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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Avatar Korra has lost her memory! In order to restore it, she has connected with Wan, who would become the very first Avatar. Banished from his home, Wan survived for two years in the Spirit Wilds and learned to master fire. But then, Wan split the spirits of light and dark, Raava and Vaatu, unwittingly plunging the world toward annihilation. Will he be able to stop him?
A close-up of Korra's face, eyes closed, slowly zooms out. The head-shot fades to an aerial shot of her entire body and the pool of water she is lying in, while still zooming out, to the point where the underground pool is left and four members of the Bhanti overseeing Korra's recovery come into view.
Karu [Voice-over.] Should we pull her up?
Shaman [Far side-shot panning to the right; voice-over.] No. She is connecting with her deepest Avatar memories. [Closer frontal shot.] She must confront her own past if she is to move forward. [Zooming in close-up of Korra's face; voice-over.] We can only hope that she survives her ordeal.
The close-up stops at her closed eyes. They twitch, and suddenly open. When they do, the shot moves back to reveal Korra's entire body, surrounded by a purple light, signaling she is still in her dream world. Korra's spirit is looking wide-eyed at something before her.
Raava [Voice-over.] The human and spirit realms are headed toward annihilation. [Back-shot of Korra's head; she turns around upon hearing the voice; voice-over.] And it's all your fault. [The camera turns around Korra to view over her shoulder, showing that she is now looking at a scene between Raava and Wan.] This is why humans have no place [Slowly zooming in on the scene.] interfering in the business of spirits.
Wan [Cut to a close-up frontal shot.] This world is home to all of us, and what happens here is everyone's business.
Raava [Frontal shot; angry.] Thanks to you, this world may cease to exist! I only hope I can track down Vaatu before it's too late.
Wan [Frontal shot.] Let me help you. 
Raava [Cut to a further off frontal shot of Raava.] I don't want your help. [Sternly.] Don't interfere with me again, human!
Raava flies away, weaving herself through the sky. Cut to a side-shot of Wan and Mula as they turn to one another with wondering looks on their faces.
Wan Let's get moving.
Far off shot of Wan and Mula standing in the clearing. They start to walk to the right. Cut to a shot of a trail leading through the woods. Mula walks into view with Wan perched on its back. They stop and look to their left as they hear a noise coming from the bushes. The camera pans right to follow their gaze, revealing a fruit tree, its branches shaking slightly. Cut to a frontal shot of a shrub as Mula emerges from it. Both the animal and Wan look toward the scene before them. Cut to a far frontal shot, revealing four monks who are busy harvesting the fruits from the tree. Two of the monks bring their left hand toward their chest, their fingers stretched, which creates a cloud underneath them. The camera pans up to follow the monks floating to the top branches of the tree, where another monk, on a cloud of his own, is already plucking the fruit. Close-up of a fruit that is being plucked by a monk, and zoom out to reveal that the monk wears similar clothing and tattoos to the later Air Nomads.
Wan [Voice-over; excited.] Do you see that, Mula? [Frontal shot; Mula turns to look at Wan.] People. And they have some kind of wind power. [Cut to a back shot of the nomads. Wan rides up to them; laughs; excitedly.] More humans! [Cut to a frontal shot of the nomads.] I found you. [The nomads startle and run away in fright, one dropping his basket.] Wait! I'm friendly!
Wan gives chase, which nearly ends up killing him when Mula stops abruptly before a cliff, tossing him. He manages to grab an overhanging branch and pulls himself back up. As he emerges above the cliff again, he sees one of the nomads running up to him and use his airbending to fly toward a floating lion turtle.
Wan The legends are true. Another lion turtle city. And it's flying. [The scene briefly shifts to the lion turtle taking back the airbending of the foragers. Cut back to an amazed Wan.] I have got to get over there. [Ties a rope to a tree and around a rock.] There. Okay, Mula. Wish me luck. [Wan climbs on the tree and burns the rope with his firebending, catapulting himself toward the lion turtle. However, he does not fly far enough, falling down.] Oh, no--. [He manages to grab hold of dangling vines; fade to an aerial view of the village; cut to inside the city as Wan explores the village. A green transparent bird-like spirit flies by him much to Wan's surprise and amazement. Wan smiles in amazement as he watches it go past him.] Wow. [Cut to a wide shot of a group of meditating nomads. Wan approaches the nomads.] Hi, how are you? I'm Wan. [The nomads stay silent and look at each other.] Um, sorry to interrupt, but it's been a while since I've seen other humans.
Nomad Where did you come from, stranger?
Wan [Frontal shot.] Another lion turtle city far away. For the past two years I've been living among the spirits and exploring the wilds.
Nomad [Amazed.] Remarkable. Come. Sit with us. We would love to hear of your travels.
A spirit sitting on the nomad's shoulder becomes dark and flies off much to the nomads' surprise and shock. Another dark spirit cuts through a wall of a nearby hut. People run out screaming. Next moment, there are dark spirits all over the village and Vaatu floats in the sky.
Wan Vaatu.
Vaatu So, we meet again, human.
Nomad Why is the great spirit of the darkness here but not his other half? [Wan slightly flinches nervously.]
Wan Uh, I'll explain later. [Runs offscreen. Cut to a wide-shot of the sky as Wan runs up to Vaatu. To Vaatu.] Leave these people in peace. They've done nothing to harm you. [Firebends at a dark spirit who attacks a woman, and proceeds to fight the other spirits.]
Raava [Appears and knocks Vaatu away.] Be gone.
Vaatu How are you feeling since our split, Raava? I've never been better. When Harmonic Convergence comes, I will destroy you forever. [Leaves. Wan sighs in relief.]
Raava [To Wan.] I told you not to interfere.
Wan I had to do something. These people were in danger.
Nomad Great spirit of light, we thank you for your help. But how did you become split from Vaatu? [Wan's face turns to a worried one.]
Raava Ask him. [The nomad turns his head to Wan. Wan slowly turns to the nomad.]
Wan It wasn't my fault. Vaatu tricked me into freeing him. I'd take it all back if I could.
Raava It's too late for that. Now that Vaatu is free, he is turning other spirits dark. The more spirits he turns, the stronger he becomes.
Wan He's getting bigger, and you're getting smaller.
Raava As darkness grows, light fades. [Wan lowers his head in shame.]
Wan I'm sorry for endangering your village, but I promise to set things right.
Nomad [Turns his head to another nomad in confusion and back to Wan.] How?
Cut to Wan, along with Raava, Mula and a nomad, facing the air lion turtle.
Wan Great lion turtle, I ask that you grant me the power of air so that I can defeat Vaatu before it's too late. [To the lion turtle.]
Air lion turtle You already carry the power of fire. No human has ever held two elements at the same time.
Wan I'm not like other humans. I can learn to do it.
Air lion turtle Hmm, perhaps. But to do so, Raava must hold the power for you until you master it.
Raava Ancient one, why would I do that for a human? Especially one who's caused so much trouble?
Wan Raava, please, I can't let the world fall into chaos because of my mistake. Neither of us can defeat Vaatu alone, but together we have a chance.
Raava You may be right. Very well. I will help you to master the power of air.
Wan [Cut to a frontal shot of Wan with the camera slowly zooming in on him.] Thank you. And in return I will help you restore balance to the world.
Cut to Raava and Wan walking through deserted lands.
Wan What's this harmonic thing Vaatu was talking about?
Raava Harmonic Convergence. That is when Vaatu and I must battle for the fate of the world.
Wan How long do we have until then?
Raava About a year in your time.
Wan Then we better start training. [Firebends.] All right, I'm ready to try air. How's this gonna work?
Raava The only way for me to give you the other element is to pass through your body and combine our energies.
Wan Great. So you've done this before.
Raava No. This has never even been attempted. It is very dangerous.
Wan That's what they said about living in the Spirit Wilds, and I survived that. I'm ready. Give me the air. [Shouts as Raava passes through his body. After he regains his composure, he sends out a burst of air.] It feels completely different. If you and Vaatu have the same fight every ten thousand years, why hasn't one of you destroyed the other? [Continues practicing his airbending.]
Raava He cannot destroy light any more than I can destroy darkness. One cannot exist without the other. Even if I defeat Vaatu in this encounter, darkness will grow inside me until he emerges again. The same will hold true if Vaatu defeats me.
Wan That doesn't sound so bad. Even if Vaatu wins, you'll come back.
Raava Yes, but you will probably not survive to see it. Vaatu will destroy the world as you know it. Darkness will cover the Earth for ten thousand years. [Cut to Wan who is thinking with his head down.]
Wan [Raises his head to Raava.] If I'm gonna help you battle Vaatu, then I should visit more lion turtles. [Water lion turtle gives Wan the power of water. Wan immediately raises some water; voice-over.] Why is there so much conflict between humans and spirits in the first place?
Raava [Voice-over.] This physical world is where humans come from. Spirits come from another realm. At the north and south poles, the two realms intersect. Over time, more and more spirits have drifted into this world. [Cut to the earth lion turtle rising and giving Wan the power of earth.] Humans have been forced apart, settling on the lion turtles who protect them and losing touch with each other.
Wan [Waterbends; voice-over.] Most people think they live in the only human city in the world.
Raava [Voice-over.] Most humans think only of themselves, [Passes through Wan's body.] no matter how many others are around.
Wan When you pass through me, I feel an incredible rush of power. [Earthbends. Raava passes through him again.] I feel like I'm changing. The more we practice, the stronger I become. [Sniffs.] Smells like smoke.
Raava Humans are nearby.
Wan Let's check it out.
Raava and Wan see a group of humans burning down a forest for wood and approach the humans.
Settler A spirit! [Hurls a fireball toward Raava.]
Wan [Wan jumps in front, deflecting the fire.] Easy there, fellas. We're friendly.
Jaya [Cut back to the settlers. Walks up to Wan.] I can't believe it. Wan? [Cut to a side-shot of the two.]
Wan Jaya! [They walk toward each other and hug.] What are you doing out here? [They release each other.]
Jaya [Laughs.] You inspired us. Once we heard that you survived out in the wilds, we decided to try it too.
Wan [Hopeful.] Where's Yao? [Jaya's expression turns to sadness.] Did he come with you?
Jaya [Hangs his head in sorrow.] Yes, but sadly he didn't make it. [Wan hangs his head in sadness and sorrow.] We ... we lost a lot of good men along the way. [Cut to a wide-shot of the group.] So why were you protecting this spirit?
Wan This is Raava. Don't worry. She's not like the dark spirits you've probably run into.
Jaya [Frontal shot of Jaya in front of the settlers.] Dark spirits? What's the difference? We throw fire at any spirit we see around here. Just like they attack any man.
Raava [Angry.] You have no idea what you're doing. You're only making things worse.
Settler [A settler points to the right.] The spirits are coming back! [Cut back to the frontal shot.]
Jaya [Turns to his settlers.] Let's wipe 'em out this time! [The settlers run off to fight the spirits.] We'll burn down this whole forest if we have to!
Wan What happened to you? When did you become so violent?
Jaya [Turns to Wan.] You showed me we could change the world if we just stopped being so afraid. Now we're doing it. [Runs off to join the settlers. Cuts back to a sorrowful Wan.]
Wan This isn't what I had in mind.
Cut to an aerial shot of a group of spirits and the firebending settlers approach each other; cut to a frontal shot of the settlers as they lit up their hands. cut to a close-up of the spirits, revealing that the aye-aye spirit is leading them.
Aye-aye spirit [Steps forward.] Get out of the forest, humans.
Wan [Runs in between the groups.] Wait! We can resolve this peacefully.
Aye-aye spirit Stinky? [Becomes happy.] You came back.
Wan It's good to see you again.
Aye-aye spirit You and Raava are just in time to help us clear these tree-killing fire-lovers out of here just like the old days.
Jaya You are the one who's getting cleared out.
Wan There's no need for violence. I know there must be a way to work out a compromise.
Aye-aye spirit You have a good heart, Stinky. But these fire tossers aren't like you.
Jaya Spirits like him killed our friends! I can't let them get away with that.
The rumbling of thunder is heard. Cut to a far off side-shot of the battlefield as clouds roll in overhead. A lightning bolt splits the sky, illuminating Vaatu's form in the sky. He laughs wickedly. Cut to a close-up of the angry-looking aye-aye spirit as he and the other spirits turn dark.
Dark aye-aye spirit [Deep voice.] We are protectors of the forest. We won't let you burn it down.
Raava It's Vaatu. He's growing stronger, using their anger to turn them to his side.
Dark aye-aye spirit [Avoids a fire ball tossed at him by Jaya.] Wipe them out!
Man and spirit charge each other, though are kept apart by the efforts of Wan and Raava.
Wan Stop, please! [Continues airbending to keep the two groups apart, but they keep charging at each other.] Raava, we need to combine our energies. Maybe then we'll have enough power to stop this. [Raava and Wan merge, and Wan shoots himself in the air, riding an air spout while the other elements circle around him. At the same time, he is enveloped in white energy.] Enough! [Cut to a shot of Wan.] You need to stop fighting now, [Turns his head to the settlers.] before you destroy each other!
Aye-aye spirit [Groans as he is pushed back and turns back to normal. Notices Wan as he holds his head with his ears drooped.] Stinky, w-what happened?
Jaya [Awed.] He's controlling all four elements.
Raava [Wan's energy begins to become visibly unstable.] Wan, I have to leave your body, or I'll destroy you.
Wan No. It's working. If you leave, the fighting will start again.
Wan groans under the strain Raava's presence is putting on his body until he cannot take it anymore, and he faints, falling down out of the sky.
Raava Wan!
Raava leaves his body, catches him before he crashes on the ground, and carries him off the battlefield. As they leave, the two groups clash with one another, continuing the battle.

Groaning, Wan awakens on a nearby cliff overlooking the burned down remains of the battlefield.

Wan We have to go back.
Vaatu [Flies in front of him.] Don't bother. Your human friends have already been annihilated.
Wan [Shocked.] No!
Vaatu Enjoy your final days. See you at the end of the world!
Vaatu flies away, leaving Wan to search for Raava. He finds her severely shrunken behind a rock. He picks up the weak spirit that he can now easily take into his arms.
Wan Raava ...
Raava I'm sorry, Wan.
Wan slides Raava into a teapot, and jumps on Mula, setting course for the southern spirit portal.
Raava We're almost there. [Wan looks into the teapot.] I was wrong about you, Wan. I had no idea that humans were capable of such nobility and courage. I'm sorry that we do not have much more time together.
Wan Let's not give up before the battle's even begun. Who knows what will happen? [A slight smile appears on his face.] After all, this is my first Harmonic Convergence.
Raava This is the southern portal to the Spirit World. Here, Vaatu and I will do battle once again, at the place where the two worlds meet.
Mula, Wan, and Raava pass through the portal. As they enter, the scenes around the portal fade into those of the Spirit World. They emerge in the Spirit World at a scene that is barren with the exception of a hollow tree, several streams, and two portals. Cut to a aerial view of the battlefield. Vaatu emerges from the northern portal.
Vaatu Are you ready for our final battle, Raava? Thanks to our friend separating us, I think this time I may be rid of you once and for all.
Wan Before you get to her, you'll have to go through me.
Vaatu [Slightly chuckles.] No human can stand against me.
Wan Haven't you heard the legends? I'm not a regular human anymore.
Wan firebends at Vaatu, who flies away to avoid the blasts. However, he turns back and knocks Wan away with one of his tentacles.
Vaatu I lived ten thousand lifetimes before the first of your kind crawled out of the mud!
Fires a purple energy beam out of his face. Wan screams as he is knocked backward again.
Vaatu It was I who broke through the divide that separated the plane of spirits from the material world! [Fires the purple beam again. Wan grunts as he ricochets over the ground.] To hate me is to give me breath. To fight me is to give me strength. Now prepare to face oblivion!
Vaatu fires a purple energy beam at Wan, who propels himself with his firebending to avoid it.
Wan [Turns to Raava desperately.] Raava! The only way to win is together. [Raava flies to Wan and merges with him, who is briefly surrounded by unstable white energy.] Ah!
Vaatu attacks with his whpping tentacles, which Wan evades by flying on a cloud. The two of them exchange blows, with Wan being more powerful and is making a decent stand against Vaatu. Vaatu still has the upper hand in the fight though, even though Wan is now capable of bending two elements simultaneously. Wan is forced back, his physical form starting to become static as his energy becomes unstable.
Raava I have to leave you. If I stay any longer, you will die.
Wan It doesn't matter. If you leave me now, Vaatu will destroy everything. We have to finish this together!
Wan and Vaatu exchange more blows, the former becoming more static while losing ground. Wan promptly charges at Vaatu, and although he manages to land a fire blast, he is shot backward toward the southern portal by a purple energy beam. He skids to a halt right before the portal, where Vaatu pins hims down using one of his tentacles.
Vaatu The Harmonic Convergence is about to begin. The era of Raava is over.
Cut to a shot of outer space as the planets align, the two beams from the spirit portals bend over to connect with one another. Vaatu starts to glow purple as he watches the spectacle in the sky. While still static, Wan lights up briefly, showing Raava's form inside his chest. He puts his right hand behind him, causing the energy of the southern spirit portal during Harmonic Convergence to flow though him, basking him in blue light, as he permanently merges his spirit with Raava's. Vaatu notices and releases him in shock. Wan's form becomes less static and his eyes glow white. He cries out and white lights shoot out of his mouth and eyes, enveloping the area.
Vaatu moves away a safe distance before turning back. As the light subsides, Wan emerges and his energy has stabilized. Music intensifies.
Raava We are bonded forever.
Wan, eyes still glowing, attacks Vaatu, hitting him consistently and pressuring him before trapping him in an air bubble, which he secures with rings of all four elements. He uses his bending to guide the bubble to the hollow of a tree in which he imprisons Vaatu behind a purple energy field.
Wan This is your prison now. And I will close the portals so no human will ever be able to physically enter the Spirit World and release you.
Wan closes the northern portal.

Back in the mortal world, spirits are lining up to return to the Spirit World through the southern portal.

Wan [Voice-over.] The spirits must stop fighting with humans and return to their home in the Spirit World. I will teach men to respect the spirits so that balance will be maintained.
Before the aye-aye spirit enters the spirit portal, he turns to Wan and bows respectfully, a gesture that is returned by the first Avatar.
Wan [Voice-over.] I will be the bridge between our two worlds. [He closes the portal. Cut to a close up of Wan. Cut to the fire lion turtle with his city's former residents looking at him.]
Fire lion turtle [To his city's former residents.] The world is entering a new age. Our time protecting mankind is over. We will no longer give humans the power of the elements.
Wan [Cuts to a gray still scene of armored warriors fighting with weapons, fire and water bending; voice-over.] Different groups of people must learn to live together. [The scene pans up to show a still of a determined-looking Wan entering the Avatar State.] This is my mission: to use Raava's light spirit [Scene moves back to show Wan using the four elements to separate the fighting parties which are distinguished by red and blue flags.] to guide the world toward peace.
Cut to a burning battlefield. Rocks are elevated everywhere, red flags, arrows, and large earth coins lie scattered over the field. An old and armored Wan slumps against an earth coin, surrounded by arrows.
Old Wan [With his eyes closed.] I'm sorry, Raava. I failed to bring peace. Even with Vaatu locked away, darkness still surrounds humanity. [Opens his eyes.] There wasn't enough time.
Raava Don't worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes. And we will never give up.
As Wan exhales for a last time, a golden light escapes his mouth. It dissipates into little golden specks and scatters. The scene fades to a white screen as the sound of a baby crying is heard. Fades to Korra's closed eyes that suddenly shoot open, glowing a bright white. Cut to a side-shot of her as she jolts up, little white beams shooting out of her eyes. She gasps for air, and the light in her eyes stop. Cut to the shaman and two Bhanti tribesmen looking down upon her from the mouth of the cave Korra is in. Side-shot of Korra.
Korra I remember.
Shaman Do you know who you are?
Korra [Looks up to the members of the Bhanti.] My name is Korra. I'm the Avatar.
Cut to outside the cave, where Korra and the shaman reach a grass clearing where bison are grazing.
Shaman We've been raising this herd of air bison since the Hundred Year War. I never thought I'd be able to present one to the Avatar.
Korra Thank you for all your kindness. I wonder how long I've been away.
Shaman That I cannot say, but you do not have much time left. The Harmonic Convergence is only weeks away.
Korra I have to close the spirit portal before that happens.
Cut to a shot of Korra atop a flying bison missing a part of its right horn, flying through the sky.
Cut to credits.






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