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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Tensions between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes have reached a breaking point. After Chief Unalaq's troops took over the South, Varrick incited an uprising. But Korra stopped the rebels from abducting her uncle. Enraged by the insurrection, Unalaq arrested the rebels and Korra's parents, accusing them of conspiring to assassinate him. Will Korra be able to save her parents and prevent civil war?
In the Southern Water Tribe, outside of Tonraq and Senna's house, Korra's parents are being loaded into a prison truck. Korra and her parents exchange worried gazes.
Korra [To Unalaq.] You're making a mistake. [Prison truck leaves.]
Unalaq I wish it hadn't come to this. But your parents held meeting with the rebels, right here in their home.
Korra [In disbelief.] I can't believe you're doing this to your own family.
Unalaq Rest assured, I've appointed Judge Hotah to oversee the trial. He is the most fair and honorable man I know.
Korra Uncle, my parents had nothing to do with the men who attacked you.
Unalaq I'm sure you're right. So we should have nothing to worry about.
Korra [Unsure.] I hope so.
The scenes cuts to inside of Varrick's mansion, where Asami, Mako, and Bolin are waiting.
Asami Where's Varrick? We should've closed our deal an hour ago.
Bolin [Responds to Asami while lounging on a couch.] Would you relax? This place is great. [Closes his eyes in delight.] And the best part about it, [Opens his eyes and smiles at them.] Eska doesn't know I'm here. [Pabu and Bolin look to the door.]
Eska, Desna, and several Northern Water Tribe soldiers enter the room.
Bolin [Stands up in shock.] Ee-yah. [To Eska.] I wasn't hiding. Hey, hey-hey, hey.
Eska I'm not on the hunt for you. [Slightly narrows her eyes.] Currently.
Desna We search for Varrick. Our father wishes him to stand trial.
Asami What did he do?
Eska He is a traitor to the Water Tribe, along with our aunt and uncle.
Asami What?
Mako Korra's parents were arrested?
Desna Yes. Your powers of deduction are impressive.
Bolin [Points to Mako with his thumb.] Yeah, he's a cop.
Northern guardsman [To the twins.] Varrick's not here.
Eska Very well. Desna, let us continue our search elsewhere. [To Bolin.] Boyfriend! Bow to me when I exit.
Bolin [Bolin kneels and bows to Eska.] Yes, yes, my sweet koala otter.
Eska You are so cute when you grovel.
Eska leaves, behind Desna and the soldiers.
Asami [To Bolin.] Don't let her treat you that way. Stand up for yourself.
Bolin I tried to break up with her, but Mako gave me terrible advice. Thank you, Mako. [Bolin crosses his arms.]
Mako Wait, how are your girl problems my fault?
Asami Bolin, you need to be honest with her. Tell her how you really feel.
Varrick [To Bolin, his voice greatly muffled.] Honesty is for fools, kid. [The trio widen their eyes in surprise and looks around.]
Bolin Varrick?
Varrick [Voice still muffled.] If you want to ditch this girl, then make yourself scarce. Disappear, like I did.
Asami [To Varrick.] Where are you?
Varrick [To Asami, muffled.] Somewhere Unalaq will never find me. [His head appears from the stuffed platypus bear's mouth.] Inside Ping-Ping! How we doin'?
Mako The coast is clear. You can come out.
Varrick No way, mister. Not until I know it's absolutely 157% safe. [Zhu Li's hand appears in the bear's mouth with a cup of tea, Varrick takes it and responds.] Ah! Thank you, Zhu Li.
Asami Your assistant's in there too?
Varrick [To Asami.] Zhu Li never leaves my side. [Varrick takes a sip of the tea, but spits it out in disgust. To Zhu Li irritatingly with his vein shown on his head.] Yuck! Pyugh! Pyuck! You forgot the honey! [Camera pans to the bear's center mass.]
Zhu Li [Muffled.] Sorry, sir. There isn't any in here. [Camera pans back to Varrick's face.]
Varrick No honey? We're in a bear for crying out loud!
Mako [To all.] I'm gonna go see how Korra's doing. [Mako walks out.]
Varrick Bolin, I got a little something for you 'round back. [The platypus bear's tail lifts up, and a stack of paper yuans falls out.]
Bolin [Bolin picks up the money.] Wow!
Varrick Now listen up. Unalaq's rigged this trial, no doubt about it. So I need you to make sure my trusty rebels stay out of prison.
Bolin [Stands, holds up the wad in his hand.] What's the money for?
Varrick [Varrick blurts out with a laugh.] Bribery, of course! There's always someone willing to look the other way for a few yuans.
Bolin I think I catch your drift, Varrick-bear.
Cut to the Southern Air Temple, where Tenzin continues his search.
Tenzin Ikki! Ikki, where are you? Shoo! [Two ring-tailed winged lemurs land on Tenzin, annoying him.] Go bother someone else. You two are worse than Kya and Bumi.
Ikki Okay, everybody here?
Tenzin Ikki! Oh, thank goodness.
Ikki [Tenzin walks into a cave.] Juniper Lightning bug, paws off the table! [Cut to Ikki seated around a raised platform with four other sky bison calves.] This is going to be a civilized breakfast. Daddy always says a blessing before we eat, so ... [A calf stumbles over another.] be quiet and listen up! [The two calves look at Ikki. Cut to Tenzin running to the entrance, but stops.] We are thankful for this super yummy food and for being the best-est new friends in the world. [Tenzin smiles.] But we are most thankful because Meelo and Jinora aren't here, [Tenzin is saddened.] because they stink. [Tenzin frowns. Cut to Tenzin's point of view, where Ikki turns to see her father.] Oh! Hi, Daddy. I guess you found me. Do I have to go now?
Tenzin Actually, is there room for one more?
Ikki Uh, sure. You can sit next to Blueberry Spicehead.
Tenzin [Sits down, while the calf looks at Tenzin.] Nice to meet you, Blueberry Spicehead.
Ikki And that's Princess Rainbow, and that's Twinkle Starchild, and that's Juniper Lightning Bug. They're my new brothers and sisters.
Tenzin New ones, huh? Can they be my new brothers and sisters too?
Ikki Maybe, but only if they say it's okay. [Leans in to the bison calf sitting to her left, and starts to listen to it.] Uh-huh, uh-huh. No, no, he's nice. They say it's okay.
The camera pulls back from a wide shot of the tea party. Cut to the Southern Water Tribe palace, followed by the interior of the courtroom. Cut to the rebels and Korra's parents, who will stand trial, before switching to a worried Korra and Mako. Bolin sits next to Asami.
Bolin We're good to go. I gave all the money to some guys over there. I told them to "take care of it", and then I winked. [Pleased with himself, he winks at them and laughs confidently.] Pretty sure they got the message.
Cut to two shady-looking characters, who count the money with a smile and smile back at Bolin with thumbs up. Bolin returns the gesture while the gavel is hammered, and Asami facepalms.
Law clerk This trial will now come to order! Judge Hotah presiding. [Cut to Hotah, a serious-looking old man, settling into the judge's chair at the center of the dais.]
Bolin [Realization.] Man! I should have paid him!
Asami [Annoyed.] Yeah, you think? [Bolin looks worried.]
Unalaq I was asleep in my chambers when the rebels attacked. They overpowered me, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the snow after Avatar Korra had saved me.
Hotah According to Unalaq's testimony, you attended a meeting where Varrick tried to incite a civil war. Is that true?
Korra Yes.
Hotah And where these men present at that meeting?
Korra Well, yes, but -
Hotah And where exactly did this meeting take place?
Bolin Objection!
Hotah Quiet down out there! I'll ask you one more time. Where did the meeting happen?
Korra My parents' house.
Hotah And who led this meeting?
Bolin Your honor, if I may?
Hotah May what?
Bolin May I ... declare a mistrial?
Hotah [To Bolin.] Sit down! [To Korra.] Varrick and your father led the meeting, didn't they?
Korra [Defensively.] My parents are innocent!
Hotah I've heard all I need to. I'll return shortly with my decision.
Judge Hotah leaves. Korra spouts a worried expression. Cut to a room where Eska is standing and Bolin enters.
Bolin Hey there, Eska, I was wondering if we could talk.
Eska I grant you permission to speak freely.
Bolin [Nervously.] Oh, good, because I just need to be honest with you. You know, when we first met, there was this crazy spark. But I'm starting to feel like that spark is fading.
Eska I agree. It is as if a great chasm has formed between us and nothing can bridge it.
Bolin [Relieved.] Oh! Oh, yes! I'm so glad you understand!
Eska Nothing, that is, except marriage. [Eska shows Bolin a betrothal necklace with a skull pendant, while sporting a menacing grin and widened eyes. Cut to Bolin's eyes going wide with fear, as she promptly ties it around his neck before dragging him toward her by the necklace.] We will wed at sunset. You may express your joy through tears.
Bolin [Cries.] Oh, no, I can't - [Coughing as he is being dragged away by the necklace.] This is really tight.
Cut back to the courtroom. All the defendants are now standing before Judge Hotah.
Hotah Senna, please step forward. [Senna steps forward and looks worriedly at her husband.] I have found you ... innocent. You are free to go.
Senna [A guard removes her handcuffs and she runs to Korra to hug her.] Korra!
Hotah On the charge of treason, you are all found ... guilty. The punishment for this crime ... is death.
Cut to a shocked Mako and Asami, who stand up. Cut to Korra and Senna, who look on with utter shock and disbelief. Cut to Tonraq, who closes his eyes and bows. Cut back to the courtroom, where Hotah leaves.
Korra You can't do this! [Hotah glances at Korra.] You take their lives, and I'll take yours! [Hotah stops and his eyes widen in shock.]
Unalaq Korra, calm down. I'll talk to him. [To Hotah.] I know I promised to respect whatever decision you made, but I must ask you to reconsider. Show these men and my brother mercy.
Hotah Very well. I'll change their punishment. Your lives will be spared, but you will live them out in prison. [Rebels and Tonraq heave a sigh of relief.]
Korra Thank you, Uncle.
Cut to the cave where Tenzin and Ikki are in. Ikki plays with the bison calves by bending a ball of air which they chase, while Tenzin is petting another calf.
Tenzin You like that, don't you, Blueberry Spicehead? [Cooing.] Yes, you do. [Calf snuggles against Tenzin.] You know, I could get used to it here. No one's yelling at me or telling me I'm delusional.
Ikki We should have Uncle Bumi and Aunt Kya come visit. I bet they'd like it too.
Tenzin Let's not. They'll only spoil our good mood.
Ikki What do you mean? Aunt Kya is super nice and pretty and always asks me how I'm feeling, and Uncle Bumi is, like, the funniest person in the world.
Tenzin But what about Meelo? He's hilarious too, you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. And Jinora can be so sweet and gentle.
Ikki [Scowls.] And mean. And bossy. [Saddened.] Being part of a family is hard, huh, Daddy?
Tenzin I couldn't agree with you more.
The calf which Tenzin is petting awakens and flies out of the cave with its siblings, where they reunite with their parents.
Ikki But, I guess the nice part about a family is they'll always be there for you. Even though [Cut to a calf biting its sibling's ear and both tug before chasing each other.] Twinkle Starchild and Princess Rainbow fight, they still love each other.
Tenzin That's very wise of you, Ikki.
Ikki We should probably head back, huh?
Tenzin I suppose. We can't hide in this cave forever. [Holds Ikki's hand.]
Ikki Don't worry, Daddy. We'll come back and visit Blueberry Spicehead. I know you really bonded with her.
Tenzin Yes, I'd like that.
Cut to an exterior of the prison, cut to Tonraq's cell which Korra and Senna enter.
Senna Honey, are you all right?
Tonraq I'm fine.
Korra [Determined.] Good, let's bust you out of here right now.
Tonraq Korra, no. Saving me would start a war. If fighting were to break out, the North would crush the South. I'll be all right. Just promise me you won't do anything rash.
Korra Fine. I promise.
Cut to the land where Korra and her parents' house is located. Cut to the interior, where Senna is standing before the sink, crying. Korra is watching her from a distance, before approaching her mother.
Korra [Consoling.] It's okay, Mom.
Senna I-I hate feeling so helpless. [Wipes off tears.]
Korra [Cut to a close-up of Korra's saddened face.] I know. [The camera zooms in on her face as she gives an angry and determined look.]
Cut to a cliff where a Satomobile is being driven. Cut to the interior, where Hotah is driving the car. He glances in his review mirror. A close-up of the mirror reveals Korra riding Naga behind his car, gaining on him fast. His eyes widen in surprise. A quick close-up of Hotah's foot shows him flooring the gas pedal. Korra and Naga, however, manage to catch up and knock the Satomobile, causing it to lose control and slamming to the side of the cliff. Naga knocks off the door, while Hotah looks in fear. Korra pulls him up and slams him against the side of the Satomobile.
Hotah [Terrified.] What do you want?
Korra [Threatening.] It's not about what I want. It's about what Naga wants. [Naga growls in anger.] And she'd like you to let my father out of prison.
Hotah I-I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do. I was just following Unalaq's orders.
Korra [Enraged.] What are you talking about?
Hotah I-I've said too much.
Korra [Throws Hotah into Naga's mouth.] Unless you wanna be Naga's afternoon snack, you'd better keep talking.
Hotah I-I've worked for your uncle for years! He said he needed everyone to think the trial was fair.
Korra So Unalaq told you what to say?
Hotah Yes! Every word.
Korra Then why did he have you free my mother and change your sentence?
Hotah He's trying to keep you on his side. But he also wants your father out of the way. Just like when he got your father banished.
Korra [Close-up on Korra's shocked face.] What do you mean, "he got my father banished"?
Hotah Nothing!
Korra [The camera zooms in on Korra's furious expression. Menacingly.] Keep talking.
Cut to the Air Temple Sanctuary, where Bumi is looking at a statue of his father, Avatar Aang.
Bumi Uh ... Hey there, Dad. You're looking well. [Apologetically.] Look, uh, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be an airbender like you hoped. But I've tried my best to keep the world safe. Hope I made you proud.
Kya [Panning to Kya standing at the entrance.] Of course he'd be proud of you, Bumi.
Bumi Kya! I-I was just, [Wipes Aang's statue.] uh ... cleaning off Dad's statue. [Chuckles and coughs.] It's so dusty in here.
Kya Come here. [Hugs Bumi.]
Bumi [Hugs back his sister.] Thanks, Kya. You always know when I need a hug.
Cut to Varrick's mansion.
Korra Unalaq's a liar and a traitor!
Varrick I've been trying to tell you that from the get-go.
Mako What happened?
Korra I found out the truth about my dad's banishment. Unalaq hired the barbarians to attack their tribe. Then he told them to hide in the spirit forest, knowing my dad would go after them.
Mako Unalaq wanted your dad out of the way so he could become chief. It was a setup.
Korra Just like the whole trial. I can't believe I trusted him. I'm busting my father and the rebels out of jail. I need your help.
Mako If you do this, there's no going back.
Korra I know. Will you help me or not?
Mako Of course, I'll help.
Asami Me too.
Varrick [Raises Ping-Ping's paw.] Count me in!
The door opens, revealing both Bolin and Pabu dressed up like Eska. Bolin's hair stands up awkwardly.
Mako I don't even want to know.
Asami So I'm guessing the breakup with Eska didn't go well?
Bolin [Sarcastically smiling.] No, no, the honesty thing worked out great. So great she decided we should [Scowls in anger.] get married!
Asami Sorry.
Korra [Slightly amused.] I'm pretty sure the guy is supposed to give the girl the betrothal necklace.
Bolin I guess Eska didn't get the memo.
Varrick Look, the only way to deal with crazy women is to lie big and leave fast. Lucky for you, Varrick's got your back. Now, gather 'round Ping-Ping. Let's talk plan.
Cut to the prison. A guard is patrolling the interior, where an earthbending move causes him to fall into a trench. Sparks fly out of the trench as the guard is electrocuted. Cut to the trench, where the unconscious guard is lying, while Asami, Mako, and Korra climb up the trench.
Korra My dad's in there. [She opens the cell door, only to find it deserted.] Where is he?
Unalaq I'm sorry, Korra. You'll never see your father again.
Korra Where's my father?
Unalaq On a ship headed to the Northern Tribe. He'll serve out his sentence there.
Korra Bring him back. Or I'm taking you out and the rest of your army.
Unalaq Remember who you are. As the Avatar, you cannot threaten war. You must remain neutral, or our tribes will never find unity.
Korra You don't want unity. You want power. You've always been jealous of my father, haven't you? You got him banished so you could become chief, and I bet it just killed you to learn he was the Avatar's father. No wonder you kept trying to take me away from him.
Unalaq All I've ever wanted is to help you realize your destiny.
Korra Well, I don't want your help anymore.
Unalaq If you start a war, the dark spirits will annihilate the South. And even I will be powerless to stop them.
Korra I'm done being manipulated by you. You're going to bring my father back, then you and your troops will return to the North. [Turns away.]
Unalaq And why would I do that?
Korra Because you still need me to open the Northern portal.
Unalaq No, I don't. You've served your purpose.
An enraged Korra throws three fire blasts at her uncle, which Unalaq neutralizes with waterbending. Unalaq throws an arc and a blast at Korra. Korra manages to stop the frozen arc, but is pushed off by the frozen blast. Mako assists Korra with a fire kick. Unalaq manages to dodge the kick and pushes Mako off with a water blast to the face. Unalaq throws another water blast at his niece, but she manages to catch the blast and pushes his against the wall with an air blast.
Mako If we get to Varrick's boat, we can still save your father.
Korra Let's go.
Team Avatar exits the prison, while Unalaq looks on.

Cut to the Southern Tribe city, where Bolin is "guiding" Ping-Ping with a leash, while Pabu sits on the platypus bear. They are subsequently stopped by a solider. Cut to Varrick's point of view, as he opens Ping-Ping's mouth.

Northern soldier You have a license for that animal?
Bolin [Nervously.] Uh, you fellas seen a traveling circus come through here?
Varrick [Whispers.] Zhu Li, do the thing.
Ping-Ping lifts its tail and yuans drop out from it.
Excited man That platypus bear is pooping money!
The passers-by pick up the yuans, while Bolin and Ping-Ping rush into Varrick's yacht. Varrick, still in his disguise, starts operating the yacht. Korra, Mako and Asami enter the yacht.
Bolin Where's your dad?
Korra On a ship headed north. Think we can catch up to it?
Varrick Sure, once you get us past our friends from the North.
The scene zooms out to reveal Northern battleships forming a naval blockage.
Korra If only we had a plane to get me close to those ships. I could waterbend them out of the way.
Varrick A plane? Well, why didn't you say so?
Varrick presses a button, causing a biplane to emerge from a hatch. The wings unfold.
Mako Um, why do you have a plane on your boat?
Varrick In case the boat sinks, of course.
Asami But there's no runway. How are we supposed to take off?
Varrick Zhu Li! Take a note: "Build runway".
Zhu Li Yes, sir.
Korra I have an idea.
Cut to the biplane, the engine of which starts stirring. Asami, in her pilot outfit, puts on her goggles, while Korra and Mako take up position on the plane's wings. Korra gives Asami a thumbs up and Asami starts operating the biplane, which starts moving forward.
Korra Now!
Korra and Mako firebend to provide a boost for the biplane to take off successfully. Cut to the biplane and the yacht approaching the blockade. Cut to Korra, who enters the Avatar State and waterbends a gigantic wave, pushing the battleships out of the way, leaving a gap for the yacht to escape. Korra exits the state and smiles. Cut to the helmsman, who spots Varrick's yacht and notices Bolin hugging a platypus bear, which is operating the boat.
Helmsman Captain, you'll never gonna believe this.
Cut to the biplane and the yacht successfully escaping the blockade. Cut to Korra on the biplane on a lookout in the vast sea. She notices a ship.
Korra There! My dad's on that ship!
The biplane flies to the ship. As it approaches, the battleship crew members look up at the fast approaching biplane.
Korra Jump!
Korra, Asami and Mako depart the biplane. The biplane continues its course before crashing on the sides of the battleship before exploding. Cut to the troops looking at the explosion. Cut to underwater, where Korra, Asami and Mako swim to the surface before entering the battleship via a waterspout. On landing, Korra uses her two water whips to throw the distracted crew members overboard. A stray crew member tries to escape to the door, but Korra freezes him against a wall.
Korra Where are the prisoners?
The crew member looks off in fear. Cut to the side of the battleship, where Tonraq and the rebels are escaping.
Tonraq Korra, this is crazy. You promised me you wouldn't do anything rash.
Korra, I had to. I'll explain later.
Northern troops attack the rebels with waterbending, but Korra and Mako neutralize it with firebending. Varrick's yacht approaches and everyone jumps on board. Korra throws a final fire blast before the yacht departs.

Cut to the Southern Air Temple, where Tenzin and Ikki return to the family.

Pema Sweetie! [Walks quickly forward.] You're okay! Oh! [Hugs Ikki.] I was so worried! [Casts a look over her shoulder to Jinora and Meelo.] Do you have something you wanna say to your sister?
Meelo Ikki, I'm glad you're back.
Jinora Yeah, sorry we made fun of you.
Ikki Thanks. Wanna play airball?
Jinora Sure!
Meelo Yeah! [Siblings exit.]
Tenzin [Walks to his siblings.] I wanted to apologize for how I acted yesterday. I've worked so hard to celebrate Dad's legacy that I may have overlooked the parts of him that were less than ideal.
Kya And we're sorry for dumping our frustrations with Dad out on you.
Bumi Yeah, you didn't deserve that.
Kya I thought you two might wanna see this. [Shows family photo.] Mom gave it to me before we left.
Bumi That is one good-looking family, huh?
Tenzin That's one happy family. [The three siblings smile with pride.]
Cut back to Varrick's yacht, where Korra and the rebels are standing on the hatch.
Korra So once I knew the truth, I couldn't sit by and do nothing.
Tonraq [Saddened.] My own brother betrayed me. And our entire tribe.
Rebel leader What's our next move?
Tonraq I've been running from my past for too long. It's time to put my brother in his place.
Rebel leader You have our support, Chief Tonraq. [Rebels put their fist to their heart.]
Korra [Puts her fist to her heart.] Mine too. I'll be proud to fight alongside you, Dad.
Tonraq No, Korra.
Korra [Eyes widen with disappointment.] But you said the South doesn't stand a change against Unalaq's forces. I can help. [The camera pans slowly around the two of them as they talk, flanked by Tonraq's men.]
Tonraq The best way for you to help is by getting the president of the United Republic on our side. The South can give Unalaq a good fight for a while. But we'll need the United Forces in order to win this war.
Korra [Glances down sadly before looking up at Tonraq; determined.] All right, I'll get you all the help you need. I love you, Dad. [Hugs her father.]
Tonraq I love you, too.
Tonraq and the rebels return to mainland via an ice raft. Tonraq looks on at the yacht. Cut to Team Avatar in the yacht.
Bolin I really need to thank you, Korra.
Korra For what? I started a civil war.
Bolin Exactly! Now Eska and I are officially broken up.
Varrick Oh, looks like we have company! And not the fun kind!
Cut to the horizon, where there is a gigantic wave.
Mako What is that?
Bolin takes the telescope from Varrick to take a better look. He gasps before rubbing his eyes for a second look. Cuts to Bolin's view, where he sees an enraged Eska with smudged make-up rushing toward them with waterbending.
Bolin That would be my darling Eska. Quick question: is this thing fast enough to get away from my crazy waterbending ex-girlfriend?
Varrick Why do you think I built this boat?
Cut to the yacht speeding away into the horizon.
Fade to credits.






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