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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Korra is safely back in Republic City, but Bolin and Varrick are still on the lam! Weeks ago, Korra removed the remaining poison from her body, but the memory of Zaheer's attack still torments her and, after being defeated by Kuvira, she questions if she will ever fully recover. Meanwhile, Kuvira has been secretly harvesting spirit vines from the swamp, but how close is she to completing her spirit energy weapon?
The scene opens to the camera panning down from the tops of the buildings of Republic City to the entrance of the Spirit Wilds, where a small crowd has gathered.
Ryu Everyone! Mom! Can we stay together, please? The tour is about to begin.
Ryu's mother That's my boy. Ryu, he used to live in the basement, but then he got airbending, and he's been doing important Air Nation stuff all over the world. [Laughs.] His father and I are here, visiting him and, we're just having the best time in the big city, we're so proud. Right, honey?
Ryu's father Well, at least he has a job now.
Ryu [Shaking his mother's hand off his shoulder.] Mom, Dad, I'm trying to work!
The scene shifts to within the Spirit Wilds, where Ryu is reading his cue cards.
Ryu [Addressing the small crowd, none of which are looking at him except his mother.] Fun fact, everyone. All these vines were created by UnaVaatu when he battled giant spirit Korra for the fate of the world.
Tourist #1 [Turning to talk to Ryu.] Excuse me, are we in the Spirit World right now?
Ryu [Sighing.] No.
Tourist #1 [Taking pictures of the ground, not looking at Ryu.] Is the Spirit World in the ground below us?
Ryu [Getting irritated.] No! Can I just get through my cards?
Ryu's mother [Walking over to him.] Aw, honey, don't get flustered.
Ryu [More irritated.] I'm not!
Tourist #1 Uhh, why is that vine coming toward us?
The view switches to behind them, looking down the street; a single vine is moving, creeping along the ground like a snake.
Ryu [As the tourists' cameras start flashing, he flips frantically through his cards.] Uh ... I don't see anything about that in the cards.
Tourist #1 [Snatching up a stick from the ground and running toward the vine.] I'm gonna poke it with a stick.
Ryu No! Why would you do that?
The photographer pokes the spirit vine with a stick. After a brief pause, it smacks the stick out of the photographer's hand and wraps around him, raising him high into the air. Ryu races toward the vine and its captive.
Ryu Everyone back!
Ryu's mother This tour is exciting!
Flipping around his own axis, Ryu sends a blade of air at the vine, attempting to cut it, though to no avail. As Ryu's mother looks on in affection at him, everyone behind her is taken captive by more spirit vines.
Ryu's mother [Unaware.] Isn't Ryu the best airbender ever?
As she turns to face the other tourists, a vine wraps around her ankle, lifting her also into the air as she screams. Ryu, turning to see his mother trapped, is attacked and wrapped up by a vine as well. As Ryu and the first captured tourist disappear from the frame, the latter drops his camera, which plummets to the ground, where the lens cracks and the body breaks.

The scene shifts to Air Temple Island. Korra sits on the steps of a building, earthbending the stone of the courtyard; the view switches to Korra's side of the courtyard as Naga chases after each bit of earth that pops up. In the background, Opal can be seen walking down a short flight of stairs on the opposite side of the courtyard from Korra. As Opal approaches her, Korra sees her, the smile vanishing from her face, and stops earthbending. The airbender looks dejected.

Korra Everything okay?
Opal No. Kuvira has my family and no one seems to care but me.
Korra [Puts a hand on Opal's shoulder.] We all care. Don't worry, we'll get them back safely.
Jinora comes flying in with her wingsuit and lands next to Korra and Opal.
Jinora Guys, there you are! I just felt a weird surge of spiritual energy coming from the Spirit Wilds. Something's wrong.
As looks of concern cross Korra and Opal's faces, the scene cuts to the three girls walking around the spirit wilds in the city.
Opal Are you sure you felt a disturbance? Maybe you just had some bad food for breakfast.
Jinora [Above and behind Opal, looking through an empty window.] I'm telling you, I felt it. Maybe something happened to Ryu's tour group. We should've run into them by now.
Korra Yeah, but it's Ryu. They might be at the mall, for all we know.
Jinora Korra, can't you feel how strange the energy is?
Korra No ... but maybe I can get a reading.
Closing her eyes, she puts her right hand on the vine she is standing next to. The vegetation beneath her hand glows and through the vine, she sees Kuvira's army covering the banyan-grove tree in the Foggy Swamp, cutting it into pieces. One of the vines, when cut, lashes out at the mecha tank working on it and wraps it up. Another suit shoots cables onto the vine, restricting the vegetation in order to save to other mecha tank, saving it. Other suites cut through the roots of the tree with chainsaw extensions on heir arms. In shock, Korra pulls back her hand from the root.
Opal [Startled.] Korra, what is it? Are you okay?
Korra It was Kuvira. I saw her taking vines from the swamp. It must be affecting our Spirit Wilds. I bet that's what you were sensing, Jinora.
Jinora Why is she taking vines?
Korra Whatever the reason, I'm sure it's not good.
Opal We have to tell Raiko. This might help him convince the other leaders to finally take her down!
Jinora I'll keep looking for Ryu and the others.
Korra and Opal run off together to City Hall, while Jinora runs in the other direction, deeper into the wilds. Cut to an outside view of City Hall.
Raiko [Voice-over.] I say we deal with this Kuvira situation immediately.
Wu [Cut to inside the building, where Raiko, Tenzin, Izumi, and Wu are sitting at the same table, with Lin standing next to Tenzin; excited.] Yes! Agreed! And I know just how to get rid of her: we tell her she won an all-expense paid vacation to a tropical island. Then, when she gets there, we reveal that it was a trap. The island's a prison! Boom! Got her! [Tenzin raises an eyebrow in disapproval. Wu backtracks when he sees Tenzin's reaction.] Or, okay, uh, I'm just spitballing here. We march in with an army of highly trained badgermoles! [He gets more disapproving looks from Raiko and Izumi. With a small voice.] Do we know if Kuvira has any allergies?
Raiko Look, I think we all know what must be done. We take the fight to her.
Tenzin [While stroking his beard.] I don't believe attacking is the right move, since she hasn't done anything aggressive toward the United Republic.
Lin Not yet. But Kuvira can't be trusted. She told us that she was going to turn over power and she didn't. I'm with Raiko. I say we go on the offensive and start by retaking Zaofu.
Korra and Opal barge into the meeting.
Korra President Raiko, I'm sorry to interrupt, but ... [Sees the meeting going on; surprised.] What's going on here?
Wu [Leans nonchalantly back over his chair; casually.] Oh, hey, Avatar Korra. Just kickin' it world leader-style, trying to figure out what to do about Kuvira. For the record, I told Raiko he should've invited you.
Camera pans right to Raiko looking at Wu. Raiko's eyes turn to the right to Korra. Cut to Korra, Mako, and Opal.
Korra [Annoyed.] You invited him, [Gestures to Wu.] but not me?
Tenzin Please, Korra, it's not personal. We just thought, perhaps we called you back into action a little too soon.
Korra Again, him, not me?!
Raiko [Stands up angrily.] Korra, we're in the middle of a meeting and we can't have people just barge in whenever they want!
Bolin and Varrick barge in.
Bolin Guys! [Raiko's eyes widen and narrow with annoyance and anger.] Oh, [Cut to Bolin and Varrick running.] perfect! You're all here.
Bolin momentarily bends over, panting in exhaustion, though when he erects himself, he gives a small wave and grin to all those present. Cut to a shot of Korra, Mako, and Opal, who look on in surprise.
Opal and Mako [Synchronized.] Bolin? [Korra grins.]
Raiko [Even more angry.] What are you doing here?! Guards, remove these traitors!
Bolin [The guards seize him and Varrick.] No! We escaped Kuvira's army! [Turns to the council.] We're back on your side now! [Cut to a close-up of Bolin; yelling.] We have top secret information for you!
Shot pans across a serious Tenzin, a surprised Wu, and a thinking Raiko. Raiko nods. Cut to a shot of the guards who let Bolin and Varrick go.
Varrick [Dusting himself off.] Okay, I guess we should've opened with that line.
Bolin Listen to me. Kuvira's making this thing that goes [Proceeds to make various explosion noises and yelling sounds.] I don't know how it works, but it has this [More strange noises.]
Varrick [Steps forward; irritatingly.] It's a super weapon! Like a regular weapon, only super.
Korra [Cut to Korra. Mako and Opal's eyes go from Korra to Varrick as they talk.] And let me guess: it has something to do with spirit vines.
Varrick [Surprised.] Yes! How did you know?
Korra I saw a vision of her taking spirit vines from the swamp.
Varrick If she figures out how to harness their power, we are all doomed.
Raiko [Worried.] She might use the weapon to attack Republic City. The only way to protect ourselves is with a preemptive strike.
Tenzin [Raises his voice.] My airbenders won't be part of an unprovoked attack!
Izumi Neither will the Fire Nation. [Cut to a medium close-up of Izumi.]
Raiko [Cut to a wide side-shot of the council with Varrick and Bolin in the background.] But, Fire Lord Izumi, Kuvira is a threat to the world! She has to be stopped!
Izumi [Cut back to the close-up.] The Fire Nation has spent too much of its history [Closes her eyes.] fighting nonsense wars. [Opens her eyes.] And I refuse to drag my nation into another one [Narrows her eyes.] unless there is no other choice. [Cut back to the side-shot.] If you attack Kuvira, you'll do it without my army.
Raiko Fine. I'll hold off any plans of attack. We'll go on the defensive and fortify security on the borders.
Izumi In that, [Softens her expression.] you'll have my help.
Cut to the exit of the building, where Opal walks out. Bolin catches up with her.
Bolin Opal, wait! Please, [Goes in front of her. Cut to a side-shot; remorsefully.] I just want to say that I'm sorry for everything.
Opal [Crosses her arms in front of her chest and closes her eyes.] I'm glad you're okay, but it's a little late for "sorry".
Bolin I know, I know. [Cut to a shot of Bolin. Looks to the side.] I didn't listen to you, and I [Looks down with a raised eyebrow.] sided with Kuvira, and I helped her take over the Earth Kingdom, and topple your home, and get your [Cut to a medium close-up of a displeased Opal.] mom captured, and [Opal raises her eyebrow.] your brothers, and your dad ... [He sees Opal's displeased expression. Cut back to the shot of Bolin.] Wow, that does sound really bad when I say it out loud like that. But I'm gonna make it up to you.
Lin Pardon me, lovebirds, but I need a word with Opal. [Lin gestures to the side and Opal walks in that direction. Bolin follows her, but Lin raises her hand to stop him.] Privately. [Alone with Opal.] I'm sorry, kid, but Raiko couldn't convince the other leaders to attack Kuvira.
Opal So our family ...
Lin Looks like we're going to have to save them ourselves.
Opal Don't you think some other people would agree to go with us?
Lin This is an unsanctioned and dangerous mission into enemy territory. We can't ask other people to risk their necks for our family. If we want to break them out, we'll have to do it alone.
Pan to Bolin, who is still waiting by the exit. Mako and Korra walk up to him.
Mako Bolin, I'm so glad you're back. I was worried about you.
Korra We all were. [They give Bolin a hug.]
Bolin Thanks, guys. Mako, I'm so sorry about the way we left things. I'm such an idiot. You tried to warn me about Kuvira and I ran off anyway, like an idiot. You were right and I'm just an idiot. I hope ... that ... I'll be able to earn your trust again.
Korra If anyone has lost people's trust, it's me. Ever since Kuvira kicked my butt, no one even wants me around.
Mako [Puts a reassuring hand on Korra's shoulder.] We want you around. [Turns to Bolin; equally reassuring.] And Bolin, you're not an idiot. You were just doing what you thought was right.
Bolin Aww, I love you guys. And I really wanna hug again. [Proceeds to do just that.]
Cut back to the Spirit Wilds where Jinora is walking, still on the lookout for Ryu and his tour group. She finds the broken camera that was dropped by one of the tourists, though before she can continue her investigation, she finds herself attacked by a spirit vine. Right before it grabs her, she blasts herself onto a roof and dodges another vine attacking her. She jumps down again, flying away with her wingsuit, while evading more vines as they try to grab her. She cannot outrun them, however, and ends up captured as well. While the vines constrict her, she closes her eyes and focuses. Cut to an aerial shot of the square in from on City Hall where Mako and Korra are talking to each other. Jinora's spirit projection appears in front of them.
Jinora Korra! The vines! They're taking me! Help!
The projection vanishes again. Korra and Mako give each other a worried look. Fade to the entrance of the spirit wilds.
Lin Get everyone out of here. Put up a perimeter. Cancel all tours. Somebody get a hold of Tenzin.
Korra [She and Mako run up to the scene.] We gotta get in there and find Jinora.
Lin I don't think anyone should be going in there right now.
Korra I know I'm not the old Avatar I used to be, but I can do this.
A vine suddenly emerges from the wilds, narrowly missing Lin, Korra, and Mako.
Lin [To Korra.] Be careful.
Cut to Mako and Korra as they venture through the spirit wilds.
Korra Jinora!
Mako Hello, anyone? [Rustling of a vine sounds nearby.] Wait. Do you hear that?
The rustling intensifies as the shot cuts to inside a building and slowly zooms in on Korra and Mako. It cuts back to the outside of the building as three vines crash through the window and attack Mako and Korra. They both defend themselves with firebending and airbending, respectively, though Mako is taken and lifted into the air. Korra severs the vine with her firebending and uses another fire arc to keep the vines at a distance, while she and Mako retreat.
Korra Come on!
Cut to a side-view inside a building as Korra breaks through the wall and runs inside. Mako is on her trail, though stops to release some fire punches at the incoming vines. Korra turns and uses her earthbending to close the hole and prevent the advancing vines from following them.
Mako Korra, look. [Shot turns around to show a bunch of green cocoons with people inside them.] What are those? [They walk closer up to them and Korra touches the nearest one, revealing that Jinora is inside.]
Korra It's Jinora and the rest of them. Their spirits are trapped in the Spirit World.
Mako [Makes a fire dagger.] Let's get them out.
Korra [Placing a hand on his shoulder and he lowers the dagger.] Don't! You'll provoke the vines. Let me try. [She bends water up to perform the spiritual healing technique, though it fails; frustrated.] They won't open. [Softer voice.] Maybe if I meditate into the Spirit World, I can free them.
She sits down and starts meditating. The frame zooms on her face as she leaves the physical world before zooming out to show her standing, her eyes closed. Korra stands on the flat top of a tall rock; several more like it stand nearby, poking up out of a foggy layer of clouds below. She opens her eyes and looks around.
Korra Wait ... this isn't the Spirit World.
A sudden gust of wind whips her hair around her face; after a moment's hesitation, she turns around to see Zaheer behind her, floating in midair.
Korra Zaheer! No!
Zaheer sends Korra tumbling across the surface of the rock with a blast of air. She slides to the edge of the column, where she lies stunned for a short moment. Rising, Korra firebends at him, but the fire dies and she kneels down again, clutching her left arm with which she had bent the fire in pain.
Zaheer You can't fight me and the poison!
Korra [Raising her head, shocked.] No ... I got it out!
Zaheer You'll never get it out!
He traps her in vortex of air and engulfs her head in a ball of air, before starting to bend the air out of her lungs, suffocating her. Korra jolts back into the real world, where she leans heavily on her hands, sweat dripping down her face and shoulders.
Mako Korra! What's wrong?
Korra [Close-up shot of Korra, with a bead of sweat dripping down her nose.] It's Zaheer.
Mako What are you talking about?
Korra He's been haunting me ever since I fought him. I can't get any peace. It's like he's blocking me from meditating into the Spirit World. [Mako pulls her to her feet again.]
Mako I'm here for you. What do you need?
Cut to the police roadblock at the entrance to the wilds, where Korra and Mako are talking to Tenzin.
Korra I want to face Zaheer.
Tenzin [A hand on his face.] Korra, he's too dangerous. Even when he's locked up, he can't be trusted.
Korra I need to if I wanna save Jinora and the others. There's no other way.
Tenzin There is another way. I'm calling your father. He can lead an expedition into the Spirit World from the Southern portal.
Korra [Somewhat downcast.] You've lost faith in me, too, haven't you? [She turns her head slightly away from Tenzin.] No one thinks I'm capable of anything anymore.
Tenzin [Softly.] It's not that at all.
Korra [Pleadingly.] I know I can do this.
Tenzin I'm just so worried for Jinora. I can't imagine if something happened to you, too.
Korra [Walking up to Tenzin, putting a hand on his shoulder.] Tenzin, please. I'll be okay.
Tenzin [Thinks for a moment.] Zaheer's imprisoned deep in the mountains outside the city. I'll call Raiko and get the clearance.
Korra [Hugs Tenzin.] Thank you.
Cut to an aerial shot of Air Temple Island. Bolin is walking in the garden.
Bolin Pab-pabs, where are you? [Pabu appears in a tree behind him and jumps down into Bolin's arms.] Pabu! Oh, I missed you so much! [More dejected.] So, I don't know if you've heard, but Opal's kind of mad at me. I was hoping ... you could help me win her back. [Pabu chitters a few times; Bolin gets excited.] Awesome! Yes, I have an idea.
Cut to the outside of the temple where Opal is sitting on a set of steps, reading a book. Pabu runs up to her with a pink ribbon tied around his neck.
Opal Hello, Pabu. [The fire ferret keeps running circles around her before leaning on her book.] Well, it's good to see you, too. [Notices the ribbon, which has a note in it.] What do you got there?
Opal takes the note and reads it, suddenly getting a worried expression on her face. The scene shifts to Opal running through the greenery and toward a clearing where Bolin is sitting, pouring tea with a smile.
Bolin Opal, you made it!
Opal What's this?
Bolin A picnic, just for the two of us! Well, the three of us. Sorry, Pabs.
Opal So, this note Pabu brought me saying you broke both of your legs was just a ruse?
Bolin Maybe ... but now that you're here, don't you want to just sit back, relax, try some of my homemade steam buns [Holds up a basket.] —Pema's recipe—and watch Pabu do some of his world-famous backflips for entertainment? Ha-hah!
Opal [Sarcastically.] Oh. Steam buns. My favorite. This will totally make me forget that you worked for Kuvira, the person who captured my family and is probably torturing them right now. So yeah, let's just sit down and have a great picnic because we're so in love! [Starts to leave, but briefly turns back.] I'm sorry you had to see that, Pabu. [She walks away as Bolin looks on sadly.]
Cut to Raiko's office inside of City Hall, where Raiko, Varrick, and Asami have gathered.
Raiko Thank you both for coming.
Varrick It's nice to be welcomed back with open arms.
Raiko Actually, I brought you here out of necessity. It's no secret I never liked you. Especially after you tried to have me kidnapped.
Varrick Allegedly.
Asami [Scoffs.] Right. Everything you do is "allegedly". Like when you took over my company and bombed the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center!
Varrick I own that building! A man has a right to blow up his own property!
Raiko Right now, I need you to put aside your differences. If Kuvira really is creating a super weapon, we're going to need the two brightest minds in the city working together to stop it.
Varrick What do you say, Asami? [Holds out his hand.] Partners again?
Asami [Shakes Varrick's hand.] Fine. I'll help. [Starts to crush his hand.] But don't even think about double-crossing me again. [Varrick, in a lot of pain, nods weakly.]
Cut to an aerial shot of Zaheer's prison within the mountains. Korra and Mako stand outside the building as the doors are opened.
Mako Are you sure you're ready for this?
Korra Yes. I think if I see Zaheer chained up, I'll finally realize that he's not a threat anymore.
They walk up to the doors and into an elevator. The elevator moves down and lands underground. They walk up to another metal doorway, which a White Lotus sentry opens to reveal a wall.
White Lotus guard Approach the wall. [Korra and Mako start to head toward the wall, but Korra stops Mako.]
Korra No. I need to do this alone.
She approaches the wall and the door behind her is lifted down. The elevator brings her down to Zaheer's room and the door opens when she gets there. She sees Zaheer, unshaven and chained up in mid-air.
Zaheer I figured you would show up sooner or later. So ... you must really be in trouble if you came all the way down here to see me.
Korra I came here to look you in the eye and tell you that you have no power over me. I will no longer be scared of you.
Zaheer assumes a menacing facial expression and lunges at Korra. She gasps and steps back.
Zaheer [Laughs.] I guess it didn't work. You still seem scared.
Korra This was a mistake. [Starts to leave.]
Zaheer I know why you're here.
Korra You don't know anything about me!
Zaheer You can't go into the Spirit World. I spend most of my time in the Spirit World and it's well known that the Avatar's spirit hasn't been there for a few years.
Korra You can meditate into the Spirit World from here? Doesn't feel very spiritually charged.
Zaheer This is your problem. Republic City is flowing with spiritual energy and you can't even tap into it.
Korra No, my problem is you! You poisoned me! You've ruined me! People used to think I was unstoppable, but now they don't think I'm capable of anything!
Zaheer Blaming me is a crutch to make you feel better, but it's not helping you recover.
Korra I thought seeing you face-to-face would put an end to all of this. But maybe it's time I realize I'll never be the same.
Zaheer Neither of us are the same as before. I learned to fly, but now I'm bound in chains. You have all the power in the world and the freedom to use it, but you choose to hold yourself down.
Korra I'm not holding myself down, but my powers have limits!
Zaheer You're wrong. That poison should've killed you, but you were able to fight it off. You think your power has limits; I say, it's limitless.
Korra Whatever. Before, you were always talking about chaos and freedom. Then you took out the Earth Queen and created the worst dictator the Earth Kingdom has ever seen. Thanks for that!
Zaheer I've heard rumors about her, but I didn't know she achieved so much power. She needs to be stopped.
Korra Well, I can't stop her unless I get over this block.
Zaheer I think I can help. Let me lead you into the Spirit World.
Korra No way. I can't trust you.
Zaheer Maybe not. But if you had any other options, you wouldn't be here now, would you? We may have been enemies once, but for now, our interests align.
Korra I've come this far. What have I got to lose? [Sits down to meditate.]
Zaheer [As they pass over.] Focus on the sound of my voice and clear your mind. [Korra remembers her fight with Zaheer at the Northern Air Temple, and he begins to suffocate her.] Let it play out.
Korra I can't!
Zaheer You can. Accept what happened to you. Don't fear what might have been.
Korra I have no control!
Zaheer [As Korra falls into a massive vortex of air.] Don't be afraid. Hold on!
Korra crashes through the rocky ground, but finds herself in the meadows of the Spirit World.
Korra I made it ... and you led me here. Do you know where Jinora and the others are?
Zaheer No, but you do.
He heads back into the physical world. Raava lights up inside of Korra.
Korra Raava, I missed you. Where have you been?
Raava I have always been inside of you.
Korra Can you help me find Jinora? [The wind blows Korra to the location of Jinora and Ryu's tour group. They are all trapped inside of a green, spherical force field.] How do I release their spirits?
Raava You must bend the energy within.
Korra But I'm powerless in the Spirit World.
Raava No. You're most powerful here. In the Spirit World, you're connected to all the spiritual energy.
Korra walks over to the force field and puts her hand on it. Her eyes glow and the force field becomes a golden yellow, signifying the release of the spirits.

Cut to Jinora and the tour group being released from their vines.

Ryu Ugh ... I feel all spirity.
Jinora [Runs out of the Spirit Wilds and hugs Tenzin.] Dad!
Tenzin I'm so glad you're safe. What happened? How did you get out?
Jinora Korra saved us.
Cut back to Korra and Mako walking out of the prison.
Mako So ... how are you doing?
Korra I feel ... whole again. I feel good.
Mako Do you think you're finally able to forget about what Zaheer did to you?
Korra No. But I am finally able to accept what happened and I think that's gonna make me stronger.
Cut back to Air Temple Island. Lin is on top of a bison and Opal is handing her the last of the belongings they are taking on their mission. Bolin runs to a spot near them.
Bolin Where are you going?
Opal We've got some family business to take care of.
Bolin All right, listen. Before you go, I just want to tell you that I understand how you feel. I know there is nothing I could do or no big gesture that could make up for all my mistakes, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying to win you back because ... I love you.
Opal Thanks for saying all of that. [Bolin starts to leave, but stops when she keeps talking.] You know ... there is one thing you could do to win me back.
Bolin [Eagerly.] What is it? Yes, I'll do anything!
Opal [Turns to face him.] Come on a secret mission with us.
Bolin Where to?
Opal Zaofu. We're going to rescue my family. [Bolin's facial expression becomes more serious.]
Cut to credits.





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