The short opens with the shot focusing on Aang, Katara, and Toph's hands, which are stretched outward. Aang is airbending a very small tornado, Katara is bending a small amount of water, and Toph has a small pyramid; each of these are contained on their benders' respective palms.
Aang, Katara, and Toph [Simultaneously.] One, two, three, bend!
Sokka slowly stretches his hand, which is in a "U" shape, forward. Camera zooms out, and cuts to Sokka's fingers twitching.
Aang What's that supposed to be, Sokka?
Sokka [Cut to Sokka.] This is boomerang!
Sokka raises his arm up, hand still in same shape. He waves his hand, imitating his boomerang, and hits Aang on his forehead, who starts rubbing it.
Aang Ow, my arrow!
Toph [Raising a small portion of earth and using it as an arm rest.] I don't think boomerang is an element. [She removes a large ball of snot from her nose.]
Aang [Cut to Aang and Sokka, with the latter listening to Toph's statement with his ears, which have grown big.] Even if it was, nothing beats air!
He bends a gust of air at Sokka, messing his hair and clothing. Camera pans right to Katara, whose hair and clothing have also become messed due to Aang's gust of air.
Katara [Annoyed.] Yeah, nothing except for water. [Cut to Katara's water skin as she flicks its lid out. Cut to Katara's face.] Everyone knows that water is the best element in the world!
Katara uses the water from her pounch to lift Sokka, who is looking at himself with a mirror, and thrust him into the air, where she freezes him into a block of ice. She subsequently breaks the ice into several smaller blocks with some difficulty, causing the pieces to fall down. Finally, Katara joins the pieces again, thus "joining" Sokka back as well. Sokka uses his own strength to break out of the ice. She and Aang begin to bicker.
Toph Guys, come on, [Both look toward Toph, who is standing with her arms rested on two vertical earth columns.] I think air and water are both wonderful elements. [Katara's and Aang's expressions immediately change to proud ones. Cut to Toph's confidently smiling face as she points her hand toward a direction.] But earth beats the pants off both of those sissy elements combined!
Katara and Aang [Very angry. Simultaneously.] What?
Katara [She pushes Aang, causing him to go flying behind, and she yells.] You think earth is better?
Toph [Cut to Toph.] Can waterbending do this?
She stomps the ground with one leg, as the camera pans right to show Sokka, who is walking away to avoid being used to show a bending art's greatness. He is pushed above by two diagonal earth columns, and is sent flying to a vertical surface. He is used as a ball in a pinball-styled game as Toph creates many projections to change his direction. As he moves from one projection to another, he literally becomes ball-shaped, and finally falls inside a sleeping Appa's head on top of the vertical surface. Appa suddenly stands up with his six legs stretched out. Appa spits Sokka from his mouth, causing Sokka to go flying. He is stopped by Aang, who airbends him to ensure a safe landing.
Sokka [As he lands slowly.] Thanks, Aang, for catching me. You know, I'm sick and tired of being used as everyone's personal [His voice changes to a nasal one as Aang grabs his nose.] dummy ... [Camera zooms out to show Aang airbending a lot of air into Sokka's mouth, causing Sokka to inflate. Sokka is unable to open his mouth, making him unable to talk properly as he rises into the sky above.] Aang! What are you doing?
Aang [Cut to an aerial shot of Aang, Katara and Toph standing on the ground with Sokka flying above.] I'm showing these two why air is the best element!
Sokka reaches Appa, who is sleeping and blowing huge amounts of air from his mouth for each breath. Sokka helplessly waves his hands and lets go of the air Aang airbent into his mouth when he impales himself on Appa's right horn. He is sent flying due to the force of the air coming out from his mouth and spins in many circles before falling into a pond with a splash. Cut to Toph and Katara looking disappointed as Aang grins widely and laughs behind them.
Sokka [Coming out of the pond, catching a fish. Angrily.] All right, enough! No more bending!
Sokka suddenly hears a voice and looks surprised. Cut to Iroh and Zuko standing near Appa on an elevated platform in a distance.
Zuko You guys call that bending?
Cut to a closer shot of Zuko and Iroh, with the latter grinning very widely. Cut back to Katara and Toph, the former having two hearts as eyes as soon as she sees Zuko.
Katara [Blushing.] Tiny Zuko! You look so cute!
Zuko [He is shocked for a moment, but soon becomes very angry, steam blasting out from his nose. He reverts to his appearance in the original series, instead of the super deformed version.] I am neither cute nor tiny!
Steam comes out from Zuko's mouth as he becomes smaller and reaches the size of all other characters, but he is still in his normal appearance. Iroh pokes him with his finger, and he realizes something and changes back to his super deformed version.
Iroh You are pretty cute, my tiny nephew.
Zuko [Angry.] I'll show you tiny!
He jumps up and seemingly goes behind, and delivers a very powerful fire stream. Katara, Aang, and Toph stand ready to stop the attack which goes toward Sokka, burning the fish he took from the pond when he fell in it.
Zuko [Cut to Zuko and Iroh from below.] Everyone knows fire is the best!
Toph [Cut to Toph, Katara, Sokka, and Aang from behind Zuko.] You want a bending battle?! [Cut to Toph.] You got it.
She performs a movement with her hands as pebbles levitate into the air. She raises a giant portion of the earth above and delivers an earth fissure to the side, raising a mountain-shaped and sized portion. She raises many mountains, creating a chain of them. Cut to the mountains from outer space, which show that they create a picture of Toph herself. She pulls a heart-shaped giant portion of the earth down, creating a heart near her face. Cut to Toph showing the photograph of this, with Katara and Aang visibly angry and jealous. Upon seeing its photograph, Appa gives her an "8.2" mark, Momo, a "7.6" mark, and Iroh enthusiastically applauds.

Cut to a confident looking Aang as he makes a small ball of air in his hand. Camera zooms out as he makes a large dome of air and jumps high into the air by using the dome as a trampoline. He gets a cape and, while rising above, eats a part of a cloud. He reaches outer space and, after shivering for a moment, makes a ball around himself and descends down very fast, leaving a trail as he does. Aang lands down on the ground with a confident expression, and grins. Appa gives him an "8" mark, Momo, a "6" mark, with Iroh waving his finger in an unimpressed manner.

Aang [Pointing above.] Come on, heh!
Camera zooms out to show that he has left a trail in the shape of his arrow. Momo flips his board to make his "6" mark a "9" mark, and Appa, mimicking Momo, flips his board make his "8" an "8". Iroh gives him a thumbs-up. Appa, Momo, and Iroh turn their heads to a side as they see a volcano erupting and a lava wave coming out of it rapidly. Zuko emerges from it and bends the lava into a dragon.
Zuko [Standing on the dragon made of lava.] Step back! I'll bring in the heat!
He grins cockily, but is surprised when he sees a larger wave of water with Katara on top of it, bending it herself, and approaching his dragon made of lava. Cut to Katara as she grins widely. Camera zooms out to show the wave engulfing Zuko and his lava dragon, causing the lava to shrink and dry up, forming a dragon made of stone. Zuko spits out some water from the wave that got into his mouth. Iroh walks near Zuko, facing the others.
Iroh [Pointing a finger above.] Now I hope that you can see that each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. [Sokka eats his fish. Iroh suddenly becomes very tall and raises his voice.] But fire is the best!
He and Zuko quickly run away, creating a white cloud of smoke. Fade to credits.


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