires at the hummingbird suits, but they were able to dodge the attack. Cut to Varrick and Zhu Li's suit as the fly to the giant's back.
Varrick Aim for that spot in the middle of the back - the one I can never reach.
Zhu Li Got it.
Zhu Li steers the suit to the Colossus, attaching it to the body. Varrick readies the saws, but notices the Colossus preparing to crush them.
Varrick Wah, let's get out of here! [Zhu Li steers the suit, narrowly avoiding being crushed.] Wow! I wish I had that kind of flexibility.
Asami steers her suit to the giant's leg. While her father prepares the saws, the giant prepares to crush them, forcing her to fly off. While the Colossus tries to swat the hummingbird suits, Korra turns behind and sees a river with four bridges. She runs off to the river. While the Colossus continues swatting the suits, Korra bends a large stream of water, freezing the Colossus into place. The giant fires the spirit energy cannon, destroying one of the wings of Varrick and Zhu Li's suit.
Zhu Li Hang on!
Zhu Li flips both ejection switches, throwing both pilots out of the suit as parachutes are deployed, while the suit crashes onto a building and explodes. Korra bends another stream of water and freezes the cannon arm. Asami pilots the suit to the portion of the Colossus that is not frozen, while her father readies the saw.
Kuvira I need more power! They're cutting in! More power!
The ice around the cannon arm begins to shatter. While Hiroshi continues cutting a hole, Asami looks on in worry as the ice continues shattering.
Asami We need to get out of here.
Hiroshi Almost there.
Asami [As the shattered ice lands on the window.] We have to go now!
Hiroshi [Concentrating.] Almost there. Almost there!
Asami [Shocked as the arm breaks free.] Dad! Now!
Hiroshi Goodbye, Asami. I love you. [Flips the ejection switch of his daughter's seat.]
Asami [As she is ejected with a shocked look.] Dad!
Asami looks in shock as the Colossus crushes the hummingbird suit, causing it to fall off, revealing a hole on the leg cut by her father.
Korra Hiroshi's plan worked. There's our opening.
Team Avatar runs up to the opening. Cut to the cockpit as Kuvira grunts in annoyance and swings the Colossus's arm to crush the group, but Korra blocks the attack with an ice column. Kuvira doubles her bending and breaks free, but the group manages to jump into the hole, avoiding being crushed. Cut to the group inside the Colossus as the arm leaves the hole. Close-up of Korra with a determined look.






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